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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  November 15, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>>as we mentioned earlier in the newscast today, the nation heard another run of testimony of the house's impeachment inquiry, this time from the former us ambassador to ukraine marie answered questions from democrats and republicans for hours in is caitlin collins tells us. >>the ousted ambassador was able to react immediately to an unexpected attack from the president. >>and that his hearing was gavel done today, the white let's release the long promised transcript of president trump's first call with the leader of ukraine which the ranking republican devin nunez then run and live on television when you're settled in and ready. >>i'd like to invite you to
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the white house. a lot of things to talk about. >>the transcript immediately raising questions because it made no mention of corruption. that contradicts a published by the white house months ago which claimed the 2 leaders discussed ways to root out corruption during their first call the white house has insisted fighting corruption was the primary reason trump held up the military aid to ukraine. >>and officials didn't explain the discrepancy when cnn asked for comment. >>today, the press secretary said trump would only watch nunez's opening statement but for the rest of the day. he will be working hard for the american people. though trump later it, it'd he'd been paying close attention that been watching today for the first time i started watching. >>maria van of it when turned back. trump tweeted an hour into the hearing. she started off in somalia, how did that go then fast forward to ukraine where the new ukrainian president spoke
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unfavorably about her in my second phone call with him. it is a us presidents absolute right to appoint ambassadors they call it serving at the pleasure of the president in a surreal moment, adam schiff from read the tweet live on television that you on a >>as we said are testifying the president is attacking you twitter. i'm like you your chance to respond i mean i can't speak to what the president is trying to do but i think the effect is to be intimidating. >>after facing criticism even from republicans for his tweet trump said it wasn't witness tampering and insisted he had the right to speak up. >>i don't think so at all and i'll tell you about what tampering is tampering is when a guy like shifty shift doesn't let us have lawyers, tampering is one shift doesn't let us have witnesses. >>meantime longtime friend and ally of president trump roger stone has been found guilty of all counts at his trial in washington. he was convicted earlier this morning. stone
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was charged in a seven-count indictment that alleged he lied to lawmakers about wikileaks tampered with witnesses and obstructed the house intelligence committee investigation. another big story we're following tonight several vigils were held inside santa korea today to honor the victims of yesterday's school shooting at saugus high school. 2 students were killed 3 others were injured. the 16 year-old gunman died about an hour and a half ago in the hospital today lee county sheriff's deputies said they believe the shooting was planned by the way the young teen used the weapon and counted his rounds. the last bullet was fired into his own head. authorities say the boy entered the school grounds went by himself into a quad dropped his backpack pulled out the handgun and began firing randomly police said they don't believe anyone he shot had a relationship with him beyond being fellow students. >>the second woman and the first asian american to lead the state supreme court tonic hunt shields sacco has 3 years to go on her 12 year term, you
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may be surprised by her drive to improve your relationship with california's court system. she is a dynamic woman with a vision meet the chief justice. you likely recognize the 9 members of the us supreme court. >>good morning welcome to oral argument. how about the 7 members of the state supreme court here over 90% of case law he's made at the state court level over 90% of the cases that affect your life are made in state court. not federal court. does anyone understand that no so i think there's a huge need for an educated public this is chief justice tani way achieve. the chief justice is passionate about the court's responsibility to serve the public and the public's need to know how the courts affect their lives. >>of the 3 branches of government the executive the governor, the legislative the lawmakers and the judicial the
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courts, the 3rd branch is probably the least understood the least discussed, but the most needed in crisis the state court touches every day people in all kinds of real life problems and in california she oversees it all growing up in sacramento in a working class filipino family to earn money, she worked the number of regular job jobs, including my. >>had the blackjack job when i had just completed my first year in law school later on that experience really helped him in for me to pick a jury. it helped me to question witnesses and help me to read body language and understand nonverbal behavior as chief justice she does not hesitate to speak out publicly criticizing ice agents from making arrests at stake courthouses so to have a federal policy to come into the courts. the state courts to arrest people on very often civil immigration warrant is to create terror. she said in motion efforts to eliminate the controversial cash bail system people who are arrested
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to be evaluated not the size of their wallet. their size of their bank account. but on who they are she was appointed to justice in 2011 by republican governor schwarzenegger, but in 2018 he decided to leave the gop for no party affiliations. >>i left the republican party for a host of reasons when i saw the kavanaugh hearings and i saw how they were conducted an eye. >>so my daughter's less other reaction that was at that point decided that it the republican party label didn't fit my values, my professional life and i moved on from it. >>as the fight over roe v wade and other social issues heat up the trump administration has been criticized for stacking the federal courts with staunch conservatives but she reminds us the democrats have done the same thing. >>a good example is jimmy carter appointed to the 9th circuit infield 11 positions in his presidency. that's a
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lifetime appointment when it comes to the us supreme court sandra day o'connor is your favorite. she's my absolute favorite her work on the supreme court was unified. >>and the popularity of ruth bader ginsburg. >>i think if you in just 2. might my 21 year-old daughter has her statue. the >>outreach to young and old with her k through 12 and adult civics initiative point navigator program for people are confused by the sister of the language interpreters and more they are mark her mission. her legacy who she is as chief justice. >>we must ensure that income inequality doesn't translate into a 2 tier justice system. >>is justice for all. >>absolutely absolutely it has to be for everybody the minute. it isn't is the minute. it's not just us. the chief justice is married with 2 daughters nationwide white
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males make up 30% of the population that 56% of the justices on state supreme courts. >>california, however, one of the most diverse ports in the entire nation and what an inspiration to have not only a woman, but a minority woman the chief justice of the biggest court in the state of california. >>you know she brought up the idea of spreading awareness for people learning about the court system and then you brought up the idea when we go to vote we often vote for judge is now. we don't know who they are do we find out we get to that point in the eu your election ballot. i like. >>i don't really know who these people are she was so encouraged us to have more interface to pay more attention to the people who are on the bench. much like the judge persky bald his name you know, it's so public because of the decision he made that she thinks we should know all of our you know all of the people who oversee the decisions that affect our lives so well we all know judge persky and we do. now we should all know her. yes story thank you, pam. well coming up. is kron four's the 70th birthday we are going back in
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time to celebrate tonight, a look back at those whistle tips that had people all across the bay area fed up with the remember those plus senator bernie sanders makes a stop here in the bay area. >>inside the area politics host catherine he even sat down with the 2020 candidate while he
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>>and 2020 presidential candidate, bernie sanders made a stop here in the bay area today, senator sanders talks
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with kron on's cap and he done for inside bay area politics, here's a clip of some of what they talked about. >>senator you're in oakland to accept the endorsement of the country's biggest nurses union they supported you in 2016. this time there are competing. plant why do you think they still are backing you. >>well, we know that for me a medicare for all. guaranteeing health care to every man woman and child in this country is a passion for me is something that i have for for for the last 30 years. and on day one of my administration we will introduce legislation. over a four-year period will guarantee health care every man woman and child in this country without premiums without co-payments without a doubt the bulls and was on out of pocket expenses that's what real health care reform is about that's what we're going to bring. >>and you can watch the entire interview next week on inside the area politics with host cap in hand in siberia
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politics runs on saturday and sunday mornings at 11 oh 5 on kron on download the kron on app start watching now. >>up next a lawmakers are gearing up for next week's hearing on pg e's power safety shut offs. we'll tell you who set to testify
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>>the is being summoned to the state capitol for investigative hearing on monday our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala
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explains why. >>the genie ceo bill johnson will make his second appearance to the state kept reese the utilities and power shut-offs johnson is set to testify monday in front of the senate energy utilities and communications committee along with the ceos of the state's 2 other investor owned utility companies according to the hearing agenda released friday, the committee will dig into the impact the blackout had on the economy school's emergency management and businesses across the state senators will also examine the state's oversight with testimony from top officials including callow yes director mark ghilarducci and president of the california public utilities commission marybel batjer. senator scott wiener is on the committee. lawmakers say this hearing is the first
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step to deciding what policies need to be proposed to prevent issue seen in the massive power shut-offs the hearing is scheduled to start monday morning at 11:00am in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. let's get a chance of the weather around the bay area that's right the 4 zone forecast from our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >>takes us into the weekend and the guys for fun things right you look for some fun stuff to do this weekend. there's always something going on around the bay area this is kind of a neat event. how about this this the german lantern festival and parade that's going to be right through the presidio in san francisco ca is going to be out there with the lancers just walking in the parade is going to be beautiful sight to see mostly clear skies will be a little bit cool if you're headed out there that have plenty of german food. and german drinks if you want to get out there and enjoy this to harvest festival that is taking place in san mateo the weather's going to be great there if you want to get out there and checking all the goodies they're going to have their as well plenty of sunshine and some mild temperatures and in san jose we've got the american indian
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heritage celebration, looking at the aztec dancers, the weather's going to be fantastic. they're going to be a plenty of arts and beautiful things to see the other if you want to head that direction, sunny clear all day long temperatures into the 70's and how about this you know get here this very often they're offering some free sailing there they league club this last time they're going to do that this year. so if you want to go on the head out there that is a 1 o'clock in berkeley sunny skies, mild temperatures just a bit of an afternoon breeze of course you can find more website at kron on dot com. hey we've got to clouds beginning to move into the bay right now we'll see more that overnight tonight and that's going to filter into the bay kind of thick in spots, early on tomorrow morning you're going to see that along the coastline as well but that will be about it and then we're going to see a lot of sunshine coming our way looks like a beautiful day ahead as high pressure going to take over a boy we're in for a very nice weekend temperatures around the bay tomorrow, 50's 60's and the san francisco. it will be cool along the coastline with some patchy fog kind of dance along the coastline all day long 65
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degrees in millbrae and sunny there 70 in san carlos, 70 woodside and also in amount due plenty of 70's in the south bay, maybe even some mid 70's in the warmer spots well inland by tomorrow afternoon 75 walnut creek 67 in richmond about 72 in benicia 74. in pittsburgh about 67 degrees in mill valley, looking out over the next couple of days, we've got some plans for the weekend go to it. no rain for the weekend. but there's a slight chance of showers by next tuesday. thank you cards to learn 93 year-old world war 2 veteran said he wished he could fly again. >>some community members got together to make it happens. spence robert has the story. >>i just like to fly. a staff member at main veteran homes overheard 93 year-old world war 2 veteran earl boyd talking about how he wished he could fly again world had mentioned to somebody in passing he loved to fly one more time because it was a big copy of is we found the pilots plane that would accommodate earl and kind and know are.
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members of the patriot riders and air national guard gathered at bangor international airport to see him off. >>pearl was deployed as a medic to japan's soon after world war 2 ended >>first ones to land in your pan and of the war as a photo album show everyone quite a bit in the >>me after his military career ended he took up flying as a hobby. >>after i got out of the service and crew on mall jogging around maine. >>earl watched to gauge is in the cockpit as often as he enjoyed the view. >>always been the airplanes. >>all right coming up next a day as kron 4 70th birthday and to celebrate. we're checking the arca tonight a look back at those whistle tips on cars that had people all across
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>>you know you're saying exactly today marks 70 years since kron four's very first newscast and to celebrate our anniversary were taking you back in time to get back in 2003 we did a story about those loud whistle tips that we're on cars. >>well that story became one of the most part.
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>>and says driving parents and entire neighborhoods, crazy is called a whistle tip and as well that inside a car's muffler to make the car screech ainley loud for nearly a mile. well tomorrow night open residents will be complaining officially the city hall officials kron four's mark jones has the story an open this evening. >>city residents have been told of this noise is perfectly legal so tomorrow, they hope to start the process to change the law. nearly every muffler shop in oakland is installing wrestler tips. it's a piece of metal from held inside the exhaust pipes that makes the current the motion. >>anybody that has it in their neighborhoods going to totally driven crazy. it sounds like arrested what you want to win. there's a dui the flow an inch of all the foam as a decoration. that's all my we
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go up and decorate your car. >>being installed on their car. roxanne bronze has the high pitched tone like this wheel of a car friend that doesn't stop is keeping her awake at night police have told her it is legal they think it's a fad and it's going to go away. >>it's not going and it's proving you know, it's driving me nuts i work at home. i can't concentrate when it goes on for for you know hours for some neighbors are saying way too loud that's only in the because cooking breath as a somebody is out. >>and little says we're proud to show it off. it will complain about the noise makers tuesday night at the city council meeting the law changes are still looking is says he will keep installing it in your neighborhood, no i
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want i want that was what i wanted know my business so the 5 so i have to say whatever they want work of or not said that. ac transit bus driver told us the noise is so loud you can't even hear the siren from an approaching ambulance. >>so far they've caused no known accidents in oakland march out. >>that story was so popular that year was love roe v. >>are you move that. >>love to if you do want to watch more from our archives make sure that you tune into our 70th anniversary special. >>tonight at 11 o'clock is airing on our kron. and right now we are offering a free subscription for 30 days. you haven't changed a bit. pam says that fantastic was soft focus >>so yeah, you know, i got a great weekend ahead guys are going to see a lot of sunshine
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in the bay area looks like high pressure building in over and about some 70's mid 70's over the weekend saturday and sunday looking good. >>even into monday. i think will hold on to that ridge of high pressure but their sign of changes coming our way a slight chance of showers as we get into tuesday, then the winds will start to whip and some much cooler weather headed toward the bay area on wednesday. but this weekend guys boy we've got your for fun things that german lantern parade, the presidio that is going to be pretty tomorrow night and check that out. >>thank you for being with us she tonight 8 o'clock was more have. you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters?
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>> first video. the accused high school shooter and unsung heroes. >> the sisters who put emergency kits in every classroom. >> it may have saved this kid's life. then, i'm watching you. >> president trump's real time twitter attack. >> it is very intimidating. and -- >> whoa. >> is it a crime? reaction from o.j. simpson. >> i'm just saying. >> and what dr. oz is saying about the brutal blow to the head. >> it could have killed him. >> plus, the 8-year-old boy working at popeye's. are they really that understaffed. >> it looked


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