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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 20, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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heather locklear ordered into treatment. we have exclues idetails. then, alyssa milano reveals a shocking secret. plus, bodyslammed. >> oh, my god. >> the slam that sent this star. and -- joe and sophie's shouting match on the streets of new york. then -- >> someone you're dating, the worst thing is let -- >> the real reason behind jamie and katie's split. and celine, is that really you? celine in a dog collar? only we have her crazy new photo shoot. >> get ready. this is "entertainment tonight." welcome, everyone. we're bracking news about heather locklear, back in treatment again. >> just the beginning of our exclusive new reporting. here's everything happening right nows locklear battles to stay sober.
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>> looking strong, staying sober, and taking responsibility for her past. "e.t." confirmed friday the 57-year-old tv icon pled no contest to eight misdemeanor offenses of battery and resisting officers.stemming frot year. first occurred february 25th when she was arrested on charges of domestic violence and misdemeanor battery on a police officer. >> hey, heather, you got any comment on whatever happened last night? >> no comment. >> four months later, on june 25th, exclusively spotted her leaving jail in pajamas. she was arrested and accused of kicking a police officer and a medic. but what a difference a year makes. this was health, looking like the picture of health in l.a. one summer who has seen heather's remarkable transformation first hand? tv host and good friend of years, jillian barberie. "e.t." spoke with her on the phone. >> well, she's an incredible
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person. when i talked about doing this piece today, she's like, whatever, if it makes you happy. she's very cool and unguarded the two talk every day and jillian has said she's been a huge pillar of strength for her own grueling breast cancer battle. >> she's just helped me through some really dark times. cancer or addiction, we all have demons to face. she doesn't feel sorry for herself, at all. she knows what she's got to do and she's doing it. she's healthy and happy, sober and is just in a really good place. i'm so proud of her. listen, addiction is a disease and that's the thing that we hope heather can just keep it under control and maintain. also thoughts and prayers to jillian. >> absolutely. that's my girl. we love you, jill. the former
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"who's the boss" star alyssa milano makes a shockingly candid revelation. >> in 1993, i had two abortions. i was on the pill, taking birth control because i knew i was not ready to be a parent. i had finished working on "who's the boss?" and i was starting to work on films and other projects and my career, my life were in front of me. >> she sars her personal abortion story on her podcast. "sorry, not sorry." she said there were several factors, including suffering from crippling anxiety. as for her partner, well alyssa doesn't name names. but she and actor scott wolf were a serious couple around that time and were even engaged. "e.t." was on the set of the movie where they met in 1994's "double dragon." >> i was in love for the first time and the breathless way you
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can only be in love when you were young. it was huge. overwhelming, even. it filled every part of living and it was a joyful and an exciting and power time in my life. >> they tell you the pill is 99 .effective at preventing pregnancies and yet, a few months later i found out i was pregnant again. everything you go through leads to where you are. >> today, she has two children with her second husband and no regrets over her decision. >> i would never have been free to be myself. >> the good thing about alyssa, she's never had a problem speaking her mind. a very different kind of drama went down on "bachelor in paradise" last night. the beach brawl that shook "bachelor" nation. >> we want drama. [ bleep ]. >> we like the craziness. but there's a line -- anything that gets physical is the line. >> oh, my gosh.
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>> yeah, that's jordan body-slamming christian. the reason for their brawl? jordan interrupted christian's date, and tried to take his pinata. you can't make this stuff up. >> it was real. it was intense. >> intense. and quick. maybe a little took quick. the whole thing lasted less than 90 seconds, and some fans were left feeling underwhelmed. >> we have security there on the beach. they're not bouncers. but they all turned into bouncers that night, quickly got this subdued and taken care. of. >> it took six dudes to subdue christian. and he's still talking smack, saying, you should be thanking these guys each and every day, jordan. >> jordan's take on the fight? "i've been wrestling alligators since the age of 3." producers, and a sleepy-looking chris harrison, banished both men from the beach. and get this, christian was recently spotted on a date with "90 day fiance" star ashley martson.
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but back to paradise -- >> blake. was saved by kristina and it didn't go over well. kristina tweeting today that she's received death threats over the controversial decisions. >> i don't know why he didn't leave. >> listen, we all love bachelor nation. we're all very invested. this is getting out of hand. death threats, not okay. well, clearly, there was trouble in paradise for jamie foxx and katie holmes, and now we know one of the reasons why. up first in tonight's "know and tell" -- jamie and katie's separate lives. ♪ blame it on the alcohol >> more like blame it on the time apart. our source says jamie and katie "lived separately and in different cities and saw each other occasionally." holmes was spotted out solo in her manhattan neighborhood walking her dog, the same day we confirmed the split and as this pic of foxx holding hands in l.a. with a 19-year-old singer
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made the rounds. >> i like to stay quiet with anyone that i'm dating. >> no word if jamie's in a new relationship, but remember, he never confirmed his six-year relationship with katie. >> clarify you're not dating katie? the tabloids have you very much in love. >> all the time. >> well, the first time the couple faced cameras was at the met gala back in may. weeks later, they reportedly quietly split, but our source won't rule out a chance at reconciliation. now to miley and liam, clearly moving on. hemsworth was out shirtless with brother chris and friends on the beach in australia yesterday today, just as a new report said miley was again caught smooching brody jenner's ex. cyrus and kaitlynn carter were reportedly seen making out all over soho house in west hollywood. that's near where kaitlynn arrived with miley's mom tish for a dinner with cyrus. finally, is sophie lashing out at new husband joe? >> can i get two minutes to myself?
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>> oh, my goodness, it's sophie! >> yesterday in new york, he and the "game of thrones" actress were yelling at each other in the middle of the street. >> i just want to live a normal life! >> oh, my god. >> joe, even posted it to instagram. clearly all in on the joke, jonas even played up their play-fight for some bystanders. >> get her quick, it's sophie! summer lovin'. i tell you celebs are keeping up on our toes. can we talk about keanu reeves for a second because we got excited news today. he's heading back to "the matrix." it will start shooting early next year. just when you need another reason to love him? his "bill and ted 3" co-star gave us one more. >> what it's like working with him? >> he's so polite. he's the most he's a delight, such a gentleman. i remember someone put a poster
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on set saying you're beautiful and he stopped his car and got out and wrote back to him. >> samara weaving has actually been in the keanu-verse for a while. her uncle is hugo weaving, remember him fighting keanu in "the matrix"? and now, keanu is starring in the "bill and ted" reboot with samara. it's come full triangle, y'all. but now, she's the star of the dark comedy, "ready or not." >> you shot the maid! >> does it look like she's wearing a giant white wedding dress? >> andie macdowell also stars in the film. what are your top three rules for looking as good as you do? >> stay away from twitter. i eat really well. i'm really health-conscious. >> what's your biggest indulgence? >> i indulge in dark chocolate. >> andie's not the only cast member who's age-defying. adam brody was with his wife leighton meester and we showed them this throwback from the set of "the o.c." when he was 23. >> adam brody here. >> that's the best work i've
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done. >> it's really unglamorous. ♪ california >> could there be an o.c. reboot? rachel billson posted this pic of the two last week would it take? >> so much money. coming up -- our 90210 fashion flashback. the co-star that has jennie's 12-year-old daughter swooning. >> it's so weird, it's love. and celine shakes up her style. her daring new look you have to see to believe. then, kim k.'s photoshop fail. the embarrassing mistake in her new add. and kevin
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minutes away on "e.t." -- "e.t." has an exclusive first
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look of downton abbey the
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♪ kim kardashian six toes. >> i don't know. >> another photoshop fail? take a close look. that's clearly a woman with six toes on her left foot. i don't know how that happened. >> maybe she said i want to get the internet talking so i'm going to do this. we're going to stick with that.
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>> you got it. well, celine dion, her fashion is out of control with no limit in sight. ♪ i'm flying on my own >> wearing a spiked dog collar, riding a scooter through paris. at top of the eiffel tower. the 51-year-old is shot with a camera lens that makes her look distorted and edgy. ♪ i'm alive >> celine's spread for "cr fashion book" is very haute couture, and we all know she has a passion for fashion. >> it's beyond fun, and magic. it's art and it's fashion and it's a lot of work. >> looking 100% in sandals with ribbed tights, walking a pair of giant weimaraners with bedazzled collars, celine is going for the dramatic. ♪ she's black she's white yeah yeah ♪ >> her $11,000 yves st. laurent gown for the magazine's cover was shot from below, daring readers to take a bold look.
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♪ >> celine says, quote, i mean, five years ago i would never let a photographer near up past my kneecap, you know? who would go under my tutu? nobody. i mean, nobody. my husband, that was it. >> i feel like singing because -- >> right now, celine's rehearsing for her "courage" world tour, which kicks off next month in her native quebec. and in her downtime when hanging out with her three sons, she says, hey, she's just like us, quote, i will wear my pjs all day. i'm with my kids and it will be breakfast all day. she also says that she loves to get into the tub, listen to this, wearing all of her jewelry, it makes her feel like liberace. >> that's like you. she walks around in a robe all day. >> i'm comfortable. still ahead -- spandex on
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spandex. >> why the 90210 stars are getting back into their original '90s costumes. >> i was thinking i can't fit into this. and "saved by the bell" turned 30 years old today. and we flashback to bayside. >> you poor thing. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ hey, guys, tori said you might be needing my help. >> oh, come through brenda walsh. shannen doherty finally comes face to face with her "90210" family on tomorrow night's episode, which, by the way, is directed by jason priestley. look, jason's no stranger to directing his "beverly hills" co-stars back in the day. "e.t." was actually on set, so i had to surprise jennie garth and tori spelling with an epic jason throwback. >> look how cute he is! >> oh, my god. >> and action, c'mon girls. >> he still does that with the fingers like come over here. >> oh, look at gab. >> that's so fun to see. >> yeah, my 12-year-old, i think, is just now watching the original series and she's so in love with brandon, it's weird.
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she gets all jittery around jason. >> while jason's calling the shots on set, tori and jennie are all about the wardrobe. i was hanging with the girls last night, moderating a panel discussion along with costume designer mandi line. there was a dress that you actually wear in a flashback that a fan lent to you? how did that happen? >> he had the dress like from back in the day. >> in a baggie. >> he had the dress in a baggie. >> like, he's our biggest fan and our friend and i, he gave it to me and i wore it in a flashback in your dream sequence. >> i hate that she can still fit these clothes. i mean, it just makes me -- >> i was like thinking, i can't fit into this and it worked and i was like, yes. >> gabrielle carteris stopped by "e.t." this morning and gave us her reaction to brian austin green saying this -- >> tori said that you guys hooked up. >> we hooked up. we did. but we were young and that's what young people do. >> i remember many things on the show and many different hookups that took place.
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nothing surprised me. i was part of it for a very long time. >> tomorrow night's episode is getting a lot of buzz, we find out if gabrielle's character really swings both ways. >> when she kissed me it was electric. >> ihink it's been interesting the response for some people it's been like, i wanted you to be with brandon. i was like, okay. >> the girls told me that the last night the line for gabrielle this season, is gaby is hot. >> she is. 90210 is back all we need is to have saved by the bell return. check out when "e.t." was on set with mark-paul and tiffani. >> i totalled your new ferrari. i don't know what to say. >> oh, you poor thing. you're too upset to talk right now. let's kiss until you calm down. >> zach. >> zach and kelly fofr.
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well, mark-paul is making his comedy return in "black-ish" spin-off. >> a very different kind of fashion flashback moment. >> you don't have to worry what those other kids think, they are idiots. >> i wanted to be an idiot so bad! >> you were literally on a show set in the '80s, so is it bringing you back? you having "saved by the bell" vibes a little bit on the set? >> my character is still stuck in the '70s. i mean, i'm a full hippie on the show and the hair and all the stuff. i've gotten more compliments about my shirts. what do they call it? >> a kaftan. >> no, like, is that what that's called what i wear? >> you've done all the decades now. >> yeah, thanks for making me feel old. >> this "black-ish" prequel is set this the '80s. fans will see how tracee ellis ross' character "rainbow" grew up in a mixed family. mark-paul is her dead.
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>> mark-paul is the throwback version of tracee's dad who was played by beau bridges on "blash-ish." mpg became available when his fox series "the passage" was axed. >> i found myself unemployed and my reps were sort of thinking outside the box, and asked me if i would do a comedy and i said, of course. i never saw "black-ish," but having read the script, for "mixed-ish" i was like, wow, this is amazing. >> i was 12 years old and i was living with hi family in a commune. >> you grew up in a cult. it's amazing i ever met you. >> "mixed-ish" also has another big star on board. >> mariah carey wrote and performed the theme song. >> yes, ma'am. >> i'm sorry, who? >> how do you react when you get that call? mariah carey is going to do the theme song. >> no, i was told today. >> literally, i was like, wait, who's doing it? mariah carey? are you kidding me? >> come on, that would make my "ish" universe dreams come true.
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coming up, your first look at kevin hart and jay leno's joyride gone wrong. >> how is kevin doing? he's going to
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have so many young men and women an opportunity that they otherwise wouldn't. and this is incredible we all know how much of the past ann curry has for gulf so it's just cool to see him. extended in this, but he always finds a way to dislike here. >>on the superstar and here's further proof, ok, i'm gonna go raise this to the next level really an amazing story. our with of the day goes you know, broadcasting error ok, let's just call it up is that because wnba broadcast miss correctly identified one of its fans in the stands are right they thought markelle fultz and his mother was in attendance. travel consideration o.
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i see you kevin hart but ly i want to talk about -- the hart just return from a little r&r to celebrate their anniversary and here birthday. >> happy birthday! >> and their baby boy enzo crashed the getaway. he's trying to pose. >> a few abs showing. >> and she looked fantastic. >> kevin deserves a break after jay leno tried to kill him? take a look. >> trying to kill me. >> jay gets a little carried away taking kevin on a wild ride in one of the world's toughest vehicles. >> jay, you cannot kill kevin hart. >> oh, sorry about that. >> you got to stop, you're going
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to kill kevin hart. one of episodes of jay leno's garage that airs on cnbc. >> we'll see you all tomorrow. ♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say yes... to both? (smiling) sure. or when you find that brand at that price? are you kidding me? yeah. that's yes for less. and that's what ross always has in store. whoa. (sighs) yes... oh, yeah. it feels even better when you find it for less. get your yes for less at the new stores in west livermore and in union city.
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>>i love don't you wonder how this all unfolded at just a a really harrowing scene tonight. 2 people are on this single engine plane both survived. the plane went down just before 6 o'clock tonight about 5 miles off


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