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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  November 19, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>>the breaking newsonight at 5 o'clock is in the east bay where a bart passenger is dead tonig after an altercation a train. thanks for joining us. grant lotus and the ss. the incident shut down the south they were and in the last hour bart police revealed that they do not think this was random right now conference michelle kingston joins us live from the scene michelle, a. >>police just told us duri a press conference and staff
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another man somewhere between the base fare bart station in thhayward bart station police were called in and stop to that train here. statio that's board and found a victim on bleeding. the suspect was caught just a block from here on tennyson police say they received calls of a fight in progress arou on this afternoon. unfortunately, that fight resulting in the death of a man on board now police say this incident was just between 2 men, however there werether people on the train. it's unclear how many t they are witnesses in this investigaon. it's also unclear what the fight was about. >>this is something that's very tragic. it's rare on bart it's not something that we get a lot of. but i do want to sure that our dership that bart is safe and wre continue to reassure them by providing the president's in our system so they can continue to rise. safy to bart.
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>>stion here will be closed for the next couple of hours at least as police continue to investigate trains are coming through here. for now live in hayward michelle kingston and for news. >>all right show by the way fit told you about this story with a push alert you can stay connected when brking news happens in your neighborhood by downloading the kron 4 news at today. another big story we're tracking tonight pg e is signicantly scaling back those planned power shut-offs tomorrow, people still in the shot off zones are still waiting to hear if per will definitively be cut and if s when tomorrow, so here's what we know right now shut offs have been canceled in e following counties. >>alameda contra costa murray in santa clara and san mateo but 10's of thousandsof very customers in sonoma and napa counties could still see their lights turned out tomorrow as
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well as about 2000 customers in solano county. here's a look at the shot offap on pg e's sa site it does not appear to have been updated since yesterday but the shaded areas a supposed to indicate areas that could lose power tomorrow again pg e says its address lookup tool. it is the best way to if a specific home or business. ithe shut off a zone is going to be affected. we have links to that and this map on crime for dot com. >cause for worry kelly standing by live now in marin county where it looks like about 23,0 customers, we'll have power tomorrow, at least that's where the indication right now maureen but stand by right. this morning. goodman
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building supply was filled the customers filling their shopping baskets with flashlghts. >>it's picking up generators. heavy duty coolers and hand-cranked os. in case the power went out again. some shelves were empty with canes and portable gas cans in very short supply. but around one 30 this afternoon pg e told marin county officials that they are not going to have to be energized power lines after all since show latest weather models weaeening winds and ineased moisture in some areas and workers here s shoppers eling relieved. i'm feeling great because when listing have to woy about the food and stuff
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going bad, i was going to put the water bottles in the everything's back on less d things to worrabout. most went ahead with their emergency supply purchases anyway, i've got to be prepared. i wasn't prepared last time ad i lost whole freezer full of food lights for 5 days and power and it's not going to happen again. >>hopefully it's probably gointo come again. i ink that this is going to be ongoing thing so at least down prepared f the next. >>one a professor at college of marin says she's glad not to have more classes canceled the fines, the ongoing issue of potential power shut-offs unstling i think it's making its. >>us all realize that we're in an alternative world where you now you don't he power every day we ught a generator and you learn how to use it wh to do about the 7 the refrigerator. rely changes your life.
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>>all right maureen our power shut off coverage coinues a crime for dot com. head to our website to see a fullpdated list of areas affected by the potential outagesand when those areas are expected to lose power. >>and the high the winds and the humidity. these are ceainly a factor here this is a look at current wind conditions as you can see there whipping up pretty good especially in the city in some other spots all about the win chief meteorologist laura's curnow joins us now alive lawrence what's going on yet you know we got those winds really kicking up behind a cold front that moved through the state today didn't bring. >>much in the way of rain you see a few sn flurries over the sierra nevada, but building ridge of high pressure behind thatystem is going to get those winds going a fact we're seeing those inds kind of whipping around parts of the bay area now you
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see to 20 miles per hour sfl 25 stins beach 26 in mill valley now most to win so far have had a westerly component d that ings the moisture up overnight tonight that begins to change want to see more of a northerly component to th win and that is going to bring a dryer the a into the bay area and that of course willncrease the fire danger, so red flag warnings are up overhe east bay hills marina mountains as well all these above a 1000 feet not dowin the urban areas, we've got the red flag warnings up but as we go through the night tonighwe're going to see those winds kicking up i think the strongest winds or going to come early tomorromorning between about 4 and about 10 o'clock tomorrow morning that will receve those strongest amount of wind that's winds really in the map of the snow ry some those gusts. maybe 35 maybe 45 miles per hour acss the mountain top there of course that's when the highest fire dangers 2 guys back to you. breaki story we're tracking tonight. takes us to the south bay where a school there was evacuated
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this afternoon for a first-rounflat about joins us now live rob can you explain what's going on. >>that's vicky and i'm here at blossom hill high school on very issues, the oak grove high school and blossom hill road south san jose with send a fair kept much metal micha. >>police still on t scene here. i evidently a somebody package should tell us about it right so the police and fireepartments are both still here. the package was discovered about 11 30 ts morning on the campus by a garden area was moved into the administration building. >>students were sheltered in place for a short period of time and then they were moved to an evacuation say park a couple blocks away was used as an evacuation center. all of the students have been released from the evacuation center they've been returned to their parentsave gone home, right now the police department has made the device hazardous materials team is inside right now working on figuring o what the chemicals are inside the package, i've heard a package
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described alternately as incendiary or possibly explosive what else can y tell us about all i know right now is i've been told it may be an incendiary device. we won't know thatntil all of the chemistry is done. >>this was followed by a gardener up early in the parking lot over hereo the first person or where on campus. i don't know i just know was picked it up for me maybe that wasn't such a good idea the home. my guess would be that he was trying to keep students safe and he couldn't go get lp and keep the package away from students so we picked it up and moved ideally leave a package alone when you seeomething say something students were evacuated over tnearby coy park and then they got home from their evidence or. basicallthey removed the students from the school to the park count them before they leave the campus cou them again after they get to the park to make sure that everybody got over there and that all the students were safe that was our number one goal and then once that was done wee allowed to be either on their own or to
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their parents where you are where you destroy this this a here on campus at some point that would be a question for the pole department the fire department is only doing chemistry on what the police. it gis us in an effort to determine what's in thpast. so for now everything is a hue still but and appear parts of the loss and road is closed that's correct. so the area blossom help diretly in front of. the high school campus on the westbound lanes i believe it goes from lean to the eagles is completely shut down there's no traffic. mishash low with the us as a fire department here oak grove high school on blossom hill ro in south san jose as the fire captain told us a suspicious package discovered by a gardener. >>possibly in a parki lot according to lice and then another package was taken inside the bomb squad arrived and they are currently are trying to determine exactl what they have here. the key grant back to you. >>thank you to captain matt low for that update scary situation there. but nothing comes of it. now to another
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story that has been dominating headlines 4 of the 5 suspects arrested in connection with that are inhe halloween massacre. we're back on the street tonight after the contra costa county d a determined yesterday the ce brought to them by the sheriff's office was not strong enough for them to file chars. the question now is. >>how does something like is happen our present kerman spoke to legal expert today and he joins us now live from are in this city hall band. well very complicated crime scene. the sheriff has talked about that with him. >>casings all over the place it's dead bodies. it is possible legal experts say that the have not finished processing that crime scene and as a result don't have enough evidencto prosecute this case. still they say it's a big surprise when the sheriff and the da or notn the same page >>what we have here right now is a classic failure to comnicate. >>criminal defense lawyer paula canny says the contra
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costa county da's decision not to charge any of the suspects the sheriff's office arrested for murder in the er into halloween maacre is unusual an showshe 2 agencies are not working together as most law enforcement agencies do it makes e sheriff's department looked like they sort of. he was expression jump the gun did it too soon that they hadn't done a trough and complete investigation. >>a the and is just what the district attnes office is saying we need mo investigationth sheriff has described the rime scene as a bloodbath with shell casings scattered amidst bodies. >>kenny says the da's decision not to file charges at this time could be beuse they don't want to start the legal clock if the overwhelming amount of evidence has yet to be processed analysis of crime scene materials analysis of gunshot residue tests. >>perhaps even a nap, alice is autopsy results, you know
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bullets retrieved from body now watching bullets. persons in the deceit ins body to determine which gun it came from the sheriff has indicated rival gangs were involved in the otin >>candy says if th's keeping out ses om coming forward of fear that makes the need for physical evidence even more important. >>again the da's office has said that it's not that they are never going to prosecute just they are not filing charges at this time. now as i mentioned the 4 othe defendants are currently out of jail. one of them lebron wallace eemains in jail in contra costa countyue to probation violation in the meantime herduring to city hall city council tang up changes to their short-term rental ordinance is you know this whole soting took place in air bnb that was only supposed to have 13 people more than a 100 people attended thatarty live in orinda dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you dan our coverage on
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this deadly or into halloween shooting continues on kron four dot com. >>the you can read the full statement from the contra costa. sheriff's office about the release of the men arrested as well as the actions air bnb has ken to change its platform since the shooting.t's all on kron four dot com and still. inapproprie and political in nature that is how some witnesses today are describing president trump's phone call to his ukrainian counterpart, the explosive allegations on capito hill. >a the la of the camp fire debris finally removed how the town of paradise is celebrating the end of the biggest cleanup in state history. >>drugs and gu seized 50 people arrested a major gang bust, the noto
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>>major gang bust in stoton police say 50 people were arrested and zens of guns were seized in an operation targeting the norteno street gang today, state attorneys general javier becerra said that the gang members are suspected of a variety of crimes in stockton. they could face charges, including attempted murder robbery drug stribution multiple weapons violations. in addition to the more than 40 guns officers, seized drugs, including fentanyl heroin cocaine an meth the operation was a joint effort between several local agencies and the us department of justice. >>it is improper for the preside of the united states to demand a foreign government investigate a us citin. and
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a political opponent, the references to specific individuals and investigations su as former vice president biden and his son struck me as political in nature. >>day 3 of the impeachment hearings and witnesses are not olding back when it comes to how they felt abouthat infamous phone call between president trump and ukraine's president as alinsky and the president also made itknown. >>how he feels president trump that is cling impeachment investigation today, a scam and hoax pretty conway has the latest now from today's high stakes hearings. >>disgrace. and it's an embarrassme to our nation president trumlashing out against the public impeachment investigation hearings. >>into an alleged rt for dollars scheme involving ukraine and an investigation in the bide former special envoy to ukraine kurt volker oncegain testifying in front of house impeachmt investigators ambassador song and made a general commen
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about investations. i think all of us thought it was appropriate alongside former national security council aide, tim morrison. >>i feared at the time of th call on july 25th. how its disclure would play in washington's political climate. my fears have been realized. >>this after an already full day of testimony from jnifer williams, a member of vice president mike pence's staff and national security counci official lieutenant colonel alexander veneman 3 tnses were on president trump's now infamous july 25th phone call with ukraine. on today's hearings saying in a statement quote, nothi president trump bribery or any d amounts to other crime. today's hearing only furth exposes at chairman schiff and the demoats are simply blinded by their hatred for donald trump. i'm brooke conley reporting. >>we e pairings and interrupted today on kron on watch tomorrow's hearings from start to finish on the kron on ap, the public hearing starts
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at 6 o'clock in the morning you can download kron oright now from the app store. >>take a pe outside now turning to the 4 zone forecast we see a live lookere both san francio. >>plus a check on our weather now is chief meteorologist lawrence car know again i think we're hearing me good news tho fire conditions together they're backing off a lile bit the sunni windy tonight there's no getting around that. but the humidity is come up just a bit of course not to drive them like we had before are down to really desert drying this down to 3% relative humidity tonight, probably dropping down about 30maybe slightly bew or in some spots for the little get bridge right now we've got mtly clear skies. the winds kicking up blustery in the san francisco, here's your cold front sliding all the way down to southern california bringing some snow showerup in the sierra nevada in fact if you're headed up there. yeah be we've got some winter weather advisories going up there maybe one to 4nches above 6,000 feet so that's going 50 parts of 8 if ur head in that continues be prepared through tomorrow. high pressure trying build in here and that
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ridge building in right behind th low that is going to set the stage r some very gusty winds overnight tonight in early tomorrow morning. that's why the red flag warnings are up but i want to show you this longange forecasts a chance of showers in uthern california. high pressure still holding on in the bay ar through the weekend and then as we get a lot of part of the weekend with a weak system sliding to maybe some more winds the way come monday. but how about this on wednesday busy travel day. we may be talking about the first significt rainfall to move into the bay area's we head in toward the middle of next week. and the last hospitalized victim othe santa clarita high school shooting. >>has gone home a hospital spokesperson says the 15 year-old girl left the hospital late on monday. detectivesre still searching for a motive for the killings carried out st week by nathaniel at the saugus high in santa clarita that shooting left 3 students dead and wound 3 others the teen gunman, shot himself and later died. thousands atnded a vigil for the victimst a city park but sunday night.
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>>new york is now on the list of states suing the tion's biggest the cigarette maker in new york's attorney-general announce the lawsuit again you'll today. it allegethe san francisco company used deceptivend misleading marketing of its e cigarettes contributing to a youth vaping epidemic. jill said in response that it is focuse on quote earning the trust of society by working with government entities to combat underage use and tconvert adult okers from combustible cigarettes. state and local
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emergency manement officials came together today to mark the completion the largest disaster cleanup. >>in state history. capitol reporter bureau has shot bureau reporter rather ashley zavala spent time in paradise and she shows us e major milestone for the town. >>i just want to s thank you from the bottom of our hearts. paradise mayor jody jones eful for the work it took to clean up the town there were a lot of rain delays and it's all gone over the course of 9 months crewcleared 3.66 million tons of debris marking the largest debris removal in california history to put 3.6 6 million tons into perspective that's about 16 of e world's largest cruise ships or for golden gate bridge is. double the amount of debris om the 9.11 world trade center. i'm always so
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amazed about the way we come together public private non-governmental and the community rappi at around together to be able to accomplish this task the eanup marking another step toward covery for t town destroyed in last ar's deadly camp fire with clear land town officials say 300 mes are now under construction helping to everody that has been affected by e campfire loo forward to future. emergency management leaders say the next step here is to remove charred and dead trees from the area that work is set to begin in janry and will take several months. >>in paradise ashley isabella kron 4 news next at 5.31 on one with president trump wh he says a possible north amican trade deal hasn't passed yet. >>us are you a gun to guru of rijuana magazine is looking for help how much it is willing to pay someone. critique. >>and next public safety power utoff canceled in contra costa county which areas are
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reports now the changing weather patterns lead p g to pull the plug on pulling the plug. >>business is an old town opened up shop tuesday preparing for a strong day of sales before electricity was set shut off wednesday and thursday. but although red flag warning for the east bay remains in effect. >>the genie canceled its pubc safety power shutoff all of contracosta county because winds are not expected to be as strong as originally forecasted. >>goonews for bernice barry who owns reys here studio. she says just the thought of losing power leads to a loss and business people will say well if you don't have any power outage to mount here. >>or. come over there and power es out and my hair is wet hair street least row across the street says it has yet to actually lose electricity during a power shutff. >>in fact thjuror says last month the restaurant profited from the event's people have had that power turned off on them ke in ridge manor other places come here


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