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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 29, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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joint i feel part of the community part of the neighborhood but right now i feel like i am being punished for a crime i did not even commit"(ken) thousands of dollars taken from a family owned restaurant.... the money stolen during an early morning break-in.. thanks for joining us... i am ken wayne.(pam) and im pam moore. kron 4's justine waldman spoke to the restaurant owner about the crime at his business .. and another... in the same san francisco neighborhood. it is a story you will only see
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on kron 4.
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(ken) in the east bay. police are releasing video of a violent robbery in pinole. it happened monday night
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at a pizza hut on tara hills drive. two robbers wearing masks stormed in - jumped the counter...then pointed a gun in an employee's face. at one point the suspects punched and kicked the victim... before getting away with cash. but as the call was being sent out to police... the suspects' car was spotted and pulled over. officers arrested three men. two of whom were identified as the suspects in this video. all three are in jail -- on various charges including robbery. tonight, police are investigating a deadly hit and run crash in east san jose. they now looking for a suspect who ran off ... after striking a bicyclist. this happened at the intersection of story road and south jackson avenue around 3:45- this afternoon. traffic just started flowing through the busy area within the last hour. kron 4's dan thorn is live in east san jose tonight..he joins us with more on what happened..dan? (dan)
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(ken) a 12-year-old brentwood girl who suffered head injuries during a hit and run collision this morning is expected to surivive.(pam) she had to be airlifted to a hospital in the state capitol. and now, kron four's philippe djegal reports, police tracked down and arrested the alleged intoxicated driver. (philippe) nats/theresa hunter- "her shoes were over (pam) outside....(ken) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow
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has our forecast. . lawrence karnow:
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(pam) 18 - new security cameras are now working along stockton street in san francisco's chinatown. city leaders announced today -- the high- definition cameras cover stockton street, from the tunnel at
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sacramento street to washington street. footage from the cameras will be used to help the community and police when criminal activity takes place. the new cameras come ... after a public meeting last month about security in chinatown. police say, there have been at least 8 -high profile violent attacks there. they say -- they have also beefed up foot patrols ... the northeast community federal credit union and s-f safe... paid for the cameras. (ken) the homeless man accused of violently attacking a woman outside her embarcadero condo is being kept in jail. the charges against austin vincent from a different attack were dropped today since vincent was in a southren california substance abuse program at the time. vincent's lawyer argued that with those charges dropped... his client should be allowed to go back to getting mental health treatment and wearing a gps ankle braclet. but this time around... the procescutor showed a new judge the full video of the august
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11 attack on the victim in front of her home. a man representing a group trying to block a homeless navigation center from going in next door to where the attack happened says he's glad the defendant will stay locked up for now but still says it's not good enough.... (ken) vincent has pleaded not guilty to the charges he still faces in this case... false imprisonment, attempted robbery and two counts of battery. (pam) death at disney. how a worker died in a construction accident. (ken) a south bay school on lockdown. details on the mountain lions reported lurking around campus. and how california lawmakers plans to help people get lower drug prices.
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dollars... that's how much
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the federal trade commission says -- americans spend each year on prescription drugs. (pam) kron4's grant lodes joins us live in the studio now ... with more on how the state is trying to lower drug prices. (grant) the commission blames the high cost on so-called ápay for delayá deals... and tonight -- california lawmakers are pushing to end that practice. lawmakers say -- ápay for delayá is a tactic companies use to slow generic drug manufacturers .... from releasing the lower cost versions of the medication. áassembly bill 824á aims to stop it. assemblyman ájim woodá of santa rosa ... and attorney general áxavier becerraá worked together on the measure. the two recently announced a 70- million dollar settlement with four pharmaceutical companies which were caught making 'pay for delay' deals.
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((assm. jim wood -d santa rosa)) "what's the point of life saving medications if people can't afford to use them? with this bill, california can take the lead problematic, price gouging tactic."(grant) pharmaceutical companies argue the law changes the framework for evaluating patent settlements... and could risk generic medication generic and could risk generic medication remaining off the market entirely.(grant) tomorrow -- the appropriations committee in both chambers will decide whether to pass or kill hundreds of bills. it's one of the final hurdles for california laws with the end of the legislative session in two weeks. a big scare at a south bay school.. after two mountain lion sightings nearby.the first sighting happened around 8-30 this morning near the chaboya middle school a shelter in place was ordered for both chaboya and nearby tom matsumota elementary school. san jose police and fish and wildlife rangers searched the area, but the
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animal was gone.police say a neighbor saw a mountain lion in the same area yesterday morning.the shelter in place was lifted...but a "limited shelter in place" remains in effect.. which will keep students indoors during p-e. (pam) a contractor died after a steel plate fell and struck him, while he was working at disneyland in anaheim ... according to authorities.. it happened early this morning... near an employee entrance to the park. the 37-year-old man was rushed to the hospital and later pronounced dead. the coroner's office identified the man as javier jimenez. a resort spokesperson released a statement ... calling the incident a tragedy... and offering condolences to the his loved ones. (ken) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero...(pam) joining us
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(pam) today president trump officially launched the u.s space command. (ken) military leaders say it will help defend the u-s and our allies from space by using missile warning technology and other resources. brie jackson reports. with the president trump looking
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at aetna, we find that inspiring.ot game. but to stay on top of your game takes a plan. that's why aetna takes a total approach to health and wellness. with medicare solutions designed to help you age actively. aetna medicare solutions. (ken) a new study suggests
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a possible link between unhealthy food and depression in teenagers. researchers at the university of alabama at birmingham analyzed 84- middle schoolers from low- income communities in birmingham. tests found high levels of sodium and low levels of potassium in the group. they also saw symptoms of depression with
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the children and their parents. a year and half later-- researchers tested the group again and noticed more signs of depression. (pam) the surgeon general says, no amount of marijuana during pregnancy or adolescence.... is safe. doctor jerome adams says, pregnant women are using marijuana more than any other illicit drug. but marijuana is linked to dangerous changes in the brain -- both in fetuses and young people who are still growing. the department of health and human services warns, the marijuana available today, is often several times stronger than it was a few decades ago. the warning is the third which adams has issued since he became surgeon general in 20-17. the others were for opioids and e- cigarettes. oc :05 áábuzzingáá(pam) major fires are still burning in the amazon... the way one brazilian tribe is taking action to try and save their home.
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(ken) and take a look at this view of hurricane dorian from the international spce station.. while the view might be pretty to look at... those on the ground in the path of the storm are preparing for possible devestation should it make landfall. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack.
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a magical place...that's lookin' to get scared! halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!... (ken) as we are getting a look at the damage already done by hurricane dorian in the us virgin islands.... president trump has canceled his weekend trip to poland in order to stay in the u-s and monitor dorian. as puerto rico breathes a sigh of relief, residents in florida and georgia are gearing up. the storm is expected to stregnthen over the holiday weekend. (pam) major airlines have started to issue travel waivers for passengers traveling through
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florida. kristen holmes has the latest on hurricane preparations. preparations (pam) and now we want to send
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things over to chief meterologist lawrence karnow. (ken) lawrence we just got an update on this hurricane streghtening? lawrence
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(pam) in brazil, president jair bolsanaro is taking some action after global criticism of how he has handled the massive amazon wildfires. for sixty days... the president is banning the use of fire to clear land. the practice is used by farmers in rural areas, to make room for new crops or livestock.(pam) bolsonaro will also meet south american leaders next week... to talk about how to tackle the fires.(ken) one expert is warning the worst is yet to come.nick paton walsh went into the amazon to meet an indigineous community, who is taking action. dusk isn't when you rest, (ken) (ken) a taste of hollywood
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in the bay area. a new movie filmed in petaluma is being released in theatres around the country. we speak with the producer about what it means to have the big red carpet in his home town. (pam) and next. seismically unsafe. u-c berkeley reviewing its buildings and finding some might not withstand an earthquake. and the number could keep growing.
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((pam)) u-c berkeley says, six buildings on campus were deemed unsafe in the event of a major earthquake ... and there could be others..
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the campus sits right on top of the notorious hayward fault.moffitt undergraduate library, durant hall, evans hall, stephens hall, wellman hall and the donner lab addition ... were all given a rating of six... which is deemed very poor. that means the buildings have a "severe" risk to life could suffer extreme structural damage or collapse in an was a little worrying, i am surprised we did have those buildings that are unsafe but growing up in california i've learned about earthquake safety so i'm not too worried if an earthquake happens. campus officials say, it will cost more than one- billion dollars to retrofit the buildings. the study looked at 114 of the more than 600- buildings on campus.the rest of the buildings will be examined over the next year.. with a final report expected next june. (ken) next at 8 vicki liviakis takes us to a spot where you can get japanese street food without leaving the bay area. that's next on dine and dish.
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japanese food - sushi comes to mind. but there is oh so much more to the cuisine. (ken) tonight on dine and dish - our vicki liviakis takes us for a top-rated taste of japanese upscale street food at rintaro. it's a serene
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(ken) you can submit your favorite restaurabar, cafe or food truck to dine and dish. send an email to dine and dish at kron 4 dot
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com... or you can go to our dine and dish facebook page. (pam) hollywood is coming to the north bay tomorrow night.... with a big movie premiere. it is the story of a motorcycle racer .... who gives up his career for the army.(ken) the new film was shot in and around petaluma... and is the latest project from a movie producer who grew up there.=======(pkg) scene from: (pam) when you think japanese food - sushi comes to mind. but there is oh so much more to the cuisine. (ken) tonight on dine and dish - our vicki liviakis takes us for a top-rated taste of (pam) hollywood is coming to hollywood (pam) (pam) hollywood scene from: "bennett's (pam) war" producer"bennett's ali afsharwar" =======(pkg) scene from: (pam)(pam) thousands theaters across the
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country tomorrow night.(ken) the red carpet premiere will take place tomorrow night at the boulevard cinemas in downtown petaluma. let's open up with a's baseball-- closing out a four-game swing in kansas city before a huge weekend series against the yankees. --we get right to it-- top 4th... 2-1 royals... jurickson profar tees off on glenn sparkman... deep to rght- centerfield and gone for a 2-run home run... his 17th of the season... oakland takes a 3-2 lead.
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--next inning... seth brown... he's had a great start since being called up... lines one to centerfield... mark canha scores...5-2 a's... brown with 4 hits and a couple of rbi --bottom 5th...kc making a run. cheslor cuthbert... pulls one deep and off the wall in left field... two runners score... royals cut it to 7-5 a's... chris bassitt gave up 5 runs in 4 2/3 innings --top 9th... what a play 8-7 a's... runners on 2nd and 3rd... corban joseph pops one into foul territoy... cuthbert comes over to make a nice catch falling intthe dugout... but... by rule... because he was out of play the runners both advance... the a's score an insurance run --and they would need it as liam hendricks gave up a run in the bottom of the frame... but clinging to a 1-run lead, he struck out bubba starling swinging to end the game --a's win 9-8... tampa bay also won so oakland maintains a 1-game lead for the 2nd wild card spot giants hosting the padres tonight. we'll have those highlights later on. switching gears now-- troubling news surrounding former warriors center demarcus cousins. --an
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arrest warrant has been issued for cousins on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. --it's been processed in his hometown of mobile, alabama...and according to reports, it's a 3rd-degree harassing communications charge. --this comes days after his former girlfriend released audio...of a man said to be cousins threatening to shoot her in the head. --as of now, no arrests have been made... the nba and the lakers are also investigating the incident. our lexus ultimate highlight...from today's u-s open festivities. --colin kaepernick and kobe bryant in attendance to watch top-seed naomi osaka against magda linette. --and the defending tourney champion...unstoppable...cruisi ng in straight sets. -up next, what a showdown...she'll meet 15-year-old coco gauff, who is the youngest player to reach the 3rd round since 1996 --also worth noting, wimbledon champ simona halep upset by 116th-ranked taylor townsend.
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that's why we take a totalaking approach to health and wellness, so you can age actively. and we simplify medicare by connecting you to the right coverage, resources and care. so you can keep pursuing the life you love. aetna medicare solutions. (ken) a new lifeline for
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people considering suicide could soon be a reality. congress and the f-c-c are both pushing for a new emergncy phone number- simlar to 9-1- 1- that would help people having a crisis.(pam) as washington d.c. correspondent trevor shirley reports.. the new number would replace a number that already exists. 9-8-8.
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(ken) a new california state law requires all schools grades 7 to 12... post numbers
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for the national suicide prevention lifeline and the crisis text line on the back of student id cards. (ken)the former secret service dog who took down an intruder in 2014 will be honored for his bravery. hurricane, along with fellow secret service dog jordan, was kicked and thrown around by a man who jumped a fence - while president obama was in thwhite house. the dogs were able to tackle the suspect to allow agents to arrest him. the injuries hurricane sustained from the attack contributed to his retirement in 2016.he has been awarded the order of merit by the british charity peoples dispensary for sick animals (pdsa).hurricane will receive the award in october at a ceremony in london. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) but our primetime coverage is just getting started this thursday night. grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. ((grant))thank you pam and at nine.san jose police are investigating the city's 31st fatal collision. this time a cyclist was hit
8:56 pm
and killed at a busy intersection.police say the out of the vehicle, started running ...and hasn't been caught.we are live in the south bay with that new tonight at nine...a crime that could happen to anyone.the technology theives are using to steal electronics from vehicles.and what you need to do to make sure you are not a victim.((grant))and a violent robbery caught on camera.where crooks beat up a clerk and took off with a whole lot of cash.((vicki))keep it here...kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break. at pier 1, the color of the moment is energetic ocher.
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♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! ...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. (grant) tonight police are
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investigating a deadly hit and run crash in east san jose. hey're now looking for a person who crashed their s-u-v
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... killing a person person riding a bike... the driver of the s-u-v ran from the scene. good evening -- i'm grant lodes... (vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis...this happened at the intersection of story road and south jackson avenue around 3:45 this afternoon. traffic just started flowing through the busy area within the last hour.kron4'n thorn is live in st san jose tonight..he joins us with more on what happened..dan?


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