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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 3, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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(jrs) tonight at 10 - a south bay high school staff member is under fire tonight accused of wearing blackface at school on halloween. videos circulating on social media appear to show the teacher imitating a well-known black rapper during class. good evening and thank you for joining us at 10 - im jr stone -- justine waldman has the night off - the milpitas unified school district has acknowledged the incident saying it's inappropriate and unprofessional. kron4's dan thorn is live in milpitas tonight.. he joins us with
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more on the contversy at milpitas high school.. dan? historical connotations and how offensive and hurtful it can be. >>bill peters school board trustee michael tsai sayss a person of color. he is appalled by this kind of behavior even if it was done jokingly the staff member in question was apparently imitating the hip-hop artist
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common in front of a classroom, full of students. the rapper is the face and voice behind microsoft's artificial intelligence ads, black bass has been widely chastise as an offensive in races per trail of african americans and other people of color. >>at some point this individual could have thought g this is a good idea. and apparently that's just an happens to milpitas unified school district has acknowledged the staff members use a black face saying the employees currently on administrative leave the school superintendent and milpitas high school principal issued a joint statement on sunday saying in part quote in a school district like milpitas it hurts to know this type of cultural insensitivity and lack of cultural awareness. still hovers in the background tsai argues the school district can improve on teaching the school community about racism, maybe the school districts could have and should have done a better job of educating more people in the community about why stuff like this is not appropriate and fences and people should
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think twice before. the for doing something like this. district officials have not acknowledged that this person is a teacher nor have they released their identity. this is being handled right now as a confidential personnel matter. that's the latest here live in milpitas dan thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you so much dan turning now to the latest on the kincade fire burning in sonoma county tonight the fire is 78% contained has burned more than 77,000 acres. the fire destroyed at least a 175 homes and damaged another 35 residences for first responders were injured battlg the flames, but no civilian injuries have been reported full containment is still expected by november 7th. according to this interactive map on the sonoma county government's website. all evacuatin orders have been lifted. but there are
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still a few areas under evacuation warnings that's the blue zones that you see there you can see those in the middle of your screen, the grn areas used to be under evacuation orders are warnings. but now those areas are completely back open. in santa rosa kron four's gayle ong was with fire crews today, specifically in the burn area of the can kate fire. all the focus now is on the cleanup. >>damage assessors are 100. on day 11 of the kincade fire mean public information officer ed pratt head out to the aftermath >>growth right away memories of previous devastation along one oh one in santa rosa. as we passed by with a tough fire swept through 2 years it's gone. >>you can see there's that we then have to cha hill road near windsor this area is still a mandatory evacuation
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zone as firefighters monitor hot spots and pg e crews work to begin the recovery proces rehabilitating the environment, i'm falling dangerous trees. >>they be sure the residents to come home can do so safely and that they have what they need to go back to normal life. >>these ribbons indicate structure tree osh firefighters did all they could to prevent the fires from reaching these homes about the wind driven event swept through and destroyed homes and vineyards along this road were driving you're seeing these charred hills, it's crazy how the fire swept in the cities. >>a small portion it this was one of the front of the fire were when the rain when really started you could see the burning embers. >>the flying over this way as of sunday the kincade fire has moved farther east of highway one 28. crews are in the muppet stages but working on a steep hillside would narrow roads this is aually. at one point we were at a standstill. so these pg workers can replace this poll. well the winds subsided there still a possibility of more fires we see signs of gratitude all
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over. but firefighters are calling meteorologists and weather fire analysts heroes as they provide data for firefighters to get in the fire and get people out of harm's way the any lives. >>we're able to get a lot of resources in here quickly to get in front of this fire and make some of the stops that we did. >>injuries but they are expected to be okay. firefighters are also praising people for. crews get resources, those windyoads you just saw. containment is expected. reporting from santa rosa aguilar. >>thank you so much gayle tonight, nearly 400 california inmates are helping fight the kincade fire. here are some of them fueling up to continue that battle. now california employs about 3100 inmates as part of its conservation camp program which provides critical support to state and federal agencies responding to
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emergencies such as wildfires floods and other disasters. o 2100 of those inmates are authorized to fight fires. the conservation camp program is jointly run. but the department of forestry and fire protection and also the la re department only low security prisoners with a record of good behavior are eligible to participate. now those who volunteered at the same entry level training. the state's seasonal firefighters receive the wages are higher than most otr prison jobs, but the risk is significantly greater. >>and now for a check of your 4 zone forecast let's take a looat current contained fire conditions right along the healdsburg hills 60 degrees out there right now fortunately tracking calm wind speeds the bone dry conditions humidity level just at 25% and air quality for everyone in the bay area we'll be in the modern range just because of smoke and ash from the kincade fire and even the wind flow and direction from the maria
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fire in ventura county also making its way here in northern california believe it or not and tonight. the big weather story thisevening. the return of the marine layer in fact you can't even make out the san francisco skyline. just the tip of the sales force tower out there this evening because ofhat low and high cloud cover but tracking more high clouds and low cluds visibility along the coast starting to diminish a little bit but not too bad up to 11 miles in downtown san francisco, up to 9 and half moon bay and starting to notice visibility at or near 0 right along the immediate coastline of the north bay tonight. temperatures already cooling down into the 50's with 40's for parts of santa rosa and even half moon bay and we are tracking overnight lows going to be in the 40's so still chilly but not as near chile or freezing as what we have been seeing for the last couple of nights with frost advisories and freeze warnings in effect by around mid morning, waking up to temperatures in the 50's with partly cloudy skies. thanks to
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that marine layer but that are clearing by your monday afternoon nd warmer temperatures and this warming and drying trend is going to continue details on it. any rain is making its way into the bay area in the next 10 at 10 outlook coming up in just a few minutes, you're back to you. >>thank you so much for greece or president trump back ash california because of the numerous wildfires in the last month in a series of tweets today saying the governor of california has done a terrible job of forest management. he went on to say i told them from the first day we met that he must clean has forest floors regardless of what his bosses, the environmentalist demand of him must also do burn burns and cut fire stoppers every year's the fires rage in california burns. it is the same thing and then he comes to the federal government no more get your act r help. together governor. a new some responded to the tweet saying you don't believe in climate change you are excused from this
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conversation. another senator from california also tweeted sums defense saying more than 50% of the forest land is federally owned. the federal government has cut there for his budget by hundreds of millions of dollars and that trump should show some empathy for the can kid's survivors. well moving along a 4.2 magnitude earthquake struck sonoma county. this afternoon. the usgs says around 12:34pm. the quake rattled bus than a mile away from the geysers the earthquake measured about 1.3 miles and deb there have been no reports of damage. this comes after a 3.9 magnitude quake struck the same region on saturday. up next a group of residents are thankful to be bk in their homes. next we'll have more on their big. thank you for fit responders that save their community. also a san francisco couple has been missing for more than a weekwe will take you to the vigil held in their honor.
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so, come on home for the holidays. two breaded chicken patties plus fries and a drink for $4.99. three patties for $5.99. or even four for just $6.99. four patties? well, tickle my elbow! no thank you. try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at .99. >>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 a compassionate man and a dedicated nurse, that's how friends and family describe to san franciscans who went missing nearly 10 days ago. it taking a private plane up to mendocino county on october 24th. and have not been seen or heard from since kron four's all bellow was at a vigil tonight for the pair.
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>>prayer dozs of friends and family gathered sunday night that 3rd baptist church in san francisco, expressing their hope that justin winfrey and killed 100 as would be found. >>these an angel on earth he's a it's a he says he's a touch person and he does what everywher >>she's very funny and what i know about her because like to take adventures. she travels a lot and i woke up with a broken heart like i just he was such a nice guy. very kind considerate of others wintry had a lifelong dream of beming a pilot. >>several months ago that dream came true to everybody i know. >>that landslide with him said he was an accident which was my experience as well. >>longtimfriend angelo ki says justin was the type to find adventure anywhere like so many of us he had adventures with. >>just 18 and you know that's
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why we kow dead, you know we have faith that you know we're going to see him. >>justin and kayla had flown up to mendocino county on white piper arrow small plane. they were last seen around 09:00pm in shelter cove. according to mendocino county sheriff's office radar last signaled his plane between rockport and wheeler but after more than a week of searching nothing has been found and. >>out their tires lee. still here for rescue. we just got to get and san francisco. well below kron 4. >>on a story we brought you here on kron 4 news at 10 last night a fundraiser has been posted for the family of angela donna can a wife of an oakland police officer.
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>>was killed in the line of her actually husband was killed in line of duty 10 years ago, duncan died last sunday when a truck crashed into her car at the yuba city intersection she's actually the wife of a police officer who was killed and the line of duty 10 years ago, she died the next day in the hospital. her husband sergeant mark was killed on 3/21/2009 authorities say he was one of 4 officers killed by a rape suspect the couple leaves behind 3 children, anthony sienna and patrick. you can find a link to the fundraiser on our bsite kron 4 dot com. time now to turn our attention to whether as i'm joined by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez were going into the workweek i know we were talking about the lack of rain. as has anything changed on that front.
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>>are you may bseeing some spots of rain within the next 7 days unfortunately, no d i mean how is your skin been because i have to buy some more hand lotion on my skin has been so dry. i'm drinki so much water, but it seems like it's not an a for like more of a desert client, yeah, the checks that there you know, i've been stream lea rise. so we are noticinthese dry conditions continuing and daytime highs today, 5 to 10 degrees above average to downtown san francisco. we're 10 degrees above normal in the mid 70's today, 76 degrees average high should be 66 degrees. so that's why we are so dry because of these above average temperatures just drying out all of education and also the lack of rain. not helping us here in the bay area, sajose, 78 degrees today, livermore more than 10 degrees above average at 81 and santa rosa also 11 degrees above normal also warming up in the low 80's as well in
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stormtracker 4 as you can see we are noticing. dry and clear conditions for almost everyone in the bay area with exception of the bay area coastline. finally seeing the return of that marine layer but we're going to stay dry in fact noticing some high clouds and even some low clouds and fog as well impacting your sunday morning commute along golden gate bridge as well make sure to drive safely and don't forget to turn your low beams if you need to do so up to 11 miles visibility there up to 9 and half moon bay. or near 0 right along the north bay coastline near santa rosa. but crystal clear for those of you along the east bay specifically in berkeley. no marine layer insighthere, warm air mass mainly for interior valleys compare to 24 hours ago but we're seeing the low clouds and fog. i am tracking cooler temperatures. specifically for those of you in santa rosa and even downtown san francisco, this there g, so temperatures out right now widespread 50's turning into the 40's so it is going to be another chilly night but not near the
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subfreezing temperatures that we had a couple nights ago when we're under frost advisories and freeze warnings, specifically for the interior valleys of the north bay downtown san francisco going to stay mild in the low 50's as his antioch but everyone else in the 40's. the coolest location will be those of you in santa rosa work more tweaking up to temperatures in the mid 30's and you're ready for school forecast back to school partly cloudy skies along the coast, the better clearing as you make your way inland. warmer temperatures with above average daytime highs along the coast low 70's alg the bay mid 70's, and upper 70's for interior valleys, so downtown san francisco, cooling down to 71 degrees we're going to be about 5 degrees cooler things so that cool sea breeze th's helping to push in that low and high cloud cover out there this evening. it will stick arnd for your monday morning oakland know mostly sunny skies, plenty of sunshine for those of you in san jose low 80's once again for those of you in santa rosa, but flirting with a tease in parts of the tri valley is like
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conquered an antioch and as we take a look ahead at our0 at 10 outlook. jr no rain in sight so we're going to stay dry and according to the latest models it looks like we're going to remain dry. even through november 18th so we do have some rain chances. well to our north on friday and saturday that's where we notice is mostly cloudy and partly cloudy skies. but that big dome of high pressure that's over us. that's giving us these warm above average temperatures and dry conditions that is going to continue and dominate the weather for the next 10 days of people under the weat-er too. >>here in the newsroom and elsewhere as well these up and down temperatures are really. the plan an issue with health and i've been using a lot of hand sanitizer because of that drying out my skin even more so. >>fortunately healthy tonight, at least a thank you so thanks. >>well, authorities say to me murder suspects escaped from a monterey county jail today, 21 year-old santos annual fund seca and 20 year-old jonathan salazar we're being held the
10:21 pm
monterey county adult dettion facility awaiting trial. they were held pending murder charges in 2 unrelated cases. the monterey county sheriff's office says they're investigating how they escaped the 2 had been in custody since last year. authorities say they should be considered dangerous. the sheriff's office is asking for tips to help them find and recapture both of them. well the east bay police have arrested this man for lighting 8 small fires within garland regional park hayward on saturday. a witness nearby identified this man in the vicinity o the fires. a helicopter fighting the fires was able to locate the man and park police were able to arrest the suspect. now identified as roman montalvo no buildings were damaged or threatened. small fires. in the north bay police arrested the driver for driving under the influence and also sparking a small
10:22 pm
grass fire happened on montgomery drive in santa rosa saturday night. a 29 year-old man flipped his vehicle and hit a pg e power pole which then sparked small fire. pga was notified. they d energize e lines before it got worse. the street and lines have been cleaned up fixed and even reopens one former press. at a georgia church today during his speech the 95 yr-old said he is at ease with debt. shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn' seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a pgressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidat or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 former president jimmy carter. do you see right here taught a bible lesson on life after death today, less than 2 weeks after breaking his pelvis. e 95 year-old taught his lesson at a baptist church in the southwest of geora, more than 400 people were in attendance. now during his lesson a touched upon the moment, doctors told them back in 2015. that is liver cancer had spread to his brain. he said that he assumed he would naturally die very quickly went on to say i obviously prayed about it. i didn't ask god to let me live but i ask god to give me a proper attitude towards death. and i found that i was absolutely and completely at ease with death. back on october 21th to receive the pelvic fracture after falling in his home. on october 1st, carter celebrated
10:26 pm
his 95th birthday making him the oldest living former president. smalbusiness owners are working to recover after the recent pg e power shut-offs. >>what they say are the biggest challenges following the blackout. and a group of residents are thankful to be backn their homes. more on their big thank you for that first responders that save their community. >>and i'm tracking some major changes along the coast ofhe bay area, the return of the marine layer, what does it mean for your microclimate monday more on that in just a few minutes and your full 10 at 1 there are those who will say th you're:
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too fat. too skinny. too hard. too so. too old. too much. too unexpected. totoo limited.
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and to them we say too bad. because at kaisepermanente, >>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 a group of residents are very thankful to be back in their homes after being evacuated because of the king cake fire kron four's christina tater reports from sonoma county with their big thank you to first responders. >>firefighters have been on the lines for well over a week nd the sonoma county resident have something to say. >>every time heals rule by the corner of bourke would avenue and bennett valley. this is what they'll hear. the group of grateful residents outside for urs each morning, waiting their posters high cheering on thousands of first responders. as they drive to and from their command center.
10:30 pm
through this because of that. >>and the amazing organization that they had and these are folks who have been to evacuations. many times often not knowing if they have a home anymore and because of them we're still standing here. >>want to give you an update now on the latpst evacuation and repopulation information. the briggs ranch road area, the area north of highway one 28 the chalk hill road area. north of fought roadnd the friends valley road area have all been reduced to an evacuation. warning and the evacuation warnings in the following areas have been lifted pine flat road north of highway one 28 in areas west but not including chalk hill
10:31 pm
road, a controlled reentry process is under way for those returning to the burned areas of the kincade fire before people can re an er. they must first go to a check in sight. tomorrow the check and site will be at the healdsburg community center. it will be open at 10 in the morning. they're resident spots verify their address. once verified the sheriff's department will give them a pass to allow them into the repopulation area. time now to turn our attention back to whether joined right now by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez certainly a whole long process for those folks but you hope that when they do go back and when they are able to see if there isomething left that the weather will be agreeable. yeah, hopefully when that process happens. we'll have cooler temperatures calm wind speeds and more moisture ou there. already tracking the return of them are. along the coast in parts of the north bay, here's a live shot of golden gate bridge and as you could see visibility pretty pour out there right now so
10:32 pm
make sure to drive safely wouldn't be surprised if their accounts many drizzle inflict road so make sure to drive safely for your sunday night commute storm tracker 4 right now tcking that fog bank right along the immediate coastline of the bay area but better clearing ayou stir to make your way inland and future cast is going to show as far as the dense low clouds and we are going to notice poor visibility throughout downtown san francisco up to 6 miles during the overnight hours. but during a rush hour drive to work. we are going to see visibility lift as that low cloud cover begins to lift making it for safer driving conditions, but still some patchy fog and even partly cloudy skies to start out your monday morning in temperatures out there right now widespread 50's turning into 40's for your overnight lows. let's take a look at your microclimate monday forecast because i am tracking cooler temperatures around downtown san francisco in the low 70's, there, the same for half moon bay. so we are going to notice a mix of sun and clouds to
10:33 pm
start the day but better clearing as you make your way. throughout the day and then brisbane 73 degrees burlingame 74 degrees. so tracking slightly cooler temperatures for most of the san francisco peninsula and the bay area for that matter in san mateo 74 degrees widespread mid to upper 70's for those of you in the south bay. san jose 77 degrees wind speeds we'll be on the calm to breezy side around 15 miles per hour or less learning with a tease for those of you in livermore but 70 degrees hayward 74 low 70's for berkeley and concord in walnut creek upper 70's for your monday afternoon napa and sonoma rounding out the day at 77 degrees in santa rosa 81 degrees. for your monday afternoon. so we're still going to remain about 5 to 10 degrees above at a virgin slightly cooler temperatures but we are going to see an increase in cloud cover on friday into saturday. that's because of a storm system well to our north not expected to make its way into the bay area so we are gng to remain dry.
10:34 pm
that outlook will extend through november, 18 so unfortunately, jr no rain in the latest weather models but hopefully late november run around thanksgiving. mother naturewill give us a little bit of a break and bring us some much needed rain also the one thing i noticed today was the fact that it got dark really really are falling back. >>right now was very interesting but at least we gained an hour's sleep use that to watch football. there you go in the house earlier today, thank you so much mabrisa. city is leaning on each other after only recently getting their power turned back on jsica mensch has more on how businesses are working together to bounce back. >>there are plenty of customs in nevada city today but over recent weeks business has been at a standstill. it's why cities in the area are banding together to help her some of the pact is a pg e shut off. >>the ring of the regier is music to chris keyser x-ers we're glad to seehe ones coming back and it's it's been a slow build back up to.
10:35 pm
>>this devout a city purchased or restaurant, california organics is back open. after being any power shut-offs force them to close several timesver the last month we've lost more money than we can afford to lose. he's estimating around $130,000 betwn spoils go to the last business it's devastating and just like whole played down right now zone. county estimates sinesses in the area altogether or losing roughly $400,000 each day at the shops inspiring about a city grass valley in the county of nevada toward a joint letter to the california public utilities commission basically asking them to step up. figure this out do a better job councilman dwaine tr sir explains they want the cpu see the whole pgd accountable during the shot office, the letter outlines for regulatory requirements, starting with ensuring cell phones and landlin are up and running during many of us with t mobile for examle, we then once the batteries died
10:36 pm
on their fomuiple days. we we were down need that text asking the commission to require pg need to offer subsidized generators and oxygen for people with medical meet thirdly calling on utility for better communication. and finally requiring the safe shut off the target more precisely to prevent outages across such mass various make sure that the genie puts the citizens, the citizens are their customers customers come first you have to put them first before they do their stockholders shareholders when it comes to profits as for kaiser he sees as requirements. is a good first step that would like to see reimbursement for the thousands of dollars lost after all if something doesn't change soon. he doesn't know if his business will survive. right now just trying to figure out how we're going to make it through the day. >>coming up what started as a simple kind act from a police officer turns into it all chase on a ghway. we'll have more on this bizarre police chase. also after recent shooting of vitginia mall is banning foo's.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at0 so far this year there have been 21 deadly mass shootings in the united states. the increase in gun violence. there is now a push to make a publicreas more safe. one mom virginia is banning hoodies after recent shooti, reporter nana bond so reports. >>there a new sign posted at each entrance of that. i did
10:40 pm
not see that saying today it says please rote huts before entering the carter center. puthis on today beuse it was cold it's comrtable acting carry everything any of nothing of that that was cue the poer was placed there by mall management to enforce their dress code policy regarding hoodie like it was safety. everybody's a news 3 obtained a letter that was se out a mall tenants from the general >>it talks about holiday plans at an update from the north of police regarding t recent unrest, 2 men involved in the shooting inside the mall. that the shop or to the hospital last month. in the letter management also addresses an update to the code of conduct loitering is no longer allowed in the mall. >>i think about the things that have happened here recently in regards to. the shootingshat happened here before and i n understand the worry given how many people go in and out of them to help reduce >>people just taken out of the mall also removed public seating areas.
10:41 pm
>>kind of makes sense to a degree i understand how to grab some pple. i ean again i get it but at the same time we're going to start banning sunglasses and have. >>what's next the mall says they're working with the police department's increased patrols throughout the property. >>and behind the scenes as well as the air by head saucy families that. >>heads up to chien sandwich lovers. we have big news for you still ahead regarding that pop by spicy chicken sandwich also coming up in sports.
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10:44 pm
>>welcome back all good news chicken sandwich lovers the popeye spicy chicken sandwich is back permanently. the chain ran out of invento in august after just 2 weeks because of what is called extraordinary demand was driven by a viral social media spat with other fast food chains and america's growing appetite for chicken now. after a 2 month way popeye's started selling the popula chicken sandwich today. a spokesman for the chain says popeye's has stabilized its supply chain for the sandwich popeye's twitter background says y'all. the sandwich back this sunday. yes sunday that
10:45 pm
appears to be a dig at rival chick-fil-a ich is not open on sundays of a breeze rodriguez had one of those we'll get her take a litte later. well for your money tonight, the better business bureau this warning of a scam in which con artist impersonating cable company wraps claim to offer you a great deal on your service. here's how it works. u get an unsolicited call offering a special promotion on your cable bill. if you pay for a few months up front. you can get a discounted monthly rate. he then asked to buy prepaid debit card cards to make the upfront payment. the bureau recommends to always be cautious of unsolicited calls or emails and to never make payments with prepaid debit card or wire transfers. what started. of a police officer helping a man get into his locked truck turns to an all-out police chase across multiple lanes of a highway in albuquerque, new mexic. porter je ne win explains.
10:46 pm
>>albuquerque police saw armand over merrill back in september. he wasrying to unlock a white truck at a motel near corps and i live office trying to help him found out he had a warrant for his arrest. air continues to run tried to catch his own right. even got an extra lift. the scene trying to hold on to this car as a driver pulls over the officer caught it and just as he tried to jump on to the back of a pickup truck.
10:47 pm
win reporting romero was ne charged with resisting of aiding or obstructing an officer. now court documents show the charges have been dismissed because the district attorney's office didn't want to proceed with the case. it's unclear why the da's office didn't want to go forward, but the state can and refile the charges. >>after the patriots lost today. 6 week road trip. it's finally over. home today to host matthew stafford and the detroit lions and derek carr. >>to be returning home if it doesn't up in the 1st quarter.
10:48 pm
anze take theead this one back and forth all day. worley was. rnerbackaryl thank the fans for
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
coming up. >>thank the mayor and everybody flatness play a home game again is great to get in here. our fans are awesome today, we needed them all. >>i love this place is special it really is so take a moment for them and get a win especially the way we did it right that would be nice to win some 40 to nothing some time but when you when i'm like this it just does so many good things for the >>athletes citing tay com. who played for the 49 ers from 2011 to 2016 was back. activists spent his 32th e% birthday in oaand celebrating my spending time with folks in the community. the former footballer hired the fo truck scene they're all store poppy to help feed folks in need and distributed. tax and other supplies to local homeless people. earnings work is through his foundation know your rights camp and of course was the quarterback for the 49 ers during their last succesul stretch. leading the team to a super bowl appearance in2012
10:51 pm
an nfc championship appearance. the following year. so good to see him back out in the community and get some stuff done in that area today our it certainly isn't a time we talk about colin kaepernick i know. >>it gets political sometime rising figure with people saying this and half of the people saying that but out there, how many people turn 32 years of age and decide not to go out and do something spectacular to celebrate themselves, but to go to east oakland or oakland to some of the te cities which is what he did today and to feed some of the people in number of people reached out to me to say it was very special being out there today, yes, so that that is something that you think we'll ever see him on the football field again. >>and i think he likes being ou there in the community like you saw today. yeah certainly thank you so much kate, thanks chair. >>one that spans makinggood on his promise to shave his beard now the nationals won the world series. all the big moment coming up next.
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it takes a village to raise a child.
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to build a bridge. to throw a baseball... to tow yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive. >>a man who said he wouldn't shave his beard until the natials won the world series is making good on his word. kevin lewis reports on the big moment. >>it's been 7 years since matt superfan dj true. last rammed
10:55 pm
his washington whiskers tonight before put of an added to that the salt line 9 inch beard. and sister gave ceremonial trends. the nets superfan saw his shin for the first time since 2012. shooting a long time nova resident and school teacher who moved to new orleans in july flew home this weekend for the special shape. he raised more than 600 online is donating that money to the nationals youth baseball. dummy in southeast >>you know his story is you ju a guy who loves the nats it is larger than life so.
10:56 pm
>>the shooting last the beard and that is closest read through the fountain on a chilly. but his story november nightin washington. >>seem to get us had lost all his clothes right there could you imagine just that say you're going to shave your head and then shaving after 7 years after. >>i know would you ever do something like that i've come close to i'm really short hair. yeah, about a beer when you grow out of the year that's happening. ok so we were talking earlier and we've got a little time left about your popeye's experiencthe popeye's chicken sandwich is back. you indulged in that today. i did it and we might even have a picture is we're talking about it didn't fulfill everything you're looking for. >>all right, so let me give you a little bit of a back story jr this has been a is reporting 5 a couple months
10:57 pm
ago ahead, there were 3 ahead of me sold out sold out of redwood city location i was. again today determined. it's national chicken sandwich day let me do it. and a chicken sandwich later and it was magical. it was soood i'm glad it worked out for you and the chicken sandwich that big so is during my lunch time there's a line december and a location and pop tower. >>some of the studio as announcer: 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. it's an
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epidemicueled by jl withheir kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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music ] >> announcer: the following program is sponsored by operation smile. every year, hundreds of thousands of children are born with cleft lip and or cleft palate. dr. bill magee: why should any child, anywhere on this planet, have to live a life of misery. >> kathy majette: a lot of people think that children th are born with these deformities are cursed. just imagine a life alone, that nobody wanted to be around you. >> norrie oelkers: and we had children coming in for screening with brown bags over their head. they're never allowed to leave their house unless they have a bag on their heads. >> kathy majette: some children don't live,


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