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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  October 31, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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been really struggling to find space for all the pets and other animals that need help as kron four's rob fladeboe tells us another shelter has stepped up to answer the call. >>it's not clear if she ate any small when her family was changed from their sonoma county home of the kincade fire. but turbo the tortoise is clearly enjoying the hospitality of the santa cruz county animal shelter says manager ben legal black. >>tortoise came down with his family who is staying in santa cruz with friends or family and they couldn't how's the the tortoise with them so we offered help with that. >>these pictures show some of the more than 95 cats dogs, rabbits and chickens, taken in by the rohnert park animal shelter. it reached out for help and santa cruz answered the call. arriving here last night for turbo that orders, a lovely parakeet named brett a beautiful young calico cat named scrappy and 12 other
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cats they had so many animals coming in that they needed this space. >>and. we were able to help them with that. >>and so 13 catch that had to give up their spots to fire rescue animals in rohnert park where they shipped to santa. cruz fans were 13 other cats, all of whom are available for adoption had to give up their limited spock's all in the name of helping out in the fire recovery effort and we had to contact our foster homes and asked him to come in and help us. so we could help from her part or foster homes came in took. from our shelter into their homes created this space here the crush of evacuees and other pets here at the marine fairgrounds on sunday demonstrates the need the rohnert park shelter has taken in animals from the sonoma humane society which itself was threatened by the kincade fire. travolta toward us read the parakeet and many of the cash and other rescue animals will be reunited with their owners. but what's
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needed now for people to adopt one of the animals that were already homeless before the fire struck. you know some of the animals that are the showing up at shelters near the evacuation zone probably were straight. >>and they were pushed by the fire by the activity. that's the reason that they got picked up and they're you know, they're looking for the adoption homes they don't run or park animal services or santa rosa. they're on the same boat. >>in santa cruz rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>pretty little cat and if you know somebody who's lost or pour found a pattern if you have during the fire. there's now a social media page addressing all of this the kincade fire pet rescue and read unification a facebook page and scott post showing photos and descriptions of animals which have been found the page is run by no boundaries animal rescue that's run by volunteers. we have a link to all of this on our website at kron 4 dot com. as fires rage. >>in california, some
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homeowners are returning to find nothing left of their houses. matthew valdivia is home was destroyed in san bernardino counties hillside fire today. he was able to get his wife or children and some belongings out db also ran to neighbor's homes to alert them to the approaching flames. >>we had our first christmas in. >>the hillside fire broke out this morning near interstate 15 and forced hundreds of people to evacuate. let's get a check of the weather very much calmer conditions after those high winds and dry conditions that we've had and dave spahr is here with a hollowing forecast but also the 4 zone forecast. >>yeah, and you know, i'll tell you what as we get out the extended as well and getting into that. it's like this weekend forecast is really nice if it wasn't for all these problems we've had
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lately will be wonderful. forecast with that. but we have to get through this too and what's left over after losing the winds with the dry air clear skies. we have this freeze warning. that's been posted it covers a good chunk of the north bay particular concern is in the valleys because that's where you're going to get the coldest air and also one more the rural areas when you get away from the heat islands of the city's already urban a collection. so we it's in place for 02:00am to 09:00am going on tomorrow. temperatures again could dip in some outlying areas to the lower 20's but they said they a call from 25 to 32 is generally speaking what they look for you know any outdoor plans what we got to bring him and his beautiful day today will begin tomorrow tomorrow morning and taken back out again. but for tonight bring money and check on the pets and so forth. temperatures right now we're still in 60's territory, although nobody was slipping the 5764 san francisco. we have a little bit of what we'll call it drift on shore that's the marine layer kind of sliding in a little bit that will keep temperatures in san francisco in the east bay shoreline a little bit more tempered
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tonight kind of give you a little bit of a blanket 70 going on for concord mid 60's off the tri valley looks like an 64 meanwhile, san jose. what a run through this in terms of the temperature contrasts with 24 hours ago to get an idea from last night through today, blue means we're behind and a nice collection up here you can see in the delta around fairfield as well temperatures were pretty chilly through much of the day but now in the last few hours. we've been ahead of where we were from yesterday so even though it could be another cold night at least at least we're getting some moderation trying to sneak in here looks like over the next 3 hours, here's the lowdown we get through the 50's by already 9 o'clock tonight, ultimate lows, 49 san francisco, oakland, 4639 san jose. let's check in with your 4 zone forecast for your friday, 70 to san francisco. still looking at upper 60's covering the coast. bayside along the peninsula upper 60's but south we've got 70's, 74 mountain view 72. palo alto redwood city at 7369 milpitas 75 san jose morgan hill around
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74 east bay shoreline. we s me upper 60's, but hey we're at 72 tri valley is going to jump back up to mid 70's tomorrow, expect a lot of that in london 75 for walnut creek you can see danville san ramon about 74 and 72 meanwhile for oakland and up to the north bay after you have morning lows in spots that might be in the 20's and jumping up to the 70's that's 50 degree jump in some cases there talk about stretching the thermometer 77 for santa rosa petaluma 75. and in your seven-day forecast. more 70's stover you go to your clocks back one our sleeper for saturday night. we were looking at maybe a chance of some rain try to develop on tuesday, but all we scrounge up to some scattered clouds back to you all right, thank you dave. move today after the house votes on the impeachment inquiry. >>we'll tell you what happened and what's ahead for president trump. wildfires burning across southern california being fueled by high winds. we'll have an update on what's happening there.
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>>so news tonight, the house of representatives formalize the impeachment inquiry into president trump. >>that vote was split almost entirely along party lines. it sets the stage for the next more public face of this investigation. mary maloney has the latest from washington. >>the resolution is adopted without objection the motion to reconsider is laid upon the
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table. a divided house sent a message the impeachment inquiry into president trump is moving forward. >>it's a sad day because nobody comes to congress to impeach a president of the united states, no this step is significant for the first time in the trump presidency that presented go to on the record and set rules to make the impeachment process more public. >>the fire proceeds wills decide whether go forward with impeachment that decision has not been made that issue a whistleblower complaint alleging the president pressured ukraine to investigate democratic rival, the political polarization into the democratic lead investigation on full display. no republican voted for the measure. 2 democrats voted no on the resolution not only did every single republican reject the soviet style impeachment process. >>but we were even joined by democrats who couldn't stand
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it anymore. >>almost immediately president trump reacted to the decision tweeting the greatest witch hunt in american history in the sham that has been putting this country through this nightmare. behind the house of representatives voted on an impeachment inquiry into a sitting president. >>while it's unclear how quick the investigation will be what is clear the process will consume the country's attention before the 2020 elections in washington, i'm mary moloney. i recall martin in washington open enrollment picks all tomorrow for affordable care act plans. coming up, i'll tell you what senate democrats are doing to try and spread the word and if you are streaming us on that on on the news does continue during the commercial break just go to kron on dot tv to see what you're
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>>california firefighters at the scene of a string of wildfires across the state and again there are reminding people to heed any warnings to get out when they're told to evacuate. steve nana's has the latest. >>devastation overnight in parts of san bernardino california has some residents awoke to find this. the hillside fire is the latest in a series of wildfires wreaking havoc across the state of california. firefighters rushing to residential
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neighborhoods doing whatever they can to contain the new >>you know they they got lucky. thank god, they got on >>the fast-moving fire consumed at least 6 homes and at least 2 other buildings in san bernardino county according to officials the speed of the fire underscoring the importance of staying alert. >>the folks don't evacuate. we asked him to it will be very difficult to try to get them out. when the fire's moving toward their homes. >>and another new blaze the 46 fire destroying homes in riverside county. the local high school has been opened as an evacuation center. all across the state officials making some headway. but another challenge us. >>other is going to be a challenge to us today. are still expecting 20 to 30 mile an hour winds. california governor gavin newsom says the federal government is assisting and urges all residents to remain alert.
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>>the van as kron 4 news. >>in san francisco today interim district attorney's suzy loftus introduced quote operation tangled web that's an effort to try to tackle car break ins within the city over the next 60 days during the holiday season. police officers will target residential hot spots and shopping areas, san francisco police chief bill scott explains >>we have a number of . strategies that we will employ some of are tried and true some of the movie innovative and different. but we do think that we will address that impact this issue over the next 60 days. we know that there's a small amount of people that are very organized to commit these crimes and that's what we're going after. i want to make a difference. we want our city to be the safest city. country and we're working toward that. >>so far this year there have been more than 20,000 car break ins in san francisco last year there were 21,000. >>an investigation is underway after of eta security officer shot and killed a man last
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night in san jose it happened at the light rail station on santa teresa boulevard deputies responded to reports of a man threatening people with knives and a pair of scissors. they say as they were responding and armed security officer fired shots at and the suspect later died at the hospital. the officer was not injured the man's identity has not yet been publicly released. >>for your health open enrollment for the obama care plan. the sec kicks off tomorrow. >>senate democrats are pushing a plan they say will help spread the word but the bill is stock in the republican controlled senate. >>washington dc reporter raquel martin tells us lawmakers are urging a vote today say will help millions of americans get the health care plan they need. >>senator mcconnell, it's time to pass the enroll act. >>what are you waiting for on the eve of open enrollment senate democrats are calling on republicans to restore
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funding to help people sign up for affordable care act planned families deserve to have help. >>in finding the best health care plan for them michigan senator debbie stabenow says million is needed to fund the group's. >>that help people navigate their insurance options. the trump administration slashed the funding by more than 80% senator ron wyden called the cuts sabotage public health care dirty tracks senator tammy baldwin says limited information puts lives at risk today. >>more americans are uninsured than when president trump took office. >>the white house says it still encouraging people not for open enrollment. but they warn the program is unaffordable they're looking for today, it's replace. >>we are administering the program as best we can and we think it's it's the severely flawed joe grogan is director of domestic policy at the white house. >>and wants to see the a c a replace that's sending the wrong message to people but joshua pack co-founder get
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america covered says the administration has its facts wrong word to the free help that customers can find a planned for $10 or less he says premiums are down and the senate should pass the enroll at to help spread the word. the deadline to enroll is december 15 even though the house passed asked enroll at more than 5 months ago the senate has yet to call a vote in washington recall martin. >>also a for your health tonight cases of vaping-related lung disease they continue to rise across the country. the cdc has confirmed 1888 cases, 37 people in 24 states have died. lung injuries, so they've all been related to vaping health officials still have not been able to identify the official cause of the outbreak but in each case, the victims used the cigarettes our vaping products. most of the deaths have been among people who fake products, including. thc that's the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. >>iphone sales are in a slump
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foot apple's other products and services are helping the company grow iphone sales fell 9% last quarter. that's despite the release of the new iphone 11 but sales of services were up 18% that includes things like apple music and the soon to be released apple tv plus some apple hardware was up to including the ipad sales were up 17% between july and september sales of wearables such as air pa the apple watch are up 54%. tourists from the east coast took a ride on the bay bridge on this an electric scooter he was planning to ride a scooter from san francisco to oakland. the truck was trailing behind him apparently protecting him from other vehicles. the highway patrol says a man thought he could take a scooter on the bridge. she was apparently wrong. he got a citation for that effort. >>4 news at 6 a look at the forecast to the winds have subsided leaving behind cold air and that means we've got a freeze warning in place for tonight. we'll take a look
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>>is getting into the halloween spirit of sharing this photo of a huge star that looks a little bit like a jack o lantern, but they're kind of help not see that by drawing the pumpkin not outline a nasa space telescope captured this picture. it also shows a cloud of gas and dust carved out by the star, very cool. >>kids across country of course knocking on doors trick or treating tonight. >>and it turns out that to the best neighborhoods in the country to trick or treat are here in the bay area, real estate site zillow they broke down the 20 best cities in the country to visit on halloween. number one on the list presidio heights, some san francisco number 2 west san jose. pack up and go. >>we're celebrating halloween here kron 4 we've been asking viewers to send us pictures of their costumes and here you go. >>that includes this picture of 4 year-old olivia 2 year-old lucas with their mother other dressed as jurassic park dinosaurs they said that of the youngest
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dinosaurs probably more interested in the candy, but you can send us your pictures as you head out to trick or treat you can do it through the reported tab on our kron 4 news app that's the winning car take a at the tiger. >>a clear shot from the golden gate and coming up the winds on the flight we had a fight not doing much of anything so little cool called a drift and on shore drift a little bit bring in some of that marine layer in across the golden gate into a little bit the but for the most part we're talking about dry air for tonight. that's why we're watching those temperatures. the forecast the tricks and treats activity. a chilling night also thermally too by the way but 40's going on for the inland valleys 50's in and around the bay. now after midnight, the temperatures will continue to fall we're looking for subfreezing temperatures particularly up in the north bay where they have the the freeze warning in place how we doing so far temperatures are still holding in the 60's now we're in the upper 60's icon hayward 6764
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for fremont inland we're looking at 59 livermore tri valley a valley temperatures of course the cooler air going to the into the valley 65, antioch up to the north bay here santa rosa also 5962 for napa and mid 60's for san francisco, they'll be a little bit more stubborn for temperatures to drop there because that rain later adds a little bit above a buffer. so for the next 3 hours or 6 hours this is how it kind of comes together 59 to 55 to 53 by 9 o'clock under clear skies. not a big big drop yet. but when we get to tonight, we'll see again those subfreezing temperatures going on in the inland valleys wake up will have again cold temperatures by 08:00am 40's and again some upper 30's and the inland areas in rural sections away from the heat islands where temperatures have not yet recovered by noon everybody gets in the 60's and actually areas around the bail be a little more sluggish for afternoon highs with a little marine layer, 73 for the bay but 75 or better in some of the inland valleys and it looks like this is gonna hold on into the weekend. air is
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going to mean somewhat dry but at least those overnight lows won't be as nasty as that high repositions itself, there's a look at high temperatures prayer projected for tomorrow we've got 70's all over the board in those inland valleys, upper 70's looks like for santa rosa, and lots of sunshine. all right so much guns have to bundle up tonight with tide. yes, and all that yeah and the chocolate melt. that's right that's a key in the >>thanks for joining us, everyone will see tonight at 8 o'clock midnight. there are those who will say that you're:
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top dog. the photo president trump tweeted that's causing a stir. what this medal of honor winner says about being replaced by a dog. >> some people believe that it was disrespectful to you. then the epic world series celebration slide. and the story captivating the nation. little natalia. is she 16 years old, or 30 as her adoptive parents claim? exclusive. the family that once wanted to adopt her settle it once and for all. >> you believe is


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