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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  August 30, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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darya folsom..( james ) and i'm james fletcher. lets start the morning with a check of weather and traffic... another comfortable and predominantly cloudy start to the day ahead of clearing and warming conditions this no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is
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less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101. ( james ) our top story this morning. thousands of people are hitting the roads today for the long labor day weekend. and gas prices are expected to be the cheapest in 3 years.kron4's christina tay-tro is live in
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walnut creek with more. if you're hitting the road for one last summer trip this holiday weekend... here's some good news for your pockets! according to triple-a... national gas prices are on track to be the lowest labor day weekend prices in the past three years.a spokesperson says thursday's average of two-dollars-and-59-cents is nearly a quarter cheaper than last year's's also less money that folks spent for gas at the memorial day holiday at the beginning of the summer.
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thanks christina. ( james ) new this morning --- authorities have identified an additional victim from the gilroy garlic festival mass shooting. police found a 58-year-old man who's head was grazed by a bullet... but only needed a few stitches. this brings the number of people injured in the shooting up to 17. four people --- including a 6-year-old boy, a 13-year-old girl and the gunman --- were killed on sunday july 28th when the 19-year-old gilroy man opened fire on thousands of people at the annual festival. happening now. police are looking for the driver of an s-u-v that hit and killed a man riding a bike in east san jose. it happened yesterday
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afternoon at the intersection of story road and south jackson avenue. a large suburban hit the victim on his bike. after the crash the driver ran away. a nearby restaurant owner says that intersection can be dangerous. < im so sorry for the family for what happened to the person that died in there that's something bad for the community.> police say the driver of the s-u-v also hit a blue pickup truck before killing the bicyclist. that person was taken to the hospit with minor injuries. police say it's the 31st fatal crash this year in san jose. ( will ) in the east bay -- a 12-year-old girl is recovering after suffering a head injury in a hit-and-run. it happened yesterday morning on sunset road in brentwood. police say the girl was walking to school when she was hit by an s-u-v driven by a 50-year-old woman. the girl was airlifted to a hospital in sacramento. the
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driver left the scene ... but police tracked her down and made an arrest. the woman is charged with felony hit and run and suspicion of d-u-i. ( james ) oakland police are looking for the person who shot two men just off market street. these are pictes from the scene. police say, it happened just before 2:30 thursday on 61st-street. officers say - -they found two men suffering from gunshot wounds. it is not clear what prompted the shooting. ( james ) in the north bay. police are looking for the people responsible for several car burglaries in vallejo. take a look. video shows the burglars breaking into a car in the parking lot of a shopping center off admiral callaghan lane. the thieves are using devices to search for bluetooth and wifi signals. they are able to detect any hidden phones, or electronics inside cars ..and then break- in to steal them. shoppers are surprised that people are finding new ways to burglarize cars.
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broken in. they are getting smarter and unfortunately getting stronger to fight these things.>( james ) police say the thieves were riding around in a nissan sentra. so far, the vallejo police department has investigated more than one thousand car burglaries this year. ( will ) bay area homes prices fell for the third month in a row in july. the latest price was 815- thousand dollars down from $856-thousand dollars in june, a drop of 4.7 percent. prices are down 4 percent from july of last year. last month six of the nine counties in the bay area saw year-over-year declines in the median home price. that's the first time since february 2012 that so many counties saw annual declines. ( will ) a muni parking lot in san francisco could soon be a temporary parking space for people living in their vehicles. the san francisco
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planning commission approved the plan ... which will provide 33 temporary spaces for r-v's or people sleeping in their cars. they can stay there for up to 90 days at a time. neighbors we spoke to say they're glad something is being done to help people who are homeless. ( will ) there will be amenities on site like showers, rest rooms, kitchen, business center and security. the goal is to ultimately get people living in their vehicles into permanent housing. it's also worth noting the space is also a future site for an affordable
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housing complex slated construction for that will start october 20-20. ( james ) in the east bay. a former treasurer for a teacher's unn is charged with bank fraud and theft. a federal grand jury indicted kenneth morris of alameda with eight- counts of theft and bank fraud totaling more than 18-thousand dollars. according to the indictment -- morris was the treasurer for the american federation of teachers - local 22-40 when the alleged crimes happened last year. the union represents teachers employed by the archdiocese of san francisco and the diocese of san jose. morris has pleaded not guilty. (james) still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. the homeless man accused of attacking a woman outside her san francisco condo has been ordered to stay in jail. (james) plus ... we have security footage of a robbery in san francisco and police need your help finding the people responsible. plus ... the coast guard shows us their latest haul ... after busting drugs from smugglers in the pacific ocean. (ácommercialá)(áábreakáá)
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( james )( darya ) welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. let's get a check of the forecast.
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joint i feel part of the community part of the neighborhood but right now i feel like i am being punished for a crime i did not even commit"> ( james ) thousands of dollars were stolen from a family owned restaurant during an early morning break-in in san francisco. kron 4's justine waldman has the story. nats sizzle
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( will )( will ) more than 38 million dollars worth of cocaine from drug smugglers will not make its way to the streets authorities believe cartels have been smuggling the drugs. the california based coast guard crew spent the past 50 days patrolling the eastern pacific ocean. ( will ) coming up on the kron 4 morning news. two masked robbers storm into a pizza hut in the east bay ... and its all caught on camera. now police are looking for them this morning. ( will ) and after the break... toxic algae is found in one east bay regional park. the warning for people walking their dogs.
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east bay... the east bay regional park district has posted an advisory about harmful algea blooms. the advisory is at big break regional shoreline in oakley-- at the kayak launch and around the fishing dock. health officials say blue-green algae was detected in the water. that specific algea can make people very sick ... and could kill pets if they come in contact. people are being told to stay out of the water-- and not to touch the algea in the water or on the shore. and pet owners should not let their dogs drink the water or go anywhere near it. ( james ) delivery company doordash is joining uber and lyft in threatening to put a measure on the state balllot about how it treats its workers. the 90-million dollar campaign aims to force a deal with lawmake and unions on legislation around the rights of workers in so- called gig jobs. it comes as lawmakers consider a bill that would make it harder for those companies to classify their workers as independent contractors. drivers for uber and lyft were in
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four morning news... lets start the half hour with a check of weather and traffic... another
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maze to sf. min from the maze to sf.
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( james ) a big story this morning. sto aig ( james ) ( james ) a big story this morning. a health alert is in effect in sonoma county because of lung injuries related to vaping. more than 30 lung illnesses have
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been tied to vaping across the state. kron4's sara stinson is live in santa rosa with more. sara? since june there has been 36 cases of lung illnesses tied to vaping were so intense patients had to be hospitalized in california. and alert in sonoma county follows a statewide alert issued by the department of public far there have been no cases reported in this county, but health officials are taking this especially serious after one person has died from vaping lung injuries in this is happening across the country...the c-d-c is now investigating. the injuries are related to vaping nicotine products and cannabis oils. health officials say most of the victims say they had been vaping before they got sick..hey arsaying it is some kind of lung injury, but haven't said what kind of symptoms they had -- only relating it to bronchitis or phenomena. a county doctor is advising people to limit their use of vaping products or stop using them all together as there is still a lot more to learn about the side effects of vaping and these reported illnesses.a major concern is the increase in e-cigarettes use from sonoma
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county last year one in four 11th graders reported vaping on a regular basis.many cities have started to ban the sale of e-cigs including the city of sonoma and town of winsor. the county has many restrictions on the sale of tobacco products.for now - doctors are on the look out for any future cases that may arise in the in santa rosa, sara stinson, kron four news.### thanks in the east bay. health
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officials are working to get control of the opioid epidemic. contra costa health services says state data show 52 reported deaths in 20-17 were opioid related. that number jumped to 81 in 20-18. now the county is announcing it's prevention efforts ... including urging people to learn about narcan which can help save people who overdosed. officials also want people know about how to properly get rid of prescription drugs.
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people --- narcan is available over the counter at many pharmacies. ( james ) the homeless man accused of attacking a san francisco woman outside her condo on the embarcadero won't be getting out of jail any time soon. ausn vincent had the charges from a different attack dropped yesterday after his lawyers proved vincent was in southern california at the time. they argued that with those charges dropped... ent should get out of jail while awaiting trial. but the judge did not agree and vincent remains behind bars. a man representing a group trying to block a homeless center from going in next door to where the attack happened says he's glad the defendant will stay locked up. ( james ) vincent has pleaded not guilty to the charges he still
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faces in this case... false imprisonment, attempted robbery and two counts of battery. ( james ) east bay police are releasing video of a violent robbery in pinole. it happened monday night a pizza hut on tara hills drive. two robbers wearing masks stormed in... jumped the counter... then pointed a gun in an employee's face. at one point the thieves punched and kicked the victim before getting away with cash. police spotted the getaway car and pulled it over. officers arrested three men. all three are in jail on various charges including robbery. a big scare at a south bay school ... after two mountain lions were spotted nearby. the first sighting happened around 8-30 thursday morning near the track at chaboya middle school. a shelter in place was ordered for both chaboya and nearby tom matsumota elementary schools. san jose police and fish and wildlife searched the area, but the big cat was gone. police say a neighbor saw a mountain lion in the same area wednesday morning.
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the shelter in place was lifted... but a "limited shelter in place" remains in effect... which will keep students indoors during p-e. ( will ) in the east bay... the brentwood unified school district has a new app this year aimed at keeping kids safe. it's called - "say something." it allows students and parents to submit safety concerns at school... "anonymously." the app encourages them to report any threats, dangerous behaviors, actions, or harassment. the crisis center behind the app will then review and send all submissions to law enforcement or school administration. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news... a new effort is launched at our state capitol ... aimed to cut prescription drug prices. plus ... federal help is coming to get bart up and running for people in the south bay. we'll explain. (will) and people in
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florida are bracing for hurricane dorian to hit this weekend ... as it continues to gain strength. ( john ) and i am tracking your bay area forecast. (ácommercialá)(áábreakáá) (áábreakáá)(ácommercialá) how do you keep feeling your best all summer long? start with supporting your gut health. only activia has billions of our live and active probiotics. so, let's make this the summer of loving your gut. activia. love for your gut.
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we're following this morning is hurricane dorian... people are scrambling to get their final preperations done before the storm hits on labor day.( james ) dorian is now forecast to be a category 4 storm by the time it hits and officials are urging everyone to be ready. whitney wild has more.
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( darya ) checking bay area roads before you head out the door.. another comfortable and predominantly cloudy start to the day ahead of clearing and warming conditions this afternoon. temperatures in the upper 50's to 60's as your
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( james ) --- americans spend more than
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three billion dollars a year on prescription drugs. and now california is pushing back on a practice by drug makers that contributes to the high cost of prescriptions. lawmakers say companies use so-called "pay for delay" deals to slow the release of generic prescription drugs --- so they can continue charging high prices. the state announced a 70-million dollar settlement with four drug companies caught using these practices. ( james ) drug companies argue the law changes the framework for
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evaluating patent settlements and could risk generic medication remaining off the market. ( will ) the 49ers have a more than week to rest up before the start of the regular season. last the night the niners hosted the los angeles chargers at levis stadium. most of the starters were resting ... but the backups put up some points. the chargers win this preseason game 27-24. the 49ers open the regular season a week from sunday in tampa bay buccaneers. ( will ) the raiders also played their last preseason game in seattle against the seahawks. final score was 17-15 seahawks. the silver and black open their season two monday night's from now
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... at home broncos. coming up at 6 o'clock.a new immigration rule that affects military families and government offcials working outside of the u-s causes confusion and an uproar. details on the new changes in the next hour.
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could ride for the rangers, i knew that's what i wanted to do." (nat-gunfire)michael roark and singer trace adkins star in "bennett's war," which opens in about roark plays a disabled former soldier who turns to motocross, risking his life to save his family farm. with limited publicity, one-dollars would be a promising start for the sports drama. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. ( james ) coming up in the next hour of the kron4 morning news. it could cost you less to travel this labor day holiday weekend. how much you can expect to pay at the pump. ( james ) plus... a health alert for people across california after more reports of illnesses related to vaping. 1850 coffee. ♪ ♪ inspired by the year the folger coffee company began. with a bold yet smooth taste.
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folsom..(james) and i'm james fletcher. lets start the morning with a check of weather and traffic...


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