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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 5, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>now a 9 is just one more than 2 and a half years since the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland and finally today verdicts in the criminal trial. good evening, everybody thanks for being with us tonight at 9 i'm grant lotus i'm justine waltman in for vicki tonight, max harris has now been acquitted and there is a hung jury for derick almena that has now led to a mistrial harris has already been released from jail and that is where kron four's gayle ong is live in dublin tonight and dan thorn is getting reaction from victims family members. but first we want to go to kron four's michelle kingston who has been following this trial from the beginning. michelle quite a day. >>yes, quite a day indeed we heard from defense attorneys and prosecutors today but let's talk about the family of those victims. they have been in that courtroom day in and day out for the past 4 months today, letting out an audible
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gasp when that verdict was reached a lot of them to a motion ul too upset to speak with us tonight, but those who did said that they were shocked. >>after months of testimony in weeks of deliberation max harris was found not guilty and the jury was hung on a 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter charges for derick almena both member charged the deaths of 36 people at the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland in december 2016 the verdict was read just after 2 on thursday afternoon. just 10 of the 12 jurors roll down guilty of the charges. the judge declaring a mistrial. prosecutors to return to court on october 4th for a possible new trial date. a man has attorney the sarah continuing to fight for his client >>i'm painting i'm and moist. i'm frustrated, but god dammit we will win next time.
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>>while amanda continues to sit in his state or rita ja cell next harris is a free man, alameda county sheriff's office confirms harris left the jail thursday night, there's his attorneys say the biggest tragedy is the city of oakland not telling the truth on the stand. >>you can't let 36 people die in your community have fire marshals inspectors and firefighters and police and everybody involved in and try to blame it on to poor people. the couldn't afford attorneys, you know you can't do that. the magnitude of this tragedy is indicative of a complete bureaucratic and systemic breakdown that was never acknowledged by a government official. and i doubt that the community is any safer. i mean look at how many buildings have gone up and fired is why we were in trial throughout the entire trial family members of victims path. >>the courtroom listening to the renting testimony of the night their loved ones died when the verdict was read aloud gasp was heard from victims family members in the courtroom. many of them later saying they were shocked by
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the verdict. i'm kind of numb right now jurors began deliberating on july 31th after 10 days of deliberating 3 jurors were dismissed for alleged misconduct replaced by 3 alternate said deliberations started all over again on august 20th in the end unable to prove these 2 men were guilty of the 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter prosecutors who allege domain and harris were responsible for the fire because they turn to wear house into a living space for artists and that no smoke alarms, fire extinguishers or exit signs existed will now decide what happens next for derick almena. >>we're going to evaluate. in the evidence that came out from this case. we're going to take into account. discussions that jurors may have had with are trial lawyers. and we will evaluate and go forward. >>so what happens next well, max harris, he's a free man
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tonight he left the jail just a few hours ago, derek amanda he continues to sit in his jail cell until his next hearing on october 4th live in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>thank you michelle and tonight we're getting reaction to thicts from friends and family members of the victims it has been and agonizing wait for most if not all of them as they waited for justice for stanthorpe live tonight in our newsroom and and many say tonight, they are still waiting for justice. >>you got that right grant confusion and frustration is what a lot of people have been telling us tonight and some of them telling us it was just take stream lee difficult to learn about the outcome of those verdicts is so for now they're just going to keep praying and keep waiting. >>friends and family of the ghost ship fire victims react to the verdicts handed down on thursday. david gregory says he's in shock and disbelief after max harris was acquitted and the jury was hung on derek
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elmen a gregory's 20 year-old daughter mikaela was one of 36 people killed in the fire nearly 3 years ago. >>i don't blame the jurors. >>frustration was also felt by families of other victims in all honesty. >>the worst day of my life. it was on december 2nd. they can't give you the worst. it's just a lot of suffering after that and we continue to suffer. >>judy hoff lost her 35 year-old son travis and the fire she says neither harris's nor al man is suffering would bring her happiness, although she did ant justice. >>nothing's going to make me happy really. to be honest. i wish it would have been over time.
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>>a friend of victim donna kellogg says she too was in pleased with the outcome but regardless the decisions were not going to bring back her friend. >>no verdicts whether he was guilty whether he was innocent whether he was acquitted because there wasn't enough evidence is ever going to change the fact that very bright star in this universe lost her life that night tragically horrific lee and unnecessarily in my opinion. >>friends and family also telling us it's already been a stressful time for people that have been going through this and they are not looking forward to next month. reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you dan and now the max harris has been acquitted. he is once again a free man. >>kron four's gayle ong is live outside of the santa rita jail in dublin where max harris is no more gayle. >>that's right just seen in grant next harris, a free man. he officially released around the 6.15 this evening here at
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santa rita jail. we didn't even get to see him. he did not take any questions for the media whatsoever as he was driven away from the sergeant ray kelly and of course an emotional day in court as we've been hearing stories from a lot of victims family and of course max harris was facing a 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. and of course the jury finding him not guilty making that decision. sometime after 2 o'clock this afternoon. you know it was not the same story for a co defendant. derek al manna who had a hung jury and will be having a mistrial we do have a sound bite from a friend who believes both men are innocent. and i still believe. >>with derek and the you know still being in jail and within this trial. we're still ignoring the root of the problem. >>we need to hold our landlords and building owners accountable or this will happen again. we need to hold the people accountable for
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profiting off of us taking shelter. it was matter with derek in jail right now, we're still ignoring that. you know i hope you know i i as that being said you know pull i believe that both max and are also victims of this. i get to see i get to see some healing happen on some level. >>there come in it is behind bars here at santa rita jail. he was served as the master tenant and this ago ship warehouse again almost 3 years. since this fire tore through that warehouse in east oakland. again we do know that. derrick coleman is next trial date is october 4th. we're live in dublin, gayle ong kron 4 news. >>thank you gayle, we have continuing coverage tonight of the go ship trial coming up on kron 4 news. we hear from the district attorney's office and the defense attorney explains what is next for derrick
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amanda and you can stay up to date with this developing story by going to kron 4 dot com. >>other news now tonight a normally quiet san francisco neighborhood disrupted after a deputy-involved shooting that left a dog dead, and a suspect injured. the san francisco sheriff's office says the deputies were serving an arrest warrant when the suspects dog became aggressive. kron four's tell exactly is live now in san francisco details taylor. >>actually in the neighborhood as this was all happening wondering what was going on myself it's all about a dozen patrol cars blocking off just one stretch of polk street. so deadly storm into the broadway hotel later carrying in a small stretcher. >>it's about 1130 and a whole bunch of police arrived and piled out of their cars and ran inside and then more police came and more police ambulance fire trucks they closed off the street. and i don't know what was going on it was just crazy was crazy
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neighbors, confused by the large police and deputy response at the broadway hotel on polk street on thursday blocked off the entire >>a double parked with a sheriff cars up and down the block a lot of commotion lot of hustle and bustle. streams probably closed off for a couple of hours at the san francisco sheriff's office says. >>2 deputies were serving a nobel arrest warrant to a suspect the suspects dog became aggressive. they say a deputy fired their gun shooting and killing the dog and possibly injuring the suspect it was alarming. >>and but there's of >>quite a bit of police activity because of this hotel upstairs. >>and nothing like this though deputies say emergency crews took the suspect to the hospital with non life threatening injuries, they say investigators haven't confirmed whether the suspects was from gunfire or a dog by its surprise me that there's so much commotion. i i think it's because >>cop shot the dog and there is scrutiny whenever there's a
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police shooting and also it's a dog. >>can people love dogs. >>sheriff's office says no deputies were harmed or hurt during this altercation neighbors though say they're concerned about what goes on inside that hotel because this isn't the first time about hotel has caused trouble in the neighborhood reporting live in san francisco taylor sackey kron 4 news. thank you taylor, all right let's talk some raiders nfl season is officially underway. but the dominant story line. >>in the league is the future of antonio brown. >>everybody's t lking about this one the raiders brand new superstar wide receiver may end up not actually playing a single down for the silver and black after he and the general manager reportedly had to be held back during a heated exchange yesterday our mark carpenter has been following the antonio brown saga, this would be like if kron hired you to be a sportscaster and you showed up with frost bite on your vocal cords couldn't go on air yeah and then they
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would let you use the microphone the you've been used to wearing and i didn't like the might you in what you do want to wear different vote. >>and then finally you're ready to go but you didn't show up for work for a few days and the boss suspended you. and then you put blast on a cigarette and here we are just like that. >>it would i believe would be just like that with a contract to write okay that comes money is the same you guys are getting paid say this is next level ridiculous isn't this me and i knew yesterday when we saw the instagram thing in posting the letter mike me out that it wasn't going to go over well too. >>and here we are now each week there's been something new to talk about frostbite helmets possible retirement but now it seems the team is just about fed up after reports say he got into a screaming match with general manager mike mayock it's all set to stem from what unfolded wednesday, brown posting a letter from a oc detailing $54,000 in fines for missing part of training camp, the receiver attached to caption when your own team want to hate. but there's no stopping
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me now reports emerge today that brown and may i got into a verbal spat at practice it ramped up to the point where brown had to be held back by teammates the raiders are said to be preparing for brown to not play monday night. and the team is mulling the suspension which could void guaranteed money in brown's contract. a decision which could lead to his departure from the team. brown was not at the facility today john gurdon did not provide much info after practice spot. he did weigh in. >>i'm emotional about it i hope you know i think a lot of this the antonio, it is a great receiver. and i think deep down i really can get. so frustrated i'm not going to say any more about it hope it all works out. but i don't have anything official to say about anything else until i get all the facts >>so we'll stay tuned on an official decision from the team but as of now it's expected he will not play the season opener monday night against the broncos. >>at least we got a couple days to get a couple days to
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work it out as get out. >>it may meeting a feeling does he ever play for the raiders snow. i don't think you know he i think they have to suspend him you have to set a precedent here where you know otherwise what you allow is what will continue. >>i think what has to be figured out is what's happening with the but the contract situation, but i think just the suspension even if they say it's a four-game suspension. it's going to erase the guaranteed money a significant portion of it and you're going to have backlash from from brown side what do you think i've no idea i judges knows the to get suspended. >>i think the raiders won him to play, i know jon gruden wants him to be on the field and he's an elite weapon and he's it may be the best receiver of the past 10 years, so it's it's so difficult so complicate the other dynamic not to dive into it too much here is also how the decisions being made between jon gruden and mike mayock greatly how is this all going to shape out here in the next g m. >>but the head coaching gets paid way more money and
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usually the guy who has a 10 year contract and gets paid way more is the ultimate decision maker so we'll say fascinating i mark thank other news now deadly hurricane dorian is wreaking havoc currently on north carolina, the death toll as well from dorian's devastation in the bahamas. just rose to 30 today. and the storm is now just posted up hovering off the east coast. battering the carolinas. this is video of some strong winds in wilmington, north carolina as you saw the buildings are boarded up north carolina's governor has activated more of the state's national guard soldiers and he's urging residents to stay alert, let's get an update now joining us is our chief meteorologist doan's path. w he's tracking >>where's ago now. >>a very dangeroustorm system i mean it is hugging the coastline right now in the carolinas. they're really getting battered by this storm system you see it rotating on through this is infrared satellite image you can see the satellite. the eye right there of the storm cut a role
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in a very very close to land now so they've seen some very strong gusty winds, here's the very latest damage here you can see a well-defined eye just off the coastline right here. it's about the 30 plus miles away from surf city so not that far away so they're likely see some hurricane force winds right now as we speak and just a ton of rain reports of over a foot of rain in some parts of south carolina already and that is going to be a major problem all that rain coming down. and now we're talking about a storm surge along the coastline of maybe 8 feet or so and all those rivers all the tributaries you to back up the water just has nowhere to go. heavy rain bands have been moving on shore not only that we've got those winds that have been whipping around you see the myrtle beach over 50 more just a 55 mile an hour wind. see some damage especially near the coastline, not so much inland but then we had these tornadoes popping up on and off throughout the day and that's what you get these are not your typical tornadoes like you see in the midwest where you get your he a 5 year massive tornado. but you see the smaller tornadoes pop up
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and certainly they've been doing some damage. we've got a tornado watches still posted. all the way from wilmington almost a to morehead city in a cape hatteras as well at the norfolk is we're going to see that storm system rolling up to the north now the storm surge going to be an issue some of those generally 4 to 7 feet to more and city may be upwards of 8 feet in some of those inlets there but the latest track here 100 mile an hour sustained winds tracking a right near the coastline possibly making landfall near hatteras before pushing out in the middle of the atlantic hopefully making its way never to be seen again. thank you lights and as that is happening. >>this might strike you something new might expect to see on a saturday night live skit a hurricane forecast map here with. altered ends it appears to be drawn using a sharpie or something that doctored map is what president trump is using to justify that hurricane dorian did actually pose a threat to alabama aides to the president will not. >>rule out that it was trump himself who altered the map
9:18 pm
which has now been seen around the world. cnn's jim acosta has the story. >>leaving what may become an indelible mark on the trump presidency, it was hardly a masterstroke now the white house is dragging its feet admitting just to alter the weather map held up by the president in the oval office falsely showing alabama and the path of hurricane dorian aides refused to say whether was doctored by the president that was the original. >>and you see it was going to hit. not only florida georgia could have a which going toward the gulf that was what we. >>the president has defined he's been right all along. alabama was going to be hit or grazed and then hurricane dorian took a different path up along the east coast that this tweet from mister trump. this was the originally projected path of the hurricane and its early stages as you can see almost a models predicted to go through florida also hitting georgia and alabama. but hold on zoom
9:19 pm
in on that spaghetti lined map it's from august 28th, roughly 4 days before the tweet that got the president in trouble in the first place. >>when he said on sunday. in addition of florida, south carolina north carolina, georgia, alabama will most likely be piece of. >>a great place know them and now that could even be in for. and lisa marie strong which but >>true contrasts with the president said sunday with this map provided by noaa which shows at that moment, the storm was nowhere near alabama. >>i know that alabama was in the original they thought it would get it as a piece of it sources tell cnn the map was altered just before the president presented it to the public white house aides know who did it. a problem for the president's team, as mister trump has already said he doesn't know what i don't.
9:20 pm
>>and there's one more problem as a fox news meteorologist noted it's a violation of federal law tofalsify a national weather service forecast. democrats are pouncing i feel sorry for the president or is he felt it necessary to pull out a sharpie and change the map i don't know if it's one of his aides. >>believe they had to do that in order to protect his ego. no matter how you cut it. this is an unbelievably sad state of affairs for our country. >>the alabama blunder comes as the president is diverting funds from storm ravaged parts of florida to pay for his border wall, including money designated for rebuilding parts of tyndall air force base which was hit by hurricane michael. mister trump had pledged he was coming to 10 bills rescue. i've just come from a stop. >>the tyndall air force base where i stood the devastating effects. hurricane category 5. >>never heard about category 5 before to we're rebuilding the whole place.
9:21 pm
>>those human cost of reporting for us tonight, president trump's unwillingness to admit mistakes has been a recurring theme throughout his presidency as one trump adviser, put it to our partners at cnn, the president will never acknowledge wrongdoing unless caught. 2 major developments in the tragic boat fire tonight off the coast of southern california. we now know another person from northern california was killed in that tragedy. soco creek water district near santa cruz posted about the death of by day. he campbell the district says via she's known worked at the district's communications specialist for nearly 20 years they save i was a very special person. beautiful a kind soul vi is now the 18th victim from northern california and the bay area. also we've learned that the owner of the conception has now filed a lawsuit today to avoid potential litigation in the deadly fire.
9:22 pm
>>truth aquatics incorporated is the company that owns the dive boat and some say that the move is disrespectful to the families of the victims. still ahead tonight. the of sacramento has now agreed to pay stephon clark's children after weeks of protests. details on the amount ahead and nearly 3 years after the ghost ship fire. we take a look back at. >>how we got to today's verdicts plus a federal loan forgiveness program turning out to be unforgiving to most applicants we will explain why right after this break. geico makes it easy to get help when i need it.
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>>for your money tonight, a federal loan forgiveness program has turned out to be not so forgiving the government accountability office released a report today saying 99% of requests for federal student loan forgiveness were denied of the more than 53,000 applications, 661 were approved congress set aside million in 2018 to expand the program the move was in response to the low number of people quite. >>fine for forgiveness. the program is meant to help borrowers working in the public sector like teachers and social workers. however it requires a borrower to have first applied and been rejected to the original program this new report says about 71% of those who were rejected by the fix had not done so creating a confusing process for borrowers starbucks is planning to improve mental health benefits
9:26 pm
for its employees in the us one of the first steps will be an effort to get more employees. >>to actually use the mental health benefits that already exist within the company. leaders of starbucks say the law suspend the next few months working with employees to figure out their needs improving benefits is one way starbucks hopes to attract new employees needed for its ambitious expansion plan walgreens has joined the growing number of retailers asking customers to not openly carrying weapons inside its stores. >>walmart and kroger announced similar policies this week the request follows increasing pressure on businesses to take action to ward off potential massacre said stores and workplaces there have been several mass shootings in recent weeks, including one inside of a walmart paso texas. >>officials say they're focusing on one key ingredient in vaping liquid that they say could be causing severe low illnesses in otherwise healthy people. in a video showing a
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and you get first dibs on that brand... that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. >>welcome back, it is been more than 2 and a half years since the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland and today the jury delivered 2 verdicts, max
9:30 pm
harris, not guilty derick almena miss trial after 10 jurors thought he was guilty but to we're not convinced and there might be another trial, but it has already been a long road to get to this point, here's. >>kron 4 d more with a look back at how we got here. >>for derrick elmen a and max harris, the road to justice began 6 months after the ghost ship warehouse fire. alameda county prosecutor nancy o'malley announcing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter defendants alamein a and harris. >>knowingly created a fire trap. >>their arrests elmen a in lake county harris in los angeles hailed by former goes to ship 10 it shelley mack, they're monsters they're criminals there everything i said they work after a year in the santa rita county jail. the 2 men were ready to accept a deal finally mister manning and mister harris taking responsibility. >>for their actions in the death of 36 individuals, the 2
9:31 pm
men agreed to plead no contest in exchange for reduced sentences science. >>cajuns so just hate that he will be out 3 >>you just sentence is bank are not long enough. according to some of those who lost their loved ones in the fight say. guilty basically there was a what we wanted to hear. the sentencing part of it. >>but the attorney for the families of 12 other victim said she was glad those families would be spared the agony of a trial. is very. the sentencing hearing one month later the first judge replaced with a new judge alameda county superior court judge james cramer listened as families described their pain.
9:32 pm
he listened as derek amana described his pain at one point offering to have his body tattooed with flames and the faces of the victims. and then the stunning announcement and i almost fell off my chair right. >>toward the end switch, the judge rejected the plea deal for both men saying alamein is apology sounded insincere his lawyer promising a courtroom fight don't want we will go call we >>palmore kron 4 news. >>we're tracking tonight, according to court documents the city of sacramento will pay million to stephon clark's children is part of the proposed settlement reached by the city and clark's family clark's family initially sought $20 million through a federal civil rights lawsuit after 2 police officers shot clark in his grandparents backyard last march. the
9:33 pm
sacramento bee reports million will go toward attorney fees and into a trust for clark's young sons. they will be able to access that money in about 20 years. dramatic video now shows a man grabbing a deputy's gun and shooting at her. >>in southern california. the deputy in victorville was responding to a call from a mother who said she wanted her adult son removed from her home. according to the deputy that man our young got violent grabbed her gun and started shooting the deputy was not hit, but suffered other injuries that she is expected to fully recover from additional officers showed up deputy showed up to the scene and exchanged gunfire with that man. >>it was a violent attack struck her multiple times in the head and the face knocking her to the ground. the suspect was able to grab the firearm from the deputy as a deputy was trying get covered the suspect fired at her multiple
9:34 pm
times. >>that suspect was shot and suffered non-life threatening injuries. he was taken into custody on an attempted murder charge. a texas man is the first to be indicted for possession of a bump stock since they were officially banned last december according to the justice department he's been indicted on 4 counts of firearm violations, including possession of a machine gun, specifically a bump stock according to court records. around august 17th, 2019 he called the george bush foundation and left a concerning message. authorities discovered the man had previously been committed to a mental health institution. so he's prohibited by federal law of possessing a firearm or ammunition. every california county prosecutor can now use new technology to a race to reduce an estimated 220,000 old marijuana convictions after california voters of course broadly legalized recreational pot and 2016. a
9:35 pm
san francisco based nonprofit tech organization announced today. it is making its computer algorithms available for free to all 58 california district attorneys, the program quickly finds eligible cases in court documents that may date back decades. the computer program also automatically fills out forms to file with the courts. new york state health officials say vitamin e a chemical there is the key focus in their investigation of a thing and severe lung illnesses officials said today they found extremely high levels vitamin e acetate in nearly all the cannabis containing vaping products that were analyzed, at least one of a product containing the chemical has now been linked to each person who got sick and then submitted that product for testing in the state vitamin e acetate is commonly available as a nutritional supplement supplements. the health officials said it's not known to cause harm when adjusted as a vitamin supplement or applied to the skin, but
9:36 pm
they're investigating its health effects when it's been hailed because of its oil like properties and how it could be associated with symptoms seen in lung illnesses. anti immigration posters. can be seen near the university of iowa campus. and they're causing a stir the posters feature a picture of mollie tibbetts she's a college student was killed last year while out on a run the man charged in her death is an undocumented immigrant from mexico, a friend of mali's found the posters around the downtown area. she said she put out the word to take them down. and it's not the first time tibbetts has been used an anti immigration rhetoric. she says the posts are goes against everything the city university and her friend mollie tibbetts would stand for. >>all inclusive all loving all carrying. in dealey and just to see. her being used in the opposite light of that really is just it's painful honestly, this.
9:37 pm
>>the university of iowa responded saying it had one report about the flyers. it says that university strives to be inclusive and safe and the flyers do not reflect the values of the institution. >>we've got some fog and low clouds moving in right now what about friday and the weekend weath-r we've got some big changes coming our way we'll talk about it next. >>let's go to purchase an iphone got exactly what she wasn't exactly what she wants. plus told you about the antonio brown brouhaha, the top of the show now we'll hear from raiders players what they think about it as the nfl season kicks off tonight highlights from the packers and bears coming up with mark.
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>>time now. >>let's open up by revisiting the antonio brown saga, the receivers career in oakland in serious jeopardy of ending before it starts after reportedly heated exchange between he and general manager mike mayock it's all set to stem from what unfolded wednesday, brown posting a letter from iraq detailing $54,000 in fines for missing part of training camp receiver attached a caption when your own team want to hate pot. there's no stopping me now reports emerge today that brown and may i got into a verbal spat and practice ramped up to the point where brown has to be held back by teammates the raiders are said to be preparing for brown to not play monday night. and the
9:41 pm
team is seriously considering a suspension which could void guaranteed money in brown's contract. the decision which could lead to his departure from the team. brown was not at the facility today but his teammates locked in on the season opener whether he's there or not. >>the play whether he's here or not. >>see where we're here about the guys in the locker room i rely on the guys here now. >>these obviously one of the best in the one of the best receivers so i'm just going to be different a mother plays or be fun for us to go out there and the guys a good chance goes up of >>elsewhere in the league packers bears in chicago kicking off the air sloppy game throughout bought want to drive from aaron rodgers in the 2nd quarter for play 74 yards capped off a strike. the jimmy graham in the end zone packers lead 7, 3, fast forward to the final minutes of the 4th bears down 7 need a touchdown, mitch trubisky takes a shot ends up a lot and a pick to age or in a most 10 3 green bay win, opens the
9:42 pm
season there you go coming up on kron 4 sports attend a full serving of baseball highlights, bad afternoon for the giants all the a's engineer a thriller against the halos more news after the
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>>in michigan was trying to buy a smartphone for her daughter but instead got. yeah the box that the phone was supposed to be in had the bar
9:45 pm
of soap presumably to simulate maybe the weight of the phone doesn't quite work the same the nun and the scam started as what the woman thought was a good faith purchase agreement, but when she met the seller in person and pay for the phone. >>she got a nasty surprise. a new proskow reports. >>they also we've all seen and we just weren't dumbfounded staring at a lake. >>that really just happen samantha powell says it still blows her mind that the iphone she thought she bought a few weeks ago had no phone in the box instead just these 2 bars of soap. i was i mean i just. she outsmarted me 1000 she saw the phone for sale on the app let go she was getting it for her 14 year-old daughter and says she had saved up for 6 months to buy it palin the seller agreed on the price of $450 and we're sharing these messages back and forth. she agreed to meet the seller at this apartment complex came walking out real fast and then this. >>soon as she had the money in her hand 41 to gulf and she
9:46 pm
took off. >>with just these 2 bars of soap in the box powell called police and filed a police report. she says she later found out the seller even went on facebook and bragged about what she had done she was. >>pretty much saying thank and she wasn't going to get caught, but she may not be laughing now palaces the 18 year-o seller used a fake name on let go but had provided her actual phone number for the sale. >>having that number was a big clue for police they were able to figure out who she is she's been ticketed and if she doesn't show up to court a warrant will be issued for her. >>arrest island transactions are incred%bly risky and they're not get any better police say the serves as a costly reminder of how important it is to do these transactions at the police department by the parking lot or lobby doesn't matter we're always open and i think that is that savers but nowadays because i mean who knows me this is a bar so but people much worse things happen you need to be very very careful men go with your gut feeling and if it feels. >>life the scammon and probably is. >>so powell was later able to buy a phone for her daughter on craigslist and for that
9:47 pm
purchase. she met the seller at the police department and that transaction was successful. lesson learned as we turn our attention to the 4 zone forecast take a look outside tonight. it's the outside tonight. it's the embarcadero in san francisco its beauty us as usual. >>and here is our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with a look at our fault like forecast what i exactly where summer goes go time is going to you know what today is. now today's grant lotus birth date did you know that today's here. speaking about times and happy birthday my friend, thank you brother, yes. and though 40's a good age, you know area i said, i said so mike it's a good number it's a good enough for him minding the of just why don't you forget you've got some things to do we had a nice day to weather wise watch the temperatures dropping down around the bay area's. yeah, the fog is starting to move in that sea breezes kicked in and that's helped to cool down the numbers just a bed. in fact as
9:48 pm
much as 11 degrees cooler in some of the valley's today watch this, here's the 24 hour changeup from yesterday there you go 11 degrees cooler in livermore 11 degrees cooler fairfield 9 degrees cooler. >>in the body you get the idea you get that a sea breeze kicking in that drops the numbers outside today, 67 degrees little bit below the average in the san francisco, 73 in oakland 76 degrees in san jose 83 degrees in livermore 87 degrees and conquer remember yesterday they were in the mid 90, so that's a big change from just a day ago and 82 degrees in santa rosa. so we have some changes high pressure finally beginning to weaken we still have some of the monsoon the most that was over the mountain tops in the southern california. but that ridge start to slight eastward now a little trough developing along the west coast. and that is going to mean some cooler air going to be moving in over the next few days. temperatures around the bay area remain rather mild the wind has been kicking up just a little side but not bad the sea breeze blowing out there a patchy fog has been developing some that seeking inside the bay tomorrow we start out with
9:49 pm
some fog early on and then sunny and i think maybe a little bit warmer tomorrow and then we're going to right back down the weekend. i think maybe a taste of fall as we get the weekend we're going make sure some sunshine and some clouds numbers up at outside right now 65 in san jose 69, pretty warm there in concord for this hour 68 in pittsburgh. a 62 degrees in the napa valley cool down in petaluma at 59 degrees. but we've got changes off the coastline. you've got one low right here this is the one that swept by today and that really help to kind of take care of that ridge a move it further to the east. but behind that we've got another one and this is the one that's going to be dropping in as we head in towards saturday. that is going to usher in a fall like feel some cooler temperatures i think maybe we'll be lucky to get the upper 70's, the warmer spots by looks like saturday afternoon. so enjoy your friday, it is going to be a nice one temperatures going to come up a few degrees. lot of 80's inland 70's inside the bay and 60's out toward the coastline. but by saturday, those 80's or even god we're going to watch as temperatures dropping the winds are going to be kicking up staying cool through about monday and tuesday.
9:50 pm
>>thank you arts governor, newsome now has to decide whether to sign or veto. a really controversial vaccine. bill especially with all these measles cases is going around capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the message that supporters and opponents are trying to send to the gover. >>federal law squarely prohibits the acteons taken opponents of california's controversial vaccine bill are calling for state and federal investigation into the creation of s p to 76 a lawyer for advocates for positions rights says some local and state officials may have broken privacy laws by apparently attempting to pass around student immunization records to push s p to 76 forward the state of california just lost the ability to claim any valid reason where has these children's medical records and sure shooting they have lost the ability to claim that they can be trusted to honestly carry out that task without having it devolved into a campaign to unfairly target
9:51 pm
disable the medically compromised children. the vaccine bill now sits on the governor's desk, the proposal aims to crack down on doctors who give out more than 5 childhood vaccine. exemptions a year and schools with a vaccine right under 95%. for a second day in a row protesters spent thursday rallying outside governor gavin newsom's office chanting and holding signs a group demanding the governor do nothing with the bill until the investigations are over not for a single solitary second do i believe the governor newsom new any more than any of the other supporters new state leaders did not immediately comment on the calls for the investigations thursday in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. the mike drop of the century. rapper nicki minaj announcing she's return. >>caring for music and we will >>caring for music and we will explain why after the break.
9:52 pm
that's why we take a totalaking approach to health and wellness, so you can age actively. and we simplify medicare by connecting you to the right coverage, resources and care. so you can keep pursuing the life you love. aetna medicare solutions.
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>>we'll see if this will stick, but 10 time grammy nominated artist nicki minaj says she's retiring the rapper posted a surprise tweet to her 20 million twitter followers today. she said quote i've decided to retire and half my family. she then added some lyrics from her girl on fire collaboration with alicia keys telling her fans to keep representing her but not his first solo album reached number one on the billboard 200 list and spawn 5. 40 single so we'll see if she makes a comeback after she has a family but as you say in sure now so you can retire have some kids and then resume
9:55 pm
making it a ton of money actively scarlet johansen is standing by controversial director woody allen for years, allen's daughter dylan farrow has accused the filmmaker of sexually assaulting her when she was a child. allen denies the claim and has not been charged. the actress defended allen in a recent interview with the hollywood reporter saying that she believes he's innocent and would work with him anytime some on social media are now going after johansen because she is defending woody allen. maternity leave is ending for the just just of sussex meghan markle it's been nearly 4 months since she and prince harry welcome their first child archie on may 6th the first official work engagement for the duchess will take place on thursday september 12th and she will be launching a collection of women's work clothes that she designed with a friend, the clothing will benefit smart organization that gives women, professional clothing and coaching tips to help them find jobs. that's a new job for her she was an actress in america before.
9:56 pm
>>meeting harry and she's done. now she's all over the place that wraps up kron 4 news at night. but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour, pam moore in cannes winner here with kron 4 news at 10 and thanks to you both coming up next a 10 after more than 4 months a verdict today in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial next hair is acquitted. >>derek in a mistrial tonight reaction from both sides on the jury sunny decision live team coverage is coming up plus we've been talking about it for a week but hurricane dorian is finally reach the united states. >>the storm is hammering the carolinas tonight, we're live in south carolina with the very latest amputee serving a search warrant in a quiet san francisco neighborhood opened fire killing a dog and injuring one person we will hear from witnesses don't go away our 3 of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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>>in trial that lasted more4 mo is a verdict in the ghost ship fire trial. thanks for joining us. i'm can way and i'm pam moore, max harris has been acquitted and it was a hung jury for derrick and then a leading to a mistrial. >>paris is already out of jail that's where gayle ong is live tonight in dublin dan thorn is getting reaction from victims family members. but first we want to go to michelle kingston has been following the trial from the very beginning michelle. >>well today we finally heard from defense attorneys and prosecutors we also heard and from those family members they have been sitting in that courtroom day in and day out for 4 months now. a lot of them too upset to speak tonight, those who did so that they were shocked. >>after months of testimony in weeks of deliberation max harris was found not guilty and the jury was hung on a 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter charges for


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