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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  November 5, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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robin. >>no hot spots we don't want to do right the bridges are filling and quickly sought to bridge track and just be careful driving in the fog sums, you know spots are nice and clear right place is pretty dense and for me. it's scary driving to the faa specially on the coast. when i got to family and from san leandro to oakland covered in fog over my house completely clear so patchy yeah it's a more than we've had in weeks guys, it's sitting right on top of the bay right now and even though it is a very good marine layer and it's going to burn up really quick. >>it is enough to be blocking out the view so you just as robin was saying just slow down a little bit as you are driving into work golden gate bridge as you would expect on a foggy morning, one of our fog year spots. but it has spread even further south and on into san pablo bay too. so one of our fog year mornings that we've talked about in some time as for temperatures were in the 40's 50's for most spots we are seeing a couple of 30's now and for you in napa and up in santa rosa
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we're all staying above freezing though novato you're at 39 degrees. so it is chilly enough for that jacket but not as cold as our mornings were of last week later on today, not as hot hot as yesterday was not seeing so many 80's in your forecast but a lot of 70's today will be a pleasant afternoon with plenty of sunshine already by midmorning so that fog is not going to last for law. >>robin all right. thank you john pretty crowded and sluggish at the bay bridge toll plaza so if you need to drive into san francisco right now you have to work your way through this a minor weights at the tolls it's already scaling back to the 80 over crossing, so it's growing. but it's not bad 11 minutes to make it in. we're checking 92, it's been crowded since the 4 o'clock hour 13 minutes to the peninsula and the richmond sandra fell hot spot free and why open 7 minutes from the tolls to one oh one darya james, thanks a lot. in the bay area voters deciding on in. >>number of important races in san francisco, yeah, and they include the race for mayor
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incumbent mayor london breed is up for reelection and is coming up against 5 other candidates, san francisco voters will also choose the san francisco district attorney ernie and vote on proposition c which is a measure to overturn the city's ban on vaping proposition 8 and affordable housing bond measures also on the ballot and proposition d which is a tax on rideshare companies to help fix and ease traffic all of those will be on the ballot today. and the polls open at 7 o'clock this morning they stay open through 8 o'clock tonight. >>kron four's will tran a lot of city hall in fact with more on the controversy surrounding the race for district attorneys will break it down for us. >>there's controversy because mayor london breed the breed appointed somebody before today's election you can see some of the workers right behind me they are ready to give the ballots to the polling places which will open in about 2 hours from now let's break down some of the candidates. there are 4 running for district attorneys
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who they are looking to replace george this cone the longtime san francisco district attorney's who abruptly resigned a few weeks ago, he moved down to los angeles who is looking to be the district attorney ernie in that particular city so that left that position open. mayor london breed instead of just leaving it open. he appointed one of the candidates for that position and some people are saying that creates an unfair advantage for her. so these are some of the candidates. this morning chess a bodene life leaf suzy loftus she's the one that's been appointed by mayor london breed and the other one is nancy time. now we got a chance to track down suzy loftus here's what she had to say about a very hot button issue in san francisco car burglaries. >>know that some folks need help that we've got to get them help. but we also know that some folks need to be prosecuted. >>and we need to arrest people who are breaking into our cars that's why i was proud to
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announce a task force with the chp the police department you know the sheriff's department we have to work together to hold people accountable. >>coming up at 6 o'clock we will hear from the other candidates. i can tell you when mayor london breed appointed loft is a lot of people are saying that's an unfair advantage one because he gives a running start 2 it's basically getting an endorsement from mayor london breed who among a lot of people is very popular in san francisco. so they believe that gives loftus a good chance to become the new district attorney ernie in san francisco. we will be fair and we will hear from all the other 2 candidates throughout the morning. all right, thanks a lot. we'll. >>well there are other important measures on the san francisco ballot to besides those races, let's go down of the list of a few of them started with proposition c which is about regulating. >>vaping products of measure was bad. but then remember they pulled out last month after spending million to put
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prop see on the ballot. prop c looks to overturn the city's ban on the cigarette sales and then place certain restrictions on vaping products. a yes vote on prop c a prop c over turns the ban on vaping a no vote on prop c leaves the ban in place see they makes these yeah. it's for a million bond to build in fix affordable housing in san francisco. it will. >>help low income residents, seniors and teachers. this measure supported by mayor london breed and the san francisco board of supervisors. it is considered to be the city's biggest affordable housing bond ever a yes vote would authorize the >>$100 million bond a no on prop a. >>votes against it. another measure on the san francisco ballot. would tack next rideshare companies. this one is called proposition d it would tap. every uber and lyft
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ride between one half of the 3.2 5 percent. would bring up to million for transit improvements. a yes vote on prop. is in favor of the tax a no vote means you are against the tax. >>and make sure download our kron on app in your favorite apps store kron will be providing around the clock updates on election day results as they come in will transmit them out to live and also give you a opportunities stay up on breaking news and weather and traffic as well so download kron on and start watching right now. >>5 or 6 right now and the south bay mother behind bars after admitting to drowning her 2 year-old daughter. >>gilroy police responded to a home on west would drive sunday after being called there by the mother and they found the child in the bath tub. she was taken to the hospital where she died. the mother marci month-long go was
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found mile away from the home. nhighbors were upset by this. this point is the mom there's neighbors say that month-long only lived there for 2 months and kept to herself. >>another big story this morning the genie is under investigation now as the potential cause of 7 fires that broke out last month here in the bay area first the california utility commission is looking into p g's involvement in the case of the kincade fire. the big one that was burning in sonoma county. a report shows that company was aware of a transmission outage near the geysers when the fire broke out back in october 23th, cal fire crews found what appeared to be a broken jumper cable in that area on one of those towers as
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of this morning, the kincade fires, 82% contained after burning more than 77,000 acres and destroying a 174 homes. the commission is also looking into utilities involvement in 2 fires in lafayette, one of them destroyed part of the lafayette tennis club back on october 27th. the fire marshal determined that pg e power lines caused that fire and then in east contra costa county fire officials determined that pg e equipment sparked 2 fires there as well. video shows pg e power lines sparking before a fire broke out along gateway road on bethel island. the other fire started in nearby oakley and we're also learning that pgd acknowledge that it's looking into whether a fire in martinez, but even caused by its equipment as well that fire started on october 27th contra costa fire officials say was caused by power lines and a transformer. well and then the south bay pg may also caused a fire that destroyed a home and damaged several others. here's some of the video it happened on sunday
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this was back on october 27th right near barker street and maryland avenue. the milpitas fire department says that there is and if there is evidence of a downed power line there they're also working to determine. if it was down by branch or by he wind by a tree something else. neighbors heard a small explosion they say before they noticed the flames. i was and there's a pop in the power goes out. and then i get a. >>and then it converse with second there's a second pop and the power goes out again and stays out and that's what i hear my girlfriend ya. >>crab they fire the flames are just going like 60 miles an hour up in the year. an amber you're flying down towards this way in my house come to the women's pg e has acknowledged that it was aware of a downed line in that neighborhood. >>utility. also turned off power across the region that day because of high winds but that part of a pitas was not impacted by the power shut-offs. >>has until november 29th to
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answer questions about last month's power shut off said northern california district court judge set the deadline for the utility to answer the questions the court wants to know about the possible cause of those fires and the number of properties and homes destroyed. the deadline to file a claim against pg need for damages from wildfires may be extended to december 31th lawyers for many victims say the survivors are still traumatized and struggling to get back on their feet and we're not able to file a claim by the original deadline date which was in october. although the utility agreed to the extension. the new date still has to have approval from a judge. the utility has set aside billion to pay wildfire victims as part of its bankruptcy plan. a community assistance centers open in healdsburg as they're recovering there from the kincade fire. let's take a look at all of the families out in a line, they're looking for help yesterday, dozens of government agencies and profit nonprofits and insurance companies are there inside the
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center to help. one woman says she needs help to get all the food she lost in the power shut off. >>personally have breast cancer science not only having that expense but added on. this evacuation and trying to recoup but we've lost in. low income like a lot of people out here. and we just don't have the money to resign. >>the assistance center is open through wednesday. from so yesterday through wednesday, 10 in the morning to 7 o'clock. and you can see where it is there on hill's barry avenue. they do not ask for any papers any proof of residency or citizenship or anything. >>still ahead on the kron 4 news. now considering banning air bnb ease and other short-term rentals after that deadly shooting on how a wave of the latest plus at least 9 americans are feared dead after an attack in mexico, the
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cars they were riding in caught fire. riddled with bullets. also break down how apple will spend that 2 and a half billion dollars to help fix the bay area's housing crisis more on that coming up in a moment and look at your forecast for the day today maybe foggy and chile to kick things off this tuesday, but we are in for a nice afternoon, i'll talk more about it ahead. of course, i'm tracking your morning commute and yes, it's slow and crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza this backup is growing spilling being on
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>>a little chilly out there and get used to saw the 2 in spots that we haven't seen in a to storm that's right your father's >>it was chilly and i didn't know do you warm up an electric car and of now. >>just left and yet you know want the engine. okay now i just warm up the cabin, you can program it to pre preheat the cabin. oh i don't know if your mind is that fancy it is really pretty sure you show me the thing i don't read those the actual figure it needed some heat, yes there you go. yeah we definitely need some heat on this morning, whether you're like car. if you are driving a new car this morning to take that extra time. look for them and all those bugs do because i don't this is your look outside of fog.
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>>streaming over the golden gate you can see anything out there to nutley foggy this morning, a foggy across most of the bay itself once you head inland, you're actually sitting pretty good in fog free. but right on top of the bay, i watch out for some low visibilities so give yourself extra time to warm up your car and they give yourself that extra time as you do also drive through some areas where you may be encountering that low visibility in front of you. 40's and 50's for your current temperatures for most of the bay at least for the north bay, it's back to the 30's we go napa novato and santa rosa, each into the upper 30's this morning. we are going to see an offshore wind kicking back into gear now i know what a lot of your thinking offshore wind that is not a good thing. it's not a major wind event just and shift in wind direction this time around that is going to result in some warmer conditions out towards the coast. nothing impressive as far as winds go it's just going to scoot that fog away after tomorrow evening, so we're still going to have a dose of fog into tomorrow morning. after that though it looks like the fog should lay
5:17 am
off and temperatures will actually be a little bit warmer out along the coast come the end of the weekend start of the weekend. 60's for coastal temperatures today. you can thank the marine layer fog for that keeping these temperatures a bit cooler than they've been in a while 70's will be felt for most spots right along the bay, san carlos at 74 woodside mountain view each at 75. well temperatures in the south bay, a mid to upper 70's. campbell in san jose each at 77 today, 70's solidly for the east bay with daytime highs just a little bit cooler than they were yesterday north bay temperatures mostly out of the 80's. so yeah, a little bit cooler fairfield are only spot holding on the low 80's right to 80 degrees. santa rosa in petaluma each at 78 today, come tomorrow really not a whole lot of change here as i mentioned we still do have that dose of fog tomorrow morning after that though that offshore breeze will result in more of a dry air mass in place over the bay as opposed to that cool marine layer and you can see the effect that will have on temperatures
5:18 am
highs on average should be back up into the low 80's come the weekend ahead before we do cool off again into the start of next week. robin. >>all right, thank you john, let's head over to the 70 oh bridge we're checking in on 92 very busy very crowded to like this over. our now as the early birds are heading to the peninsula, but no big problems we'll put it at 13 minutes to make it over to want to what we're checking the bay bridge and i do have word of a stall westbound before treasure island blocking one lane so crews heading over to check that out. behind the toll plaza it is crowded spilling back to you. a west grand and growing in this person trying to get in at the last we've been right there in ice let folks in 10 minutes to make your way from the bottom of the maze off to fremont street person trying to get a person stock. they're just trying to wait for someone to be nice to let them in. i went over to our one on north money expressway reports of an accident here causing a little bit of a back up toward 87. but the rest of one oh one looks good right after you pass this is going to be wide
5:19 am
open continuing up to the peninsula. we'll zoom out you can see the whole stretch there. it is 30 minutes and growing from san jose to menlo park. so you have that one little problem right there and then the rest of your trip is going a little pocket through pittsburgh west for passing the bart station that's not bad 17 minutes to make it off to 2 42 in concord and the reports of any trouble spots on 2.42 or 6.80 but will check more numbers, coming up in a bit chase. all right rob. thank you. >>very much some disturbing news to report to this morning at least 9 americans including 6 children. apparently killed in a shooting in mexico, 17 family members were heading to a wedding in 3 cars when they were ambushed and you can see in the video here that images of the car. and and bullet ridden a family member claims that drug cartel for a drug cartel gunman opened fire before torching the car the family says they must have been mistaken for somebody else because they've had no run-ins ever with the cartel. >>i think a lot of us are just speechless. my sister could
5:20 am
actually see the smoke from her house. and they heard the gunshots, we just can't i believe that this actually happened. seems like a bad dream. >>some children managed to escape hiding by the roadside during the attack. mexican officials say the area is remote which is slowing down their investigation into finding the killers. >>the big story we're learning details about apple's 2 and a half billion dollar pledge to help fix the bay area's housing crisis kron four's know al bello takes a look. let's not blame. >>hardworking californians for having a child for a housing crisis. >>it's a common theory thrown around, but the tech boom in silicon valley is what's come caused the bay area housing crisis but car gordie know with the silicon valley leadership group doesn't agree. >>it's been 30 years 1989 since california consistently
5:21 am
met its annual targets for the amount homes we need to build just to keep up with our population, it is not fault of an employer, large or small tech or not he says it's a collective fault. >>and apple announcing it would be pledging 2 and a half billion dollars to help fix it is the right move. this is the type. >>of investments that we need to continue to build. >>homes that are affordable, here's how it breaks down 1 billion will go toward building new very low income housing. another billion to first time home buyer mortgage assistance, 300 million of it will be a donation of apple own to land in san jose and the last 200 million will go toward public private partnerships with housing trust silicon valley and destination home. but when will we start to see this money in action destination home says they'll be allocating their funds immediately we've been working with them for some time the
5:22 am
destination hope has worked with several partners organizations to house nearly 8,000 residents over the last decade, we'll use some of these new funds to expand their homelessness prevention program. >>and we'll be working to get more help more families housed more service providers up to the capacity that they need to be to meet the increased demand. we're ready to go. and we just needed another part of to step into the fold and really make a significant contribution now though apple's commitment is the largest one made to date. >>both facebook and google have also pledged $1 billion each as well. in silicon valley, noel bellow kron 4 news. >>baker 5.22 lots still to come here on the kron 00:04am morning news, including the fact that today in northern california community is getting ready to honor a fallen officer who was killed last month, we'll have the full story and after the break a new look at the video showing a bart employee saving a man who fell on the tracks we're going to hear from the hero coming up after the break. and here's a look
5:23 am
outside the bay bridge approach where traffic certainly is backed up. robin winston with a full check of the ride in just a moment, john travel with your tuesday forecast and the patchy fog we're seeing out there this morning. well, here's to first dates! you look amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. try downy fabric conditioner. unlike detergent alone, downy helps prevent stretching by conditioning and smoothing fibers, so clothes look newer, longer. downy and it's done. there are those who will say thatoo fat.:
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5:26 am
left side you'll see mark and then hear those them and falling over right there part rain is and that's when the employee reaches down grads and literally just. out of the way just watch one more time. >>because it's lucky that the worker was so right there had he been right there. he was right they sort of in a very different story and actually actually the worker says he must have been there for a reason i like what he was talking about it was show here head. crowds same page it out of the track way. >>what i looked i saw the headlights i saw him uses light he got lucky in it just happened i'd like to think that anybody else stand there would have done the same thing i was god put me there for a reason right, i guess. we've got to go home hopefully cares cancers often. >>saying that. >>but he did do the same thing
5:27 am
and there were a lot of people right there will have tough act and that but that's the thing is it was him i know he want to be a hero in this video the one who jumped into action because everybody watch again everybody sees it but it's that person who can reacted quickly right that ends up making the difference. yes. >>and in the nick of time while i was incredible 5.27 is a time right now let's. >>continue with the news, we got a lot coming up. >>the city of and is considering a ban an air bnb after the deadly halloween party that left i've people dead a lot more details on that.
5:28 am
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5.30 action so we're all in that's a slower all always at 5.30 its last yes, all of the bay bridge across bash on one oh one in the south bay salt check, both and has stalled last night. let's take a look at the weather with some fog this morning we have what nice temperatures today. yeah there's a definitely knew we haven't seen fog like this in a while. is so to take a slower out there. it's cold it's foggy kind of feeling like november await it is november now definitely had some fog hanging out across parts of san francisco. but you can see how patchy it is as well as you head up market
5:31 am
street a little bit closer to twin peaks are seeing less of it while you head out towards financial district are seeing more of it and it's definitely headed out to the east bay to settle down right there on the east bay hills so a lot of us especially crossing bridges this morning will be running into it, 40's and 50's for your current temperatures for most of the bay but 30's back for the north bay santa rosa and napa in novato all in the upper 30's right now. later today, we're saying goodbye to chilly temperatures and that fog with a sunny and comfortable afternoon ahead, daytime highs will be back into the 70's a pretty similar one. yesterday a couple of degrees cooler. for a few spots, robin. >>all right, thank you john checking in on the bay bridge now the slow traffic is starting to slow up on the sensors here on traffic tracker showing us the crowding that we have because of that stalled car i talked about 80 west before treasure island so rich crews are responding they are clearing this out of your way it's creating a little bit of a backup adding to the slow traffic heading into san francisco. here the tolls are
5:32 am
back and west founded. almost to the bottom of the maze looking good for the carpool lanes but the cash lanes of fast track lanes they're all stacked up at 12 minutes and then our crash in san jose north one on on and you express way still adding to the crowding 34 minutes and and growing san jose to menlo park but you're looking good on 2.80. >>the big story this morning we're learning more about the victims killed in the shooting that happened on halloween night at a house party in or end and that one of the victims is a father of 2 from or in city. >>29 year-old javelin county is one of the 5 people gunned down at the party. one close friend says that she last saw county earlier that halloween day taking his children out to trick or treat. friends and family now struggling to make sense of the violence that took so many lives. >>i'm heartbroken because we love 1 one of our own in our community. i think in that
5:33 am
there was one person the fact that in no was a mass tonight in all of them any casualties, he was this at the wrong place at the wrong time. >>county leaves behind 2 small boys a 6 year-old and a one year old. a go fund me page has been set up now to support his children you can find a link to that on aarp a web page or kron 4 dot com. >>and the city of ur in days going hold a meeting to talk. housing rental since that house for the party happened was. >>rented from air bnb have that halloween again is what's driving all of this discussion kron 4 sarah stinson live in front of the rim to city hall with the very latest and sarah they've thinking about banning them outright is that we're going to be talking about. >>there's going to be a big discussion on the future of of the city's relationship with air bnb whether that means a full ban. the rental company but take a look at this is what you're seeing in orinda people are clearly still mourning the loss of everyone
5:34 am
who was killed in this shooting, it's still a time of healing and that's why city leaders here in orinda are taking matters into their own hands and you can see cards and flowers and balloons. candles here for those who died in that shooting but take a look at the video from that horrific night, the manhunt for the killer or killers who opened fire at the air bnb on halloween continues. police say on the night of the shooting there was more than 100 people at the rental house when shots were first reports of noise complaints by nearby neighbors. and then police received reports of a shooting. 3 people died on scene to people later died at the hospital as we know. as the city of or in the debates, the they are being made at tonight's meeting the ceo of air bnb is also changing some policies effort to crack down on party houses take a look at the statement by the c e o you can see on your screen. the
5:35 am
air but you can see says starting today we are banning party houses and we are redoubling our efforts to combat unauthorized parties and get rid of abusive host and guest conduct, including conduct that leads to the terrible events that we saw in orinda it's still unclear how the company will define house party is we seen air be meaner into. he's at that one and had a maximum occupancy permit of 13 people the reservation set for howling booked it for 12 people to be interesting to see how the company can predict if the listing will be used for a party if someone's going to say they'll have 3 people and then 100 people show up would be interesting see what they do. but in the meantime city lcaders are going to be discussing this night at a city council meeting it starts at 7 o'clock. and the meeting will start was a moment of silence for the victims of that howling. knight shooting followed by that discussion where a proposal be heard to have a short term ban on air
5:36 am
bnb and short term, as they continue to he'll from what happened just about 6 days ago, so it's still a. >>something that people are dealing with here. they look to continue to follow this for now live in orinda sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>ok, thank you sarah. 05:36am in the south bay police in milpitas arrested ricardo rodriguez. and they say he was found with a stolen car in san jose and it was also carrying items in his pockets then are often used to break into vehicles. in the peninsula police in san mateo are investigating a rash of auto burglaries that happened around laurel would shopping center at the west hillsdale boulevard area sunday. these targeted locked and unlocked cars there and stole credit cards and other stuff that people left in their cars. custody for a bank robbery and the chase that happened in palo alto police say that david skated junior, robbed
5:37 am
the bank of america on corey road. yesterday afternoon they found him on the campus of palo alto high school and she's tim. on a bike. and he was arrested there. police found stolen cash cash in his pockets. well new law enforcement. >>there's an el dorado county are getting ready to say goodbye to a fallen officer, deputy brian ishmael was killed in the line of duty p% last month on october 23th. he was just 37 years old, his funeral service will be today and homes and businesses along the procession route guard decorated in blue to show their support. cards are also pouring into the and to watch fund the nonprofit will handout notes of encouragement along with snack bags to about 2500 officers are expected to attend today service. >>it's important for the officers because it shows them the support they're getting from the community and for the community it's a way that they can show support for the officers.
5:38 am
>>ishmael was ambushed with gunfire while responding to reports of a marijuana theft. 4 people were arrested in connection with that shooting. 5.37. >>the place just getting to know >>superstars on the floor fewer superstars means cheaper tickets, fewer box they got to spend to get into the chase center and see a game. >>and it is definitely another chilly morning with some 30's returning for the north bay fog returning for the ban self i've got more your forecast ahead and excuse me crews are clearing a fall on the bay bridge. lots of slow traffic at the toll plaza still backed
5:39 am
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>>5.41 on this tuesday morning skies very foggy compared to what we've got use to lately you look at the golden gate bridge will actually looks pretty similar to yesterday, the difference though as yesterday it was really just the golden gate that was foggy this morning a lot of the day that fog is sitting right across the east bay out towards the coast. what we're going to see into the afternoon though is that fog or treating from the bay itself hanging out right along the coastline, this is going to keep some of our coastal temperatures on the cooler side we're going to stay dry and nice into the afternoon with plenty of sunshine for most areas before yet again
5:42 am
fog streams on in through the golden gate tonight, making for yet another foggy morning into tomorrow. robin. >>all right, thank you john back to the bay bridge where traffic is a little bit heavier than normal. thanks to an earlier stall that's gone, but your backups bills to the bottom of the mesa be prepared for that a slow drive coming in we're at 13 minutes and growing now to make it off to fremont street so get out there early we'll check more bridges come try my really big chicken sandwich combo with two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! only at jack in the box.
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>>the warriors finally won a game at the new chase center in san francisco, maybe they're not cursed. they did it without steph klay or drame on it was the golden state young players who stepped up against the portland trail. blazers let's jump to the 4th quarter warriors had the lead and berks know his name. and draws the foul klay thompson likes what he sees and then with 2 minutes left. rookie eric pascal know his name. it's a 3 there he finished with 36 points and 13 rebounds. the warriors win it. one 27 to one 18 their first victory at the chase center. the warriors head to houston tomorrow night to face down down down. >>harden. the bright side is maybe don't know any of the players by a sea of the games for pretty cheap tickets are. >>so much less they used to be kron four's dan thorn takes a look at those prices. >>fans have not been thrilled with the rough start to the
5:46 am
warriors season, but now they're getting a chance to see their favorite team in their brand new home at a reasonable price. >>affordable for sure yeah. 2530 bucks a day this was anthony ready and change ice first game at the chase center. they want to take advantage of the warriors slow start by scooping up some cheap tickets online first-time happy 2530 other fans found some nice deals as well we've had about 75 for lower level in the recent years pretty cheap. fans anticipated a surge in pricing months that he move from oakland to san francisco however injuries to practically the entire starting 5 has been a double edged sword to lower prices, fans may not get to see step clay or dream and play. but they can at least afford to check out. the new digs. >>they made the mood as to what i knew was going to be fancy with all the traffic that corporations to it's on this thankful for this moment, the time being that it was cheap enough to afford to come to the game. >>reporting in san francisco.
5:47 am
dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>and we are taking a look at the weather. and you say is the it's still chilly like it has been the last few days got a nice always said the new thing is the 5 k s we had such a break from atlanta now it is yet surely we've gotten used to that the past few mornings, fog on top of that. so just to get back to the kind of wintery routine that he used to be used to before it was so warm and so dry. these past couple weeks you can see that fog that is a push to 9 to the east bay. it's not that dense of a marine layer, so it's going to burn off pretty quickly by midmorning areas like oakland berkeley, seeing the return of some sunshine and under the sun shiny skies temperatures world well. eventually rise into the 70's maybe not as warm as yesterday, but still going to be on the warmer side of things. now this morning we're certainly on the cooler side of things with 40's and 50's for most of your current temperatures but look at these north bay numbers novato santa rosa and now power each in the
5:48 am
upper 30's right now in the meantime berkeley alameda. timber honor in the 50's so another wide range of temperatures this morning. all in all regardless of where you're at just get the jackets on as you're stepping outside as we make our way through this forecast we do have a pattern shift ahead of a set is going to result in some different weather, especially for coastal areas. now unlike the major offshore wind events that we had just finished up with what we are going to be seeing is an offshore flow but not going to be resulting in those super strong winds. it's just going to drag some of the hot dry air a little bit closer out to the coast. that's going make for some warm conditions at the coast and also a couple of fog free mornings and a just a couple of days. tonight we're going to hold on to the fog so we're still going to see a foggy morning tomorrow after that though we should be starting off your mornings without the fog and you're gonna notice your daytime highs a little bit on the warmer side that's because of that dry and hot air mass that is going to be pulled out to the bay. so we do have some more summer like conditions around the corner
5:49 am
after what feels like fall again today and especially for the coast where temperatures will be cooler. thanks to the marine layer and some of that fog that's going to be hanging out right under coastal areas sunset district. you'll get 61 today marina district that's 60 san francisco's downtown in mission districts also working your way out of the 70's back down into the upper 60's 60's for the coast while 70's will be felt for most bayside areas millbrae and burlingame each in the low 70's today with mid 70's for san carlos woodside in mountain view at 7475 degrees, south bay temperatures just a couple of degrees cooler than where you were yesterday, san jose you pick that 79 yesterday today, 77 degrees really all in all a pretty similar forecast east bay temperatures range from the mid to low 70's right alongside the sure the bay to upper 70's holding strong for inland valleys which aren't seeing any fog this morning, san ramon danville walnut creek in concord you're all the same at 78 degrees for today's daytime highs more 78
5:50 am
for benicia up into wine country and only one 80 left in today's forecast that's for you in fairfield petaluma and santa rosa. each in the upper 70's so we do see a shift in your seven-day forecast a notable one from yesterday now that we're forecasting an offshore breeze on thursday. you'll have daytime highs a little bit warmer daytime highs in the low 80's instead of the 70's. for thursday friday and saturday just something to note there as you plan your weekend out it's going to be feeling a bit more summer like as opposed to the fall weather that we have today after this warm up come the start of the weekend next week does come along with temperatures cooling back down into a range of 70's. robin. >>all right, thank you john the morning commutes really picking up it's getting a little crowded on some of our bridges are at the toll plazas rather like the richmond center fell off and on and all that back up a little bit we definitely have some slowing here leading up to the toll plaza, but it's not bad at all it's been a great trip all morning. it's very quick and it's only 8 minutes to the
5:51 am
north bay. now the bay bridge traffic gave us a completely different story right a big backup, spilling to the bottom of the maze for the cash fares for the carpoolers and then also keep in mind that are recovering from a stall that was out near treasure island so that just added to the slow traffic 15 minutes and growing off to fremont street. those of you travel into and out of a boulder creek santa cruz is at saratoga highway 9 is closed in both directions at old mill road. a driver spun out and struck a power our paul so they haven't blocked off here. you want to make sure you stick with 17 and 10 set of taking highway 9 because it's close what i want recovering from a crash a little busy but not bad at all we're looking at 36 minutes for north one oh one san jose to menlo park will check more coming up darya. >>5.51 google employees are calling for a corporate action on climate change more than a 1000 employees signed an online petition. demanding google issue a climate plan committing to 0 emissions by 2030. and it also calls on
5:52 am
google to reject contracts supporting the extraction of fossil fuels and to avoid working with organizations involved in the oppression of refugees. their health this morning more than a 100 that's troubles are being products being recalled because of listeria i'll show you the products. it's packages that of a sell by date of november, 1620 19. man and there's favorite as you can see it's a vegetable medley there and this comes under man's del monte and trader joe's here the various products, so far nobody's reported getting sick. coming up in the next hour or 2 men and charged with murder are on the run this morning. how investigators
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
back 5.55 on this tuesday morning skies, a nice and clear once you head above the fog at least. >>a nice layer of so then right across the bay so you're seeing in areas like berkeley oakland, san francisco. you're not going to be seeing it for long though really that marine layer is going to burn off quickly then we've got abundant sunshine into the afternoon 60's and 70's will return for most of our daytime highs. tomorrow, plenty more sunshine similar daytime highs the week ahead after that actually looking a bit warmer with skies remaining dry and nice robin. >>thank you trouble spots here on the san mateo bridge. it's just very very busy. this is a drive in west 92, you can see the flat section and you see
5:56 am
how crowded it is right a very foggy too so be careful coming across the span here 15 minutes and growing to make it off to one oh one. we're checking the bay bridge you are recovering from a stall that was closer to treasure island. but you're back up spills to the bottom of the maze for up to 17 minutes now to make it in. >>who's that all that's feeling now. well i the parts of the game last night but yes i'm seeing this video for the first time as a black cab stole the spotlight for a portion of the 2nd touchdown by the way that he got in so did he did they had full time just trying to corral it couldn't wait. police still don't know the game resumed, but the cat is still missing. they say this is a pop they'll take him to a shelter buddy lists cape in disappeared underneath his seat so hopefully. he's alright that's where it is. >>all right still ahead on the
5:57 am
kron 00:04am morning news. voters as folks head to the polls today is election day don't forget we're going to be don't forget we're going to be live with of the big races happening in san francisco. >>and east bay city now considering perhaps banning air bnb properties after a deadly shooting on halloween. deadly shooting on halloween. we'll have the latest random. new crest gum and sensitivity. ahh brain freeze! no, it's my teeth. your teeth hurt? just sensitivity. i should see my dentist. my teeth have been feeling really sensitive lately. well 80% of sensitivity starts at the gum line, so treat sensitivity at the source. new crest gum and sensitivity starts treating sensitivity immediately, at the gum line, for relief within days and wraps your teeth in sensitivity protection. ohh your teeth? no, it's brain freeze! new gum and sensitivity from crest.
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>>in san francisco have all for you absolutely darya folsom and i'm james fletcher let's first get you caught up on weather traffic with jon robin since their hearings find out which to an outside how the road roads are ok. >>and there's a trouble spot in the south bay and then one oh one is recovering from a crash in the bay bridge is recovering from a stall so busy out yeah a little foggy bogus for long this morning. the scene the fog cleared out pretty quickly actually but as for now you can definitely see it. this is a nice view of a. >>getting a little bit of light a day out there in the distance you can actually make out mount diablo what you are seeing is a touch of fog out there around financial district and then much of the city of san francisco actually without it. so it's very patchy this morning, it's already in the process of burning off for a few areas so a brief area fog just to


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