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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 6, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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this after the fbi says it found a list of the suspects other potential targets. thanks for joining us that and i'm ken wayne and i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore at a news conference today, the fbi announced the shooting suspect santino again had made a list of what may be other potential targets. investigators say the list range from religious organizations to government offices. the fbi also says that they have determined again have been exploring various violent ideologies, but they were opposing ideologies that we're in competition with each other. as we continue to exploit is digital media. >>we're striving to find several things what if any ideology he had actually sold. he may have been in contact with regarding these ideologies. had advance knowledge of his intentions. and why he committed this specific act of violence.
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>>the fbi admits that they may never know the motive for the shooting, but they say they're still reviewing the shooters a digital media for clues. multiple rounds of high capachty ammunition magazines that is what door police said the shooter had when he stormed into the gilroygarlicfestival 9 days ago. conference chair stone following the story joins us from newsroom tonight. are apparently all of these items that he had and are not legal to buy in california is that correct. >>that is correct can't buy them here not right now get into some of the recent exceptions, momentarily. we knew the gilroy shooter came in with a gun that was an assault-style rifle. and today we learned about what was inside the bag that he had. >>he has scope a rifle scope of some sort in the bag. a flashlight and a shovel. in 2 additional loaded 40 round magazines for the gun. in any a for lease buckshot rounds which would have been for the
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shotgun. >>police say that's an teen oleg and who you see here had a 75 round drum ammunition magazine. and a total of 5.40 round magazines, keep in mind all of those high capacity ammunition magazines are currently illegal to buy and california but he could have bought those in nevada where they're all legal to buy and where he got his god he also could have bought them earlier this year in california from march 29 to april 5th. california's 10 round magazine limit law was challenged in federal court and during that time high capacity sales were allowed in the state. again was also wearing a bullet prabout how many shots were fired during all of during the course of this even in the gary police officers there was 3 officers that fired him between the 3
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of them they fired a total of 18 rounds. the suspect was hit by. the police officers got fired multiple times. i i do not yet have a definitive finding from the coroner's office on exactly where those rounds hit him or exactly how many rounds only to say that city was hit multiple times at this point. >>now california has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. but nevada has some of the weakest laws in the country. so that will change next year when new laws go into effect out nevada. but there will still be a huge contrast between the 2 states can vicki. now back to you. >>thank you j r the family of sen teen oleg and broke its silence today. they released a statement that reads in part our family is deeply shocked and horrified by the actions of arson we cannot begin to describe our despair at his actions. we want to express our deepest and sincerest apologies for the loss and
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pain that he has caused they went on to say that we have never and would never condone the hateful thoughts and ideologies that led to this event and it is impossible to reconcile this with the sun we thought we do. >>one of the young victims in the girl the garlic festival shooting was laid to rest today. a funeral service for kayla salazar was held at our lady of guadalupe church in san jose. it comes just 2 days before she would have turned 14 years old neighbors community organizations and law enforcement are together across the country tonight to celebrate national night out he is an annual event that promotes building relationships with police and first responders this year it comes just days after 3 mass shootings in gilroy el paso and dayton. kron four's taylor sackey was at one of the local events in martinez for us tonight, she joins us live in. taylor how are people holding up tonight with what's been going on. >>well people here earlier
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tonight say this type of event is more important now than ever tensions are high across the country and people just want to feel safe where they live well. neighbors here martinez say safe is exactly how they feel tonight. they got the chance to interact with law enforcement asked them questions and discuss their concerns but most importantly they have the chance to build stronger ties to the community. >>i think it's important to something like these. well because we need to people forward a community we not be afraid of these you rules the police is going to shoot a book to close this year's national night out comes after a tragic and deadly time across the country with 3 mass shootings within a one week period. >>first the gilroygarlicfestival shooting and then 2 others in el paso texas and dayton, ohio man more than ever. >>we need to humanize our first responders what they add value that they add to our community and this is a way where people can see them in a
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relaxed environment where they can get to know them as people and understand what it is they do pete say that is the event organizer in martinez who says. >>they don't is an event focused on building relationships between neighbors community members in law enforcement something that made neighbors in martinez feel safe tuesday night the department. >>answer your questions. martinez is a nice a community and he was granted, i know that something happened anywhere. >>was it opened a longtime resident of martinez, i feel very safe here and i think the police department does a good >>making sure and its citizens are taking very proud for people to come out. >>take a chance even after everything that's happened in these high-profile events transpired in here they are to support this sentence up or law enforcement. >>now this is the 36 year of national night out and 421 cities across the country
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celebrated tonight. martinez and many other bay area cities where live martinez tiller sackey kron 4 news all learned in the wake of these at recent mass shootings, a youth summit scheduled for this weekend in pittsburgh that has been canceled. contra costa county supervisors announcing the change this morning. this is the summit's event page on facebook the summit. it aims to help young people succeed through developing healthy attributes like self esteem, honesty and integrity was set for this saturday at los madonna's college. the supervisors say that organizers will instead be working with stakeholder groups to look at various active shooter scenarios, a warning from gilroy police tonight after they arrested a man for posting threats on facebook police say 33 year-old. >>jose ping your own host of the threats late last night referencing the number of people killed at the garlic festival shooting. police say threats made on social media platforms, especially in times like this will not be tolerated. we have continuing
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coverage of the garlic festival shooting on air and online and during the commercial breaks on our 24 hour streaming service kron on you can also download our kron 4 app to get push alerts sent straight to your phone as new developments come into our newsroom. happening tomorrow, president trump is set to visit el paso and dayton, the 2 cities hit by those mass shootings this weekend ahead of the visit democrats in washington are continuing to criticize republicans for blocking gun control legislation that has bipartisan support as caitlin collins reports for us tonight this time, democrats are focused on more than just the president. >>amid the political fallout over how to prevent mass shootings president trump is headed to the scenes of the last 2 tomorrow. >>the president and the first lady will travel today in an el paso, but not everyone will be happy to see him this is the most racist president we've had since perhaps andrew johnson. >>trump is facing major push back from some current and
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local officials in el paso and dayton including 2 democratic presidential candidates. >>virgin him not to come and he is responsible for the hatred and the violence that we're seeing right now think he's a polarizing figure. i think especially. >>in el paso. >>el paso's republican mayor dee margo says he's received phone calls and e-mails from an angry texans but will welcome trump over their objections. i don't know how we deal with >>actually for doing the will of >>today democratic mayor nan whaley says she will also welcome the president as well as anyone protesting his visit he's made this bed. he's got a lion and you yes, and you know his rhetoric. >>has been painful for many in our community. i think that people should stand up and say they're not happy if they're not happy that it's coming. >>a white house officials are firing back at former president barack obama after
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he issued a statement calling on the country to reject language from leaders that feeds a climate of fear and hatred nobody blames him for his newtown connecticut. >>this amid growing calls in washington for action on gun control. it's a piece of paper. what is a piece of paper that could save lives democrats want senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to bring back lawmakers from their five-week summer recess for a vote on stalled gun legislation, mitch mcconnell nice to get off >>and do something >>that sentiment outside mcconnell's kentucky home where protesters gathered monday night. despite the a sou mcconnell says he's serint trum to or works criticisms. the president tweeted just about an hour ago beto phony name to indicate hispanic heritage o'rourke who is embarrassed by my last visit to the great state of texas where i trounced him and is now even more embarrassed by polling at one percent to the democrat
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primary should respect the victims and law enforcement and be quiet. >>how are switching gears here for a moment talk about the weather take a look outside at san francisco's embarcadero. >>all right, what's happening out there. we have got some cool breeze has blown right now the fog begin to feel inside the bay, it just kind of patchy out there right now but we're going to see really kind of thicken up tonight and i think race well on shore filling into some of the valley's maybe all the way in the tri valley may be the cockpit areas we're going to see that stronger on shore pushing that's a sign of things to come today was another nice warm and in fact it was hot inland 95 degrees and conquer 92 in livermore just slightly above the average of 68 degrees in san francisco, 77 in oakland, 86 degrees above normal in to san jose and 86 degrees also into santa rosa now we're looking like we're done with the 90's for now maybe not seen those come back to late in the weekend. so changes coming our way 2 things going on in the atmosphere you still see kind of a southerly component to the atmosphere at least the mid to high level atmosphere
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as we're seeing that ridge of high pressure still rotating the monsoonal moisture around a bit off the coastline we've got an area of low pressure developing out there and that's going to be low that will factor in our weather big time throughout the week and possibly bring us a chance of some showers as we head in toward the weekend. all right so with that in mind. we've had seen that sea breeze and that continues now had some winds over 20 miles per hour. not a strong now they're starting to diminish a little bit but the onshore push continues. and then i think we see those winds really kind of ramp up tomorrow, especially afternoon may be some gust of 2030 miles per hour out toward the beaches. right now 65 degrees in mount you 61 in hayward 56 degrees of patchy fog, i'm sitting at 50 in san francisco, some fog there 59 also foggy in the berkeley right now 62 of laos 61 in the napa valley still warm save checking in 72 degrees increasing low clouds throughout the night tonight morning clouds early on then sunny, but some cooler temperatures into the afternoon and the cool temperatures kind of rounding out the week with that chance some as we get friday and into
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saturday winds. they'll be the story kind of tomorrow are going to see those ramping up a little breezy and blustery along the coastline in the afternoon you start to the else here in the colors here those winds 20 plus miles per hour. probably some 30 mile an hour gusts. you know the coastline tomorrow afternoon that repeat itself again as we get into thursday as well so plan on some winds really kind of kicking down the temperatures just a little bit now off the coastline you see we've got one front right out here that we've got this right here. this is kind of acting as the anchor low that's going to pick up some moisture from here to wrap it around here eventually bring us a chance of some showers as we head into friday night and into saturday high pressure kind of giving way now it's slback overe means well see some nice cooling over the next couple days is that ridge of high pressure gets out of the way likely see some drizzle along the coastline overnight. later on tonight but otherwise you know we're looking at the possibility of some rain moving into the bay area. not a huge chance of showers if we do see the raindrops are talking about a few hundreds but it could get interesting we're going to take a close look at that your tent coming
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up that liked a little moisture during this fire see a few yes, thanks yeah, in fact, a speaking of that the brush fire that scorched more than 750 acres in the east bay. >>that is now fully contained the mire marsh complex fire broke out early saturday morning forcing crews to shut down marsh creek road for several hours, no structures have burned. governor gavin newsome is asking the us small business administration to declare a disaster for 2 counties that were hit by. >>large earthquakes last month newsom announced today he wants the agency to declare kern and san bernardino counties a disaster area. that's where a magnitude 6.4 quake hit around ridgecrest on the 4th of july followed by a 7.1 quake, the next day authorities have said the quakes caused about a $100 million in damage. a disaster declaration would make a low interest loans available to people whose homes and businesses suffer damage. he would typically tied them up.
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before he raped them, he threatened them with a knife or a gun. >>and his fears say in the history of santa clara county. he is arguably the most vicious and horrific serial rapist we've ever had. >>and that man known as the ski mask rapist could go free george anthony sanchez was convicted of raping 25 women. back in the 19 80's in the bay area he was sentenced to more than 400 years behind bars but now he's up for parole hearing and as kron four's michelle kingston tells us. >>the victims are devastated. >>the heat the actions that he did were so horrific, he raped a mother and daughter at the same time he tied them to a bed together. he raped a woman in a church confessional and held her at gunpoint he raped a pregnant woman and have her 4 year-old lie on the floor. his actions. >>over and over ana over again war horrific. they were callous. they were dangerous. they were unforgiveable what
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he did in 1989 george anthony sanchez was sentenced in santa clara county to serve more than 400 years in prison. >>aiming 25 women in the bay area. >>it's probably more than that it's maybe up to 45. women that he raped people from the ages of 1683, and most of them he raped in their homes here others in churches or at their work when a school. >>sanchez was known as the ski mask rapist deputy district attorney steven dick says the victims are devastated their sense of security and justice now shattered knowing that the convicted rapist now has the opportunity to standard front of commissioners on wednesday with the possibility of being released to the state's elderly parole program which gives certain inmates who have spent decades in prison the opportunity to be considered for parole. george >>the ski rapist and what he's done 2 in the senate children
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and women and to the elderly. he's too much of a risk to ever release from prison. >>in santa clara county, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>that the police arrested the driver of a car that crashed during a police chase last night killing a passenger. the chase started in the area of maxwell bridge around 8 o'clock monday night men did on big ranch road. police say 24 year-old jonathan mccarthy from oakley drove in a car that was reported stolen in an antioch officers say mccarthy admitted coming to napa to steal merchandise from home depot so he and his passenger could are asking for the public's s help for information tonight after a man reported missing from the north bay. >>was found dead on treasure island to san francisco medical examiner's office confirmed today that 81 year-old martin kaplan from sandra fell was found dead on t i over the weekend kaplan was reported missing thursday from his home. his current clothing were found near walk moment, marina that night. the
10:18 pm
cause of kaplan's death is still under investigation. the go ship trial has now been in the hands of the jury for 3 days and today, defense attorneys. >>talk to kron four's haaziq madyun about why they prefer long deliberations. >>it is the 3rd day of deliberations for jurors hear the ghost ship trial in oakland co-defendants derick almena and max harris, each phase, 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 36 people who lost their lives but the fire started in the warehouse during a music of it back on december second 2016 the jury is made up of 9 mid and 3 women. it is anyone's guess how long it will take for them to ac in the courtroom for just about every day of the trial and i wouldn't be surprise if it's an early verdict or if it takes several weeks and although some attorneys tried to read into the jury's facial expressions for clues, they ultimately not clean. defense counsel for derek al-bayda explains why he is not one of the could look at you in.
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>>we'll dig inch to 2 years can look the other way and vote for you. it's certainly not scientific. there's a few of those moments even today, you know for. well i think 3 looked at me oh boy it made my heart 2 of them look down old guy i you know, i felt the press. >>defense attorney from that area says the longer the jury takes the better it is for his client. >>that airspace is 39 years in prison if convicted, therefore we're grateful for every minute as jury continues to deliberate. >>the 3rd day of deliberations has it that with no verdict. jurors will be back at it again deliberating on monday for wednesday morning. >>at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>a 4 year long search is over for a california multimillionaire accused of murdering his wife newport beach police say 54 year-old peter chadwick was taken into custody in mexico over the
10:20 pm
weekend. he's accused of strangling his wife qui after an argument in 2012 the real estate investor posted one and a half million dollars in bail after his arrest. he skipped a court appearance in 2015 and disappeared, after withdrawing millions of dollars from his bank accounts are investigation shows up your child was never intended to return from mexico. he had no intentions of coming back to orange county to face trial. her raise the 3 sons. the abandoned. chad what was on the us marshals most wanted list he's charged with one count of felony murder. if convicted he faces 25 years to life in prison still no word tonight and what investigators described as a suspicious package was found in san 20th and illinois. in the dock patch neighborhood police secure the area remove the device and gave the all clear. and francisco's mission district we're going to show you the new muni platform that many of you will soon be using to visit the chase center, but
10:21 pm
first a warning for customers a new report finds the containers used at the restaurant chain. >>could lead to cancer. and we're learning more about the suspect in sunday's mass shooting in dayton ohio why investigators say he may have been planning a violent attack since high school. if you're streaming us on kron on the news continues during the
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drawing some concerns tonight about the containers that are used for those bree doubles in salad pretty popular items. the new food economy. it's a magazine says it found the fireballs are exposed to chemicals that can lead to cancer. the study says the bulls are treated with p f a s also called forever chemicals. it helps abel's hold hot. wet and greasy food, but the epa says those compounds don't break down in the human body and they can accumulate over time the chemicals also seep into the soil as the bulls breakdown leading to what's called toxic compost people we talked with that today say this new report is concerning. >>i never thought that waiting. can actually give you cancer has a certain chemical that lead to cancer. and to think twice about where i eat just by looking at something you can't tell what a nice can have contaminated or able to get you sick, you can just tell by looking at a plane guy. we don't have this kind
10:25 pm
plan i think i'll be eating up with anything before i know for sure that it's safe. >>ole responded to the report saying in part that we are committed to using safe and sustainable food packaging and only partner with suppliers who make food safety a top priority adding the suppliers operate under strict guidelines set forth by the f d a. >>it said i love you get a. a night out in town for father's son turns into their last night together a survivor of the dayton mass shooting. recounts moment, his father died in his arms. and the investigation into the ohio shooting turns to the suspect's past. >>you're from his former classmates who say that they fear for their safety back in high school. >>and in this still summer we may have a little taste of fall coming our way plus here's your buick sir.
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>>all the magazines that we recovered from the suspect were completely full. he would have a maximum of 250 rounds in his possession at the time. >>armed for mass murder, that's what investigators in ohio are describinngthat killed in injured almost 40 others tonight, a number of law enforcement agencies are working to find out. why investigators say 24 year-old connor betts fired 41 shots. >>in less than 30 seconds as
10:29 pm
brynn gingras explains tonight. investigators are now digging in tibet is passed. >>tonight a new terrifying video from inside a local bar, the shooter right at its doorstep these grainy images show the moment, a gunman emerges from a dark alley, a dark figure seen in this exclusive surveillance video hunched over a high-powered gun taken from the crowded patio of the dean restaurant as the shooting rampage began. another camera shows the chaos amid the hail of bullets, one man jumping to the ground to shield his girlfriend from gunfire as investigators search for a motive. we have uncovered evidence. >>throughout the course more investigation. but this year was exploring violent ideologies and based upon this evidence were in michigan initiating an fbi investigation side by side with the dayton police homicide investigation to make sure we get to the bottom and we explore everything and we are trying to understand the
10:30 pm
best we can this horrific attack happened red flags are emerging around the deceased gunman connor betts. >>a former girlfriend says she saw signs of trouble firsthand this is. >>the man who was in pain and and get the help that he needed that was also a member of a massage and a sick heavy metal band known for songs about sexually violent. it sounds like like. >>there were some missed opportunities. but speaks to the lack of mental health services in our it's problematic. >>until a motive becomes clear state officials under pressure to act governor mike dewine proposing a new law that would allow courts to temporarily take guns away from people who could act out. >>we have to empower people to get help for family or loved ones who may be a danger to themselves or danger to others. >>the governor did not propose any gun restrictions that would limit high powered weapons like the one bets used to cause a so much destruction. >>that was brynn gingras reporting for us tonight,
10:31 pm
nearby police officers killed the shooter 30 seconds after he opened fire as of now investigators do not believe this attack was racially motivated can. >>but he also tonight we're hearing from the suspect's former classmates, 2 of them say betts was suspended from bellbrook high school during their junior year. after teachers say they found a kill list to boys and a rape list of girls. spencer brickler told reporter drew griffin with our partners at cnn that he and his sister were both on that list. >>so get pulled off the bus after school one day. and apparently in a day a kill list. and i happened to be on it i don't know why people i look up and there's. 2opolice officers standing on the bus asking him to get off the bus to go with them. kill list and disturbing text hurting people. they both went to police. this guy could go to the school he could kill people he could hurt my family he could you.
10:32 pm
>>so you are concerned he was a school shooter back then she contacted the police along with their pants i got the phone with her i contacted the police along with my father. >>they took her cell phone they photographed up for text messages they actually never returned her cell phone to her. >>the shooting suspect's family released a statement reads in part the betts family would like to express our enormous gratitude and love for everyone who has reached out and given their support during this awful time they ask that everyone respect the family's privacy in order to mourn the loss of their son and daughter and the process, the horror of sunday's events we continue to hear heartbreaking stories from dayton randi kaye talked to one man who says that his father died in arms. working hard and was looking to have some fun with his dead. so he invited him out for a night on the town in the oregon district of dayton, ohio. his father derrick fudge jumped at the chance. what was
10:33 pm
your like all arts. and love animals that this will be got a dog named lucy lou, this. it's even hadley up with we love that dog more than anybody can rely on his only to dion his fiance and his dad were hanging out on the street. >>windy on says he noticed a man wearing a mask walking nearby came around the corner. i heard 2 shots, i'm still thinking this is not real how far from you was he when you heard the 2 shots. and then he walked towards me to cross the to the to the 20 cross the street to guns, especially that's what people really started to panic and you heard a real. >>a lot of the gunshots people start panic in line with all i finally get down to the ground. so we all good now. we're going to assess a little saying get up. believe so a
10:34 pm
lot of mud and talking to michael as go. he's not moving on the ice and take a look well guess what fine audi on realized this was a real shooting. >>so he bent down to check his father for gunshots and they see no blood on the body area. >>so as i get closer grab him and get behind his head and us see the blood use coming from both sides of his head. and i just grabbed on to my dad. so somebody can only off but it was like i don't want to be touched by nobody light. you just having them and then that was my last chance to really speak to like he looked at me he was breathing. just lived in with his eyes open skinner said i love you get a. what else keeps and you know.
10:35 pm
>>just feet away dionne says was another woman who he since come to believe is the shooter's sister after police questioned him about her and he saw her picture on the news, she'd also been shot was the woman. >>and who was also there was she already dead. no she was still breathing a little bit. which i thought was a guy right. no place don't like call the police have been shot i've been shot she was talking to you. yes. >>dionne says he now feels terrible guilt for inviting his father along that night knowing he'd be alive if he hadn't. >>i think he protect no way to so close he was to each other. >>loving caring and loyal to the end. >>that was randi kaye reporting for us tonight, derrick fudge was 57 years old. employees across the country are on edge after different shootings in
10:36 pm
wal-mart's cross us first a mass shooting at the walmart in el paso. >>plus a man was arrested in florida for threatening to shoot up a wal-mart saying is quote intrigued by the shootings in the last couple days. then last week a disgruntled walmart employee opened fire inside a mississippi store shooting and killing 2 walmart employees walmart has released a statement saying it is in shock over the recent tragic events in el paso and is praying for the community the victims and associates but it has not said if it might enhance security at each location or how it will move forward. these 10 crosses stand in tower square in lincoln nebraska they pay tribute to those killed in 10 mass shootings over the last year and a half. people say >>what i want to grow up and have kids who don't come back from school or i watch him walk out my front door and they don't come home.
10:37 pm
>>the first cross symbolizes the las vegas shooting from october 2017 the last one is for the most recent shooting in dayton on sunday. >>all right, let's take a little time out here and talk about our 4 zone the weather. >>in the bay area pretty much. >>cooling down isn't cooling down and there's even a chance we could talk about some rain drops of the bay area i'll show you more of that in just a moment outside right now we are seeing some low clouds and some fog little thick in spots overlooking san francisco right now and then little drizzle beginning to settle in near the coastline. but this is where things really start to get interesting specially for this time of year usually this time of st temperatures of the year things can change. high pressure that and warm things up that is going to be in the school little bit further to the east and look off the coastline see this little swirl in the atmosphere. this is an area of low pressure now it's going to combine with another area of low pressure picking up some moisture behind that and then watch what happens starts roldan
10:38 pm
toward the coastline and then here we go in a friday night and saturday how about that we've got a cold front dropping into the state bringing the chance. a couple of raindrops doesn't look like a big deal of course things can change between now and then but there's a slight chance we could see some showers i think the best chance really north of the golden gate bridge, this to be unusually early to see cold front dropping into the bay area usually most are talking about that about a 3rd week in october, but we'll see how things work out behind that high pressure starts to build in and then these temperatures start to get a little toasty again so here you go, here's your 10 attend the next few stt to cool down the sea breeze really going to kick in running well below the average by friday friday night into saturday we see those clouds rolling in a slight chance of some showers mainly to the north and then as we get into sunday once that front moves by temperatures heat back up again. i think we're looking on sunday and then really cranking things up come monday with some mid-nineties that cooling back down slightly as we head in toward tuesday. and then looks like keeping things
10:39 pm
dry well into the following week. thank you lawrence take a close look at some surveillance video being shared by santa rosa police watch this woman. this year's say the woman was caught in the video stealing a purse and credit card she gets up from her chair there she walks over to what looks like some kind of the cabinet situation and there she goes she takes a percent of their she has charged to several $1000 so far on the stolen credit cards if you recognize that woman you're asked to call santa rosa police the state's largest operator of recycling redemption centers is out of business. >>re planet close all of its 284 recycling centers and laid off 750 employees company had several facilities here in the bay area, the company's president says it stopped operating because of increased business costs as well as the falling prices of a recycled aluminum and plastic advocates are urging the state to reform how it subsidizes recycling centers. getting ready to get
10:40 pm
back to school it could be kind of an exciting time for families but for some it's it's a financial burden and that's why there was a backpack drive going on in contra costa county today as kron forcefully jungle tells us the effort to collect phil and distribute those backpacks will help almost 2000 students. as the summer winds down for students like 15 year-old romney thrives. >>instead of wasting a few hours with his friends. he's in pleasant hill. volunteering for the nonprofit organization volunteer emergency services team in action or vesty a the aspiring police officer and his peers are filling backpacks with supplies that will eventually be distributed to low income students whose families already receive social benefits from contra costa county, it's just a very good experience that in you know, makes me we just to know myself some of russia's fellow classmates at her chile's high school will benefit from the county's ready to learn backpack drive for 35 years now it's been an annual
10:41 pm
tradition for the county employment and human services department says program coordinator cindy smith foot may cost upwards of $700 per child to send the kid. >>at a school, not only for backpacks and supplies for clothing the county has been collecting new donated backpacks for about a month and next week will begin passing them out to families social workers have recommended could really use them i think there's a need everywhere in the regardless of where you happen to live. a lot of people out here that support many times i would have. >>classmates asking. get paper give a pencil just 10 psi things this cause may really help you know the supplies given out to kids who are in need last year 1600 backpacks were filled and distributed volunteers are hoping to surpass that number this year. >>in pleasant hill fleet of all kron 4 news. >>you are taking a look at the new us muni stop in san francisco, the platforms at
10:42 pm
3rd street and what is now called warriors way formerly known as south street. this is where warriors fans and concertgoers will be getting on and off to go to the chase center which opens in september today, san francisco mayor london breed in state assembly member david to join warriors ceo rick welts and others for a ribbon cutting ceremony to inaugurate that new unique platform. >>pilot documents 5 hours in a wilderness after crashing his plane is story of survival in a message for those who came to his rescue in sports. the giants try to keep afloat in the wild-card race against one of the teams had of them. mark has the highlights coming up, and kron four's now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried caught on yet, here's what you're missing. >>today was bad some are worse. stoner into the oakland hills. who's dog is this?
10:43 pm
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10:46 pm
rescue as you can see behind this ferry was heading home from newfoundland in late july when something went terribly wrong. matt grillo has his story. >>this was the scene just moments after matt, let me in crash landed north of said to 9 hours east of montreal. i just had to pull castor shoot. i mean the middle come back. the president of to court resources. he was on his way city airport in newfoundland he noticed his oil pressure and will temperatures were off and that his engine gave out. >>i'm singing about there was a loud ugly. nasty on their forget, sounded like the engine was trying to grind itself into pieces eventually landed but not before a tree broke through the plane. he says he was inches from death. i felt the tree come up through the bottom of the airplane. it actually was so close that it's great my leg and read my shorts and so only a few inches to one direction with probably a fatal type of injury once on the ground he uses gps to get help and made
10:47 pm
a fire. i quite possibly would have been there for many days and i did not have the supplies to us to survive for many days once i started a fire to send smoke signals. that's when i finally got the message back that they spotted by smoke and knew exactly where. >>i was brought to safety by the royal canadian air force the best feeling i had was. >>recovering a radio that they dropped from the c one 30 i had to scramble through a swamp about 200 meters to find it. and as i walked up to the radio i can hear them calling my name through the radio, he credits the plane's parachute in gps for survival and says he's learned from the near-death experience. >>and hopes others will 2 words can express the gratitude i feel towards. >>everyone that was to rescue me and and there are many many people involved. >>to finnerty making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home.
10:48 pm
>>talk about sports. but you know can being a pilot is this is a little distracting was afraid yeah well i mean first of have a gps unit has the most important thing and that serious is the only plane has a parachute build into it so he was lucky he had luck is what he had a lot. the giants have a new look that's a fortunately >>and when we are talking about a giants team that is seeing movement in the standings backwards and movement on the roster now the giants parting ways with former all-star second baseman joe panik who played a big role in the 2014 championship run a panic a designated for assignment after a drop in production and the addition of scooter jeannette mea its way ou august slump, bruce bocce in the giants host, the team, the wild card lead, washington nationals tops or 2 nothing nats kurt suzuki. >>takes conner menez deep to left and gone for a 2 run home run as gives up 5 it runs through 6 4 nothing. bottom 75
10:49 pm
to next. at what deep to left center. washington's lead is cut to 5, 3, panda with a couple of doubles we go to the bottom of the 9th tell our 3rd panda representing the tying run, sean doolittle. get in the swing missed it and trying to lose 5, 3, now dropped 3 in a row and are now 3 and a half games back. so the second wild-card spot we go to tighar a's fan who was watching the game on her honeymoon, how about this game defined by the second inning the a's pounced on jon lester field justin garneau claimed off waivers just a few days ago, 6 lester do down the left-field line shot three-run jack 4 nothing gates still in the the line drive to right center field greg anderson and marcus semien scored for male ways what a frame ended up dropping a run to the fore. on the hill
10:50 pm
for the cubbies the a's will take that stephen piscotty finally put an end to johnny's night, 64 mercy out to left for a three-run homer an 11 run a's lead in a romp at wrigley the most money goes on to win 11 4. tampa one in extra innings. so the a's remain a half-game out for the second and a wild card race. now the nfl we may be closer to solving the mystery of what happened to antonio brown's feet we've seen the images. brown has missed most of training camp with a foot injury. >>very few official details have emerged today, those were blisters but frost bite from wearing improper footwear any cryotherapy machine. >>we'll see if he returns eventually maybe we'll find out more on hard enough hbo documentary show inside training camp. the series premiere tonight. john jordan doesn't have plans to watch.
10:51 pm
>>jackson peanuts and watching that we are at the ranch come in there. players i'm sure are excited to see the show they've done a good job are not at the same thing for >>all business now to santa clara, the 40 niners proud to welcome back jerick mckinnon the running back off of the team's physically unable to perform list practicing for the first time since last september when he suffered a torn acl the niners are heavily invested in seeing what jets capable of he signed a four-year $30 million deal last season. here's mccain and explaining the balance of that over exerting himself in his first practice in nearly a year. >>so notice filling out mission things police on the work for some kind funny and on you know i have come so. >>can vicki jon gruden will not be ing hard knocks
10:52 pm
but i can imagine he will be heavily featured in the debut episode. oh you know, he's got rick going to really watch in it's reported yet. lawrence you'll be watching i in about 15 minutes guys want to we've got some big changes coming our way the next 2 winds over the golden gate tomorrow going to be a little ferocious. >>we'll can my side be firm? and my side super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed it can...
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>>coming next the news continues on our 24 7 streaming service called kron on its commercial free. >>catherine he didn't standing by in the newsroom with what we're working on by catherine. hi you to thank you very we continue to learn quite a bit more about the gilroygarlicfestival shooter, including the fact federal authorities tell us he had a hit list he had very specific targets in mind. how that case is now being described by investigators and why there is still no clear cut motive in this case back to you. >>all right, thank you catherine make sure and download the kron on app to get 24 7 commercial free local neild tattered up in your pocket after it's been in the laundry maybe not a 20 maybe a buck. sometimes we accidentally throw out some cash and think that there is no way we're ever going to see it again, but one man in oregon have. >>had to get it back because he tossed out get this nearly 23 $1000 yet his shoe box, full of cash and ended up at this recycling center in samoa
10:56 pm
california. it's about 2 and a half hours south of the oregon border. way up there fortunately for this guy staff the recycling center they found the shoe box they recovered. all of the money except for 60 bucks so big game. really big tip. that's a big mystery now what happened in the 60 bucks. >>we're on that tomorrow that's for sure a guy so we've got some changes coming our way got some fog that has moved on shore now out toward the golden gate bridge, little onshore breeze at this hour. but i think the winds could be more of a factor tomorrow in the coming days, temperatures really going to be coming down quite a few degrees. so tomorrow we're waking up we've got some clouds early on temperatures going to be the 50's and the 60's by the middle of the day will notice those winds begin to pick up along the coastline going to start to be a little breezy temperatures will be cool up toward the beaches in the 50's and fairly mild inside the bay generally in the 60's to mid 70's, a warm in the valleys but by the afternoon. it will be warm inland, but not as hot
10:57 pm
as it was today publish the mid 80's will be the warmest temperatures will find inland. and then some 60's and some 70's around the bay, so here we go we've got some changes coming our way as high pressure kind of gets out of the way we've got some cooler temperatures role in the bay area, your tenant and yes, it does contain a least a chance of some raindrops friday night into saturday back to heat in the next week. >>thanks we'll see you tomorrow night. catherine and .
10:58 pm
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