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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 4, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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watching kron 4 news at 10. i think the closure. >>a great great somewhere else asking our customers to be prepared for possible heat related outages. >>now at 10 another weekend, a blistering and potentially dangerous heat is upon us unfortunately raising the potential for power outages and wildfires all as fire crews are still working to contain the wildfires already burning across the bay area. thank you for joining us tonight at 10 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne as people look to cool off on this hot holiday weekend coming up their options are going to be limited. >>mop up from the hennessy fire napa county is for us recreation areas of a popular north a lake to be close time for us dan thorn has the story from lake berryessa. >>well this closure comes from the u.s. bureau of reclamation. the hennessy fire one of the lnu complex fires tore through this area and now hundreds of workers will be
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here throughout the weekend to make the lake safe again in the meantime napa county deputies want to make sure that people stay away. napa counties lake berryessa might seem like the ideal place to cool off an escape this weekend's scorching temperatures but because of the hennessy fire. the lake is off limits through labor day the areas surrounding the lake. >>the infrastructure and some places the roadway itself. suffered some pretty some pretty significant damage. >>a county under sheriff john crawford says deputies will be patrolling the lake to keep people away. the closure is for safety and will allow hundreds of crews to remove trees clear around roads and put in new utility poles and lines all that work needs to happen without visitors flocking to the lake. >>there's just a lot just a lot of things that need to be taking care of cleaned up prepared. before people can really safely come back and recreate a late various, the head of the fire is the largest of the lnu complex
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fires, it's burned more than 310,000 acres destroyed hundreds of buildings and has killed 3 people in napa county. >>land torched by the flames could be seen in areas all along the lake. the undersheriff says now is not the time to come it would definitely appreciate that people heed our he the closure great great somewhere else besides lake berryessa particularly during this labor day weekend. >>for those that are looking to go boating this weekend in napa county lake hennessy is open. but you are not allowed to go swimming or go paddleboarding reporting at lake berryessa dan thorn kron 4 news meantime cal fire continues to make progress on the major wildfires around the bay area tonight, the lnu lightning complex in the north bay is currently at 88% containment. >>with more than 375,000 acres burned the scu complex fires is 84% contained with more than 396,000 acres burned and the czu complex fires have
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more than 86,000 acres burned in or at 58% containment with more again 86,000 acres burned. >>a water warning tonight officials in napa county are advising people in the various a highlands and oak ridge estates communities in napa county, not to use their tap water authorities say the water may be contaminated because of the recent fires in the area. they say people should not use their tap water for cooking nor for drinking until further notice and a similar issue is ongoing in santa cruz county earlier this week we reported a do not drink order was issued because the czu lightning fire destroyed a key pipeline in boulder creek. the pipe melted into the landscape sending toxic plastics into the water. customers there are being urged to continue to conserve water not to drink nor to boil their tap water until they get the all clear all right, let's
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turn things over now to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with more on what could be some record breaking heat around the bay area. yeah, this is going to be some kind of heat wave guys and one you want to prepare for. >>specially the length of the sea wave in the fact that we're not going to see temperatures cooling off at night. >>to make this a dangerous he way throughout the labor day holiday weekend expected to be very hot. it's going to even warm along the immediate coastline, a very hot inside the bay and many of the valleys records, i'm certain are going to come down all around specially on sunday, we could see cover records broken tomorrow. i think sunday and monday will be the peak of the heat to go along with that we've got the hot temperatures. we've got the smoky conditions already i think we're not going to see much of a sea breeze this weekend so yeah, i mean that smoke is going to settle down right near the surface that means folks will respiratory issues want to watch out for that as well and high fire danger as we get into this next week then we start to see our first real taste of some offshore winds of the season and that is going to really increase the possibility of fires burning in the bay area all right let's break this down for you can see out along
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the coastline in orange under heat advisory even along the immediate coastline, the place like the civic a get to daly city you've got heat advisories in effect those temperatures getting very hot. in the valleys you're going to see very hot weather too in some of those numbers over a 100 degrees well inland. yeah, and even temperatures moving well into the triple digits in some of the interior valleys may be as hot as a 110 degrees you get to places like slama county, some of those temperatures may be as hot as a 112 in some of the hottest spots there so you get the idea how weather all around heat advisories. he warning showing up as well that will continue at least through monday. although i think they may extend that all the way in toward the middle of the week to go along with that fire danger is going to be on the increase not the first part of the weekend. but the 2nd half a monday through wednesday that's when we expect the winds to begin to kick up looking toward the oakland hills mount diablo diablo range looking at some wind gust during that period 30 to 45 miles per hour and that's going to be that dry northerly wind that will be kicking in solano county also looking as a very dry. gusty winds out of
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the north-northeast 25 to 40 miles per hour. i think very gusty winds in the north bay mountain tops above a 1000 feet we're going to see the strongest gust, 35 to 45 miles per hour maybe in and around mount am near the mountains nap and also you out they also say molina as you can see some of those gusts maybe as high as 50 miles per hour something to watch out for especially the fact we've already seeing some very hot weather. this weekend ahead that being said tomorrow begins the start of the heat wave we're going to see those temperatures soaring maybe as high as a 105 and limb or 105 in concord a 101 in morgan hill 90 in fremont 98 in napa still some 70's along the coastline, but it is going to get a whole lot warmer on sunday. we'll have more on that coming up a few minutes. lawrence thank you well state emergency management leaders are already scrambling tonight to prevent an energy shortage officials with the state's independent system operator say. >>they are not forecasting any blackouts power disruptions with this latest heat wave at
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least not yet. but officials did issue a flex alert asking californians to conserve power over this holiday weekend. and governor gavin newsom has also declared a state of emergency that declaration gives the state access to several backup sources of energy and temporarily cuts pollution regulations for power plants. emergency management leaders and regulators say they will be on high alert through monday. there are several ways that you can help save energy for some suggestions are on your screen set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher turn off unnecessary lights closure blinds and drapes to keep your home cool avoid using appliances and other electrical devices and use fans instead of air conditioning when possible. >>cities across the bay area plan open cooling centers so residents can get a break from the weekend's intense heat, here's a list of some of the places you can go this weekend in the east bay. the center will be open at the robert
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livermore community center in livermore contra costa county centers will be open in antioch conquered pleasant hill and richmond in santa clara county cooling centers will be open in cupertino cupertino rather gilroy morgan hill mountain view palo alto san jose santa clara and saratoga and in the north bay centers will be open in sandra fell and santa rosa for more detailed information on where to go and what to bring go to our website kron 4 dot com. number of beaches in the bay area unfortunately will be closed for the labor day weekend the closures of course are never to try to prevent large gatherings due to the pandemic all beaches in pacifica from tomorrow morning through tuesday morning will be closed beaches in santa cruz county in monterey bay will be closed during the day only open for public use from 04:00pm to 08:00pm. >>lake berryessa in napa county as we reported at the top of the newscast will also be closed. beaches will be open in marine county in half
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moon bay, however, both of those counties are asking visitors to stay away. you can find a complete list of closures on our website kron 4 dot com. in the east bay, large crowds are expected at regional parks for the holiday weekend. well forcefully to go reports most will be open to visitors but with restrictions related to the ongoing fire danger and to the pandemic. >>east bay regional parks will look differently this weekend compared to what visitors experienced friday, we're not going to be back here on the weekend this is very much and going to be too high and probably mark bad and the park district will discourage large gatherings and encourage social distancing by prohibiting boating swimming and camping over the labor day weekend areas off-limits to visitors are marked with signage face coverings are also required whenever 6 feet of space cannot be maintained around other people early couple people that honoring that but for the most part
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everybody was very respectful people fishing and hiking spent time at lake chabot regional park in castro valley before the temperatures reached triple digits and more of the park is closed off it's nice getting on a boat to take a mask of his body around that's what makes it really special frequent touch points like sinks and drinking fountains are also off limits so make sure to bring your own water. >>and hand sanitizer try to get the kids out of the energy out and be done by a man and for that we can all stay home while the fire danger remains high barbecuing will not be allowed picnicking at picnic tables also prohibited keep dogs on leashes to avoid any unnecessary contact with others and be prepared for potentially poor air quality due to smoke from wildfires still burning in the bay area, the park district's has extra staff. >>at its parks over the weekend in castro valley phillipe djegal all kron 4 news you can track the weather in your neighborhood anytime with the kron 4 app there you
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can find a list of cooling centers around the bay. >>of days on the latest weather warnings and any power outages and you can check the forecast for this hot weekend in your area download the kron 4 app right now from the app store or google play. >>with a heat advisory going into effect in san francisco tomorrow mayor london breed was in the roar's park, handing out masks today she was joined by the sisters of perpetual indulgence who are teaming up with the city to hand out a 1000 face coverings for the labor day weekend. the mayor is urging residents and visitors to stay vigilant during the holiday weekend. so they can avoid a spike in cases that could force a rolling back of planned reopenings. >>people are going to want to get together with family members accusing him of people to really think twice because you know this is when covid spread even more in the last thing i want to do is start our reopening process and have to dial it back again because within 2 weeks we discover and a huge spike. >>park rangers will also be
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out in force this weekend handing out masks they've already handed out 14,000 indoors park alone. also in that park there are now social distancing hearts on the grass the san francisco parks alliance is calling it the heart your parks campaign hearts are painted on the city parks to help maintain social-distancing while raising money for parks in the city. >>county schools are getting ready to welcome students back to campus for in person learning kron four's rob fladeboe has compiled a list of those schools and shows you how one school is going about it in menlo park. >>approved for resumption of in person instruction here at menlo park cent app school calls for half day sessions beginning september 14th. all kindergarten through 6th grade classes will be held here under tents with strict adherence to physical distancing hygiene and other safety protocol says cajuns and again we're going to. >>transition them set
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appropriately and make sure these kids just have a place to come back to learn be around other kids and being around teachers or care the list of school set to welcome back students on campus on september 8th include arbor bay. >>burkhardt centennial montessori hillsdale kids connection, pacific rim, the primary school standridge academy up academy and wilkinson on september 10th. >>on the 14th snaps is joined by bill mott oaks holy family seacrest serendipity ronald c warning jewish academy and connect community charter schools on the 15th san mateo county still in the purple. >>so the only way to pursue in person learning for an entire school community is through the waiver process. the only schools that can do that or a grades transitional kindergarten through 6th grade. and then all schools have guidance where they bring
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back small groups of students who have urgent or special learning needs. who could benefit from in person learning inside santa apps walls have been taken down to create more space and improve ventilation. >>some classes will be held indoors. 7th and 8th graders will continue with distance learning. >>planning for the waiver application began months ago the entire school community is on board amid an emphasis on safety if there is some outbreak in a community. we expect that will something we're going to watch and work with the county closely on and so we will have distance learning going as well at the same time we certainly have families and kids who have health concerns or even health needs so we have that up and running and. >>we we go to that if we have to in menlo park rob fladeboe kron 4 news in the east bay the san leandro unified school district is providing a free meal program for all students and no proof of residency is
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needed. here's a list of the schools where meals will be distributed every monday wednesday and friday starting september 8th from 00:30am in the morning until 08:00am. >>and from 11:00am to 12:30pm families can pick up food at the schools listed here school officials say 2 days worth of meals will be distributed on mondays and wednesdays and 3 days with the meals will be distributed on fridays. >>the fremont unified school district has announced free breakfast and lunch for all children aged 2 to 18. here's a list of locations where those meals will be distributed starting september 11th. school district officials say staff will serve food twice a day in the morning free breakfast will be served from 07:30am to 8 and lunch served from 11:00am to 01:00pm school district officials say children do not need to be president to collect meals saturday and sunday meals will be distributed. every friday. distance learning was recently
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interrupted by profanity and racial slurs and one east bay school district it's a tactic known as zoom bombing and could be problematic for students taking classes online. people are crashing online classes with profanity hate and even. it happened during a zoom meeting for tatyana tourists at she's a junior at heritage high school in brentwood. >>there's this force person they were saying like the n word repeatedly. >>and i i hate black and brown people and then another kid started doing it in kind of some bad words and then and where to some of them were exposed to and other classes. >>the district superintendent tells us he's still unsure just who the hackers in the zoom bombing classes were or how they are able to gain access. the district has since installed stricter security settings that identify students in each class to try to make sure this doesn't happen again. >>is of days now in the east bay as of today barbershops
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and hair salons in alameda county can now allow clients to come indoors. it has been months in salons have been able to serve clients inside and there are still some restrictions salons can only have 3 clients at a time, everyone has to wear a mask, and no one is allowed to wait inside the california department of public health is reporting 5,000 new covid-19 cases today. >>and a 163 more deaths statewide there have been 722,000 confirmed cases and more than 13,000 deaths here in the bay area we've now surpassed 86,000 cases and more than 1100 deaths from covid-19. >>a key model often cited by top health officials has raised its projections for covid deaths in the united states that model is from the university of washington's institute for health metrics and evaluation. it predicts more than 410,000 coronavirus deaths in the u.s. by january
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that means another 224,000 americans could die in just the next 4 months. the model points to the declining use of masks in some regions in the nation. and doctor anthony fauci ads while case statistics are improving in some states they're getting worse in others. >>who is starting to have an uptick what we call percent positive of testing which generally is a predicted that there's going to be a problem. >>the scenarios in the model suggests half of the number of lives could be saved with near universal mask use conversely the model warns the death toll could be much higher if all restrictions are eased the world health organization says at least 25 potential coronavirus vaccines are undergoing human trials around the world of those 5 are in phase 3. that's the most advanced stage of testing before a vaccine can reach the
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public. no serious side effects have been observed with the coronavirus vaccines up to this point in phase 3. one problem that has surfaced companies haven't been able to recruit enough members of minority communities who have been hit especially hard by the virus. the white house has suggested a vaccine could be ready for the public within the next 2 months. health experts including doctor fauci say that's unlikely but not impossible. >>it is convey some of these he said i believe the articles to. and ask you all the rhetorical question. how do you feel. how would you feel if you had a kid. you can see right now. >>more fallout tonight after an article in the atlantic magazine claims president trump called us troops who were killed in battle. >>losers at least 2, 4 star generals mentioned in that article are not talking about the matter of the white house fiercely denies that trump never said that, but the
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journalist who wrote the piece stands by his reporting boris sanchez has details. >>it's a fake story and it's a disgrace. if they're allowed to do today president trump continuing his strong and vehement denials of an atlantic magazine article claiming trump privately called fallen us service members quote losers and suckers to me the heroes. >>to me the heroes, it's it's even hard to believe how they could do it and i say that is so the level of bravery. and to me they are absolute heroes. >>those comments following an unusual late night statement to reporters after returning from a rally in pennsylvania is a total lie. >>it's fake news. it's a disgrace. reporting in the atlantic sites for sources who say president trump canceled a visit to honor american war dead at a cemetery in paris. >>because he feared his hair would become disheveled in the rain telling senior staff members quote, why should i go
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to that cemetery is filled with losers on that same trip the article claims trump referred to the 1800 marines killed in a major world war one battle as suckers for losing their lives. the white house claimed at the time that plans to visit the 18 more american cemetery were scrapped because of bad weather online trump repeated last night i called now. >>i spoke to my wife, i said i hate this i came here to go to that the ceremony. >>though trump couldn't have called home to melania the first lady was traveling with trump in france. the atlantic also reporting that during a memorial day visit to arlington national cemetery in 2017. trump join john kelly at the grave site of the former chief of staff son robert kelly who died serving in afghanistan. sources say trump turn to kelly and asked i don't get it what was in it for them. john kelly declined to comment on the story it is
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an honor to serve the american people and following the death of arizona senator john mccain. the article also claims trump reportedly became angry that flags were lowered to half-staff at the white house and told aides we're not going to support that losers funeral trump today denying it on twitter writing quote i never call john a loser but while campaigning for president in 2015. he did, but you know the loss. >>so i never liked him as much after that because i don't like >>he's a war years he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok, i mean the president's review the journalist behind the story is defending his reporting. >>i stand by my multiple sources telling me this is what happened. so i stand by it. >>and trump's democratic opponent, joe biden whose late son beau served in the military saying if what is landed just truce discussed. >>who the heck does he think he is.
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>>that was boris sanchez, reporting former white house adviser john bolton was on that trip to france when president trump allegedly made those comments mold and says he did not hear the president say those words. >>and before you plan another ship to lake tahoe, what officials want you to know about a resurgence of the ku body plague plus the u.s. postal service has stopped dismantling mail processing machines but now workers say their old machines are being sold online up next unemployment continues to fall the scams are so you're a small business, or a big one. you were thriving, but then... oh. ah.
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>>we >>have money tonight the u.s. added more than 1 million jobs in the month of august but the country is still a long way off from regaining the number of jobs lost since the start of the pandemic the numbers released today show the economy is recovering slowly, but in line with expectations. the 1.4 million jobs added where about 300,000 fewer than in the month of july. the country is still down 11.5 million jobs from february. one bright spot. the unemployment rate was recorded 8.4% dipping below 10% for the first time since march state lawmakers are calling for an emergency audit of the employment development department or a td. >>after a number of reports of fraud a number of residents
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say they've been getting unsolicited letters from the edd in their mailboxes addressed to other people. some of them containing debit cards which is one method that the edd uses to provide unemployment benefits. these homeowners all have one thing in common they received the letters within days of putting their homes on the market and none of them have open claims with the edd. >>see abused at this very harrowing time is really. >>kind of tragic gonna make the claim that the ad is an inside job. but i'm getting close tell you why. and we've got to find out whether or not. the ring is inside or outside. >>it's not clear what ring he's referring to last week california process more than 400,000 claims the county for more than half of all the claims filed in the country. the number that officials say raises a red flag for fraud. governor gavin newsome says
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his office is investigating the claims in a multi million dollar settlement to the family of an unarmed black man killed by police in valais whoa why city officials say this is not an admission of guilt plus as we move deeper in the fire season, how one bay area university is taking unprecedented steps to. >>try to better understand wildfires. >>and we've been talking about all the hot weather but could we have
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>>the second time in less than a month a heat wave could bring record breaking temperatures across the bay area this labor day weekend health officials warning everybody to prepare and take precautions if you are sensitive to the heat stay indoors at places like this the sun valley mall, the mall in concord just reopened on friday and it has put in additional safety measures because of the pandemic they have air conditioning across the state the national weather service is calling this latest heat wave unusual for this time of year and dangerous california leaders have announced a statewide flex alert calling for voluntary energy conservation between 3 in the afternoon and 9 o'clock tomorrow. >>night that goes through monday night. the hope is to try to prevent those rolling blackouts at a time when many people will be stuck indoors because of the pandemic doctors are also issuing a warning as he can make it easier for dehydration is set in. >>she got necessarily wagged
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all about you know the extreme tension of the weather as well as the amount of time that you're exposed. >>firefighters are also preparing for the heat's on the way the national forest us forest service says ground in air resources have already been deployed to areas of particular concern, including spots where labor day campaigning is popular and pam was just mentioning that pets and children something to be concerned about and the height of an unprecedented early start to the wildfire season, san jose state university is expanding its wildfire academic team the college already has a wild fire or fire weather lab. but now a new center is focusing on wildfire sciences including predicting how wild fires will spread and affect air quality as kron four's gayle ong reports the university says with the new hires the school has established the largest academic wildfire interdisciplinary research center in the nation.
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>>san jose state has hired 5 faculty members with backgrounds in wildfire science and management and investment for the university's wildfire research, californians injury number. >>we don't have hurricanes we don't have tornadoes rarely. >>but fire weather is our critical whether it's our severe weather that we have to be prepared for. >>greg clemens is a professor of meteorology and climate science at san jose state university. he also runs the department's fire weather research lab bringing students to the front lines and the state's devastating wildfires his group wants down the new tornado. chasers we use that same. >>kind of methodology and deployment strategy where we see the events we want to go to it. the difference is that it's really hard to get these assets behind the fire lines working closely with calfire clemens and his team chased the car and camp fires in 2018 for the first time last year clement says team deployed a new customized truck quickly
10:34 pm
doppler radar scanning wildfire plume at the kincade fire in sonoma county. the latest the czu august lightning complex fire in the santa cruz mountains clemmons says the pandemic has made field experiments challenging because it's hard to social distance. >>is she is she has 3 bonfire classes. this fall semester through distance learning on top of fire chasing climate has a new title within his department director of the new wildfire interdisciplinary research center for new tenure track faculty members will join him specializing in wildfire management. fire ecology mechanical engineering and fire behavior and whether a timely addition ahead of the peak of fire season be prepared for the fall fuels a very critically dry. >>and so we have another mission under some wind regime, it could be danger still so we're not out yet we're just getting started or 6. >>in the meantime members of the fire weather lab are monitoring extreme heat expected this labor day
10:35 pm
weekend threatening fire danger in san jose gayle ong kron 4 news. >>listen to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow for the holiday weekend forecast. yeah guys we're getting ready for an extremely hot system that's going to settle in over the bay area you see the smoke out there right now too so kind of looking ugly outside get the smoke in more that on the way going kind of settle in so air quality is certainly a concern as we head throughout the weekend another spare the air for tomorrow poor quality again in the north bay, moderate amounts of blues building up the coast in the east bay, it's hard to find those blue skies, sometimes you see a little bit in the afternoon you start to the sea breeze, but this weekend. i don't think we're going to see much of a sea breeze so it's going to be a lot of that smoke continuing to build up. all right, let's check on those temperatures outside right now it is still 77 degrees in concord 73. in livermore you can tell high pressure is now building in 68 degrees in san jose 63 in oakland, 61 and mostly clear into san francisco on 64 degrees in santa rosa. all right lauren forecast watch this. you know, it's a big
10:36 pm
dome of high pressure that clear spot over california. there we go as we get into tomorrow, the fog tries to form we may just see a patch along the coast not going to be much minutes gone, you start to see the circulation that offshore wind beginning to kick in clear not just guys sunday likely to be the peak of the heat but as we get to monday and tuesday i think that offshore wind strengthens and unfortunately going bring some gusty winds so fire weather certainly a concern as we head through a next monday tuesday and wednesday of the middle of next week then late next week things begin to change fact we see a lot of clouds come back in maybe a little hit the falls a cold front approaches the coastline by late next weekend into early the following week so your tenant and here we go cranking up the hot temperatures as we get through the weekend as high as a 111 degrees in some spots inland amazing the forecast that finally cooling down but not till friday of next week we're back in the 80's and much cooler temperatures expected. the following weekend. >>and another big story we are following it is one of the largest financial settlements in a police shooting of an
10:37 pm
unarmed black person here in the bay area. but the oil city officials say the resolution is not an admission of guilt the family's attorney argues the multimillion dollar settlement in the case a turning point when it comes to officers to take a life. >>well for says that biden has more. >>the 5.7 million dollars settlement reached in the 2018 vallejo police shooting death of an al foster is more than significant. >>maybe the largest. from after american male that was hit and killed in this area, fosters a stain actually bullet holes in the side in the back of the head and 3 to 4 in the back. >>civil rights attorney john burris says the police body cam video was extremely important as evidence in this case. >>this is a situation a current generated man was riding a bicycle at night. really mind his own business and this police off to the side that he wanted to stop him. and may be asking questions about where he's
10:38 pm
been and where he's going. now mister foster was mike everything and they walked away try to right away the officer chased him down and come back down walkway and then ultimately to tase him hit him with that but the flashlight but to try to defend himself and try to get away, you know fish is in the back of head. >>a year later the same officer ryan mcmahon was involved in the deadly shooting of the lael rapper willie mccoy. he is currently on administrative leave facing a recommendation of termination in that incident as for the multimillion dollar settlement in the foster wrongful death lawsuit. the layoffs city manager's office sent kron 4 a statement reading in part quote settlement decisions are made for a variety of reasons as with virtually all settlement agreement, the agreement for this case is not intended to be and is not an admission of liability unquote however burris thanks the settlement
10:39 pm
signals. progress in accountability for an officer who takes the life. >>of an unarmed black that there's an appreciation of african american in terms of it being displaced and taken they're getting real value they sure i thought to ask the group to i'm hopeful. >>and then we can bring about some significant change. >>has it made kron 4 democratic vice presidential candidate kamala harris and the current vice president mike pence are both scheduled to visit to the battleground state of wisconsin on labor day the trip marks harris's first appearance on the campaign trail the visits by pence and harris come just days after their running mates. president trump and former vice president joe biden were in kenosha 2 days apart, wisconsin is one of the few swing states trump won by less than one percent of the vote in 2016. the first votes will be cast in the 2020 presidential election today, north carolina and mail the first ballots of the election. marking the start of the sprints towards november.
10:40 pm
karin caifa reports. >>8 weeks from election day ballots are already on the way at least in north carolina were supplying voters with ample time more than 618,000 ballots are being sent to people in north carolina who requested them that's more than 16 times than this point in 2016 an astronomical increase as states and voters adapt to the pandemic i do like to do it in person, but i don't want to take chances share our concern is primarily with the virus. north carolina is an important battleground state for years ago president trump carried the tar heel state by less than 4%. now democratic nominee joe biden is attempting to flip this state blue for the first time since 2008 while the president wants to keep that red it's incredible state and i want to thank you for being so nice to me in a rambling statement, the president appeared to encourage supporters to vote twice by mail and in person to insure their votes are counted follow that the ballot
10:41 pm
immediately election officials issued warnings don't do police as casting multiple ballots is a criminal offense when you mail in your absentee ballot. you can track it online and it will show. >>on the website that your ballot has been received there is 0 reason. >>to go vote in person once you mail in your ballot. instead experts say do it early don't wait to last weekend to mail it back covered and making presidential picks early is something these lifelong voters plan to do as they cast ballots by mail for the first time i may have one vote. >>but i want that the camp. what she said at the white house i'm karin caifa. >>after the move slowed mail delivery service and created a national uproar the u.s. postal service has stopped dismantling mail processing machines, however that doesn't mean the ones already broken down will be replaced and it looks like the usps won't be
10:42 pm
getting its own machines back because they're being sold online. postal workers say they're seeing old but usable equipment for sale everything from delivery barcode. >>thus orders which put letters in the order the carriers walk their route to sorting machines and they're selling fry for anywhere from a 100 to 4 to $500. we're just asking the postmaster general let us have the tools to do our job. >>and to see them selling the the equipment that we need online to the you know to anybody that wants at who i presume would competitors is is troubling. >>postal workers say they would read much rather keep the old machines for parts when they break down or one mail volume picks up. >>the bulb on a play. yes, that's right. the bubonic plague has resurfaced in south lake tahoe where officials say it may have come from and next in sports. the oakland a's are back in action tonight after
10:43 pm
having their last 4 games postponed due to a positive covid-19 test.
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>>as >>if the coronavirus was enough how about a disease straight from the middle ages hard to believe don't hear much about it but bluebonnet plague never completely went away and it does resurface from time to time its recently cropped up in lake tahoe, south tahoe and authorities are now warning everyone to
10:46 pm
take caution. >>steve large has the story. >>a giant close eye now covers up the entrance to the lake tahoe visitors center. it's one of dozens in this key beach area posted everywhere reading plague warning. plague mitigation and closed due to boo but plague in the area. the roadblocks are preventing visitors from parking here, you know what this is a 100% different than a normal day. jeff morales has lived in lake tahoe for 3 decades and he's never seen this type of plague prevention that's a big buzzword is scary and stuff but you know we do see it in time living in tell you do see squirrels you know they have plague and you know they. >>it comes up from time to time the california department of public health confirmed rodents in this area are caring fleas infected with the plague. and they determine this is where a woman walking her dog likely contracted the plague in august. the u.s. forest service closed the area
10:47 pm
to apply insecticide in an effort to kill the infected fleas so people should be on the lookout for. >>you know for the usual things like like ah, you know real acting unusual. uh headed game with no visible signs of i mean it's just another thing that we are going i'm riding on the paved trails i'm not going in the bushes, this mecca for nature lovers, a scenic spot known around the world for its beauty. >>the warning signs are now up. to be where you know it's a legitimate concern and the el dorado county public health department says the woman who tested positive for the plague respond well to antibiotics and she has been discharged from the hospital. >>meantime according to the cdc across the united states only 7 people a year are reported to come down with the plague. >>that was steve large for us the bubonic plague probably won't be enough though to
10:48 pm
scare people away from lake tahoe this weekend. people who live there say they're frustrated with the number of visitors they've had in the middle of the pandemic they held a protest this afternoon too highlight the over tourism and the trash that's being left behind. >>really what we want them to do is just stay on the main line and go ahead and get out of here don't impact the neighbors. we've had people asking knocking on doors asking can i use your bathroom over it's ridiculous tossing diapers in your front yard, etcetera it's ridiculous. >>that is not good right turn restriction proposed so meant to keep visitors on the main roads and away from neighborhoods was approved as a pilot program for the spring of 2021. protesters argue the program should start sooner than that. >>on the peninsula gamblers will likely be happy artichoke joe's casino in san bruno officially reopen to the public tonight for outdoor gambling after being closed for months because of covid 1932 card tables have been set up underneath the tent with
10:49 pm
social distancing in effect then a number of hand sanitizers available. the local card room worked alongside the san mateo county health department to ensure that thorough health and safety plans are in place. >>tonight's sports report. we doubled our speeds the fastest just got back. >>after a positive covid-19 test in the clubhouse the a's were off all week they finally got back on the field tonight when they hosted the san diego padres and they're happy to be back hayes's lizard on the mound for oakland. it was not a good outing for him to say the least top of the 5th podrias up one nothing fernando junior smash one into center field. this kid is one of the brightest young stars in baseball. 2 runs come into score is a 3 run game. top of the 7th now podrias leading by 4. it was the fernando to t show. this one high deep right center off the state farm law
10:50 pm
and it's gone 14th homer of the season. he's going to win an mvp in the near future i can just feel it podrias blank to a 7 nothing game 2 of the th hosted the arizona diamondbacks madison bumgarner back in town he didn't pitch tonight. hope it's tomorrow. he backs up one zip. one offer brandon belt, he learned one fair down the right-field line that will kick up against the wall alex dickerson being waved in the throw is not back in time felt rbi double tied to that one capital for tied at 2 to offer dalton bar show and he lines into right field for a base hit. that will score 2 runs they hold on to win 65 to beat the giants. they are back at oracle tomorrow afternoon. it's a holiday weekend and coach shanahan decided to give his players the day off and they'll need to prep for the coming heat wave set to hit the bay area this weekend and one new wrinkle that i'm sure
10:51 pm
they'll continue to work on is the multi tightened said we all know about george kittle but he had some help this year and the niners are expected to utilize it mainly jordan reed who has been lauded all training camp long for a sharper out running. reed has played at an all pro level in the past but he has been hampered by injuries in recent years namely concussions which is always a little scary. the niners also have to rookie tight ends on the roster right now is not decided whether they'll keep all 4, but regardless george kittle is impressed with everyone in that tight end room. >>just to see that he still has it and it looks really good doing it just for him he's been very vocal in our meetings he's learning really well he picks up the offense. i'm trying to show what i you know i can help them in the run game stuff and he's picking out up to so it's just it's fun to see because we have a lot of weapons in that tight enrollment. you know i think a good year for titan said it would be very good on sundays. >>to the orlando bubble.
10:52 pm
lebron james and the lakers take on russell wilson, russell wilson, russell westbrook and the houston rockets in. this is like '07 lebron russell westbrook little lapse in judgment. trying to take a charge on lebron james learned the hard way don't do that. already but guess what russell westbrook he gets the last laugh. right and anthony davis is face. leading the virtual crowd know what's on his mind i i doubt it's family friendly and then here we go james harden. former mvp doing mvp things. ethics death a block on ad. he can't believe it and guess what the rockets they go on to win big heart and had 36 points tonight, they win one 1297. and game 2 is on sunday. and this sunday tune in for a special encore presentation of the raiders last afc championship win 2002 verse
10:53 pm
the tennessee titans my sports producer nick baird told me he was 7 years old when they played in that game. raiders fans enjoy it best sunday at 1 o'clock on kron 4 news. and that
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
>>i hope you're enjoying your friday evening where get ready for a very hot weekend ahead, beautiful shot. the golden gate bridge, we're cloud-free right haze out there in our skies that is all that smoke
10:56 pm
from the fires around the bay area now we're going to see more of that this weekend check out the temperatures right now it is still 72 degrees in liberal to 11 o'clock here we go 80 in pittsburgh, 73. in concord cooler along the coastline get just enough of sea breeze here but you're starting to see as high pressure builds in the temperatures starting to heat up and boy this weekend overnight lows, 60's mid 70's in some spots, maybe even some 80's as you get up or down some of the mountains. temperatures in the temperatures maybe about 77 degrees downtown san francisco about 65 in the sunset 69 beautiful and sunny in pacifica in the afternoon 70's overnight, a half moon bay. it will be warm there and then you see some 80's as you move over the hill to millbrae 86 degrees 89 in burlingame 90 degrees in san carlos 90 in redwood city 91 in woodside about 89 degrees in mount view you get the idea here we go temperatures heating up lot of 90's across the south as high as 98 in campbell about 95 in cupertino 94 in san jose a hot
10:57 pm
101 in morgan hill east bay this we're going to see the heat mainly tomorrow, those temperatures soaring to maybe a 105 in livermore 104 in pleasanton one '03 in dublin. and all that thick air sitting out there as well triple digit heat going to be common in the east bay, but we may very well see some triple digit heat. even inside the bay by sunday so hot temperatures out there warm out toward the coastline. this way we're going to play at your 10 to 10 hot over the next few days. i think that he way does not come to an end until maybe thursday of next week. >>good night everybody trying to stay cool.
10:58 pm
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