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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 6, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>new details coming in on 2 back to back mass shootings that have tied to communities more than a 1000 miles apart together forever. by tragedy and both cities are getting ready for visits from the president. >>coming are now she is on the ground in el paso with the latest on this. there have been a lot of vigils. she is at one of them tonight in el paso and camilla will throw it to you. el paso shooting
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survivor of wme dirty side of the describing the moments he watched his 15 year-old nephew have yet lead us. >>jai in front of the shooting suspect's family is breaking their silence saying their thoughts are focused on the lives lost and the families were affected by the relatives atrocity saying in a statement quote the destruction patrick to does not limited to the victims and their families. they also claim is motive to kill was influenced saying quote, patrick's actions were apparently influenced and informed by people we do not
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know and from ideas and believes that we do not accept or condone in any way more than a 1000 miles away in ohio. the fbi has joined in police in combing through piles of evidence in an effort to find a motive for the killing of 9 people individual had a history of obsession. >>but violent ideations to include mass shootings. and had expressed a desire to commit a mass shooting. >>a woman who says she dated the shooter says he was fascinated by violence. >>he showed me the one video of the mass shooting our first a key was interested in what makes terrible people do terrible things. tomorrow morning bill bennett and here to paso. in the afternoon but already congressman are saying. she's not accepting that invitation from the white house with the president texas democrats also putting out a letter saying that. the mayor of el paso saying that he's going to welcome president.
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>>the fbi in police department. investigators have uncovered a list. the organizations on the subject is a media that may have been potential targets of violence. >>disturbing new details on the gilroygarlicfestival shooting the fbi now revealing the gunman had a hit list and the shooting is being investigated now as domestic terror. officials released more information about their investigation today, including what the gunman was wearing at the time of the shooting in the amount of ammunition he had kron four's dan kerman reports. >>the fbi has opened a full domestic terrorism investigation into this mass shooting. >>9 days after this man 19 year-old santino leg and opened fire at the gilroy garlic festival killing 3 and injuring 13 others. the fbi has opened a domestic terrorism investigation. the fbi says that's due in part to
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the discovery of a other potential targets on mcgahn's digital media, these organizations from across the country. religious institutions. >>political organizations from both major political parties. and if you are going to >>at a news conference tuesday, the fbi didn't name the organizations, but said there were no individuals on the list. they also say they have yet to narrow down a motive for the shooting or a specific ideology. >>we have uncovered evidence throughout the course of our investigation that the shooter was exploring violent ideologies. we have seen a fractured ideology. the shooter appeared to have an interest in varying competing, violent. >>i ideologies going forward. the fbi is looking for which ideology league and settled on who he may have been in contact with regarding these ideologies and who if anyone
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helped him or had advance knowledge of his intentions. the fbi admits they may never know the motive for the shooting, but they say they are continuing to review. >>the shooter's digital media for clues. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>the family of a 17 on the ground broke their silence today releasing this statement saying in part our family is deeply shocked and horrified by the actions of arson we cannot begin to describe our despair at his actions. we want to express our deepest and sincerest apologies for the loss and pain that he has caused. they also said we have never and would never condone the hateful thoughts and ideologies that led to this event and it is impossible to reconcile this with the sun we thought we knew. >>one of the young victims in the garlic festival shooting was laid to rest today, a funeral service for kayla salazar was held at our lady of guadalupe church in san jose it comes just 2 days before she would have turned. 14 years old.
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mass shootings president trump blamed mental illness as a source of the problem, but critics point out that every country has mental illness. only the us has routine mass shootings. an fbi study of mass shootings between 2020 13 from that fewer than 25% of the gunman were diagnosed with a mental illness. california congressman eric swalwell says what other countries don't have his easy access to assault weapons and high capacity magazines. >>the result is a sadly really really deathly other countries have mental health, other countries have violent video games and films other countries have. >>hate groups. >>experts argue that blaming mental illness for mass shootings as a distraction from the real problem of guns, although 2018 secret service investigation did find that 2 thirds of the gunman did exhibit signs of mental illness. time for a check on
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the weather let's take a live look outside and it's kind of a foggy hazy embarcadero view. chief meteorologist arms karnal here to tell us is that kind of a trend that worth. >>getting into right now the yet winds kind of picking up outside that sea breeze coming off the ocean waters and that's helping to cool down the temperatures you can see that haze out there right now alcatraz kind of a nice evening outside big changes coming our way those the temperatures really going to start to drop the winds will more of a factor over the next couple in san francisco today, a record on this day was 93 degrees didn't even get close to that today we had high of 68 degrees that was one degrees above the average for this time of year so yeah, these temperatures are staying right about average in the san francisco still the warm side in spots in london fact that we have some 90's in the hot valleys, but now we start to cool things down 62 degrees in san francisco, 63 in oakland, 69 degrees right now in san jose got 70's and live more we have where we have the 90's earlier today and 66 degrees in santa rosa tomorrow
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morning. we're waking up some more patchy fog think that's going all the way into the interior valleys by tomorrow morning, 1560's early on then becoming mostly sunny, but the breeze will start to pick up especially along the coastline about the middle of the day and then the afternoon republic see some 2030 mile an hour breezes by tomorrow afternoon along the coastline temperatures going to noticeably cooler. it will be warm inland. but highs they're only in the mid 80's. he would typically tied them up before he raped them, he threatened them with a knife or a gun. >>i mean is fair to say in the % history of santa clara county. he is arguably the most vicious and are a fixture at this we've ever had. >>the man known as a ski mask rapists could be released from prison george anthony sanchez was convicted of raping 25 women back to the 19 80's in the bay area so he was sentenced to more than 400 years behind bars but now he is up for a parole hearing and as kron four's michelle kingston reports the victims
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are devastated. >>the heat the actions that he did were so horrific, he raped a mother and daughter at the same time he tied them to a bed together. he raped a woman in a church confessional and held her at gunpoint he raped a pregnant woman and have her 4 year-old lie on the floor. his actions over and over and over again were horrific. they were callous. they were dangerous. they were unforgiveable what he did in 1989 george anthony sanchez was sentenced in santa clara county to serve more than 400 years in prison. >>aiming 25 women in the bay area. >>it's probably more than that it's maybe up to 45. women that he raped people from the ages of 1683, and most of them he raped in their homes here others in churches or at their work when a school. >>sanchez was known as the ski mask rapist deputy district attorney steven dick says the
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victims are devastated their sense of security and justice now shattered knowing that the convicted rapist now has the opportunity to standard front of commissioners on wednesday with the possibility of being released to the state's elderly parole program which gives certain inmates who have spent decades in prison the opportunity to be considered for parole. george >>the ski rapist. and what he's done 2 in the senate children and women and to the elderly. he's too much of a risk to ever release from prison. >>in santa clara county, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>the all-clear has been given and san francisco after a suspicious device was found on a sidewalk happened this morning, a 20th in illinois and the dogpatch neighborhood. police secure that area they removed the device they're not telling us at this point anyway what it was. >>the jury go ship trial is still in deliberations the reason the defense is saying
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this is a good thing. and he shot 8 more. >>i counted them because i said one of these is going to be mine. >>and mother plays dead to survive the el paso shooting after the break we take you to the hospital to hear from those who are still recovering and more about the victims of the mass shooting in dayton ohio among them this man logan turner. >>whose father says recently celebrated his 30th birthday logan's family was planning a party for him on sunday, the same day as the shooting. mister turner described his son as loved by everyone someone with an infectious smile and big blue eyes. >>logan was one of 2 victims who graduated from sinclair community college in dayton. it's t
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>>males to name. so we're all in the little fault is shaking. holding you to learn. and she saw me like mom. moment. her face changed. she got scared. that's when she realized that i was meeting. >>a soccer mom talking about the first moment she saw her
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daughter after the shooting in arabella teen shot in the foot and in the arm still ran to hold her daughter in her arms and that's after she had played dead in order to survive her daughter's soccer coach was also shot and is in critical condition tonight. now as memorials are growing outside the el paso, a wal-mart. doctors and others are continuing to care for the people who were injured in saturday's mass shooting. >>steffi lee shows us what's next for families and patients as they work toward healing. >>the family assistance center opened up today here at the el paso convention center this is where people can get additional counseling services. from one patient earlier who says that he's for support that is coming into his community. he had the chance to can we put. get to end.
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>>the first thing about how the lazard is mind when the shooting happened his nephew javier rodriguez to come an end to us. to pull them to wear. it when we hear. kate mission you heard us. javier died in front of him is. will see. mean i get better. shun the top you was shot in his foot shattering bone in damaging soft tissue. he has at least 3 surgeries ahead and will get help from this device to stabilize his bones, it's very important for for us to try to get him the best chance for one salvage as possible and today starts that process his doctors tell us if they can save his foot it will take many months before october you can put weight on his leg. a
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top us doctors says he shows a tremendous amount of fortitude which will help with the ongoing recovery process. >>of the 26 patients who are receiving care at local medical center. 15 are still receiving treatment paso's deputy. >>time for a check on weather if we take a live look at sfo a time for the 4 zone forecast. >>that looks like a summer picture in san francisco fire just ago and lawrence you're telling to work and have some maybe some unusual weather coming our way yeah, there's a slight chance a slight chance that we could see some showers be unusual to see that happening at this time of year, but look what's happening off the coastline. you see that little swirl out there low pressure that's developing righin off the coast. the better part of this week now it's going to pick up a little more moisture you can see they're just not much energy with the right now. and then we start to talk about some changes in the weekend. show you more on that moment, the monsoon continue to see those clouds streaming up from the south making their
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way across the bay area over the sierra nevada, not drop us any raindrops here bring some showers over the sierra but the winds. they've got a kicking up outside some 20 plus mile an hour winds. near the coastline. the breezes all the way into the valleys this evening. i think even stronger as we get in toward tomorrow afternoon with some 2030 mile an hour winds, increasing low clouds tonight and probably going to see some drizzle right along the coastline tomorrow, some clouds give way to some sunshine but cooler temperatures and then yes, there's a slight chance of showers as we get a lot of part of the week right, here's what's going on we've got a couple areas low pressure out there they're going to kind of combine and approached the coastline as we get into friday, so that will mean some change between now and then we'll see this trough kind of big itself out on the west coast. that means some cooler temperatures and the stronger sea breeze over the next few days so here we go long-range computer malia see the moisture off the coastline. you see that low kind of spin around it begins to pick up some that moisture from that second low and then watch it approaches the coastline and here comes in friday, and there you go into saturday a chance of rain this one even little more bullish i think probably the best chance of any showers with this kind of
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system probably north of the golden gate bridge. and if we do see a probably only a few hundreds of an inch of rain guys back to you. has now been in the hands of a jury for 3 days and the defense attorneys talk to kron four's as it by doing about why they say they prefer long deliberations. >>it is the 3rd day of deliberations for jurors hear the ghost ship trial in oakland co-defendants derick almena and max harris, each phase, 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 36 people who lost their lives but the fire started in the warehouse during a music of it back on december second 2016 the jury is made up of 9 mid and 3 women. it is anyone's guess how long it will take for them to reach a decision i've said in the courtroom for just about every day of the trial and i wouldn't be surprised if it's an early verdict or if it takes several weeks. both defense team say from their perspective the longer it takes the better. >>that airspace is 39 years in prison if convicted, therefore
8:20 pm
we're grateful for every minute as jury continues to deliberate. this case year we've got 40 to 50 witnesses we got all kinds of video evidence even the instructions are very complex so if they do the job that they have manifested already they did that is. >>going into particular items one by one asking a question of the court when they don't understand where there's an ambiguity certainly going to take 2 weeks for russian the defense world the longer it takes the better. >>the 3rd day of deliberations has it that with no verdict. jurors will be back at it again deliberating on monday for wednesday morning. >>at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>a big story tonight, a new report is drawing a lot of concern about the containers that uses for their burrito bowls and salads the new food economy says that it found the fiber bowls are exposed to
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chemicals that can lead to cancer. the study says the bones are treated with pf phase also called for effort chemicals. they help boost to hold hot what greasy food. but the epa says those compounds to not break down in the human body. they can accumulate over time. the chemicals also seep into the soil as the bulls breakdown leading to talks a compost people we talked to a today say this new report is troubling. >>i never thought that waiting. can actually give you cancer has a certain chemical that lead to cancer. and to think twice about where i eat just by looking at something you can't tell what a nice can have contaminated or able to get you sick, you can just tell by looking at a plane guy. we know that this chemical in it i think i'll be eating up anything before i know for sure that it's safe. >>she probably did respond to the report saying in part we're committed to using safe sustainable food packaging and
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only partner with suppliers who make food safety. a top priority and adding these suppliers operate under strict guidelines set by the fda. >>the republican party are suing california what spurred the latest battle between governor newsome and president trump. >>the identity of another. tim has been confirmed arturo been of the days is described as well-known and well-loved by his niece jacqueline luna. >>she describes him as an absolutely caring and strong-willed man going to be days was an army veteran and a bus driver. he was 60 years old. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages
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>>the justice department has sided with president trump in an ongoing subpoena fight between the president's private legal team and house democrats. today the d o j said it believes the house oversight committee hasn't provided a clear legislative purpose for subpoenaing trump's records from his private accountant and that the court should invalidate the subpoena. trump sued to stop the committee from getting 8 years of trump's personal and business financial records. >>lawyers for president trump filed a lawsuit today this challenge as governor newsome is new state law that requires all presidential candidates to release their tax returns if they want to be on california's primary ballot. the lawsuit argues the restriction is unconstitutional a violation of the first amendment. governor newsome issued a
8:26 pm
statement arguing that states can determine how its electors are chosen and california he says is following the >>coming up former classmates talk about the dark and violent past of the dayton, ohio shooter. >>president trump planning to go to the sites of the weekend's mass shooting said tomorrow why not everybody wants to see him. >>and we are learning more about another victim in the el paso shooting david johnson was killed when the show shielded his wife and his 9 year-old granddaughter who both survived. his daughter spoke about him saying they want the world to know their father died a hero and he was an amazing man. h
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>>as authorities are trying to prevent the next mass shooting a lot of people are asking what can be done about the hateful extremist writings found on the internet. >>the president has called on law enforcement and media companies to do more to police internet hate speech but is that even possible. washington dc correspondent trevor shirley reports. >>online hate speech is like the wildfire of the internet easy to see but almost impossible to contain online hate is bigg,r than any individual platform and we need a new way of looking at how it spreads across different platforms data scientists recently he studies online hate speech in particular how it spreads the p it up that was really the big platfo
8:30 pm
you might step on later shards she says like 8 chan, a forum where the alleged el paso shooter reportedly posted a racist manifesto minutes before his massacre. on monday the president called on social media companies and law enforcement to crack down on internet hate speech but free speech advocates say not so fast most of the very offensive speech that people see online is constitutionally protected the cato institute's matthew feeney says censorship by the government is a slippery slope. the vast majority of creepy we does don't turn out to be mass shooters so i worry that. >>the policing of old the of the web will lead to over enforcement and false positives. >>and shutting down a site like each and may not make a difference. we he says immediately after the shooting online posters were already looking ahead. >>in the same age and read where the shooter posted his manifesto someone asked soon as place get shut down where we are going next.
8:31 pm
>>reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. >>president trump will travel to el paso tomorrow to me was texas leaders as well as people affected by this weekend's deadly shooting west rapoport reports. >>as the healing continues in el paso, the city prepares to host the president i want to clarify for. for the political spin. >>the the office of the mayor of el paso. in an official capacity welcoming the office of the president of the united states which i consider this might. >>duty but i feel is our day was shot in the attack, his nephew was killed when asked to the hospital about the president's visit his response. that seems to be the overall trend people leaving no to the president at the growing memorial where the shooting happened tell us they don't think anything productive will come out of the president's trip. governor greg abbott will return wednesday afternoon with the state's lieutenant governor and house speaker tim.
8:32 pm
>>members of the el paso legislative delegation to the texas senators have visited is going on as well. passes a of jammu did leaders to respond. >>at least sees brings santa here. >>a family in texas is heartbroken after losing to loved ones. the victims died while protecting their newborn baby during the el paso shooting spree as sir simon reports the family also has a message for the gunman. >>the general ski family can't hold back their tears as they recount the last they're experiencing misty and paul general ski son in law andri on john doe and their daughter jordan were 2 of 22 people killed by a suspected terrorist at an el paso walmart
8:33 pm
>>the church has broken. >>letta and ashley lost their sister and brother-in-law. liz terry and jesse jim ross to boston this and 5 year-old skyla asked her mother >>i am my mind that. >>her brother 2 month-old paul gilbert was in his mother's arms when she crashed to the ground after being shot the shooter had aimed at jordan and andre jumped in front of and jordan. and the shooter shot. >>andre and the ball to pull its went through andre and hit jordan. >>both were killed. leaving paul gilbert orphaned and
8:34 pm
injured. >>the 13 years even with all of us. it's common this is something replace. >>this is the devastating ripple effect of murder, the pain slicing across generations. after all the viewed by the suspected jim roski say they're sticking to something else to get through the forgiveness before they have even had a chance to bury the debt. we had a message for the killer we forgive >>we honestly forgive him, we pray for him, we hope. >>and he finds because god teaches you to the levee. >>that was sarah sidon are reporting the baby's fingers were broken, but he is out of the hospital is with family. the couple also had a 2 year-old child. of our 4 zone '
8:35 pm
live view of the golden gate bridge which isn't as foggy as some other parts of the bay area now is not a beautiful view lawrence is here now with a look at were good that time of year that actually start to see that fog disappear, but it's a lot more sunshine really are nice us in our warmest time of year we've got a cooling trend headed our way. >>that sea breeze kicking on again the sun is setting in a beautiful evening outside right now just some patchy fog but not a whole lot so we're going to see a very nice night ahead of that sea breeze will be kicking up and that is some good news. if you like some good air quality that fresh air coming right off the ocean want to make some good quality all the way from the coastline to many of the valley's don't have to worry about much in the way of pollutants you get that good sea breeze going temperatures will be coming down, but it will be comfortable still some 70's in the san jose tomorrow, mostly sunny there 68 degrees sunny skies in oakland in the afternoon and 65 degrees in san francisco. srecast temperatures running in the 60's in the san francisco expect that when picking up in the afternoon, maybe some 2030 mile an hour gusts along the
8:36 pm
coastline by tomorrow afternoon. 50 on terra 15 also in pacific over the hill, breezy right to the san bruno gap you see about 61 degrees northern half millbrae to get a little bit on the windy side to expect that tomorrow afternoon 63 degrees in millbrae 64 in burlingame 68 in redwood city some mild temperatures working way inside the peninsula and then we warm up in the south bay with some 70's and some 80's there in the east bay, the 90's are gone and looks like replaced by some mid 80 so much more comfortable temperatures about the 84 degrees in danville 84 also in concord 85 degrees and fairfield along the coastline you'll find some clearing skies later in the day. but those winds will be kicking up along the coastline plan on that the next 2 days sea breeze really kicking into gear temperatures running below the average on thursday and friday slight chance of showers north of the golden gate bridge on friday night into saturday. and you are and still ahead ohio investigators are learning more about the. >>violent past of the gunman and the dayton shooting we'll
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hear from his former girlfriend at 8.45. how these backpacks will help students i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico,
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county has been collecting new donated backpacks for about a month now and next week start passing them out to family social workers have recommended could really use them. last year 1600 backpacks were filled and distributed. volunteers are hoping to beat that number this year. >>in sports after losing a thriller at wrigley field last night the a's role against the cubs tonight marks got the highlights coming up. >>and we're learning more stories of survival and tragic loss, this is derek finds a beloved father killed in the dayton shooting in ohio coming up. we'll hear from his son the emotional story of how his
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>>ohio officials say they have uncovered evidence that shows the gunman and the dayton shooting have and an obsession with violence while a former girlfriend of the suspected shooter says she saw him struggle with mental illness. randi kaye reports. wilson 41 shots were fired in under 30 seconds as panicked patrons range of their lives. >>2 new surveillance video shows the chaotic scene in dayton, ohio as a 24 year-old gunman unleashed terror on crowded streets. now former high school classmates say the shooter had a troubling past. o people he wanted to harm or kill. >>he just was an angry person
8:44 pm
who acted on his actions and warning signs were missed a newly discovered twitter account believed to belong to the shooter reads quote. >>i'm going to held and i'm not coming back as part of the biography it also shows retreats of anti police. >>and extreme left wing pope's. but unlike el paso where the accused terrorist outlined his racist political motivations in an online post. police in dayton, don't know what motivated sunday's massacre. >>this isn't about race. this isn't about religion. it's none of those things this is the man who was in pain and then get the help that he needed people go every day. being perfectly fine. having not on list mean clued in. he got the short end of the stick. we'll support system. >>we're hearing heartbreaking
8:45 pm
stories of survival from dayton reporter randi kaye talked to one man who shared his story about them over those shots rang out. and the moment, his father died in his arms. >>dionne green had been working hard and was looking to have some fun with his dead. so he invited him out for a night on the town in the oregon district of dayton, ohio. his father derrick fudge jumped at the chance. what was your deadline. >>and all we do is like all and love animals that this will be got a dog named lucy lou, this. we've seen in hadley of the thing he loved that dog more than anybody can rely on his only to dion his fiance and his dad were hanging out on the street. >>windy on says he noticed a man wearing a mask walking nearby came around the corner. her 2 shots pop out. mom because i'm still thinking this is not real how far from you was he when you heard the 2 shots. by about 6 and then
8:46 pm
he walked towards me to cross the street. and that's when you start in a barrage of to the to the to the 20 cross the street to guns, especially that's when people really started to panic and you heard a real. >>a lot of the gunshots. people start panicking landfall or so i finally get down to the ground. so we all good now. we're going to assess a little saying get up. we believe so olamide and talking to michael as go. he's not moving on the ice and take a look well guess what fine audi on realized this was a real shooting. >>so he bent down to check his father for gunshots and they see no blood on the body area. >>so as i get closer on grab him and get behind his head and us see the blood use coming from both sides of his head. i just lost 2 and i just grabbed on to my dad. so somebody can me off, but it was like i don't want to be touched by nobody light, just m to like he looked at me he was
8:47 pm
breathing. they just lie there with his eyes open skinner said i love you get a. else keeps and you know. >>just feet away dionne says was another woman who he since come to believe is the shooter's sister after police questioned him about her and he saw her picture on the news, she'd also been shot was the woman. >>and who was also there was she already dead. no she was still breathing a little bit. which i thought was a guy right. no place don't like you call the police have been shot i've been shot she was talking to you. yes. >>dionne says he now feels terrible guilt for inviting his father along that night knowing he'd be alive if he hadn't. >>i think he protect no way to
8:48 pm
so close he was to >>loving caring and loyal to the end. >>and we opened over the a's baseball after losing a close one last night at wrigley oakland wasted no time breaking out the bats tonight, let's go to chicago a diehard a's fan, watching the game on her honeymoon. well that this game was defined by the second any 28 pounds, don jon lester, justin garneau claimed off of waivers just a few days ago, takes lester deep down the left field line three-run homer 4 nothing a's, they're still in the second man draws a line drive to right center brett anderson marches simeon score. 6 nothing ace what a frame as they ended up dropping a thrice to the fore. still on the hill for the cubbies feel stephen piscotty says your nights done now johnny taking the out to left three-run homer 11 nothing a's
8:49 pm
and a was at wrigley oakland goes on to win 11 for the rays won in trust. so the a's remain a half-game out for the second spot. it's in the mail wild card race. now to the giants big roster headline today, joe panik the former all-star and gold glove second baseman leaving the franchise after 6 seasons, 13 officially designated him for assignment, but he'll reject it and off to become a free agent, the sanding it run with the club that drafted him the first round back in 2011. played a key role in the 2014 championship campaign. it was projected attics time would be wrapping up after the giants acquired scooter jeannette and prospect murray cod bond at the deadline. the giants hosting the nats right now at oracle highlights later on now to some raiders talk we may be moving closer to solving the mystery of what happened to antonio brown's feet we've seen the images. brown has missed most of training camp with a foot injury very few official details have surfaced. but reports emerged
8:50 pm
today, those are blisters but frost bite from wearing improper foot ware in a cryotherapy machine. we'll see if he returns eventually and maybe we'll find out more details on tonight's premiere of hard knocks. hbo's documentary show inside a training camp, a program. jon gruden doesn't have plans to watch right now. jackson peanuts and watching that we are at the ranch come in there. >>players i'm sure are excited to see the show they've done a good job are not at the for >>and now for the left his pursuit of perfection ultimate highlight. >>john all business now to our lexus ultimate highlight the 40 niners proud to welcome back and jerick mckionon the running back off of the teams, physically unable to perform list in practicing for the first time since last september when he suffered torn acl the niners are nvested what jets capable of he signed a four-year million deal last season. here's mckinnon
8:51 pm
explaining the balance of not pushing himself too much in his first practice in nearly a year. >>so notice filling out a things police on the work for some kind funny and on you know i have come so. >>can catherine if that is your look at sports and high hopes for both teams thank you mark. one officer responding to the wal-mart shooting in el paso talks about the legacy. he hopes his here's your buick sir.
8:52 pm
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>>i do not want tragedy too. the final well not the final. >>the mayor of el paso saying he hopes the tragedy of the wal-mart shooting does not define their community. >>obo one responding officers saying that the shooting is bringing out the best in people and to finding exactly what kind of community the texas town wants the world to see rachel drones reports. >>certainly proud of this city has responded lieutenant dustin list and is one countless police officers that responded to saturday's mass shooting in el paso texas now most everyone in the city with a badge responded as you saw from the news there are some agencies i didn't recognize on. and it was i've never seen anything like it listen as the
8:55 pm
director of the el paso fusion center nothing multi-agency tactical response and information exchange for the region. >>we're able cover this manifesto relatively quickly. but we weren't able to attribute it to the >>right now listen says the up as a community is just trying to understand what happened. it's hard quantify how. everyone is how the city is doing. but i can tell you that you know the city is in shock. the officers say the law enforcement community is in shock and are hearts are broken for the. families that lost loved ones while el paso works to recover from this city will make it through dent recover from this and as the mayor said. this one is a more refined city. watching the moving forward. the city has a lot to show. sure a lot of them. that was rachel droves
8:56 pm
report. >>kron 4 news at night is next.
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8:59 pm
>>9 exclusive new video shows the dayton ohio gunman connor betts in a bar in the hours just before the mass shooting. thank you for joining everybody. i'm vicki liviakis
9:00 pm
and i'm catherine heenan and for grant lotus we are learning that the gunman who killed 9 people in dayton, ohio was obsessed with violence and the family of the mass murder suspect in el paso texas is reacting to what happened camila bernal is in el paso and has the latest. >>of top that el paso shooting survivor of wme dirty side of the describing the moments he watched his 15 year-old nephew have yet lead us die in front of with details. shooting suspect's family is breaking their silence saying their thoughts are focused on the lives lost and the families were affected by the relatives atrocity saying in a statement quote the destruction patrick to does not limited to the victims and their families. they also claim is motive to kill was influenced saying quote, patrick's actions were apparently influenced and informed by people we do not know and from ideas and believes that we do not accept or condone in


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