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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 29, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>learning about sunday's mass shooting at the garlic festival. shooting at a garlic festival killing 3 people injuring 15 others now the questions. >>of why begin good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. we have team coverage tonight our grant lotus and while bellow they're focusing on the victims of the tragedy. dan thorn is at a vigil as a community tries to find some
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comfort to first we want to get to kron four's j r stone has the very latest on this investigation, jr. >>well can i can tell you this is still a very active situation here in gilroy we're actutlly being held a good distance from where authorities are busy at work. i want to step out of the way and you can see what it looks like in this neighborhood just north of that park where the festival was held yesterday and you can see the sheriff's command unit set up it is blocking any visual that we might have of of the car that they are searching right now and a car that they have been searching for much of the afternoon. >>late monday atf agents could be seen going door to door in a gilroy neighborhood just north of christmas hill park. the park with the garlic festival is held and where the shots rang out a neighborhood where the shooter cent tino lugansk car was located. >>we have located the suspect vehicle. that was used to
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drive out here the festival. >>monday afternoon authorities spent hour after hour searching lugansk haw the gilroy police chief saying that they are still trying to determine if a second suspect was involved. >>i mean i know they're still here a second suspect willie because joining snow us the insight should we be indoors should mean what should we be time. >>the festivals a mile and a half from this location where the car was found. it's unclear if he'll again walk that distance or received iran. authorities have said he made his way around the creek and cut the fence to get into the festival where he began shooting neighbors described the robot authorities used to approach lugansk all on monday. >>he was right the current look like it was trying to figure out if there's some kind of switch. before the actually and this community is just. it's such a wonderful community insist that so
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>>what there's no really words to describe what we're doing it because it. we need to come together and we'll get through it. >>and back out here live in gilroy this evening again this location is around a mile and a half just north of where the festival was held yesterday in right now you really don't see much activity but this neighborhood is still roped off with yellow crime tape as they go through this car. this is a long process and for much of the afternoon. they actually had to wait to get that search warrant signed off once they got that then they went in to search mode. you heard the neighbors described the robots being used the robots that they saw being used in this area and at this point as you heard in that story, it is still unclear. if you walk from this location or got a ride from this location. certainly if we do get any updates in this case. we will
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bring them to you here on kron 4 authorities also saying during that press conference they are hoping that people who might have been at the festival if they have any video or any pictures of that nature that they give them that information i did talk with some of the neighbors here on the street who told us that the atf agents who are going from door to door. they're asking if they had any video they are going through trying to find video showing when the suspect might have come in to this neighborhood. reporting live in gilroy j r stone kron 4 news. >>it is a time of innocence lost. you know before that time they were just thinking about how garlic ice cream with taste. and now their lives are changed. >>ever. >>the deeply personal response coming from the trauma surgeon at santa clara valley medical center in san jose tonight. authorities there gave an update earlier on the patients they're seeing and are continuing to treat from this
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mass shooting. >>and conference knoyle bellow she is live at santa clara valley medical center with the latest noel. >>after an and can the santa clara valley medical center and their partners saint louise regional hospital saw a total of 11 a gunshot victims on sunday night saint louise regional hospital no longer has any however here at valley med there are 5 patients is still being treated 3 of them are in serious or fair condition. the other 2 do not wish to share their conditions with the public the trauma director here at the ad valley med says that all of their patients are improving and they have that r-az that happened in the field sunday night to thank for their survival. >>we could have been a 100 times worse doctor peter coelho with saint louise regional hospital says as soon as shots ring out sunday at the gilroy garlic festival
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first responders and bystanders sprang into action at first with hospital staff on site too. >>jstor patients in the field. a lot of our injured in gunshot patients were. recessed hated by community members. several were placed in cars immediately within seconds and driven to a hospital saint louise admitted patients with less acute injuries sunday night. >>those who were critically injured were sent to santa clara valley medical center where. >>happy to say patients who came here to access. state of the art trauma care. and our improved from when they arrived doctor adela garland says because of the high energy weapon, the suspect used. >>patients suffered extensive tissue destruction that tissue damage may not be visible externally and so. >>patients are monitored for a period of time because what you see initially may not the
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the totality of what their injuries are the tissue damage is. >>the pair says coordinated care programs like stop the bleed and the medical center's partnerships did increase their patients chances for survival. >>when you build a trauma center. it's all about relationships and the relationships you have to build the 4. there's an incident like this because relationships 8 minutes and minute save lives. >>now both doctors say this is exactly what trauma centers train for day in and day out though they wish they never had to use that training unfortunately this weekend they did. now though all of their patients are physically healing and they do say those emotional wounds are definitely going to take some time to heal in san jose know al bello kron 4 news. >>thank you know well and we're learning more tonight about the 20 year-old victim in this shooting we're joined now by kron four's grant lotus in grant we understand he's
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not from the bay area's is visiting here. >>it seems as though he he was in new york at least recent years uh from rochester right now he went to school actually in upstate new york. just 20 years old, but trevor, herbie was visiting the festival from rochester he graduated from college up their 2017. and we have a picture here he was a bio major here he is with sarah warner who's a fellow q could college graduate. they were and together at the garlic festival yesterday and we're working with our sister station in rochester to try to learn more about who exactly trevor. he was the youngest victim just 6 years old steven he was had his life cut short yesterday from arrow was there with his family supposed to be a fun filled outing from there is grandmother and mother were also shot last night his grandmother shot in the leg, his mom hit in the hand and stomach. both of them are pe expected to survive. mara's
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other grandmother telling crown for that he was always kind happy and you know playful and the latest victim to be identified says just 13 years years old her name is kayla salazar this santa clara coroner's office says she is from san jose a go fund me page has been started by the family for her and we will have a live report coming up on kron 4 news at 9, we'll be speaking with the man who started a go fund me page for salazar catherine ken back to you. >>thank you grant ura world you community, it is a coming together tonight to pray for victims of sunday's shooting at the festival. a vigil at saint mary's catholic church is allowing people to honor the victims kron four's dan thorn joins us live from that church in gilroy tonight and ah we're hearing dan from people who. >>felt compelled to be there right. >>that's right you there was a steady stream of people that are coming out here in search of peace during this difficult time. i got underway around 7
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o'clock tonight, the churchgoers tell me that vigils are a powerful way for the community to reunite after horrible events. gilroy community members come together for a vigil to help heal the pain of sunday's mass shooting. >>saint mary's catholic church opened their doors for this special service. >>as a community, i just brain. we can. show each other love in this world, we live in a very dark time nathan fisher says he was compelled to come to monday night's vigil. >>because his heart hurts for his friends and neighbors who are at the festival. my though and my prayers. these are with families. just want you to know that you guys are love. for others like theresa per as she says gilroy is about as close as a town could get very. >>plus the community or just a big family here and whatever is her
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>>through this vigil perez hopes it will help the families of victims find peace. >>the >>well the vigil just wrapped up a short while ago and the church requested that we do not bring our cameras inside out of respect for people we're just trying to heal during this difficult time, reporting live in gilroy dan thorn kron 4 news. >>dan thank you by the police department is also asking witnesses to come forward and tell them what they saw during the shooting they have set up a hotline you can call it right there, there's the number 4 oh 8, 8, 4, 6, 0, 5, 8, 3, there's also a family assistance center. it's open at rucker elementary school that will be a place that will provide services said include grief counseling emotional support and other assistance for the victims and families who are affected by the shooting. again that's at rucker elementary school. that's located at 3.25 santa clara avenue in gilroy.
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>>and we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting throughout this newscast. and during the commercial breaks on our 24 hour streaming service kron on you can download our kron 4 app to get push alerts right to your phone with updates on this story as we learn more. >>you know any time you put on a large a man with a lot of people. i you're always concerned. >>police talking about how they were able to track down and take out the gunman, so quickly. and temperatures dropping almost 20 degrees arou
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>>back now with our continuing coverage of the going garlic festival shooting 3 victims are dead, 16 others injured the gunman was shot and killed by police in a news conference earlier today, one officer talked about how the high security at the event help prevent an even bigger tragedy. >>this event was completely fenced in police officers as well as fbi agents who were on scene when the shooting occurred. audi was patrols actively moving throughout the crowd at the time of the shooting as a result of that that subject was neutralized with very very short period of time. >>as you see the fbi assisting with the case they say they need that public's help in sharing any kind of photos or video of the scene they say that could help with their
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investigation. the lake is there on your screen. >>also getting a better idea and a closer look at exactly where this shooting happened. >>first grant lotus joins us now in the studio to walk us through the grounds at the garlic festival. >>a fast pace here christmas hill park and this red shaded area the kind of sneaks through is big parking lot that they have for folks to park in the blue line behind it is you this creek which. >>runs all along the border. >>and the gunman is believed to have cut a hole in the fence somewhere in that area along the creek near the parking area to gain entry into the grounds again hoping is fenced off you can see this vineyard stage here. this is where the ban that was playing as shots were being fired in the area people on stage could see the gunman also highlighted for reference does this mean food strip here in the middle a cold core may alley. that's kind of the part of the festival a festival that was appended yesterday
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just over 24 hours ago by this gun can a catherine back to you. >>grant 2 miles away from the garlic festival grounds police searched a home on churchill place and church street. they say they think that's where the gunman was living kron four's maureen kelly has reaction from stunned neighbors. >>yeah, it's really sad. it's something that we never expected. >>the league and family living in this house on this quiet cul de sac which was besieged with atf agents in gilroy police who came in and out of this home carrying bags of evidence overnight and into this morning, they also searched this great nissan parked outside that took pictures, here's sent to look and high school graduation picture from kilroy high's class of 2017 one of his neighbors taught at the school. although she says the gunman was never in her classroom but i never heard anything bad about him. >>pretty normal kid. why respectful you go by he sells
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his outside using her buying very polite hello goodbye. it just 30 strange a very strange and sad. >>another student at gilroy high had this to say i've seen him walk by and you just you seem like a completely normal guy see how we all knew of he graduated last year i believe in. >>nothing really out of the ordinary. you think the. >>investigators may learn more from the 19 year-old online presence just minutes before this deadly rampage. he posted a picture of the garlic festival on his now deleted instagram page friday i garlic festival time come get wasted on overpriced expletive in another post he said to read might is write a book from the 1800's whose philosophy says whoever is strongest is morally right. >>back out here in the neighborhood, those residents on this street who know the look and family say they're
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good people. those neighbors like everyone else wondering what could have possibly triggered the gunman to do this terrible thing reporting from gilroy and maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>i have no prom of the second amendment you've a right to their arms but not weapons of got mass destruction. >>and state leaders of course they've been responding governor newsome have some strong words today about the festival shooting and the shooting in gilroy is renewing calls for stricter gun laws at the national level kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala is in sacramento is how lawmakers there are responding. >>a wicked murder opened fire and killed 3 innocent citizens resident trump sending condolences to the victims of the bill shooting we grieve for their families that we as that god will comfort them with. his overflowing mercy and grace were praying for those who our recovery several state democratic lawmakers demanding action at the federal level after the gunman used an assault rifle purchased in nevada to carry out the shooting may arie
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assemblyman phil ting tweeting in part. >>no more thoughts and prayers time to take more action so we can go to work school and festivals without fear of getting shot. although california has more than 100 gun laws on the books data shows more than half of guns recovered in california crime scenes came from nearby states with more flexible firearms laws nevada is the second largest supplier behind arizona california congressman mike thompson on twitter calling on the senate to take up gun violence prevention legislation, the house passed earlier this year but second amendment supporters say they don't think more regulation is the answer the california rifle and pistol association released a statement monday saying quote well some politicians will use this tragedy as a reason to further restrict our rights, we know politicians cannot protect us from those who commit acts of violence or terror reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>and time for a check on whether we look live over the embarcadero our producer amy said looks like cotton, candy
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clouds count little bit colors there definitely hazy out there. the sun going down. we're in the mood for cotton candy, this that's for sure. but yeah we are going to see some cooler weather had the sea breeze kicked in these temperatures today. they took a big time dive and just in time i think after a very hot weekend. numbers falling almost 20 degrees in some spots and look at that cool marine air working its way all the way to the interior valleys and that's of course where we have those hot us a triple digit temperatures over the weekend. so today. it was back in the very comfortable 80's just about average for this time of year 84 to concord 84 and a little more. it 70's lot of 80's inside the bay much more couple, they're really not much change along the coastline. still some patchy fog in temperatures hovering in the 50's and the 60's but out there this evening if you get the haze in the atmosphere up some fog is going to start to form and some that begin to develop along the coastline that will be moving on shore and you can see right there just that patchy parts pacifica right now all the way down over on a in half moon bay and a mcgorry all that fog is going to fill
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in tonight and begin to make its way on shore well the sea breeze that was the big story today look at that almost 30 miles per hour at sfo. so, but all the way the interior valleys are seeing some those winds of 20 even 30 miles per hour that is bringing that cool marine air further on shore that's going help to cool down those temperatures even more so numbers outside right now you've got a lot of 60's inside the bay and even some of the valley's the warm spots still antioch checking in 83, so they're not feeling the effects of that marine air but that will soon change more clouds on the way tonight with patchy drizzle tomorrow starting out some clouds but the way to some sunshine and a cooling trend rounding out the better part of the middle. lawrence the ghost ship fire trial is wrapping up we'll tell you what happened during closing argume
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>>the jury is now hearing closing arguments in the go ship trial in oakland this comes after 4 months of testimony in the case involving 2 defendants in that deadly fire that killed 36 people kron four's has he may june was in court today. >>after nearly 2 weeks recess, closing arguments have begun here at the goal ship trial in oakland deputy district tree james built his argument 3 notice time. and ability the prosecutor told the jury that the 36 people who died in the warehouse fire back on december second 2016 had no notice that there was a fire no time to escape that fire nor did they have the ability to exit and survive the 2
8:26 pm
defendants derick almena and max harris, each phase 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. >>the judge gave the jury instructions that a guilty verdict in this case would have to mean finding that a crime was committed criminal negligence was involved and that the defendant's actions cause death. the judge also told the jury that if they find that the defendant slide. they can consider their entire testimony to be untruthful in whole or in parts armed with that the prosecutor with the work playing videos of both al mean and harris telling police multiple occasions that no one lived in the go ship further jury instructions from the judge that a guilty verdict would also mean it is reasonable to expect an ordinary person to act differently the same circumstances again the da takes a this time at a for not applying for any permits which the da says would have triggered building inspections where the defendant could have learned everything he needed to know to make the building safe. the prosecutor played a video about me that telling a reporter regarding permits get
8:27 pm
permission, we are doing it. a family members seated in the courtroom says he approves of the da's closing argument. i think i trees done a really good job. >>personally i i feel good about how he. together tuesday. we will hear closing arguments on the have a match there. at the courthouse in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>and coming up next we continue our coverage of the go look shooting we're going to take so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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story tonight gilroy's police chief says. >>the loss of 3 lives was appalling and he credits his officers was preventing a bad situation from becoming far worse a grand is back now to take us through the first a fateful minutes after the festival shooting grant she's kevin can there been so many of these mass shootings, but you still. >>try to put yourself in the positions of the people who are they're just enjoying themselves. >>it was a hot day, but people are having a good time it was just around dinnertime last night. folks we're starting to gather it tense trying to get food for dinner and a band just finishing up their set on stage was suddenly silent said 5.41. the unthinkable happened. >>police say le guen cut through a fence along us create to gain access to the festival grounds without going
8:31 pm
through a metal detector pretty much seconds after he hit the ground. >>you know he's 5, 5, feet from the bench stays zag i saw that gun obviously oh, yes. >>bringing gore. she has 2 daughters who are in his truck about 50 feet away. le guen was armed with an sks assault rifle legally purchased in nevada just 3 weeks ago. witnesses say he stepped out from behind a vineyard stage and started firing towards the food tents along gourmet alley. >>anything or anybody fire was followed confusion. >>and you could just hear right behind my ears you could just hear now they were right behind and it was just nightmare.
8:32 pm
>>police dispatch reveals that the gunman then turned and ran. dead. police are looking have been looking for a. >>possible second suspect as of tonight, they say they're still not sure. if the shooter in fact acted alone. can't catherine back to thank you hundreds of people gathered at another vigil tonight remembering the victims and sinking of the people who were injured and are still recovering from the shooting. >>kron four's michelle kingston was at the vigil. >>and incredibly emotional a
8:33 pm
vigil tonight we heard from city and state officials and from people who were at the garlic festival. when those shots were fired saying >>you. >>the 6 year-old boy. washington sprinklers 13 year-old girl. should be experiencing her first crush a young man in his 20's. >>hundreds of people gather together to remember the victims to stand together as a community in shock over what happened add the garlic festival. >>obviously my thoughts and prayers go out to the families were affected by this great tragedy and i'm extremely i'm blessed to left the scene so have left that scene in time it's been a shock over the
8:34 pm
last 24 hours. >>but to see all of you here tonight. i am just so proud to be your mayor. this is a devastating time for our community. like many other communities before us. the residents of go or will come together grows stronger through this. >>and just like the sign says they are gilroy strong in gilroy michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>in the past year california residents have experienced a devastating fires, large earthquakes and mass shootings like the one yesterday in gilroy. >>these events can lead to some heightened exam, 80 and learning how to cope with those feelings those fears is what kron four's ryan o'donnell spoke with a psychologist about doctor brenda wade. >>it's natural to seal. the feelings of anxiety and that is a sense of restlessness a
8:35 pm
sense of looking over your shoulder. caution you might find yourself even having trouble sleeping or wanting to eat more sweets or drink more alcohol to numb out and instead of doing those things i think it's important for us to think about y these things happened. what we can do to prevent them as part of the healing process. doctor wade, what is it what can you do personally if you. >>personally have a good idea of how your own body works it and you go you know, i'm going to try to tackle this myself. i'm afraid to walk out my front door, i know i'm afraid but i can't stay this way. what are some of the steps to to make towards not being afraid not having that fear in you anymore. the very first thing is talk to it's important to talk to family members friends. if you're part of a spiritual community contact your clergy member your rabbi your priest year.
8:36 pm
>>im on whoever it is talk to someone about what's going on when we draw together in times like this. this is the very first step in healing and not to be afraid to reach out for help. i know there are support groups that are available for people who are dealing with crisis and anxiety again. i point you toward community mental health. facilities. i would also say your spiritual community if you have one and you don't have one. this might be a good time to uniform. a group with neighbors and friends and say hey we're affected let sit down and talk what we can't bear alone. we can usually do a better job they're ing if we're part of the community. >>this interview ran in full on kron on we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting during the commercial breaks on kron on the bay area's only 24 7 local news service. download our kron 4 app to get push alerts straight your phone with updates on this story as we
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learn more. >>temperatures are cooling down here but it is heating up in the pacific in fact we've got a hurricane out there right now eric spinn
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>>that is starting to get active out there in the pacific and here we go we've got eric that's been spinning around dc kind of disorganized but watch we put into motion here and you start to see the rotation and finally puts itself together fact it has
8:40 pm
just become a category one hurricane sustained winds. not all that powerful that you notice right here there the wind island so got some plans here sustained winds right now 75 miles per hour moving west at 18 is moving at a pretty good clip for hurricane right now. now a live forecast tracks takes is a little further up close to the white island chain by wednesday. we're talking about winds the sustained a 110 miles per hour. so very strong hurricane not as strong as latest forecast to watch what happens with the track now latest track keeps us south of the hawaiian islands, although they are likely going to pick up some rainfall especially on the east facing slopes of the big island. possibly malley too. the most that storm system now expected to say south of the hawaiian islands. air quality around the bay area tomorrow looking good we're going to see that sea breeze again looking good from the coast to many of the valley's is high pressure going kind of give way to some a stronger sea breeze is some cooler weather all the way 62 degrees in the san francisco about 67 degrees in oakland. a san jose going to be very nice and sunny and bright but much cooler tomorrow plan on those temperatures into the 70's.
8:41 pm
well we're going to notice that trend continuing over the next few days as high pressure kind of backs off into the slide toward the 4 corner states will see more that cool sea breeze and the affection, the ocean air and that will keep temperatures down through thursday and friday this next weekend all things begin to change high pressure builds back in and by sunday. we could be talking about a few more temperature showing up in the mid 90's. thank you lawrence. >>digging deeper into the psyche of a mass shooter next at 8.45. we talked to a counter terrorist experts motivate somebody to carry out a senseless killing in sports. we have a napa and santa clara as the raiders in 9 ers practice with pay. >>as for the
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8:44 pm
>>investigators in gilroy they have been working the crime scene since yesterday's shooting at the garlic festival kron forestry says stasio was there and has reaction from witnesses. >>this is a large operation now here's investigators are diving deep into this crime scene. sources tell me that they're mapping out the crime scene marking recovering evidence they are back. >>tracking the gunman's movements to create a timeline a drone in 3 d imaging is part of this painstaking and final part of the investigation and lot ortiz have identified the gunman as leak and they are looking into whether someone else who was involved in this fatal shooting at the garlic festival as special agents focus on the gunman's actions. festival goers. still in shock.
8:45 pm
>>i'm still dealing with to see my bag buying a new suite. and then we did you just kind of you know some of it i was in shock, good idea i thought it was going to die like i called my mom crying hysterically i i really thought like i was i was going to me it out of their lives. today how do you go forward or how do you kind of process at all. right now i'm just. i'm just really stressed about getting my stuff maybe get some sort of help in the future to try and deal with all of this. another witness said that she heard as many as 50 gunshots as she tried to take cover. >>and now she's just trying to recover from this horrific event here and go right resist kron 4 news. >>we have learned the gunman bought the gun used in the shooting july 9th in fallon nevada east of reno big mike's guns and ammo said on its
8:46 pm
facebook page. the gunman ordered the rifle online here's a picture of a similar weapon. big mike's guns and ammo also said the store would never sell a firearm to quote anyone who acted wrong or looks associated with any bad groups like white power end quote the store also said it is praying for the families to release a statement saying we obey laws, we are a small home business we sell to people who we think are upstanding citizens to promote safe sport shooting. i pray to god for all the families following these kinds of tragedies we often ask what kind of motive could be behind such violence and earlier kron on's ella samona and talk to a forensic psychologist. >>for analysis of what the gunman might have been thinking. and might be hard to understand, but we are learning more about this gunman sent he know william lee kun-hee was only 19 years old and in your experience. >>there are certain factors that are common among people who commit these sort of crimes. >>oftentimes there are certain
8:47 pm
factors on like you know the terrorists where we knowethere are driven by some sort of political or religious ideation these these mass shooters like this the a very frustrating feel like very their despondent. they have no other all options available to them and oftentimes especially when they're young like this they feel like their life is going nowhere and they want to make some kind of statement and unfortunately they like to try and take as many people with them and try to be the next biggest thing in this in this unfortunate arena. >>police say lee and appeared to be very angry when he opened fire and we're also learning about an instagram post in which he recommended a book called might is right in that is known to propagate a moralism in gore stuck anarchy does that surprise you. >>it doesn't surprise and if i remember the book correctly is around 1890 when it was first published it was massaging mistaken racist and you know took on that whole hey anarchy kind of ideal and that is typically what has to happen it has to drive this person.
8:48 pm
unfortunately, a lot of times these people have a very dominant parody of the male or female, unfortunately, it's oftentimes the scene over not always and the other parents seems to be a absent even if they're they're physically and it's kind of kind of scary to think that this could happen in anybody's neighborhood that you know if it did and the neighbors that they've already interview with him reported that there's a lot of aggression in a family tailgating in and chasing people neighborhood go fast enough to stop signs and bizarre stories like that again we can't verify those at this point for those of the initial stories i've been readings. >>this interview ran in full on kron on we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting during the commercial breaks. i'm not kron on the bay area's only 24 7 local news service. you can download our kron 4 app to get push alerts straight to your phone with updates on this story as we learn more.
8:49 pm
>>starting today with the nfl now and training camp begins there always checkpoints within the pre season itself for example, the day players reports the first practice and today's milestone, the first practice in pads we start or nfl coverage in santa clara jimmy garoppolo in the niners continuing their first full week of camp. it's been well documented the franchise quarterb1ck is recovering from a torn acl suffered in week 3 of last season, a brutal injury after he took a hit while scrambling. now days both gras blow and head coach kyle shanahan are placing a greater emphasis and when and when not to rest. >>never just look to scramble, here's why got to throw in quarterback and looks on the field has got lot of people but you never tell a guy not to scramble because other options us that they're getting it. so no one's open in on sack and you know i loved what i saw today was no one was open the seas parted and turned into a draw and as with those and exciting play. >>and now to the raiders who also rock to the full set of
8:50 pm
equipment this morning in napa we heard from several of the new faces on the defensive side of the ball and the raiders added to many of them this offseason including brandon marshall played 6 seasons in denver and won a super bowl. and now the veteran is trying to turn the unit and only generated in 13 sacks last year. >>announced his will to the expectations only to the super bowl. so said those standards expectations. we not just win the division not just make the playoffs. now we want to also need to for the storm. and i guess on where they live. >>and we'll keep checking in with the camp later this week now. finally the giant sunday's have the night off but we are less than 48 hours from the league's trade deadline. and the big question the leading up to wednesday's what will happen with madison bumgarner there's been a lot of ramped cheddar to see over the aces future recent reports say the expectation is he won't get treated, however.
8:51 pm
>>anything can happen and if he does get moved yesterday's game in san diego would be his final start with the franchise when asked about trade possibilities bumgarner taking a and it. >>now give interviews happens your next agenda.
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>>in washington president trump reacted to the shooting in gilroy by sending condolences to the victims of that incident but democratic lawmakers from california are calling for tougher action. >>kron 4 washington correspondent alexander lemon reports that some are demanding a federal ban on assault weapons. >>cell phone video from the gilroy garlic festival shows people panicking. and you can hear the rapid gunfire. said officers responded within one minute. still in that time. 3 people were killed at least a dozen others hurt our deep is sadness and sorrow for the families who lost a precious loved ones. investigators said the officers who responded were armed with their handguns. >>the gunmen had an assault
8:55 pm
rifle our law enforcement officers are mean out outgunned the outgunned officers were still able to quickly shoot back and killed the gunmen but christian jaime with brady says when a gunman has an assault rifle. it's not a fair fight we're talking about tactical features that were specifically designed for the battlefield, a federal assault weapons ban was signed into law in the mid 1990's but the law was written so that it was only in effect for 10 years and congress allowed the ban to expire in 2004 california democratic congresswoman jackie spear reacted to the shooting by calling on congress to renew the assault weapons ban and senator chuck schumer addressed the gilroy shooting and another shooting over the weekend at a festival in brooklyn. there's no words for the senselessness of these tragedies which continue unabated while the majority leaders once again. >>refuses to even debate. common sense gun laws schumer criticized his republican colleagues for failing to call a vote in the senate.
8:56 pm
>>on the universal background checks bill passed by the house of representatives in washington, alexandra lee mound. >>and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8, but our primetime coverage is just getting started on this monday night grant lotus and vicki kron 4 news at night. >>catherine ken thanks very much next and 9 we are tracking the very latest with that tragic shooting at the gilroy garlic festival right now. authorities are searching a car that belongs to the gunman. it's just blocks from where he opened fire at that festival last night killing 3 people before he was shot dead by police the very latest on the investigation that's next in a live report. >>plus we're learning more about the victims of the shooting including 13 year-old kayla salazar new tonight at 9 we speak with the bay area man who launched a go fund me account to help her family get through this. >>and we'll be taking you to 2 vigils next hour both taking place tonight to honor the victims. >>keep it here kron 4 news at 9 starts right after the break.
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that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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>>when prime time. right now
9:00 pm
there's a heavy police presence just blocks from the scene of last night's shooting at the gilroy garlic festival thanks for joining us at night, everybody. >>i'm grant lotus and on vicki liviakis authorities located a car belonging to the alleged gunman identified as 19 year-old son t know. >>again police have that street blocked off right now as they comb through the vehicle for evidence prefers year stone live for in gilroy tonight, jerry, you have all new video this evening. >>why do in this video and we'll show it momentarily but this video shows the robot and shows the car that they are looking at, but i want to step out of the way to show you what is going on right now because this neighborhood. is basically roped off to anybody who. wants to come back into this area only people who live in this area are being allowed in this area at the end of this block. you can see not much going on that's because


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