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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 6, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 9. >>today across the bay area we reached record breaking temperatures. so if you thought to yourself today, hey it's hotter than i've ever felt before. well you're probably right if you lived in any of these spots. thank you so much for joining us tonight here on kron 4 news at 9 i'm justine waltman i'm jonathan mccall it definitely was hot today, the bay area roasting this labor day weekend has a record breaking heat wave. >>now shatters records all across the area take a look at this alone, san jose hitting 103 this afternoon. the previous high for san jose. a 100 degrees. this was said all the way back in 1923 gilroy also recording a high today of 107 its previous high one '04 back in 1977 downtown oakland just 3 degrees shy of triple digits, reaching 97 degrees beating its previous record of 95 set back in 1979 and half
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moon bay breaking their daily record with 81 degrees this afternoon their previous record 80 degrees set back in 2004. >>san francisco also broke a record today it hit 100 degrees really hot in the city so what the sunday have in store at the u.s.. it's still going to be this hot rebecca you're really is as we get into tomorrow guys jonathan just seen in the san francisco downtown area broke a 100 year-old record today. back in 19 '04 it hit 92 degrees. but today it hit triple digits, so downtown san francisco 100 degrees. and then sfo to another record breaker like you're mentioning downtown oakland, one of 2 san jose one '05 very hot in napa today at one 10 and canfield also in the north bay and what awaits but the list continues look at more record breaking temperatures all in the triple digits. in your east bay zone livermore and a 111 richmond, one of 3 redwood city along
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the peninsula. you broke a record today at one oh 07:00am sure you felt it right big difference also in santa cruz, one '02 and gilroy at one 12 it was hot today, it's going to be hot again once again tomorrow and the excessive heat warning a continuing for much of the bay area and huge advisory issued for parts of san francisco and a little bit of our coastal spots but most of the bay area still under that excessive heat warning because the temperatures tomorrow once again going to i've another spare the air alert also in effect as we get into work tomorrow and a high fire danger as well because the winds are going to start picking up as we get into tomorrow night so that red flag warning in effect through wednesday morning for the north bay mountains the east bay hills and also what the santa cruz mountains on more details ahead and let you know how long this heat wave is going to last. coming up a little bit later back to the news. thank you so much rebecca now a statewide flex alert ended at 9 o'clock
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tonight with no planned power outages energy leaders in the state are actively trying to prevent. >>an energy shortage, cal iso said today was the most challenging day of the heat wave for the state's electrical system. the flex alert though will continue tomorrow starting at 3 in the afternoon and last again until 9 o'clock at night. the state grid operator says every watt counts that people should conserve energy as much as possible so happening tomorrow pg e says that safety power shutoffs are possible for folks in. >>parts of 18 counties across northern california. those outages could impact more than 100,000 customers of the county's 2 of them right here in the bay area that's napa and sonoma. the utility company says they are issuing that alert because of the threat of high temperatures along with strong winds. p g a spokesperson with pg and e talked with kron 4 today about those potential shut offs. >>it is important to note that these rotating outages are called by the state's grid
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operator not pg and e so that is up to their agency but the grid operator has warned this morning that without significant conservation efforts today we could potentially see those rotating outages so these changes that our customers are hopefully going to make with energy usage is afternoon and into the early evening hours could help make significant difference in whether we see those rotating outages today we're asking our customers to keep their thermostat at 78 degrees or higher health permitting. the genie is prepared to respond to and heat events like when they do occur, so we have crews that are throughout our service area and in areas that could be potentially impacted more than others like you said that aren't necessarily used to seeing this heat. so yes we are prepared to respond to potential should we need to but again been unprecedented heatwave with temperatures you know 10 to 15 degrees above
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normal is being experienced throughout the state. so we really are calling upon our customers throughout the state to conserve energy in all areas it does make a difference and we do appreciate their support. >>safety power shutoff watch is set to go into effect tuesday and wednesday. >>the pga is going to monitor the weather conditions for the next few days to determine if any power outages are needed. kron four's reyna harvey is in the east bay now with details on the potential public safety power shut-offs. >>it's warm and it's no secret residents out here and wanted creek are going to be enjoying his downtown area but for a lot of people they also have to grapple with the potential that their power could be off pg and e says they're currently monitoring the conditions in terms of weather over the next few days to determine whether or not they're going to have to have any more power shut-offs now specifically they're looking at strong winds monday night through wednesday morning which could lead to dangerous
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fire conditions across our state according to pg and e the public safety power shutoff watch is in effect tuesday and wednesday you can see here is a list of potential impacted areas to of the bay area counties here napa and sonoma are on that list, however, it's important for everyone in the bay area to plan for the potential of outages and stay ready. i spoke to some residents who live here in the area and here's what they had to say about the power shut-offs. >>and sure enough the powers everybody just has to conserve energy and we have to work together to make this time work so that they'll be electricity available for air conditioning in all the other essential services for the people that need it. >>could agree with that i can also wonder if you know. things could be managed better. this doesn't have to happen. i don't i don't know for sure well there's nothing they can do i mean until the build more power plants or
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clean up the forest. so the fires don't threaten everybody we've got a lot of smoke in the air right now from the fires i think would be helpful to a do a little force management. >>it happens every summer. so this is not like this is a big surprise for now reporting here want creek reyna harvey kron 4 news. >>that take a look at this over a 1000 people crowded ocean beach in san francisco last night in a burning man celebration due to this gathering, san francisco mayor london breed to close the beach parking lots at ocean beach today and then the tweet mayor breed called the celebration reckless and selfish she also added that celebrations like that one put the progress that is that the city has made in curbing the spread of coronavirus at risk mayor breed also tweeted that crowds may gather again tonight so law enforcement is patrolling that area. >>kron four's dan thorn check out the situation at ocean beach earlier today. he's live tonight in san francisco with what he found out dan.
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>>well justin and jonathan it was a very busy day to day at the beach there were close parking lots of that didn't keep hundreds of people from coming out here today there were cars that were filled with families that we're looking for anywhere that they could find a parking spot. some of the beachgoers that we spoke with say that it is unfair for them to suffer amid a heat wave because of one irresponsible group's actions last night. >>san francisco's ocean beach packed with people looking for a cooler low cow. the close parking lots were no match for determined beachgoers trying to avoid record setting heat, it's >>see at home it was way too hot stay home. they wanted to give a fresh so we decided to hit the beach a huge burning man event saturday night forced mayor london breed to close down the parking lot angered by the hundreds of party years ignoring covid-19 health guidelines she was looking to avoid a repeat. however on sunday beachgoers were forced to scramble to
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find parking elsewhere, it be just gonna be open the park night should have it was a bad idea because we've got this people still came out. >>enjoy the day get refreshed. the outdoors you can stay home. i don't we don't have i don't have lot of people who went to the beach they say it's important to follow the guidelines and don't have parties that ruin it for everyone i think it may not be out here you need to be same way a mask so should be been did get on with your family, the wait a as apd and park rangers will be out here throughout the night to make sure that another party does not erupt also be making sure. >>that people aren't starting any fires on the beach because of the spare the air alert. reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news stand. thank you despite the heat fire crews are making progress on containing the 3 major wildfires here in the bay area. >>tonight the lnu lightning complex fire in the north bay now at 91% containment. this
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fire has burned more than 375,000 acres. today all evacuation orders and warnings for this fire were lifted. meanwhile the scu fire in the east and south bay is that 92% containment with nearly 397,000 acres burned the czu lightning complex fires in san mateo and santa cruz counties are up to 72% containment with more than 86,000 acres charred and the woodward fire at point raze national seashore in warren county is now 93% contained, but has burned more than 4800 acres. a number of local fire departments are in fresno tonight to help out in the growing creek fire there. this is video of members of the santa rosa fire department. packing up last night headed south to fresno tonight we've learned that members of the piedmont fire department in alameda county have also been called in to help we'll have more on this fire and a large rescue of more than 200 people. coming
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up tonight on at 9.30. >>the when i was out there and i was petrified i could hardly walk. >>a fast-moving wildfire in southern california is forcing evacuations the fire has already scorched more than 1500 acres. reporter casey carlisle spoke to a retired firefighter, who says that he did what he could to help. >>it's very close 3rd. that darker and. >>they are the valley fire and have until drew onlookers from all over the county worry watching an all-too-familiar scene play out the cedar fire burned the entire with of our property. i fought fire for about 2 hours kept away from our house time i was fighting fire. i was i was petrified and i kept thinking the whole time so i was on the fire department i was never scared. the when i was out there and i was petrified i could hardly walk i was so scared scared of losing his life, saturday's fire started at 03:00pm in 3
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hours grew to 1500 acres within a half hour just exploded and came up to almost wear them now. >>the intensity of the he was just crazy. >>scaring neighbors up the road starts pouring out over here and then. the bone lyle irwin said his wife packed their necessities and they're ready to go with the need to he's worried about his neighbors on hidden glen road down. >>there a while and now start hoping the flames move away from homes in the fire is contained just open. grant turns out like everything else you know we make it. >>still to come tonight here on kron 4 news at 9 police in fresno jumping into action to save folks as their apartment building was set on fire. >>and people across the state packed beaches this weekend. many ignoring health warnings and the response they got was pretty angry.
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>>plus many folks from san leandro to daly city feeling an earthquake across the bay area could there be more in store. the respo it was just a get together with friends. no big deal. everybody felt fine. but now im super sick. everyone is sick. i just wish we had been more careful. it would have been easier than this. so wear a mask.
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do what you can outside. stay six feet apart. because some things you just can't take back. do your part to lower the risk.
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itchy skin distracting you? cortizone-10 works fast. and relief lasts 10 full hours. (club swings - splash!) cortizone-10. feel the heal. i'm out of clubs! >>a series of small earthquakes surrounding parts of san leandro this morning that first quake reported around 1130 this morning, it was a magnitude 2.6 and less than 10 minutes later, a second quake hit at 3.4. these quakes hit along the hayward
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fault for more on what it means we talked with the usgs. deputy director keith newt said. >>looks like a sort of garden variety hayward fault earthquake. it happened as you described and your san leandro. before they would fall there takes a little bit of a band, so it's not unusual to have. rick weeks in that area and in fact there was a very similar earthquake. about 10 years ago in that same area, the same size. really not a surprise to people who follow they were all. >>i was seeing that some people as far as daly city and here in san francisco. we're actually feeling these of but they weren't that powerful. >>yeah that's right it was a little bit deeper, it was about 10 kilometers or 6 miles deep. >>and not all that so the. >>the regional extends over which it was felt is probably not all that big. if people did feel that we asked that they go into the usgs
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earthquake. website and fill out did you feel it and let us know how they experience the event. and you can see a map of how others experienced event and how intense the shaking was throughout the bay area. yes, so again this is not unusual for the her vote sort of a reminder that the they were ball runs right through the middle of the east bay. last time we had a big earthquake on hayward fault was in 1868. and we know from geologic excavations across the fall. that has been 12 large earthquakes happened on average about a 150 or a 160 years apart on average. there's quite a bit of variety around that average. we do things that they hayward is probably the most likely fall to cause a big earthquake in the bay area. and then not 2013. i think it was we released as a 30 year probably study saying that there was about a 30% chance of a big earthquake on the hayward rodgers creek fault over the
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next 30 years. >>and we nothing screams twenty-twenty more like a earthquake on the hayward fault. i mean knock on something somebody knocked on something can't do it. there was a hot enough for you today. jonathan want to think of the temps all man it was it was pretty bad outside today. i felt like it was just melting is is really the only way to describe just walking out the door and just feeling like you're just melting >>just dripping not the other kind of drip but just you know from the sweater restaurant has the latest now on the upcoming temperatures how to do stay cool today. yeah, i see the doors with the kids i have 3 under 3, so we just played inside all day today. >>and it definitely stay hydrated even give them a bath in the morning just that they would feel cooler. >>throughout the entire day today. so hopefully you were able to try to limit your outdoor activity. today and really we're going want to do that tomorrow as well because this heat wave continuing through the labor day weekend. a live look outside right now
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a pretty clear conditions here at the golden gate bridge shot, but it is definitely warm to even hot in some spots even at this hour. morgan hill you're currently 91 degrees right now 86 in downtown san jose. livermore you're still in the 90's at 92 pittsburgh, 95 right now oakland euro. 84 and san francisco, you're still in the low 80's and then as we look across the north bay we've got 82 in novato 79 currently in petaluma but things are definitely going to heat up as we get into tomorrow afternoon. that's why the national weather service has that excessive heat warning still in place for much of the bay area. a heat advisory for parts of san francisco and a little bit of our coastal spots but really most of the bay area still under that excessive heat warning so be really careful out there once again tomorrow a spare the air alert in effect as well for monday because the quality is just going to be rather por once again, and the high fire danger of course we do have a red flag warning. issued
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starting tomorrow night lasting through wednesday morning. a peek at your afternoon highs tomorrow look at that triple digits returning to us once again, especially inland look at that livermore you'll be at a high of a 110 tomorrow a 108 expecting in concord 94 if you're going to be in downtown oakland, 88 right here in downtown san francisco. and those triple digits continue throughout much of the north bay yourself a zone, a griese and mountain view one of 2 expected in san jose a have a complete weather check and break it down neighborhood by neighborhood and let you know exactly the really hot spots tomorrow back to the news. >>rebecca thanks the rising temperatures also increasing the fire danger. a red flag warning has been issued for tomorrow through wednesday morning. the warning has been issued for the north north bay mountains east bay hills and santa cruz mountains. as temperatures reached record numbers, many folks are packing beaches throughout california despite public health orders kareen wynter talked with folks in redondo
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beach who are upset the public health guidelines were not being followed. >>in the sun, this festive labor day weekend and not making me happy out of control for 2 months also fears crowds gathered along california's coast could trigger a repeat of the surge as we've seen of covid cases i had in mind this be like but i think is this i mean that any of >>like side to side like for you. >>and also when people are out with this whole covid beachgoers flocked to the shores of redondo beach this sunday. >>the sand filled with family celebrating under tents, some wearing masks but many without facial coverings. >>the busy location didn't allow for much social distancing either and i'm scared that were like. >>everything we've done in last few months is awash now maybe because who knows what's going to happen the everybody but if we all just for mass and actually just like. of all
9:23 pm
the rules, it's really not that hard to wear a mask, i mean don't we all have to wear clothes from the nation's top coronavirus expert. >>to california's governor along with la county health experts officials encourage the public to play it safe this holiday with the pandemic still a threat by staying home and sticking to small gatherings. >>they're trying to prevent a resurgence in cases that prompted closures in some sectors following spikes infection rates after both memorial day and july 4th holiday. but the record heat in parts of the west along with fatigue from restrictions imposed during this crisis prompted many families looking for little end of summer escape to enjoy their day at the beach hoping to stay healthy in a risky setting many just couldn't resist. >>it's been 6 or 7 months of this lockdown. a crazy man versus ready to read ready to get out of the house that. >>and tomorrow expected to be just as packed at local beaches officials once again encouraging the public to wear masks and social distance. >>kareen wynter. redondo beach
9:24 pm
california. >>governor gavin newsome responded to reports of holiday gatherings this weekend newsome echoed san francisco mayor london breed by saying one weekend can change all the progress that we have made in the same tweet the governor said the state's case load positivity rate and icu rates are all down for coronavirus and he reminded people in the same tweet to wear a mask and here's a look at the latest covid-19 numbers tonight globally there are close to 27 million cases in the united states. they're close to 6.3 million cases. california continues to lead the country in cases with more than 737,000 cases and then the bay area there are more than 87,000 cases and close to 1200 people have died. >>i'm alexandra le mon in washington coming up, i'll tell you about one artist who's trying to bring attention to the issue of gun
9:25 pm
violence as well as provide healing. the golden state looking to put together a plan that would phase out juvenile prisons in the golden state. >>we'll show you how just much money could hey, my twitter is blowing up! dear jack box, bring back the spicy chicken strips, still waiting for the spicy chicken strips, so many about spicy chicken strips. wow, i hear you. so i'm bringing back my juicy 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo for only $5.99!
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all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo is it the juicy 100% all-white meat? or because you can spice them up or cool them down? or because a little birdie told me you wanted them back really bad... get my spicy chicken strips combo for only $5.99. >>california is on the verge of phasing out its state operated juvenile prison system the move is hailed by reform advocates and criticized by counties that
9:28 pm
would assume the responsibility for some of the state's most violent criminal youth, the bill generally follows governor gavin newsom's latest plan to unravel the division of juvenile justice, which houses about 750 use. advocates say hundreds of millions of dollars but eventually flow to counties to house and treat use. >>now these may were 4 teens find themselves in custody. after police say they carjacked a man then led police on a chase the wild scene unfolding last night in around 11 o'clock. police say the teens used a fake gun to carjack a man on deer valley road. an officer saw that car tried to stop it. but the driver took off but not before crashing into a garage in pleasant hill. get this the teens ranging in age from 13 to 15 years old. and police say that one of the teens had been arrested twice before this year for carjacking. >>one person is in jail tonight after police say that he killed a family member at a
9:29 pm
home in livermore this afternoon. police responded to a home on tesla road in livermore after a tip from the suspect's family members saying that the man called them to confess to murder. the 38 year-old suspect said he was also going to take his own life but investigators were able to de escalate the situation and eventually arrest him. the victim was found near the front door with a gunshot wound. investigators have not released the name of the 58 year-old victim or her relationship with the suspect. >>for new setting a new record for the number of acres scorched by wildfires in a single year as more than 200 people escape from one fire burning in fresno county by helicopter. >>a peek at all the heat so that we're expecting tomorrow those triple digits, returning
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>>i >>think if we had stayed just 10 minutes more. we might not have been so lucky. a really scary situation for some hikers on saturday night who attempted to escape the creek fire. >>as it continued to spread into the sierra national forest. >>we will take a look at this members of the california national guard evacuating 200 people by helicopter. just to get to safety as that wildfire left them trapped at a popular camping site this comes as
9:33 pm
firefighters around the state are battling more than 70 growing wildfires in several western states britt conway has a closer look at the daring rescue in the creek fire near fresno. >>he is the escape. >>campers in california try to outrun a fast moving wildfire quickly realizing the only road out of danger is completely surrounded by flames on they weren't the only ones who barely escaped the creek fire. >>officials say at least 224 campers in mammoth for reservoir were trapped and had to be rescued. >>airlifted out to safety. i think if we had stayed just 10 minutes more. we might not have been so we did run into a ranger, she was able to lead us up to the point of that spot fire. and it was actually her instruction that we drove through that fire. the creek fire burning in the sierra national forest north of
9:34 pm
fresno injured about 20 evacuees. authorities say that fire broke out friday then exploded in size growing to 36,000 acres. >>in just one day we do believe that there are still other people out in the wilderness will be continuing those rescue operations to go out try to find them. >>and get them to safety. >>right now more than 70 wildfires are raging across a number of states with no relief in sight. meteorologist say the extreme weather conditions in many parts of the west are raising concerns that more fires may break out we could see temperatures well above the century mark i know rainfall dry conditions that is just fuel to ignite more fires. >>that was brad conway reporting tonight the creek fire has now exploded to more than 70,000 acres and is at 0% containment earlier today here on kron 4 we spoke with reporter dennis valera from our sister station at k s e in fresno. >>and he tells us about the
9:35 pm
herring rescues and the narrow escapes. >>so the biggest challenge with fires in that region. it's always the mountainous terrain it's it. when you see video and pictures of that area you always see the mountainsides like this and so crews are going to have to be on the ground and attacked by air to get these fires extinguished and so besides the terrain, it's also really hot. and that's made things very dry over there in that region. so of course that it means that there's a lot of fuel that could be burned hand that's why there's so many mandatory but not mandatory so many warning evacuation warnings right now because. and any second those those areas can be invested by flames, but yeah, the scariest moment of this fire. so far happened in mandera county. so that's where the fire spread to words continuing to spread at this moment about 200 more are more people got stuck in this area. calm and cool again another very popular destination for especially
9:36 pm
labor day weekend and there's only really one way in and out in so the fire trap, those people and the sheriff's office had to advise and just shelter in be by the water away from the flames to be protected and fortunately. most people that were there did get airlifted out things to cal guard to get out the air national guard to get out and they have been brought to fresno where i'm at least a couple dozen suffered some burn injuries. i know that there are some broken bone injuries and at least 2 people that were brought here to fresno where broken bones and we did also learned this morning the bexar county sheriff's office saying that there were 2 people that wanted to stay there. they refused to the rescue so there are at least 2 people there because they refused to get help. that was once again dennis l vera from our sister
9:37 pm
station in fresno meanwhile as wildfires continue to burn throughout california. >>aid is coming from more than a dozen other states across the country and it's definitely needed that help coming from as far away as new york state as of this morning, there were more than 14,000 firefighters battling 23 major fires and lightning complex is across the golden state. since the lightning siege that started back on august 15th. there have been nearly 14,000 lightning strikes during the same period there have been more than 900 new fires which have now charred more than 1.6 million acres. there have been 8 fatalities in nearly 3300 structures destroyed. we continue to follow triple digit temperatures impacting the bay area this labor day weekend meteorologist rebecca strom, us here now with a look at the forecast and rebecca these temperatures are expected to. >>continue into labor day monday. yeah that's right jonathan just seen of course. the hot temperatures the dry conditions and the winds are going to start picking up over the next couple of days. so yes, a high fire danger in
9:38 pm
effect around the entire bay area that red flag warning. issued today is a matter of fact begins tomorrow night. and it's going to last through wednesday morning and the wind speeds we could see especially in the east bay hills gusts of up to 30 45 miles per hour. and again we are going to see some of the dry winds pick up throughout the vacaville and fairfield areas as well anywhere from 25 to 40 miles per hour. expected there and then in our north bay mountains, we're also going to be seeing gusty winds of up to 45 miles per hour maybe even 50 on some of our highest elevations and that's a red flag warning also issued for the santa cruz mountains through wednesday morning so keep that in mind and that excessive heat warning going into tomorrow for much of the bay area then summer coastal spots, including san francisco under a heat advisory tomorrow because we're going to see those triple digits return once again. the air quality not going to be great it's
9:39 pm
going to be quite poor around the bay area so another spare the air alert is in effect and so we're going to see hazy conditions a lot of smoke from the bay area fires as well temperatures tomorrow, yes going to be very hot. we're going to see a pretty toasty one throughout san francisco, here's a quick breakdown. downtown you'll be at a high of 88 tomorrow sunset district 84 degrees at the coast anywhere from the upper 60's even upper 70's and then some low 80's like in half moon bay at 81 tomorrow then the 90's start to pop up as we get into millbrae and burlingame a high of 94 expected there and then triple digits starting pop up in woodside at one '01, 1, 100 degrees expected in mountain view yourself is on looks like this covered in the triple digits, one of 5 in morgan hill one '02 in san jose livermore real hot spots tomorrow at a 110 downtown oakland you'll be in the low 90's, one '04 under and we're expecting one '08 and walnut
9:40 pm
creek on the north bay has coming up in just a bit just thank you so much as the country deals with the covid-19 pandemic one artist is working to bring attention to another epidemic that the u.s. is still dealing with. >>that's gun violence. our washington correspondent alexandra le mon tells us about a project meant to bring attention to gun violence and also bring healing to those who have experienced loss. >>leslie lee is a portland based artist who founded the soul box project after the las vegas strip shooting she began researching statistics about guns and shootings in the u.s., the servers are so huge. >>there's no way that people can comprehend these kinds of numbers and we're talking about. >>70,000 people a year that are killed or injured by what she decided to depict the problem visually with origami boxes she calls so boxes each one represents a person killed or injured by gunfire in order
9:41 pm
to have a response you which is. i don't want to be part of this problem and the slovaks project has a second purpose people who have been impacted by gun violence and participate in making the boxes say it's helping them heal really did giacomo is a surgeon in northern california who works with gunshot victims if that person loses their life. >>there is not a lot of time or opportunity in the workplace to acknowledge lost life she heard about the soul box project from her sister jess obviously resonated with me to giacomo says now she and her co-workers are able to process their emotions by folding the boxes exhibitions are. life changing anyone who wants to get involved can find information on soul box project dot in washington, alexandra le mon. >>police in portland have declared a riot during the one 100th night of protests in the
9:42 pm
city. they say protesters became violent and started throwing molotov cocktail saturday night. video you see here is of officers using tear gas to try and break up those crowds. protests have erupted in the city since may when demonstrators took to the streets all across the country as part of a call for racial justice after the death of george floyd at the hands of minneapolis police officers. but officials are now calling on an into all of those protests. >>rochester's mayor lovely warren addressed why she is suspending the 7 officers involved in the death of daniel prude prude was a black man who died after being hooded and held down by rochester police earlier this year. video of police taking him into custody was released earlier this week sparking nightly protests and demands for reform. the mayor says she waited to suspend the officers until she was sure it would not interfere with the investigation from the attorney general's office. >>what truly matters is creating a city that is
9:43 pm
dedicated to serving protecting in lifting up. the least among us. we will always pay me. about the death. mister daniel prude exact bill you to do that. >>the mayor has suspended 7 officers protests have been taking place since the announcement of prude's death and police have arrested dozens of demonstrators and use pepper spray and tear gas on the crowds. still ahead tonight caught on camera police in fresno help save people after their apartment w
9:44 pm
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>>they had to jump because the stairwell that leads down to the ground floor was engulfed in flames. new video shows fresno police officers trying to break up a domestic violence situation and also the same time save people from a raging fire. the man who reportedly started the fire is now facing multiple charges. >>police beat firefighters to that scene because the first 911 call reported a domestic violence suspect at the scene corin hoggard walks us through what happens next. >>fresno police officers rushed to the rescue when they saw fire spreading fast
9:47 pm
through central fresno apartment building last october he urged everyone out especially from a second-floor apartments or flames were climbing fast >>they had to jump because the stairwell that leads down to the ground floor was engulfed in flames officer rebecca wells recorded much of the scene with their body camera. >>i acquired a video showing her leading people to safety including a toddler handed to 2 in window. >>is dramatic and this stuff that they go through every day they go in and not knowing what's going to happen that and that on their shift and this is just an example of officers doing their job stepping up and doing the right thing. >>and saving lives in the process probably absolutely. >>police pete firefighters to the burning building because the first 911 call reported a domestic violence suspect at the scene investigators say jose cisnero said recently
9:48 pm
stabbed the tires on his estranged wife's pickup truck and threw a beer bottle through passenger window. police found him coming out of a first floor window of the burning building it took him into custody and then treated him for his injuries after a judge heard evidence against him friday in a preliminary hearing on a case that could lead to more than 20 years in prison. the judge is expected to rule next week whether there's enough evidence for cisneros to face trial. >>in downtown fresno coroner hog. let's switch gears right now let's take a live look outside at the san francisco embarcadero does not policing the water there. >>has once again it's still pretty hot outside just want to jump in the water and really lot do is a 100 degrees in san francisco today that is unheard of. >>meteorologist rebecca strom is here now with the a check of the forecast here tonight at 9 now jonathan and just seen in fact in san francisco, we broke a record in downtown. it was 92 at last check back
9:49 pm
in 19 '04 that was the last record that ever was broken today, though yeah triple digits in downtown a 100 degrees today so broken and over a 100 year old. record tomorrow though a little bit cooler not cool talking to feel cool stuff still feel hot but 88. >>degrees in downtown san francisco, slight relief for you. 90 degrees on the mission district if you're going to be there in the sunset 84. we're expecting under a whole lot of sunshine. it's going to be warm at the coast at 76 expected in pacifica tomorrow 81, though if you're going to be the half moon bay area. some 90's popping up burlingame you'll be at a high of 94 91 expected in millbrae today and then some triple digits as we get into what side at one oh one palo alto you'll be at a high of 98 96 expected for the afternoon high in san carlos looking at trade of triple digits everywhere you see it across your south his own here santa clara 100 degrees milpitas one '02 downtown san jose. 102 as
9:50 pm
well pleasanton one '09 a 110 expected in livermore more triple digits from concord into walnut creek and into danville 110 expected in vacaville that's one of the hottest spots on the board 95 if you're going to be in valais home. you're north a zone where 80's at the coast, but triple digits as we get into nevado at a high of one '04 and 98 degrees expected in center fell on your seven-day around the bay forecast coming up in just a bit. >>time for sports. >>another tough day in major league baseball after losing pitching great tom seaver on monday. another first ballot hall of famer, lou brock, a 6 time all-star 2 time world series champion. and the all-time stolen base lee basses leader before ricky henderson broke his record passed away today brock had been fighting blood cancer since 2017. he was 81 years old a longtime member of the st. louis cardinals meanwhile, the a's still trying to get their sea legs
9:51 pm
back under them after postponing 4 games because of a positive covid tests they're hosting the san diego padres in the 100 degree heat over at the coliseum to the highlights we go top of the 7, 3, 2 podrias fernando talked he's junior. currently along with the angels, mike trout, one of the 2 best players in the game right now flips want to the office of field 5 rows up in the bleachers for a 3 one finger. his 15th bomb of the season. audrey's when 5, 3 the a's now host the houston astro's tomorrow to begin a big series against the stros have their leading by 3 games now in wes giants pitcher johnny cueto not feeling the pre game music over at oracle park today, the frank sinatra and dean martin combo well little to old fashion form, but bottom of the 6th giants down a run donovan solano hitting this one deep and gone right on to the sales force and love field for to run dinger as he rounds the bases i love this song you dropped a
9:52 pm
bomb on me by the gap band tulsa zone. maybe a little more to liking giants go on to win 4 to 4. the nba. we go the bron james and the lakers try to even their series against james harden and the houston rockets after falling big in game one. lebron not letting game to go. doing his thing 28 points 11 rebounds and 9 including that jumper to ice game 2 of the series. james harden leading the rockets with 27 points. but it wasn't enough as the lakers going to win one 17 to one '09 to even up the series at one game apiece. that does it for sports. >>up next traveling past raging wildfires kron four's ken wayne safely phys a pet goat to
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>>in >>tonight's flying tell segment kron four's ken wayne flies animal that he has never carried before and he did it under some really challenging conditions as our recent wildfires created visibility issues because of heavy smoke. >>but it didn't stop can from transporting one adorable little goat. patching. >>i'm at the upton family in the parking lot of the whiteman air force in los angeles with their little goat
9:56 pm
this 10 year-old pygmy goats been with the family since she was just 8 weeks old. >>he's just been like our little. dog simply like a puppy follows us around he was a christmas surprise for susan's son vaughn, who grew up with patches. >>this is the sweet little guy so i d s little girl. we are moving from are forced property and relocating into a duplex. >>it's pretty hard to let go. but i mean i'm just glad he's going to do on that is going to love him and take care of them. >>it was time to get patches to the plane and that man trying to hustle him past the unsuspecting staff at the airport office. the next challenge getting his 40 plus pound goat into a cage in the back seat. there you did it.
9:57 pm
it took a >>we've got to be ready to make sure that you're safe and then the question how patch is going to handle the takeoff. >>the answer no problem. the visibility was great heading over the mountains here the great fine with that change once we crossed into the central valley smoke was everywhere. we flew toward the destined to avoid the fire tankers battling the scu complex fires. >>we saw a huge plume of smoke from more than 50 miles away towering above our 8500 foot cruising out to 2. >>3 hours after leaving la we touch down in petaluma where rescuers lined the airport fence to welcome their newest president and just handed the final cut short time later he was at his new home wonder farm sanctuary in can grow.
9:58 pm
the founder says she made sure the family that surrendered patches knew that he was in good hands mary had a long talk with her and explain what we do i sent photographs of this place. >>and she said yeah that's exactly what i would like for him. >>greatest of all time that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 i'm justine
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