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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 20, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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what we are seeing right here across the bay is a lack of fog so really not even a lot of marine layer to be talking about this morning and winds more than anything else is what you're going to notice throughout the course of the day today as we do see abundant sunshine overhead, dry conditions and these offshore winds lasting through the afternoon this is why from the sierra foothills through the central valley out towards the coast in the north bay we are looking at red flag warnings in effect right now on into tomorrow morning. you're also looking at those red flag warnings in the east bay hills from the diablo range on up into the hills just above oakland enrichment to so fire danger is definitely the highest today that it is going to be for the rest of the forecast. today is the day to be very wary of that and for the north bay view very likely to be losing power in a few spots to which probably will give you more details about just a moment, 40's and 50's for most of your current temperatures fairfield your loan spo in the low 60's currently with the lay home in concord at 4748 degrees
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berkeley here at 56 while oakland at 53 degrees temperatures cooler than yesterday for hayward in san francisco while a warm up from yesterday currently up in napa now later on do expect daytime highs to mostly be in the 60's we'll be looking at upper 60's and our inland areas and a couple of 70's in our inland spots too i've got the details on everything that you can expect today and the rest of your week 2. all still ahead your full forecast back to robin all right, thank you let's check in on your morning commute which is filling in and and quickly we have a long line here at the bay bridge toll plaza. >>so if you plan on paying cash. yes, there's a little bit of a wait. but if you're fast-tracking or car pooling its just going to be wide open for you and a great trip across the upper deck as well. here's 92, it's a little busy as usual. the 4 o'clock hour can be a little cry and that's when folks start getting out there and making their way to the peninsula so you should join them of the earth early because of by the 5 o'clock hour it's going to be much much heavier for only a 12 minutes over to one on one.
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here's what i want to cross the golden gate, your connection from the north bay to san francisco on the left that south 1 one your commute direction and so far you're doing just fine, you're only at 19 minutes here to make your way from the bottom to san francisco. we're peaking and traffic tracker rechecking more numbers and they're all green, so it means we're off to a great start. >>we don't see any problems or major trouble spots for the east shore, 24 looks good out of want to creep through the caldecott over to oakland. no issues for or the name it's it's a quick trip here from to 38 to downtown oakland. we'll check more coming up in a little bit. happening today expect to see a lot of heavy traffic in san francisco on city streets as sales force host its annual conference that draws 10's of thousands of people to the city so sales force a ceo marc benioff he kicked off the dreamforce conference that was yesterday. other big keynote speakers this year our president barack obama apple ceo. we're expected to be there. your
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dream for us is the world's largest software conference. >>people com because they get inspired about how they can transform their businesses using the customer 3.60 pot farm they also come for the inspiration from these thought leaders means luminaries. coming to talk about this is a platform for change. >>well it's still underway dreamforce runs through friday traffic downtown around the skull the center will be tough very congested oecause of all r% the crowd so keep that in mind andcthey've also blocked off how howard street as usual for the conference between 3rd and 4th, so all surrounding city streets will be quite slow. devastated by the deadliest wildfire in california's history. the cleanup of the campfire and all that debris. finally complete federal state and local emergency management officials they gather to celebrate capital bureau reporter ashley zavala reports. i just want to say thank you from the bottom of
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our hearts. paradise mayor jody jones grateful for the work it took to clean up the town there were a lot of rain delays and it's all gone. >>over the course of 9 months crews cleared 3.66 million tons of debris marking the largest debris removal in california history to put 3.6 6 million tons into perspective that's about 16 of the world's largest cruise ships or for golden gate bridge is. double the amount of debris from the 9.11 world trade center. i'm always so amazed about the way we come together public private non-governmental and the community rapping at around together to be able to accomplish this task the cleanup marking another step toward recovery for the town destroyed in last year's deadly camp fire with clear land town officials say 300 homes are now under construction helping to everybody that has been affected by the campfire look forward to future. emergency management leaders say the next step here is to remove
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charred and dead trees from the area that work is set to begin in january and will take several months. >>in paradise ashley isabella kron 4 news. >>to the east bay now the plant shut off in contra costa county were canceled. but it's kron forcefully to call reports that change did not stop people from staying prepared. >>business is an old town for more opened up shop tuesday preparing for a strong day of sales before electricity was set to shut off wednesday and thursday. but although red flag warning for the east bay remains in effect. >>the genie canceled its public safety power shutoff all of contra costa county because winds are not expected to be as strong as originally forecasted. >>good news for bernice barry who owns repays here studio. she says just the thought of losing power leads to a loss and business people will say well if you don't have any power outage to mount here. >>or. come over there and power goes out of my hair is wet hair street least row across the street says it has
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yet to actually lose electricity during a power shut off. >>in fact the manager says last month, the restaurant profited from the event's people have had power turned off on them like in ridge manor other places come here eat. >>watch a game. there's a game going on the bike hey we're going to watch the game or hear the eagles are we don't have electricity preparing for shut off says been stressful for some though, especially those with health issues concerned about my dialysis and we have shares in the house and stairs. you know and making sure there are things ok fortunately that's no longer an issue this time around at least it's better than having more fires and people losing their homes and losing their lives. i'm okay with >>caution the contra costa county fire protection district says it hopes this week. >>will be the last of red flag conditions expected this fire season in patrol fleet at all kron 4 news.
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>>will also stay on for pg e customers in marin county but that they didn't come until late tuesday afternoon. this was the scene yesterday morning at the goodman building supply company there in mill valley, dozens of shoppers came in to grab whatever they could flashlight. they picked up generators cells heavy duty coolers and also hand crank radios. some shelves are just left empty and killing draft candles and gas cans and all of that stuff is of course on short supply and despite the latest announcement that their power will stay on. most just want to head with their emergency supply purchases anyway, which is still a great idea because you know if this keeps happening. you're going to get all that stuff. well over to san francisco now a fire broke out at around 6 tuesday evening on 35th the noriega that's in the city sunset district, 3 people lost her home to care that's are still missing, san francisco fire says that at one point that homeless just engulfed in flames. one person was taken to a burn center but is expected to be okay. family
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and police are asking for the public's help in identifying an arson suspect take a look at this photo. this is a picture of the suspect from sunday november 10th. now that's when police say that this man and he'd set a car on fire the car was right there in the driveway of her home on casting overdrive here set the car on fire then he just drove away in his toyota prius officers say the suspect looks to be a be between 2530 years old. he was last seen wearing a black peacoat blue jeans and also gray shoes if you see or know that man you're asked to call police. but in the south bay now oak grove heights when san jose will be closed today after a suspicious package force the school to evacuate. a maintenance worker actually found that package in the school's parking lot yesterday afternoon. the school went into a shelter-in-place notice as the bomb squad when through the campus an and investigated. authorities say the pack package was determined to be some sort of
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and sit in every device and a possible threat to campus. after the device was made safe everyone that was evacuated was allowed back to school and no one was injured and no arrests have been made school officials say that classes will resume tomorrow. now marc riders will have to wait a little bit long until next year to ride the train all the way to san jose kron force raaf lot explains the latest construction, delays. >>right here at san jose's dear don station after taking the capitol corridor from oakland, matthew mason was disappointed if not surprised to learn that it will be a while yet before he can ride bart to san jose. it's frustrating because i think it's been with their time i've heard it's been delayed. and so i know a lot of engineers that work for the city that are friends of mine as they always tell me that it's getting delayed they are familiarizing all of the personnel involved with delivering the service last week the da's bernie celanese said a late december opening
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date was still a goal vta and bart are deploying all the resources possible to reach the goal of passenger service prior to the end of the year. >>but today on his blog vta announce that after extensive review and coordination with bart. >>eta is made the difficult decision to defer most of birds pre revenue operations on the bar children valley extensions which will necessarily result in the start of passenger service after december 31th 2019. so the 2 new stations, various and san jose and great mall in milpitas well to be open this year after all pre revenue safety testing and training and coordination with bart which operates the system will simply take more time. earlier delays have pushed back and shorten the stress testing process. but it was not enough to avoid another delay. station and that follows another commuter said they are fed up with traffic. and although frustrated with all the delays on the new bart extension, they said they're
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looking forward to writing bark if and when it ever gets here, i've lived in the bay area all my life and never seen >>congestion is ridiculous to drive >>for 2 hours forces to get to work and then drive. it kind of means take heart from oakland into the like down. >>stick out rain and then take out your hand to san >>in san jose rob flood kron 4 news. coming up next on the crowd for morning news more witnesses are speaking against president trump's. the explosive allegations made on capitol hill after the break. before we go how about a little peek outside like to check in on conditions around the bay area. this live look as from the embarcadero in san francisco and so far temperatures are cool to mild word 57 in napa 54 in san francisco right now little bit cooler in hayward 49 and 52 in san jose, the big weather
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story. the red flag warning that's in place strong winds low humidity of course a dangerous combination. josh are able breaks it all down after the break.
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welcome back to the prom for morning news, the time for 44, let's check in on this very important red flag warning with john triple yeah, robin very important whether be talking about again today. >>you know we thought we were
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done with the best couple of weeks at least we're all breathing that sigh relief at least maybe we know what to do since we've gone through this before you know as far as the windy conditions and the pg e power shut off hopefully people are a little more educated about the you know the proper steps to take yeah it's almost 14 at this point so you had a couple of practice right now today is going to be one of those days that many are going to be losing power. most likely for the north bay as that's where we're seeing the strongest of winds this afternoon now as of right now you can see just how dry conditions are for much of the bay area we've got clear skies overhead from your view here at berkeley. >>a marine layer push well offshore today as that low scoots further southward we now have a high pressure area building back in and right between the flow that's where that strong offshore flow is developing right here in the bay area. so that's our windy conditions today today easily our windiest a of the forecast with red flag warnings that you're seeing on screen right now expiring into early tomorrow morning after which point conditions really coming
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down. these red flag warnings as i mentioned the most widespread for the north bay were also most likely lose power for those of you in the east bay should hold on to power, but you are seeing red flag warnings for your hilly spots right above oakland, a richmond and down into the diablo range winds right now pretty calm for a few spots but picking up especially for the north bay through the rest of the day guess regularly as high as 35 to 45 miles per hour. but look what happens as we make our way into tomorrow, those winds rapidly dying down on into early tomorrow morning after which point actually pretty calm thursday just around the corner and a calm friday after that to we've had new snowfall in the sierra nevada during your overnight hours. so that's great news for those of you that want to do some skiing and snowboarding in the coming months here in the bay area seen a couple of isolated spots of drizzle even that has really started to die down and what we're going to see the rest of the day is just abundant sunshine, something that will hold on into the weekend. 60's for today's daytime highs at least for
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most areas it's going to be a pretty similar day temperature wise as to what we had yesterday with mid 60's in millbrae 67 in burlingame foster city saying carlos and woodside all also added 67 for highs today, south bay temperatures in the mid 60's, san jose at 66 well san jose pleasanton in livermore each at 67. we do have a few 70's to talk about among those walnut creek conquered sonoma on over to fairfield yon hill in napa you'll be in the upper 60's amid high fire danger today. santa rosa at 69 while petaluma and san or felt each at 70 today. now tomorrow and friday looking nice and calm has also will saturday. these are your better days to get outside, enjoy those start to the weekend and are plenty of sunshine by sunday winds start to pick up again on monday of next week looking like another windy day. robin all right, thank you john fairly calm and quiet on the roads too. >>the morning commute spend fine, especially heading into san francisco, here's a live.
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look. maybe you're about to use 80 of so just get on out there early as early as you can because as we always say you never know what's going to happen things can change in just a matter of seconds right now there's a minor weight in something or cash lanes here at the toll plaza but once you get through this minor wade. it's pretty much going to be smooth sailing all the way across through downtown san francisco. no hot spots to worry about on the san mateo bridge but it's definitely a slow spot. we see traffic coming to a crawl here on the flat section westbound west of the toll plaza. those folks are heading to the peninsula and already getting stuck in a backup. it's crazy how things are changing here in the bay area we just talked about the traffic in that the need for bart right. 13 minutes here to make your way from the is fay over to the peninsula. but no major problems here 30 minutes is a great right time checking in on the richmond san rafael 8 minutes here from the pay gates to one on one it's a great trip into the north bay and the traffic tracker shows you more freeways more drive times take a look maybe we have one that's a part of your commute there's 5.80 livermore
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to dublin, which is a quick 10 minute trip, dublin son all fremont doing fine the nimitz looking good to 37 wide open, it's only 6 minutes that's quick right to make your way from 80 off to one on one. more coming up a little bit later. this more witnesses are speaking out against president trump's call with ukraine brad conway house the key take away from the testimony. >>i've learned many things that i did not know at the time of the events in question. >>former special envoy to ukraine kurt volker flipping his script from his past testimony to house impeachment investigators. saying he realized ukraine aid was in fact linked to a dirt for dollars scheme. >>i oppose the hold on us security assistance as soon as i learned about it on july 18th and i thought we could turn it around before the ukrainians ever knew where became alarmed about. >>former national security council aide tim morrison testified that vice president pence did not mention investigations being the reason us aid to ukraine was
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held up during a meeting with ukrainian president zelensky. >>represented his support for the aid he represented eu the strong commitment of the united states to ukraine and he explain that president trump because this is after the politico article come out that that made clear there was a hold this after a full day of testimony from pence aide jennifer williams. >>and national security council official lieutenant colonel alexander veneman president trump again lashed out against the investigation. >>you have a kangaroo court headed by it little shifty schiff. we don't have lawyers we don't have with this is we don't have anything and yet i just got to watch and the republicans are absolutely killing it they are doing so well because it's a speech to scare. it's a big scam. >>i'm brett conway reporting. headlines 2 prison guards have pleaded not guilty to charges related to the suicide of jeffrey epstein, so federal grand jury they charge the 2
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guards with conspiracy and 5 counts of filing false records. the indictment that they failed to do required prisoner counts in the hours leading up to obscene staff. instead prosecutors say the pair they they surf the web they hung out in the common area and they we're even caught sleeping for a couple of hours. it is our hope that we'll be able to reach. >>a reasonable agreement in this case if we cannot after we review the evidence will be prepared to defend them in this case moving forward. >>well the guards are now out on bail epstein died while awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges. tigers is launching today at the san francisco international airport. so the pilot program with uber offers premium curbside pickups for passengers. it will be effective for the next 2 months and customers who choose to use over comfort over select or even over x.
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you can be picked up at a designated location in each domestic terminal. now keep in mind that's instead of having to go to sf owes rideshare pickup zone. well the warriors they get a win on the road against the memphis. a grisly that is in their first win in 2 weeks, it's been a while, but it came with a scary moment, you know down the court for dream on greed. he was injured. now the 3rd quarter green goes down eagles down hard are trying to take a charge you see that yeah he grabbed his right elbow and pain and he actually has to leave the gate was only temporary though luckily he came back and he played for most of the 4th quarter the smiling a little bit i think oh no no that's not smile. golden state so with a winning one 14 to 95. snapping a seven-game skid and then they play the mavericks tonight that game is going to be on the road so we're definitely rooting for him going to us before we go a little peek outside we're checking in on the airport sfo calm and quiet right now we'll check the weather and traffic coming up after the break.
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>>welcome back we're looking at temperatures this morning, cool and winds breezy so is feeling brisk out there. get your jackets on as you are stepping outside this wednesday morning right now winds the breezy a step in the north bay and that's really where we're going to be looking at the strongest of winds even into the afternoon later on winds will die down
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into tomorrow even late tonight, this is at 1115 on your wind forecast here you're already seeing things can conditions easing off. tomorrow itself looking like a calm day, so that's going to be really nice we've seen a couple of spots of very isolated drizzle. this morning, a look at satellite radar showing that t a it is going to be dry and sunny day ahead of us so don't expect any rain. it's going to be the wind everyone's talking about today. robin all right, thank you let's check in on traffic. >>we're taking a peek at the richmond san rafael which is looking pretty good by the way we have no problems no crashes know stalls here it's going to be a great trip across the span as you make it into the north bay we're checking in on 92, it's been a great trip so far leaving hayward over to the peninsula just a little crowded. we call this the normal crowd and heading into foster city, 13 minutes and growing total to make it to send the tale, i'll give you one more we have heavier traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza, not only the cash lanes for the fast track lanes now too. it's stacking up from the 80 over crossing so just get out there early. i'm minutes
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and growing but hot spot free into san francisco. kron 4 news at 5 p g the scales back power shut off in the bay area. but we'll tell you where people can still expect to lose power this morning, we'll have all those details coming up in a live report. also one man is dead. another in custody after a stabbing on a bart train. the latest on that investigation. we made usaa bank for members like cassie.
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>>thanks for joining us on this wednesday and daria pulse and a james fletcher on this windy wednesday, we'll get to that forecast here with john in a minute first. >>and hot spots before we do know, i'm happy to report no hot spots, no major problems just some crowded bridge is so we'll check the drive time did not hear any howling in >>good yes we are seeing winds today at their strongest, but a lot of areas actually have been a little on the converse side this morning. where you're seeing the strongest of winds looking outside there is clear skies out there across the bay area so very little marine layer to be talking about it is a dry and it is windy now as i mentioned wi


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