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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  September 23, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>>and thank you for joining us on the kron 4 morning news, i'm robin winston have monday a fresh start to the w week of course, let's check in on your forecast first and see how it's shaping up. rebecca strong, i'm filling in for john stream on notice a lot of fog covering our this goes skyline this morning, these a little bit cool and first day of fall. whether this afternoon may not feel like fall because it is going to be a warm afternoon around the bay area. but for now, yes, we're sck in the fall, we're definitely seeing a visibility. another greatest in some spots here in san
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francisco, the star south of market street camera in the downtown area you could see all the gray on your screen and yes that's what we're seeing and you're going to also if you're driving into san francisco going to see it along the bay bridge and the golden gate as well so just keep and this morning visibility was you can see future cast forward really socked in along the coast, especially and parts of half moon bay into the city and then we're looking the fog along the east bay hills as well to berkeley to oakland getting into hayward so just take note of that the good news is though clearing is on the way we're going to see that even well before lunchtime, so it's going to be a quick clearing around the bay area and to have this afternoon. we're looking at temperatures out the door right now 50's to low 60's. you're definitely going to. it's pretty comfortable out there you might be long sleeves but that should get you by for just the next few hours but 54 nevada right now 60 degrees in berkeley if you're just now waking up with us in fairfield here at 61. we're looking at a 61 also in
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downtown oakland. but temperatures definitely on the rise we're going to be seeing it over the next couple of days tuesday and wednesday we could be seeing triple digit heat across the bay area and because of that of. rise and so there is a red flag warning that's going to kick in around the bay area issued by the national weather service and that starts tonight so just to be aware of that because winds are also going to be a factor over the next couple of days. i have a complete weather check and let you know just how warm it's going to be in your neighborhood coming up robin all right, thank you. let's check in on traffic now we do have a trouble spot and sonny bill on southbound one oh one at the lawrence expressway off-ramp. >>this crash happened at 2 47 ths morng and it was a spent out that resulted in a fatality. so if you're traveling on south on one oh one crews have the lawrence expressway off-ramp shut down as they investigate this fatal accident which means you need to hop off just before or after lawrence expressway. it's pretty early in the morning, so it's not causing any major delays but it's something that you need to be aware of if you normally get
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off at lawrence, the northbod side looks fantastic with no problems from the south bay to the peninsula. we're checking the bay bridge commute into san francisco. it's looking good. so far delay free trouble free. no problems across the span through downtown so 8 minutes to make it in 92 there's a tow truck back backing up right there in the san mateo brits are off to the shoulder, maybe responding to a problem that we don't have anything reported just yet at least it's not blocking it's a great trip from the east bay over to the but it's not we're checking in on the richmond sandra fell and all is well so far no problems or crashes here through the pay gates across the span into the north bay and then a foggy drive across the golden gate bridge rebecca, just told you about in there showing up on the span so the extra careful and cautious here on one oh one. no problems into or out of san francisco. we're following for you this morning pgd could shut down power to parts of the bay area because of the increased threat of fire
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dangers of p g has alerted customers living in lake napa and sonoma counties they could see the lights go off this evening. other northern california counties could also be impacted near the sierra nevada foothills pg will attempt to contests people in the impacted areas before the power goes off. but if it does go out it could be out for several days you have to keep that in mind. the national weather service also elevated fire weather watch to a red flag warning here in the bay area that morning will last through wednesday morning. and it affects the north bay mountains the east bay hills and also the diablo range. well to the south bay now crews are battling a fire near milpitas check out this photo, the reservoir fire is 70% contained. it burned a 128 acres just off the calaveras and filter road area calaveras road is still closed as of this morning and nearly 300 firefighters are on scene helping out trying to get this fire under control from the air and also from the ground.
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well breaking overnight a driver has been arrested after driving the wrong way on the and tie. it happened shortly before 3 o'clock this morning. officers received a call all about attack tesla model 3 sedan. so chp says the driver went through the toll plaza ended up merging on to 8.80 north still in the wrong direction and then a spike trip spikes trip was used to stop that driver right around 5th avenue on the nimitz freeway, the driver is now in chp custody. they are investigating what prompted this wrong-way driver. 5 people were forced to relocate after a fire in north san jose was at a care home residents early sunday morning. the fire was first reported at the. facility units right along massachusetts drive. no one was injured, but fire officials say that the fire started near the backyard fence and then quickly spread to the entire i come home. all
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of the residents of that home were evacuated. okay this morning, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. but officials say it does not seem suspicious. and a state university we covered this story, the shooting did damage to the library and also a nearby parking garage check out this photo here's a picture of the suspected gunman. he's 21 year-old jill said the sentence e o he's from santa clara he's in jail this morning on multiple charges, including attempted murder. kron 4 was at the scene of the shooting thursday evening as investigators searched around campus all around the san fernando and 4th street. the motive is still unclear, but students are still shocked by the violence pretty like nervous because i was there i could been in not but. >>i think i wasn't doing so much about shootings at a lot of college campuses not just here and this is something i like will make all college students on san jose state campus like closer as a whole and i was like a family just
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because we obviously like support one another and it's just very sought to like see someone campus like taking part in these auctions. >>thursday shooting came one day after a san jose state student was arrested on campus with a loaded gun. ammunition and a knife. the 17 year-old is accused of making a threatening post on social media. the state fair accused of murder, it's set to begin this morning, tiffany li she's charged with the 2016 murder. chiles from her children's father. 27 year-old chief green now her trial was scheduled to start last week. but the judge pushed back until today. this after the san mateo county district attorney's office and now sits revoking a plea deal after finding out that there was some contact with a defense witness. that person adele is accused of dumping green's body in sonoma county. the previously posted a $35 million bill. her boyfriend
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can they buy it is also charged with the greens murder. he remains in jail. well to the east bay now the san ramon valley unified school district is alerting parents about a man and that's been a coaching one of its middle school students. but over the weekend when a 13 year-old girl she was walking home from an event at pine valley, middle school kron four's and well below has more. i think communications that critical parents from san ramon valley unified reacting sunday. >>to the stranger alert sent by the school district. it read that saturday morning as a pine valley, middle schooler walked home from a music event at the school. a man approached her and asked her to get into his car. katy police say the 13 year-old walked away and told her mother immediately what happened a witness also saw
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the interaction and called 911. >>texas will will take a look at this case to see if there's any video surveillance of the area. we're just going to caught back with or make sure that age. >>officials say the man appeared to be in his 20's or 30's and had a dark complex shun. they also say he was driving a gray four-door sedan. >>what kind of pretty it's a safe neighborhood are is deemed to be safe and we worry a mellow lives off broad more drive and has several children. >>attending san ramon valley schools. she says she's grateful for the alert from the school district looking top that they know it's scream. >>they know my kids still young, but i think it's a the school is doing a good job the strange and dangerous. >>teaching them tracks and what they need to do to get opportunity for that children. >>while there are generally
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police officers out here in this area, san ramon pd says in the next several days you can expect to see a heavier presence in this area in san ramon noel bellow kron 4 news. >>well registered sex-offender is under arrest after he approached a 12 year-old girl in a pleasant and park 44 year-old munir hassan he talk to the girls at the creekside park on thursday and convinced one of them to actually leave the park with him. assad took the girl to get food and then to restore. she told her parents what happened they were not very happy about this police arrested us on at his dublin home the very next day. about this are completely shocked. >>then went to a convenience store where he purchased candy, the man and the young girl went then when to 8 now area and your road. the girl's mother reported it to the cause of the police department
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the following day there was a subsequent attempted by the and using some information obtained during the investigation waiting to find him. >>well hassan was convicted of rape more than 10 years ago, he's now facing felony charges of annoying and molesting a minor. to the east bay now police arrested a man in danville for having child-pornography after being tipped off. police search 24 year-old caleb gore's home and while they were searching that place investigators discover child-pornography danville police chief allen shills says that it was important that they acted quickly. gore was booked at the martinez descent detention facility. his bill is set for $200,000. and their community they come together in the east bay calling for answers. >>and a decades old murder case. bay area park ranger is recovering after and health complications. we'll have details on her recovery. very
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close encounter with a great white shark would get that it's right there. it was all caught camera pretty scary we'll have that story coming up next. about a little peek outside 92 san mateo bridge doing just fine a complete traffic check coming up.
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>>to the kron 4 morning news, it's officially. and this morning at around one 5th this is it. between the longest and shortest days of the year. now it's the moment when the sun is directly over the equator and the earth gets nearly the same daylight to start this but the summer temperatures may stick around for it feels
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like that because i feel like it's just been beautiful in just absolutely perfect so ok good-bye summer we don't need you anymore. also just fine. 90's low 90's actually for summer. the triple digits over the next couple of days. well, yeah. that means like increase 5 danger on. humidity's going to be low over the next couple days. but definitely not going to feel like fall weather app. the first day of fall kicks off today, it's still going to feel like summer time over the next couple of days this week so make sure you put on the sunscreen make sure that stay hydrated out there because it is going to get. here at san
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francisco international airport, the good news is. and no delays so far reported for this and down flights, san jose and oakland you're also doing. so far so good this morning. but yes, the fire danger is definitely a upon us and so there is a red flag warning it's going to start tonight into what tomorrow and then last through wednesday because we're going to see temperatures and again we might see those triple digits in some spots of the north bay hills you're under the red flag warning and especially along the east bay hills where we're going to see a wind speeds about 2 of 40 miles per hour and some areas over the next couple of days so j2st be aware of that try to limit your outdoor activity if you can try to stay indoors as much as possible during the peak hours the next couple of days. temperatures out the door right now we're looking at 50's and 60's on the board 61 in hayward and downtown oakland, 60 degrees in berkeley, 56 right now and downtown san francisco, mostly 50's. if you're waking up with us in the north bay. yes, it is going to be warm in some
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areas this afternoon look at that conquered one of our hot spots. 91 degrees there. 80 degrees in downtown oakland expected today mid to upper 80's for your south bay zone. and a complete weather check with all the neighborhoods and let you know exactly when it's going to be like i'm yours coming up in just a bit robin all right. thank you rebecca checking in on traffic i do have a hot spot that's lingering. this crash happened at 2 47 this morning. it's a fatality. it's in sunny bellsouth one on one at lawrence expressway, the off-ramp temporarily close a someone spun out near that ramp and they shut it down to investigate so no estimated time of clearing we do have chp. emergency crews, tow trucks all on scene the only thing that's close right now is the off-ramp so you'll need to hop off early or either. after the lawrence expressway exit. if you want to exit their into the city of sunnyvale so keep that in mind. the bay bridge traffic, it's getting a little sluggish, but it's only in the cash lanes it's been a great trip so far across the span through downtown san francisco
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with no major issues reported so you can make it in in 8 minutes, we're checking in on 92 earlier i saw tow truck its non traffic looks great here, leaving hayward working their way over to the peninsula. no problems a very quick 13 minutes off to one oh 01:00am and a foggy golden gate bridge to be careful make sure the headlights and wipers are on. 20 minutes nevado to the toll plaza if you're traveling through san leandro heads up for a crash 80 north at davis street with injuries are left lane is still blocked there working to move this off to the side. but it is backing up a little to the north as you're approaching davis, the east shore freeway looks good. so does west 24 out of one at creek and no troubles for 5.80 will check more freeways and drive times coming up. happening today, president trump and how that world leaders are in new york for the un general assembly there are a few big ticket items on the agenda for today, including iran. changed john lawrence has more. >>president trump touching down leaders around the globe
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will address the 74th united nations general assembly this week before that on monday. the un is hosting a special climate action summit president trump is among those not participating. the secretary general says you can only have 3 minutes to talk and he wants and is demanding bold ideas concrete proposals, not just he says. >>flowery speeches which is very on like the u n also to be discussed at the u n the elephant in the secretariat. >>this was an attack by iran on the world iowans primary charters protect peace around the world this was a state on state act of war. >>us officials blame iran for the recent attack on saudi oil facilities which it denies and now president trump and rohani will be under the same roof over the next few days so will there be a sit-down between the 2. the un serves as
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neutral territory for dueling parties to have a dialogue around doesn't even attend the head of state's meeting because of the serving of alcohol. that's on tuesday afternoon. i do not see a meeting at this moment, i'm john lawrence reporting. >>all right take a look at this pretty scary moment as a surfer gets a little too close for comfort with a great white shark you see it there on the left-hand side this happened friday near cape cod. so the frightening moment was captured by fatah for who's already there snapping photos. the surfer says at first he wasn't quite sure what it was swimming next to him. >>it was pure shock and you see it literally the moment right recognize what's going on in my only response is to lift my feet out of the water and drop my job only been out in the water for all of 2 minutes. and i thought this little seal was popping up i turned around and was actually the head of the shark and i sides dorsal fin and utterly fro. >>carrie thank goohness. he was wasn't heard the surfer
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lives in brooklyn but he grew up on the west coast been serving as a life. this was a spur. and his wife says she hopes of the last right me too. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news that. tions from the players coming up.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and thanks for staying with us i'm tracking your entertainment headlines today. and the 71th prime time emmy awards celebrated both knew or television shows on thi rise and then the classic series that are saying goodbye. david daniel has a look at at the big awards show. >>i find really really high really painful nevertheless fleabag creator and star phoebe waller-bridge won her first emmy for writing that another for lead actress in a comedy series. >>i fine really hot.
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>>and then return to the stage when fleabag won outstanding comedy series. >>this is getting first-time winners in the drama category included ozarks julia garner for supporting act jason bateman for directing. >>jodie comer lead actress for killing eve. and billy porter lead actor for pose we have artists are the people they get to change the molecular structure of the hearts and minds of the people who live on this planet in the limited series or movie category michelle williams won her first emmy lead actress for verdun and your lg rove received a standing ovation as he accepted the lead actor trophy for when they see us this is for the men. now we know as the exonerated 5. standing ovations also went to 2 shows that said goodbye game of thrones and veep i was told i would be a here alone. no enemies for veep sunday night game of thrones want to pare
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peter dinklage one his for supporting actor trophy we literally walk through fire and ice for you literally. >>and i would do it all again in a heartbeat and for the 4th and final time the show was named outstanding drama series. i can't believe we finished it, i can't believe we did it we do it all together and it's over. >>before we go a little peek outside checking in on the bay bridge a long line of the cap. a complete traffic check after a complete traffic check after the break stay with us. come try my really big chicken two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! only at jack in the box.
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two breaded chicken patties plus fries and a drink for $4.99. three patties for $5.99. or even four for just $6.99. four patties? well, tickle my elbow! no thank you. try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99. >>thanks for waking up with us on this first official day. fall we are excited because the weather's going to be few. it's going to be tells and others ahead we're going to see some low 90's today then the next couple of days, triple digits that were going to be very very hot so not going to feel like fall qu


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