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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  November 14, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>>that's one of our top stories tonight to students in southern california are dead 4 others are injured after a 16 year-old opened fire at a high school this happened about 7 30 this morning, a santa clarita at saugus high school the. >>young gunman was a student at that school. we turn now to chris wolfe he joins us live from valencia in front of the hospital. we're anxious families are praying for the best tonight is what's the latest there. >>yeah, they certainly are we know that one shooting victim was treated and released another one remains in critical condition. but i have to tell you that we have learned is the shooter himself suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. he turned the gun on himself after shooting 5 classmates early this morning, an open courtyard area of the campus it's august high school in saugus. a very difficult
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situation. this is for so many people we've been speaking with us with students and parents and neighbors all day they say they never would have expected this from this individual that he was considered very quiet very introverted kept to himself never threatened anyone ever threaten the school campus to their knowledge this comes as a complete shock and surprise we've learned he is asian 16 years old. he lost his father a year ago and took that death very very hard. today was his birthday and this is what he did unleashing this this deadly violence on campus early this morning. all caught on surveillance footage by the way which authorities have been examining. we do know that the fbi is part of the investigation providing cyber experts and analysts conducting what they call a social media scrub. looking closely at this young man social media postings as electronics his computer. his
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cell phone. they're looking for any and all clues as to a possible motive for the deadly shooting. officials who gave a briefing here at the hospital just a short time ago said they did find an instagram posting connected to the shooting suspect which read ominously saugus have fun, it's cool tomorrow. interestingly they say that post has been changing since the shooting, they know the shooter didn't do it because he has been incapacitated so now they're wondering whether a hacker got into that account and was modifying it or whether possibly some kind of friend or accomplice got into that account and was working on it so that is under close investigation. the community is stunned in shock. we know that 2 students have died succumbing to their gunshot injuries, a 16 year-old girl and a 14 year-old boy, 2 others were taken to another hospital holy cross hospital from what we gather, we believe they're going to be ok but the community is hoping
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and praying. and also looking for some answers and people have been talking about ways to try to prevent this did we not see something did we miss some warning signs over the last few months or over the last few years what could we have done better is there any real answer to this so much is is being considered right now, and as parents cling to their children and children cling to their parents. the tears are flowing people are just and talking this over schools closed tomorrow. in fact the students i spoke with today on campus don't want to go back. for some time they're frightened about going back they said that they're already seeing. very ominous and scary and sick, social media postings emerge saying things like if you thought today was bad wait until monday november 18th. so now they're concerned about this having a deal with this on top of everything that happened today so it's such a
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tense situation out here, we know that doctors and law enforcement officials and school officials are working around the clock on this on this deadly shooting case and the community is going to be traumatized for the foreseeable future. absolutely. it's not the only community is gone through this a 43th school shooting so far this year in the u s. >>where a student has been injured or killed chris wolfe live for us in valencia chris, thank you very much. you can track the story at kron 4 dot com there you'll find student reaction to the chaos. read what we know about the victims and what police are revealing about the gunman's online post it's all at kron 4 dot com. >>is being sued this comes after police cited a man for 18 on a train platform video captured the encounter and it has since gone viral. stephen foster was confronted by a bart police officer who ultimately put foster handcuffs and cited him, general manager later responded to the incident apologizing to foster over how
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it all unfolded, but also reaffirming that eating in the paid area on the bart train platforms and now prominent local attorneys john versus filing a lawsuit on behalf of foster. >>there is one less was sued in the city of oakland today and one less sportscene threatening to leave now that the litigation has been dropped involving the oakland a's kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. we're very thrilled that the city council last night directed the city attorney ernie to immediately drop the lawsuit against the county. so bottom line. a's are here to stay >>now that oakland has dropped the lawsuit preventing alameda county from accepting the a's million offer for a chair of the coliseum site. both sides say that though she asians are back on track. yes. the lawsuit has been dropped so we can move forward and transact with the county on their half of the coliseum site and then move forward with the city on a similar arrangement.
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>>next year we're really encouraged that the a's have offered the city the same deal that they offered the county oakland mayor libby shaft says any transaction involving the taxpayer old coliseum property will be done in accord with the california surplus land back which prioritizes affordable housing development, publicly owned land california surplus lands process is very aligned with the city opens of al use and that is we need affordable housing. >>and the city is committed that who ever develops that coliseum land and again things are going very well in our talks with the a's, although oakland city council member larry reid did not. >>vote in favor of filing the lawsuit. he says if it were up to him that he would build new stadium in oakland, instead of our time. >>the a's and the ownership of the a's and made it absolutely clear they do not want to be on a 35,000 seat stadium out of existing coliseum site know oakland a's team president dave kaval says there's a different vision for that
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site. >>we want to make sure there are things like affordable housing job generating activities. >>grocery stores. a lot of positive benefits for east oakland and for the community that's there. >>in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>california woman demanding thousands of dollars in a lawsuit after tripping and falling over a scooter. >>plus a warning for e customers some are saying that they are being charged for our that occurred duri the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock.
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>>people across northern california are saying that they're being billed by p g an a for using power. during last month's blackout now they're warning people to check their accounts, anna giles explains. >>shawna turner lost power for more than a week in october she checked the bills for each day she was in the dark and was surprised to find charges for estimated usage on those days. >>estimated estimated and estimated. >>and we use the same. >>over the el dorado county area took to social media saying they had the same problem so we asked pg why did people have estimated charges
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on days there was no power. we were told quote this should not be happening. some people also noticed a message on their online account saying online usage data may temporarily reflect estimated not actual usage meantime turner tells others to keep a close eye on on their next bill. >>tech about guys. p g is charging them. >>not happy about that. that was anna giles reporting pg e has offered $100 credit if they went more than 48 hours without power. up next and chilling video and audio as a california woman screams for help in the middle of the night now police are investigating a possible kidnapping that story's next. >>and if you are streaming us on kron on on the news continues during the commercial break go to kron on
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>>and this is really terrifying of this video was captured on a ring doorbell you're going to see more of it in a moment, this happened in a south los angeles neighborhood on the video you just heard that there was a woman screaming for help before she was driven away in a speeding car. >>crystal cruz reports.
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>>a woman was heard screaming for help on a ring doorbell and lamar park tuesday night you can see the owners of the doorbell went outside to check out what was going on and then watched as a white hatchback appeared to drive off with the screaming woman, a neighbor who asked to remain anonymous for the commotion. >>it was a little scary. it was kind of like if he was like attacking her and she was trying to light get out of his car but he wouldn't let her. >>lapd officers were seen going door to door on 3rd avenue near obama boulevard checking for more ring doorbell video. an officer told us they don't know yet if this was a domestic dispute or something else the neighbor heard a woman and man arguing the guy was. >>telling her something like oh i'm sorry i told oh sorry and she just kept screaming for help. >>many neighbors are just now hearing about this incident wondering if the woman lives on the street, the current issues and i've never seen. we
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don't know the she was if she was in the neighborhood. was visiting her not sure. >>and this point police have not announced any arrests in this case nor whether the kidnapping actually occurred. >>an 88 year-old california woman is filing a half million dollar lawsuit. after she tripped over a scooter and broke her hip and elbow. the accident happened last year but the once very active woman who says she participated in marathons before the accident says she still has trouble walking. that's according to the woman. she tripped over scooter in a loading zone at a santa monica community college. scooters were reportedly covering the area and then when she says the unthinkable happened. so chris. >>an she tried to get through there and that somehow life one of the scooters and in a literally catapulting her back into the street she's on the floor and there's blood everywhere she's her. >>is ripped to the bone.
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>>the family is now fighting back they filed a lawsuit against the city of santa monica left and the college a trial on this incident is now set for 2021. in the us are eating way too much added sugar that's according to a new study. researchers found foods with the most added sugar were fruit drinks, baked goods and flavored yogurt. the study however did find that overall sugar consumption for toddlers and infants is actually dropped which could be good news in curbing health conditions such as obesity cavities and as much. >>and about onyx to save lives. we all know that but superbugs are starting to outsmart at about x the centers for disease control and prevention says drug resistance is one of the greatest global health challenges of modern time brett conway has more in tonight's health minute. >>for bugs are germs capable of learning and evolving
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making them resistant to the antibiotics designed to kill them. nearly 36,000 americans die from superbug infections every year which is about one every 15 minutes. that's according to a 2019 report from the cdc warning some miracle drugs no longer perform miracles. the agency says there are 5 drug-resistant superbugs that posen urgent threat to global health. genetic researchers found some germs can share their dna with other germs. effectively teaching them how to outwit complex and abroad ix the cdc says most deaths from drug-resistant infections are caused by germs typically found in hospitals. but the report notes wall superbug infections from hospitals are down from the 2013 study infections caught anywhere else in the community are on the rise. experts point to the overprescribing of antibiotics as a factor behind growing
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drug resistance and they say the only way to prevent the rise of antibiotic resistant infections is if doctors patients and policymakers. work together for today's health minute. i'm brett conway. >>for your money tonight motorola is bringing back the razor flip phone but with a twist on wednesday night, the company unveiled its new version of the legendary phone that has a foldable screen. there's also a second quick few screen on the front so that when the phone is close you can see pictures and texts and take pictures. the new razor will cost $1500 and it will hit stores in january of 2020. >>well, expensive instagram is doing away with likes at least for certain accounts. the social media giant announced it's expanding its monthslong test too hide like counts to the rest of the world. instagram tweeted if users are part of the test though no longer see likes and views on pictures and videos of others but users will still be able to see their own likes on
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their accounts. the company says it's all part of an initiative to try to change the way people engage with the photo sharing service. instagram began testing the change in several countries, including australia, brazil and canada earlier this year. the company says the feedback has been positive. >>is forced to battered 49 ers get ready for their first game with a loss on their record marking cable said from the area sports night with an injury update that's coming up. then skies filled with clouds even a couple rain drops around the bay area today could we see a little more we'll talk about that.
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>>i look in injury yeah, it's beat up group over their marker. a from the senate berries force maritime of the niners of course. >>yeah that's seattle games, sure took a toll on okay now the 49 ers press, the city once again on a short week and we're all wondering who's going to be out there this sunday against the car knowles it's been established that joe staley will not be in the mix but what can we say about emmanuel sanders and george kittle. >>currently nerve wracking because an annual sanders and george kittle both missed practice again for the second consecutive day. because on a short week of course you want guys to rest, but you want them to get those practices into i'm pretty concerned about the situation to be honest. i'm really hoping that we'll see them out there, you know maybe tomorrow. even in a limited capacity that would
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bode well for their availability on sunday. >>of all the latest from santa clara leigh talking some raiders bangles and also a big move in regard to madison bumgarner in his future with the giants the a's entering free agency officially will be breaking it all down. bay area sports night 7 o'clock. going back to you 10 pound alright, we'll see you then thank you guys. >>and begin the jail. >>this is on the peninsula today students celebrating ruby bridges a 6 year-old who helped fuel the civil rights movement back in 1960. the 5th lpgrade class at martin elementary school in south san francisco walk to school from city hall in her. ruby bridges was the first african american student to integrate our nation's of southern schools that was in new orleans. >>a of clouds out there guys
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right now uh maybe couple sprinkles to be had overnight tonight, nothing to have and that certainly the most exciting change we've seen in the weather in about 6 yeah, we had a few light sprinkles out there for today and some drizzle 700 says the most we could find in half moon bay, but cloudy skies out there if you're headed out there i want to keep your umbrella with you just in case is we're going to see they say a little bit unsettled for tonight back to doppler radar scan your skies right now show you mostly dry conditions. but you'll one system has already we've moved on shore in this the one that to touch off a couple sprinkles today that has moved inland but we've got this guy that is off the coastline and again this is another very extremely weak system, but it's going to push on shore overnight tonight. possibly bringing some rain far northern california may you just clip, parts of the north bay overnight tonight into tomorrow morning so could be a little slick out there on the roadways early on for tomorrow. temperatures outside right now it's cooling off you've got 56 degrees in san francisco, 59. in oakland, 61 degrees and san jose 58 in
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livermore and 59 degrees in concord this hour, a cool 49 though already in santa rosa. in fact a likely dipped down into the 30's overnight tonight. all right here comes that system approaching the coastline bringing with it a slight chance of a few scattered light showers. you see not a lot of energy with a kind of fall apart as it approaches the bay area but could see a couple sprinkles into early tomorrow morning. and then by the afternoon, the clouds begin to break up a little bit here comes a little sunshine and a lot of party or friday, so not going to be completely cloudy day tomorrow becoming partly cloudy by tomorrow afternoon. and then as we get the weekend little bit of an offshore component to win likely to develop as we head towards saturday afternoon should that should clear out your skies above those temperatures back up into the 70's in many parts away from the coastline around the bay area for tomorrow. we're looking at about 69 in concord 63 degrees in oakland about 58 in cool in downtown san francisco, 65 in san jose and about 67 degrees in the napa valley over the next couple days and looking toward the weekend. tomorrow kind split day you can see some clouds in the morning,
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clearing out in the afternoon again a slight chance of showers north of the golden gate bridge. saturday and sunday look very nice with some offshore winds. tempeaatures back up in the 70's them as we get into next week. here's the good news. we're not seeing that big dominant a ridge of high pressure so i think at least a slight chance showers on tuesday again. maybe another chance of a couple rain drops by the following thursday. >>lawrence thank you for being with us tonight at 6 we'll see you tonight at 8 o'clock have a good evening.
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not again. >> breaking news in a school shooting. >> it was the accused shooter's birthday today. he turned 16. plus, surrounded, taunted. >> the latest cop to be disrespected. then, a congressman's shocking secret message about the impeachment hearing, written in code. wait until you see what it said. >> what made you participate in that epstein didn't kill himself meme? >> and talking about the marriage. >> i don't want to talk about it. there are issues there. plus, a woman's blood


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