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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 22, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>ramon valley unified school district is alerting parents about a man accused of approaching one of its middle school students. thank you so much for joining us tonight at 8 i'm justine waldman and i'm j r stone it happened yesterday morning as a 13 year-old girl was walking home. >>from a special event at pine valley, middle school kron four's all biello joins us live tonight with details on this case. noel. >>and justine and jr i'm here on broad more drive just across from pine valley, middle school and police say
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that young girl was approached by that man just about a block from here now this is a fairly quiet neighborhood where this middle school is located, however broad more drive does get. i'm pretty heavy flow of traffic folks driving up and down the road pretty regularly so the school district said they definitely wanted to make sure that all parents in their district knew what was going on. communications that critical parents from san ramon valley unified reacting sunday. >>sent by the school district. it read that saturday morning as a pine valley, middle schooler walked home from a music event at the school. a man approached her and asked her to get into his car where should like a about that. trey shop. katy police say the 13 year-old walked away and told her mother immediately what happened a witness also saw
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the interaction and called 911. >>texas will will take a look at this case if there's anything else or else. an area. we're just going to caught. jack surrounding make sure the patient. >>officials say the man appeared to be in his 20's or 30's and had a dark complex shun. they also say he was driving a gray four-door sedan. >>what kind of pretty it's a safe neighborhood are it is deemed to be safe and we worry a mellow lives off broad more drive and has several children. >>attending san ramon valley schools. she says she's grateful for the alert from the school district will be topic conversation. >>they know it's scream they know my kids still young, but think the school is doing a good job the strange and dangerous teaching them tracks and what they need to do to get opportunity for >>to their children.
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>>all good notes there. again, i'm here next to pine valley middle school but less than a mile from here is a high school where again lots of kids are walking to and from so the district and parents and police really want the kids to be practicing those safe methods now while there is usually a a presence of the police officers of before and after school here in this area, santa run pd says that parents can expect to see a heavier presence over the next few days as they continue to investigate this incident live in san around noel bellow kron 4 news. >>thank you so much noel moving along now in the south bay, san jose police say they've made an arrest for the shooting at san jose state university the shooting did. >>some damage to the library and also a parking garage also scared a lot of students this is the guy that's under arrest now on kron four's how long is live on the campus for us with details gail. >>jesse jr relief tonight from
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students but still shocked about everything it's still unclear what led to the shooting. happen wall students were studying in the library. san jose police say the gunman was seen near san jose state university when he allegedly fired rounds on a high window of the mlk library and a city garage across the street. >>kron 4 was at the scene thursday evening as investigators searched the area around the san fernando in fort streets. >>the university have to hurry students off campus with the text alert as police responded students were alarmed at the shocking spasm of violence, you know this being our home away from home and really sad and frustrating and actually had a disappointing that this is all happening like where we live 21 year-old joseph joey this nco of santa clara was arrested on sunday, he' charged with attempted murder. >>assault and shooting an inhabited dwelling are you >>yes, he says i am relieved. i again if you do that's important but if there is some
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infraction i think that's also important to know the community is aware that time. everything is safe and sound pretty like nervous because i was there i could been in not but think i wasn't. >>i'm a little worried that like 2 incidents in the past week thursday's shooting comes one day after and as jay as you student was arrested on campus with a loaded gun ammunition. >>and a knife police arrested the 17 year-old boy accused of making a threatening post on social media we're hearing so much about shootings at a lot of college campuses not just here meanwhile students are back in school at the library homework and studying and i can't do it where i live because very crazy i think this is something i like will make all college students on san jose state campus like closer as a whole. >>it was like a family just because we like support one another and it's just very sad see someone on around campus like taking part in these auctions. >>the suspect joseph asensio is at santa clara county jail the investigation is ongoing.
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we're live in san jose get along kron 4 news. >>thank you gayle all lanes of highway for an antioch are back open after police found what looke like a pipe bomb in an abandoned car. this happened this afternoon around the 1 o'clock gun control on the boulevard the freeway reopened around 2.30 but no further details have been released. >>happening tomorrow pg e is alerting customers of a potential power shut off in several northern california counties. this includes butte. sutter and yuba counties to help reduce the risk of wildfires pg e maybe turning off power and some of those areas tomorrow night pg e will attempt to contact people in those areas if the power goes out, but to get those alerts customers need to sign up either by text or email. p g says if the power goes out it could be out for several days in the south bay crews are still battling a large fire in
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milpitas. >>which started as a series of 6 smaller fires, the reservoir fire is 70% contained. it's burned 128 acres. this is northeast of alpena soft calaveras and fell to roads. nearly 300 firefighters are helping to put out this fire from the air and on the ground. officials say that calaveras road will remain closed overnight. and taking a live. >>a look outside on this sunday evening a beautiful shot of san francisco. >>our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now is look at our forecast, another red flag warnings in place for parts of the bay area for this weather for the next couple days yes, actually been upgraded. it was a fire weather watch yesterday. but now it's a red flag warning just because of that threat of high fire danger. >>it is going to start monday night mainly for the north bay mountains east bay hills, including the diablo range of this is a pattern that we unfortunately see during this time of year in september and october the return of those dry and warm offshore winds
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the winds out of the north-northeast that really dry out any vegetation in the area specially the areas most susceptible are elevations above 1000 feet, so this is something we're certainly going to keep an eye on because we could see gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour or less so any fires that do spark will easily spread with these dangerous winds and that's because i'm tracking temperatures starting on tuesday through wednesday. well above average 80's and 90's along the coast and along the bay with widespread triple digit heat as you make your way inland. so this is something that is going to impact us to start out your workweek forecast. let's take a live look outside because we're already tracking some changes out there right now increase in cloud cover and also the return of that cool sea breeze today really cool this down along the coast today in currentcwind speeds out there right now starting to increase for those of you in downtown san francisco. those cool westerly sea breezes at 22 miles per hour sustained winds and we are noticing a cooler air mass this evening, especially in
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downtown san francisco on account of that on shore flow. temperatures out there right now cooling down into the 60's but widespread low 70's as you make your way in the interior valleys but wake-up planner forest is going to show warmer temperatures to start out your work week monday about 5 to nearly 10 degrees above average as we take a look ahead at the next 3 days. that's at peak of this upcoming he way that i'm tracking on tuesday and wednesday, more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes just seen a jar back to you thank you so much happening tomorrow, san francisco's famous cable cars, will return to service. crews spent 10 days replacing the cable cars gearboxes that helps the cars move a pill which is obviously important in san francisco. bichette ul's women place of the cable car routes and service is expected to resume tomorrow.
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play today but it still made national headlines today kron 4 sports reporter jason dumas us. >>has more details on the continuing saga. skies just keeping me busy with twitter fingers that every day is something different. >>a few hours before kickoff on all of before kickoff of all their early games. i got in s p n alert to my phone antonio brown says he's done with the nfl. insert eye roll. emoji if this guy gets another offer i believe he'll be tough or both first one on the first plane smoking but there's bigger point here this guy's just can't seem to get out of his own way not only did he tweet he's done with the nfl. he brought a ben roethlisberger's pass sexual-assault allegations that his former quarterback in pittsburgh. then he brought up robert kraft past allegations of soliciting sec's acts that his past boss in new england and this was all before 09:00am local time. i don't know what the next chapter of the antonio brown saga will be
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but it's like the first few chapters it will be something. predictable. now for what it's worth a bee's agent drew rosenhaus said on friday that antonio is healthy and looking forward to his next opportunity in the nfl he wants to play the game. he loves and he hopes to play for another team says. >>who at i tell you what's what's next don't know what he's thinking is this. i think you just need some help honestly. well thank you so much as you. for this year's 71th. and the awards will talk about the big winners in on the snubs that happened at the ceremony. >>plus c o mark zuckerberg meets with lawmakers on capitol hill and makes new promises on protecting your data. >>president trump and india's prime minister held a joint rally in houston. what they hope to gain from the
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see what i mean? simple. for people with hearing loss, visit >>welcome back to kron 4 news at 8 in national news, a strengthening partnership between the us and india. this weekend thousands of people packed the nrg stadium in houston texas to welcome india's prime minister. >>aimed at celebrating the growing ties between the us and india, the world's largest democracy and a potential for trade deal. david daniel has a closer look.
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>>tightening ties with india in texas, president trump and prime minister narendra modi sharing the stage at a rally in houston, the energy capital of the world. >>headed own. >>between the united states and india, stronger than ever before. >>so why is the erime minister in houston texas senator john cornyn says energy and natural gas would be key components of a trade deal between the us and india. >>damian needs access to low cost. >>the united states is the number one producer thought. >>but not everyone welcomed the show of friendship between the us and india. protesters gathered outside the nrg arena
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criticizing modi's hindu nationalist agenda. we all standing here. humanity in no matter who is a professor and we had against that members of congress say fueling the relationship between india and the us is a good thing for both countries we share >>is the >>i'm david daniel reporting. well acting director of national intelligence joseph maguire is expected to brief the senate intelligence committee this week. >>on the whistleblower complaint whistleblower filed a complaint with the intelligenhe community. inspector general michael atkinson last month. a source says the whistleblower said president trump. press the ukrainian president in a july 25th phone call to investigate former vice president joe biden's son hunter acquires appearance before the senate intelligence committee will be a closed door briefing. atkinson will also brief the
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committee acquires also scheduled for an open appearance on thursday before the house intelligence committee. >>look outside right now as we talk about our 4 zone forecast to hear is the bay bridge along the embarcadero in san francisco little bit cooler today, but still not cool. >>cooler and a little quieter tonight as they aroined meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez, a certainly was a little cooler than yesterday though. >>yes, especially along the coast, we actually cool down to near average but still a few degrees above normal for most of our interior valleys. 5 degrees above normal for livermore concord and even santa rosa, you cool down into the upper 80's but for downtown san francisco. 2 degrees below average in oakland right about where you should be for this time of year so very pleasant temperatures along the coast and along the bay storm tracker 4 right now tracking that marine layer but it's not going to last long because i am tracking clear skies and the shallower marine layer as our next heat wave. take shape. so let's take a live look outside right now we're
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noticing a very clear calm night for those of you in the east bay over berkeley a few high clouds overhead and temperatures out the right now widespread 60's throughout the bay area shoreline and still in the low 70's and parts of the tribe valleys like concord in antioch and even santa rosa in the low 70's right now, but half moon bay, upper 50's so the mildest temperature out there is for you. lows right now going to dip into the mid to upper 50's during the overnight hours and that your workweek forecast and you're ready for school forecast going to show warmer temperatures on our first day of fall so we're going to be about 5 to nearly 10 degrees above average along the coast warming up into the mid 70's, low 80's along the bay and our interior valleys already going to start to see some low 90's and mid-nineties especially for those of you in antioch 93 degrees tomorrow, concord 92 in santa rosa, 91 degrees, everyone else seeing widespread 80's inland. but along the san francisco coastline downtown san francisco in half moon bay,
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warming up into the mid 70's but high fire danger will start monday night at around 9 o'clock in the evening. we are going to see the return of those gusty northerly wind so it's mainly going to impact areas along our highest peaks above 1000 feet, north bay mountains east bay hills, including the diablo range could see gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour or less. but for the rest of us. we are going to notice also that offshore flow but with wind speeds around 20 miles per hour or less so let's take a look at the next 7 day forecast. our main area of concern we'll be on the days of tuesday and wednesday that's where we're going to see the peak of the heat wave, widespread triple digit heat in our interior valleys and about 10 to nearly 20 degrees above average cooling down though by thursday 10 to 15 degrees from wednesday's daytime highs and that cooling trend is going to continue for the rest of the workweek even into next weekend where we could actually see a slight chance of showers all keep you posted on that in the coming days as our next rain event
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draws closer jenner just seen back to you thank you so much now to the east bay where oakland police continue their increased patrols tonight to cut down on the legal side shows. >>as in past weekend's police placed war units near intersections where sideshows are known to pop up. they're also getting help from the air finding people who run from the scene of a sideshow anyone found taking part or even watching could face fines and arrests. >>multiple peaceful people that is are facing criminal charges after this video of an asltatioyou can see it right here. it went viral on social media as chris hoffman reports, several in the community are demanding the gas station be shut down. >>just me and my sister all of those grown man. >>this fight happened around 6 45 friday night at the exxon gas station at the corner of ryan road and marshall avenue in the city's marshall shave a neighborhood. according to pittsburgh. police, the man
8:21 pm
our store employees and owners. you can see them hit one of the women, several times in the head as the other gets thrown into a gas pump there's no way that you should be able to put your hands on like this and still be able to run a business. >>especially in our community where i grew up. >>one of the victims spoke with us but would not give her name the 27 year-old victim says she was getting gas with her 25 year-old sister, the pump when itork they went to speak with the store owners about getting a refund he said no it turned into an argument and then into this fight. they're calling me animal. >>sandals you want to act like in a moment she to again was they pull him here trying to pull me out to stores. >>this morning, dozens of people gathered outside the gas station i made sure it stayed close they demand justice. >>no one will ever get gas at this gas station to get it is done until his new owners and the protests continued on mcknight road in ross township they came to this exxon station here. but even shut down one of the lanes
8:22 pm
protesters say both gas stations have the same proprietors. >>it's for police have filed charges against the gas station owners and employees they did not release their identities something has to be done. we have to stand up and fight for ourselves because this is not right for soft money. >>well coming up after 7 long months cleanup for the sausalito mudslide is set to begin. >>plus facebook ceo mark zuckerberg rex wraps up a long week in dc after meeting with some of the nation's most
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>>facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is wrapping up a world wind tour of our nation's capital this past week. >>over the past 3 days, he's gone from private receptions to fancy dinners to one on one sessions with powerful lawmakers, including president trump. melissa rainy has a closer look. >>meeting with lawmakers on capitol hill this week facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has been busy. from swanky dinners with us senators and oval office session with president trump. 2 private meetings with members of the house judiciary committee, this overseeing an anti-trust investigation of the tech industry. the company talk. the billionaire's rare visit to washington is a sign of how serious facebook is taking the issue of internet regulation. his toughest critics say the social network should sell what's app and instagram.
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>>my concern is that they are trying. >>that sucker berg sees no reason to break up facebook that instead of focusing on facebook's role in securing the 2016 election and promising to do better with privacy and consumer data. zuckerberg's trip to washington was in his first. last year he suited up to testify before congress on the cambridge analytica scandal. but this latest tour is a far cry from his previous more casual presidential meetings. i'm melissa rainy reporting. >>the yellowish water is popping up in a california river what officials think that it is. for as we are on the purple carpet for this year's 71th annual emmy awards
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we'll talk about the big winners and from the ceremony. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it.
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hollywood's biggest stars it's hit the purple carpet for the 71th annual emmy awards tonight. the carpet was purple to celebrate tv royalty yeah, the star-studded event was hosted at the microsoft theater in downtown los angeles joining us. >>now law. it is chris wolfe he's at the official hbo after
8:30 pm
party, where some of the winners are celebrating chris, whose party hardest after the show tonight. >>well that remains to be seen you guys but believe me this is one of the hottest tickets town. this is one of the places to be this is the hbo and the after party in west hollywood at the pacific design center stars celebs are just starting to get here right now a lot of folks stop of the governors ball also in downtown la right across from microsoft theater. so they make an appearance at the governor's ball say hello to the governor and then they make their way to the hot after parties such as this one in west hollywood. hbo has a lot to celebrate tonight game of thrones wins the emmy for best dramatic series and as a fan. how could it not every episode feels like a feature film top quality production international cast international crew and international fans we expect all all of those stars from game of thrones to be here and i think those folks will be fun partying, very hard, let's
8:31 pm
take a look now from the purple carpet earlier today. town in downtown los angeles at microsoft theater home to the ceremony. so many wonderful people beautiful people all dressed up in talks is and downs so many great shows. so much talent and so little time. some of the major nominees this year include game of thrones veep we bag the marvelous mrs. may's old this is very ozark, russian doll pose and 6 sessions hbo we have to say has bragging rights as usual leading the pack with a total of 137 nominations among its top programs, game of thrones by the way set a record with the most nominations for a single show ever 32 emmy nominations, this year. let's hear now from some of the winners. nice to see proceed to humanitarian
8:32 pm
work. congratulations. 2 for that nations are tonight. but all these nominations speaks volumes for the show absolutely and that last week at the creative. >>showing we took in 6 a the 16 words, couple for guests are at. the ied we feel like we're on a little bit we have a little my mind momentum. >>better than all this acclaim for barry year too how do you improve on your watch. >>it's very nice very backstage time holding so i think it's >>i like this me too, i mean your show you put so much hard work into it day in and day out of really nice pasta off to come and have a live event like a ship will it in new
8:33 pm
york so they have an oil weekend in a lie and they go to universal studios. they have a law so it's really nice and they get to. >>at the super hot hbo and the after party in west hollywood, the stars are just starting to arrive now since the ceremony has wrapped up. our winners tonight best actor in a comedy bill hader for very best actress in a comedy phoebe waller-bridge for bag she breaks the winning streak of julia louis dreyfus in by the l% way. best actor in a drama pilley order for pose he's the first openly, black man to win this category. the lead actress in a drama tonight jodi calmer. for bbc america's killing eve. fleabag takes home the emmy for best comedy and as we said game of thrones no surprise here best drama series. we expect those stars to start showing up any minute now i want to talk to each and every one of them, it's going
8:34 pm
to be a great night. and a wish you could be here for reporting live in west hollywood on chris paul justine and jr. >>host this year, what are people saying what kind of reviews as the show get it. >>you know, i think people still enjoyed it. we saw a lot of the comedians jimmy kimmel and others joke about that they said titanic did have a host and happened about start talking about the movie and joke about that it's all good. it's hollywood anything goes in this town really and i don't think it's that big a deal people are just having a great time and they are celebrating all of the winners tonight. and real quick chris, i know you got to go not what he wants to talk with chris on nights like this. >>i always get a kick out of all all the different outfits out there do you have a favorite or is there one that everybody's talking about out there on the carpet.
8:35 pm
>>look amazing i really can't in point any standout everyone looks so amazing tonight, these beautiful downs, beautiful people here the guys are in talks is the women are and all the spot. towns and everyone looks great and everyone as a smile and everyone's having a great time so i think they're all all winners tonight you guys are really do. and you look good. >>now because 7 months after the sausalito mudslide work will start on monday to clean up all that of that mass live. sometimes day and starting on monday. the contrasts actor will star preparing the site securing the area by installing fences and bringing in equipment and debris removal will then start next week. it was last reported that the cleanup process will
8:36 pm
cost more than million the mudslide destroyed 2 buildings. damaged a few homes buried several cars. an injured a woman who was trapped inside of her home. betty reid saw skin the national park services oldest pa granger is recovering from a stroke. her son made the announcement today on her 98th birthday. her son says a while ago she was showing evidence of suffering a stroke while she was working at the rosie the riveter visitor center in richmond. since then she has been in the cute rehab for the past week for 15 years as an interpretive par. rangers saw skin is educated thousands of visitors. as a young black woman working in richmond. during world war 2. >>and moving along murky yellowish water is popping up in areas across the yuba river summit. >>the water is testing positive for dangerous levels of e cole i well officials are trying to determine whether or not the water is safe. there is a no swim advisory in
8:37 pm
place. a few days ago in nevada county along the south fork crews also found similar conditions. this is a danger to humans and animals. officials say they're still trying to determine exactly what caused it. >>they always watch what rich asians callers as to what algae is there george other products getting into it and and frankly what's causing it we we are investigating to go upstream try to find out the source of that. >>officials say could take days before they get results back from water tests. >>some lawmakers are demanding amazon make major changes when it comes to protecting some of its delivery drivers. i'm trevor shirley i've got that story coming up ahead. >>and tonight wrapping up our last night of summer details ahead on what your fault has in store for us because summer-like temperatures will return to the bay area early this upco
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>>lawmakers are now calling on amazon to strengthen protections for its workers after several new reports came out saying the company's delivery drivers are being pressured into unsafe practices like working longer hours without breaks and speeding. >>washington dc correspondent trevor shirley reports that some in congress want amazon to do more. >>ohio senator sherrod brown says amazon needs to change its ways too many contract end up injured on the job or worse. he's disturbed by recent stories in the new york times and buzzfeed news
8:41 pm
alleging unsafe working conditions for some amazon delivery drivers. >>i know that amazon doesn't want to live under labor law that most other workers live under. they're going to be such an important part of the economy they need to start living up to labor law in terms of decent paying decent benefits and keeping their work are safe. >>the reports say some of those delivery drivers were involved in deadly accidents or forced to work long hours without a break. but those drivers aren't amazon employees instead they work for private companies contracted by amazon. brown says amazon needs to demand better from the company's it hires amazon has not yet although we keep pushing them shown any real interest in. >>in anything but the bottom line amazon says it has a strong safety record including quote numerous safeguards for a delivery service providers. but as the so-called gig economy continues to expand safety experts say companies have to consider protections for all workers. it is something that we need to.
8:42 pm
>>to not only pay attention to but you really think about how we extend the safety of the work is being done on behalf not only to our employees but for anybody who is doing work for us brown says he also sent a letter to amazon ceo jeff bezos. >>asking about worker protections but has yet to hear back, reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. >>more than 200,000 peogle are applying for jobs and amazon. the company is looking to fill 30,000 full and part-time jobs from entry level fulfillment center positions to software development managers, the positions all pay at least $15 an hour plus benefits that include health care for one k matching and up to 20 weeks of paid parental leave. thousands of jobseekers lined up this week to attend amazon career day. events in 6 cities across the country. the company says it is still receiving resumes online. we'll still have the
8:43 pm
breeze to a that wall mangle your name or and give you added to check out these rove over east does that are making over east does that are making drinks time li. the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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>>in southwest florida that went on a wild ride this week on. >>delia d ambra tracked down the company and has the 911 call.
8:46 pm
>>but if you're part of year a comparable work or copple margret truck, everyone and on the street here that come up are the something up there was big striped and holding on for dear life, i got out the car chark and i look up to direct cool enough for the desperation in the delivery drivers voice. >>hints that the standoff between him and his unwanted passenger was getting tense aired r i don't know who to call where are you at. >>i like over on pine island and cape coral by the time the driver pulled his wonder bread truck over at the fast food restaurant. the raccoon had already hung on for 10 miles at max speed of over 50 miles per hour but to get them there to help you ok ok think it's a tense by police and the driver to back the delivery truck into a tree to shake the stowaway loose didn't work in the end the critter held on all the way back to
8:47 pm
headquarters in north fort myers, his round trip mileage. >>16 miles. >>an update on that story, the driver and police aren't sure where that raccoon went but the company did confirm that finally left the top of the chart they didn't want to risk getting injured or attack by the end on wildlife experts say that was the right thing to do because. raccoon could have been carrying rabies tony those records. could be coming for you j r watch out for the will take a live look outside tonight at san francisco international airport you see all the lights there. >>and when you see lights there that means there's not a whole lot of fog our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now as we wrap up the last day of summer that's it. you have a good summer great summer he have a good summer it was great, but. our temperatures are going to stick around. not just along
8:48 pm
the coast, but also our interior valleys as well, let's take a live look outside from golden gate bridge, not even noticing that low fog bank all clear. >>we are noticing a few high clouds streaming through right now cooling down temperatures right now upwards of nearly 9 degrees of cooling for most of the bay area so we are noticing widespread 60's. the low 70's for those of you in antioch in concord and even santa rosa so little bit warmer there compared to everyone else. but you're also noticing much needed relief today, but it's not going to last long overnight lows right now. we are going to see them drop into the mid to upper 50's during the overnight ours and our first day of fall will officially start during the overnight hours very early monday morning. so that means we are going to notice shorter days and longer nights in the coming days and months ahead, and let's take a look your first day of fall forecast because we're going to be about 5 degrees above average for downtown san francisco, starting out with a mix of sun and clouds with them plenty of
8:49 pm
sunshine to wrap up your monday afternoon half moon bay, even warming up into the mid 70's, there south san francisco brisbane and even burlingame all in the upper 70 so trying to flirt with a tease and we are going to see some wind gusts upwards of 20 miles per hour or less throughout the day. but the big wind event will be along north bay mountains and east bay hills at some are going to notice that high fire danger start monday night. palo alto in samut hail 78 degrees for your monday afternoon highs and widespread 80's for those of you in the south bay 85 degrees for san jose santa clara in the low 80's for you and in the east bay, flirting with 90's for those of you in livermore but low 80's for hayward low 80's for berkeley andhoakland in mid 80's for those of you in richmond but conquered in walnut creek in the low 90's for your monday afternoon nap at 86 degrees and those of you in santa rosa also warming up into the low 90's and let's take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast. big worm-up on tuesday through wednesday, 10
8:50 pm
to nearly 20 degrees above average with widespread triple digit heat and that red flag warning goes into effect monday night through wednesday morning and we're really going to cool down on thursday by 10 to 15 degrees from wednesday's daytime highs, the cooling trend continuing on friday below average temperatures and even some light rain showers by next weekend justine back to you. boost, coffee is the fuel that runs this country. i know you don't drink i know you don't >>of us drink coffee. i drink a lot of tea though he makes up for it. well now machines are taking over the job of the brewmaster and tonight on dine and dish. >>you'll need some robo burry status. >>fully integrated of this is no coffee house, it's an automated coffee kiosk this one called acts landing this fall at sfo. no latte art, not
8:51 pm
yet anyway, but at least they won't miss maclean already there in place is another robe over easter this one from austin texas called bree go. >>at terminal 3 britto is a fully automated robotic areisa and so we're able to grind everything fresh order use real dairy gourmet sheriffs to make each drink. >>fueling up like. passengers who need that. >>you can preorder from your app or a touch screen. >>from area so we're nothing but. >>automated coffee machines aren't a new thing but this isn't or vending machine instant coffee is get a look at the criminal case. >>we're not going mess of your
8:52 pm
drink or not mess up your name the robots not going to judge you if you put like 4 pumps of vanilla for comes to chocolate in your drink because it just wants to make you happy. >>grab and go not from the tattooed arm of your local brisco. reporting from sfo the ark this kron 4 news. >>and you can submit your favorite restaurant bar. or food truck to dine and dish just send an e-mail to dine and dish at kron 4 dot com or you can go to the dine and dish facebook page. >>was a great day if you are a 9 ers fan, not so much if you are raiders fan tonight on sports night live will break down that 9 or win against the pittsburgh steelers, san francisco over comes 5 turnovers to sneak into the bye week at 3 know we also break down that nightmare up in minneapolis as we saw the raiders fall to one in 2 on the young season. that's your
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>>welcome back the iconic the bat signal was seen across buildings and the night sky in cities around the world on saturday. it was to celebrate the iconic comic heroes. 80th birthday, the first batman comic was released in new york back in 1929. of course is more famously known as gotham in the batman comics i did look in san francisco didn't see it here. many of the city
8:56 pm
a lot of across the world. >>so talk about a close call here surfer got a little too close for comfort with a great white shark this happened on friday near cape cod. and the frightening moment was captured by a photographer. it out in the water for all of 2 minutes. and i thought this little seal was popping up i turned around and was actually the head of the shark and i sides dorsal fin and utterly frozen, doubly lucky. when you saw may be noxious there really. >>there may be sick to stomach and i thought. >>that's for the surfer lives in brooklyn but grew up on the west coast his whole life but this was his first encounter with a great white and his wife hopes that it's his last. >>mercer for friends they've been out there and they've seen charts when they were on. gone bodysurfing i've never seen a shark in cape cod. but not in cape cod, another a country, but they have a they have it happens all the time share. i said i don't know
8:57 pm
about that and not necessarily with a great white. >>it's scary stuff maybe you thought it was a seal, but it was a shark, it's all about having confidence in the water. do we do you confidence in the forecast part of this week's weather in our way she's warm summer like temperatures even though. also we are going to notice triple digit heat returning inlet. geico makes it easy to get help when i need it.
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with licensed agents available 24-7, it's not just easy. it's having-jerome-bettis- on-your-flag-football-team easy. go get 'em, bus! ohhhh! [laughing] c'mon bus, c'mon! hey, wait, wait, wait! hey man, i got your flag!
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i got your flag, man! i got your flag! it's geico easy. with licensed agents available 24/7. 49 - nothing! woo! (nats - show theme music> sports night live." the san francisco 49ers were 2 and oh going into sunday's game...and today was their season home the pittsburgh steelers...first half was 3rd quarter we go...steelers leading 6- 3...niners at the one yard line...jimmy gaoppolo with the hand-off


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