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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 16, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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that happened late night. >>family'seighborhood. >>w it had an armed robbery caught on camera a man is shot right in front of his south bay home and now the search is on for the gunman. good evening and thank you so much r joining us here and cried for news at justine wildman chair ste is off tonight. the victim is recovering after this cras but his friends lucky to eighbors say he is be alive kron for santom is live for us now in san jose, he joins us with
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more on this bren robbery dan has the vicm doing. >>justine that victim is still recovering tonight asyou mentioned that his friend is saying that he does not want these types of crimes continuing ihis quiet neighborhood. he says he wants to get the informaon out about what happened here caught. he wants these guys >>the san jose neighboood is rattled is a violent robbery happens in broad daylight, the are men caught on home surveillance camera are seen here, jumping out of a black car pistols in hand aimed at another man. they shot the victim and they stole his necklace >>i' just shocked, i'm shocked that it was broad daylight shot a person and from the house that happened by him a visa might famy's neighborhood. necklace. and just for >>be kao says the victim is his friend who was just sitting in his car on the afternoon of november, second the video sharefrom a family
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member showthe whole crime going down in this sver creek neighborhood where this happened right. >>missing my backyard basically and they are worried and scared >>kao says his friend was shot in his abdomen, the video captured the victim running out of his car while clutching his toch area and calling for help kao says he was released from the hospital on tuesday and is now back home recoverin >>we do know right now that they're still bullet in his leg. so my to went to the abdomen into the leg. however that that what is not to get out because the doctor said ll cause more nerve injury. police later found the robbers black getaway car which turned outo be stolen, but the 3 men are sll on the run kao says these crimes are becoming a disturbing trend in his community d others need to be aware. >>if you have a lot of cash on you and is he wring something expensive and they see it. >>they'll go for.
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>>the victim was not interested in aring his side of the story witkron 4 news as he continues his painful recovery.anyone with any informati about this crime is encouraged to call san jose police reporting live in san jose dan thorne kron 4 news. >>thank you dan oneerson was injured and 13 others displacedfter huge fire started ear saturday morning in san francisco's castro distri this fire was contained to 2 buildings but other buildingsere evacuated for safety. the impacted buildingare a residential building and a commercial building. fire officials say this fire started in the under investigation. gh is now to the north bay where police are investigating a shooting in nta rosa tt happened on friday night it happened around 6 45 in the area of darla dri and tracavenue when officers arrived on location they found a mawith a gunshot wound. the suspects are described hispanic males in their late teens. a reward of up to 500 is being offered for any nformation
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leading to an arrest in the shooting. in the south bay new tonight at 10:00am minor was hit and killed by an amtrak train this afternoon. it happened around 4 o'clock on the tracks near lafayette reet and the one on one orpass. police are investigating the miners the tracks. how he accessed now tthe peninsula were a policy city employees dead after an electrical work site accident. utility crew members and palo alto we're upgrading an electrical transformer near east meadow drive and middlefield road when one worker was electrocuted this morning. the victim was taken to t hospital but did not survived. the city of pa alto says they are saddened by this tragic loss, the victim's name has not yet been released. >>some gunshot, i thought i was dreaming and then the last to it th you see a little baby just like to say to come the fire is often a drove off.
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>>autrities say 5 people including 3 children are de in the case of domestic violence in san diego. police say was likely a murder suicde. one of the victims a 29 year-old woman got a reraining order on friday that investors do not know that resaining order was served. but say that the suspected gunman may have been aware of it. they say the ma came over to the house on saturday morning and there was a dagreement. he then shot the mother of his children along with their 4 kids with a handgun and then turned the gun on himself. one of the children is still alive and has undergone emergency surgery. here at home now guns for gift cards that was the trade in today inconcord for the first time in 6 years the concord police department host a gun buyback event. enforcement of our ports hundredofuns were collected. >>to the concord pavilion people ving in concord
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have one right taking on i advantage of the concord policdepartment's first gun buyback event since the 23th teases e. however in 5 hour more than 200 guns were collecteand will eventual be safely destroyed a couple of rifles, a shgun a pistol ch person with their own reasons for treating the guns in f gift cards an old 22 i would take the opportunity others feel less safe with for hem around townlike guns and most simpldon't want the firearms ending up on the streets. that's why i'm here i don't want them falling into the wrong hands and we don't use them tubs of guns, no longer potential threats to public safety a lot of the weapons that e up in the wrong hands. as a result murray's etcetera and this gives us an opportuny to have people who no longer want their weapons. >>the safe place tdo it deadly shootings during an air bnb party in orinda a high most recently an larita and apparent murder suicide in san diego,
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essentially wiping out an entire falydirect examples of the harm misused fire. >>can cause thank you though now i an without getting compensated just giving in t knowledge that someone is going to ke them and destroy them the weight off shoulders, a tradehat works for both sides also bringing peace of mind in concord felipe should all kron 4 news. >>covege continues on the santa clarita scol shooting tonight at 1030 we will take a look at the mystery over the gunman's motives now that he has died. also how pple are remembering the 2 victims. and we see how the community is recovering after this horrific incident. the contra costa county sheriff's department says rival gangs were inlved in the er into halloween shooting in a ess conference the depart detail, the capture of the 5 men who they believe are responsible for the massacre, adding the tension between feuding gangs is possibly the reason behind
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the shooting. video showed one of the suspects 30 year-old sharon mitchell jumping out of a window to evade police in antioch for the suspects, including michel are now facing murder and consiracy charges. this includes the party's promoter. who in addition is facing charges of being an accessory to the shooting. >>there were rival gangs involv in the altercation inside the home. we are told by certain witnesses there was also an atmpt to steal property from one person to anotherwhich may have precipitated the initial round of shooting. >>the total for guns were found at the scene but the sheriff says evidence shows that several people at the party re armed including 2 of the 5 murder victims. they were found to have weapons on their bodies. police are still investigati. detecves believe they have solved in almost 40 year-old cold case volving a brutal murdeof a marine coun woman.
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detectives in washoe county, nevada say advancements in dna evidence ishat led to the arrest of the 73 year-old man girls gary sullivan this ink is in connection to the death of 21 year-old julia woodward of sandra fell. her body was und on march 25th 1979 in a remote area about 15 miles north of ren this arrest happened in august anthe arraignment is now scheduled for this tuesday. we go to cabell now where a 23 year-old man w arrested after ripping off 6 victims in a crest craig's list rental scam that's according to police. campbell police are now searching for additiona victims from this man. robert milo after he allegedly posted fake ads on craigslist of rooms anapartments for rent. milo was able to gain possible renters by posting places belomarket rate. detectives were le to uncover several incidents since june 2019 were milo would meet with renters
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signed rental agreements and then take a deposit. he has now been taken in custody and police believe there may be more victims out there and they're also encouraging any pential renters to do their research. so they can avoid becoming the next victim of a rental cam. and take a look at this video from a crime for news viewer right between those 2 car. >>first there. this appears to be a mess. jumped right over walk right down men started to the street can see the eyes. they're flashing as that cap just browsaway. >i'll be ready for 3 years been done after 3 years. we l know why i came out here so did today, everybody we have nothing o hide. >>former san francisco, 49 ers quarterback collin cap critic hit the turf today to try out in fro of nfl teams for the first time in almost 3 years
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kaepernick got to show off his skills in atlta, he has been a free agent since 2016. representives from 11 nfl teams watch the 32 yeaold in person with the football today as a parent, 2 protesters and supporters cap becam controversial when he took to e during the national and in 2016 th help to star protests over police shootings and racial injustices. one supporter today said that cap should be given a second shot. >>he is better think about this. he isetter 90% of the back of oldest daughters. so if you if you can play at that level given opportunity i don't see why can't. >>after practice keer said that he is ready to talk to any team that is willing to sign him. now the original location of the workout was moved lasminute this through a lot of peopleff. but cap said he wanted to do that. so the med could be there and be witness to his workout.
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>>passing by duri rush hour the construction company ys this video paints a false picture about what act and another round of impeachment testimony toy, one senior official says more than million in middle military aid was withheld from ukrai. delays because of major track work this weekd we
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>>fate now for people
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traveling to and from san francisco and beyond. patients this weekend part of highway 4. excuse me highway 24 is close to lafayette so bart can fiish the major track. this project has been going on for months and conference get along is in lafayette tonight with detai on what people can expect are there delays scale. >>well just en there is really felt today was the major trash working this is the last henderson and that will impact. good news for people because they have been experiencing the shutdowns and slowdowns and on. 2 lanes will close on highway 24. >>new rail new cables and million unds of rock ballast to stabilizthe rail that will behe result of the month long project bart has been worki on since late summer t project funded by voter approved a measure r our walnut creek in a run-down serin weekend since august. it
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was suosed to be completed end of october but high fire danger postponed a project to november. >>just to make should have enough data on your phone to watch something get i guess that means more bart delays saturday, the lafayette line was running on one track with delays about 20 to 30 minutes match hernandez thankful t closure is not happening during weekday rush hour. >>i wasn't bad at all yeu know, it's only 15 minutes so definitely would be more inconvenient if you're going to woror something like that. but tt was a terrible. >>jolene toast and leslie navarro seem to know the ill from previous track work and save our would be a faster commute then driving we were debating about whether to drive or and i decided the traffic was going to too backed up coming home so he to give this advice about bart weekend slowdowns paents. hart says there wi be more
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trackwork upcoming wes that that's going to happen in the overnight hours so far will not be running but there will be onsome oh sure is on highway 24 and that begins and 11 tonight over at we're live inlafayette get along kron 4 news. >>p g's ceo is being called to on monday. this will be ceo g bill johnson's second appearance at the state capil thimonth as a senate committee investigates the utilities recent power shut-offs the committee will blackout had on the school's emergency management and businees across the state. state senators will also examine e state's overght. the testimony is also expected from leaders from the state office of emergency services and the president of the california public utilities commission.
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>>lawmakers say this hearing is the first step and deciding what polies need to be postponed to prevent problems seen in the massivpower shut-offs the hearing is scheduled totart monday morning. at 11:00am. ford's own forecast witour meteorologist membrey sir roderick s. >>widespread tonight it has been in previous nihts in fact we did wake up today with a dense fog advisory along the coastal areas of the bay area. >>a issue one tomorrow, but it doesn't look to be as thic are awidespread as around this time last night but daytime highs today warmed up after that fog lifted in cleared out to 10 degrees above average with even warmer tperatures expected for tomorrow but tonight,
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beautiful sunset, here's a picture that john keane 70 out of soma cotton candy covered skies this evening and we are noticing right now. the retn of high. along downtown, san francisco and city hall lit up in purple this evening for your saturday night d let's take a look at storm tracker r tracking plenty of high clouds overhead mainly along the coastline of the bay area but better clearing as you start to make your way into the east bay but still tracking some pretty stubborn marine layer, especially for those of you i san jose up to 4 mes visibility and also seeing some patchy dense low clouds a lot of fog along t san franciscpeninsula and even for pas of the north bay as well and it is going to get worse. shortly after midnight but better lifting and clearing. earlier sunday morning and i am tracking also warmer temperatures tomorrow compared to today. so let's a look at that future cast model because that high cloud cover really going tbe nonexistent tomorrow and thanks to that extra sunshine.
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we are ing to notice that warm up for your sunday afternoon, rrenu wind speeds out there right now fairly calm in the single digits. those of you in the north bay mountains in the east bay hills tracking some light to reezy offshore winds were 20 miles per hour or less unfortunately. well below advisory level in temperatures out there right now in the 50's for most of the bay area with the excepti of thosof you in the north bay already tracking some 40's right now the coolest location. novato at 43 degrees and overnight lows tonight will dip specifically for those of yo in santrosa. down to 38 degrees for your overnig lows, everyone else on the upper 40's and low 50's. tomorrow's daytime highs about 10 to 15 degrees above average formost of the bay area degrees. s francisco, 71 oakland 74. and san jose also warming up into the mid 70's. so widespad 70's as you make your way inland with the exception f santa rosa 80 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs hayward in the mid 70's and redwood
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city, 72 degrees by or sunday. afternoons let's take a look at your 10 a 10 outlook becau monday very little change temperature wise. but thenuesday. i am tracking the storm system from the north that is expectedo bring some increasing clouds for us and cooling us downbut no rain in sight as y can see for the whole tenant and outlook wednesday and thursday though tracking another round of breezy offshore wind so going toeep an eye on that because these are going to be pretty gusty and may incase up fire danger threat just because it has been so dry out there, but founately cooling down after monday into the 60's. so that's certainly going to help and no rain all the way into thanksgiving wek. >>no rain yeah, unfortunately so it is this unfortate pattern that i'mracking but hopefully you know december eeping our fingers crossed that we do get some rain knock on something family. probably get something thanks for $0.3.
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>>that was a scary mome caught on cam. how just a few feet fromcars that wer passing by this happened in cupertino in the middle rush hour traffic. the construction company says is video paints a false picture of what actually happened same and ncars were threatened. during the demolition of the val call mall driver say. was a ittle bit different than that. >>it was debris and insulation and pieces lying in a street in cars going by. it was carrying was scared. >>the city says it is taking steps to better control the demolition activity and and the inspector is currently working on theite and working with the pre pretty owners contractor. we're learning more about the 2 victims in the southern califoia school shooting. but there are ill mysteries gunman's motives now that he
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has died. we have a full report coming up at 10 . and new testimony today in the impeachment inquiry, why the man testified said it's unusual that there was $10 there are those who ll say th you're: too fat. too skinny. tohard. too so. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaisepermanente, we belie that everne deserves the right to thrive.
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>>and national news now a senior career official at the office of management and budget mark sandy testified the house impeachme inquiry into president trump today
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with t closed door deposition that lasted more than hours say source that was tre says that the testimony that say said. well he said that he did not military aid to ukraine was withheld earlier this year. sandy ske about how unusual of a process is that a political point he came in to over the allocation process and then placed a hold on the military aid. eric swalwell says sandy cooperad and answered all of the questions the big act here that we're investigating is leveragen us dollars. >>first personal befit and i think in too many more of the witnesses shows that that's probably what was going on. >>the next impeachment hearing is set for this coming tuesday with lieutmnant colonel alexander s vid men. the top ukraine expert for the national secury council and also jennifer williams an aide to vice president mike pence. the gunmen in the southern california school shooting
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earlier th week has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and noquestions remain ov the motive and his attack. >>and i'm tracking a warmer for your mic
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...6, 7, 8 ♪
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♪ ♪ big dreams start wh small steps... ...but dedication can get u there. so just stt small... start saving. easily set, track and control ur goals rit from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of wh's yours®. >>students at southern california high school are struggling to deal with the deadly shooting on campus. the gunman died yesterday after shooting himself so now parents udents and teaers
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y never know why he opened fire. sarah der has the story. >>we're here in central park santa clarita calirnia. this is where parents came to reunite with their childn. after school shooting at saugus high school. the shock of that shoong has started to suide now sorrow is setting in. >>th sign of sorrow and remembrance after agedy. a makeshift memorial grows each hour after yet another deadly school shooting. this time it happened at saugugh school in santa clarita california. me and my friends really running up this hill and everyone's like falling in ju trying to get to safety. one of 14 year-old not hear from an skis friends never had a chance to get to safety. >>15 year-old grace and your burger was shot to death. she was such like sure person it' so sad to see like stuff like this happens so close to home
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>>like to witness itirsthand is so terrible and mike. she was oneof the sweetest people i like about ever talked to. >>also killed 14 yeaold donick blackwell 3 oer students were wounde >>sheriff's investigators say it was the shooters birthday he had st turned 16 the day he opened fire. using the last bullyt to sho himself in the head. sheriff alex be a n way said surveillance video revealed the shooter pulled the semiautatic 45 pistol from his backpack and fired without saying a word without missing a shot. >>in 16 seconds he cleared a malfunction was able to shoot 5 people and hielf so he seed very familiar with the firing the weapon in the killings was e gun used not registered. >>but 6 others recovered from thfamily home belonged to his deceased father. >>what has not been discovered, it's why.
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>>suffice it to say we did not find any manifesto anyiary that elled it out any suicide note or any writings which will clearly identify his motive behind this assault. the deadly assault on this community is exacting a terrible toll. >>it lives on in the minds of the students staff and parents. >>who endured it. >>it's so hard because the sound of the gunshots and the sites of everybody running just keeps replaying in my head. >>a terrible thing for a 14 year old a freshman in high school to have pling over and over again in her head. but the hool district says there is counseling available and the community here in santa clarita is coming togetlike never before. sara cnn santa clarita californ. >>and talk aboutur 4 zone forecast in the fall that is out the as we take a live look now the golden gate bridge. a lot of fog t there. toomer breece evrod rig
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as our meteorologist her tonight about that fog so stick around for sunday. >>yeah we are going to notice some locally patchy dense low clouds and fog butnot going to be as widespread as it was this morning so n really expecting a dense fog advisory as you wake up for your sunday morning. but as we take a live look outside firm golden gate bridge. you could see very thick out there right now so make sure to drive safely wouldn't be surprised if there's any drizzle on the roadways making very slick road conditions don't forget to turn on your low beams for your satrday night we are noticing the poorest vibility. right now throughout the san francisco peninsula, cstline and even from the cot in parts of the north bay just south of santa rosa, but overl. they're cleang and lifting but san jose also noticing some pretty dense low clouds a fog for you as well storm tracker for tracking that cloud cover hugging the bay area coastline right now. and temperatures as you head out the door whites for low to mid d upper 50's
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with the exception of those of you in the north bay already cooling down intthe 40's, the coolest location. vato 43 degreeand santa rosa and napa frting with 50's but currently 49 degrees and you're goingo be pretty chilly tonight. santa rosa 38 degrees because of at lack of blanket of cloud cover everyone the upper 40's and low 50's for your overnight low some very mild temperatures things to toda's warmer air mass and tomorrow we're going to be even warmer. then today's daytime high so today, we're abou5 to 10 degrees above arage. tomorrow most of us will be 10 to 15 deges above normal. downtown san francisco warming up to 71 degrees. half moon bay in the low 70's as well very shallow marine ler and those of you from brisbane of rlingame widespread mid 70 ght a breezy wind speeds around 15 miles per hour or less redwood city 72 degrees palo alto in the low 70's and samit hail also low 70's for your sunday afternoon highs low to mid 70's forost of the south bay for the 2nd half
10:35 pm
of your weekend,lenty of sunshine. there san jose 75 start to make their way inland specificay in the east bay livermore7 degrees hayward in the mid 70's. berkeley 74 degrees or in a more. the little bit cooler at 69 degrees. but conquered warming up into the upper 70's for your sunday afternoon and widespread 70's and even some lowna tease for parts of the north bay, including yacht bill 81 degrees napa 76 and santa rosa also going to reach that low 80 mark so you're going to be about 15 degrees above average for the 2nd half of your weekend and because of that big bubble of high pressure. we are going to notice poor air quality moderate amounts from the north bay along the coast in bay and even into the eastay and south as well so we will notice some pretty poor air particles tomorrow even contig into your monday as well because i am tracking above average temperatures ther and just a sneak peek of the meteor shower that will
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take place sunday night thrgh monday. it will start at midnight through around moay morning and we are going to notice about 10 to 15 meteors per our th is the leonid meteor shower that will lighup the night sky but also remember will be a full moon so at actually will have an impact on not the best viewing even wi the clear skies for your sunday night through mondamorning as we take a look ahead at the next 10 at 10 outlook cooling do by tuesday back into the 60's right abo where we should be plenty of sunshine by next weekend. but unfortunately dry that is why we are back in a drought for the y area. and rob normallyry conditions so it's been a very dry start or wet season but very similar to last year very dry staras well we did get break from mother nature where thanksgiving. we got some rain. this thanksving looks a litte bit of a drier outlook, but we did have a lot of atmosphec rivers even with this dry start so we'll see if this next round brings us some more atmospheric
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rivers by next winter, one can only hope right now. the same we need some rain. >>about reverse but i'll ta some rain ok, nice is setting out like that. some people think we're crazy but i think for. >>on to something now we need to put that technology in e toilet and we need to make involving available. >>and sie smart watches what about smart. how one group says toilets are the next big dice that will monitor your heth. and cleanup the zoo in stockton is under way to let kids g little bit closer to the d also we'll show you what work is being done
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when you go to the zoo you want to get really close to the animals not too close, yo same one group in stock is now workinto raise thousands of dollars to renovate parts of and report risty grosz shows us what they want to do. preparations are der way of the key one of several king county's most popular attractions of this is a really jam in south county units of leadership stopped in the state's oldest leadership program sa the group is working to raise $70,000 by pril 2020 to renovate parts of the zoo when you talk about what can y do for the communi. >>it brings on a lot of pects social emotion delopment enrichment
10:41 pm
education is now on the site coered in leaves that will eventually be transformed. >>into an outdoor interactive entertainment speech to have a bi education area where the entirpublic and schools and community can come in. >>and enjoy the zoo and learn is a really big thing for zoo and we're really glad that they chose us zoo education, 40 meter jordan cunningham says an improved to the gator will allow kids to get hands on learning about different animals. >>going to bring out live animals like this guy this is kabul. he's wrote the bk and someone they can see up close they can actally touch him and feel him and see what a snake reay is like and make that nnection wi kids o coming him sa it's that connection that would teach kids the importance of protecting animals wreally focuon the conservation of ecies even here at the zoo, we have to have multiple species that are critically endangered or endangered the 2 has been a staple in the community for generatio and leadership opped in hes thr project wl give children and families coming from anymore we do need to keep continue to help make sure that it stays in reached
10:42 pm
in the community and just. >>grow from there. >>in lodi christy grosz. >>and we introduce you tohe first asian american lead of the state preme court. and ming up in sports where less than 24 hours away from the 49 ers and cardinals matchup at levi's stadium plus the raiders ll be hosting the winless cincinnati bengals coliseum little preview of itakes a village to raise a child. to build a bridge.
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to tow a baseball... tohrow youelf into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that itakes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passione, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. are kaiser permanente. thrive.
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>>only on kron 4 news tonight honey can till sock away is the second woman and the first asian american to lead the state supreme court. kron four spend moore introduces us to her and shares with us her drive to improve relations with california's court system. >>you likely rognize the 9 members of the us supreme court. >>morning welcome to or argument. how about the 7 members of the state supreme court over 90% of case law. >>is made at the state court level over 90% of the ses that affect your le our made in state court. not federal court. does anyone uerstand that no so i think there's huge need for an educated public this is chief justice taniay achieve. the chief jutice is passionate about the court's responsibility to serve the public and the public's need to know how the corts affect their lives.
10:46 pm
>>of the 3 branches of government the execuve the governor, the legislative the lawmakers and the judicial the courts, the 3rd branch is probably the least understoo the least discussed, but the most needed in crisis the ate court touches every day people in all kinds of real life problems and in california she ersees it all gring up in sacramen in a working class filipino family to earn money, se worked the number of regular job jobs, includg my. >>had the blackjackjob when i had just completed mfirst year in law school later on that perience really helped him in for me to pick a jury. it helped me to question witnesses and help me to read body language and unrstand nonverbal behavior as chief justice she does not hesitate to speak out publicly criticizing ice agents for making arrests at stake courthouses so to have a federal policy to come into the cour. the state courts to arrest people on very often civil immigratn warrants is
10:47 pm
to create terror. she saidin motion efforts to eliminate the controversial cash bail to tem people who are arrested be evaluad not the size of their wallet. their size of their bank account. but on who they are she was appointed to justice in 2011 by republican governor schwarzenegger, but in 2018 he decided to leave the gop for no party affiliation. >>i left the republican party for a host of reasons when i saw the kavanaugh and i saw how they were conducted an eye. so my daughter's less other reaction that was at that point decided that it. the republin party label didn't fit my values, my professnal life and i moved on from it. >>as the fight over roe v wad and other social issues heat up the trump administration has been criticized for stacking the federal courts with staunch conservatives but she reminds us the democrats have done the same thing. >>a good example is jimmy
10:48 pm
carter appointed to the 9th circuit infield 11 positions in his esidency. that's a lifetime appointment when it comes to the us supreme court sandra day o'connor i your favorite. she's my absolute faorite her work on th supreme court was unified. >nd the popularity of ruth der ginsburg. >>i think if you in just 2. might my 21 year-old daughter has her statue. th intervention outreach to young and old with her k through 12 and adult civics initiative int navigator program for people are confused by the sister of the language interpreters and more they are mark her mission. her legacy who she is as chief justice. >>we must ensure that income inequality doesn't translate into a 2 tier justice system. is justice for all. >>absolutely absolutely it has to be for everybody the minute. it isn't is the minute. it's not just us. with
10:49 pm
the 49. >>after we witness that heartbreaker lastonday that saw the niners lose to the division rival, seattle seahawks and over time but. there's want to bounce back against the arizona cardals san francisco beat the cardinals 2 weeks ago and now they look to sweep. place divisional opponent on sunday all es will be on quarterback jimmy g as he looks to replicate his career performance 2 weeks ago against the none other than those 3, 5, cardinals and game is sunday. w on to the raiders who are on a hot streak. they have w their last 2 games and look to ke it a 3rd straighthey will take on the winless cincinnati bangles and lookcontinue their run of playoff contention. the raids are ready imp ove to the 6 seen as the pittsburgh steelers loss to the cleveland browns on thursday. and they're now ntenders in the afc
10:50 pm
wild-card b quarterback derek carr is not lettinghe bengals bad record get to his head. >>i don't care about records there's no. you know them to want toame there how many games they have or haven't won. pro bowlers all over their football team and they're going bring in that's for sure. i don't expect cincnati to come out here and us rollover members got a professional athletes america really good professional athletes, you know the i d't get enough credit. u know i think people sometimes look at see what the ratings are and going down when they turn the film on people to play footbal know how good the bengals. >>some fortunate news for alabama crimson tide star of the court. coca he suffered a dislocated hip and a fractured post syria wall prematurely ending his sson to his injury came late in the 2nd quarter when he was tackled by 2 mississippi state players to
10:51 pm
rolled over and had to be helped off the field by trainers. he also suffered a bloodied nose after hitting the turf face first he was and carted off the field through though for 256 yards and 2 victory over the mississippi state bulldogs. >>he is now set to undergo surgery. >>either it happed on saturday night or will happen on sunday morning. >>and the san jose harks hosting the detroit red wings, we pick up now in the 3rd. andreas us anthony see you lights up the st just to the leftf the sharks goalie martin jones read. i would do it should the sharks defeat, the red wings for 3 your final in that shootout san je has now won 6 straightames. they will host the edmonton oilers.
10:52 pm
there a variety of device. w a group of scientists say you n add in a toileto the list.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
>>smart watches sen. the question is what's next more toilets. the future of gabrielle arrest talk but the team at the university of
10:55 pm
wisconsin madison and e scientists there working up to develop a smart. >>we've got very interested in the toilet some people think 're crazy but i >>something in most workplaces that >>now we need to put that technology in the toilet and we need to make it broadly available for researchers at u w madison flushing. >>is the future. toilet are smart toilet. we have a collection contender in the front. >>and then we can have pipes coming out the bottom that will pump the year away for analysis inest to and doctors say urine samples are non invasive and can tell. and by collecting and processing this data they're calling it. the opportunity to volutionize toilets once again by allowing it's not just dispose of waste but to give you access to. the or health infortion.
10:56 pm
>>data fromthe toilet can show caffeine or alcohol intake or how your body metabolizes certain medicines. >>but this way you could monitor that. througut the course of your life daily and we think that can really change health care and preventive medicine scientists are programming the party to compile the information like smartwatch would think the reason the watcis so powerful is because you don't have to do anything different people wore watches before but all of a sudden we have access to this data. >>dernizing even the most private of places of look at an actual bodily fluid with this sort of resolution we can get peek inside the body. >>so the team says they are about 3 months away from a working prototype and they're planninanother study over the next year. analyng how the technology functions very cool. if you really wt to get into toilet talk. let's get a little sunday preview, yeah, it's looking great fact are going to be above. >>average 5 to 10 degrees
10:57 pm
aboveormal so low 70's along the coast, mid 70's along the bay and widespread upper 70's as you make your way inland. santa rosa you're going to be about 15 degrees above average warming up into the low 80's but most of us 10 to 15 deees above norl. they're little change on monday but as we take a look ahead at the next day outlook you can see not really tracking that was changes after tuesday, when we cool down and we're going to stay dry for at ast the next 7 to 10 days, but a nice warm weekend. >>yeah, so enjoy your sunday funday. thanks to thank you for being with us here tonight on crimeor news that and we'll see you back here tomorrow night starting at 8. you're at ross and you realize it's time
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