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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 20, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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>>thank you for joining us on the kron four morning news, i'm robin winston of course we want to get a check of the forecast before we start the show and today it's very important because we've been talking to you about the red flag warnings that we have in place the high winds that are going to pick up so let's immediately check in with meteorologist john trimble who has a look at what we can expect today add just like you said robin, definitely an important day to be looking at whether we do have those red flag warnings as you mentioned the head. >>high fire danger for a lot of debate, yeah and a lot of it does have to do with the wind that we saw kicking up last night, especially will red flag warnings taking
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effect at 04:00am this morning amid these windy conditions. some continually dry weather to you're going to notice abundant sunshine overhead really no fog not a lot of presidents, a marine layer today and these offshore winds will be continuing to whip up throughout the course of your morning and even day ahead of us peak wind gusts from parts of the north bay could be in excess 50 miles per hour and most wind gusts up to 35 miles per hour. so definitely breezy conditions, especially for the north bay. that's those red flag warnings stretch from the sierra foothills clear out to the coast up in the north bay. you are seeing them, especially in sonoma napa and a counties portions of murder in alameda contra costa. and then eastern portions of santa clara county down further south so yes, definitely a day that is bringing along with a high fire danger and those red flag warnings do remain in effect clear into tomorrow morning now temperatures this morning are cool and with winds. it is a brisk start to the day she would do not want
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to forget your jackets as you're stepping outside, right now we're either in the 40's or 50's and overall this is a cooler start than yesterday fairfield your loan spot in the 60's right now with napa warmer than yesterday but novato conquered as well, san francisco in hayward all looking at a cooler start than where we were out for your just yesterday now later on today your daytime highs not much different than yesterday's it is going to feel brisk though with those winds so definitely keep the jacket on hand as you are planning your day ahead of you i'm talking more about today's high fire danger and what to expect for the rest of the week too all still ahead back to robin. thank you john they also need to know what to expect on the roads this morning if you're getting out there early which is a great idea by the way. >>you're looking good right now at the bay bridge toll plaza the driving to san francisco is trouble free. i don't see any problems on the upper deck downtown the skyway you're looking good. keep in mind. we have some bridge work on the lower deck. so at times it may be a little crowded. as you enter the lower deck of the bay bridge is found right
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after the skyway but so far no reports of any major delays. over to 92 because we want to take a look at traffic leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula lights are heading west. those folks are the the commuters heading into foster city and san mateo and so far they're doing fine and so if you want to join in go ahead and do it now while we're at 13 minutes off to the peninsula off to one on one. a little bit of a back up here at the richmond san rafael bridge that line. usual perhaps there's a little something going on at the pay gates there it's not warming up not that long right we'll double check out and see anything reported right now, but just know that there's a minor weight, but overall a great trip across the span to the north bay. here's why no one from the north bay to san francisco and all is well it's moved in both directions, no problems to report here fall covering the span think it is 20 minutes of novato highway 37 to the toll plaza in san francisco will check more coming up in a little bit. we're back to our big story that we're following for you
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this morning due to the strong winds and the dry weather conditions. pg e is still warning customers their path our could be shut off today but customers in alameda contra costa more and send the tail and santa clara counties are now in the clear. conference the utility company they explained what brought the sudden change. forest has more. >>we all know it's not sustainable. this is not where we want to be but at this moment in time it's a situation that we are faced with more pg any public safety power shut-offs. >>starting at 7 o'clock wednesday morning for napa solano and sonoma counties originally 303,000 customers were preparing to go dark pg cut the shutdown scope and half on tuesday. now customers in alameda contra costa. san mateo santa clara and santa cruz counties will no longer be affected. well our meteorologists say there was no significant change in the weather forecast. pg e pointed to other factors for the changes as weather but it's
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also the condition of the vegetation pgd caught a lot of heat not only for the shut offs but also for causing several fires this year on wednesday, the utility promise things will get better next fire season and we're making that commitment very publicly. >>that next year we will not be in the situation that will be able to protect the public. in ways that aren't currently disruptive as they are today pg e says this fire season was a learning lesson. >>and they'll work to accelerate improvements within a system that can see the deployment of the weather system which gives. >>scott and his team the ability to see the weather in a more detailed way and then there is the distributive generation microgrids so everything is going taken as you can have to accelerate that so that we can say with commitment and confidence that we should see a dramatic improvement in the way we do this into the next fire season in san francisco tiller bus aqi kron 4 news.
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>>north korea now in santa rosa, the owner of this pie shop right here. she says that she's nervous about another. >>possible round of shut-offs chris davis she's been running the shop called hold the whole pie along 4th street for about 3 years. she says another power shut off could really hurt a number of businesses, especially with thanksgiving right around the corner. >>they said bury my head in the sand. well davis says she lost everything inside of her freezer during last month's power shut off and she also says it took days to get things back to normal once the power was restored. on the next round of power shut off
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says having many customers questioning whether or not they're actually necessary com force in well below has more. >>so many people feel that p is jerking them. >>after a day filled with backpedaling by pg any executive director of the utility reform network mark tony says customers have every right to feel distrust with the company it's completely unacceptable. we had they get to the point. >>we're pga me. >>is held accountable. he says getting to the point of having these widespread outages as a result of years of negligence and customers need to fight until they start seeing progress they have squandered billions of dollars. >>that they were supposed to spend. trimming the trees that they were supposed to spend. electrical system and now we're left in a bind.
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>>the the pattern that we're in now i think we're going to be seen repeated. >>a number of years going forward u c berkeley lecturer steven weisman used to be a policy advisor for the california, public utilities commission. he agrees this is a problem of the company's own making. but says shaming pg any for the shut offs isn't going to help. >>the worst thing to do right now would be a shame pg me in 2 and are shutting down if the equipment can't work safely then you don't want it operating license as customers need to adjust their behavior and expectations accordingly. >>when it comes to fire season and know that at this point there's simply no quick fix for what we're facing. i'm not suggesting that we should be happy enough to settle. but what i am saying is. >>this is a this is the hand we've been dealt right now the question is how do we want to accommodate our comfort in our safety in the meantime the utility reform network is urging pg e customers to file
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claims. >>for their losses with the company. however, weissman doesn't feel that a large number of these claims is going to push pga need to work any faster to make those improvements to avoid these types of shut-offs in san francisco, no al bello kron 4 news. well over to the east bay now a man was stabbed to death on a bart train after fighting with another passenger. the suspect arrested nearby after trying to carjack several people according to police. now the incident shut down the south bay where bart station for hours it's back open this morning everything is up and running but people are still on it kron force michelle kingston has more. innestigators hard at work at the self hayward bart station tuesday afternoon sir. >>is office on scene a man was stabbed to death on a bart train sometime after one between the bay fair station in the hayward station it was it wasn't a random attack. it was it was a of. >>fight involving 2 individuals engaged each other enough of the night was introduced into the fight at
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that moment. >>officers jumped on board the train at the self hayward station neil hayden who lives nearby watched from the parking lot there was a couple bart police may be that they were police was here and they were running with guns drawn the victim found bleeding later pronounced dead. the suspect took off for moving is sure to in attempting to carjack a vehicle led a local dealership our partners of the hair police department. >>along with our had a good description, the suspects they conducted an aerial search and they were able to stop a suspect matching the description about a block from here on tennis it. >>bart officials say they're heartbroken that someone lost their life and one of their trains. >>thoughts and prayers to the victim in this case and to his family. >>bart says because of this stabbing you'll be seeing more police in the stations on the platforms and on the trains immediately. in hayward michelle kingston crew on for
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news. next on the crop for morning news. we continue our coverage on the pg e power shut off. >>as some customers are scrambling to prepare only to find out they will not lose power after all. we'll have to react reaction after the break plus more delay, it is related to bart why officials say the opening of the extension to san jose asked to wait a little bit longer. also after the break we'll have the latest on a veranda as the da determines no charges will be filed against the 5 suspects connected to the halloween party shooting. a little peek outside of 92 traffic looking good just a little crowded making your way over to the peninsula but no reports of any hot spots will check more bridges and more drive times after the break.
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welcome back to the cross the morning news, the time for 14 thanks for waking up with us. >>the forecast now we want to get the latest on this this red flag warning that kicked in this morning that the gusty winds the low humidity. >>john will break it all down now all of it not necessarily what we wanted to not special enough the week before thanksgiving, yeah never got their plans going for the holiday ahead. we are going to be looking at high fire danger has of course we were just talking about the past 15 minutes and that due to these weather factors, the strong winds the dry humidity and just that generally dry conditions we've yet to see.
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>>really those winter rains kick into gear just yet see of dry brush and you have the dry grasses of course that means that fire danger still in full effect, the golden gate bridge just one of many spots that are nice and clear this morning we don't have much of a marine layer to really saturate the low atmosphere in the bay itself as we've looked at this low moving through yesterday now a high builds back in and that offshore flow. kicks back into gear. so that's drawing some warmer and drier air from those inland valleys and push it out towards the coast. that's the dry conditions that we do have and the windy conditions we have adding up for this red flag warning that is in effect right now for much of the north bay portions of the east bay hills of course as robin mentioned t a some of those north bay area so the ones that are looking most likely to see a loss of power after 07:00am now winds will continue to be breezy. throughout the course of the day today before we do see calming conditions after that point on into thursday morning notice, how winds really start to die down and the rest of
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the week after that thursday into friday looking great will have a solid and calmer start to the weekend just around the corner we're going to keep the sunshine if you're heading up into the sierra it's actually been some fresh new snow up there. so some a white stuff on the slopes for those of you that are itching to get some skiing done here hopefully within the next couple of months as for temperatures today, they'll be similar to yesterday back up into the 60's not really looking at a lot of 70's in your forecast. although there should be one or 2 for inland valleys. burlingame at 67 foster city and san carlos there with you mountain view at 66 today while looking at mid 60's for the south bay too san jose santa clara and campbell each at 66 degrees east bay temperatures low to mid to even a few upper 60's with 70 in concord in walnut creek just 2 of our spots seeing that number well oakland and richmond at 67 fairfield you'll also be at 70 along with sonoma while santa rosa close but not quite getting
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there at 69 degrees today, let's get a look at your next 7 days so today, sunny and windy after today, though we look at conditions a lot calmer thursday and friday words keep in the mostly sunny skies com start to the weekend by sunday and monday of next week it looks like another wind event could be taking place, especially noteworthy on monday that just before thanksgiving. so this not or last wind event that we're looking at today. robin all right, thank you john checking in on your morning commute around the bay area. >>we are still hot spot free and no problems that you need to stress about heading into san francisco just make sure you get out there early because you never know what's going to pop up. right now there's a little bit of a backup and some of the cash lanes on the left-hand side but still came right side starting to get a little crowded too but since moved all morning into san francisco downtown the skyway heading west. this is 92 your trip across the san mateo bridge. and it's looking good even if you come from the minutes leading maybe hayward union city san leandro all is well and then as you transition on to 92 you're fine and then
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west of the toll plazas where it gets a little crew. but you know this is not bad. this is the norm. it's just under 15 minutes over to one on one wes 5.82 the richmond san rafael bridge looking much better for the last time we took a peek at it. there was a little bit of a lie and the cash leans on the left. lines gone now which is great news. so if you need to get from the east bay to the north bay, you're looking good word 8 minutes from the tolls over to want to want checking in on traffic tracker these drive times are right on time highway for at the limit to contra costa county, 6.80 looks great wannacry pleasant the danville side of southbound 6 wide open. no troubles for the nimitz no problems for one to one. it's a quick trip 26 minutes from san jose to menlo park. suspects arrested in connection with the are in the halloween massacre are free men after the contra costa county district attorney's determined. the case brought to that office by the sheriffs was not enough for them to file charges. so the question
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now is is is how could something like this even happen khan for us dan kerman talk to a legal expert to get reaction. legal experts say the decision by the contra costa county d a. >>not to charge the suspects. the sheriff arrested for the or into halloween massacre is unusual and shows unlike most these 2 law enforcement agencies are not working together. >>the district attorney's office is going to argue clearly by what they're saying they arrested them too fast. and the law enforcement agency that has the sheriff's department is saying the district attorney's office shouldn't charge them. >>criminal defense lawyer paula canny says it's likely the da doesn't want to start the legal clock because there's still plenty of evidence that has not been processed. >>clearly a lot of shots fired. clearly bullets fired, but you have to man shop from which bullet. you know what gun fired the bullet that
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killed the deceit and and who was holding the gun fire. the. that killed the deceit and then vice a versa so that's time consuming. >>the sheriff has said 2 of the murder victims were rival gang members and both had guns. kenny says that raises the issue of self-defense. >>what if the people who are that the seedings were at actually the ones that started the fight and the others were at acting in self-defense i mean that's what the analysis has to be just because bad and things happen doesn't mean at a k should be charged. >>the da's office has made it clear they are not filing charges against the suspects now. but it left the door open to do it later. >>it makes it look sloppy on each. each in cities part as i mentioned for the 5 suspects have now been released. the 5th suspect lebron wallace remains behind bars. >>on a probation violation. in
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orinda dan kerman kron 4 news. >>well there are now questions over why the 4 men were arrested in the first place civil rights attorneys john burst, he represents some of the families of victims in the halloween night shooting. he says the charges may be dropped, but the potential for lasting damage for their personal lives has already been done. >>these are outrageous crime the you know crimes of their crimes of the century if you will at least for now and then too a parade them, accused them of these crimes and then haul them off to jail matter what they do in life there will be somebody will remember in fact were arrested for this outrageous crime. well, you put a stamp on these individuals live that they will never be able to recover from. >>wilbur says that this is another consideration, the emotional toll put on the families of the victims. 3 of whom he now represents they were hoping to find closure
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only to be disappointed. news the community of parents ice is celebrating a major milestone as the town continues to move forward after the deadliest wildfire and california's history.
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>>welcome back to the crime for morning news. let's check in on those entertainment headlines today, your latest look at some big screen. the phillies and. very different
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tours for 2020, here's david daniel with the hollywood minute. >>pause to watch the newest trailer for cats, an all-star cast sings and dances in feline for for the big screen version of the iconic broadway musical. the classic taylor arrives in theaters december 20th. now that actress and singer songwriter mandy moore has returned to music. she is preparing to hit the road. moore has announced a 2020 north american tour, kicking off march 20th in pittsburgh and hitting nearly 30 us cities between then in early may more details at mandy moore dot com. now to a
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somewhat different musical tour. baby shark live is extending its popular tour next spring, sinking its teeth into more than 70 cities between march in early june. if you haven't had your fill of the year were yet swim on over to baby shark live dot com for more information. the in hollywood. i'm david daniel. >>protecting the drive into san francisco little bit of a backup in the cash lanes but a great trip across the upper deck will be right back with more weather and traffic.
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>>and welcome back to the chronicle morning news we're coming up on 4.30 and thanks for waking up with us. cas now we still have to get an update on the red flag warning we're concerned about the wind and the low humidity and then john i were just talking some folks not everyone got a little bit of rain overnight or maybe ocean maybe a little drizzle. yeah. good word for spotty drizzle a couple of spots last night. >>just enough to get the roadway a little bit wet not enough to really hamper fire danger got all that much which is why we still do have those red flag warnings in effect, especially for the north bay now if you're looking outside this morning overall dry conditions out there most of that drizzle robin just mentioned in our upper elevations, some pretty isolated little limited areas where you are seeing that, but
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what we are seeing right here across the bay is a lack of fog so really not even a lot of marine layer to be talking about this morning and winds more than anything else is what you're going to notice throughout the course of the day today as we do see abundant sunshine overhead, dry conditions and these offshore winds lasting through the afternoon this is why from the sierra foothills through the central valley out towards the coast in the north bay we are looking at red flag warnings in effect right now on into tomorrow morning. you're also looking at those red flag warnings in the east bay hills from the diablo range on up into the hills just above oakland enrichment to so fire danger is definitely the highest today that it is going to be for the rest of the forecast. today is the day to be very wary of that and for the north bay view very likely to be losing power in a few spots to which probably will give you more details about just a moment, 40's and 50's for most of your current temperatures fairfield your loan spo in the low 60's currently with the lay home in concord at


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