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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  August 21, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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because of this attack. but now new court documents tell a different story good evening, everybody i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne kron four's dan kerman joins us live to explain what actually happened in court and. well the da's office did argue that the man should not be released. but it was hardly a fierce advocate son of that statement. >>the victim telling us last week that she was assured by prosecutors what they did all they could to keep austin vincent behind bars during that initial hearing on tuesday. and now we've received the a transcript of that initial arraignment, and it doesn't seem like there was a fierce advocacy of that belief. it was during a court hearing on friday. when the district attorney's office admitted. >>no they possess this video of the beale street attack. they chose not to show it or even mention it to a judge during the initial arraignment last tuesday, even though the judge ended up releasing suspect austin vincent. i mean
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my argument. we need a strong argument in court friday, the prosecutors said he made a strong argument on tuesday. >>not to release vincent and various tweets from the da's office said the same thing. prosecutors expressed concerns about his release we argued against his being released. we advocated for his remaining in custody. and even the da himself tweeting we advocated to preventively detain this individual but a transcript of that initial arraignment obtained by kron 4 news indicates well against been since release the da's office didn't put up a fight in fact there was no advocacy, the only thing the prosecutor says is there is enough evidence to show he's a public safety risk. so we agree with the public safety assessment which said vinson should not be
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released. but the prosecutor never once used those words and in fact when the judge asked the prosecutor just wondering if there's anything i missing. the prosecutor makes no mention of the video and seems unfamiliar with the police report justice system that's high on excuses and low on results suzy loftus is former president of the san francisco police commission, a former prosecutor and is now running for district attorney in this case there was not serious advocacy there wasn't powerful advocacy at no point did the prosecutors say look i want to bring a supervisor down. >>we're concerned about this release and if i need to bring in someone your honor to to argue i will. >>now as you know filing additional charges from the da's office to do a second case means that vincent is nnw in custody and remains in jail until his next court hearing which is september 3rd live at the holland justice in sfrancis
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news. thank you dan. >>a boy has been arrested accused of setting a playground structure on fire in alameda it happened last month at woodstock park in the 300 block of cypress street. police say the boy said a playground structure ablaze during the predawn hours. they say the playground was destroyed and will cost more than $200,000 to replace. police say they talked with witnesses and identified the boy on surveillance video, his name and age have not been really is. >>still no verdict reached after 3 days of deliberations in the goshen trial was 3 new jurors kron four's haaziq madyun walks us through the latest from the courthouse. >>after being silenced for 2 days by a court-imposed gag order in the wake of 3 jurors being dismissed in the ghost ship trial defense attorneys are once again able to step up to the microphones. my friend. >>i've talked with a number lawyers now and certainly our team. it's never happened before that anyone
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>>that 3 jurors are kicked off in you know 3 alternates are substituted all that one, you know instance. >>the judge modified the gag order allowing them to speak as long as they do not discuss what happened in closed session or in her chambers regarding the misconduct incident. >>absolutely confident with the jury as it as it stands right now. the beauty of the american judicial system is that the judge doesn't decide the case the lawyers don't decide the case you have 12 citizens from the community when you say what you want i want a verdict of not guilty. that's what my client wants i don't want to miss trial. if it's the best i can get grab >>day 3 of deliberations with the 3 alternate says come to an inn no verdict has been reached. the jury is in recess until the day after labor day with deliberations are scheduled to rizzo. at the
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alameda county superior courthouse in oakland haaziq menu kron 4 news. >>the growing homeless population in the east bay is continuing to affect fire services, particularly in contra costa county. just this week crusade to more brush fire sparked up at homeless encampments and it's calm forcefully to go reports. they were near homes and a school. >>for the contra costa county fire protection district. it's the height of the fire season which started in may and so far this year spokesperson. steve hill says crews have thought about the same amount of vegetation fires compared to last 220 last year, 215 right now the difference though is that this season started later and we have more fuel to burn because of the winter rains also turns out many of these fires are happening in homeless encampments so the fire protection district is working with other agencies to help connect unsheltered people to services one in particular is
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county health services. >>and there are so-called our teams which are working with people that are living in homeless encampments we're working very closely with them to help to alleviate to the extent possible risk of fire associated with these encampments contra costa health services says the county's homeless population has increased 43% in the past 2 years. >>the fire protection district says almost all fires battled in the county are caused by humans that was the case tuesday want to cooking accident at an encampment in antioch burned a quarter acre of grass us. the day before the fire started at an encampment behind hillview junior high in pittsburgh. i see a lot more people on the i see a lot of like campers and just people camping in the trucks. >>more so on the street here now, but now it appears more people without a roof are opting for the wild lands and that's causing problems felecia all kron 4 news time for a look outside as we get our first check of weather
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this hour and we'll give you view of downtown san francisco a little bit of fog roll in by the camera yeah we're talking about fire danger, let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to see how things stand right now he elevated fire danger out parts the bay area right now especially in the north bay or start to see more of a northerly component the when you see some of those winds of 18. >>to 20 miles per hour in person or but north bay right now even a 22 winds or so i'm more of a northerly component that is a drier wind that is settling in this evening and that will continue for at least the next couple of hours. those winds continuing out of the north the northeast and that is that dry winds and tumble down the hills. >>that means you can see some lower humidity is that air warms up and the humidity falls down as well some the humidity now and the 20% our range bunny, some of those mountains otherwise, 39% right calistoga as we head through the night though you're going to see that stronger sea breeze kicking in and that is going to bring those humidity levels way up once again, but by tomorrow afternoon. you get the sea breeze get more of a northerly component to win
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we're back down to the 30 percentile with high fire danger in the north bay. >>force in the south bay someone posted some racist and anti immigrant fires on the campus of san jose state university as students return to class today and those flyers were found at various points across campus. our grant lodes joins us now with more information on exactly what happened grant hate to see the hate pam and ken, but that's what they have at san jose state university took these fires down as soon as they were spotted as you see folks. >>walking through campus today administrators denouncing them as acts of hate that won't be tolerated. the university president released a statement saying in part quote these are troubling times in which we live rarely does a month go by it seems without another community in the us or abroad being ripped apart by a mass shooting a hate crime or a tragic incident of some sort end quote kron four's charles clifford has more now from campus. >>well here in san jose
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racist, an anti stickers and posters were found on the campus of san jose state university. now stickers and posters were apparently put here by the american identity movement they are claiming responsibility on their twitter page they also claim that they put similar posters and stickers and other locations across the country. now here at i in san jose. all of these items have been taken down school officials say that the posting of stickers and posters violate school policies specifically the time place and manner and regulations. there's a spokesperson for the school explaining their position. >>we first of all denounce the messages that are on these wires that are anti immigrant and were very clear not announcing that and we really want to uphold arm and remind people that are core values of inclusion equity, a man diversity. >>now the school also says they plan on forums and dialogue over the course of the next year to discuss the sort of issue in related news just a few blocks from where i'm standing over san jose city hall today, a santa clara county supervisor. cindy
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chavez and city councilwoman my announced a new effort to create a hate crimes. task force that would look into possibly whining ways to a drain address hate crimes in the county. now here is the councilwoman explaining what they're hoping to achieve. >>we cannot wait any longer. for our dysfunctional federal government to take actions. it must be our responsibility and local government to take every measure possible to protect our community and address the root causes of these hate crimes. >>and finally another goal of the task force would be to create programs for schools and communities to hopefully prevent hate crimes from ever happening. in san jose charles clifford kron 4 news. >>2 survivors now telling their story after they survived a plane crash near half moon bay. >>a group is taking action after kate flyers are spread across their north bay community will have details
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>>businesses in san francisco's union square are hiring police officers to try to keep down crying. they are now shelling out more than $100 an hour in record numbers for those police officers. >>kron four's justine waltman is live in union square tonight with more on this story just saves. >>and for a while the giants hire extra officers outside lands also has police officers there so 2 major construction sites all hired from the san francisco police department to do patrols and keep people safe. but now businesses here in union square doing the same thing and it's not cheap. >>the hustle and bustle of new square attraction offers from all over. hiring san francisco
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police officers like macy's which has a contract under the 10 the program. business pays the off-duty officer over time for the extra protection. >>10 be you can generally be more effective because they are connected directly with the police department they have that police radio and they also provide and you know extra level of authority because obviously they have a badge and a gun, our uniform and so people might think twice. >>karen flood with the union square business improvement district tells me stores, what the officers in the doorway to prevent retail theft and to make the workers feel safe. while a security guard could do the same the badge and the gun to send a strong message that shoppers seem to notice. police officer has more. anywhere from $13250 an hour depending on the officers rank
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and the time of the job, so it could cost the store about a $1000 a day. under a dozen stores use the term be program. it's one way to bring more uniformed officers to union square i'd like to see the police department to increase their numbers on have more foot beats out in the >>and see retail theft come down so that there wouldn't be a need for but in the meantime you know this is a response. >>police tell me that they like this program because as it gets officers out in the community who know the community and they're the ones who know how to keep people safe and plus the officers don't mind khalid tearing work this extra overtime make a little extra money, you know. live tonight in san francisco in union square, i'm justine waldman. >>justine thank you new data show insurance companies or dropping policies in high fire risk areas. the new data show nearly 33,000 policies are not
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renewed by insurers in zip codes affected by major wild fires in 2015 2017. insurance officials say many people likely found coverage elsewhere though potentially at a higher cost. the state insurance department also says more insurers have been asking to raise their premiums. >>let's take a look outside on this wednesday hump day and nice looking day out along san francisco's embarcadero clear blue sky. >>this is too early to start thinking about the weekend war, it's never too early today's a good day to get a goal something but a temperatures they went up all way above average today they really jump from yesterday. >>as we saw a nice clear skies 90's popping up in the cockpit at about 94. in concord today 97 degrees that was a hot spot in santa rosa 95 in antioch 85 degrees in san jose lots of 70's 80's inside the bay. an ice along the coastline, even clear things out toward the beaches today, 69 degrees in half moon bay. i think the fog low clouds will see some
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patches it is going to struggle to reform or seen a more of a northerly component the when developing out there tonight a mostly clear skies at this hour. we're got some haze inside the bay otherwise we're working on a great night ahead the winds have been whipping though and more republicans see these winds decreased by tomorrow afternoon that overnight at your watches winds coming down, but we've had some gusts of 30 miles per hour plus you see right there at sfo. all around the bay area some blustery winds, especially near the coastline, the coastal hills and then to our north guess what we've got a storm. that's right. got some rain actually making its way through the 7 northwest. it really all the way down in the far northern california see some lingering showers continuing across the chest area and to susan bill most of us just some very light, but the side of things to come here in the next couple of months temperatures outside right now still 90 degrees in concord is 85 in livermore 70's and 80's inside the bay of 64 in half moon bay tonight should be mostly clear we will see some patchy coastal fog tomorrow, mostly sunny. and it's going to be hot again these probably gonna stick around the 90's not only tomorrow right through the
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weekend and into next weekend of that big dome of high pressure cold front diving through overnight tonight bringing the rain to the north high pressure going to settle in here and once that front moves by this ridge just going to strengthen as we get the weekend so i think some of these numbers. yeah we'll be in the hot side were for triple digits specially inland some of the temperatures soaring in the upper 90's good part of the weekend. alright numbers for tomorrow into san jose warm sunshine up in the 80's as we head toward 1 o'clock in the afternoon. a san francisco you start out with a couple patches of fog then mostly sunny skies, a little breeze in the afternoon generally in the 60's and low 70's and plenty of sunshine all day long in oakland and the temperatures very comfortable uh well into the 70's all around the bay area look at some nice numbers, although it is going to be hot inland about 95 in concord tomorrow, 95 livermore 93 in santa rosa. >>thank you lawrence, a remarkable rescue 2 people picked up by the coast guard after their plane crashes into the ocean near half moon bay. we're now learning the pilot believes bad gasoline forced
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him to ditch the plane into the ocean. the survivors talk to kron 4 live last night on our 10 o'clock newscast, right after the crash. well for sarah stinson has more. >>2 pilots and friends decided to take a flight above half moon bay and above the ocean but that's when something bad happened one of the planes crashed into the water. the other pilot was able to get it all on video. take a look at your screen you can see it right there. the pilot of the crashed plane david last tells us his single engine beechcraft bonanza plane lost power before it came down just before 6 last night he had about 30 seconds to prepare for a water landing. lush had a female passenger inside with him and his friend was flying in another playing alongside them his name is owen leap held in that who recorded this video we put all that into air traffic will and the coast guard but as he was doing >>down. and flotation devices
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out. >>from the boat with him guess i had another 30 or 40 minutes, maybe an me out there. >>i'm not i would have been at the bottom of the ocean, it's it's it's absolutely some real during your friends call from a knee and asked for help you know it's it's something you never want to hear and watch him go down a and some try to process and for about the first 10 or 15 minutes are waiting his condition was so in what he called near it's quite early but i'm since the start of process that right now this is a multi-agency response and because of their quick response. >>they were able to survive this plane crash lush says that if it had been. >>any longer even 30 more minutes, he could have gotten hypothermia, we reached out to the f a a who tells us it's up to the insurer of the plane to see if they want to pull it from the ocean since it did sink. the ntsb is the leading investigator of this crash and they don't have any update for us now they're still looking into why the plane crashed in
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the first place in half moon bay, sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>the teenager is now warning people about the dangers of vaping after he says he suffered traumatic injuries, we have details ahead of next there's growing support for an assault weapons
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>>lawmakers in the house of representatives seem poised to take action to make assault weapons illegal after recent mass shootings, has sought weapons ban of 2019 would make it a crime to possess import sell manufacture and transfer assault weapons. washington correspondent mark enright has more on that bill. >>we need to take weapons of war off the streets jonathan lowy with the brady campaign says assault-style weapons like the a r 15 have no business being in the hands of everyday americans. mass killers who want to kill as many people as possible. arm themselves to the teeth with
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assault weapons and high capacity magazines in congress momentum is building in the house for a bill that would make it a crime to possess import cell manufacturer and treats for assault weapons. but we says the country has experienced a huge spike in mass shootings since the last assault weapons ban expired in 2004. >>the more recent mass shootings have been the most deadly in american history, rhode island congressman david says only need the bill's author says weapons of war belong on the battlefield, not in our homes, our schools, our office buildings or anywhere else in our communities when her character isn't something as a weapon of war, it implies that there's no legitimate civilian function, amy swear with the heritage foundation argues those weapons are used all the time by law abiding citizens for lawful purposes like hunting and self-defense and that proposed ban misses the mark it's not constitutional and no it's not going to work president trump
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seems to agree he and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell voice their opposition. the second amendment protects not just an individual right. but the right to keep and bear those arms that are calm commonly used by law abiding citizens for lawful purposes in washington morgan right. >>and lawmakers are having their first hearing on the 2020 census details on why california is investing more matt money than any other state schools back in session for most. >>students here in the bay area and now doctors are warning about the dangers of packing a backpack that is too heavy. >>it is heating up in the atla
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>>a group calling itself not in our town the bottles says who was made aware of a flyer containing anti semitic language said circulating around the city. the group is sending the message that acts of hate to such as this one not only hurt their c


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