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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  December 31, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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chilly but only good to get out there on the like ski suit over the ball le a good dress li you're going to tahoe food ball gowns but yes, definitely dressed like you want to stay warm and cozy cause it will be chilly out there and i n't you ross bite or anythi out there that should do watchfireworks you won't catchrostbite you will be chilly though if you're not bdled up looking outside of san francisco skies, nice and clear overhead rit now. >>now, here's what we're going to be seeing later today, fog tracker shs that fog is going to be very minimal not just this afternoon but look at tonight, this is right round the time role to 10:30 still free of fog visility is good this very good news f your fireworks tonight. we're also going to see you nice and dry skies ormtracker 4 not showing anything in the vicinitythat can cause you problems in future cast backing that up. >>wee going to look at a nice dry day ahead of us as far as new year's eve goes new
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year's day goingto continue that just a few more clds on new year's day than what we're seeg today. but hey we're still dry a great day get outside. maybe enjoy that one last day of the holiday break if you are heading back work on thursday ter that point 30'sand 40's for your current temperatures rightnow redwood city and dublin 2 of r cooler areas in the 30 while oakland and san matteo at 43 berkeley easily or warmest spotat 54 timber on not far behind at 53 degrees right now rmer for the north bay this morning while pretty chilly compared to yesterday for the rest of us the san jose down 8 degrees conquered down 9 degrees from the same time 24 hours ago. now into the afternoon today, a lot of suhine, some comfortae temperatures yet again not a lot of changes from yesterday we're still going to have a nice day aad and we're going to have a nice but chilly new year's eveninahead robin now k folks cannot say did not warn them john thanyou. >>now we're checking in on traffic. we're checng out
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the richmond sandra fell bridge and it's looking good. we don't have any big problems making your way from the east bay to the north bay, it's only minutes here at the pay gates bay brid a little bit of a line it's growing check out the left side. >>of the toll plaza vos cast lanes are stacking up we saw that sterday to there's like a brief delay, maybe 20 minutes later, it was gone and there was just nice and smooth the rest of the morning. so a quick trip into san francisco 8 minutes off to the fremont street exit 92 a little busy but not bad at all it's only 13 minutes to make your way fr hayward over to the peninsula so easy drive there into foster city and san matteo hecking in on the east shore freeway, it's about a 40 minute trip heading west from crockett down to the maze 24 looks really good to know problems on a wannacry through the caldecott tunnel 5.80 looks good and so does the nimitz10 minutes from to 38 to downtown oakland will check for a litt bit later. well, 6 burglaries d one night and one east bay own and now neighbors say theye beefing
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up their home security sysms police in san ramon say that these broke to homes all over town turday night. and they have not yet been caught kron four's michelle kingston has details. >>don't be for your house to the next you know victim their eyes draws the eye has a ring dobell buwas unable to capture the suspects who broke into his neighbor's home on saturday ight stealing jewelry inside the for moving up with thiidea was said pttcommunity. >>and now it has started hapni here too so i think installing steel door and ow adding more ceras to his house. >>lice say his neighbor was out foe night when he arrived ho, he found 3 people inside his house his back door shattered more than shocked at what this kid. >>thatand those guys looks to be pretty often as deep an armenscared when they saw that thorder is already in the house that kind of explainthat deputy professional in that and to
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ow that are large d i don't know whether they were on guard are not what would happen. i have my whole famil thi here. so um i don't know how to and in that right now i'm a little bit east. good police say when the 3 suspects sathe owner enterethe home they ran outand jumped into a dark colored mcedes waiting for them out front. >>so thelook for a house thatooks like it's not occupied as maybe the lights are off for the cars, not in the iveway. police say to always make it look like your home even when you're not they say burglaries are on the rise ansara malm but 6 residential burglaries one night is unusual. >>in san ramonmichelle kingston kron 4 news. >>well to the east we'renow a ll phone robbery caught on camera caught on sueillance video. police reased the video yesterday take a look this happened on cell vo street in concord but it was back on december 22th. so the video shows the victim and another person sitting right there at the front door you
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see that over to the le the robbers sort of lingers pretty close to the female victims making his move. ng off for >>this is also a good reminder to be aware ofyour surroundings because how many times are we looking down our phone we're focused on our surroundings incident like this. it all happened in a merefew seconds and now this person is out of a fullness valued over a $1000. >>while couer police say that the cell phone snatcher was working with an accomplice. well happing now police are looking for 2 men who stole multiple laptop summ best spy onel camino the photos right there the o robbery happened sunday night just before 8 o'clock. the best by curity guards say tried to stop the robbers t one of them and use a tun gun on the guard and got away. they jumped into a silver four-door sedan that was waiting for them just outside the door. well today is the deadline to file ainsurance claim against pg e if you were affected by the wildfires in
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nohern california in 2017 2018 kron four's dan kerman has details if you lost your home in the campfire or one of morethan 2 dozen other rthern california fires. there's less than 24 hours foyou to file a claim with pg any. >>it's critically important this will be the last deadline to register your claim as a creditor in the tourney a nuns fire survivor helen said work isart of the group survivors of the pga fires. >>they've seup the websit pge fire info dot com to help people get theiclaims and before the 05:00pm deadline on december 31th. >>somebody who lost a homemade only put down their deductible ich is way too low because in addition to their deductible they may havelost trees say they have lost time to work and they may also have doubt on the when you're n filling out this war put down too much rather than too little cedrick reminds people ev if they were not
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physicallinjured in the fires. >>th should lect personal injury because th also applies to emotional distress. she also says there's en some incorrect asumptions about which fires are inclded one of e biggest questions is whether people who are affected by the tubbs fire be included in that pg e k bankruptc >>and they are being includ in the proposed settlement. >>in fact the northern caifornia fire list includes more than 2 dozen fires. sedwick says better to file now than miss your chance. >>a lot of people have dug into the kids edation funds or their retirement funds to rebuild. so the ward will help them recover that way. >>claims can be filed in person at a handful of p g service centers or you can file electronically again that deadle is 05:00pm on tuesday. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>well a year will make way
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for a new way of doing business for california property managers capitol bureau reportr ashley zavala explains some of the changes for renters landlords and housing. >>the new year will make way for new way of doing business for california propery managers, a handful of new laws aimed to prott renters as the stattries to tackle its housing affordability issues, the biggest impact is likely to come from cafornia's new anti rent uging ban you've stories of 60% 100% increases that have resulted lot of their out of the state onto the streets, california's new anti rent gouging ban caps rent increases at 5% plus th cost of living for buildings that are older than15years old, but the california apartment assiation says it's already rare for those propertymanagers to increase read beond that he yet keep in mind that in california there's about 6 million rental units. >>i wod say that you're probabllooking at less than
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2% of the landlords the departmento go back and roll rents fact other new protectis taking effect 2020 include prohibiting blanket ban policies to refuse section 8 appcants incread notification time for some rent increases and requiring landlords to prove just cause to evict a tena we have to watch the rest the ws in in california is we want people to continue to investigate the laws are too stringen >>at the same time you want to protect sidents are too stringent. >>the investors want want to invest in e industry will be housing. to try to increase housing prod housing crisis act goes into efct next week to speeup construction within the next 5 years require cities and counes to scale back on restrictions in process is that typically slow down development in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, it has been a year full of big news stores 'll take a look at some of the most impactful stories of 2019. and before we go a
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little peek outside we're checking in on the embarcero bundle up if you're heading out right now little clly expecting sunshine later this afteoon your
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news checking in on the recast if you're heading out tonight put on your snow sue. a ski who from goggles 's going to be cold. and
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that's all i'm just really bundle up and conditns tonight. >>a big old snowstorm coming our people i mean look you people are paying folks are dressing up women ha on dresses and ball gowns or maybe you're just along the embarcadero watching the fireworks, i mean temperatures are dipping down the wet 40's 50's 40's, 50's, yeah, too bad, the i expect to see a lot of people out there the ball gowns baby for the indoor crowd at the outdoor owd. and where that gene snow is going to you're going to be watching some fireworksyou want to be comfortable right, but i also want to cozy for so it is going to be a chilly night if you're inside outside a dress up bring the jacket to you're going to want you look outside of berkeley skies are nice and clear we do have shown us topay, no hints of fog sitting right there of of u c berkeley or were good though not looking at his ability impacta nice clear morning nice story that dry day ahead of us to.
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>>with plenty of sunshi to be expected this afternoon high pressure is moving on in that low that storm system it's clear now that'what brought us ra on sunday and brought southern california ran yesterday now we just have mild conditions to look for too good travel weather today, good weather for tting outside and tonight. some nice clear skies for new year's eve. as robin and i were talking about the old the thing that may stop you just a little bit as those cold temperes, but you know what to do just bundleup it's the middle of winter now and we do just got to be ready for it and the year's eve, at least aslong as it's dry. it's a good forecast be getting out there temperatures day in e upper 50's this aftenoon we are going to be seeing more 60's today than yesterday too we're in for a really comfortable day ahead of us before those chilly conditions tonight saying colocarlos in mountain view ea up to 60 degrees santa clara campbell, san jose also each up to 60 grees day, upper 50's for the east bay hayward fremont's an old have
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59 degrees each berkeley your peak at 57 with oakland enrhment at 58 degrees. sonoma and yacht fill up to 61 each wl low 60's as well for petaluma and santa rosa so very comfortable day ahead of us evening lows tonight,not going to be too terribly cold you are going to be out and about towads midnight, yes, u want to be bundled up into thursday and fray conditions what to be remaining pretty mild. we do have one chance of showers in the forecast that arrives friday night into early saturday morningbesides that it's dry. it's mild with some cool evening ws. but some seasonable conditions. >>rob allright. thank you john heading into work this morning traffic is picking up a little bit at the babridge toll plaza, no major delays that you have to worry about so many folks are still off. we're not going to see the usual back so right now it's opening clear 8 minutes a quick trip into san francisco 92 is looking at as well the drive from hayward over to the peninsulknow, but problems it's going to be easy commute.
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13 minutes to make it f to one on one we're checking in on the richmond sandra fell 7 minutes here from the pay gateover to one on one so smooth sailing so far and then don't forget ac transit and muni offering free service tonight. so if u don't want to drive in you should be drinking and driving. you definitely have some options from 08:00pm until 05:00am both muni an ac transit will be free so ta advantage of that. 6.80 the drive rolling south from to take a wle to danville looks good. no problems for the don barden livermore dublin to me wide en. no issues there connecting to the dublin interchange or from th peninsula heading north on san francisco up to the 80 split and then continuing on the skyway looksgood to downtown and the lower deck. we'll check more coming up a little bit later. deadly tragedies health epidemics and store it national disasters and an impeachment investigation rivaling those of nixon and clinton, not
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arrow has a look back at the stories that mostimpacted america in 2019. >>it doesn't feel like impeachment.and you know what it's a phony deal. and they cheapened the word impeachment president dold trump lashing out against house democrats who voted to make him the 3rd preside ever to be impeaed. >>the vote was sparked by investigation to president trump the shook up washinon for months prompted by an anonymous whistleblower report alleging president trump and white houseofficials held back a to ukraine and pressured itsnew president to announce an investigation into the bidens despite the impeachment actions in the house the mueller report did not find sufficient evidence to charge trump or his caaign with criminal conspiracy connected with the 2016 russian election interference, there's escalating acts are not madness. they're driven by hate mass ootings continue toplague the nation 19 on february 15th5 were killed in a business in aurora, illinois on may 31th 12 were killed at a virgnia
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beachmunicipal building. >>on july 28th 3 were killed at the garlic festival in gilroy california on august 3rd 22 people were killed an el paso walmart hours later on august 4th 9 people were killed outse a bar in dayton io on august 31th, 7 people were killed in a shooting spree in west texas and on november 4th 9 americans were killed in an ambush in rthern mexico, sick and dying. >>they brought themselves down here speak. >>after years of battling with congress 9.11 1st responders and victms one their fight president trump authorized the measles has come back 20 19 saw the worst measles outbreak in the us since 1992 after the disease was declared eliminatedin 2000 more than 1200 cases reported in more than 30 states. the outbreak s linked to unvaccinated international travelers vaping tighten its deadly grip on american 2019 around people
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havedied of lung illnesses linked to aping and more than 2500 cases of lung juries sparking a battle between ide lawmakers and the cigarette companies, especially over flavored products targeting yoger americans hollywood was rocked by the arrest of high profile actresses feicity huffman and lori loughlin the celebs are ju 2 of dozens charged by the justice department for using their wealth and stus to ibe college admission administrations and facilitate cheating on standaized testing can i giveher a hug please tears flowing in a texas courtroom, thbrothe of the murdered victim embracing s brother's killer amber guygethe forr dallas police officer was sentenced to10 years in prison for killing both and john an unarmed black man in his own firing up one the largest strikes against an american compy ever nearly 50,000 gener motors employees walked off the job, the strike came to an enwhen the united auto workers union voted in favor of afour-year la deal.
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>>we woke up to like seeing things flying off the walls to back to back earthquakes cked southern california, the stronge to strike the area in 20 yea destroyed homes and businesses and generated thousands of aftershocks.we know that recovery, there's long-term thinafter being battered by hurricane dorian over coke island, a popular tourist destintion off the coast of north carolina re opened more than 2 months after the storm devastated the isnd. dorian was the rongest hurricane on record to hit the bahamas making landfalas a monster category 5 storm killing dozens leaving many missing and pecan islandhistorical milestone took place 250 le earth. the first all female spacewalk outside the international space station for this is really ust really hard job. >>i'm not year-old merrill and those are so of the nation's most impactful stories of 2019.
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>>that's been a heck of a year l right a little peek outsi checking in on the airport all is well so far at sfo. if you're heing out bundle up temperatures little chilly outside your door, but we are expecting sunshine lateon this afternoon and also we'll check that new year's day forecast on travel. as l those details after the break.
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>>welcome back 4.53 on this new year's eve without clear this out there, everyone's help and hand i hope it's clear that this cleared tonight as the firerks go off. good news for you as it does look to be a fog free day and i'm following evening ahead of us so that is definitely some good news on pretty chilly morning know most of us are in the 40's redwood city and a double in in the 30's right now though so definitely bundle up if u're stepping outside these next few mites, good news for the rest the day as skies are going remain clear winds are going to remain light. no overall pretty pleasant conditis to be expected that if your tting outside tonight for new year's do expect the temperature fireworks. rob 48 degrees r that's not toterribly icy cold, but it's cold enough to want a jacket onwill be increasingly cloudy but free of fog at this time. mine yeah we don't wankarl the fog messing up the fireworks show to stay away carl.
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>>over to the bay bdge chking the drive into san francisco looking good a nice role here earlier. we ha a little bit of a backup it's gone so now quick trip int san francisco. 92 also a nice drive if you have to get over to the eninsula. 13 minutes and growing to connect to one on one, what's 5 80 to the richmond sandra fell hot spot free right on time here from the pay gates to one oh one d then traffic tracker showing you eat numbers, leaving the south bay if you're mmuting out of san jose this morning, 80 los good from san jose to milpitas ones at the limit from san o jose to menlo park so no issues slowing it down on th peninsula and from san jose to cupertino the drive on north to 80 also looking good that is a very quick 10 minute connection. well, thousands of finish some spectacular flts for the tourname of roses 100 31th annual new year'day parade that includes floats. beautifuy corated only with flowers or natural plants by the way none of that
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artificiastuff is allowed prep is last minute just to make sure th the element are off rash. this year's parade includes 39 beautiful floats volunteers come from all around the globe. each year. >>10's of thousandof come through during the week. prepping the flowers building the floats themselves decoting it really is a tremendous time honored over the worlsometimes it's ll a bucket list thing to do sometimes it's church groups coming together just to be together at this time of year. >>so the parade is tomorrow morning and guess where you can see it right here right here on kron 4 it starts at 06:00am so wake up and join us. wellcoming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news, the bay ea's getting ready to ring in the new year we have everything you need to know. to say excited and enjoy the celebrations coming up. and peninsula, terrible story now police are looking for the
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00:04am morning news at 5. >>australia is celebrated the new year this is a live look at the fireworks display the concert all those people good i might get to see all of them. taxi toe. that is one of the first places we will visit ring our morning newscast as we ring in the new year across the globe drive and don't you wish you were there i do it makes me wish that i had totally left ofthe area some respect to a knife on to a nice celebration like this a concert. >>fireworks very excited should be ansecond now we just struck 5 so i imagine they are hitting midnight here that shld be but the fireworks person still yes head ck out to sydneyalso that happw


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