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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 19, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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we have problems but it's better so we'll update 19th avenue all right my flip-flops are back good i'm glad to hear it. no windbreaker this afternoon at the flip-flops ready to go and they see just a little bit. >>temperatures will be in some parts of the bay area to be cranking it on all of it as we move our way up into the 80's not too hot though that's for sure golden gate bridge a lot clearer than it was yesterday that is the blue to those skies little bit of cloud cover still hanging out right along the coastline as you can see here visibility hasn't been an issue all morning we're still hanging out with a few spots a low clouds and parts of the bay. but overall we are seeing a lot of sunshine for most areas, 60's and 70's for daytime highs in san francisco, oakland and san jose with a few 80's sprinkle than elsewhere. the rest of your forecast is still to come so stay with us house trafficked in looking pretty good oe'll start off with the golden gate. it's a little busy northbound out of san francisco, i've notice more folks leaving the city that he southbound
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driver actually for both sides, it's that's a trouble free commute really between highway 37 in the tolls here's the bay bridge 80 wesson we s it's been major issues. so y clear right through the maze and over to fremont street which is great news. now do expect some heavier than normal traffic as you work your way along 19 into golden gate on to cross over and out toward part presidio there's a crash ash right before fulton that's wrapping up. so that's why you're backed up through the park on to 19 and it's often on to noriega street but getting better so may be avoided or leave a little early if you can if you have to use that stretch, we'll check more slow downs coming up darya will thanks a brow lift drivers are going to protest today because they want more money will happen in 90 minutes for now that's where we sing kron four's christina e details on what all of us can expect christina. >>yeah just under 2 hours they'rlegoight out here in fron of the uber headquarters a lot
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of people wanting to go ahead. come together to got to talk about the right to they like to see as ride sharing drivers and actually here live. i'm joined with a ride sharing driver. wind about the v a you have been driving for about 3 and a half years originally did you want to go ahead and using our right chair and start becoming a driver. will it make us i love to with people. >>driving. i know my cd and and the fact that i get to socialize with types of people of different backgrounds that it makes it really enjoy mall. that is the light and so why come. >>now to the protests today, what you want to tell to the community by doing that. i want to just that. i we started noticing that these 2 companies keep reducing out they rate. and the treatment that they were giving to the davis is not really fair becausendoes seem that these
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possible way and a brief and the passenger sometimes they never gave us any even though we have a you know that made are reports any incidents with the passengers and everything they believe that passenger and they just put the private on on the site so i love the things that we want to you know put on the table so we can fix things and and we can have at the same you know to make of the sun leave and so right now we are asking 13 august per hour. so they can take 15 to the house and the other 15 to pay expenses that we need we have knowing these kind of doubt. >>and he's going to be a really big day because you guys would like to go ahead in march up to the ceos of both uber and lyft if you had an opportunity to speak with upper management of either of those companies what would you say to that. >>i would tell them that we won a place in the table we deserve to be heard and we had with his serve to negotiate, so both sides can be happy and we can work together and make money be saying the right and the thing that has happened beforthat they have made
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in math of dollars to the cause of the suffering all the drivers saying we don't want that anymore. so that i that is why we are here to negotiate in you look for to be someplace where that right based and the company so we are here to fight for that and we won't stop until we get it wonderful linda, thank you so much, thank you so much for being here with us this morning just remind everyone the protests today starts at 00:30am in the morning. it should not be hurting anyone who uses a rideshare app. >>because they're going to be a few dozen people here. but it is not a strike it is just a protest. so if you're going using weathers ride sharing apps you should be ok for now reporting live here in san francisco, christina tetreault proper. ok thank you very much christine for that report. >>time now is 9 oh 4. and and in the south bay police and a woman's body in san jose it was near the guadalupe park guadalupe river parts there it's about a half a mile from the us, a peace center and th they're looking in the area for clues and people who live around there say the park can be dangerous. >>there's just so much stuff
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going on along this riverside park here. i don't know whether these somebody getting hurt or somebody that yeah it's pretty much a daily. >>as i said they do call this death suspicious and you can see them out on the scene they spent 10 hours yesterday. combing the crime scene for clothes. >>9 oh 5 and the driver involved in a deadly hit and run in san francisco has been arrested we first brought you the news yesterday morning. >>about this accident that happened in the city's tenderloin district. a big rig hit 54 year-old michael evans and ended up dragging him for several blocks. investigators later found the truck along the embarcadero the driver 65 year-old oscar made us was charged with one count of vehicular manslaughter and one count of failure to yield to a pedestrian. police in santa rosa are looking for the man who robbed 2 people at
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gunpoint at a gas station and they're hoping surveillance video will help them. >>track these people down kron four's gayle ong shows us who police are still looking for this morning. >>the robbery happened at a shell gas station on sunday july 14 around one 30 in the morning, a man armed with a gun. surveillance cameras were rolling when this robber comes inside the shell gas station store on corby avenue. >>he brandished a weapon before stealing money and property and fleeing northbound on corby avenue santa rosa police say the suspect fled on foot. >>the 2 victims were a customer and the workers. >>i think i heard the sirens on sunday out to him in has worked and lived nearby i remember tand the odds are the was and it's pretty quiet here for the most part i just work here i i would like a iwa j so you don't really hear that kind of stuff going on. >>news of the armed robbery was alarming i come here
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pretty often like just to get snacks or wha >>pretty crazy to you that that happened. police are hoping this close-up image would lead to a quick arrest, the suspect is described as a black male. >>in his 20's approximately 6 foot tall police say the suspect got away with an undisclosed amount of money and items from the store. >>police are anxious to catch the suspect an award at 2 $2500 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. reporting in santa rosa aguilar. >>this week, the house of representatives passed a resolution condemning president trump's tweets and racist comments a washington dc correspondent alexandra lamone is here to tell us about this feud between the president and for democratic congresswoman. >>the end that feud is now extending beyond just president trump and those 4 democratic congresswomen to include their supporters at a rally on wednesday night president trump supporters began chanting, send her back send her back watch. and those
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chants were apparently aimed at one specific democratic congresswoman ilhan omar who represents a district in minnesota she came to the us as a child and as a refugee but is now an american citizen. yesterday president trump tried to distance himself from those chance saying it was the crowd chanting that not him. >>that started speaking, play it. it really was a lot i disagree with that. but it was quite a chant i felt a little bit family about it. but i will say i did and i started speaking of a freshly but it started out rathrather fast as you probably >>however all of this stems from the president's own tweets and comments aimed at the 4 democratic congresswomen which includes ocasio cortez th
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president said those congress women should go back to the totally broken and crime infested places from which they can. meanwhile congresswoman omar returned to her district in minnesota last night for the weekend and she was warmly greeted by dozens of her constituents at the airport and at a town hall. that sounds like the right. video but the constituents who welcomed. omar home were actually chanting. welcome home welcome home and they greeted her very warmly. the airport and at a town hall. as you mentioned, though the house of representatives voted to condemn president trump's earlier comments and tweets as races however that doesn't seem to be helping to fizzle this dispute in fact it seems like the fight may becoming more front and center as we
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head into next year's election president trump says that the 4 democratic congresswomen are trying to turn the united states into a socialist country. meanwhile, the congresswoman say he's a fascist. >>ok thanks a lot of name call on all of this is not going away anytime. sam, thanks alexandra. set its 9.10 right now along the peninsula. >>a man is behind bars accused of lewd acts with a minor hears his photo. he was arrested by the san mateo county sheriff's office on july 17th, a question in first 24 year-old won than a guess because they found him in his car with a young girl on past eric reid wrote it turns out she was 13 that they say he committed lewd acts with her also that he gave a marijuana and that he had math. so he was arrested and booked into the county jail. >>in the east bay 34 years, michael dwayne nelson from richmond has been charged with sex-trafficking a minor he was arrested for using social media to recruit a 16 year-old
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girl for sec's he's also accused of using a minor for sec, sachs. prosecutors say he was also charged with burglarizing a home in hercules. nelson has prior felony convictions for attempted murder. >>and being in a gang. >>coming up on the kron 4 morning news, a warning about your dog streets some of them can make you sick just by touching them. plus new video of a fatal police shooting in the east bay, we have the very latest on the investigation. and a cool start to your day with a touch of fog out there still hanging on right along the coastline 60's for most of your temperatures cocker to getting close to 70 right now though. >>i've got the rest your forecast. still ahead. >>i'm tracking your commute around the bay area it's mostly good news on this friday morning check out the bay bridge approach here at the toll plaza. it is looking really good you know when you're at ross and you score the perfect outfit? ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices.
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it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. >>14 right now checking out the weather going into the weekend oh wow gold in a parka looking great park conservatory of flowers think those flowers are probably like in all that sunshine. finally making its way into my one little bit of rain right eventually over what those flowers get water the people that water thought that that will not not one are okay move on. the hill will definitely. >>i thought you meant from part people that it is hanging now know. botanists thank you
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well, so take care of the plants looking mostly along thank you look how sunny it is there a goal i think that's what we want to see it go our kids to club. kids got this, i'm sorry coming look for a hit looking really really clear this morning to you do have some cut the distance. but skies are going to continue to clear just as my laughter well through the rest of this forecast looking out in the east bay right here berkeley is still a few clouds out there hanging out over the east bay, but overall. >>we're getting sunnier and no rainfall the forecast ahead of us, a touch of fog tonight across some portions of the bay area then skies clear out tomorrow afternoon. foggo push his way back in saturday night and sunday warm-up is in the works for us to do enjoy and pus relatively cool at there
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as a it will be very comfortable. the beginning outside 60's for your daytime highs in san francisco today at least for the most part marina district a little on the cooler side, some upper 50's daly city at 64 today, same for you in half moon bay. and then also looking at brisbane at 65 millbrae right at 70 holding on to the 80's in woodside but just barely doing so and for those of you in san jose will get that fallen down to 78 degrees for your high today, having forecast and 70's. they're in a bit hayward union city in fremont 70's for you as well with low 80's in the tri valley up through hama creaking conquer to 8283 oakland 71 berkeley and richmond upper 60's and for the north bay, no 90's just range of numbers petaluma 79 1 of her closer spots to a tie-up there. now today and tomorrow like i mentioned those are the days they really want to get outside enjoy some of this nice weather. sunday
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monday and tuesday or average which is good as well 60's 70's, 80's, nothing wrong there. but by wednesday and thursday we are approaching the 90's on average inland by the end of next week even hotter than that. so yes we do have heat around the corner you've got to enjoy this comfortable weather. while last that's a look at your forecast robin and has been nice out there all morning as it still it is indeed yes we're checking out to a 90 to the san mateo bridge community. >>early this morning, it's pretty crowded, but it's sitting out. it's a little busy right now but it's not bad at all we have to cry ashes. both mine are both gone and so that's gonna put us at 13 minutes right now to make it from hayward and over to the peninsula. we're checking the bay bridge. not much to worry about right it's wide open. it's friday like this is what we hope for and we got at 60 minutes from the bottom of the maze to fremont street really good richmond center fell bridge traffic. nonexistent right backing up maybe often on and some of the cash lanes you'll see a minor way too early it was a little slow from castro now not so much 8 minutes to make it into
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the north bay are looking at traffic tracker and it does not include any major issues highway 4 back at the limit 6.80 pacheco to danville nice and smooth. the nimitz is a little crowded and so as one on one, but a great trip for friday morning at 43 minutes, heading north on one oh one san jose to menlo park. >>what have our children in that position. they are human beings. >>yesterday house oversight committee chairman elijah cummings lashed out at acting homeland security secretary kevin, when cleveland over conditions at migrant facilities one of the people being held in those facilities is manuel gomez. >>his only child was granted asylum and lived in new york with his sisters and he's been trying for years to reunite with her and lavender shares his story. >>if the moment we're about a longer. the line for the burn
9:19 am
deny a woman is a >>we'll get em as is living a nightmare watching his life unravel. he's on his last walk to say goodbye to his 13 year-old daughter who's been on life support since she attempted to take her own life in early july and the pain of knowing his attempts to cross the border failed to make it in time is too much to bear. >>says he was in a detention facility in texas. when he got the news that his daughter had tried to commit suicide by hanging herself. >>and the brim with him with a grove everybody a bit of damage was given an ankle monitor and a 2 week humanitarian parole, so he could see his daughter one last time. what do you think your daughter did this they'll >>at 2 of them >>says she lost hope that they were going to be reunited the. >>this family story captures the often excruciating reality
9:20 am
of desperate families separated by a border. in 2014 long ill gammons was an island new york working as a mechanic. his father was taking care of his daughter in honduras. >>the memo says that his father was killed by and the 13 gang members in 2014 for not paying extortion bribes and then after that he decided to send his daughter here to the united states to live with family members in new york and that she was granted asylum. >>gamma is thought if his daughter had been granted asylum he would as well but he was denied after that he crossed the border illegally twice hoping to reunite with his daughter who is now thriving learning english and dreaming of a career in medicine while living with his sisters. but heidi would often break down in tears because she missed her father. jessica and soy like gamez garcia are high these ants was the one who earlier that night heidfai
9:21 am
caught by border patrol and was being held in an i and under knowing the most him but i do know that want get appointment get over that. >>ok, i mean you know it's the with just a simple come home. i'm also quickly out of you. couple of and they have also been clear to me >>it was he does so what you can tell your daughter there at the end. >>been a little bit. woman in a group. the time in a civil
9:22 am
lived. >>he says he's going to her to forgive him and that. and that last time. >>manuel gamez was by his daughter's side when she was taken off life support as he stood by her the day before he caressed his daughter's hands and face and whispered we love you don't leave us. and now men well down as prepares to be deported. >>and that was ed lavendera reporting for us if you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal feelings. help is available. you can call the national suicide p evention hotline 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 1 800 2, 7, 3, too 5, 5, and on the kron 00:04am morning news, what oakland police are now offering for information to help them solve this murder of this man here.
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>>little create it was just a little is. >>kron four's award-winning if worry about earthquakes to live in this area, a must-see earthquake special. >>the hayward fault, definitely makes me the most nervous for everyone living in the bay area all these falls to fail because they have in the past where the fault lies saturday july 27th at
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>>it is still a palo alto police are looking for the person who robbed another driver at gunpoint in a road rage argument did to driver started arguing in their cars on arboretum road they were driving near the san for shopping center. and one of them ended up, throwing a cup of coffee into the other ones car. they both pulled it over into a parking lot kept fighting and that's when the guy who threw the cup he got out flashed a gun at the other driver and took his cell phone and then drove off. a warning about treats you might be giving your dog could be hazardous to your health, the cdc and fda are investigating an outbreak of salmonella infections. >>linked to contact with pig ear dog treats. the cdc says there are being now a total of 93 people infected in 27 states. >>including on the dog years right the dogs at the dog that
9:27 am
the pig's ear to to me might touch and because they can be whole bunch of the key things on it so they'd the tree and then you get sick because the treat is tainted checked with the fda says some manila discovered in the pig years can make your dog sick. the dog throws up and then it's exposed get sick. they can i see. and california come to an agreement over paying for wi
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>>i'm 20 not looking at weather and traffic in we i th vacation or they skipped town. a bird it-s been really good death and if you're a botanist business today because you need a lot of his glass because it's not raining exactly enjoy all the sunshine get today, no rain out there today. >>so yes we'll be busy watering their lawns. as you're getting out there. clear skies across the east bay snow right here looking nice and clear across the bay area. lots of sunshine, especially the further inland you had with areas along the coast still looking at just a bit of cloud cover now later on today some really comfortable temperatures 60's and 70's is where we sit. so i have got more on your forecast still to come her husband. we're checking in on the bay bridge, the drive into san francisco. >>it's so hard all that and thanks for that cause job carried out. bay bridge 80
9:31 am
west. delay free a great trip across the east. i have to say to shed some light. >>robin has no horan's all morning and the hordes we all know is the hot spots and no homes, no hard to get that it is light bay bridge toll plaza san mateo bridge dumbarton bridge. it's been a great. >>friday, a all right 9.31 let's move on with the news, san bruno police have arrested 2 people for that shooting that happened inside that and friend mall earlier this month kron four's dan thorn has the very latest on the investigation. >>a manhunt for a prime suspect in a mall shooting and is with the gunman arrested 18 year-old d andrej get was caught by police early thursday morning. police say the san francisco resident was found in martinez driving a stolen vehicle. he was later arrested after leading police on a short car pursued and then a foot chase. dead and 3
9:32 am
others are accused of sending the 10 for and mall into a panic when they opened fire on each other during an apparent argument. surveillance video from july second shows shoppers running for cover as one of the 2 teenage shooting victims is seen struggling on the floor. >>it was like a movie a slow month that they're all running at the back end of jobs in the end of collapses on the floor. >>the blood and everything on july 6th police arrested a 16 year-old and a 15 year-old both in san francisco in connection to the shooting the 16 year-old is accused of being one of the shooters with good and being the other the 15 year-old was arrested for being an accomplice. police also arrested another teen on thursday, a 14 year-old who they say acted in concert with one of the suspected shooters. >>that was dan thorn reporting police say all 4 suspects are facing charges related to attempted murder. and the shooting is still under
9:33 am
investigation. >>in the east bay, we are seeing new video of another fatal police shooting this one happened in san leandro last month. police responded to martin drive to a call about a man threatening his neighbors with a machete after police arrived to try to negotiate with the suspect that the situation instead of getting better and actually got worse. >>so we felt that to getting this information out to the public and soon as we could provide factual details too what occurred would. onof the p have as to what took place during this incident. at rest. >>the object in the suspect's hand and end up being not a machete but a 6 inch long painted piece of wood. the oakland police commission and and the officers union are clashing over a fatal officer-involved shooting. >>that happened last year a homeless man with mental
9:34 am
issues was fatally shot and the police commission thinks that the officers should be fired. >>take a look at the body cam footage. >>from this shooting this was in march of last year officers responding to a report of an unarmed and sorry and armed unconscious man lying between those 2 houses 5 of the officers fired a combined 12 shots. the police commission says those officers violated the use of force policy and they should be fired. but the union says this ignores findings of 5 previous investigations that exonerated the officers the union says the 5 officers were called protecting the residents from an armed suspect. and we have new information on a deadly shooting investigation that is happening in richmond. the man was killed on tuesday was 61 year-old brought a bryan's scales and he was a registered sex-offender police found him shot near 18th street chancellor avenue on tuesday 90 died at the hospital. they
9:35 am
have not made information available about the shooter that they're looking for. oakland police are asking for help to help them solve a murder of this man here is 25 years old his name was kwan a bell was shot and killed on february 11th on clara street. >>now the open police department they're offering a $10,000 reward for any information that will help them track down the killer in the case. as our state braces for another challenging fire season. there's an agreement on the table for money owed to the state's fire department for fighting wildfires on federal land us force service in this week to move forward wi the california fire assistance agreement, the contract requires the federal government to reimburse california fire departments when they fight fires on federal land. it's been on the table for decades, but here's the problem earlier this year the us forest service propose changing the billing process claiming that our state was overcharging the federal
9:36 am
government. state officials have said the department owed california about million for last fire season. >>9.36 and every year parents forget little children in their car and they end up dying in a hot car. and that was a record breaking year in 2018 52 children died in hot cars. now the question is should lawmakers makes a car companies do something to prevent these tragedies, there's a proposed bill that would require all new vehicles. >>to have lurks that would let you know when you shut off the car. that you've left something or someone in the back seat. this legislation was tried and failed 2 years ago, some manufacturers have ers don't because it is not required. one father says his son would be alive today if he had not made that tragic mistake. i had killed my son. >>my por sweet little boy. i still have not forgiven
9:37 am
myself. and don't know if i have the capacity to do so. >>the auto alliance, which represents the aut industry. they're looking over this proposal but at this point they think that it may be better to just in awareness and education. in national news, the house passed a bill to raise the minimum wage for the first time in a decade. >>this set will bring the federal minimum now up gradually from 7.25 to $15 an hour by 2025. that means nearly 30 million americans overall will get a pay raise and you know that states can already changed in and raised their own minimum higher than the federal which california does its $12 an hour in california and in a lot of area cities it's already $15 an hour. >>you're looking at a nice weekend ahead of us cool temperatures still out there were all all in the 60's right now mountain view and conquer though people close to 70 already your forecast is to kind and it's a great time to come on into sa are hot.
9:38 am
>>free and delay for you looking good all morning right now you're averaging 18 minutes. that's because it's a little crowded on
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>>happening now morgan police are investigating robbery case is at an all-time beauty store that's been hit multiple times in the most recent robbery 5 women still $4,000 worth of makeup. these are pictures of the robbers going through that
9:41 am
2 of the women have been identified so far. investigators say they still $4,000 worth of merchandise just on tuesday. it's been a problem at the store for the past several months they've been hit actually 8 times in the past 6 months. >>these are folks that are very familiar with what they're doing this not the first time they have unfortunately a retail store is vulnerable right now i'm and i'm you know they're they're just taking advantage of it. >>police believe these robberies and the suspects are connected to other all to burglaries or robberies i should say in the bay area. >>coming up on the kron 4 morning buzz, the giants stay hot. >>but how much longer will to kick around. klay thompson is recovering from a knee injury will see how he looks and
9:42 am
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9:44 am
>>9.44 right now you look at the weather and a we've got a nice weekend in store really nice weekend guys and it's crazy because the rest of the country is burning a i and a speck here at home and verges on the cooler side of things we deserve. >>the break was in a month ago when we went through a spell that would make triple digits was about about that and a half ago now that the triple digits got us. it's been at max 90 since then and we don't even have 90's in the forecast today, it's just 70's and 80's and a few 60's out along the coast. >>that's the kind of weather that you like this time of
9:45 am
year looking out there at the marine county down from timber on to the golden gate bridge, which you can see this morning. it's a make some cloud cover and a bit of sunshine as well east bay right here this is berkeley looking also on the clear side there are still some low clouds drifting overhead but most of us are enjoying some bright skies and some really reasonable conditions making our way into the afternoon skies are just gradually going to get clear and clear. and tonight another push of some low clouds and some fog it's going to be quite patchy just like it was early this morning, skies will clear out into the afternoon and then as we work our way into tomorrow sunday rather it will be more of the same at that. so pleasant weekend ahead for us with some very comfortable weather. temperatures in the 60's for most to san francisco today to hold on tosome upper 50's around marina district you can have a breezy a onshore winds to right up there along the coast of drees you will also be in half moon bay and then some 60's and 70's search from brisbane down
9:46 am
to burlingame just one 80 on the peninsula that's the same spot as it was 80 degrees in woodside palo alto an eye 76. and even the south bay getting in the mix with some 70's, san jose, the first 78 i've talked about for you in a while you've been in the 80's a lot lately tri valley in the low 80's hayward union city in fremont in the mid 70's, oakland at 71 will conquer to 83 north bay a range of 70's to 80's as well with pittsburgh, 86 napa that and i 78 also very nice up in santa rosa nevado sandra fell each at 76 for your highs today tomorrow, not a lot changing here but after this sunday monday and tuesday daytime highs will be in the mid 80's, come wednesday and thursday where above average daytime highs nearing 90's inland. so the 90's are returning just around while last that's your forecast robin traffic has been easy for most this still l good on the freeways and bridges but i'm just getting word that we have some vta delays in the >>a person was struck by a
9:47 am
train in san jose we don't know the condition of that person, but they are halting service temporarily between race and san antonio. so as of right now until they get this figured out or cleared you may want to consider an alternate source of transportation once again this is just outside of the san jose station just happened so do expect some delays there for vta one want to cross the golden gate looks great. i saw zipper truck roll back through to switch the configuration back around because the commute over so you have 3 lanes south 3 lanes north. and it looks great and 20 minutes novato to san francisco. >>so now you want to back up now we have a slowdown at the bay bridge toll plaza i've been waiting for this all morning. we're just now seeing a delay, it's and this minor and some of the cash lanes right down but it's the first loan and i've seen here all morning 19 minutes to make it over to fremont street. san jose northbound 2.88 race just got word of a new crash. this is very fresh. it is backing you up to one o one so be prepared for that slow down a crash blocking at least one lane. but as soon as
9:48 am
you pass the crash the rest of the trip looks fantastic, continuing into cupertino 21 minutes because of that crash, san jose to cupertino and a really quick peak at the nimi z a little crowded be getting better from high street approaching downtown oakland. >>the giants are stealing headlines and win games. it's like they woke up and remember how to play although they might be sleeping late this morning after that 16 inning game that went on until almost midnight. that bomb had a rough start but turned it around and ended up going we're they're still going to trade himself is probably just increases stock. going into era ants scored and then the 2 runs in the
9:49 am
bottom of the inning and went on to win it. 3 to 2 that's 13 wins in the last 15. even if they can't make it to the playoffs at least the final season his career won't be an embarrassment. we're getting our first peek at klay thompson post-surgery to fix his torn acl he posted a pic of himself on the rehab table with his loyal steed he called rocco by his side getting a little riyadh to i don't know. look at the size of that and boat. i mean it's like a ski mask. recovery time is supposed to be 5 to 7 months. but there's no way that rocco is going to wait that long for a walk. find his way out of tpthe weeds at the british open ever cut the grass, tiger just got cut from the field he just finished his second round this morning at one under but yesterday was so bad that he is done she waser
9:50 am
cry from the leaders who are shooting 5 or 6 under he looked nothing like the tiger who won the masters just a few months ago, but his body is nothing like what it used to be. it's and some procedures of had a little times. it just was going to be. >>as i said and what others why less term its ishares i can hopefully prolong my career. there for a little longer. >>just remember as bad as your day was somebody else's was probably worse american david duvall blew up. he lost his ball all he played the role. well, he got scores. i never even heard of a quadruple bogey bogey. wchs a 14 on
9:51 am
a par 4. my role is if i run out of fingers i stopped counting. n was a mom on a mission to do what we don't know maybe a for she just wanted to get away from her kids but she kept going and she added up all. where we put the stick figure, somewhere between washington and jefferson that's where she got stop the park police were flooded with calls when people saw a 30 year-old woman leave her 2 young kids in the rest of our extended families are scrambling up around the barriers up onto the rocks at the base. she was barefoot and with no climbing gear, so it seems it was unplanned it is illegal to climb route rushmore of mount rushmore though you know you go on youtube and you can see lots of people doing it. lots of people have tried the elevation is the top before they were able to arrest her and she was fined
9:52 am
$1000 and fyi and the fee was $30 you can see whether thh at was.
9:53 am
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>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>disney's remake of the lion king opens this weekend and is expected to be kingthf week
9:55 am
david daniel has a preview. >>the lion king is ready to be crowned disney's photorealistic cgi take on its 25 year-old animated classic roars into theaters with no competition for the weekend title box office watchers say it will debut with at least million and possibly as much as 180 million that would surpass the biggest previous opening for a disney remake beauty and the beast which debuted in 2017 with million. in hollywood. i'm david daniel. >>and new video this morning show the progress on the new chase center in san francisco. his first event since
9:56 am
september. >>take a closer look this is the new home of the warriors and they're having a lot of famous guests before exam bottles doesn't look like the top of a 7 up bottle to honor. >>anyway let's go inside you can see there that's where these going by their seats if you can and it's not the warriors that are going to play the first gig there it's metallica and the san francisco symphony. they're going to form on september 6th and then when the season begins. we don't know the schedule yet but the warriors will them start having their home games at their new home at the chase center. it's the home the sticker rebuild. check this out this guy left his home and it was enough high rise in philadelphia, there was a trash chute fire and so you just climb down everybody's apartment balcony. all the way to safety 14 floors up and he went down rung by rung until he got over the scaffolding and everything and then there were emergency workers there waiting to greet him and make sure he was ok, let's take a peek at the 7 day on the day forecast before we let's go for the weekend and it is going to be a nice
9:57 am
weekend with a slow warm-up in that that kind of peaks towards the latter end of next week that's it for now, thanks for joining us, we'll see you back here on monday morning. they get.
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