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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  August 10, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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mondays are always hard about so the weather is going to be nice for you today anyway, we've got john in the weather center with more on that john yeah guys the weather can always help out hopefully not her on a monday morning in hey this morning we are looking at some fog that fog will cool us off into the afternoon. little cooler of a monday than what we had for your sunday to finish off the weekend. your view from berkeley this morning, definitely showing some fog right there through u c berkeley all the way out towards the coast and that is having impact on visibility, especially right along the coastline, so slow it down a little bit if you're heading into work over these next few hours santa rose at times later on in your commute will see visibility falling below a mile but fog pulling out around 10 to 11:00am and then we have some sunshine to look forward to as for your temperatures pretty a typical your early morning hours in the bay 50's and 60's not too unusual there. pittsburgh conquered and fairfield each at 62 right now with berkeley and san francisco in the 50's. later today look for to daytime highs in the 70's 80's
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along the bay, some 90's popping up in land and i'll talk more about what to expect later on this monday still to come daria thanks a lot john at 5 o'clock our top story, the fall semester for oakland starts today online thousands of students will have class virtually yeah, but the teachers union and the district are still hashing out plans for distance learning even though online instruction begins. >>this morning. we have kron four's gayle ong to explain. >>on monday, thousands of students with the oakland unified school district will report to class virtually in the zoom call usd spokesperson john sasaki had little to say about specific teaching plans, partly because the district is still in negotiations with labor partners the beginning of year so important for teachers to ponder students yet another stunts to get to know their backgrounds and the things they deal with outside of school. >>and they can't do that now because we are all this is sort of the teachers union and district have been negotiating logistics teachers are asking
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for a reduced schedule working 5 hours a day the oakland education association posted their proposal on facebook asking for more time to plan for distance learning and an hour of live interaction with usd posted their proposal on july 29th requesting that teachers and other o e a members work their normal hours. >>which is up to 6 and a half hours the district spent the week distributing computers and wi-fi hot spots to students school board president jodi london had this to say about the new normal to students. i know this is a really different than what you're used to when you were hoping for and. >>we're going to get there we're going to make it work. we're going to figure out how to make the best of this situation how to make some lemons out lemonade. >>attendance is mandatory for students for every class as long as alameda county remains on the states watch list oakland city schools can not reopen for in person learning and then of course applies to all schools within the county. gayle ong kron 4 news also
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today in the oakland school district they're going to be providing free lunch to registered students only. >>they had been giving away lunches to all city residents for the past 5 months. but that change is now only registered students will get free lunch. >>that changes because of a change in rules. the federal government. we would love to be able to feed all young people in oakland because that's what we've been doing asked 5 months and we know that there's so much need the city so that's what we want to do and continue to do. but right now we can do. >>city officials say a long list of city-run food distribution sites and nonprofit organizations is available to anyone who needs it. and also in the east bay, teachers and john's wood elementary in martinez are working on their lesson plans now get their supplies already school starts with herschel learning on wednesday. >>my team is unbelievable we have been here every single day masks on desks on the hallway collaborating creating
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dividing jobs in half so that we are not doing all of this alone it's a team thing i have 3 other second graders so we each have a job and we just we would get out and and fortunately we have each other i don't i don't know what i would do that 19. >>so she said they can either go to school like she is in teach from their online or they can do it from home. the first day of school again in martinez at that school is this wednesday. well the georgia high school that got national attention for appearing not to follow cdc guidelines now has at least 9 cases of covid-19. >>the district telling parents that they will move to online learning least for the next couple of days. the school principal says the 6 students and 3 staff members tested positive and more tests are pending. earlier this month. you may remember a software posted this picture the hallway crowded with students hardly any of them wearing masks. >>exposure is like very high in the hallways because
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smushed together. i feel like a lot of teachers have my back because they know how dangerous it is going to school but i know that a lot of the kids go to school without already gotten backlash for it, i got threats and things like that, but i know that i'm doing the right thing in 9 and is not going to stop me from continuing doing it, but it is concerning. >>now you may have heard that student was suspended initially after she posted that picture of the crowded a hallway but the suspension has since been reversed. >>another big story that we're following doctor sonia angell the director of the california department of public health. >>is stepping down suddenly she resigned last night she had held the position for less than a year and her abrupt departure comes days after a computer system problem caused the state to undercounts coronavirus cases. let's take a look at the count as it stands this morning, california has approaching 560,000 positive tests more
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than 10,300 people have died in our state of coronavirus and that includes 888 here in the bay area. >>across the country are now more than 5 million covid cases and nearly a 163,000 people have died some scientists are saying the number of deaths, the u.s. could reach 300,000 by the end of the year victor blackwell has more. >>if doctors and health care experts are correct the wave of covid-19 infections is not even close to over we failed early on to adopt the testing it was necessary. >>and even more so we feel the ramp that up to a degree that we're going to need in the coming season. >>one important university model predicts that the number of americans who will have died from covid could reach 300,000 by december 1st. a public health professionals are pleading with people to wear a face covering in public. but. >>many are refusing there should be a federal mask mandate. we know studies
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across the country that when there is a mask mandate in place. the number of infections drops dramatically. there have been studies suggesting that mask mandates are actually more effective than lockdowns on saturday. the california department of health reported 7,371 new cases. >>the florida department of health reported more than 8500 cases health officials in texas said the state's seven-day covid-19 positivity rate had risen to more than 19%. the highest seven-day average since the pandemic began. doctors say one important factor to reopening the u.s. while maintaining safety is rethinking the national strategy on testing for the virus testing is so important because it helps you distinguish who is a case from who's not. >>who needs contact tracing right now we're only doing about 800,000 tests a day which is so far below the minimum daily target of at least 2 million tests a day if not 4 million tests every day that's what we need to do to get a handle on this. >>new york's governor is allowing schools to reopen
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this fall with a reduced number of students in each classroom and with the help of parents if your child is sick or given any symptoms do not send them to school. >>if you're feeling sick, a home. >>we're going to have temperature checks were done at random i temperature check everyone will be wearing personal protection equipment. a map will be required we're going to have 24 7. people walking around get infected or not been handrail. >>a new report from the cdc supports the earlier belief that most coronavirus cases in children appear to be either asymptomatic or mild. but the report said that when children are hospitalized, they need intensive care as often as adults to victor blackwell cnn. >>all right now to bay area baseball the oakland a's are playing hot. but it was the tempers that got too hot after the benches cleared in the game against the houston astros at the coliseum let's take in the action it happened with the a's leading in the 7th and look at a's outfielder ramon murray on a hit by a
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pitch. >>for the second time in the game, the 3rd in this series and you can see it as like it. he had a few choice words for the picture and then at first base oriana gets into an argument with the astros hitting coach alex, central and you can see they went down here to center on says bring it on and lori says ok so he charged the astros dugout that caused the benches to clear we all know and a catcher austin allen was both ejected. it's likely more fallout from the houston astros sign stealing scandal that open pitcher mike free fires helped bring to light last november. so this is kind of payback for pena it's just yeah in the end the a's won 72 was the final score open improved to 12 and for the season that's the best record in the league right now well actually head to la to play the angels today, but we'll have to wait and see who gets suspended and for how long. i'm talking about right now to the giants are going to take on the astro's tonight in houston. they were hoping to bounce back after a loss against the dodgers in los
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angeles was taken to that action top of the 5th we go mike a stretch to getting the base hit here to center field 2 runs will score on that giving the giants the lead. the dodgers though would respond and in a big way to they scored a three-run home run here in the 7th inning and then they did it again another three-run homer in the 8th. so the giants fall in this 1, 3, to 2 final again they play in houston tonight against the astros will obviously be keeping an eye on that >>how about the pga championship in san francisco with a cow along winning just a year after graduating in joining the pro circuit it was an amazing thing to see. >>64 final round. >>before you can fake crowd goes >>23 year-old collin marque how a ceiling his first major he shot at 13 under par at tpc harding park winning with a 2
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stroke lead after his tee shot on 16 look at this sets him up for an eagle putt ellis 7 feet from the hole. >>and he maze. >>and so he beat out tournament favorite brooks keopka who was going for a three-peat and of course a lot of people beat out tiger woods. the only thing that didn't go well from our boys the presentation of the trophy cup there. is the key to hoist it up and just a little gap their market joins tiger woods, jack nicklaus and rory mcilroy as the only 23 23 year-old to win the pga championship. >>our cloud 9 or about you guys yeah, you know i believe myself since day one and i've said it and i knew with the leaderboard the way is look in and everyone out there. you just have to play well you know, it's it's you either win or you lose. you know i got off to shaky start made apollo one one full awful singer had there.
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>>that was the second major appearance ever of his life from our kauai he was part of the cal golf team in 2019 as for tiger he struggled with his putting game and he finished tied for 37th. with one under par. >>morning news. we're going to show you the viral video of a man defacing black lives matter posters in palo alto live reaction from the artist's way here from them meanwhile, a guard at san quentin dies from coronavirus as the prison continues to deal with the worst outbreak in the state's prison system. and we're looking at some fog scoot over. squeeze in. pull up a chair. because life's just better when you believe "there's always room for one more." ritz. a taste of welcome.
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>>welcome back. it is 5.15 right now the fun to be here all together on a monday just like good all times james salute leave we just can't sit next to each other soon and i miss the 3 shots we used to have with john standing next to us and we chat with them a bit now we have to toss it over to the inside of others at the same desk remember that the good old days, i know no shared destiny or one of these days soon and that we're all sharing the fog this morning though that is pushed in across the bay area you can see that from berkeley here in a subtle the right into the bay, so it is having impact in visibility. >>you may want to give yourself a few extra moments as you step out the door and try to get to work as you will be looking at some lower visibility in the east bay and
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especially right along the coast where we've also had some coastal drizzle at times on the peninsula up into the north bay for marine in sonoma counties to now the big picture set up pretty familiar territory stuff here high pressure in place warm dry typical weather for this time of year. we are going to see temperatures remaining pretty steady for the week ahead of us so what we've got on the map today you can expect into your tuesday and wednesday too 60's for your highs and san francisco as well as another coastal spots like half moon bay in pacifica 70's in millbrae burlingame south san francisco, some of your most comfortable temperatures. well, a little toasty air further south on the peninsula from seeing carlos through mountain view some low to mid 80's today, south bay temperatures also on the warm side with highs in the 80's to even low 90's in morgan hill, 90's continue in pleasanton and livermore well union city hangs on to some upper 70's, san leandro in oakland also nicely in the 70's today. well danville conquered up to antioch pittsburgh vacaville
5:17 am
among some of our spots back up into the 90's although not as warm as yesterday was and seeing some of these temperatures are still pretty toasty now to in wednesday, not a whole lot of change nor will we find that the thursday just a touch warmer come the weekend on friday and saturday. james all right, thank you very much john so let's get you a quick check of the traffic this morning will begin with the bay bridge toll plaza camera. >>volume building you can see in a lot more headlights here in the shot in our last check however, you're still moving at the limit no problem getting through the toll plaza or across the span really no problems in the east bay except for what we're seeing here on southbound to 38 out in hayward is to 38, you're connected to west bound 5.80 looks like there's a vehicle on its side somebody trapped so they've got some equipment out there trying to get that person free and get that vehicle out of the way for you luckily, the volume so low, it's really not slowing down too much from here, let's jump to the golden gate bridge, we've got nice traffic flowing southbound on 1 one no problems really for you except in the fog. it is a little dance across the span but nothing too much just going to
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block your visibility too badly, you're making good time from marin county down in a san francisco. one last traffic stop for you the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza camera westbound 5.80 headlights few and far between so you're making good time here from richmond out towards sandra fell this morning. >>a 55 year-old san quentin state prison guard has become the first employee at the prison to die of coronavirus sergeant gilbert paul allowing pulling co died yesterday morning he fought with the virus. and was in a medically induced coma for a month. pulling go worked at san quentin for more than 30 years. so far more than 200 staff at san quentin has it come down with coronavirus meantime another san quentin inmate has also died. pedro are yes was on death row for a first-degree murder in 1990 in a second degree robbery and he was also sentenced to life in
5:19 am
prison for raping a child. arias is the 25th prisoner on san quentin to die of coronavirus in the south bay coronavirus testing is going to be offered to the santa clara central at the santa clara central library. a day after tomorrow, it's appointment-only result you get within 3 to 7 days. take a look we've got all the information for you here at kron 4 dot com. if you miss it. but it's right there on your screen you go to the library with an appointment and we've got the link on our website at kron 4 dot com. >>on the peninsula. the man was seen defacing street posters that support black lives matter. it happened over the weekend was in palo alto where kron four's dan sore now showing us the viral video and he also got reaction from the artists themselves. >>in the videos, the man is seen screaming at patriot lives matter and justifies defacing these posters because he believes that the messages are anti-trump and anti police but the artists that are behind putting these posters
5:20 am
here on university avenue se, they were just trying to start a thoughtful conversation around race here in palo alto but instead they were met with racism. >>the holy spirit. a police cell phone video captures a man spray painting over youth art work supporting black lives what debates are taking place saturday morning along university avenue in palo alto is unfortunate to see that happening here so close to home and such a place where it's like you expect them to just be more progressive >>jeremy saw the unidentified man in the lives of the art with gold paint as he shouted about chinese death camps and how the artwork was devices trying to silence a whole group in you're talking about divide it in every match up where she's trying to. >>i guess conca promote anti racist police by being races and that's what that's what we're seeing among the things tagged on to the posters include maggot and day referring to black people do
5:21 am
more crime or show you tonight to destruction of the art work was disappointing, but not surprising for palo alto resident my a despondent at the center of white gentrification and all of these about my grade is on the youth group behind the arc protests as the defacing shows just how an progressive palo alto is a go fund me page has been set up by them in hopes of replacing the damaged prints i just hope the how the changes. >>for the better we can stop seeing this stuff. >>apparently this man was approached by police on saturday, it's unclear what came of that exchange but palo alto police say that they are right now investigating this as vandalism reporting in palo alto dan thorn kron 4 news. >>let's head of these been our police made an arrest in a shooting that injured 2 people in union city it happened early yesterday morning was on the 2700 block of. calmer court you can see that here on
5:22 am
the map, a man and a woman were shot after a fight involving a number of party goers from a nearby home. both victims are in stable condition at the local hospital. police haven't revealed yet the name of the person they arrested. >>it's 5.21 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news coming up a california casino. moos betting outdoors how's that going to go. and let's take a live look outdoors here if you're heading over to the bay bridge should screen clear well not free, but
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when i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture, i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments. it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at
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it was a total game changer. children and do what they can to stay afloat the pandemic going casino in tracy figured out. >>let's take it all out doors and see how that goes kristi gross has a look. >>this takes your high it stirs casino in tracy in the business is going all in we went to our reserves rather quickly because without income and fixed expenses. it's hard to survive ceo a manual mecca leno says stars casino is now the first her dream in the state allowed to reopen with outdoor game for us to have an opportunity. >>and provide them with employment and a check of the same time. one of viable bases. it's a big opportunity for us to green felt tables are now on the covered back patio. >>gamblers braved the heat for a chance at a winning hand that leno says it means a lot to him and his employees to be back at work. i employee specially after since the 605
5:26 am
and ended just last month. we'll find it hard to survive so instead of folding maglio chose to do the best he could with the hand he's been dealt, he worked with state and county health officials to implement strict safety before you even enter premises, you're required to go to the thermal screening and that will take your temperature. and also in addition to that everyone is required to wear face masks hand sanitizing stations were easily accessible and each person seat was bite down after leaving their table the hope that it will serve as a model 400 pardons and other businesses to follow on a typical saturday 30 to 40 people would feel the tables inside this afternoon. there are less than a dozen people total with only 3 or 4 players at it he will go the cards may seem stacked against him not to leno is encouraged by the turnout so far we have to fight really not on the properties. >>the safety and security of everyone to enter and just the front. the premises. i emphasize to my team that and making that a priority then the business will happen
5:27 am
naturally. >>in tracy kristi gross. >>san mateo police have new images and new information about a man wanted for sexually assaulting a woman in her 60's with the need now is your help
5:28 am
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>>it's 5.29 on a monday morning and we're checking the weather it was really windy. breezy yesterday for sure
5:30 am
though you from the yeah it was like out of my house did you an outside i did briefly it was john what are we looking at for today, yeah, it was a police body windy yesterday and we've actually got the same thing going on this morning while most of the bay area's com there's a couple of you especially up towards vacaville and fairfield that are probably noticing the sound of the wind outside with winds steadily around 20 miles per hour out there. >>as for the rest of the bay area. i think the fog's the first thing you'll notice look at this dense fog that is pushed in over into berkeley this morning definitely blocking our view out towards the coast also resulting in some coastal drizzle at times so give yourself that a few extra minutes to get to work this morning, typical foggy morning in the bay area but a very dance marine layer ride up and down the coast up to santa rosa where visibility at times this morning will fall below a mile now towards 10:00am to 11:00am we're going to see a lots of clearing going on fog remain at the coast. well elsewhere a good dose of sunshine to look forward to as for temperatures
5:31 am
right now we're in the 50's and 60's familiar territory here light jacket kind of stuff oakland at 60 degrees conquered in pittsburgh at 62. later today, daytime highs similar to yesterday's but a little bit cooler for many areas. bayside areas in the 70's to 80's while a few inland spots, reaching the 90's. james, all right. thank you very much john fact, fewer election headlines this morning presumptive democratic presidential nominee, joe biden is expected to announce his choice for vice president this week. >>and he's promised that his running mate will be a woman and among the top candidates. in the running right now are california representative karen bass former national security adviser susan rice and of course you can see there california sen kamala harris, california representative maxine waters believes that biden in the end will pick a woman of color as his vice president. >>it's going to be stored or whomever is do i believe that's going to be an african-american woman. i certainly do way african american women have the
5:32 am
marriage in this country showing that they are the most reliable part of the democratic party. i really it is going to be an african american won't do. >>the biden campaign says it vetted 11 vice presidential candidates. so far. the announcement is expected soon after all we have the democratic national convention starting a week from today. so we'll look for an announcement this week once it is made of course you can expect full coverage right here on kron 4 and on our website kron 4 dot com under 24 hour. news app kron on. >>in other national news today president trump signed 4 new executive actions over the weekend to try to ease the financial burden of the pandemic but what does it mean for the average american britt conway takes a look. >>stimulus talks may have stalled but president trump is pushing full steam ahead with 4 executive actions. and white house chief economic adviser larry kudlow says it was the right thing to do. >>he said we will use every
5:33 am
power the federal government has to help out and i think this is an example of that. >>but house speaker nancy pelosi questions their effectiveness among other things. they're absurdly unconstitutional. so let's break these down first up an additional $400 in unemployment benefits states would have to pay the first 100 then the federal government would add 300 but do states have the money the states have not spent all the money that was allocated to them now they don't they have expenses from the coronavirus they had lost revenue up next pausing payments and interest on federal student loans until the end of the year. number 3 an executive order on addiction, putting that decision in the hands of the department of health and human services and the cdc. >>if they are concerned about community spread for example. they will trigger actions that will prevent evictions the 4th and final signature delaying the payroll tax until the end
5:34 am
of the year. >>that's what comes out of your paycheck for social security and medicare. but questions remain over legalities of these actions. i understand there will be a debate whether they're legal or not. >>takes time to figure out i'm britt conway reporting. another big story san mateo police have released new pictures of a man who beat and raped a woman in her 60's and police say he is a threat. >>to the public kron four's will tran is live in san mateo with the latest well. >>that's right. it's been 5 days daria and they want to get him behind bars before he possibly strikes again they have new information to pass along to the public check out these new images the man who police are looking for the pretty clear here he is described to be in his 20's. you can see it's pretty close to his face. he's described as a white man or light-skinned hispanic and this was released
5:35 am
over the weekend and here's some surveillance footage. i want to show you they went around san mateo they asked people in throughout that city if they have any surveillance footage, they don't know exactly when this was taken, but you can clearly see that he's walking through the neighborhood. now they want him for what he did last wednesday at around 00:45pm in the evening near a bus stop on 9th and self south el camino real where a woman. possibly around 62 years old he was near that bus stop when police say that he beat her and then sexually assaulted her and then took off on foot. now they did recover to things that they say should help the public identify him one is a red sweater at the red sweater, it's a hoodie actually that says lifeguard on it and he was seen wearing it in the first picture that i showed you and then the other one was a silver bicycle and one defining mark jury about that bicycle is ads duct tape
5:36 am
around the seat area they're not saying exactly where they found those items but they did recover it as far as the man is concerned they believe that he was traveling throughout salmon tale on that bicycle and that possibly he was homeless as far as the woman. no information about her but we are we hearing that she did survive her injuries from this horrific attack back to you. >>all right, thanks a lot. well. >>well in an effort to help struggling businesses in san francisco's chinatown grand avenue is going to be closed on weekends to a lot more space for outdoor dining and retail properties of the second has an update on how this is going to help those businesses. >>san francisco's chinatown is bringing life back to its streets on sunday. visitors strolled down a now closed grand avenue we talked to people the customers and they come in see how many people from the bay area. >>they're just coming into the city for the day just for something to do. and that's you see picking up that had customers in stockton today
5:37 am
has customers in santa rosa today in an effort to revive its businesses. the chinatown merchants association recently closed down 3 blocks of grand avenue from california to washington streets. >>restaurants like in some corner are now in their 3rd week of offering outdoor dining we love the street closure, it brings people back to china you know even before the shutdown chinatown was already really affected. >>at the end of last because of some people perceiving it as the chinese virus. so even this year when we have the annual chinese new year parade our business significantly lower than the year before dean re magazine managing partner and in some corner police and normally sees thousands of visitors throughout the summer announced the pandemic business took a dramatic nosedive next as she had to cut business hours and stripped back to a skeleton crew we're doing about 10% of the business we did compared to last year at this time. >>and you know we really have to shift quick and make changes quick. i mean we you know full-service indoor
5:38 am
dining we have to move everything outside like several other businesses on the street did some corner is at its busiest on the weekends during the closures which are every saturday and sunday from 11:00am to 05:00pm through september 20th. >>as people to go back into china town businesses are hopeful more will follow in san francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >>time now 5.38 coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news, a shooting at an air bnb following a party in northern california while the latest on the investigation. and today we're up to a foggy start but some sunshine later today, temperatures a little cooler than they were
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5:41 am
>>schools in los angeles provide a glimpse into what things are going to look like where students are allowed in class jasmine veal shows us. the safety measures that are in place. >>now one family from mahmoud austin buettner takes a tour of the coronavirus safety measures in place inside burbank, middle school in highland park that has been acting as a test site to see what works we have. >>electrostatic lee clean top to bottom the school and by that i mean you ionize what effect lysol so it sticks to every surface they then demonstrated how this disinfectant spray works.
5:42 am
>>drinking fountains are also off limits boxed lunches only hand sanitizing stations isolation rooms inside the nurse's office and stickers in the one-way hallways marking 6 feet of distance and we expect to make this better and better and the weeks and months ahead, but these schools will remain empty for the indefinite future l a usd start school in a little over a week with distance learning intel, certain health standards are met. it is the number of cases per 100,000 population. we're still in the 300 level. the state standard is 100 earlier this week after about 2 months of negotiations ellie usd and the teachers union came to an agreement on what the virtual school day will look like for us that will look like about 30 minutes a day her craft of live instruction. >>and about 15 to 20 minutes of independent infection in buettner says parents will learn more in the coming days every principle of every school be holding a town hall
5:43 am
this coming week. >>virtually of course all schools will have the safety measures in place by the 18th meantime the bargaining will continue with the union. >>on exactly when schools can reopen. that was jasmine veal reporting. >>as we head to the break, let's take a peek at the complex studios along the embarcadero our window you can see some clouds it's pretty still out there. the trees are blown like they were yesterday, we'll see we tide power pods one up the cleaning power of liquid.
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we know these are challenging times. rest assured, you are not alone. we've all had to adapt. and with summer here, your energy bills might go up with rising temperatures. together, we can save energy and money. try closing your shades during the day... setting your ac to 78° or higher... or cooling off with a fan when you can. united we are always stronger. stay well, california, and keep it golden.
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>>5.45 is the time and we're taking a look at the forecast on a monday morning. he had john what are we seeing out there. well fog for sure this morning guys are seeing it all across the bay area having pushed into the bay itself and making for a pretty cloudy view to start this morning even after the sun comes up expect gray for a couple of hours before that fog eventually pushes out for most of the bay area, coastal areas. yeah you're going to hang on to it little bit later on as for the big picture set up still under this high-pressure ridge which is kept as dry and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future and temperatures are going to be steady as we work our way through this week not a whole lot of changes ahead of us either as daytime highs just slowly rise a few degrees towards the end of the week as for take time highs today will 60's for san francisco and other spots right along the coastline, 70's and 80's for most areas, right along side,
5:47 am
the bay, some of her most comfortable spots, foster city will be at 78 today was saying carlos in redwood city each in the low 80's woodside in mountain view each 86 degrees south bay temperatures in the 80's to the 90's depending on where we're talking with morgan hill right at 90 degrees. pleasanton livermore low 90's for you at 9192, while union city on up to san leandro oakland and richmond all in the 70's today, a few more 90's in danville walnut creek pittsburgh up to vacaville and 60's out along the coastline. a look ahead at your next 7 days temperatures tomorrow and wednesday as well as thursday really not changing much compared to today's we'll see a few more clouds on the horizon come tuesday and wednesday but still skies, nice and bright by the time we work our way into friday and saturday expect some of your warmest of temperatures right to the start of the weekend skies dry and really things not changing much in this forecast ahead of us. james all right john thank you very much quick check of traffic this morning as we get
5:48 am
outside take a look at some of our cameras. this is our camera the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza that's on the east bay side. >>of that span and as you can see traffic moving without any problems, lots of gaps there between the cars, no issues at the plaza, no problems on the span and we're also seeing fairly decent right on the bay bridge in fact as we jump to that we'll see yes volume is building. but so far we're still moving in accordance with what you typically expect on a monday so here we are 5.48 beginning see a backup. it will probably last for a couple of hours before thins out, we'll let you know if anything happens to. to change that in any way but for now anyway, it's the usual back up that you would expect san mateo bridge. same deal we've got volume increasing but here on the span you can see traffic moving without any problems the chp not reporting any incidents at all really on any of the major bay area roadways. so you've got that going for you as you head out on a monday morning, the shooting injures 3 people and an air bnb house party in sacramento county 3 people are in stable condition in the hospital. >>lonnie wong takes a look at
5:49 am
what happened. they were. >>apart in front of my truck all the way around the corner here. >>on the other side, many re lives a full block from this corner house on how avenue and elm away. neighbors tell me 50 or more people gathered here last night for a party at this air bnb rental shots were reported around one 30 am we have 3 victims all in their 20's. >>with non life threatening injuries at this point party goers scattered with some jumping over neighborhood fences. >>detective struggle to identify witnesses. they were back in the neighborhood today trying to piece together what happened by speaking with neighbors in recent years there have been many acts of violence and shootings at air bnb party houses that's why the company discourages them but that doesn't stop them from happening. >>they should be allowed to run for the party's past me so that just causes conflict like what happened here the music the screaming the yelling air bnb house parties can draw hundreds of people and cars noise traffic jams and rowdy drunken behavior that can and
5:50 am
has an attorney and gunplay and killings like it did at this house in north highlands last year. >>air bnb will ban homeowners from its network if they know their houses will be used for open invitation parties where there is no guest list, but some homeowners claim to be in the dark. you wouldn't think a big party that brings strangers together what happened during a pandemic you know we're talking about a lot of young folks we're really truly urging them to. >>you know not just for 2 reasons please stop at these parties, somebody shot a gun and hurt people and to have killed people right now detectives believe there was one shooter, although that could change as the investigation continues. they are looking for anyone who was at the party or know something about the incident we know that it's risky for you to come forward, but we do have 3 young people who were shot and injured and we need justice for them. >>that was lonnie wong reporting san francisco base air bnb band to party houses after that deadly shooting at a halloween house party in orinda last year. >>well a 17 year-old boy is
5:51 am
dead and 20 people were shot including an off-duty police officer during an early-morning block party in southeast washington dc where reporter justin hinton now with the story. >>evidence from the previous night's party in southeast only tells half the story that would end with an aunt and a cousin grieving 17 year-old christopher brown killed during a mass shooting. after police say a dispute led to bullets. it was. since this even more so since gatherings of more than 50 people are banned in dc supposed to be all sat lie on impulse the police officers was outside assay it was all those people aside the lobby, yeah shut this stuff, daniel chief newsham says it's under investigation, but his understanding is that there weren't enough officers on scene to break it up this was one of the even flyers posted on social media advertising free food free liquor and a chance to dance. >>it's since been pulled down, but it called the gathering a cookout and the reason why one woman who didn't want to be identified. told us she went
5:52 am
to vote no on this almost a than a how's my life is still on it. >>so risk it was on friday, it was just a whole bunch of bodies on the ground. a cocky if all the stuff was everywhere and the last was here it was a mess. >>and something that is now forced to get another mom to bury her son this summer he added her voice to >>but 2 days ago, i said i love you. >>and that was just an hinton reporting brown's family says that he was the father of a one year-old and had another child on the way detectives say that there were multiple shooters no arrests though been made yet. >>time now is five-fifty to still ahead. another check of weather and traffic and more headlines as well, here's a live look outside at san francisco international airport camera showing us some low clouds and fog over the airport at the moment victory call ahead double check your
5:53 am
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>>let's get another look at your forecast as we make our way closer to 6 o'clock now although most of the bay area sitting under some fog this morning, san jose. they're actually under some nice clear skies and starting to get a little brightness out there ahead of our sunrise later this morning as fourwinds most of us are nice and calm right now fairfield i mentioned a bit ago though you are breezy spot, right now winds at 24 miles per hour in remaining pretty breezy into the afternoon for the delta 50's
5:56 am
and 60's for current temperatures later today, look forward to a warm afternoon with daytime highs anywhere from the 70's 80's to 90's and can conquered some of your warmer spots while cooler out towards the west. james all right, thank you john check this out 6 penguin. >>chicks look at them waddling their way to their new home on penguin island in san francisco zoo, very cute. you can't watch a penguin walk, not smaller him, 5 males and one female they're all guided by animal care staff during their march of the penguins event. it happened this past saturday. the checks are actually born back in may but they've spent all this time that fish school which is where they're taught how to swim and eat whole fish and socializing. now they've got the skills they need. they're joining the rest of the page and the lessons for all they do i let it was sort of just in naturally at roe brenda and they do what they were doing talent now. >>even baby penguins have to go to school we'll take a
5:57 am
quick break. coming up the next hour we have oakland school starting on line today, speaking of school what the latest on the distance learning plan for thousands of students in the east bay. >>plus the benches clear at the coliseum and aye's batter hit by an ash goes picture and that was all it took we're going to show it all to you coming up and we'll also show you the viral video of a man defacing the black lives matter posters in palo alto we'll have reaction from the
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 6. >>good morning and thanks for waking up with us i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher and john travel makes 3 d standing by in the weather center with the forecast john. yeah, a little foggy this morning to kick off the brand new week we are seeing some of those low clouds over sfo this morning you can make out the gray that's going to stay with us. >>over the next few hours here now as we work our way into the mid morning between 10:11am that's when we're going to see most clearing some drizzle at the coast and some of our lowest visibility out along the so do give yourself a few extra minutes to get into work, especially if you are traveling near the pacific 50's and 60's for your current temperatures right now livermore at 63 degrees double in pittsburgh at 62. concord fairfield oakland all in the low 60's to kick things of


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