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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  December 27, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>>good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us on the kron 4 morning news t g i f i'm robin winston filling in for darya folsom animal training in for james fletcher on this friday, so cold, yes, it is frigid the just anything a talker tuesday ferjan friday called and 30's
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and oakland right now we some of us getting our ice scrapers out to across the bay area so even though we're pretty fog free definitely rain-free which can all still got to be ready for some and it's a cold this morning looking outside of berkeley skies are nice and clear just a couple of spots of fog that have been seen across the bay, not even enough to register on our future cast we've just seen maybe a couple of hints out there right across the bay itself so do watch out for just a couple of problem areas, nothing more than that though 99% of us looking at good clear conditions and cold conditions this morning now southern california finally clearing out with those chilly conditions though ice on the grapevine has yet to melt off of the surrounded still closed. we're going to be updated if we see it opening but as of this point it is still closed even with weather comeng down to our south. so let's get a look at these temperatures redwood city and san jose at 35 degrees. each right now livermore you're at
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freezing dublin, just below freezing at 31 oakland checking in at 36 conquered at 35. napa saint helene and santa rosa, as well san telmo either at or below freezing this morning, so temperatures icy cold going the that ice scraper in a couple of areas concord fairfield napa san jose just to name a few areas that are in the teens below where you were yesterday nap and fairfield down 15 degrees livermore down 12 degrees from the same time 24 hours ago noticeable cooldown layer upon layer up again you won't regret it you want that extra layer this morning this afternoon though you can shed a couple of layers because ir's going to be nice lot like yesterday in fact a lot of sunshine and daytime highs in the mid to upper 50's robin all right, let's check in on the commute around the bay area this morning if you're heading to work. >>i think you'll enjoy the drive into san francisco, it's looking good here. we have a nice steady flow of traffic leaving the maze across the upper deck through downtown if you're going to be on downtown maybe over to the central
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freeway that's looking good. no problems on the james like or highway 2.80 west bound 5.80 from richmond to sandra fail looking good it's a picking up a little bit of notice more traffic in this hour but we're only at 7 minutes to the north bay and the hot spot free on 92, it's going to be a great trip along the nimitz through san leandro hayward union city well to make it over to the peninsula, no problems or san mateo redwood city or even up to the airport so 14 minutes here from the nimitz to the bayshore of course we'll check more throughout your morning commute. >>we continue to follow breaking news out of oakland where this warehouse fire which has been going on since 2 30 this morning so 3 and a half hours into the fight and the fire still burning out of control you can see the latter's fully extended for the thousands of gallons of water down to the warehouse and this was on the corner of ap car and west street. >>we're not hearing of any injuries or any fatalities at
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this time, but of course it's still early they have their hands full trying to knock down the flames then they have to make sure the hot spots don't injure the firefighters and then and only then will they go in there to look for any possible bodies, but the good news is at least for now we're not hearing anybody killed in this fire. another top story that we're following this morning more officers will be out on patrol to make sure that when we hit the road, everybody is safe because this is still the holiday season and things can get dangerous during this time of year, it's all a part of their efforts to keep folks safe on the roads crimes core of kron four's christina >>live right now in san francisco with the details and what they're looking for out there christina. >>trial starts tonight at 07:00pm go until 03:00am tomorrow morning, the san francisco police department their traffic unit will be hitting the streets of san francisco as you mentioned robin to keep everyone safe.
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officers will be looking for signs of drunk drivers or anyone impaired by actually making traffic stops check people's licenses. the department put out a press release stating research shows crashes involving an impaired driver can be reduced up to 20% when a well publicized dui checkpoints and dui patrols happen pretty regularly. >>press release also stated statistics reveal 30% of drivers in deadly crashes. at least one drug in their system. recently more drivers under the influence have tested positively for drugs rather than alcohol. now just over christmas actually california highway patrol made 271 dui arrest and 10 people lost their lives from a drunk driver or a drunk driving related crash. tops the drivers arrested for a dui can expect jail time fees fines do i classes and other fees up to about $10,000 to keep that in mind when you're hitting the road this weekend reporting live here in san francisco
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christina teatro kron 4 news okay. thank you very much christine and the maximum forsman period will go on an old really stepping up come new year's eve they should because as we said there's always a major accident and unfortunately fatalities do happen during this time of year so. >>if you want to stay home do that just i'm going to well to the east right now we're learning more about the 3 teenage boys who were killed in a major crash in pleasanton on christmas twin brothers mark and michael yeuris to they were among the victims who died the dublin high school students were with 3 other teens when their car just ran off the road and smashed into a power pole and then went into a tree. 2 other teen survived and they were taken to a hospital. still suffering from major injuries, the 3rd victim who died as javier ramirez who was also a student at dublin high school. >>they always had a smile on the face. now he's were with each other as a it's almost
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unbelievable. >>just had to come down here i can really to sit at home and think about it to someone to be here. >>well the cause of the crash remains under investigation but alcohol is not believed to be a factor. well to the south bay now woman is behind bars this morning accused of fatally running over a man on christmas in san jose. and we have her mug shot this is the suspect 22 year-old sabrina murray gutierrez police say that get here is ran over the man after he shot her relative and took off. this happened along east santa clara street that man was found right there lying in the street with a gun right next to him. he died at a local hospital gutierrez took off from the scene but was arrested later christmas night she was booked into santa clara county jail for murder. 4 people including a teenager are still recovering this morning after bullets started flying at a christmas party in oakland, the shooting happened in the backyard of a home. >>on the 2100 block of 34th
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avenue all of the victims fortunately are expected to survive they range from 15 years to 29 years old. the shooter opd still looking for that person this morning. >>christmas is one of the >>happiness, good positive and when you have and negative incident occurred. uh that's always a concern not only for the police department but for our community as well. >>police say this was not a random shooting or a drive-by not the shooter reportedly knew the victims. no description yet on that particular shooter. roads are back open after a shooting in this happened last night along durrant avenue details are limited, but authorities say this was not an active shooter situation and as of right now no injuries have been reported. let's stay in the east bay we're getting more details in a shoplifting spree caught on camera in concord take a look at this video we showed it to a couple of days ago in it you can see 3 women
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they pretend to go shopping they go through a pile of jeans. this was at the jc penney and the sun valley mall back on december 19th but instead of going to the register they walk out with all of those jeans. police say if they're caught they will face felony grand theft charges. >>so it's over the threshold in this in this case it was approximately a just under $2000. >>38 pairs of jeans according to them that's more than $2000 worth of merchandise. the group was last seen living out leaving i should say in a burgundy saturday. >>interstate 5 still closed this morning after a heavy winter storm brought dangerous conditions through that area. this is video of drivers that were trying to get through the area they got stranded on i 5 and sadly there is a man that was found inside of his big rig on a section of the great find. authorities say it appears that the driver pulled over to just get some sleep and take a nap inside of his truck. they don't think that
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his death was weather related they are still investigating the chp has not provided an estimate as to when the freeway will re open. it's been an absolute mess in fact i believe or not to go outside. take a live look at the great find right now there. it is this is a counter a caltrans camera that we pulled up and you can see the flashing lights you can see crews are still out there once again it's been closed since thursday they decided to shut it down because it was so bad so many accidents and spinouts and folks getting stuck so stay away from i 5 we've had reports of delays anywhere from 12 to 15 hours heading into and out of southern california. when new laws take in the new year that will affect schools all across the state so starting next school year. it will be illegal for public schools in the state to suspend students in first through 5th grade for willfully defying teachers or administrators then from 2021 to 2025. it will be temporarily extended to kids in grades 6 through 8. now
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supporters say that suspensions for willful defiance are disproportionately use again students of color. now there's also a new law that's changing school start times so this law said to be phased in over the next 3 years high schools can start no earlier than 08:30am and no sooner than aiding him for middle schoolers the controversial measure could be state legislators and analysts say said that some schools may end up spending millions of dollars just to a company this adjustment limiting and banning smart phone use is also at the center of another law that affecting schools in 2020 school boards will have they will have the power to ban devices with the exception of emergencies or you know under special situations. >>with the kron 00:04am morning news a break in at a south bay bakery all caught on camera here from the owner as he works on recovering from all the damage at his store plus in the south bay what could have been a christmas
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>>welcome back and happening now travelers are coming in and out of sfo it's been busy busy busy. here's a live. look at the airport right now and yesterday you know was one of the busiest travel days we warned you about that it wasn't so bad at the airport sfo says that travelers should brace themselves for this sunday and monday as for more folks are returning people are. heading back into the bay area the post's holiday rush can be expected. so you know what to do pack your patience is going to get a little busy. >>welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news time now is 6.15 it should be good to go today i would imagine john come sunday night with that rain could cause problems at sfo yes sunday night that sir one little problem spot otherwise weather is cooperating definitely as we
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make our way post-christmas into the new year so we actually have a lot to be thankful for right now, but sunday got to watch out for sure. this morning know it's for the but you know it's not the slow you down as you're driving necessarily you just got to get those layer up this morning berkeley been shown you this view this morning because it's so crystal clear nice now clear skies across the bay area. no big surprise because we already saw those yesterday but for southern california which had so many travel issues yesterday things are in the process of improving now as showers moved out overnight. we have looked at dry conditions. the past few hours across the southern part of the state still icy conditions on the grapevine though, and that route still does remain closed this morning. so i would save your trip home. if you're heading to southern california and tell this afternoon after sunshine has a good chance to formed on the grapevine that low pressure area that brought us the storm system is a accident the region now high pressure is starting to build
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back in this is going to keep us all nice and dry over the next couple of days so today and tomorrow bring travel days, great shopping days great anything you want to do outside days tomorrow will come along with a few more clouds than today will though you'll notice and future cast those clouds drifting in on is your saturday sunday a few clouds as well before sunday night our loan chance of rainfall before we do had 20 20 so sunday night, not the one to be traveling on the roads and you may be seeing a few delays out at sfo on into sunday evening, too 50's for your highs today, no big surprise there. these numbers are very familiar with to us whether be the rain or the sunshine which we've seen a little bit of all that this week temperatures really haven't moved around much for daytime highs and today will be no different were seasonable again with mid to upper 50's right where we should be for this time of year double in snow each 55 degrees berkeley, right there with oakland and richmond up to 56 while sonoma napa and santa rosa at 58 are 3 warmest
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spots but only by a couple of degrees as for tomorrow, no change there just yet neither will be sunday monday or tuesday. we're keeping in the mid to upper 50's for your highs again got to know the evening showers on sunday tuesday, your last day of the year and new year's eve is going to be beautiful and sunny as for wednesday and thursday, your first days of 2020 a little warmer actually with highs back into the low 60's. robin right, let's check in on traffic we are taking a peek at 80. >>the commute into san francisco, picking up a little bit so yes, more folks are heading back to work this morning but you're looking good. no problems spotted through the maze are all on the upper deck so come on in 8 minutes off to fremont street richmond center fell bridge west bound 5.80 picking up as well more folks heading to the north bay but not encountering any hot spots are major problems may be and occasional weight in some of cash lanes there 7 minutes to make it to sandra fell 92 is looking good moving well into crowd and just west of the toll plaza
6:19 am
only on your flat section though up and over the high rise, it's going to be a nice trip you'll go into foster city, no problems for send the tale connecting to want to one or 2.80 and traffic tracker showing more good numbers coming out of south bay 7 minutes for 8.80 leaving san jose to milpitas 1 one nice and smooth into any looks good too 11 minutes from san jose to cupertino well. in national news, the deadlock over president trump's senate impeachment trial is showing no signs of ending kristen holmes reports. >>lawmakers in deadlock, the senate impeachment trial at a standstill as democrats demand to know the ground rules before speaker nancy pelosi over the articles of impeachment passed by the house last week it's hard to understand are determined. >>what kind of 4 managers you want to send into this impeachment trial. if you don't know what the ground rules are president trump venting his frustration over the delay tweeting the radical left to do nothing democrats said they wanted to rush everything through to the senate. but now they don't
6:20 am
want to go fast anymore. they want to go very slowly. liars. republicans mostly standing with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who wants a quick trial and acquittal for president trump like they've got impeachment fever and there's no cure how about we turn over the calendar in 2020 mcconnell could start the votes on the rules for the trial next month without a deal with senate minority leader chuck schumer who wants some top trump administration officials to testify something the president has also mentioned he supports despite stonewalling impeachment investigations as long as senator mcconnell is kind of coordinated with the president. >>he ought to take the president up the president has said he would like to have those closest to him testify. >>if the if he's telling the truth. all senator mcconnell has to do to move forward on this is agree to that with republican senator lisa murkowski speaking out been concerned over mcconnell saying he's unquote. >>total coordination with trump's white house team and fairness when i heard that i was disturbed i happen to
6:21 am
think that that has. >>further confused the process democrats are hoping other republican senators like mitt romney and susan collins also break out of line. >>her courage could be contagious. but remember that these witnesses and documents may in fact contain very incriminating. additional evidence gop lawmakers appear unfazed by murkowski is words she stating something that. >>his rather commonsensical that there should be a fair trial and a fair hearing i think leader mcconnell is committed to that. >>and other national news the coast guard is searching for 7 people aboard a tour helicopter on the hawaii coasts of kawhi e the helicopter was supposed to come back yesterday evening, but it never turned up a pilot and 6 passengers are on board the craft the aircraft is equipped with an electronic locator but so far no signals have been received weather
6:22 am
conditions are a factor officials say strong winds and low visibility. at this particular time kind of hindering their search efforts and so far they have not received any gps painting from those 7 people on the helicopter. >>we're following news out of paris this morning notre dom spokeswoman says that there's only a 50% chance at the arch we will be saved. so many parts of the historic cathedral. they were badly burned in a fire you may remember that happened earlier this year, notre dom officials said that they're taking down the burn scaffolding from the building in some parts of the archway may actually collapse during that operation. now at this stage, you know officials do expect most of the cathedral to be saved. >>and on the kron 00:04am morning news at christmas thief caught on camera only this time the fees did not go after the packages will ♪ a cat cafe sounded better in my head. ♪
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>>back a group of people minding their own business. they're being credited with jumping into action at the los gatos creek when this happened on christmas day. here's a picture from that scene. this was near the camden avenue and san tomas expressway overpass they saw a man in the water they got into it they went down there. they're rescued him they took him to the hospital, the authorities taken to the hospital and where he's in stable condition this morning, it's still unclear, however, why this man went into the creek. well if you're searching for a new pad before the new year one animal shelter in the east bay, they're offering a pretty good deal. the antioch friends of animal services. >>they're sponsoring potter part of the adoption fees and of course is going to reduce the costs for adoptions for cats and dogs to 19 bucks but bad right that's through the end of the 2019. so that includes things like spaying neutering microchips and shots all for 19 bucks take
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advantage of that. before we go a little peek outside if you don't have our furry friends to cuddle up with this morning, it's a little cold out there temperatures dipped down into the 20's in some spots and 30's too. >>a little peek at the golden gate bridge traffic looks good into and out of san francisco and we'll
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and thanks for staying with us if you are about to step outside bundle up because john is tracking some chilly temperatures around the bay area, not just a light jacket on talking to when i went to christmas is even needed this morning, >>very much so cold start to the morning but a dry start to the morning so get rid of the rain jacket but that window dryness is closing it is we do have some rainfall around the corner on sunday night sunday night okay weekend ahead actually does look pretty good for the night got to watch out for if you look outside at the golden gate bridge it is nice and clear we are looking at
6:31 am
clear skies for most of the bay there's been a couple spots of fog out there just from time to time we've been hearing the light reports of it but the vast majority of us are crystal clear this morning now as far as skies go we're going to stay nice and clear throughout the day today, the good news for southern california is they are getting in the mix with us too with some nice clear skies returning were still closed at the grapevine due to icy conditions up there notice snowfall to be falling out there but as we move into the afternoon sunshine finally going to have a chance. >>to start to melt some of the ice on that roadway should be expecting it opened back up we'll keep you updated on that, but still a no go this morning, san jose morgan hill redwood city hayward livermore double in concord in oakland, just among a few spots that have fallen into the 30's this morning, oakland notably down at 36 dublin below freezing at 31 napa say holiness santa rosa all below freezing while san anselmo fairfield in petaluma as well as nevado alright out freezing so maybe
6:32 am
getting that ice creeper out this morning in many spots nap and fairfield down 15 degrees from yesterday conquered and san jose, 14 degrees cooler than yesterday that is a significant drop in temperatures. you got to want that extra layers we're talking about just a minute ago this afternoon looking good after a frigid start a comfortably cool one with sunny skies back into the afternoon today much like we saw yesterday. robin all right, thank you john for those of you who have to commute this morning. >>i think you'll enjoy the drive into san francisco because right now it's trouble free. we have one little problem in the last hour that was a car that stalled out and was smoking but it's out of the way so a great trip into san francisco on 80 west. a minor weights here at the richmond sandra fell bridge first time i've seen a a backup in quite some time 7 minutes here from the pay gates off to one oh one checking in on what i want to cross the golden gate, you're looking good. so far no problems rolling south, nevada to the tolls or even leaving san francisco northbound want
6:33 am
to one that is nice and smooth as well 92 across the san mateo bridge. it's going to be a little busy it's getting busier and busier but it's only 14 minutes to make it from hayward over to the peninsula. we'll check out some more freeways and drive times for you coming up a little bit later we'll robin in the south bay a burglar was caught on camera trying to break into a bakery and then stealing the cash register. this happened in san jose's willow glen neighborhood. >>kron four's tale of the psac ii has reaction from the owner. >>the owners obviously very of says she says of the thief custer more in damages than the amount of money that was inside that register now she says she got that alert at 2 o'clock thursday morning right after returning home from a christmas party, san jose police are searching for this woman caught on surveillance video at flower flour bakery in san jose. she breaks into their front door shatters the glass and then steals the cash register we were happy because we had a very successful holiday. >>you christmas day was all slim and we were just excited that he that much better than
6:34 am
previous scares and then this happens and this is just upsetting because you're like ok high profits and the way on the star haiti unknowns flower flower she took over the bakery 3 years ago and continue to run the small business with a small staff. she says an incident like this really hurts the business makes you upset because we are a very hard bakery it's a small business and you know that the cost of living and heidi says the you know the grab on to the business haiti and says this is the second break in this happened within 4 months this most recent incident happened 02:00am thursday morning look she is either a teenage girl or video given age saw i'm just hoping that it wasn't dropped that made this happen all circadian already replaced the broken glass door. she says more work needs to be done just to the cash register, but the damage was more so they basically broke one all the systems that
6:35 am
we use and we have to wait for 3rd place now because of the break in society and says she is growing more concerned about our community just this doesn't happen anymore. >>to neighborhood, not only me everybody around here. so just hoping more more security basically mar um no more cops around especially at night now the owner says she's received an outpour of community support on thursday in business was pretty busy. if you recognize the woman in that video contact the san jose police in san jose taylor sackey kron 4 news in san francisco, 4 people are in jail after a string of car burglaries speck on december 17th officers they responded to a car burglary along geary boulevard. >>witnesses saw 2 men taking things from a car through a broken window, the man took off in a getaway car. but officers were able to track them down on lombard and taylor streets. >>4 people they range from 21
6:36 am
to 29 years old they were arrested. authorities found stolen items, including laptops and passports inside the car which was also stolen. the items were taken during a string of burglaries throughout the bay area for guns also have been located. well sections of near would will remain closed this week this comes after a tree just came crashing down and killing a man. >>the victim has been identified as super deep due to of minnesota. he was working at a tech company in cupertino on christmas eve, 3 visitors, they were hiking right along the trail when the tree just came falling colin down without warning, one man escaped without injury and a woman was heard by other falling debris. >>this all is dangers yet to look out for when you're in the wilderness that's really unfortunate that he lost his life. >>enjoying a beautiful area. >>well the hillside trail and part of the main trail will remain closed until crews removed the rest of that downed tree after the holiday weekend.
6:37 am
>>in the state police are looking for a man who was stealing surveillance cameras in alameda bother taking the packages he wanted the camera was all caught on video. this was on wednesday morning you can see the man reaching for the camera on the porch. the victim was out of town for the christmas holiday when it whole happened. the man you can see wearing dark blue jacket. he left the package is on the porch but one off with a camera but it was all caught on film and that's why we got our hands on it. the oakland police department says they will have extra police officers out on patrol to stop sideshows they made the announcement in a tweet yesterday saying violent disruptive and illegal behavior will not be tolerated. pd says they will be issuing citations making arrests and towing vehicles at sideshows. new community gathers for the one year anniversary of the death of a newman police officer corporal raniya was saying was fatally
6:38 am
shot while on duty one year ago on thursday rachel wolf has his story. >>my family loves you. >>the brother of corporal ronil singh thanked hundreds at a candlelight memorial came to remember the newman police officer gunned down one year ago has been to sure that everyone here can remember where they were. saying had just celebrated christmas with his wife and newborn son and left for work hours later he pulled over a suspected drunk driver. >>when the illegal immigrant reportedly opened fire killing saying his sacrifice and story touched many in the community i think the city still healing sing moved to this country to pursue the american dream and become a police officer he came in and he was from fiji and he had this infectious smile and. goals and dreams and he did everything on his own say worked hard to improve his english and moved its way up in the ranks of law enforcement. he was a canine
6:39 am
police officer members of the stanislaus county sheriff's office k 9 team came to honor their brother you never forget about it you don't lose sight of the sacrifice that they made and unfortunately, just happens far too often so. >>and you never forget, you know a lot of for that will get you home at night after a balloon release the group walked to the site where singh was killed. >>once there his family was presented with a flag pole memorial, his widow and son laying flowers there in a touching tribute it's really important to see that. officers are human know their people to have families have to come home to singh's family grateful. but still grieving mother brother. >>is you we love so i know you're looking down one of the 2 though every is not easy. >>well we're less than a week away from a new year's eve and
6:40 am
the beginning of 2020 kron 4 celebrating all night long into the new year with the help of our sister stations in las vegas, here's a look at what you can expect. >>have fun on new year's eve 2 this year hard tell in this year's countdown to 2020. we'll have plenty of variety. this pragmatic slyke to have fun we are 80's fantastic dance card. they have been a mainstay at the south point showroom >>and i hear stick figure will be filling the rains with their island reagan sounds four-time las vegas headliner of the year frankie marino will be bringing his rockabilly style pompadour and charisma. >>hard rock cafe on the las vegas strip east side right we playing a blend of top 40 hits that keep the party moving the energy is so amazing everyone is so amazing on the channel 8
6:41 am
everyone by law offices awesome we have such a good time with them on stage me dance with us and it wouldn't be new year's eve without fireworks will take you across the country with celebrations from times square dallas, denver, and of course. >>the keeper the fireworks show over the las vegas strip. the countdown to 2020 start today. san francisco speaking of new year's eve. if you plan to watch the fireworks here in san francisco officials are urging you to avoid treasure island because of all the construction that's going on. >>well there's really nowhere for the public to be right now really is very little space. whereas we used to have about 4 acres of open space right now we're really limited in terms of space and parking and roadways for that matter. >>so it's a long-term project, the construction is setting the stage for what will become new housing units right there on treasure island. but the project won't be fully built for the next 10 years. >>kron four's end of the year spectacular is back to join us new year's eve starting at
6:42 am
08:00pm with our countdown to new year's eve live from las vegas and enjoy need grant lotus and need just the starting at 1130 new year's live from san francisco as we bring in 2020 with fireworks over the very building but we're not done wake of new year's morning with the tournament of roses parade live from pasadena. our coverage starts at 06:00am with backstage at the parade then see all the pageantry of the 131st rose parade live commercial-free from 8
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. >>here the kron 00:04am morning news, happy friday, everyone t g i f we got through the week now we're ready for the weekend. but of course before you make plans will. we have to see how the weather shaping up i got to pass along some good advice to people. >>bundle up my act did not bundle up this morning when i went to work and i paid the price will lease the first 10
6:46 am
days i had heard an almighty so-called i mean to preserve the dow. 20 on the map earlier this morning. don't know if it's still 20 and some spots in the north bay, but yeah, this is like cold season, not a jacket not a windbreaker but you need some warm clothes heading out the door and john i moved to california 20 years ago psi would 7 know i am yeah i know right that's why we are here sort of freezing. but yes it is below freezing for a lot of the bay area this morning guys some temperatures down into the 20's such as in the north bay and some east areas down into the 30's but at least it's pretty out there though looking at downtown san francisco skies are crystal clear up above we are seeing clear skies across the bay area that's no surprise we were there yesterday, southern califoania is now joining us though on this clearing trend as our storm system works its way out of the region that's what brought so much snow and rain to southern california yesterday. we still have i 5 over the grapevine close as we are looking at conditions out
6:47 am
still very slick so do plan on maybe later today getting down there but let the sun melt some of that ice off before you venture on i 5 last thing you need to do is get stuck down there in the southern end of the central valley before you head up into the great vibe. >>low pressure area that's our storm system its exit in the region high pressure is building back in now we've got plenty of sunshine overhead ahead of us the cool start to the morning and it comfortably cool afternoon ahead of us today crystal clear skies tomorrow, we're going to remain dry. but the skies are going to be as crystal clear as what we saw today skies definitely going to be coming along with an increasing cloud cover for your saturday and into sunday, although a dry start to the morning some evening showers will return on and sunday night to close out the weekend. as for daytime highs today highs in the mid to upper on terror and pacific up each 55 degrees for high temperatures, san bruno in south san francisco at 55 degrees each saying carlos foster city redwood city 56
6:48 am
while santa clara milpitas in san jose each at 57 degrees east bay temperatures mid 50's for you looking at mid 50's as well for much of the arrest of the east bay into the north bay where our warmest spots will actually be sonoma and napa on over to santa rosa beach at 58 degrees. here's a look at your next 7 days. we have conditions out there in the 50's through the end of the year. and then we start 2020 with some low 60's. so actually a slightly warmer starts the new year as for sunday, that's our only chance of rain evening showers and then we dry out and a new year's eve great weather to celebrate the new year rob. >>all right some great traffic too because everybody is also we don't have to deal with the usual mass out their bridges are calling quiet. we're checking in on 92. this is a trip across the san mateo bridge working your way to the peninsula if you want to join these folks do expect a crowd, so it's a little busy but of course it's not bad we're only at 14 minutes over to one on one we're checking traffic tracker and taking a peek at
6:49 am
one oh one from the peninsula to san francisco and it's looking good. it's only 6 minutes from brisbane heading up to the 80 split. 2.80 looks good from daly city to downtown san francisco with no big trouble spots and we'll check back in on some more numbers coming up in a little bit. >>the 49 ers they will be taking off today headed towards seattle as their regular season ends and there's so much on the line because a playoff implications. the niners. they have to beat the seahawks to win the division title and it's all about an fc place month if they win they'll be the number one seeded have home court advantage throughout the playoffs and hopefully make it to the super bowl, but they will be facing marshawn lynch who came back earlier this week, the niners defense, including former seahawks richard sherman they say they're ready to stop him. >>we don't worry about it we're bringing it we're about who they were put in when it put him in will go out there and it's going to do i don't. i don't think about it either
6:50 am
way has if they brought in quarterback. let's catch you know when sanjay that maybe they were up there and execute our game plan triggered a school for the fans cool for me to talk about but is another player that we got far as we can so. and it's no different in carson, the way runs a football. so that's it's cool that there than in the emotional boost, but work. we look at the >>of course they're going to say that but we're talking about beast mode from oakland kickoff, 5.20 on sunday night, so it's a prime time game. for most of us when we retire we hope to start working into start relaxing right but not for verna bauer who celebrated her 90th birthday. >>and then peterson was there and when she received a lovely surprise from work check it out. >>and just put it let me be clear right there how this is not a retirement party for murder out it's a birthday party she's a a loyal employee her 90th birthday she still working but burning power
6:51 am
doesn't show it all i like to meet people because nothing gets in her 68 years old from a long career it was time to start another one park a number 59, a reliable food runner at this walk, sean mcdonald for more than 20 years feel we're on hunt for work and bank has become the gold standard around here, she's totally loyal she's always here. i remember when may have called the sec. i don't remember when she has put a few pieces from other fog. she has a great attitude. >>and she wants to do everything even as this birthday cake takes her by surprise all more new things of everything she begins doing what she does best talking to people that they want ah my who that everyone thought the only i can do that to and delivering delicious food have a piece of 150 so i got your birthday card a birthday card packed with $90 in singles is gifted tour. a welcome present
6:52 am
for the woman who likes to hit the casinos from time to time sometimes a single work than the as the cake disappears the line at the counter gross it's time to punch and but before she leaves one final question any plans on slowing down anytime >>she's so cute and so have a lot of fun of that casino about 90 bucks coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news. >>now that christmas is over what will you be toying with you shouldn't have to live with pain. you shouldn't have to pretend you're fine. you shouldn't have to be the ambulance. you shouldn't have to be thinking about the cost.
6:53 am
you should just be focused on her. covered california can help you find a health plan that fits your needs and budget. because we believe you shouldn't have to choose between the life you've built and the care you need.
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6:55 am
on the kron 00:04am morning news. we're following breaking news out of oakland were structure fire is under investigation. we'll have the latest on that coming up after the break plus. >>we're learning the names of the 3 teens who were killed in a major crash on christmas day in the east bay we're hearing from family and friends as they remember those teens also after the to the south bay, a
6:56 am
bakery. the person was caught on camera will hear from the owner as he works on recovering from the damages.
6:57 am
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kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there. >>morning everyone and thank you for waking up with us on the kron 4 morning news, i'm robin winston filling in for darya we'll train in for james fletcher john stable is in for josh or you look a lot like john triple yeah, again a
7:00 am
little his past couple weeks still here put in similar crime and against a waiter been just watching weather. yes. it is like be doing some of that this weekend to probably won't help with the way hot weather watch again. you and me throw something in the crowd while we've been talking about food all morning and try this coca cola chicken recipe, yeah i've been serving up some check it out and make it though so should take credit for it. all right it's all about the crock pots and just lights on the chilly morning especially room gather on the crime and for work. all of that this morning guys yep you don't have a space heater crock pots work don't do that don't take my yes very nice morning out there this morning, let's get a look at our web cam and you can see that clear skies are seen across the bay this some golden glow over the city of san francisco this camera tends to exaggerate the colors but i like it still looks really nice out there looking at clear skies across the


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