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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 31, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. to a lot of people in this bay area. that's the difference that's the key. that's the key difference. and as someone who's worked at this study this who is live on the commission on civil rights has been in politics as much as long as i have. and use. watch what this president has done to this country. the things that you care about. but unless you subscribe to all that the math that means nowadays. that's why show for
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this week. and next week will go back to the fund fund world of impeachment. but watch the crime watch the kron 4 segment on this think about it a little bit ask yourself. the tough questions. why what how does this relate these are the things that become the smart asks and how you analyze what's going on in the world today. i'm michael yaki this is the politically smart ask. thank you for joining me see you next week.
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>>means said that so warning area. so that is something to consider new look had a little bit east to get into toward calistoga on the border of napa county into lake county right on the edge on the southern portion of the fire zone that too is under a warning of a possible evacuation and then the pink area in the middle for the most you can barely make out the red border, the wind that is the perimeter of the fire itself from those red dots indicate where there are still hot spots where the fire is still burning so again. the area where the evacuations have been ordered has shrunken dramatically since yesterday and so a lot more people are back home tonight. we have more breaking news to tell you about this time out of southern california that's where crews are battling another wildfire. i want to show you some live pictures this is called the maria fire is burning just south of the small towt of santa paula in
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ventura county that's just east of point mugu oxnard area just north of camry o if you know that part a southern california officials say the fire ignited on top of south mountain just after 6 o'clock tonight. prompting precautionary evacuation so far enough fires burned about a 150 acres. there are no reports of any injuries and this is just the latest fire to break out in southern california fueled by those powerful santa ana winds will keep an eye on this fire and bring you updates as they occur. all right our meteorologist dave spahr is here with a look at the conditions firefighters are facing the try to put these fires out. >>also evacuees dealing with a cold night ahead of what they've got a to because it's going to be cold up there in the north bay we've got to a freeze warning that has been posted a covering a lot of the area that you just saw up to sonoma county. and that's because temperatures are going to below freezing in stay that way for an extended period of time this 25 to 32 generally speaking we look at this technically from friday 02:00am to 09:00am now some
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areas in rural areas, particularly out away from heat islands of the city's already urbanized area. they can see temperatures dip even a lower to comey's valleys in the lower 20's temporarily so the ai advice is bring in the plan some check on the pets and so for them to take a back outside tomorrow. tomorrow morning after the suns up for a few hours because we have a great day and store tomorrow, and the winds have died down which is good news too. 50's and 40's already appear to the north bay nap is checking in at 47, 60 open hayward also a little bit of good news. we have a little bit of will call the draft on shore drift of a little bit of that marine layer speaking here along the east bay shoreline for tonight now. so we'll break it down for you about 50 to about 9 o'clock or so dropping to 48 by 11. but getting much colder than that really take a look at the tricks tricks and treats forecast coming up a bit back to you all right, thank you dave and we have team coverage of the can kade fire for you tonight from force, michelle kingston spent some time in lake county today and firefighters who have a pretty good handle on the fire now but. >>they say the fight is not over just yet. michelle.
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>>they're focusing now on the eastern side in lake county they say that it is their main priority. along main roads in sonoma and lake counties thanking first responders for their hard work this past week fighting the king cake fire we want to get this contained and we want to make sure that lake county. >>is defended. today dozers working to clear brush and prevent the fire from spreading and helicopters killing of 3 to 500 gallon buckets of water to put out hot spots. >>fire today. did then firefighters feeling optimistic. >>over these last couple of days, i've had the opportunity to observe the different fire behavior. and the first night. and what i've observed is that there's been a lot less fire activity. >>well, many people are able
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to return home, mandatory evacuation orders are still in effect. and people living near the fire. they are fighters appreciate those who were. home so they can do their job. >>just be the frustrating being evacuated that we are working as hard as we can to get this incident contained. make it safe for the community. >>conditions are certainly improving we're not feeling much wind we're not smelling that smoke and it is much easier to breathe out here right now live in calistoga tonight, michelle kingston kron 4 news that is good news thank you, michelle and 10's of thousands of people have been allowed to get back home and they're trying to get back into their normal routine kron four's maureen kelly she talked to some people in the lark field working up area near santa rosa and. >>they say they were really glad to find their homes still standing. you know there's
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nothing like sleeping year-old frank woodward his roommates and pets are back in their home off wikia drive. >>after being evacuated from here for several days there was concern that the lurk field with area was in the past half of the fire as the winds shifted tuesday night. he says they were more prepared to leave dead when they evacuated in 2017 because of the tubbs fire we had everything packed up and ready to go were evacuated. >>and the first responders were great the you know everybody everybody has been as helpful as they could be and i'm very appreciative for that. >>there's no place like home. >>pam mason is now back home to her rental she and her husband are still out of their house which burned down 2 years ago. >>but they say the house there 2 weeks away from moving back into did not burn this time. she says evacuating for a second time in 2 years brought back some bad memories just moments of having ptsd and this did bring it back to us to bring. >>yeah it did and we packed everything we had into cars
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just because we didn't baby that's all we have. >>nicole husam helped move her 9 year-old back thursday their power's back on but not the gas she's had to fill her garbage can with everything that was in her fridge very much team forward is happy to have a house her daughter kayla happy to be home in time for halloween i get to do makeup and get my costume ready. >>and feel like you can you can come >>having a home to come back to after trick or treating with her family safe is the biggest read of all maureen kelly kron 40's. >>want to show you now a list of evacuation centers still open at this hour. this is according to the sonoma county website if you are still under evacuation. the santa rosa veterans memorial building the sonoma county fairgrounds specifically finley hall and grace hall. in santa rosa cross walk church napa valley expo and these evacuation centers are only accepting large animals were talking about the sonoma marin fair grounds in petaluma and the alameda county fairgrounds in
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pleasanton all the addresses for these evacuation centers are posted on our website kron 4 dot com. >>one animal shelters trying to help another one after the can kid's fire displaces a lot of it perhaps another animals from their homes, how one bay area shelters trying not to leave any animal behind. >>the has said these power shut-offs could be a yearly event for the next 10 years. if you're thinking of investing in a generator. we have a breakdown of what to look for. then we asked pg in the tough questions in a live report after the break we'll hear an update on the. >>power shut off sandy accusations that pga has started 5 fires in the bay area this week alone. >>and happy halloween from all us here kron 4 news. >>for meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez had a lot of fun today. she was talking to people along the embarcadero all dressed up for halloween.
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>>kron on meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez happy here at the embarcadero and i have a few friends. and joining the beautiful weather. so i see you 2 are just very similar. what are you. we are cal bears are you from power. ah yes, i grew up in moran. county act. but he dressed up as one he's an honorary cal there today. >>see i'm dressed as kevin hart who's dressed as. >>costume within a cost down.
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>>tonight pg e says it has restored power to 358,000 customers still a 6,700. they still don't have service tonight, the utility held >>needing evening newscast. the news conference they've been doing this every night for the last few to talk about their efforts kron four's taylor sack us air she joins us now live with more taylor yes, some pretty pointed questions at that news conference. >>that's also want to bring up that a majority of those customers who are still without power days near the kincade fire those near damaged power lines but despite these preemptive power shut off genie is under investigation for at least 5 bay area fires just this past week most recently contra costa fire officials said pg e power lines started the bethel
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island fire and opened fire on sunday. you can see surveillance video of sparks shooting from its lines moments before the bethel island fire. in addition to that the california public utilities commission is now investigating pg e and its equipment relating to 2 lafayette fires over the weekend they destroyed a tennis club and the nearly 78,000 acre can kate fire. so far the kincade fire destroyed 349 structures, we also asked pg tonight how these fires are happening despite shut. often, here's what ceo and president bill johnson had to say. >>how would you respond to these customers frustrated that we're still seeing these fires despite shut offs. >>we've shown here damage of over 300 instances of things that could have caused fires and major fires and you saw the pictures behind marcus he was talking. lines down debris in lines all of which. can cause catastrophic wildfire. so in a wind event like we had
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that may have caused some of those fires you referenced i haven't seen the report said. really allocated that you could have a fire in any instance, the so i think what we've done is mitigated and avoided. numerous the things that could have been catastrophic fire. >>johnson also said tonight that he believes the majority of the fires are because of climate. well we'll have more on his responses coming up at 9 reporting live in san francisco tailored to sackey kron 4 news killers. thank you now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside at the barca daryl in the city and beautiful halloween night and joining us is meteorologist dave spahr who has been telling us. >>a pretty chilly i want to dress up the ghosts and goblins but something else extra on the maybe even some gloves perhaps because it will be plenty chile just on the evening hours but then after midnight, yeah we're the same relief all those to be in those outlying areas, here's a look at the forecast going on for tonight too we've got 40's
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and 50's 40's of course in the inland areas. 50's around the immediate they a chilly night as we got going on and that includes thermally as well tonight we expect 49 going on san francisco's and ultimate low 46 for oakland, 39 san jose kind of hinting at what occurs in london. but in the valley there that colder air settling down which will see also in the north bay too cold starts with 30's. even some 20's potentially at dawn, but 30's inland 47 at the coast. everybody catches up the 60's territory by high noon and then by 03:00pm we're up to 75 inland 66 at the coast getting your 4 zone forecast former specificity 72, san francisco. we've got the upper 60's along the coast expected tomorrow and also for the bay wall to wall sunshine down in the southern end of the peninsula lower to middle 70's in place. again the south a nice recovery from those lower upper 30's, 75, san jose 76 cupertino some 60's but 72 for
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hayward 75 tri valley for pleasanton livermore also for walnut creek 72 for oakland richmond, 72, and jumping up here to the north bay where temperatures may climb as much as 4045, almost 50 degrees for the morning lows, 74 for napa 77 for santa rosa, let's take a quick gander that 7 day forecast here. we do have to turn the clocks back an hour for saturday night when you retire, and we're hoping by tuesday maybe some showers but scattered clouds as best we can muster back to you. >>all right, thank you dave a lot of people have been using generators during the power shut off swann is now being blamed for a house fire it happened. pollack pines in el dorado county officials say a home was destroyed after a generator sparked a fire here. it's not clear whether it happened because of a malfunction or whether it was a user error. portable powered generators, they have been flying off shelves and hardware stores again of course because of the power shut off site professional say you really need to know what you're doing when connecting a
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generator. >>today, a hardware store employee gave kron four's madyun some advice. i'm here in the parking lot of them are in a hardware store. it is a location that has remained open throughout the recent pga any public safety power shutdowns. >>that's because the stores been running on a portable powered generators. in fact the supervisor here tells me it's just a power started going out there's been a big run on power generators for folks here in this area we have 6 locations throughout the bay area. and we every generator we could from them. the folks who tell me that before you buy one of these there are a few things you need to know the main thing is to know the water jay you're trying to power because if you don't have the proper happened to what could happen the more you could potentially ruin all the devices that you're trying to our worst case scenario. the other fire. definitely do not bring inside your house and fired at police probably 20 feet from the building
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itself but the exhaust point away from the house if you want to make sure that your power generators installed correctly these folks here say it's not a bad idea to have a professional come out to your house and help you with the installation call local handyman. >>they will be able to help me out and although the power is coming back online. there may be another public safety power said down in the future. >>and if you're thinking ahead, you can still find about it half-dozen power generators here in the parking lot of this ace hardware store. zygmunt yoon kron 4 news. >>still ahead many schools had to close during the power shut off this weak governor newsom took a tour of one school that managed to keep the power on. >>i'm joined by some friends is out here dress up for halloween perfect time for their lunch time hour what's your name. stephanie, i'm just as the little mermaid. i am rosen from the grudge. and
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here to dress up at the embarcadero. instacart a lot of people are dressed up for halloween having a one on one of my manager oh they're so your managers here very fun grade on one time. it's called time for me and i'm looking forward to some video calls often in a very nice great free time now for a straw with life. they do so much for joining us beautiful day, a beautiful weather out here at announcer: 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. it's an epidemic fueled by juul with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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>>and the south bay, san jose police confirm a man is dead after a confrontation with officers it happened this afternoon but to 30 on mckee road near north jackson avenue. investigators say officers were responding to a report of a man with the gun and at some point that man was shot. he later died at the hospital. no other details are available. governor. >>visited a school today which went to this week without power. now how those schools were able to bring children back into the classroom, even with the power shut off school explained. >>prada meteorologist rodriguez here at mark and errol. very cool may the 4th be with you. i'm with the good. dressing up for halloween.
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>>to get some ice cream across the street right now it's only solace a beautiful hauling him gorgeous day, good to be outside and what are your plans for tonight, we're going china live costume contest. that sounds amazing well best of luck hopefully u n. today, plenty of sunshine, calm wind speeds but a chilly night is ahead so just. be sure to dress in layers tonight, the ladies. the trick or treat be the trick or treat be saved. i hope you have a great ♪ the trick or treat be saved. i hope you have a great ♪ ♪ ♪
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>>state leaders now taking a look at the effect that the power shot us have had on school. they're also learning how some schools managed to stay open our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. the lights are back on a blue oak elementary school in the sierra foothills governor gavin newsome visiting one of many schools trying to make the most of it situation after multiple power shut off this month without power, we would not have. >>fire alarms. so weak apart plan to bring in individuals who would a service a fire watch. >>despite the blackout the school stayed open this week using a couple smaller-scale generators, our of necessities like the internet state leaders met with school officials and students thursday to hear how they manage students say there was a boost in outdoor activities and time to read did you really feel like you like to
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learn that day. >>the governor reiterated california regulators are investigating pg any for the blackouts that could schools in this situation in the first place or utilities. >>newsome wasn't specific. but says his office will soon reveal how the state will double down on forcing new protocols and operations for pg any in el dorado county ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>first showing a live look now as we step outside of the golden gate bridge, a reminder there's still 6700 customers without power tonight due to the pga knee. power shut-offs and con for meteorologists dave spahr is here and are so some of those people without power they could get pretty chilly. >>it indeed a ticket don't have gas heater they don't have accessibility or whatever it is and we've got temperatures in some parts of the bay dropping in below
8:29 pm
freezing into even the 20's so it will be quite chilly going on there could have maybe some cases some frozen pipe for ticking when you get out of the mid to lower 20's. here's a look how we stand now holding in some areas like around the immediate they were about 60 or so for oakland hayward san francisco is 64. but to start to get inland up in the north bay particular dropping off a napa 4746 novato 54 santa rose even 61 for san jose it looks like that's holding the tri valley livermore about 54. so the red fire excuse me read fight so used to that from this week ahead not a red flag warning anymore, we're looking at a freeze warning going on in the north bay, this is protecting going to be severe in those valleys, we know cold air is down so it's dry air. we have both of those and they're going to settle into the valleys and when you get away from urban areas which act as a heat island. you don't have help from that to keep temperatures supported so again in some outlying areas that can drop below 25, this technically in from 02:00am to 09:00am for the overnight hours. a look ahead, it's
8:30 pm
clear and cold going on for everybody tonight, we got a freeze warning in the north bay, we just talked about tomorrow, mostly sunny warming, we've got to those 60's and 70's back again and then this weekend, moderation on those lows but the afternoon highs will be with to be a pretty nice weekend forecast. we have all these problems earlier. here's what happens overnight a little bit of that marine layer sneaks in for portions of the east bay shoreline, san francisco and off towards the delta. but then it really much dissipates and even though we won't have much away the strong offshore winds will have a weak one, but not real strong it's enough to really keep these bone dry conditions firmly in place all this weekend. tomorrow's highs, 75 san jose, 69 meanwhile going on for san francisco and across the greater bay temperatures again reaching the mid to upper 70's and in some cases temperatures will climb from 40 to 45 even 50 degrees from their chilly overnight lows back to you. >>thank you dave, it's a halloween. so a lot of people ask about haunted things in there are some who wonder if there are spirits haunting
8:31 pm
parts of sacramento and some paranormal investigators say yes they are yeah, some of the go shows visit doug johnson, he talked to a paranormal investigator to find out why. >>so many people believe yes, it's true. >>i get a lot of phone calls from people who have. need help. >>paul roberts and his wife deanna stinson run halo paranormal investigations, we invest a fine >>what's haunting the place to find out there's any natural causes and if there is something that is actually haunting the home. we bless a home. >>through the years they've investigated many homes as well as buildings here in old sacramento. though say you don't have to go far to encounter spirits. but eventually claims she's a psychic medium meaning she can better pick up a spirits energy i pick up a lot of lake how ways and lake.
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>>the miners and like 11 little kids are really attracted to me for some status as she sends children often at the old sacramento schoolhouse museum k if there's anyone here. >>please let me know using a digital recorder they try to get them to respond talk to us don't be shy a playback we think we picked up a response. there's no telling for sure though is also criminal hot it is it not well at least one underground tour group here tells us. they don't believe it is but this isn't the only part of the city that had reports of ponting's some state employees have long claimed they seen a ghost inside the california capitol building. they believe goes from a 1927 murder suicide on the old part of the building. still hunt the holes in april that year lobbyist harry hill shot and killed capitol staffer mary bill wallace just outside the elevators on the 4th floor.
8:33 pm
>>a building doesn't have to be old in order to be hunted. >>in the pocket area. these were new homes and these new homes, we're built over a cemetery to look sleeping after known that. >>in sacramento, doug johnson. >>and this is some video evidetce are full house or something that just. animals have been evacuated and displaced in the can kate fire now one shelter in santa cruz stepping up to help them get temporary and permanent homes the deal you could get for helping out. >>prada meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez happy halloween, i'm here. and i'm joined by day and off and what's your name. >>i'm the white claw how long i don't see any white clouds on you they're for later. work appropriate i like that and what about you i'm dan dot. and get off the black. just
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♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. >>and some of them of course were evacuated in the can kid fire. they are struggling to find space for all the pets and other animals in need of help as kron four's rafael tells us as santa cruz shelter is now answered the call. >>it's not clear if she ate any small when her family was changed from their sonoma county home of the kincade fire. but turbo the tortoise is clearly enjoying the hospitality of the santa cruz county animal shelter says manager ban legal black. >>tortoise came down with his family who is staying in santa cruz with friends or family and they couldn't how's the the tortoise with them so we offered help with that. >>these pictures show some of the more than 95 cats dogs, rabbits and chickens, taken in
8:38 pm
by the rohnert park animal shelter. it reached out for help and santa cruz answered the call. arriving here last night for turbo that orders, a lovely parakeet named brett a beautiful young calico cat named scrappy and 12 other cats they had so many animals coming in that they needed this space. >>and. we were able to help them with that. >>and so 13 catch that had to give up their spots to fire rescue animals in rohnert park where they shipped to santa. cruz fans were 13 other cats, all of whom are available for adoption had to give up their limited spock's all in the name of helping out in the fire recovery effort that we had to contact our foster homes and asked him to come in and help us. so we could help from her part or foster homes came in and took from our shelter into their homes created this space here the crush of evacuees and other pets here at the marine fairgrounds on sunday demonstrates the need the
8:39 pm
rohnert park shelter has taken in animals from the sonoma humane society which itself was threatened by the kincade fire. travolta toward us read the parakeet and many of the cash and other rescue animals will be reunited with their owners. but what's needed now for people to adopt one of the animals that were already homeless before the fire struck. you know some of the animals that are showing up at shelters near the evacuation zone probably were straight. >>and they were pushed by the fire by the activity. that's the reason that they got picked up and they're you know, they're looking for the adoption homes they don't run or park animal services or santa rosa. they're on the same boat. >>in santa cruz rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>a community in need evacuations from the kincade fire and the power shut off set left a lot of people without food, throwing out hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars worse and that is not easily replaced
8:40 pm
now take a look at how the community is coming together for those in need and how you can help. >>and in sports. the 40 niners try to remain unbeaten in the valley of the sun you could say it was a thriller mark's got the highlights he is coming up. >>just the preserve that i'm here at barkhad aaron i'm joined by. happy halloween halloween. what's your name and what do you dress up as. >>it is john sample and dress up as mermaid man and i'm reminded article boy. >>a very cool. so what are your plans today for halloween. >>while we thought we just taking little stroll on the embarcadero get a gift for her moms your day this weekend and then had not be office and ship somewhere happy hour later for sure
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>>in the north bay charities from across the noma county and the city of santa rosa came together today to help those who've been affected by the kincade fire and the recent power outages city of santa rosa along with see santa rosa, the redwood empire food bank salvation army in christian charities all held together a food distribution event. it was at the family community center. in the morning hours people dropped off food and then through thep afternoon hundreds of people perhaps even thousands came by to picks them up after 2 weeks of fires and power outages, a lot of people just throw out food that had turned bad in for a lot of people it's hard to replace those items the event was thrown together at the last minute so people
8:44 pm
could stop by and get what they needed trying to get back to a normal living situation for neighbors who have endured and are still in during the power outages, this event to was very welcome. >>is incredibly helpful us on facebook i was here's second time, i've got 4 kids at >>the redwood empire food bank was also affected by the mandatory evacuations from the kincade fire now they're looking to restock their shelves and a crime for son austin hernia she talked to the chief executive officer of that food bank. >>about what they need. >>well we are glad to say that we are back in full operation we are shut down. due to the public for the costs few days. but we are able to receive food get it out in a sort of spartan manner. but now the effect of this morning we're full tilt donations would help right. yes, we are interested in donations. i you know my set fires are extinguished
8:45 pm
young people go back to work and get back to their normal lives the people in need of food who are impacted by the fire. they continued after a need so we're seeing in the process now of as much food as many fines as possible. we're always looking for the answer the question. what's for dinner tonight. so we're always looking for their core of the plate to protein of course any healthy grab and go types of foods because people are on the move there have been evacuated there moving about throughout the county. anything that's healthy and easy to move about and easy to access being. pop top type wounds and things like that are always beneficial. now we have a screen right now says the kind of foods that you know and just said you know if you can think of what to take. >>absolutely does it all the great items year round as a matter of fact how your food bank. food usually was a very complicated question. but we are all constantly continually throughout the year conducting food drives. we're generous corporate part there is a
8:46 pm
manufacturer's throughout the area as well as throughout the state of california and the nation to continue. >>so we buy a tremendous amount of food because not everything is donate it so we spend a couple million dollars a year accessing food that is sold them donated, we have a robust prodi's program called farm this family that operated to the california association of foodbanks where we bring in produce throughout the state to all banks throughout california and we've we are able to knit together a robust provision of healthy people are in need of so we need people to volunteer their time. we need people to raise food collapse food, those food drives within their companies. inspire their companies to participate and then that we need the problemsnbecause without funds, none of it goes out the door and so we call it the complete serving so with that i also want to encourage viewers. >>to support their local food banks that we have a mutual aid agreement with all 3 days
8:47 pm
throughout the bay area and they help us so i would encourage people to help their local food banks and in turn they will help us. >>and this full interview did run on kron on our 24 hour commercial free news streaming service you can download kron on today for exclusive content and stay informed when breaking news happens in your neighborhood. >>and we'll get right to it the undefeated san francisco 49 ers on thursday night football putting their 7 game win streak on the line against the arizona cardinals here we go halloween night in the valley of the sun fans in the spirit, scary, dressed up. ready to go. now the 49 ers first the series george kittle the star tight end gets a helmet to the new from chandler jones frightening moment for the niners as kittel leaves the game bought. he would come back then come back big end of the 1st quarter jimmy garoppolo to
8:48 pm
slant breaks a tackle stiff-armed another defender to the ground. rebels in for a 30 yard touchdown that ties the game at 7, 9, ers led by 14 at the half. cards got within 7 out of the break but here comes san francisco gras float 5 times floats want to dante pettis and cue, the thriller dance on halloween night that is jimmy g's 4th touchdown pass a career high. fast forward to the 4th got interesting niners up 2817 cards on their own 12 yard line kyler murray, andy isabella, look at him go runs across the field runs multiple 49 er defenders, an 88 yard catch-and-run to the house cardinals will tack on a 2 point conversion to get within 3 richard sherman. happy next 9 or drive. just try to run out the clock 39 drop below. steps in pocket steps up its roster will be for the first down dead ends and crop lows final line, 317 yards 4 touchdowns on 28 of 37. it is
8:49 pm
2825 san francisco, your final to move to a n o continues their best start in nearly 30 years the next update should big monday night game at levi's against c s time now to talk some warriors golden state has lost 3 of 4 to start the year. but last night's game was the toughest to deal with steph curry suffered a broken left hand and it's still not known how much time he'll miss. but at least we know he's in good spirits. curry posted an update on instagram his hand wrapped in a bandage with the captain captain showing appreciation for all the love and support he's gone. he says he'll be back soon reports say he'll be having specialist examine the c t scan results, the team hopes to know soon if he will require surgery or not this looking back at the video the injury happened in the 2nd half of yesterday's blowout loss against the suns the start of split defenders going to the rim but he goes to the ground suns big man aron baynes lands on him, steve kerr is the angelo russell discuss the injury post. the prayers of 10 for a speedy recovery. simply talks part of
8:50 pm
the early part of what special sports are about. so can come back stronger. you want to bring along as best you can. >>and we're just putting so much on their plate. but we have no choice with all the injuries i think you know they have to just seize the opportunity and we as coaches we have to help them. i do the best job they can and continue to learn. >>pursuit of perfection ultimate highlight. >>for years police spurs tomorrow night by the way in our lexus ultimate highlight the world series champions back in the nation's capital. the washington nationals return to dc after taking down the houston astros in game 7 of the franchise's first world series championship. they are the only team to win all 4 games on the road. their title parade is saturday but can and catherine how about those 49 yeah, and they got a break a mini apps a couple extra days then the seahawks to so that
8:51 pm
the seahawks by sunday i did exactly and the following monday, then they match up and that's going to be good you have the negative with the short turnaround on thursday night. but the good thing is don't play until monday. and that is going to be an enormous game against the seahawks the rivalries total can nurse at mean good even healthier the up all right. thank you mark a thank you mark i will as we've been talking about the this meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez header. >>really good time on assignment today. yeah, let's take a look at the people she met out to for halloween on the embarcadero. >>just a breeze or rodriguez enjoying the trick or treating today out at the embarcadero beautiful weather i heard you mentioning, it was a little high others are keeping nearly that's really nice and wha are you dressed up at any evil revolutionary, citing colonial bird. you both look great any firm plans for tonight. announcer: 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. it's an
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epidemic fueled by juul with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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>>i'm probably not going to have a special half hour presentation of flying tells i'm looking forward to this those are the stories as you know i do while traveling around california. my small plane and they often include animal trips. >>we traveled austin bay area up and down california from san francisco to lake tahoe to mammoth lakes to southern california. we usually bring our dog mango along with us.
8:55 pm
and tonight we're going to take you behind the scenes of some of these adventures rescuing dogs and cats even bear cubs. here's a short clip from one of those trips that involve some rather smelly passengers. mangoes fallen asleep more. >>passed down from the can't get gas. carol finds a perfume sample in her purse which brings temporary relief. >>only had to bleep or once it also the cats a they were doing their business you known as a small act in the plane and so luckily she had a perfume sample again the best to find tail starts at 11 o'clock tonight on kron on you can download the app for free to watch it and i like this and i i love mango i always ask you and the news of has mango was my is doing 14 years old he's hanging in there you always flies first class and yes, he all right that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock.
8:56 pm
but our primetime coverage is just getting started on this halloween night next at 9 o'clock breaking news in southern california. where they are battling yet another wildfire fueled by santa ana winds the maria fire as it's called has already consumed 250 acres and is burning dangerously close to homes in ventura county will have the very latest at the top of the hour. >>also pg in a defending the decision to shut off power to millions and it is under investigation now for starting. the least 5 fires over the past week in the bay area. how pg e c o is responding that will be next in a live report. keep it here kron 4 news at 9 starts right after the break.
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8:59 pm
>>now 9 more evacuation orders have been lifted as firefighters continue to battle the kincade fire burning in sonoma county thanks for joining us tonight, i'm ken wayne.
9:00 pm
>>and i'm katharine pam moore has the night off. we have a look at where the orders have been lifted. cal fire says that it's allowing people who live in parts of sonoma county and napa county too go home including calistoga if you live along butts canyon road in lake county between highway 29 and napa county line you can return home, the same is true if you live west of big canyon road. south of sulphur creek road mnd harrington flat road and west of the sonoma county lake county line north to the intersection of mckinley road and bottle rock roll that includes coldwater creek road lake few road and golden pines. >>firefighters are also getting the upper hand on the kincade fire here are the latest numbers tonight the fire is now 65% contained and full containment is expected by november 7th just more than a week it's burned more than 77,000 acres, 349 structures were destroyed a 165 of those we're single


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