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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  September 2, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>labor day weekend it came with a warning for visitors to a certain lakes and reservoirs. the concern is that the water can make people sick and it can kill dogs kron four's rob fladeboe reports now the culprit is the harmful blue-green algae blooms which are common this time of year. >>warning signs like these are posted here at home and in lake park and across town at lake cunningham richard pena went for a walk this morning but he left his dog at home. after the state water resources control board issued a warning about harmful blue-green algae which can make people sick and kill animals, you got a lot of families who come here. >>and some of the kids like to splash their feet in the water. >>but now that that algae is here you can do that the water board released a map of the lakes and reservoirs with a dangerous level of toxic
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algae. >>which includes all that in lake and lake cutting him in san jose corey lakes in fremont as well as big bear lake lake elsinore in san luis reservoir among others as he picnic with his family marked avella said his kids would be going nowhere near the water. >>no water, no fishing know soon. the blue green algae produce toxins called cyanobacteria. >>they occur naturally in fresh water, but can proliferate during warm weather. well, gee blooms of plague lake coming in for years. richard pena said he knows of at least 2 dogs got sick after their owners ignored those warning signs you dome on the water in dug-in jump through. >>and you know now it's going to be open easy be battling. and such like that, but water splashes inside >>right the algae can also be harmful to fish. despite that i saw several people fishing nonetheless, the said they were catch and release fisherman san jose rob
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fladeboe kron 4 news. >>time for a check on the weather and we have been tracking a door and the path keeps changing but still a very dangerous storm our chief meteorologist is standing by with more on door and yet kind of breaks your heart to storm system just came to a dead stop you don't see that happen with hurricanes very often but here we go we have sustained winds of a 185 miles per hour ran into the bahamas. these last 24 hours and now it sitting there and spinning just battering over the bahamas some of the gusts there have been reported in 225 miles per hour. you're starting to see some pictures coming out of there you see the flooding you can imagine the storm surge maybe 20 maybe 23 feet in some of these spots near freeport so certainly deadly a dangerous storm and it's not moving anywhere to any time too soon it's expected to take more of a north westerly component and again to move up close to the coastline of florida. but right now it's just sitting there and spinning right in the bahamas. and just a devastating storm across the bahamas right now all right
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outside a we are looking at some patchy fog begin to move back on shore some of that start to make its way inside the bay. i think your quality for tomorrow looking pretty good in the north bay, the coast and the east and south they may be lazy into the afternoon temperatures though are going to be nice 60's and 70's for tomorrow to start out your day you're going to cooler numbers along the coastline with a couple of patches of fog generally in the 60's here inside a 60's with the nc couple 70's in the burning game and then more 70's begin to in the san carlos 77 woodside 81 even in redwood city about 80 degrees in palo alto the south bay will be filled with 70's and some 80's little it easy into the afternoon but will be warm and in the east they were back in the 90's again tomorrow but the temperatures going to be little bit cooler by the afternoon about 93 live more about 88 in pleasanton 80 in walnut creek 92 in concord about 76 degrees downtown oakland through the delta you find a lot of 80's their 91 in fairfield about 84 degrees in the napa valley, a patchy fog should wait a little sunshine along the coastal areas in the north bay about 69 degrees. a
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each 76 in san anselmo about 84 degrees very nice day in petaluma next few days we're going to see high pressure kind of weaken a little bit and then we've got an area of low pressure that will approach the coastline that is going to drop the temperatures down probably running below the average on thursday and friday and even cooler as we get to the weekend temperatures kind of staying down to the weekend and into next week. thank you art. erupted at a lumberyard in vallejo this morning and tonight investigators are saying that fire was suspicious. >>kron 4 sarah stinson explains why. >>the fire that sparked in between 2 businesses here on sonoma boulevard is being investigated as suspicious since homeless people often squat there i spoke with one of the business owners who tells me she's extremely frustrated as this is not the first time this has happened within the last 4 months this is the second time that this has happened it's just so frustrating for trying to continue our legacy of a business here and it's very difficult when we constantly have.
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>>this fear that our business may not be here tomorrow. >>the fire broke out between foster number yard and 3 brothers furniture around 00:30am in the morning you can see in the video how told the flames were firefighters arrived in quickly were able to contain it with the growth of the fire we did extend this to a 3rd alarm. >>and a call for additional truck companies at the lumber yard only a 4th of the property was burned fire crews say a fire broke out here in 2008 which completely destroyed the entire yard. investigators are still trying to figure out how this happened but again it is being investigated as suspicious site has been known to have. >>homeless in the back area we have had fires along the railroad tracks in that area. so it is suspicious at this time about a week ago we asked >>police department to come out to take care of that rain since they were behind our building already and then now this again the business owners involved now have to deal with the damage that smoke water
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and then some sparks went on to the rough stone our of has to be redone it's been busy for real ale firefighters as a while they're responding to this they then had to respond to a vegetation fire. >>a homeless camp about a mile away from here. most of their crews are concentrating on this though because it took them a while to get into the fire. they're still investigating the cause in the late show sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>new details in the car crash involving actor kevin hart and new pictures that have been released from the scene. cooper!
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did you eat all of your treats? ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone >>new tonight after comedian kevin hart underwent back surgery today following a car crash sunday morning, his wife said quote he's going to be just fine. he was in this vintage to plymouth barracuda muscle car during the crash and the driver suffered major back injuries in the wreck in southern california just above malibu. >>his driver had reportedly
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lost control the driver was a friend of his a car rolled into a ditch. hart did manage to get out of the car on his own, but that driver and another person who worked as a as his trainer, they were both trapped for a while police say alcohol was not involved. hart was able to make it to his nearby home and get help he and the driver were eventually hospitalized that 3rd person was not badly injured. new details are emerging after a mass shooting in west texas coming up what one police official. >>the saying about what happens. >>and if you are streaming us all kron on on the news continues during the commercial break. kron on dot i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico, frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me.
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♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. >>texas investigators they still don't know why a man went on a shooting spree from midland desso saturday, killing 7 people leaving 22 others wounded tonight kron 4 talk with a retired police captain who gave us his perspective on what happened.
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>>we found out that after the gunman was fired by his employer. that person then tried to warn police that he could be a threat while the gunman himself call the tip line but then made no threat specifically and then at the same time an officer tried to pull him over for a traffic stop giving way to this deadly pursuit so what are your thoughts on all how this played out. >>well i think that the. >>this person was a troubled person. this person had a plethora of things that that bill to and we have fire that just cause everything to come to a head. and made him very angry. and in this country we have to pay more attention to mental illness. you know it's good to have good gun legislation. but you have to take a holistic approach you have to tackle mental illness problem. you have to tackle. the violence. that's. our
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children are looking at in these video games. that listened to that very finely and boulder lyrics you know a lot of things that after the look that and we as a community that the come together and say enough is enough. we came at us, look at people the and jess. you know well am not taking action not notifying. >>and the continuing our coverage law enforcement officials identified the shooter behind saturday's rampage in west texas. they say he was 36 years of age or a law enforcement source says that this is a picture of him when he was arrested 18 years ago, but his appearance had changed a facebook page under his name had a picture post in 2012. but that account has since been removed. according to a report he was fired from his trucking job just hours
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before the shooting took place a witness says she actually look the suspect in the eyes moments after the shooting. >>the nikkei think about little grandson in the back alike. what is that they have been. one of i wasn't just in of what do do it have been you know in the moment, you're just fight or flight and you're just like wow. >>in 2001 the suspect was booked for criminal tris trespass and evading arrest both misdemeanors. the fbi searched a property in west odessa on sunday, which is believed to be connected to the suspect but the agency has not released details on what the agents found there. a group of california police officers made a 130 mile ride from bakersfield to fresno all to honor a fallen officer, kaylee hunt walks us through their journey.
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>>mile by mile these officers are making the 130 mile track from bakersfield to fresno to honor fallen newman police officer corporal singh my department is hurting corporal singh joins nearly 22,000 fallen officers whose names are on the national law enforcement memorial in washington when i heard corporal local sings. >>tragic story. it said hey we've got to do something because he really represented. what this country's all about project under a bicycle tour is an effort to raise awareness for fallen officers just writing it on a single screen might. >>with no, here's. traversing hills and mountains in. it is having a lot of fun doing. >>ellie officer andrew gonzales bike alongside retired chp officer mike murphy and fresno police officers tj moore and tom rowe its. >>that's sad reason why we're here. but the fact that someone from los angeles when driver a ride a bicycle wheel
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newman to honor brunelle singh's family in his memory. it's outstanding from fresno officer gonzalez will continue the right to newman. >>and percent family with an american flag to honor his memory a got got to us but we're going to finish today for sure and we're going to finish tomorrow. >>krispy kreme is bringing back its pumpkin spiced glazed donut just in time for fall in a strategy to one-up its rivals. the company says you can bring in a pumpkin spice flavor trade from some doesn't really matter what and traded in free for krispy kreme version that promotion won't last too long though it's available today through september 8. and of course this is labor day celebrated on the first monday of every september and labor day recognizes the men and women who. >>labor bill 10 maintain america. the first labor day was back in 18 82 in new york city. these days labor day is considered the end of summer many cities and towns holding
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annual parades lots of families spending the three-day weekend camping. >>or on a final vacation or celebrating with a cookout with friends. >>coming up next b-side practice today at 49 er headquarters will he be ready to go for week one sunday.
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>>time now. for schools. talking about football tonight and sports world others mark carpenter and kate rooney joining us from the. >>set a bay area sports night. >>that's right getting ready for bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron and we're talking football, we're talking football that counts the regular season is finally here kate you spend the afternoon at 49 ers headquarters nick bosa practicing after missing more than a month will he be ready to go for the season opener against tampa bay. that's what
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they're hoping bosa said that he's feeling, good said he felt great out there today wasn't going any lingering ankle issues directly after practice said they're taking it day by day but hoping. >>that will be suiting up for week one can wait for football season all these different storylines unfolding bose is going to be out there jimmy garoppolo want to this 9 ers team looked like the raiders as well. >>we'll break it all down and also recapping the weekend that was in college footba>l bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on a storm back to you than it got. >>thank you marc thank's kate will see chief meteorologist standing by with a final look at the weather as we take a look outside along san francisco's embarcadero pretty out there what a nice unofficial end to summer around the bay area weather turned out really nice outside little hot spots in and out there right now mostly clear skies in the san francisco couple batches of fog. >>try to make their way back on shore right now we'll see more of that to come but tomorrow morning we wake up we got some patchy fog early on temperatures going to be in the 50's and the 60's by the middle of the day here comes the sun shine and we're back in the 70's navy's for noon if you want to get out there and
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enjoy it for lunch, 60's out along the coastline then in the afternoon still some hot 90's well inland mainly in the east bay and then you look at a lot of 70's and 80's inside the bay and some 60's right along the coastline. here we go tomorrow afternoon we're going to see plenty of sunshine away from the coast, you're looking to 77 degrees and hayward about 81 degrees redwood city 76 in free money 3 degrees in san jose 87 in nevada 77 in mill valley about 90 and hot in santa rosa 92 unconquered 93 in the livermore about 60 degrees. downtown san francisco. so out over the next few days we are going to begin notice some changes low pressure begin approach the coastline and the temperatures going to start to drop off a bit. you know fall on it is not starting until the 23th of the month, but i think we get a little taste of the coming in the next couple of days, the middle eat those temperatures hovering in the mid 80's. i think the warmer spots and then maybe a little bit cooler another little low drops in on saturday does not going to bring us the rain with this is that when you start to see the transition as we get ready to move into more a fall like that in light like
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it's kind of going that beautiful a fall goes away. it's sure nice to summer just flew >>all right, thank you for being with us tonight we'll see you at 8 o'
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>> rollovers. because the driver sneezed. >> you can actually drive 50 feet were your eyes closed when you sneeze. then, will your dog come to your defense when a bad guy comes after you. >> get him. >> "inside edition" puts your best friend to the test. >> i really thought she was going to protect me. >> and danger zone. the stairs in your own home. what you need to know so you don't fall. >> oh, my god. plus, they were in the same dance class as little girls. they didn't even know they were long lost sisters. you have never seen a family reunion story like this. imagine finding a wedding ring on a beach. >> i really didn't know what to do. >> her desperate search for the bride who lost it, 11 years ago. and gator in the kitchen. >>is


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