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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  January 28, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>>thanks for joining us for the finest hour where he event for it says. my goodness, yes, we have an overturn of dirt holler and now getting word of a pothole that. >>so big on the nimitz and it's causing flat tires. we whopping colored for the nimitz freeway as well so now 2 major hot spots to have to get too well that a sine ok let's go with 6.80 because it's a hot spot that i'm tracking for a while and since we have an overturned truck. we can get to the pothole in just a bit this is north of the tree boulevard exit and happen in the 7 o'clock hour and the 3 left lanes are still shut down the driver was trapped inside of the truck at one point there's a lot of debris scattered across the lanes and to top it off crews are dealing with an oil spill as well so northbound 6.80 after tree boulevard here 3 left lanes shut down with a traffic alert in place and
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your northbound backup is going to still all the way through or alamo southbound you're backed up from a 2.42 to 42 stacked up out of concord and then that back up on to 42 spills over to highway 4 so it's just a domino effect they're all because of that northbound problem, couple of vehicles with flat tires heading into downtown oakland this happen. not too long ago north county 80 at broadway. we have the 3rd lane from the left shutdown there's a big pot hole and so many folks out flat tires that they're calling out a crew to patch it up they issued us a colored the middle lane close to major delays can be expected leaving family and row you're crawling from almost to 38 all because of a pothole here 46 minutes to make it to downtown oakland. so another hot spot that you need to be aware of we'll check in on more slow downs coming up rebecca all right, it's been busy on the phone with that's for sure on that we are tracking a little bit of rainfall around the bay area and a lot of great conditions here this is our north bay camera overlooking all the gray skies.
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>>and then normally get to see all the way back here to the golden gate bridge. but can this morning because we're really socked in by the clouds and the fog and yet you could start to see some of the sprinkles moving in towards a san francisco now through the downtown area, the golden gate bridge getting a little bit of the light shower activity. and there were definitely seeing it's a primarily in the north bay, but it is spreading south earlier we saw at the richmond center fell bridge span. and now it's starting to move a little bit further east but richmond is definitely seeing it parts of berkeley might be seeing it over the next little bit but it is going to get out of here and it's going to dry out once we get into the afternoon hours highs today, a mild afternoon 59, san francisco, 60 degrees in oakland 62 in san jose and a gradual warming trend that i'm tracking that's going bring 70's to the bay area. we'll have those details coming up in my full weather check in just a little bit james start. >>thank you very much rebecca, our top story. it's the last day that you can drive on a section of market street and
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san francisco, a big in addition could drive on it tomorrow but you'll have to pay for a a a lot in fact kron four's will tran said by live in the city. >>to explain what will let people see tomorrow will be different. well. >>they'll see a lot of signs out reminding people starting tomorrow it's a no no they'll have plenty of police officers also to make sure that people follow the law that will be the new law of the land so to speak and tomorrow, no more cars on market street for particular stretches right now you can see them coming down here that mercedes on the right side of your screen. tomorrow that is illegal and you possibly could get a $240 ticket. take a look at your screen here is a map i want to show you a map. but i want to walk you through i work on landmark so let's say for example you are going from the ferry building to the castro district, you are not allowed to come tomorrow to drive your uber or lyft or any civilian car down here between main and
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10th street if you are going from say the castro down to the ferry building in that particular direction you're not allowed to go from venice to stewart the goal is to make things safer for pedestrians as well as bicyclists and people on scooters let's face it they just recently added more scooters to san francisco. so that's just the way it is now they want to make sure it's safer for everybody, including obviously tourists will come through here just want to see bring in people's reaction this morning. we talked to a little bit and just your thoughts. on business wise a lot of people i'm just we talked to earlier but that might increase foot traffic free with the help you out. we don't really get really much tourists it's more of people like in the building so maybe a little bit. do you agree with this or is it a little too drastic to shut down this particular stretch of market. for safety. i think
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it will be good because a lot of. people get hit by cars for instance, my mom like the buses honked at her. it's yeah it is going to be certainly safer for pedestrians and bicyclists, here's what you can do tomorrow and into the future james and darya you can cross from the left to the right side of your screen or from the right to the left of your screen, however you cannot drive lengthwise all the way down to say twin peaks that will be a legal hopefully the police officers will be lenient and just let people break it in slowly. >>but if not if you run across the road police officer. >>$240 james and darya. it will be considered a moving violation which obviously hurts your insurance back to you steve of us up that all right, thank you. well. >>and tonight ahead there some that might mess up their drive into the caldecott tunnel
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because they're going to shut down the right bore caltrans is working on that and so eastbound highway 20 for the next 2 nights the right boar that's the one headed from oakland towards orinda is going to be closed from 10:00pm until 04:30am for the next 2 overnight. in the east bay a man is in critical condition. he was shot while driving along interstate 5.80 was a passenger in a car that was near the keller avenue exit in oakland yesterday morning when shooters opened fire that one man a passenger in the car was hit. the driver and there were 2 children in the backseat they were not injured police believe their car was targeted by the shooters. >>a lot about things could thankfully, you know only one person was struck but even that one person too many it's a sad state of affairs when you have for people, especially the 2 kids that young their trial in a vehicle and they're being shot at as our investigators are going to do everything they can to use every bit of technology resources that we have to bear to hopefully assailants to
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justice. >>the chp says the 2 shooters were wearing ski masks and driving a white suv. >>will san francisco's police union now slamming the city's new district attorneys and they're asking a federal prosecutor get in to get involved step in and charge a man for attacking officers to charges stem from a police shooting that happened last month in the mission district kron four's dan thorn takes a look. >>police body cam video shows what san francisco's police union calls an attack on officers on december 7 to sfpd responded to a burglary call in the mission district turn into a fight between 2 officers and the 24 year-old suspect who make a hampton hampton is accused of threatening the officers with a glass bottle. he was later shot it right less lethal. >>routes but unfortunately, mister hampton kept on them much like a wild out prey as of peel away president tony montoya says the da's decision
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to not charge hampton is dangerous to san francisco police union as well as other bay area officers associations is now seeking federal intervention like the showboating is is choosing this route to me is just kind of mind-boggling he said in a very very powerful message to people out there saying you know if you attack a police officer is ok, we're not going to prosecute you. hampton suffered several injuries from the shooting and had to have one of his legs amputated. >>right now he remains in the hospital and charged by district attorney ernie chase abou dean pending further investigation in response the sf peel away has launched a web site called blue dean blunders dot com. the site asks people to report san francisco criminal cases that they believe should be prosecuted by memebers can submit reports directly to us other members of the criminal justice system consists submit reports. >>or your average victims feels like their case was not addressed by the district
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attorney's office, the da has called montoya's assertions false and called the hampton case unique because there are multiple victims who are seeking justice in a statement booting added that both officers involved in the shooting are under investigation for their use of force dan thorn kron 4 news. >>it's 9 oh 9 and another big story we continue to follow the corona virus and there are. 2 cases at least in california. we know of none in the bay area but health officials here aren't taking any chances effect san francisco's activated its emergency operations center so that they can coordinate with the cdc and get the most current information out to the public at least a 106 people that we know of have died because of the corona virus. 10's of millions of people in china are on lockdown right now. >>as the disease spreads we have direct flights from wuhan china still canceled out at sfo passengers from china are being. screened with extra screening. john lawrence of fact brings us up to speed on the latest this morning. >>china says its sparing no effort to curb the wulong
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corona virus that includes putting partial or full lockdowns into effect the idea of. >>shutting down several cities is an unprecedented attempt to have a good an of an outbreak there are more than 4500 confirmed cases in china with dozens of deaths. >>and the virus is spreading elsewhere. we have sustained transmission. >>person to person that has to be interrupted. all of this can get out of control even more than it is there are at least 5 confirmed cases in the u s. >>but the centers for disease control and prevention expects that number will rise. this week the virginia department of health investigated 3 potential cases 2 of which were negative results for the 3rd are expected later this week we're very fortunate because we have a unique passage in june and the only one in the commonwealth of virginia health officials say they can't detect the virus simply from the symptoms which is why a patients recent travel history is an important factor to people who have
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arrived from will hand china that specific information combined with their symptoms is how we. >>identify who needs to be evaluated further. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>9.10 and we continue to follow the deaths of kobe bryant and his daughter and the 7 others who were all killed in a helicopter crash on sunday, the ntsb looking into the crash trying to figure out the cause they're asking for the public's help in the investigation, they're looking for anybody with video or images. >>of what happened they're looking into the pilot's performance, the history of the helicopter and the weather as possible factors in that crash. >>the wreckage is just parts. investigation there's a lot of information that we request as part of the investigation that's pilot records company records. >>information on whether atc communications so the wreckage itself is only a piece of that
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so i'm very confident will determine the cause of the accident. >>now the ntsb is still on the scene this morning. we're waiting for another possible update. perhaps later today, if it happens keep it to the kron 4 will let you know what they say still ahead. >>news teenagers break into an empty home in the north bay and trash it while throwing a party. we'll talk to the owner about what comes next and the bay area university is working to fight student homelessness here wh
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>>welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news and back to our major hot spot i'll step out of the way but i'll be right back check out this photo. this is your hot spot on 6.80 north of the tree boulevard accident wanted creek. this is the overturned truck that i've been telling you about since the 7 o'clock hour. we got this photo from a chp contra costa county chp there on scene you can see the truck that flipped over on its side you can see caltrans there over to the left and then if you look over to the right we have crews right here cleaning up the spill. remember i told you about the oil spill. so that's why it's taking so long now the latest update is that the 4 left lanes are blocked. so we've gone from 3 lanes close to 4 lanes close and it's just a big mess once again won a creek northbound 6 80 at the treat boulevard exit here it is on traffic tracker you get a better view of exactly where it is and it's backing you up on both sides so a special alert remains in place and
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delays just continue so that folks on 6.80 have been having a tough time this morning. if you're about to head out there you need to get out there early because we still don't have an estimated time of clearing so northbound you're backed up through alamo southbound the opposite side you're backed up on to 2.42 and highway 4 out of concord so still major delays in both directions throw in another hot spot, a pothole has developed here on the nimitz freeway and we have several folks that have pulled over to the shoulder with flat tires out that's ever happened to you, but pretty much a tough drive to work right you're going to work you think you're on time you had a large pothole is stuck with a flat tire and now you're late so they shut down the middle lane, northbound 6 80 at broadway in downtown oakland. so now you have to deal with a major backup that spills into san leandro 50 minutes all because of a pothole in downtown oakland, so stay away from the nimitz take 5.80 instead quick peek at the bay
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bridge toll plaza things look normal here, it's very quiet 16 minutes for your average into san francisco rebecca hall robin it busy on the road this morning laverne definitely seeing a some little bit of rainfall that might not help your morning commute. that's for sure little bit slick getting to work this morning and right now we are seeing gray skies fog around the bay area, especially here in san francisco and we're seeing some spotty showers here now as well. >>in the downtown area. this is our camera just south of market street. but as switch over to a storm tracker 4 live radar we're definitely seeing where the rain is exactly falling. so san francisco looks like a that's going to be the biggest a shower activity as of right now a lot of the north bay as well traveling on want to center field that is going to be a wet right for you through sausalito and then across the golden gate bridge where the showers continue even in parts of along the peninsula like daly city right now we're seeing some of those showers and the sfo as a matter of fact there are delays now for inbound flights of about 30 minutes or so because of the
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weather. we're also seeing a couple of spots in the east bay to oakland you might see a pop-up shower even through the martinez area. but the good news is this is going to clear pretty shortly though. futurecast we're going to break it all down for the us as far as the timing goes once we get to 11 o'clock a lots of more activity spreading south and a part of the peninsula still going to be a hit with some of those light showers but into the afternoon things are in a dry out so rather quickly and we will see a little bit of sunshine into the afternoon. temperatures today we're going to be in the upper 50's to low 60's. 59 degrees in san francisco, 60 degrees in hayward 60 want if you're going to be fremont this afternoon and san jose you're going to top out at 60 to 70 around the bay forecast as long as we get these showers out of our way we're going to see things and ryan actually starting to warm up a warming trend expected through friday bringing us a some low 70's even into saturday super bowl sunday looks great for
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any activities that you may be doing any parties they are going to we're looking at highs in the mid 60's with a lot of sunshine. >>time now for winners and losers on wall street financial expert rob black joining us now to again help us understand wall street try and the fact that us stocks are recovering today after the you know 400 point drop yesterday because the krona buyers, what's different today. >>the difference today is wise money smart money is starting back up high talk about it yesterday we've been through a viral type situation in the world before with sars with bird flu with pink sauce wind flow and others 106 people died that serious but over 8200 americans died of the flu. this season. you tell me. so far stocks rebounded from the worst day in 4 months that the worst day ever. it was also the first of all time highs so if that wasn't a correction we would need to get out another 15% from those levels to make it painful chipmakers a casino operator she got hit hard. they were big winners this morning. some
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other areas hotels and travel companies and travel sites rebounding bigger than the market. big slide cent since about january 20th sent the market down about 1.5 trillion in value. it's recovering some of it. investors will be looking for signs of apple and starbucks today to see what they say of what's going on in china could have big markets in china obviously both manufacturing as well as restaurants and situation on the side so i'm not downplaying. i'm saying that it's no bigger than the flu in the united states yet. and with that information here to 14 days people pretty freaked out about it because that's not how to myers has worked for some day. but i think a mission so i'm not on time as wall street says opportunity because all right tess second topic of conversation got to talk about the super bowl this is in your loser calling us when we look at the cost of going which is hard to to talk to fans super fans are going they want to hear that this is a possibly bad financial who
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on their part they just want to see the game and. >>sure the fans on but what he found in your look at $6,000 and you and i say his body, let's go right here right second is not the way to go 150,000 people from around the world are descending on miami. >>not all are going to go to the game part of them will be the festivities. it's expensive the super bowl tickets right now the average ticket about $4200 the most expensive is about 60,000 thought they could to unfilled access after game in interviews with players. so i don't know what to say actually averages 7,000 a cheap tickets 4200. i'm on top of that transportation of 3.53 round trip for most of the united states in and out of miami. hotels anywhere between 275 a night or $800 a night ice or tina, this adds up eating out anywhere between 50 bucks to $200 a meal typically for till. on top of any want to be like that a lot of beach club and see little wayne i want to see $75 that she would do that in a heartbeat and my
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shaquille o'neal having a big event called shaq's fun house night of performances with diplo p diddy and pet ball, $350 but unlimited alcohol and unlimited pizza wow, but i love how the question marks are there for extra because you know you get you high. the member of the band that stuff adds up so fast and it's so easy to swipe. >>and before you know it you've racked up a $1000 just on souvenir stuff. without even i want to get a big time thing that it says can see the number one stop it hitting him can you stop it all right, let's and by talking reflecting on kobe bryant and his impact on the business world because basketball. he was also mogul says his death is having impacts on the business sector and one of those is with making this was a weird story sti nike came out and said we're pulling all of his gear from our website due to the fact that we don't want people to buy up the merchandise and then jack up the price and rip off people who were are mourning the death of kobe bryant. >>later in the day nike said we actually are sold out of everything. it's kind of weird
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retraction. so when you search for could be bright and ickes website off because of the in memoriam kind of situation footlocker was asked return all the kobe bryant equipment but they said we sold it's just it's very confusing. but again in time of disaster to watch out for rip off artists whether it's a where to california wildfire strain wildfire save the qualities whether it's a kobe bryant jersey year by and watch out for the people are turned off ok, good advice, thank you rob as always we'll chat with rob once again tomorrow he have any questions send them in you can send it directly robber a black dot com find him on facebook twitter and of course our website at kron 4. >>do
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>>we're back in i 25 state lawmakers have approved a measure to increase the punishment for deadly hit and run crashes in cases where the driver flees the scene gavin's law named after a crash victim would boost the maximum prison sentence for these hit and run drivers who flee the scene from the current 4 to a new six-year sentence lawmakers say that brings a penalty more in line with vehicular manslaughter and makes the punishment greater, then for those who are involved in a dui offense that stay and wait for police. >>leaves round and you can avoid some serious time this bill closes that loophole you will do some serious time. >>the law was named after gavin landing. he was a close educator who was killed by a hit and run driver back in 2018. the bill will now have to clear 2 senate committees before it can get a final floor vote. >>it's head on the kron
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00:04am morning news. >>more forty-niners coverage, we'll see which city has better for the san francisco bay area or kansas city. and don't forget if you want a free hd tv 65 ensure we're giving it away all you have to do is submit the word of the day online at kron 4 dot com. >>right on our main page and the word of the day that you need to do that is coming up in 9 on a next hour, stay tuned. we tried to get the politicians
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to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen.
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>>we're taking out whether traffic, it's been a bumpy road this morning, especially late morning now i'm not good actually have a picture of the overturned truck but i've been talking about yeah got it from chp it is a mass it's still on its side there was a major oil spill, it's one of those big color so stirred haulers you see that that's why it's taking so long this happened at 7 oh 4. this morning and wanted creek northbound 6.80 after treat. and now we have more lanes shut down before left lanes are closed which is this making traffic all fo for people trying to get into and out of walnut creek. so that's what you're dealing with peers or truck we have chp there's caltrans you have crews out there sweeping up. >>the oil they put some absorbent down they were calling in sweepers so that's why it's so bad for those of you traveling along that
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stretch, here's a look at it on traffic tracker you can see the actual back up for northbound 6.80 it's all the way through wannacry can to alamo southbound you're backed up into concord on to 2.42 and highway for us all very heavy one more hot spot than nimitz we have a big pot hole that's causing flat tires, 80 north at broadway that's in downtown oakland. think alert in place here the 2 right lanes are closed you're backed up all the way through san leandro from arena awful 63 minutes to make your way to downtown oakland slime suggesting that you take 5.80 west. it's not great, but it's going to save you time, it's better than taking an hour for 8.80 north. i'll let you know when these problems clear we'll have more slow downs coming up rebecca all right ron and we're seeing a some showers around the bay area. >>primarily along our peninsula zone, north bay and even in san francisco. here at sfo as the fog the low lying clouds causing us some delays now for inbound flights so we are picking up a loved one
9:32 am
delays of up to 31 minutes right now oakland, san jose so far delay free, but of course always check with their carrier. but this is one of the reasons why we're tracking light showers on storm tracker 4 live radar and you could see much of san francisco were covered in this light shower activity extending over towards sfo daly city are seeing some of the showers sandra fell and we are seeing some of the richmond sandra fell bridge. so keep that in mind roadways are going to be slick along a one on one and the highway one and even 6.80 where robin's hot spot is now i'm tracking some of those light showers they're passing through walnut creek and through conquered, so again just to slow down and be careful out there make sure that you do have your umbrella handy a the good news is though it's going to be a quick system it's going to move out here into the afternoon. in fact we're going break it out on future cast for here. you could by closer to the 11 o'clock hour it's going to continue to move south. before finally opening up and drying up around the noontime hour james. >>thank you very much rebecca time now 9 30 to the santa
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rosa police department now searching for a group of teenagers who broke into a home through a party. and absolutely trashed the place we've got some video to show you look at that thousands of dollars in damage. in this home in santa rosa everything was actually caught on surveillance video the homeowner tells us that she was rebuilding her home after the 2017 tubbs fire left her home friday night. and this is what she captured on the surveillance cameras teenager showed up put the word out for a party and a whole bunch more started showing up as well and all of it shared on snapchat to. >>he threw chairs. >>it walls, destroy floors or there's holes in walls and then just the massive. human biology, the vomit, the p the. that alcohol, the pa all of that stuff was just sprayed all over my house these teens they post a map they target your property and they come in and they vandalize it.
9:34 am
>>the homeowner has handed all the camera footage that she has to police who have now launched an investigation. >>it's 9 33 of the south bay, a new initiative to tackle the lack of affordable housing for students and faculty is taking shape at san jose state university the university's president announced some initiatives to help what they think it's about forth. a 4,000 students that are homeless at some point during their time in school. the state plans to transfer a nearby under eu state office building to build and how as you know retrofit so that they can as many as 1200 students and faculty there. >>we can't go back and do yesterday what we can do is start the process now and hope that as we begin to find solutions will be able to bring more partners to the table and will be able to grow at all you need is just a group of caution is students who are willing to and do what they can and speak out and be allowed for a good cause. >>the university also secured a million grant from the
9:35 am
chancellor's office to be shared with local nonprofits for rapid rehousing mental health and other basic basic student needs. >>all right let's talk 9 or football as we're getting geared up for sunday and fans are getting geared up as well they're buying that they can we had these pop up store showing up in the mission and all the forty-niners here was getting gobbled up as people get ready for a passing this tense on my way home a stop. >>fans are confident that the niners are going to bring home their 6th lombardi trophy. >>well, there's another competition that needs to be decided before the big game and that's the battle over who has the better food. >>kansas sitting here have they they can't compete because we have so many types and they have basically barbecue take a look our sister station in kansas city. checks it out when it comes to which city has the better football team kansas city or san francisco that will be decided on super bowl sunday but asked for which city has the better food. >>one of the side that right
9:36 am
now so when i think about san francisco of course i think about rice are on the right the san francisco treat if you eat a lot of sushi let's taste it how do you weave this, we stop sticks we'll put some lead around their food that's raw fish. that right sir ronnie would lose right. i don't think so i i can't i can't do this i need some good ol fashioned kansas city barbecue by it all. >>and jack's dagmar but this is what we're talking about we talk about kansas city followed. so much better than the sushi doesn't it and you can even without the sauce, the sauce for best hard. pour it on literally all over the place there's a 3 reasons that kansas city barbecue is better than sushi first of all you get enough for you don't need to pieces of what to do that stuff and that chatter does not pull rock faces been caught 3. you are not going
9:37 am
home hungry look at all this flowed no one cares up to get all over yourself to that to see. oh my goodness that is so good do you think that you can back this up for me and i can take it there you go tell you what kansas city, the clear aha. >>price of rhony was the last time that they ever went to frisco day we got plenty to be proud to hear conversely juggle takes a look. >>some say a visit to san francisco isn't complete without a stop at fisherman's wharf whether your stomach reeves a bread bowl of clam chowder. lobster or shrimp you're in business. it's really good. every we start here. the 49 ers fan tank wilber says the only thing that could ruin his meal is having to talk about the kansas city chiefs talk about
9:38 am
the place in the now you should know better net as for the seafood he's a happy man an end all of these places is by far the best when it comes to sour dough bread being bakery and cafe is a san francisco staple we've been making for a 171 years now and fernando for dia has been a master baker for 4 of those decades, one of just 3 in the company's entire history. we have the perfect environment. >>for from weather made. it's our donor and people come from over the world to try it >>leading up to the super bowl. the dean is also giving away 40 niners custom made loaves and selling others shaped like footballs that goal of the bakeries northern california locations already may one from kansas city are laudable but the alligator on the window is already eating in the morning that dia says he's already received hundreds of red orders for the super bowl. he says they produce some 25,000 looms of sour dough bread every day it's a
9:39 am
fisherman's wharf location alone. in san francisco. fleetwood all kron 4 news. >>yeah, we have right here. act you can't eat enough it but it is so go to the goat butting in and watch him make this throughout the week through the window, it's fantastic. and of course speaking of watch yeah you can watch on a nice big 65 inch if you when our contests one lucky winner, and all you need is the word of the day and here's a moment of the show where we give it to you there it is touchdown. so all you need to do is go to kron 4 dot com we've got big section on the front page re enter the word of the day putting your information and ran into a drawing on thursday, yeah and don't think that you can't vote early and often because i was confused about that we had a different were yesterday. yes, so just keep that going and watching keep checking. will be our final won so if you want that none other chances, right to mara and then if you want the tv off 5 before and is already on it sounds kind of nice right well
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out the door right now we're tracking temperatures in the 50's i'm also tracking some light showers. >>but a warm-up on the way for the rest of the all those details coming up. i'm tracking major delays for wannacry check out this overturned truck, a trend blocking for about 2 hours on northbound 6.80 north of treat boulevard crews are also still
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america isn't just sick of donald trump, america's getting sicker. there are one million more uninsured americans every year under trump. and he's repeatedly tried to repeal obamacare. mike bloomberg will make sure everyone without health coverage can get it, and everyone who likes theirs, keep it. while capping fees to lower costs. as mayor, he helped expand coverage to seven hundred thousand more people. and championed women's reproductive health. as president, he'll give access to everyone. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, several major hot spots to talk about including this overturned truck that's been blocking since 7 o'clock this morning on northbound 6.80 after a treat and walnut creek this is pretty much still the situation. dirt holler flipped over it still on its side chp and cal turn crews still out there and we also have crews cleaning up an oil spill. so that's why it's taking so long before left lanes are shut down and it's causing major
9:46 am
delays for both sides of 6.80 so keep that in mind you need to get out their extra early northbound you're backed up through alamo southbound you're backed up to concord on to 2.42 and highway for so nothing has changed and the traffic is still crawling another hot spot into downtown oakland. it's a huge pothole and it has cause of several drivers to pull over because they have flat tires, 80 north at broadway. they have the 2 right lanes closed so now you're experiencing major delays from san leandro all the way into downtown oakland, it's over an hour for that trip so stay away from the mets take 5.80 and staff 5.80 is only 25 minutes to downtown oakland the nimitz it's well over an hour so you've been warned, i'll give you one more a hot spot for the bay bridge this just in 80 west right at treasure island right at the tunnel, your left lane shut down by an injury accident. so this is adding to the back up into san francisco. it was already packed from the maze and now you have this new hot
9:47 am
spot so 12 minutes and growing for the drive-in plus the rain is moving and rebecca some folks seem to get out their extra early it's not pretty yeah it really is an especially on the bay bridge camera shot. >>left to head back to that as a matter of fact we're starting to see a the raindrops fall so maybe that is why there's an accident in the hot spot that rob was talking on west than 80 on your ride into san francisco. you can see a lot of folks here using their windshield wipers and yes, the roadways are starting to become slick into san francisco. so just be aware of that storm tracker 4 radar showing exactly where the rain is falling a lot of san francisco covered even parts of daly city south san francisco sfo. we've also seen. delays for inbound flights of up to 30 minutes because of the wet weather and we're seeing part of the north bay still covered in some of those light showers and now it's definitely moving east and southeast is a matter of fact some parts of oakland you're going to see some of the wet conditions as well and then through valais home and parts of highway 4. getting us some of those light showers so
9:48 am
just make sure that you have that umbrella handy slowdown try to leave early like robin has been mentioning. today this afternoon we are going to see sunshine believe it or not in temperatures are going to be in the upper 50's to low 60's. we just have to wait till this rain quickly moves out of our way. but in the afternoon should be a pretty nice but we're still going to have some gray skies and some cloud cover 60 degrees in oakland 59 for the high and san francisco and 62 in san jose and once the rain is over today, it's going to be over for the rest of the week as a matter of fact a warm-up that we're seeing through friday with the low 70's on the board a lot of sunshine for the weekend ahead, and super bowl sunday mid 60's and dry conditions, it's perfect to celebrate the niners winning of course. >>turns the media circus into a spectacle. the music the
9:49 am
crowds to white track suits all that was missing was an olympic torch as the 49 ers and the chiefs paraded on to the stage in miami for super bowls opening night it was a show about a show with play by play coverage of. >>dueling podiums entertaining but i would rather watch the empire strikes back the 49 ers are going for their 6th super bowl ring and speaking of ring is a guy with 5 gave jim eager op i'm a little ring actually tom brady texted jimmy g. >>more space this time around. so you go from being in greater reached yeah a summit mocking everything like that. >>you know it's time starting a business you know was and wasn't too cocky or anything
9:50 am
just. >>the question is did jimmy text back because carol says groppe always leave him hanging. >>he is the worst texture of all time. please me wound read all that holiday just a question on maybe on this play shurmur out like this. no response. jimmy want to go to a movie. no response the next day to get your taxes to respond. thanks. jim that's awesome. >>ball took a back seat at the start of the event when there was a moment of silence to honor kobe bryant and his daughter gian and the other 7 people who died in sunday's helicopter crash. a number of players reflected on what the lakers legend meant to them.
9:51 am
the tributes continued across the country as you can see here the empire state building was lit up in purple and in la they immortalize koby and gigi with this mural forever 4113 years old it all happened so fast just 2 weeks ago, look at these pictures. there were snapped as the family kobe and vanessa with the kids to disneyland everybody walking and you know keeping their distance but also taking pictures is there. celebrating and just enjoying the day out at the park and now vanessa and the 3 daughters. have to carry on and the investigation carries on into the crash as well. we talked a lot about the conditions and how foggy it was at the time we're finding out more now about what the pilot was saying it
9:52 am
appears that he was trying to get out of the clouds so there was fog on one and in front of the clouds above before they slammed into that hillside. the lakers canceled their game tonight they're not ready to play yet or to talk really don't have a press conference tomorrow but lebron says it's all still sinking in he did post. this on instagram let's take a look. he says i'm not ready. but here i go man i'm sitting here trying to write something to this post. but every try every time i began crying just thinking about you. and then he talks about the last time that he talked to koby which is right before koby left on that chopper. they actually had a conversation lebron had just past him on the list career points and so it all just still sinking in draymond green says sink into he kept looking on sunday afternoon at colby's instagram hoping it was going to see a post in that. these reports of a crash
9:53 am
were wrong coach kerr played against colby and coached him in the olympics. >>everybody just stopped in their it's believed. the sat down on the floor and just leaves and. because there's. and describe what everybody was feeling and. everybody just sort of wandered off and went home waited. what you do. still he still just to be an absolute shock. he wanted to give this game. everything he possibly could. which is why would he walked away he was done. >>after he retired in 2016 call be focused on making his daughter gigi's basketball dreams, come true coaching her travel team and and that's where they were headed to her game when they crashed golden state plays tonight in bryant's home town of
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>we're almost done here on the kron 4 morning news that the news never stops on kron on it does not and for more on what they've got planned let's join theresa stasi on sanaa's to hernia good morning. >>morning i so we continue our coverage of the president's senate impeachment trial that will start momentarily we'll take you there live when it starts right here on kron on. we've also got chron's can't run in miami for super bowl 54 will be getting an update from her shortly as well plus san
9:57 am
francisco, maryland break kicking off the 100 50th anniversary of golden gate park and she's joining a 150 volunteers at an event, planting trees and she's going to be making some big announcements we also have some breaking news. we're going to bring that to you as well so make sure you download the kron on app. >>to stay up to date with your local and national headlines back to you guys all right that's it for now we'll see you back here tomorrow. we tried to get the politicians
9:58 am
to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> dr. phil: i want to take a moment to discuss a heartbreaking loss of kobe bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, speed, and seven others who tragically lost their lives in a helicopter crash in calabasas, california. kobe bryant was a global sports icon, a generational figure who will be remembered on the hardwood as a fierce competitor. he was a five-time nba champion, a two time olympic gold medalist, a two time nba finals mvp as well as an 18 time nba all-star. kobe will be remembered on the court for his patented fadeaway shot and clutch, game-winning baskets. but off


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