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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  August 1, 2019 4:00am-4:28am PDT

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>>and thank you for joining us on the kron 4 morning it is thursday august, how about that 2019 i'm robin winston we are in a brand new month job, you know john trouble standing by with a look at the forecast. >>yeah kind of crazy to think joy is already over sky. it was a good there's a couple of warmup so we had them. we do have there were about to be t q noticeable as last weekend' was though so not to worry so much about in the triple digits in this forecast. but yeah we're going to be back to the 90's for a few areas which is warm or at least in these last few days have been looking at the golden gate bridge conditions in ice and
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misty a see some of that fog pushing on through this morning. do watch out for just a couple of spots right along the coast where you do have some drizzle have been day one of our areas right now with visibility falling below a mile and it's going to be that way at times for areas like novato even down to the east bay such as in the oakland and berkeley hills. so do watch out for some spots where visibility will be low this morning now let's make our way into the afternoon today, this is a 04:45pm singh pretty cloudy at times up and down the peninsula lot of san francisco today, although seeing a short window of sunshine is going to be looking at a little bit more of an overcast day out there closer to the coast now elsewhere in the bay areagood appearance of on that's really temperatures to rise and make for a nice and comfortable afternoon will be a touch. breezy here today and as i mei th now 50's and 60's is where temperatures are currently sitting pittsburgh at 63 hayward at 62 concord as well as 60 to oakland in dublin, the low 60's upper 50's right
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now in berkeley and san francisco compared to yesterday at the same time it just a touch warmer for most areas, it's not some you're noticing. although nevado up to 5 degrees from yesterday that one is a little bit warmer may notice that stepping outside compared to where you were at yesterday. temperatures as you can see 50's and 60's already out there this morning saying pretty misty torture 09:00am hour 60's and 70's by noontime today skies really clearing out for most of the bay at this point. although san francisco certainly holding on to a little bit more cloud cover other areas right there on the coast going to be along with the city and then mostly sunny skies by the afternoon 6070's and a few 80's. temperatures today overall noth to europe and sounds good. thank you so much john now let's check in. >>on your early morning commute we're starting off with a look at traffic heading into san francisco. so here's 80 west and you can see the traffic is moving very well so far through the toll plaza and that will continue across the
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span over to the skyway no reports of any problems in san francisco on one oh one to 80 or the central freeway. so we are off to a fantastic start all right, let's head over to 92, we want to take a peek at the san mateo bridge and look at that commute leaving hey we're going over to the peninsula. it's a nice steady flow. they're heading westbound with no major issues out of hayward over to the peninsula and those flashing lights going east it's kind of hard to tell looks like emergency crews are rowling eastbound on 92 on the left side coming into hayward if it's regarding a crash or incident on the freeway i'll definitely follow up with that but at least they kept going does not look like they're blocking anything right now they're heading out to something on the 92 into hayward we'll keep our eyes on that for you all right, let's ea into the north bay and here's what i want to cross the moves well across the span golden gate to use the bridge crews on the usual bridge work. no problems into or out of san francisco. look at some more bridges and drive times coming up in a bit. breaking overnight police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man in
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antioch the man was found with a gunshot wound last night near karbala road in east 18th street. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. police are asking any witnesses to come forward. well it's been 4 days since the garlic festival shooting and we're hearing from more and more of the survivors about the heroics. the first responders kron four's j r stone he spoke with one couple who say they were just feet away from the shooter. >>we are percent their heroes gals is referring to the officers who responded to the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival he was just shooting her husband jason referring to the nearby shooter. the couple had a wind booth at the garlic festival and just as the day was about to wrap up things took a turn. >>right after the last on its songs are playing started hearing gunshots. >>instead of running the opposite way jason actually went towards the shooter in hopes of trying to stop him.
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yelled at her husband jason could take even 15 steps. >>gilroy police were there. >>they were in tight formation guns drawn straight. >>definitely had a calming effect on me because i knew. people that are supposed to take care of the situation where they're taking care of the situation. so that to me when i saw you know, i felt like helpless there. and there's has to take care of us and there are there so it was. coming to me even though i was. >>the 2 say it was unlike anything they have ever seen. officers going straight towards the shooter with no hesitation just focused on stopping the threat because they were so calm and so professional and. everybody's moving. >>crazy and they were just in this perfect formation and they saved. >>who knows how many more lives that could have been taken around more people have been injured. right pd just.
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>>an amazing job and i feel safer. >>well that was j r stone reporting meanwhile, the question remains why descent tina william ligue and target the gilroy garlic festival there's been a lot of speculation into his possible motives and the fbi has warned. but some media outlets have just gone too far saying that none of the evidence that they've gathered has pointed to a specific ideology. >>some of the reporting that's coming out of there is is wrong. we're not ruling anything out obviously that's why we're asking for here is science. units us experts out pretty high confidence that he is is the only percent. >>the fbi profilers they will go through against online postings they will check his computer. the interview family and friends in order to build up a thorough picture of his mindset at the time. well festival goers will have to
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wait a little bit longer for the fbi to release anything that was left behind after that shooting. so the family assistance center that's offering support to people affected by the shooting. they will soon be the place where of festival goers can reclaim a most of the yesterday working on a plan to actually get those personal belongings back to their when. >>when properties are leased amy. we re traumatize or they may find himself reliving what they had experienced on the day. the shooting. this is perfect for them to be in this location because then they can also at the same time if they need to they can seek counseling make him we'll victims services. >>well, hundreds of people have received assistance from the center and it's located at rucker elementary school. so far no word yet on when the belongings will be available to the public. security of course a big concern at the santa clara county and that fair gets under way it starts
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today. an estimated 60,000 people are expected to be at this event. organizers say they've been holding meetings in sunday to talk about security. >>reviewed our security plans for the 4 days and you are working closely with. our county execs office board of county sheriffs to enhance law enforc officers will be patrolling well the public safety is also a top priority at the outside lands music festival. right now you're looking at video from last year's event 200 peo police department did not give specific information about staffing nor security for the festival. well the department works closely with event organizers local state federal partners and planning huge events like this. the three-day festival starts august 9 of course that's going to be at golden gate park. we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting throughout this newscast and of course on
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our streaming service, it's called kron on so make sure you download the kron 4 app to get the latest and get push alerts as well. this is asking for the public's help to find her stolen merchandise. that's worth thousands of dollars kron four's gayle ong shows us some of the >>they are handmade jewelry made would visits caught in an wristwatch dials there are only sold in various markets around the bay area, this is a great singer bridge. backing over to this post about $65. the last time they were seen at treasure fest on treasure island last weekend is a lot of work making all those scenes. a lot of work because i'm really fessy how i do it but it feeds stole 650 pieces of the vintage jewelry, it belongs to jewelry artist sarah kester and she wants it back to pay my bills with this you know so know i was i was i was standing to make anywhere from 8 to $1200 of
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saturday night from castres van she had parked about 5 houses down the street from her home on 44 than adeline streets in emeryville but when hester went to her van sunday morning. >>the driver seat window was smashed. >>she said the thieves had stolen her phone cds and jewelry but they left 2 boxes of jewelry behind. >>these are the 2 boxes they missed are they left behind maybe they didn't have enough room in that car has admit she was exhausted after a 15 hour day from selling her goods at the treasure fest market she left 6 boxes of jewelry and other items in her van locked up to visit with the boxes looked like they took that have been mpt you can were taking. but if you see these around town this is an art deco dial article now i could notify police gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>up next on the kron 4 morning news jury deliberations begin in the ghost ship fire trial. all the prosecutors made their last
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case in hopes of getting the verdict. they want. we decided to pull their electric fights off the streets of san francisco.
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>>to the kron 4 morning news, we are in the first day of august a brand new month but i guess a similar forecast. fire going trouble he's the expert. you test. >>not so much changed
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overnight has a you know we struck midnight so much just yet it is definitely foggy misty cool breezy. those are a few ways to describe this morning. uh yeah that to clean my wind chill little bit this morning because of the drizzle. yeah, all the way up the east bay exactly right we are seeing that fog really streaming in london this morning. so do watch out for yesterday. we didn't have so much of an impact from it you can see your view from berkeley yesterday that is definitely not the case this morniyg skies across a lot of the bay area from the coast on inland into the east bay all offering up some cloudy conditions and at times even some breezy conditions so a brisk feel to that air get those jackets ready to go if you're stepping outside early on especially this morning. now we're continuing to look at a sea level or set up, but we are seeing a much more impacts from this approaching frontal boundary right here which is also helping to keep high pressure out of the
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region and tell a helping temperatures to fall just a couple of degrees today you're going to notice your daytime highs today, not quite as warm as what we did have for yesterday when temperatures rose very close to 90 degrees in a few spots are right around the north bay and the east bay today, it's mostly low 80's for 80 degree areas with concord on the warmer side 86 livermore san jose napa and santa rosa all in the low 80'st . we hayward oakland mill valley, san francisco and half moon bay. each in the 60's today for your daytime highs. temperatures over the next 7 days will be on the rise after today tomorrow pretty much an that though come saturday and sunday the warmest days of your forecast and again right in the middle oweekend was not going to be quite as hot as last weekend that we're not talking triple digits here just some 90's returning to areas that are especially on the inland side of things.
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areas right along the bay will see a rise in temperatures back into the mid to upper 70's while monday tuesday and wednesday of next week. i do see a gradual cooling trend monday still going to be warm but by wednesday. it's back to the low 80's much like we are today for inland spots. robin all right, thank you john now, let's check in on your early morning 1ommute we're starting off at the golden gate. >>there's the fog that john talked about so you may need the wipers this morning depending on where yo francisco with no big problems into the city. we're checking in on the bay bridge. there is a minor weights as you can see the cash lanes are getting a little sluggish, but that's nothing it's a great trip across the span to downtown san francisco, hot spot free here on 92 earlier we saw some emergency crews heading east into hayward but nothing ever popped uo for us accidents or stall so i'm sure that was related to some other police activity and not or at least nothing has been
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reported by chp just yet westbound you're fine 11 minutes from hayward over to the peninsula, richmond sandra fell checking in trouble free that's what we like to see here 7 minutes from the tolls 2, one o one. and they're also looking at traffic tracker and more freeways for you have highway 4 which looks good right westbound from antioch through pittsburgh bay point conquered that's an easy trip a 13 minute 6 ating wide open on into danville the nimitz will be trouble spots and then one oh one that's looking good too. it's a quick 27 minutes from san jose to menlo park. well the candidates they ganged up runner been shy away from the fight karin caifa has the highlights from detroit. coming into this debate all i we're on center stage the front runner for vice president joe biden and senator kamala harris of california and whether that he would have a rematch of their clash in miami last month. >>came in with more energy his aides said and more prepare with lines of attack against terrorists. person standing center stage with him senator
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cory booker, but in the end biden ended up taking fire from just about everyone on the stage diversity on full display as candidates take the stage the opposite of donald trump is an asian man who likes matt. >>president joe biden standing front and center and feeling that he's you want to present united states. you need to be able to answer the tough questions. >>especially from senator kamala harris with whom he clashed in the first debate. harris and biden sparred eyes on health care. >>the senators had several plants oh 4. >>you can't the president trump. we don't talk on this plan. >>and first lady vice president biden you just simply an act for a democrat to be running for president with a plan that does not cover everyone. i think is without excuse se booker deflecting by tabs on his criminal justice record your defended the coup lay didn't you don't even know the flavor. >>and representative tulsi gabbert setting her sights on harris, you are in a position to make a difference in an impact in these people's
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lives, you did not democrats also debated issues like climate change too little is too dangerous. >>and we have to have a bold plan in mind it's been called the gold standard racial injustice. it looks like one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't stopped find it fascinating. >>everybody's talking about how terrible i am on these issues barack obama knew exactly who i was and immigration kids belong in classrooms, not as those in the pack tried to make memorable moments that may boost their poll numbers and keep their campaigns to float the site the first thing that i'm. those lesser known candidates, they have a higher threshold to meet if they want to be on the debate stage again for entry. the next round of debates in houston in september these candidates need to be pulling at least 2% and for national or early state polls that are approved by the dnc
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20 different states in detroit, i'm karen caifa. >>right here in the bay area that. >>fayed was a must watch event for a lot of people in hundreds gathered at manny's in the mission district to watch kron four's taylor sacking was there. >>a night full of surprises jabs day 2 of the democratic presidential debate tip around on their toes and man is in san francisco's mission district on wednesday. much of the into patient and focus on a square off between joe biden and kamala harris admitted contention harris and biden california senator kamala harris among a crowd favorite going into the night you know heres some pretty strong. her t i right now so many performance on wednesday july like refusing answer the was disappointed with like a the answer if you want to talk about her credit that on
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>>he's like >>instead people here at manny's were surprised by some of the candidates that well. >>as they discussed issues like health care immigration race and climate change everything is aga really just i like that he is that anyone down to the performance added i think know kids doing extremely well tonight. >>maybe any some false. >>i think biden is not looking so great and san francisco tiller bus aqi kron 4 news. >>on the kron 4 morning news and ice cream sign controversy. why the store owner may have to paint over the mural on the side of his business will show you coming business will show you coming up.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, i'm tracking your entertainment headlines. this morning. and that includes your first look at a film with an big screen classic david daniel with the hollywood minute. >>want to put him on the phone late goal. case front. >>i refrained cousin jimmy hoffa. >>alpa chino robert de niro
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and joe patchy oscar winners all star in martin scorsese's organized crime epic. the irishman, the first trailer just arrived the film opens in select theaters and on netflix this fall, possibly in a repeat of the streaming network successful oscar strategy last year for roma. the knesset kirby's hattie crashes the boys club of the so what abohappened in f hobbs not having to be quite lyles i think that hav politic when she does like those of they now expect from event alone. >>francis ford coppola present for you apocalypse now. >>for the 40th anniversary of apocalypse now francis ford coppola has restored his vietnam war epic from the original negative. it's longer than the original, but shorter than apocalypse now redux and couple of calls it his favorite version you can decide for yourself apocalypse now final cut plays in select
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us theaters on august 15th, before arriving on 4 k ultra hd august 27th in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>just a little peek outside we're checking in on the bay bridge there's a backup for you that's waiting it sits in the cash lanes so it's getting a little crowded.
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>>the kron 4 morning news here. we are and a new month
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august. first but the pleasant weather continues. so we're just keep the july weather goin plea even though we had a couple hot days there for a minute. so we don't need any more of those not the start of the gits anyways. it july was and we're keeping that going at least wedn right on into had definitely some good news, especially if you like this week so far which i can imagine 6070's 80's foggy at times a lot of sunshine at other times all stuff that's pretty typical for this time year and all stuff that i think a lot of us in the bay area do enjoy and we're going to be in for more of it today, a lot of fog year this morning you are seeing some misty conditions out there at the golden gate bridge to kick things off and visibility, falling below a mile this morning. so do watch out for some spots where you're turning on the windshield wipers because of those misty conditions and
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also going to be seeing some low visibility oakland, san francisco nevado among areas that are susceptible to times of some dense fog that could be blocking out the sun. now into the afternoon today fog


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