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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 24, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>actions of the trump presidency revealed fat and the president's betrayal of his of office, the kumail of our national security and the trial of the integrity of our elections. >>house speaker nancy pelosi says the house is launching an official impeachment inquiry into president trump. good evening, i'm ken why i'm theresa stasi in for pam moore, the bold move. >>and lengthy process comes after news of a whistleblower report claiming that president trump encouraged ukraine's president to investigate former president biden and his son hunter. and for his taylor but psaki joins us live now now with more taylor. well
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this comes after months of caution from speaker nancy pelosi, she says the turning point. >>was president trump admitting to his discussion of former president biden with ukraine's president. she says his actions to date have seriously violated the constitution. therefore today. i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry. speaker of the house nancy pelosi finally pulled the trigger on tuesday announcing an official impeachment inquiry into president trump. the announcement comes after months of pressure and a whistleblower report cleaning president trump. preston ukraine's president in a july phone call to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son house minority leader kevin mccarthy of california push back. >>speaker pelosi happens to be the speaker of this house, but she does not speak for america when it comes to this issue with president trump also responded calling the move a which he tweeted such an important day the united nations so much work and so much success in the democrats
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purposely had to ruin and demean it with more breaking news witch hunt garbage so bad for our country. the whistleblowers full complaint must be turned over to congress this week this thursday, the acting dni will appear before the house intelligence committee at that time he must turn over the whistleblowers full complaint to the committee. he will have to choose whether to break the law or honor his responsibility to the constitution. president trump says he'll release the full transcript of his call with ukrainian president tomorrow. now the whistleblower want to talk to the house intelligence committee that could happen as early as this week back to you. >>now the president is also responding tonight about it peach meant to encourage grant lodes joins us now live in the studio with president trump's initial reaction to this huge announcement can teresa it the president the white house knew that this could come and they had their ducks in a row they had a video you would think that they had worked on. >>ahead of time we'll check
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that out momentarily the president on twitter though did immediately respond to nancy pelosi speech he not only said this such an important day at the united nations we heard with taylor mentioned there, but he also tweeted out they never even saw the transcript of the call meaning the call with ukrainian president and he also president trump called this presidential harassment. he also just released this video minutes after the impeachment inquiry was announced. let's take a listen here. >>impeachment should be considered. i think it sure is we begin impeachment proceedings now and that we've got to impeach him and get rid of them. so focus right now this to make sure that he's not the president. >>and it goes on and on pretty flashy highly produced again probably not something that they threw together today, the
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video features well known democrats like tom stier kamala harris nancy pelosi all calling for impeachment. some long before there was any mention of the phone call with ukraine's president regarding former vice president biden now this 92nd. video continues on with more democrats calling for impeachment until a clip of president trump at a rally appears near the end. he says it's time to stop this nonsense. the video says focus is trying to impeach president trump while the president is working for americans again that from this video. the white house released this afternoon can teresa back to you. >>thank you very much grant. let's go now live was a congresswoman barbara lee of oakland who joins us now on the phone a congresswom joininin reaction to the inquiry that was announced by. speaker pelosi. >>was very hot. they say she
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has won. but in can the members of job. various map. had been gave them. and that very clear. and impeachment folks painting. into impeachment. the public on the
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being the past. direction of get the and many other. the behavior. not choir book look. i don't think you have 3 will look leon. in light day. later. in the country if in fact we do not give up. he taking the fact that what are called. >>all were you take starting >>i bought year that that of the have not. again i'll be talking to them. i coach and if you're in a committee and part of march possibility. i could make sure that we are have a unified office and so i
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will be talking i think maybe 40 members. >>have not. >>and really find the gravity of good. coming home. working with the public to educate not only my it was good. in many ways the back of the from the why wow but out of the implication what now this you why bring in the really on security. got i think you need a >>i'm sorry. ray d congresswoman i'm back. have
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been congresswoman, i'm sorry to cut you off we we have a a cell phone connection that is a turning very strange and sideways on us right now so we're going to have to in in the conversation there we thank you for joining us, we hope to get you want to soon again to talk more about this with a much better conneotion, thanks to get. >>and we will have continuing coverage of this impeachment inquiry. on president trump right here on kron 4 news a little bit later on. >>let's check in now with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow weather has really been a big story as well around the bay area. certainly has in fact a pg need just announced that they are going to start shutting down power tonight at 2 o'clock in the morning. that's going affect people from callisto the to napa and on words around the bay area, 7 different counties right, yes, 7 different counties, so certainly this will likely be the peak of the and the winds tonight. and that's why that's the major concern they didn't shut off power last night, but tonight, those winds are going to be whipping outside in fact see some very strong gusty
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winds tonight i think is the night where we could see some of those 30 and 40 mile an hour winds, especially in those locations so certainly other trying to get out ahead in front of that should there be any problems for people that are having the power shut off i mean it's a whole different concern right you've got all your groceries. all your stuff in your refrigerator. they're going want to start to take some precautions try and save some of thatgwe're going to we're going to check with the pga nancy we get more specific information on exactly what neighborhoods at least what zip codes are going to be affected by this shutdown because as you businesses and so on medical. >>situations with people who who need power. those are very serious questions that need to be a yellow you know as always with the hope of trying to prevent the spread of forest fires it has all those other implications, but. >>yeah, those they will be whipping high pressure this is a pretty typical situation setting up now the offshore winds will be whipping around the bay area, the red flag warnings they are up for parts of the east bay in the diablo range but really it's the north bay, its northern sonoma northern napa counties, those areas up to lake county going
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to likely see the strongest wind just see that overnight tonight on the computer model. those winds start to whip around you see those winds really start to how and you see all the colors up there start to see some yellows some dark oranges those the winds over 30 miles per hour may be getting closer to some 40 mile an hour winds across some of these peaks across some of the north bay so that will be the case overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning see the time period on the models are 05:00am in the morning, those winds will continue to blow through about noon but they'll start to subside they're going to those dry offshore winds too and then as i think what we get in toward tomorrow afternoon. everything begins to change winds become more of a sea breeze that will bring more moisture in the atmosphere. and of course not much fire danger before tonight. it's going to be a scary night ahead expect some strong gusting winds over the mountain tops really above about a 1000 feet or so the pg e as a side ago had shut off some of the power in the bay area. thank you or some lights are going to be turned shutoff watch. >>p g says if weather conditions worsened the power
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could still be shut off again but uh downtown calloused callisto is hoping that their lights stay on regardless of all of this unlike many other north bay cities. you can't turn off the power and callisto has a high risk fire areas in the foothills without turning off the power in downtown calistoga which has a low fire risk. last october callisto those was one of the first communities to see the lights go out during a public safety power shutoff and it crippled downtown businesses in that area which of course very popular with tourists. so city leaders have been working with the genie to devise an alternative and they've come up with one. it's a big generator. >>once the permanent generators station is up during mps psa will be able to power 2 thirds of our city primarily residential areas, but also our downtown in the 3rd of the city that won't be able power the that section of town that falls into a tear to for tier 3 area for transmission. >>that permanent generator is still several months away, but city officials say a temporary
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generator, a callous showbiz substation will be used in the meantime to try to keep the lights in the downtown area on should there be a power shut off their of course we're checking to see what area will be affected later early this morning. tomorrow morning if there is a power shut off this will be the first time that the generator would be used. my daughter was lucky. she got away from him. >>and and for that we are so grateful. i want to happen to somebody else run. >>and that is a michelle kingston she is is on tackling the story in the east bay about a sex-offender. let's listen in. >>100 a follower home she said no and she raced home on a bike as fast as she could. >>kennedy to protect her daughter but wants other parents to know about this man who allegedly approached her daughter at creekside park. >>what he is or kind of slick.
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her son. he was he knows exactly the right things to say 44 year-old munir hassan is a registered sex-offender. >>he said down at the bench where this woman's daughter was doing homework with a friend. the mother says that man convinced her 12 year-old daughter to leave the park he bought her candy. >>she gave him her cellphone number and then she went home and told her mom what happened. >>and the more she said the more. i got so uncomfortable realize that there's just no way. the he hasn't done so many times before. >>the next day his son something young girl that had. >>what's up with my cool girl. yes, this is matthew tonight his name if your number one fan and then there's a kiss he face emerging. i'm sure that you've been thinking about me probably as much as i've been thinking about you. i look
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forward to seeing you round 4 keep it game tight and then the next text the text in a all caps as do not respond to things. >>shortly after the text which received police arrested his son he's in jail in his victim's mother wants to make sure parents know how to talk to their kids to make sure this doesn't happen to them. it's about. >>keeping open lines of communication with your kids making sure that when you talk to them about anything. >>the you're open you're honest in pleasanton michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>coming up anti-vaxers against governor newsom's new
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>>and right now bart police are investigating an attempted carjacking at a bart station in oakland. a woman walking to her car says that 6 teenagers approached her at the macarthur is stop around noon on monday. police say that at least one of the teens tried to get into the vehicle but could not actually get the car started the suspects. ultimately gave up and then they made their way into the station where they boarded a richmond bound train. the train was held at pat macarthur until both the barton oakland police arrived they searched a train and the detained the 6 teens now some bathat they are concerned
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while searching the train for the suspects police recovered a fake handgun investigators believe was used to threaten the victim the suspects did not injure the woman physically during the attack. bart police investigators now checked to see if the attempted carjacking was captured on any of bart surveillance videos this week on. >>all the hosting a debate between the 4 main candidates, running for san francisco district attorney and we will be focusing on some of the biggest issues the city is facing. francisco's biggest heartache.
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>>and i don't recollect ever be quite so bad. right here. i know it. obviously not enough. i don't know who's responsible that seems like that. maybe
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that's where you go that might be a lot to ask the drug ad you know one around 5 toilet. i go. i'm sue they have there. >>that is one of the debates going on in san francisco, what to do about the homeless in san francisco district attorney's debate will be held right here in our kron 4 studios catherine heenan is the moderator. it will air at 3 o'clock on friday friday afternoon. >>on kron on the kron on app now our 4 zone forecast as we take a look outside at the embarcadero in san francisco gorgeous night out there joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow boy it was i was trying to do some it was. >>yeah toasty and tonight even now we've got some very warm numbers out there. well as i
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should just going to kind of hang outside if you can out that it's still 75 degrees in pacifica but you get over the hill there and a half moon bay down to 59 now now inside the bay are still dealing with a tease 83 degrees in fremont 81 in san jose 86 degrees in redwood city. intel these numbers this warm you've got a strong ridge of high pressure overhead. you've got those offshore winds continuing to blow 76 degrees still in san francisco, 79 in open right now 77 and 86 degrees and tear on 78 in san anselmo 73 degrees in petaluma 80 degree still a santa rosa so still holding on to some very warm temperatures go see very mild well throughout the night tonight and then we're going to turn up the heat once again today those temperatures running a good 20 degrees above the average we had 90 today in san francisco 92 in oakland 95 degrees in san jose, 98 in livermore a 100 to one in concord one oh 3 in santa rosa that was the hot spot, but all around the bay area places that you just not used to hot weather. it was
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sizzling 90's all around the bay today kind of a ring of 90's as we have those temperatures are soaring on to that big ridge even along the coastline, 84 degrees in half moon bay that's pretty impressive. so one record fell today that wasn't the sfo at the international airport in san francisco. they had a record of 94 beating the old record of 93 set many years ago in 1978, but we are going to see some changes coming our way tomorrow will be another hot day again. this will be the last in the way triple digits. inland back in the 90's in san francisco. >>these products flooded the market without anyone knowing how they would cause damage and now we're trying to clean up a mess. >>another person has died from a vaping-related illness that makes 9 deaths so far parents and lawmakers are at going new and lawmakers are at going new calls from the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using
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e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour. no man it's like... now it's 26. welcome aboard. ocean! skyride.
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>>the person has died from a vaping-related illness 9 deaths across the country so far but cdc reports that as of september 17th. there are 530 confirmed and probable cases of lung injuries related to the cigarettes, not rocks planes. the blunt warning from lawmakers and the cdc stop vaping. >>and joining the movement of who has parents against vaping e cigarettes and saying enough is enough for kids should not be the guinea pigs through the johnson speaking today in front of a house subcommittee on the dangers of vaping the cdc warns just don't do it.
8:26 pm
recent death sparking strong words from lawmakers to when a product is released onto the market without safety testing or clinical trials. >>this is what we fear the long-term health effects remain unknown, but that didn't stop lawmakers from sending a scathing letter to the fda about jewel a major brand of the cigarettes warning the fda, the company appears to be violating its regulations by claiming its product is safer than cigarettes jewel is expected to respond next week. earlier this month, the president of american vaping association defending the use of flavored products and pushing back on an all out ban on vaping there is absolutely some inappropriate marketing in this industry. >>and when you can actually have regulations not prohibition you can control flavor names you can control but the fact is they can't ignore all too often in this debate, fruit flavors are the most popular flavor among adults and most importantly the most-used flavor among adults who have quit smoking with look that explanation doesn't do enough for really johnson, a parent who seen the harmful effects of e
8:27 pm
cigarettes. >>if this was romaine lettuce the shelves will be empty. we desperately need our legislators to help us by banning the flavors that have drawn in use like my daughter including meant menthol. >>in washington, i'm not here romero. >>pelosi announcing a formal impeachmen this is the chevy silverado,
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with the world's first invisible trailer. invisible trailer? hop in. silverado offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different views- including one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible. wow. that's pretty sweet. that's cool. where'd the trailer go? or, get a total value of ninety seven sixty on this silverado all star without optional tech package or enhanced invisible view. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >>back to our top story tonight at 8.30 today, house speaker nancy pelosi announces
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a formal impeachment inquiry into president trump whitney wild is live for us in washington dc tonight with more whitney. >>house democrats are going to move forward with some kind of impeachment investigation or inquiry or whatever you call it have been surfacing for months but today marks a pivotal moment, house speaker nancy pelosi say for the first time that she is supporting an impeachment inquiry. today. >>i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry. >>in a brief and pointed speech house speaker nancy pelosi change congress's trajectory. the actions taken today by the president has seriously violated the constitution. president trump has now confirmed he asked the president of ukraine to investigate joe biden and his son hunter and before that call the president delayed sending aid to ukraine says funds. are outraged and say
8:31 pm
the president's request to a foreign leader to investigate a potential political foe of goes too far biden issued a scathing statement describing the allegation as an abuse of power we live. >>to get away with shredded the united states constitution. >>the campaign trail other candidates for president echoing calls for impeachment pay needs to be impeached. if university poll from august showed nearly 6 in 10 people opposed congress, impeaching president trump speaker pelosi happens to be the speaker of this house, but she does not speak for america when it comes to this issue. it's time to put the public before poliortics the president he remains defiant thing is it's a witch hunt it quickly tweeted out this response after the speakers announcement such an important
8:32 pm
day at the united nations so much work and so much success and the democrats purposely had to ruin and to meet it was more breaking news, witch hunt garbage. so bad for our country. >>the white house is saying that it plans to bring forth a whistleblower complaint to congress in addition, the administration is said that it plans to release the transcript of the call between the president. the united states and the president of ukraine back to you. >>when the so we know the president said that transcript could come out tomorrow what's the timeline on the other things what what is the house going to do next. >>so tomorrow, the house will vote on a resolution of disapproval with regard to that phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine moving forward. clear what the timeline is here because house speaker nancy pelosi has not said with any detail and that she is definitely bringing articles of impeachment to the house floor she's not said, she's not laid out any real game plan for moving forward what she has said is that the 6 committees who are all already doing an impeachment
8:33 pm
investigation can continue doing this, although she wants this all to get wrapped up swiftly. representative jerry nadler who is the head a very important committee in this respect has said he wants this all to be wrapped up by the end of the year so and what have happens tomorrow in the days that follow it's unclear but it appears that house democrats want to wrap this up within the next couple of months. >>what are you hearing on the hill from the gop. as you would expect that they are. displeased with the house speaker nancy pelosi statement today as you heard in the democrats were putting their own political agenda ahead, the will of the people that was echoed by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who said that this was a 2 and a half year parade toward impeachment. democrats were in effect planning to impeach they were just looking for a reason. >>but you know that seems like a whole lot change was in the last 2436 hours it. you know
8:34 pm
nancy pelosi had been pumping the brakes on impeachment from the get go all of a sudden. it seems like everything did a big one 80 did you get this sense of a huge mood shift on capitol hill. >>well it's a little bit unclear to to say you know if it was a mood shift or people were just simply so outraged by it what they saw in the call. so it it whether or not this was just a finally the time you know a wave that it finally crested it's unclear. but house speaker nancy pelosi in issued a statement today saying in effect that it was this. all between the president and the president of ukraine that really sent her over the edge. so now they are moving forward. >>ok thank you very much, we appreciated and no doubt a much to follow up in the days ahead. >>other news tonight earlier today on bay area politics or political analyst tom del beccaro and more afoot sparred back and forth over today's announcement specifically whether the american public
8:35 pm
will actually support impeaching the president. >>i think you know what's really interesting is that you know this is very orwellian and this is the party told you to reject with the evidence of your eyes and ears, everyone can see that the trump administration is besieged by scandal everyone can see that people are leaving the administration right right merica i don't agree with that statistic effect one poll in general most polls find him at 39 if the 9% there is yes to and so right now he's not a popular president. and i also think that we can't be making these decisions based on popularity. we actually have to have a system of government where the congress looks at the evidence there is a reason we have these checks and balances that nancy pelosi spoke about this wouldn't have become a big scandal had the whistleblower information been turned over in due course like it was supposed to be. this has been made into the impeachment scandal by actually the denial of handing
8:36 pm
over to people who sit on the correct bodies that are supposed to be reviewed turned over. as you said when it was supposed to be here's what an urgent matter means an urgent matter happened months that the actual ukraine phone call ever happened a while back. this is on trump is once elections that is going to be something that you will have to be held account for something we're about how is this going to end for yoe all i mean they're kyra democrats are going to lose the house, but let's let's go over this an urgent matter. if event happened several months ago the turning over 7 weeks later is not by definition an urgent matter in national security terms. >>so in fact there was nothing and the statute contrary to what you just said and contrary to what she said so we're going to talk about the rule of law and what is legal. you are
8:37 pm
factually and legally incorrect. all of it is about to come out because it has to work its way through the channels you just don't get too. tell the world what a foreign leader said privately. well now to do it. i if we let got permission more through the proper cycles all this will come out, and we'll see might there be audio because you know other people in bullet he say, here's thing if there was really something there of course he would totally i mean what's going to be kind of interesting about this is we're going to probably get all to look at the same facts and we around honorable. >>there is but would you rather hear that than be told by anybody here is the full definitely i mean on the audi a you'll be more likely to hear the wink wink nudge nudge. the donald trump is very classically known for hole, the your previous people have left his administration have said over and over again that you know you know what donald trump is trying to bully you into. and you don't have to have him say it
8:38 pm
outright adea would be great for getting to hear that. and i will say mafioso like. added to where he's pressuring people into providing what the trump wants. i think this is going to be really interesting. i do think that what might be kind of interesting about it is that we're all going to get a look at the same facts. week. >>it's kind of debate that's happening in a houses in neighborhood get together many of their calls on both sides absolutely fine we're going to more on this developing news during kron on's inside bay area politics was our host catherine heenan politics shows airs every saturday and sunday starting at 11 oh 05:00am on kron on as the bay area's only 24 hour commercial free streaming service. max here parents well e now joining together to try overturn the new law prev
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>>areas seeing the first flu deaths of the season santa clara county health officials say 2 people died from the flu. one was a and adult who was under the age of 65. apparently had some underlying health problems that contributed to the death. the other was a child who may have contracted the flu overseas. santa clara county health officials are now urging everyone to get a flu shot and practice, good hygiene. >>those include really basic things like washing your as often as possible, staying away from people that are sick. and it's also really important if you are ill to do
8:42 pm
what you can do not to spread your infection and that includes stay home from work, stay home from school, stay home from social gatherings. well you're ill. >>last flu season santa clara county saw 27 cases of severe flu that resulted in 8 deaths next today, the lights shut off to customers in 7 counties while p g is working to restore the power people are complaining saying that this can not answer to stopping wildfires and and sports arena get an update on the undefeated san francisco 49 ers as they enter
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>>crews in the sierra foothills spent the day inspecting power lines to make sure that there were no trees or branches f l and they damage them overnight 2 days slowly started restoring power to some homes but now homeowners are bracing for more shut-offs just come entry ports. >>in the tiny foothills town of rough and ready neighbors are ready to rock. >>that's that just runs. >>then state's power went out monday just before 05:00pm i don't have enough to get my well we're contrite of water. one of roughly 24,000 customers across nevada yuba and butte counties dealing off so it's frustrating in a mad. because i don't think there's a problem. he's picked an area so they were going to shut these people off
8:46 pm
pg e says the shout outs are due to high winds dry conditions and heat in the forecast tell dating the risk of their lines sparking wildfires, there's no wind. bush will warm a little dry. also that the genie claims it's working with the best forecasting information out there the way the system still there could be a section of line that runs through you know of windy hilltop or when the ball to area. >>that we need to shut that for safety and it could impact customers down the line that may not be experiencing that same weather pattern crews spent the day inspecting lines and working turn power back on to a few 1000 homes before more potential shut-offs tuesday evening, but business owners worry if this outage last much longer they could be out a lot of money we need them going to go bad my go back and bally market and liquor stands to lose 20 to $30,000 if their freezers remain off one of the few businesses in the area. >>using a small generator to power the cash register all in an effort to bring a little light to the dark situation, their neighbors are helping. >>it was with from thing to
8:47 pm
thing something >>times during the us hot weather is take a look outside of golden gate bridge as we get ready for forecast here. kron on's. >>new chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. call plus hours couple little money too because i'm working of also having. yes it's it's going to again. >>we saw that today but tonight probably going to be the peak of some of those wind gusts, especially in some of the north locations you can see all those areas shaded in red those all the areas that are under red flag warnings that northerly northeasterly wind is what's the problem that is that strong offshore winds very gusty winds and the strongest will be in parts of the north bay in northern snowmen or the napa county going to see some very strong gusty winds there. how weather all around the bay area to places that usually don't get it in and around the bay. these temperatures going to be
8:48 pm
says limits tomorrow afternoon outside in san francisco downtown maybe about 90 their 87 degrees in the marina, upper 70's along the coastline and the sunset 77 in daly city 79 in half moon bay with some downslope winds 90 in millbrae 90 also in burlingame 90 in san carlos about 94 degrees in mount view and 90's across much of the south bay with air quality not as good to a lot of move into your skies so yeah, the ridge of high pressure just not letting up just yet but that will change big time as we get into thursday. it will be windy over the mountain tops now not so much down below, but the winds and offshore winds combining and that high pressure ridge to bring those temperatures up the 90's even some triple digits in the santa rose up next couple days. no big change in the pattern tomorrow hot much cooler on thursday, maybe 20 plus degrees cooler around parts the bay area by thursday and even cooler as we get into friday and the weekend with temperatures will struggle to get to 70 degrees. thank you lauren supporters of california's new vaccine laws are set to start collecting
8:49 pm
signatures for a statewide ballot initiative now the group wants voters to decide whether a lot. >>governor newsome recently signed should go into effect and for capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>secretary of state alex by this week cleared opponents of sb to 76 and sb 7.14 to start collecting signatures for a statewide ballot initiative against those vaccine bills. the group wants voters to weigh in on whether those measures should become law the bills allow for a statewide crackdown of schools and doctors with higher numbers of childhood vaccine exemptions in order to qualify for the 20 20 ballot. the secretary of state says the group will need to collect 623,212 signatures from registered voters that figure is 5% of the total votes governor gavin newsome not in the 2018 election now this campaign against california's new vaccine last comes after intense protests at the state capitol after governor newsom signed the bills leaders of the campaign were not available for comment tuesday. the governor defending his decision to sign at a recent press conference and i'm. back then i listened.
8:50 pm
>>to my administration i listen to folks all sides of this debate and i supported. nation bill because i felt that it can be implemented in an effective manner. >>the secretary of state's office says the group has until december 9th together and submit those signatures reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. time now. >>well 3 weeks down in the nfl season in the 40 niners enter the bye as one of 8 remaining undefeated teams and even during scheduled time off the work doesn't stop there was the scene in santa clara this morning, a light practice. the niners have been impressive during this 3 know start top 5 in the league in total yards per game. 7 take a ways by the defense however, one glaring flaw you know that will be addressed protecting the football. 5 turnovers alone this past sunday. we won't see that team again until october 7th monday night against the browns. locked in on don't lose
8:51 pm
momentum during this early break. >>this is all about. and don't about week you know just. relax with same time we still have a goal and that's to get to the big you know we all have the mentality that we want to be most are not great and we just can't let that look got out i know these guys you need to know they have to do do the pair for the monday night against cleveland. >>over the raiders a tough loss for an already thin linebackers unit. mark kelly placed on injured reserve today with an ankle injury suffered in the loss at minnesota what's worse is he wasn't the only back to get her as perfect in its moral. also are dealing with injuries as of now of their status for sunday against the colts isn't
8:52 pm
clear. but years of the team me explore. >>outside options. >>pursuit of perfection ultimate highlight. >>finally our lexus ultimate highlight what a thrilling few weeks it's been for warriors legend al attles he was inducted into the hall of fame earlier this month and today the warriors unveiled the court named in his honor. the team's new state of the art training facility, a fitting tribute as he has been with the franchise for nearly 60 years as a player coach executive and team ambassador th
8:53 pm
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8:55 pm
>>a hiker is expected to be released from the hospital after spending 2 days stranded on a trail outside of seattle with 2 broken legs markle she shares her memory of the ordeal with reporters statement, karen. i was afraid pay. they didn't want that to be focus of what i was there. >>for 2 long days barber dads well tried to focus on the natural beauty surrounding her as she wondered how she would survive just had to think about. human and just i appear. you're going to have to do out on a day hike with her dog she nearly made it to the end of the trail when she slipped on a big law breaking her leg that can travel into a ravine i screamed so loud i thought the bears would go for help shock turned into determination. she used her dogs backpack some shoe strings and some sticks to create a splint for her leg
8:56 pm
and spent the next day and a half inching closer to the trail head. all of a sudden young runner her dog bark. i hear a person's voice. >>and i'm like are you first >>that man ran 2 miles and back to get some water and clothes from her car before driving down to the ranger station for help. search and rescue crews reached her hours later and brought her down to safety and thankful for everything that we have. >>now steve mccarren reporting she will receive trait treatment at a rehabilitation facility after she leaves the hospital surge around. >>in a she says that she will not be able to put any weight on. for the next 3 months. so maybe she will be hiking from while but she's okay, but she's in the big picture. that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 our primetime coverage just getting started on a very busy tuesday night grant lotus and vicki here with kron 4 news at
8:57 pm
night. can theresa thanks very much next tonight, breaking news announcing where will be shutting off power because of high fire danger tonight homes in 7 northern california counties. >>including a couple in the bay area will be without power overnight. we're live at the emergency operations center in santa rosa with the latest. >>plus house speaker nancy pelosi announces an official impeachment inquiry into president trump reaction tonight from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and 2 deaths in the bay area related to the flu. now doctors are urging people. >>to get a flu shot. keep it here ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express.
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>>now a night that breaking news tonight, the genie announcing more than 48,000 people throughout northern california will be losing electricity tonight in a preemptive power shut down to try to prevent wildfires. it was scorching hot of course today, the humidity is low the winds are expected to kick up overnight. this is a map showing the counties where customers power will be affected. thanks for being with us tonight at 9 everybody. i'm grant lotus. >>and i vicki liviakis said thanks for joining us tonight at 9 most of those affected are in the sierra foothills, but some customers in napa and sonoma counties also lose their electricity. our first year stone following the story for us he joins us now live from sonoma county chair you


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