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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 18, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>now 10 americans are in mourning tonight. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg, a titan in our modern political landscape has passed away at the age of 87 and this is a live look at the supreme court building in washington dc, huge crowds have gathered there all evening long after word of her death they are there to mourn and even if this hour where it is now 1 o'clock in the morning. >>people are still gather to honor ruth bader ginsburg, thank you for joining us tonight at 10 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne after several battles with pancreatic cancer she passed away tonight at her home in washington. ginsburg spent her final years on the bench as the unquestioned leader of the court's liberal wing and became something of a rock star to her admirers is often called just by her initials rbg there are even bobblehead dolls of her. justice ginsburg was popular across the nation but she was a particular favorite here in the bay area
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tonight people gathered in san francisco to honor her kron four's gayle ong was there and she joins us now with more on what this evening was like gayle. >>and again at least 200 people showed up in the castro tonight we want to go to that video taken earlier this vigil started around 7 o'clock this evening. it was planned minutes. after the news of her passing this is on the corner of the market people supporters honoring her as a fighter for gender equality and having a powerful voice in the liberal wing of the supreme court. organizers say set this up because they want to remember her legacy and they wanted this to be a time for everyone to come together not only to honor her life but to honor and her legacy and of course doing the work going forward. justice ginsburg, the first jewish woman to serve on the supreme court on the eve and she died on the eve of russia shot there was a prayer with the rabbi before the group marched down castro.
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over to harvey milk's camera store and here's what san franciscans had to say before the march. >>she was an anchor on the supreme court and. the decisions that she was able to do over the lifetime of her career. were amazing and they were able it didn't just affect me, but it affected everybody in america as a transgender san francisco i know that our our rights are upheld in a very fine balance that are often decided in the courts and so this loss is one that brings even more uncertainty and more fear in a time that's already full of uncertainty. >>many supporters in the crowd echo that same sentiment and are encouraging people to pay attention to what's going on in washington and encourage everyone to vote on this of course we'll be hearing more throughout the weekend as this said develops but the overall mood is just they were
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uplifting and supported, but also just want to remember and honor her live in san francisco, gayle ong kron 4 news gayle. thank you very much within the past half hour president trump issued a proclamation that all flags should be flown at half-staff at the white house. >>as well as all public and military buildings until ruth bader ginsburg is laid to rest. the president also put out a statement earlier tonight as a tribute to ginsburg as did presidential candidate joe biden and former president barack obama or else so the money and joins us now from the newsroom with their statements l a. >>and the president lee politics aside tonight, he is among the many people paying their respects to the late supreme court justice after the news sunk in the president shared a more in-depth statement saying in part. our nation mourns the loss of a tightening of the law justice ruth bader ginsburg served more than 27 years as an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states. notably just the second woman to be appointed to the court. she was a loving wife to her late husband and a
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dedicated mother to her children, renowned for her brilliant mind and her powerful dissents that the supreme court. justice ginsburg demonstrated that one can disagree without being disagreeable toward one's colleagues or different points of view. her opinions, including well known decisions regarding the legal equality of women and the disabled have inspired all americans. generations of great legal minds of fighter to the end. meanwhile presidential candidate joe biden warning let me be clear the voters should pick a president and that president should select a successor to justice ginsburg and his running mate senator kamala harris, adding we mourn, we honor and we praise for justice ruth bader ginsburg in her family, but we also recommit to fight for her legacy. plus former president barack obama has reacted to the death of rgb he tweeted justice ruth bader ginsburg fought to the end through her cancer with unwavering faith in our democracy and its ideals. that's how we remember her but she also left
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instructions for how she wanted her legacy to be honored. the rest of that message posted to medium as we've seen her sudden passing has served a blow to many americans tonight live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >>thank you a eariier tonight we have the chance to talk with santa clara university professor of law bradley june death about how justice ginsburg defied the odds of being a woman a mother and a jewish to succeed in a male dominated profession. here's a clip. >>yeah, it was remarkable she actually it my constitutional law professor who twisted the arm of the federal judge to basically convince the judge to hire her as a law clerk which launched her career long ago. and not judge didn't think that he wanted to hire a woman let alone a woman already had a young child and she had her child while she was in law school which is a pretty remarkable feat in and of it just an incredibly courageous person i think she was she was really canny
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cracked a plea in bringing those cases. >>miami of of of her clients that she represented in bringing these cases to knock down gender barriers were men and she saw that to supreme court made up of 9 men back in the early 1970's to show them of the injustice of these arbitrary distinctions she needed to have male clients who are being discriminated against on the basis of their gender in order to show why this discrimination needed to go. >>stay with kron 4 news as our coverage continues on the passing of supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg we will have more later in this newscast, and you can also find the latest information on our website kron 4 dot com right time to switch up a little bit take a live look outside at the embarcadero in the city you can it's clear the lights a sparkling on the bay and it's friday night lawrence it feels fantastic guys i hope you're to joy to
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do in oklahoma will be at ready at weekend ahead the last weekend. >>of summer of some nice weather coming our way to out there tonight we are seeing some patchy fog making its way through the golden gate pushing into the bay right now we'll see more of that early tomorrow morning is there a break a pretty nice to see a bounce not big it's part of the east bay hills though already in the berkeley hills, you look back down on the berkeley area back out over the bay and certainly that haze out there in the clouds right now. now speaking of haze this weekend, the winds are going to switch direction we've had a westerly wind that means it's been come from the ocean pushing on shore that is going to switch is high pressure builds in behind that low the pass by today so we're going to start to see more of a northerly component to the wind and up north we've got some fires burning there and that's what caused problem the last time around all the smoke from a fire, those orange skies in the very on healthier doesn't look like it's going to be as bad this time, but certainly parts of the north and the east bay could get a little hazy i think especially on sunday as that offshore wind kind of strengthens. also going to raise up fire danger just a bit around the bay area so going to watch that as well
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too speaking air quality we are looking sweet right now it is nice all the way to the coastline of the bay. the valleys we've got some very fresh air out there right now enjoy things going to change just a little bit this weekend for a quality expected in the north bay and possibly into the east bay too if we see that i think right along the coast. i think are still going to see enough of a westerly component to the wind to keep that air quality pretty good little moderate my blues building up in the south it's not as bad as last time around winds they've been out of the west lately but look at the start to switch just a little bit we're noticing that now is on the way to see that begins which around now that's that ridge trying to build in behind that area of low pressure that front that moved through today and there goes head on out of town bring even a few showers the far northern california unfortunately, nothing for us just yet, but that's a sign of things to come as the atmosphere really start to switch gears now as we get ready for fall next week. all right speaking of the winds here we go overnight tonight and tomorrow afternoon again i think by late today
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that westerly wind picks up again that will freshen up our air as we head in toward the evening hours temperatures around the bay area right now 66 degrees in san jose, the 64 in the more 67 degrees in oakland, 64 berkeley and 64 also in san francisco 63 in petaluma and 61. and santa rosa so here we go your getaway forecast if you're headed out about how about this in the monterey bay got 60's and some 70's there southern california head in that direction you got a lot of 80's going to be popping up and plenty of sunshine and head of the high country up toward tahoe. not a bad place to be this weekend special you're celebrating up there why not 67 degrees in truckee about 69 degrees, south lake tahoe. >>thank you laura as well yosemite national park is closed to through the weekend because of smoke and dangerous air quality, the park closed at 5 o'clock yesterday evening the park is getting hit with smoke from the creek fire which is burning nearby. park officials say the air quality in the park is projected to be
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in the unhealthy to hazardous range over the next few days. this is not the first time somebody has closed this year the park closed back in march because of the coronavirus pandemic and it reopened in phases starting in june. >>fires burn across the state all that smoke of course is a big problem that comes with some serious health consequences on force and nasa hernia takes a look at the dangers of the exposure to the smoke and who's most at risk. >>wildfire smoke is a growing component of air pollution and as we've seen over the last month it's become a major component in the air quality here in the western united states 10 to 20 years ago about 5 to 10% of the particulate matter in the air nationwide was from wildfire smoke. in recent years the numbers increased to 25%. and when you look at the western part of the united states it can be 50% or more so question many of us are asking is how much should we be worrying about the short and long-term effects of the wildfire smoke that we've been seen. experts
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say that while any amount of wildfire smoke inhalation is unhealthy for all age groups is particularly dangerous for pregnant women infants and children. you see weaker immune systems and higher rates of asthma in infants that are exposed to wildfire smoke studies show that even 5 days of wildfire exposure for an infant increases the rate of asthma by about 2 fold. you can even impact a baby's health in the their high rates of prematurity and a decreased for 3. even after just a week of wildfire exposure. there are certain 10th of the population and we don't know. >>to that degree by which they're more sensitive than others but i would definitely say pregnant mom please be super careful. >>we don't know all the data but we do know that it's dangerous to be outside please wear a mask when you're outside we really need to understand more about what's happening to pregnant moms as well them to an all ages, but i would say to be super careful around those
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population studies are still being done at stanford university to fully determine the health impacts of smoke exposure. >>especially with regard to chronic versus acute exposure to pollution. doctor nadeau says that the same changes in the immune systems of people chronically exposed to a low level pollution. we're very similar to those acutely exposed. she went on to say that the acute exposure could include irreversible effects. so you can't assume that you won't suffer serious consequences simply because air pollution may be bad for a few days here or there. sue moss turn your reporting kron 4 news. >>in southern california, a firefighter is dead after battling the eldorado fire that fire was sparked you might remember by a device used during a baby gender reveal party. the firefighter died as the crews were battling the flames on thursday in the san bernardino national forest, the exact cause of death is still under
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investigation. the fire has burned more than 21,000 acres, it is 66% contained tonight, 4 homes have burned they've been destroyed, but there are 26,000 other buildings and homes still threatened. meantime the family that through that gender reveal party for their baby could still face charges for recklessly causing a fire the investigation is ongoing the tense situation for by bart riders today when a man was stabbed on a bart train in the east bay it happened at the warm springs station in fremont. >>the station was shut down while police investigated the trains are running again we heard from one witness who apparently tried to help the victim. >>train stopped just to get some air because i get a little woozy when i see blood. it was a lot of blood coming out of these there. >>the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to
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survive the suspect has been arrested it's not clear what led up to the stabbing. >>new tonight police in san francisco arrested a man after he allegedly carjacked and ambulance while a patient was inside. this happened early thursday morning police say they were flagged down by emergency medics near golden gate avenue in mcallister street, they said their ambulance had been stolen. the officers managed to track down the ambulance and arrested the 32 year-old man on suspicion of carjacking he's not been identified the patient who was inside the ambulance is said to be okay. >>some good news as the bay area gets back to business amid the pandemic you may be able to eat indoors at san francisco restaurants in the very near future and of course this is significant news for a town known for its restaurants where so many people have been shut down because of covid and it comes as mayor london breed's office is rolling out a new timeline to allow indoor dining at 25% capacity. kron four's dan kerman has more. since march tables inside san
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francisco restaurants have remained empty this indoor dining remains off limits due to covid-19 those that could offer takeout and delivery and eventually some expanded to outdoor dining in june. but soon some of those indoor tables may be available for diners. >>i want to keep these businesses open. i want to make sure we don't lose the fabric of san francisco and what makes san francisco so great and so special. >>a news conference friday, san francisco mayor london breed announced its key health indicators remain steady. and san francisco moves from the state's red tier to the orange here at the end of the month. the city will allow restaurants to reopen indoors at 25% capacity. >>i think this is definitely a move in the right direction. >>restaurant owner in golden gate restaurant association executive director laurie thomas says while it may not be enough for everybody it's a good start. >>for those of us who are already takeout and delivery and outdoor dining being able
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to add this will help. >>even with takeout delivery and patio dining many restaurants are still losing money or barely breaking even ultimately the goal is for san francisco's covid-19 health indicators to continue to go down eventually allowing indoor dining at 50% capacity. the mayor says that only happens if mask wearing and social distancing continue. we can't let up. >>we can't see another surge we can't go backwards. >>we've come too far now the earliest san francisco could be moved to the orange here september 29th and again it all depends on those covid-19 numbers remaining steady in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>the test and cyclists in golden gate park have been given exclusive access to miles of roadway. it is all part of the city's slow streets program created because of the coronavirus pandemic it's now possible to go from the panhandle on the
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east side of golden gate park. all the way out ocean beach riding a bike or walking basically in the middle of the roadway there is still some vehicle traffic but for the most part you can use the middle of the road all the way across the park a san francisco recreation and parks department says that it has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people who have been using the park and it meant it is also causing a disruption to cars in the area but the department says most of the cars before the pandemic were in the park this to pass through and they weren't even stopping there. 8 and a half. >>of every 10 vehicles that we're in this park were in this park to get someplace else. and that is not what a park is about. >>these road closures including the slow street road closures around san francisco are temporary. they may be removed from the emergency declaration expires. >>the pastor of a south bay church says services will now be held in the parking lot of a church that's after the church racked up more than 100
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grand $100,000 in fines for to find health orders. the north valley baptist church in santa clara holes up to 3,000 people and it had been allowing people inside for services but in doing so the church racked up $112,000 in fines. so the pastor now says services will move to the parking lot. county officials say they have no plans to forgive those incurred fines but will no longer penalize the church because it is now complies. on the peninsula the california dmv has given the automated card tech company zoo kicks for mission to test driverless cars on public roads. the tests are allowed within a designated area of its foster city headquarters in san mateo county. the new permit allows the company to test to autonomous vehicles without a driver behind the wheel. they are restricted to go no more than 45 miles an hour to is the 4th company to receive a driverless testing permit in
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the state. >>still ahead tonight fall is just around the corner which means flu season is as well why some experts think we may actually have a milder milder year for the virus than previously predicted. and we continue our coverage of hispanic heritage month by shining the spotlight on our ecology
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we're living in uncertain times, but as californians we'll get through this together. if your income has been reduced or you've lost your job or your health insurance, covered california is here. we can help you find the health insurance you need to protect you and your loved ones. and, you may even get financial help to pay for your health insurance. so, if you or someone you know is without coverage, visit to learn more or enroll today.
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>>parents who were celebrating hispanic heritage month. here at kron 00:04am tonight we spotlighted ecology truck driver who was born in mexico, we just wanted to keep hearing the music that truck drivers built a life in the city kron forcefully to call has his story. >>54 years on the job leader that has changed personal be oh what a nice i love to work. >>is still up clocking in at recall a g with most of us are fast asleep. >>and in 2 ships when we're starting our day somebody have to do to get out. >>before the pandemic's inovio just went by trash truck driver, teeing large containers in san francisco's richmond district and neighborhoods around golden gate park. >>it now we know he's an essential worker. these journey started in the 60's immigrated from mexico to the city is very important because i don't want to forgive my what i come from and his family won't let him forget how much he means to them will
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work ethic that even need to even find the strength and painting. >>strengthen my own words. and one of crystal order faces finest works of art and year-old he produced now showcased on valencia street in the mission district. >>the tribute to his father and all a worker's side as number one in my book in. >>they proud of him and really just blessed that at 73 he still going strong crystal says this mural encapsulates his father and the men and women he works with on a daily basis. the smile and great personality and carrying the can on his back that blue collar mentality that drive and think you can't teach that you know just as intuitive. >>you know gave me sort of a feeling of like i need to pay homage to oh geez and not just my father, but his father before him who retired from company is well, i'm proud to be a latino. i'm proud to have my family and i'm proud to be.
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be part of. >>rick colleges sacrifice and dedication materialized year-old symbolizing how one man's pride can lead to unity. >>our hispanic heritage special runs on saturday october, the 17th the 30 minute special begins at 09:30pm and you can also find more stories online at kron 4 dot com just look under the community tab for hispanic heritage month. >>coming up we continue to honor the life and legacy of justice ruth bader ginsburg including her most recent visit to the bay area. >>and we are looking at this weekend the last weekend of summer what about the first weekend of fall will have
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>>continuing our coverage on the passing of supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. she was a towering figure on the nation's highest court chief justice roberts describing her today as a jurist of historic stature, a cherished colleague and a tireless and resolute champion of justice ginsburg is being remembered tonight as a shining light for the rights of women and minorities, a pop culture icon and a giant in law who made her mark on american history. rudabeh shahbazi looks back on her legacy. >>i ask no favor from my ex
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ask of our brethren. >>is that they take their off our necks. >>ruth bader ginsburg made equal rights her life's work born in 1933 in brooklyn new york. ginsburg was a pioneer early on the first female member of the harvard law review in the 70's she argued several cases before the supreme court mister king justice and may it please the court helping establish protections against bias on the basis of gender having experienced discrimination she devoted the next 20 years of a career to fighting it in 1993 president clinton nominated her to be the second woman ever to serve on the supreme court. >>i surely would not be in this room today. without the determined efforts. of men and women can't reams of equal citizenship alive ginsburg, a reliably liberal voice on the court. >>never let personal politics
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prevent a friendship, even with an ideological opposite like antonin scalia, we would difference. one. in our reverence for the court she never let a health-care slow her down even hearing a case from the hospital. i think my work is what saved me. >>instead of i. this is called this comforts, i've just got to get it done a darling of pop culture many calling ginsburg affectionately the notorious rbg. >>for her workout routine lampooned with love on saturday night live. >>her life story even taking center stage on the silver screen changing culture. it means nothing if the change you say your name once it a dude never quitting her quest for justice and a more equitable society i have 3
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grand all it is and i'd like to be tate able to take him my pocket constitution and say. >>then the. the close of this is shipped stature of men and women is a fundamental. boss aside. >>ins berg was known as much for the hurdles she overcame as she was for what she accomplished. after graduating at the top of her class at columbia law school. she says she had 3 strikes against her for being jewish a mother and a woman. she couldn't get a job in the field of law but all these years later she left the world, a very different place. >>you see berkeley students had a chance to hear from supreme court justice ginsburg in october of last year she was the featured guests in a lecture series hosted by the school of law at the time she assured the crowd that she was doing quite well after beating cancer 4 times and then at age 86 and still doing planks and push-ups center jim she also told the lawsuits that life. >>is about balance. i think it
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was appreciated and that there is more to life in the hospital. >>and that it can spread. >>you see berkeley student said it was an honor to see and to hear from her. earlier tonight we were joined by our political analyst tom del beccaro to talk about why her death feels like such a pivotal moment for our country. >>and what we can expect from washington in the days ahead. >>is a bigger moment than usual repay ginsburg is arguably the most famous non chief justice of all time and she meant a great deal to the american left and so her replay is no easy shoes to kill regardless of who would be president now mcconnell's of course and said that there's a difference today, the difference being now that there was a little sore, it was democrat and president
10:32 pm
republican. senate now he says goes on the same side which for him and probably the president we'll make a difference. the real risks here is if it was just for 4 and there was a constitutional issue raised by the election. and it was for 4. i can't imagine the the constitutional crisis under those circumstances. but let me just say there are no rules in this you know john adams after he lost the election pack the courts in front of thomas jefferson. so there are no rules at this point and this is why i wrote the book the divided here we are going to happen fight. >>where do we stand though tom i mean do you think this will brought to the senate for consideration to replace. ginsburg before the election. >>that's pretty yeah think they will do that i think they
10:33 pm
believe not this seat is the most important selection in decades, and they won't shy away from. >>you've already heard some senators in the last few months because we've known that justice ginsburg was not well. say that they would not sign on to vote for some senators have said they won't sign on to a vote for a justice because it's not fair this is you know fair play and all those kinds of things. do you think that those minds will change in light of the pressure. now that because of the election. >>yeah they have said that they really consistent and there are more cows ski in susan collins and then you have mitt romney who you know collins and murkowski actually believe what they say mitt romney just is going to do it to stop the measure and not least us 5050, potentially and so the republicans right now
10:34 pm
clearly counting votes and they're going to see whether they can get to 50 remembering to take the 50 tie. the vice president gets to cast the so do i think they'll actually get there i do but they're counting votes very hard right now. >>and we'll see how that goes stay with kron 4 news as our coverage continues on the passing of supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg you can also find the latest information on our website kron 4 dot com. >>all right this take a live look outside on this friday night checking out the bay bridge toll plaza there and you don't see much haze in the air but a spare the air alert is due for tomorrow. >>what's up with that lawrence yet well the winds going to switch direction. guys i know it's been so nice all that fresh air finally coming back to the bay area after day after day of smoke in our skies, a national our cars. i don't think we'll see really bad conditions, although some parts of the east the north bay certainly you're looking
10:35 pm
some poorer quality developing. i think especially on sunday tomorrow, we'll begin to see some haze in your skies, but i think more that offshore wind develops as we get into sunday, so expect that you'll see some moderate condition you get inside the bay in oakland down through fremont and san jose and mount view but right on the coastline. i think we've got just enough of the sea breeze that will keep that air very fresh out along the coastline. so if you want to get some fresh air. they want to be the freshest in the bay area head to the coast that's generally where you can find it. other tonight we are seeing some low clouds and fog moving back on shore that's a good sign if you like the fresh air as well start to feel inside the bay this looking toward sfo out there tonight as that fog begins to thicken up temperature wise you've got 66 degrees in san jose really not a bad temperature for this time of the evening 67 in hayward 67 in concord still 68 in oakland, 64 nevado and 63 degrees in san francisco. all right long range forecast, taking us to the end of summer and well beyond well, we'll see some big changes of course we've got a weak front that
10:36 pm
moved through today brought some showers and part northern california once that moves on through high pressure starts to build on the backside of that and that's why we start to see little bit of a northerly component the winds i don't think enough to mix up the fog along the coastline for tomorrow as we get into sunday, you can see more sunshine that will be warmer day we could see some temperatures pop up in low 90's inland and then after that we switch gears again we've got another weak trough the begins to approach the coastline. and you can see the day after day of the system's kind of rotating over the top of that ridge. then we get toward the middle of the week then things begin to change look at this frontal system that looks impressive right now does the splits before it gets here in the bay area kind of falls apart. but it looks like that will get close maybe some more rain in northern california. but behind that i think we could be looking at some strong gusty winds by next weekend. the first weekend of fall through 1010 we've got a nice weekend ahead. we expect the breeze to pick up a little hazy in spots cooling down your temperatures through the middle of next week. then next weekend maybe some gusty offshore winds and high fire danger in the bay area. >>thank you lawrence other
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news we are following tonight the state's health department reported 3600 new coronavirus cases today and 91 new deaths, the rate of positive tests is just 3.4% that's down. nearly 2% over the past 2 weeks here are the latest numbers more than 760,000 confirmed cases in california. >>and close to 15,000. people have died from the virus. the state also reported 20 new covid-19 deaths in our area 9 of them in alameda county. almost 1400 people in the bay area have died from covid-19. there have been more than 97,000 cases here. >>the cdc is now abandoning a controversial piece of coronavirus testing advice and guidance. it is now telling everybody who has been in contact closely with people who are infected to get tested. the agency now getting rid of language posted just last month that said people who did not feel sick did not need to get tested. this
10:38 pm
latest change that change particularly set off a rash of criticism from health experts who could not fathom why the nation's top public health agency would say such a thing in the middle of a pandemic that has been difficult to control in fact the cdc estimates 40% of infections are asymptomatic and 50% transmissions occur before the symptoms actually appear a pop-up covid-19 testing site made its debut in east oakland today and it will be there tomorrow as well. >>a local doctor tells kron four's has it by june. it's all part of a larger effort to try to increase a black communities trust in being tested for covid-19. >>it s you being around east oakland's building opportunities for self-sufficiency organization of the corner of 90th avenue of the dark there is the location for this covid-19 pop-up test site the testing event is called little to help the town and all around the idea here was in
10:39 pm
>>is that we're trying to bring the tech thing to the people associate professor of epidemiology at ucsf doctor kim road says one of the primary goals of the pop-up clinic is to improve the current testing rate of 20% for black people in alameda county. >>that means 80% of the tests are going to other people even though those critics are available in the neighborhood where black and ask american people where dot the road says the low turnout for free testing is part of longstanding skepticism from black people unknowingly being used for medical experiments in the 1930's by the u.s. department of public health service people are worried that. >>we might be trying to eat them covid and we have heard as we try to mobilize community to come out protesting and i just want to emphasize this we're not doing on black people but what we are trying to research is one of the best ways to engage with the black african
10:40 pm
american community and organizers say they believe that starts with a scene familiar faces that these pop-up test sites credible messengers who have already been in the community for a long time so we could look like if you get that kind of tell the community but you. >>east oakland residents can receive free testing for the covid-19 virus and the antibody testing saturday september 19th from 09:00am to 04:00pm at the center of hope community church at 84th avenue and macarthur haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>in the south bay people living in santa clara county can get free flu shots starting this weekend. this is part of a new effort to keep people safe from the flu during the covid pandemic earlier this week, the santa clara county public health department advised residents to get vaccinated against the flu. in addition to taking steps to prevent the spread of covid-19 the flu shots will be every saturday from 00:09am in the morning until 4 in the afternoon at the santa clara fairgrounds some health officials have suggested that
10:41 pm
the steps being taken to prevent the spread of covid-19 things such as wearing masks and using hand sign sanitizer more often likewise help protect us against the flu which is transmitted in similar ways. doctors still stressed that those precautions alone are not enough. and the best thing you can do is get a flu shot. it will also avoid any confusion because the 2 illnesses do share some symptoms. >>you can have fever cough, sore shortness of breath. most lakes by and you will know that you have the flu you have covid-19 and actually got tested. and so if you get the flu shot. there's less of a chance that you have the flu and so that ways helps decrease the chances, we'll get one of those 2 diseases. >>another reason to get the flu vaccine is to stay out of the hospital at a time when those beds may be needed for people who are even more sick with covid-19 still ahead tonight a million dollars donated to support equity in
10:42 pm
health care all while honoring the legacy of a very a leader and former guard tyson up next in sports. it is the bay bridge series between the it was just a get together with friends. no big deal. everybody felt fine. but now im super sick. everyone is sick. i just wish we had been more careful. it would have been easier than this. so wear a mask. do what you can outside. stay six feet apart. because some things you just can't take back. do your part to lower the risk.
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>>almost a year ago the bay area health community was jolted by the sudden death at the age of bernard tyson. he was the first african-american ceo of kaiser permanente and since then the foundation set
10:45 pm
up in his name has worked to preserve and continue his efforts to reform health care and make it accessible for everybody and now that foundation is giving 1 million dollars in grants to 7 bay area organizations aimed at doing just that. bernard tyson was known as a champion for equity in health care whether in washington dc your here at home in the bay area passing at age 60 so young in his drive to make health care better for all. >>efforts cut short by a heart attack. now the been rj tyson impact fund under the umbrella of the american heart association is giving out 1 million dollars for community let solutions aimed at the social factors that affect people's health. one beneficiary is nam's northeast medical services in san francisco which helps low income asian immigrant communities in particular need now because of covid-19 we adopted the approach of doing
10:46 pm
drive-thru in la cruz sites april or march about more than 50% of the deaths related to covid were not asians. >>and there wasn't really much detail, i'm with that data to explain. >>why that was has conducted more than 3,000 covid test through its drive-thru sites but realize that hundreds more people were falling through the cracks not getting the message nor the medical care they needed about the coronavirus they were hindered by the very barriers to health care that the tyson fund is designed to fight language barriers concerns about immigration status. no transportation to get to test sites cultural concerns about going to medical facilities plus the risks associated with families and multi generational households nam's decided a mobile the man was the solution and now money from the tyson fund will make that happen we plan to use a stand to outreach to areas of
10:47 pm
the city that have a high burden of covid-19. >>and currently don't have a lot of testing options available to them to ending the season with the help of videos in 5 different languages and staff the ban will travel to the people who need the help the testing will be open to all with special attention to immigrant communities in the bayview hunters point visit haitian valley and portola neighborhoods of san francisco josh, we feel you're really lucky to be one of the recipients of the 9 tyson. >>80 grant you know and hope to continue really his legacy. we're keeping health equity in our community. >>the mobile ban for covid testing is being retrofitted right now it will be ready for use in october in total the tyson fund collected 2 million dollars from across the nation money for the 7 bay area and then 3 new york organizations and sales for ceo marc benioff
10:48 pm
was the major bay area contributor. >>tonight's sports report brought to you by internet we've doubled our speeds the fastest just got back. >>next time pans to a sports. but tonight, it's mean we're going to start off with the bay bridge series cea's could clinch a playoff spot tonight should their division rivals lose their games. while the giants are in the hunt there in the top wild-card spot in the national league so here we go to the highlights gabe kepler bob melvin bumping fists and elbows before the game bottom of the 3rd a's leading one up one nothing rather to on from adelson and he drives one to deep right field that one is gone a three-run shot for olson. the a's now lead by 4 next inning runners at the corners for tommy la stella he shoots one into right field for a base hit one more run will score the a's extend their lead to 5. they eventually shut out the giants 6 nothing the final score. they also clinch a playoff spot for the 3rd straight season. after the mariners in seattle lost to the san diego padres today
10:49 pm
game 2 of the bay bridge series. tomorrow afternoon now to the niners it looked like george kittle would be all healed up in time for sunday's game against the jets for the team announced today. the nfl's top time and has been ruled out for sunday with a knee sprain you can see it happen right there e injured his knee after being tackled by cardinal safety. but a baker. he left the game heading into halftime returned in the 2nd half played until the final whistle, but he didn't have any catches in the 2nd half head coach, kyle shanahan on the update of his top died in what he hopes to see him back on the field. it's i think it was just the normal person we probably would rule him out earlier in the week. >>but we never do that really would george because of you know what he's shown us here over these 3 years with them. >>and we would hold out 2 more days to wait and see if those a home game. >>7 decide to travel today whether it's worth it to bring him and if he's not going to play as much better for him to leave him here for a couple days and let him get his rehab and everything and so we had to make the decision a little bit earlier today and that
10:50 pm
will help them and benefit all men how medicine west virginia. hopefully these 2 days, the stand here will help women hope they'll be ready to go next week. >>lawrence is smiling now the raiders looking to go to to start the season. warren says frowning now they have to slow down the dangerous offense in the new orleans saints led by quarterback drew brees and receiver michael thomas who is battling an injury. the saints also have another big weapon in their arsenal, running back alvin kamara raiders defensive coordinator paul guenther that's a good name for defensive coordinator, he knows the explosive miss and the versatility of kamara. >>this guy's an explosive back a matter of fact i was at his work out when he was working out tennessee was underused guy in college and i saw him running i was like she's got to fly so he does a lot of things a lot like mccaffrey does you can go on the flank and run routes on a jet sweep, those type things obviously he's a dangerous guy in the backfield when he gets the ball. so these are very similar to what what how to use mccafferty so we'll we'll be ready for whatever reason.
10:51 pm
>>that's wrapping up with the nba playoffs tonight as the lakers game one on the western conference finals, not many problems for the lakers are up by 11 in the 3rd lebron james to dwight howard howard with the slam the lakers extend their lead. later in the 3rd, rushing rondo again and anthony davis davis with the one handed slam. 37 points for davis, the lakers dominate the nuggets one 26 1.14 is the final game 2. in the playoffs on sunday that is your look at sports, reading next, you know we did to them and i have to continue to do that coming of hospital patients in indiana hospital patients in indiana getting some much needed great day on the lake! it is. lunch is cookin'! and i saved a bunch of money on my boat insurance with geico. fellas, can it get any better than this? whoa! my old hairstyle grew back.
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so did mine. [80's music] what? i was an 80's kid. it only gets better when you switch and save with geico.
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>>there's no parade like a puppy parade, these dogs from a humane society in indiana recently paid a visit to a local hospital and the patients had the chance to get some fresh air to the little puppies or to watch from the comfort of their rooms hospital workers say they hope this parade made the patients feel a lot better giving them some hope during these trying times. >>it is very healing for our patients, you know, especially during this pandemic when a patient has a say in their family members for a very long time just due to all the restrictions that there are right now. >>the hospital staff says little activities like these are good for the patients, mental well-being and can go a
10:55 pm
long way toward helping their physical recovery. as well warrants. i think there's a flying tails in there somewhere tim i don't i don't know about you. >>hey we've got a nice weekend ahead. it is the last weekend the summer. let's going to feel like it to her seen a little bit on shore breeze right now that is carrying with it some low clouds and fog out across the golden gate bridge if you're traveling there and some fog along the coast line moving inside the bay to but the temperatures they're going to be nice about 69 degrees in downtown san francisco, 70 in the marine about 71 degrees in the mission, 65 in the sun said you will see a little patchy fog along the coastline with that fog keep the cooler temperatures to about 60 degrees in pacifica 65. in half moon bay, 60 montara 63 for friends in daly city inside the bay, maybe a little hazy at times mild temperatures mid 60's in the millbrae that's a pretty weekend there 67 degrees and burning game 65 south san francisco about 73 degrees in san carlos you're enjoying sunshine. about 77 degrees in
10:56 pm
redwood city 80 in mount in the south bay it's going to be a little bit on the easy side as we head toward the afternoon. we'll see a little bit of a northerly component to the wind and that's that offshore flow and of course that helps to warm up the temperatures but may bring a little smoke and some haze back to the bay area plan and about 78 degrees in san jose 77 degrees in campbell 81 in cupertino and about 75 degrees in sunnyvale in the east bay. i think we crank out a few 80's maybe as high as 85 in livermore but 81 or so in pleasanton 80's reason, dublin, 71 in union city 73 degrees in fremont and 70 in hayward as you make your way in oakland little hazy the afternoon but that breeze will pick up late in the day and i think that is really going to help the air quality so maybe some issues with their quality i think especially in the latter half of the weekend with a stronger offshore flow bringing some smoke or wait on about 81 degrees in danville about 86 in walnut creek 87 in concord about 79 degrees in hercules as you head through the delta tomorrow starting out with maybe a more northerly component in the morning and you can see more
10:57 pm
of a westerly wind by the afternoon as those winds filter right through the delta still you're talking 80's and sunny and play about 83 warm in benicia by the 7 degrees in fairfield maybe size 88 vacaville back toward the coastline got patchy fog kind of dance with the coast. all day long still almost 70 degrees at stinson beach. help here's your 10 to 10 for as we take you through the last weekend of summer as we head in toward fall the first day there on tuesday we're going to cool down the temperatures into early next week then warm back up next sunday. >>some offshore winds that they want is a good weekend for a birthday don't you think it is can happy birthday good night everybody good night and good night.
10:58 pm
in just a few months, we've learned a lot more about the covid-19 virus. it's real. and it's dangerous. so, on behalf of all of us working on the front lines, please take it seriously.
10:59 pm
and while we don't yet have a cure or a vaccine, we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart. do your best to stay out of crowded spaces. and get a flu shot, it's even more important this year. we can do this. if we do it together. ♪
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shocking investigation into cheer leading. 180 coaches and choreographers charged with sexual misconduct. >> high school cheer coaches convicted of misconduct with a student. >> triplets near disaster. the dresser that fell on them. >> i didn't think it would tip. >> backyard barbecue that hit ten family members. >> we thought it was safe. >> dad is fighting for his life. >> the crazy new crime wave, stealing used cooking oil. restaurant after restaurant targeted. >> ho


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