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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  October 5, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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evening and we've got even more those crisp evenings even some cooler afternoons at of us today still going to be a hot afternoon after what is such a foggy morning you can see more and more of san francisco peering through the fog in the distance but there's still plenty of it to burn through as we make our way through the morning by the time afternoon hits. we will be under sunshine and some fairly good air quality not going to be quite as crystal clear as yesterday all this green that you're seeing indicating good conditions across the bay is likely to become a bit more yellow, especially for the north bay by the time we move our way to the finish of the day. still fine to go outside and that's just moderate just not quite as crystal clear and beautiful as yesterday was 40's for just a couple of spots, lingering on in the north bay like santa rosa and san anselmo well 50's and 60's elsewhere in the bay, some of our clear spots are also some of our warmer areas like livermore at 62. later today, livermore you'll also be one of our warmer spots well into the 90's just low 90's while 70's and 80's closer to the bay. robin. well
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traffic continues to improve on 80 west into san francisco, i'm checking out the bay bridge toll plaza. >>i'm noticing just a minor wait here at the pay earlier it spilled all the way out to west grand. now we're looking at some off and on slowing from 80 over crossing, so it's not so bad 10 minutes, it's a really good average off to fremont street once you make it into san francisco, it's wide open on the skyway no problems on the james lake or to 80. but you'll notice a lot of heavy traffic on the central freeway, the northbound central from the beginning all the way over to the n merging out to city streets. it's just pack right now, but no because spots back to you. thanks a lot robin, i know won and breaking news just one day after she said that the way so i white house would not. >>give names or exact numbers of staffers infected with covid white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany yourself. announces she has covid-19 and there is her tweet saying that came down with it and tested. this
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morning. and that she is now positive. however, as i said just yesterday she was giving interviews saying they were going to reveal the numbers or names of staffers because the white house took very seriously. she said. information about personnel privacy very important. and apparently getting the word out not as important because as we know there've not very many warnings given to various people have come into contact with the white house including a lot of journalists who have now come down with covid. >>our hope is that we can plan for discharges early as tomorrow to the white house where he can continue his treatment course. >>and we're also continuing to try to get as much information as we can from president donald trump's doctors about his progress since his hospitalization on friday with the coronavirus his symptoms they say are continuing to improve, but they will not give us. times of covid test
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when they were taken or details about his blood oxygen level or anything else. they're just saying now he's doing well and maybe he'll get released as early as today. we did find out that the president was on oxygen. not only saturday but for idea at the white house something that the doctors refused to reveal to reporters when asked on saturday. trump is also getting they say numerous very serious and aggressive medical treatments for coronavirus including up homes steroids and the drug remdisivir year. and also an experimental antibody cocktail. the controversy continues over how much information we are getting about the president. and about his treatment and also how he's being treated by the doctor staff at walter reed because they would never let somebody with covid out and about and yet the president did leave the
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hospital yesterday and was driven past a crowd. where he waved to end as you can see there there are a secret service staff inside that hermetically sealed special suv which means there was fresh air it was all recirculated air and as you can see the president. even though he has covid is just simply wearing a cloth mask like you or i might wear and you know doctors say that if we were diagnosed we definitely should be in quarantine and not around people. >>to get more information about how the president's being treated for coronavirus we're joined live this morning by doctor peter, chin-hong and infectious disease. >>physician and expert at ucsf medical center a doctor to talk thank you so much for joining us this morning. >>thanks on james and there absolutely so help demystify this because a lot of us we're introduced to to new medical terms over the weekend and 2 new drugs as well. the president was given a lot over the course of this weekend to
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battle of the coronavirus is that typical of someone you think who was initially reported as just suffering from mild symptoms or. what do you think was the decision-making process. >>well james i think thank you my 2 possibilities here. why is the president was actually sicker than they let out so they were pulling well over our eyes. well, the second possibility is that the president was directing what we call the ip syndrome which is you know we want to take care of that we want to take care of that important person so we may sort of like use things out of sequence or not necessarily a in an evidence base way. >>yeah talk a bit more about that because he was given the the steroid dexamethasone also treated with severe which is. you know another drug that's currently being developed right now in testing and then an experimental drug to an antibody cocktail i guess do they all work nicely together
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or it seems like they're just throwing everything out. >>yeah, almost seem like you're going to the covid target and you're picking one of everything on every aisle, but let me just take you through you have 2 phases, mainly and covid you have the virus stays where the virus is just replicating itself making more virus so run. and then you have the more dangerous inflammatory phase where the body's immune system primary about seeing the virus. so it tries to kill it, but it makes us inflammation and that's really what kills people. so from the beginning the president got on somebody it's it was made and a lot of engine aired by its very similar to convalescent plaza and its spirit. 5 none of neither you know i genes will be able to easily have to this drug. outside of a trial, but the president for compassionate you know the fda approved that on an individual
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so that was that and it's make sense because it gets suns a virus. first and then he came into the hospital and that point if was really on oxygen. it was reasonable to put him on remdesivir air again a virus or. you know for the most part we don't usually get put people on steroids dexamethasone kind of well for the long there's much more information than sun that he was persistently needing oxygen i don't think anybody would put him on steroids. >>so the fact that he was put on dexamethasone what do you suppose that tells you that he was in more need than we were led to believe. >>as high as this evolves might got sense as a clinician is that he came in he was actually looking really sick. so they kind of threw her. all the interventions that we have currently available at him and whether or not he's truly improving i would urge
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community to really watch and wait because what happens is usually people fall off the cliff in a march 5 days even if they look kind of stable and when you get put on stories you feel good anyway like everyone. he was on top of the world. temporarily out to starting steroids so that might be part of it and also might need some me as well so jumping into that car from infection control hospital has an active covid patient is really unheard of and the infectious disease, you know we're looking at video that we know that there were a couple secret service members in that suv. >>that is the president's protected vehicle which means it hermetically sealed and all the air inside is recirculated it's part of their you know any you know defense systems so you've got air inside that's being recirculated with the president exhaling you know infectious i i can't imagine how doctors allowed this to happen, but i guess if you're the president. he wants
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to go out there's not much you can do to stop them. >>exactly it's a playbook on how to get covid it's indoors as thursday cleaning air he's highly infectious person i've if you look at them mass that the secret wearing the actually the wrong master one-way valve masks and reach out people not to use that in covid because it protects. >>the wearer but not people who are exposed to the breath of the person wearing not one way about. >>and the president was what looked like just simply a white house cloth mask, which you know helps us in our everyday life diminish, but it's certainly not going to prevent him from breathing out clearly you know part particles that are infectious into the air that's being recirculated with the secret service members at its it did raise a lot of eyebrows. >>it definitely did i it was scary actually given the fact that throughout the covid epidemic with you know that thousands and thousands of people in the your best
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hospitalized. we kept them. in a sign for you we didn't even have elderly patients who are dying have there from the visit because you know it is an infectious rest the community. so to have the president go out there when everyone who saw slides of covid can have anyone visit will be going there with full gear on it just makes no sense it infection control world upside down. >>now we're hearing from a physician's there at walter reed that perhaps the president could come back to the white house as early as today. but to the point you made earlier it brings to mind. you know the uk's prime minister and how for 10 days after he was initially diagnosed. he was feeling relatively fine and then after that 10 day mark. he really took a nosedive had to go to the hospital was on oxygen had to have a spectator in and it was touch and go for a bit. do you think it's premature even though the president says he may be feeling fine and his vitals maybe stabilizing you think it's too soon to let him go back to the white house and
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away from all of the care and the equipment that's at his disposal air walter reed. >>1 million percent james, if you were my patient, there's no way i would let him go home, he has a 15 to 25% chance of dying, even though he looks that well because of this risk factors and his age. i knew right, i mean people usually that area very very rapidly up to even looking well i defy the 7 today, just like boris johnson that missing that time and time again in this shot people home, not knowing and then they came back and went to the icu had a breathing tube put in. >>it important too really emphasize that testing alone isn't enough masks alone aren't enough it really is sort of like a layer a layered approach to this to the protection right. >>exactly is a multi modal affair and you know testing does limitations because you can be exposed to someone and still be incubating which will
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take you know 3 or 4 days before you can even be detected. so perhaps some folks had a false negative test even though they were in committing the virus in a time when they so the president may be the test was like to you know 72 hours before and already been committed to the being able to transmit configuration of all is in con is this so. for its like american horror story for infection covid spread because people altogether. they're in they're talking they're laughing many of the things that indoors. i mean you couldn't ask for a better way to get covid. >>and then one final question for you doctor chin-hong when it comes to diseases like this is one of the reasons why we try to keep this from spreading with the mask in the hand washing in the testing and everything else is because the more the virus gets into people the more it spreads the more it has different environment to work in. the more chance it has to mutate into something that perhaps
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vaccines working on right now might not be effective against his mutation another thing that we're trying to slow along with the spread. >>well that's a great thought james, but luckily i think we haven't seen major mutations in covid like bcn influenza good that's why we need different influenza shot every year, but covid seems to be kind of simple in a sense and their minute haitians. that just help us to fingerprint way the virus comes from for example is this europe is this from china. i don't race up mix, but luckily so far crossing fingers. no major mutations saying all right, we'll keep our fingers crossed doctor chin-hong thank you so much for joining us today and sharing your time in helping. >>us understand what we've seen here over the last 48 to 72 hours. we appreciate it.
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>>welcome back 9.15 on this monday morning and a foggy morning at that the in see some sunshine working its way down to sfo but also more so than not the gray skies there in the distance air quality is good for most areas right now, but gradually starting to see some more and more yellow in areas like the east bay as well as up into the north bay. now air quality not going to be quite as crystal clear as it was yesterday into the afternoon still good enough to get out there but definitely having an impact for sure as we make our way into the afternoon more and more sunshine can be expected closer to the coast after such a foggy start and cooler and cooler temperatures in the
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days to come ahead of us we're already cooling things down compared to last week and with this dip in the jet stream beginning to work its where direction. daytime highs are going to plummet midweek in stay that way through the weekend. this dip in the jet stream combined with some tropical moisture that's likely to make its way up into the region will result in a good chance of rainfall from mendocino coast all the way up north into the pacific northwest and depending on the trajectory of the system we could be getting a good dose of rain here in the bay area we're right at the edge of it though, so we'll let you know as we get closer to that event likely friday night into saturday. today's conditions, nice and dry still warm and landed a little foggy at the coastline as we make our way into tomorrow expect more of the same as a sea breeze increases tonight, cooling things back down for some good sleeping weather overnight. a little bit of a cool down after another toasty afternoon of us. highs today in the 50's and 60's up the coastline daly city right at 60 degrees holding on to the 50's on terror and pacifica while 70's and 80's along the bay shore
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early 80 degrees foster city in palo alto in the upper 70's today, south bay daytime highs in the mid to upper 80's, mostly a few low 80's in sunnyvale santa clara milpitas on up to fremont and hayward low 90's for the tri valley on upwards through walnut creek in danville there actually are 2 spots today. oakland at 76 82 all santa rosa in petaluma in the mid 80's. tomorrow temperatures not changing much, but look at where we're heading after that highs fall into the 70's at our warmest inland by thursday and stay that way through the weekend. robin. >>hey john we could use some sunshine over the san mateo bridge. it's been covered in fog throughout the morning making for a pretty dense fog the commute here on 92 in both directions into and out of hayward as far as the traffic, no problems no crashes no stall so 30 minutes, a great average, it's just foggy so take it easy the extra careful, it's nice to see the commute traffic then out at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's looking much much better.
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we have 2 separate waves of heavy traffic coming in this morning. but now it's pretty clear so 10 minutes from the bottom of the maze to fremont street, the richmond sandra fell doing fine, no problems to the north bay that's a 7 minute trip and as i to scan around the bay area. i don't see any problems for 24 5.80 then minutes 6, 8, is good dublin in fremont and no problems out of the south bay to 81 on one the guadalupe parkway and highway 17 all nice and smooth and at the limit james back to you. >>time now to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black joining us as always good morning, rob. martin james so let's start out of the gate about the markets this morning looks like they're on the upswing as we've been tracking the president's looks like the numbers are turning around. >>yeah, we open up large and we've kind of stair step a little bit higher, so it was a big open fox was nice follow throw like you president seems to be alive and well wall street. it's taking some
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comfort in that. the covid where there's a question mark on world markets like paris they're shutting back down again europe's second phase of covid in the united states. but the united states has come to treasury secretary steve mnuchin and nancy pelosi talk over the weekend. stimulus looks like it's on its way another trillion dollars here train dollars there needs more money into our system. in the markets used of maybe fighting does when we'll get another trillion stimulus towards infrastructure. so it seems like a win-win scenario minus the resurgence of covid but other than that we seem to be looking okay. >>so we'll see if we can keep that train going. not so good though this morning is the fact that sent a world which is one of the biggest theater chains in the world is calling it a wrap for a number of theaters boy in europe and here in the u.s. correct. >>yeah just shutting their business they're not going out
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loss but the stock actually trades this is because it's more expensive. >>to keep a movie ben during covid. >>the shut it down and this speaks the story it tells us we're not there yet and the covid is still around the world economies are still struggling with. but they're sitting on 530 years the united states they try to play with an reopening with movie tenant americans were all really going out droves its effect about 45,000 people so you'll know covid over the economy james, when you and i see no time to die by james fly with james bond, yeah, one of the suv one of the things that's right now is going to bring that guess sort of a double whammy because. >>you know you've got movie theater companies kind of pushing off in the far future some of their release is a really has nothing much to go see in the theaters and with no vaccine that people are still like i don't know is it worth risking my life for a movie that's kind of so-so i guess the answer is no. >>netflix huge winner letter what was life. big zombie
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movie this weekend not number one movie world really large part korean like that never happened so it's nice to see okay all right speaking of another big winner. we've got corona hard seltzer i guess taking on. white claw and others in the in the hard seltzer businesses is another. >>the coronavirus stay at home pandemic is sort of boosting that market as >>call these days not a hard sell kind looks like water just between you and yeah it's low. high alcohol content drink. it was the story of 2019 before covid came it started 2020. the categories grown a 199% year over year while 3.6 billion dollars. constellation brands owns krone their big distributors there meeting with white cause. sam adams truly which
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have 75 to the market share i bring this up because it seems like the gift that keeps on giving white claw it's a great story. there's lot of growth shows wall street's fallen in love with the categories story as well. >>i still have not tried hard seltzer drink have you tried any of these yet. james to bring you a hard seltzers the officer put it in your mailbox next week i was half expecting you to raise a glass and go not at all. >>and so lot of show that on thank you rob has always going get. >>sen roger he'll maybe even answer one of those on the air you can find him on facebook and twitter e-mail and directly and if you can't remember any of that just go to kron 4 dot com. you can connect with him that way as well we'll be r
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>>9.26 right now checking weather and traffic for you and let's start with the robin in the traffic center good morning, good morning nothing in the way but the fog that's been an issue on our bridges throughout the morning drive. so i've been warning folks to just slow down out there be careful make sure the headlights are on because it's really dense in some areas, but the commute traffic thinned out nicely at the bay bridge toll plaza so you're looking good if you're about to roll into san francisco and easy 10 minutes to fremont street here's 92 and the fog has lifted a little bit we can actually see the bridge earlier we could not here at 12 minutes here for west 92 off to the peninsula, the richmond sandra fell bridge, nice and smooth here 7 minutes
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so we're back on time into the north bay and there's or foggy golden gate bridge to meet the headlights and wipers here 90 minutes are right on time rolling south novato to the toll plaza j. >>all right, thank you very much robin 9.27 is the time still ahead early voting underway right now across the bay area we'll have details about any polling locations in your area, stay they do one of the most difficult jobs there is, even in normal times. our frontline health care workers. and when these heroes lack the resources they need, that risky job gets ten times harder. prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share. to invest in our communities, in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between.
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whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us.
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>>well we are less than a month until the 2020 presidential election and early voting begins this morning in 7 bay area counties says son is live at a voting location in san jose with what you need to know if you want to vote early. hi, sarah. >>in live inside the polling center here in san jose for santa clara county. joining us live now is evelyn mendez with public affairs tell me how's it been so far it's been really busy. we had people already lined up the soon as the doors open so people are excited to be the first ones. >>today the first day the early vote and they're excited to be here. >>and so you guys are doing a lot to keep people safe because you know there's other options but keep people safe who want to vote in person and i've seen you do a few of them can you explain that. when they come in they have to be you know obviously 60's social distinct social distancing protocols. >>they have to go when they go to the. entrants they have to actually be asked to come in because there's only so no number of people that could be in the lobby when they get in
9:31 am
there they get gloves so they can as soon as they finish up the voting made somebody lights and cleans down every tool every the whole entire before we see them claiming that a lot of citizen voters them now in that school you provide gloves and masks i saw yeah, fred gloves mask hand sanitizer if somebody wants to shield they have a shield and that's for our staff and our voters and there's other options to people just don't feel comfortable. you can mail and you can do a drop a box outside even you can just barely even have together car. yeah so we have 98 drop boxes all around the county. you can early vote here you can drop off your ballot at a vote center starting october 31st, or you can early vote here at the registrar's office i just talked to a few voters and they seem just really really jazzed up i mean they're like i'm here i'm doing it on day one of you every felt that energy yeah we totally felt that energy because we're we have been encouraging people to vote early so to avoid the lines and the first day and there's already a line so that
9:32 am
could that's going to tell you it's going to be this election. tell me how helpful is it to drop off the ballots early if you're going to drop off. >>in terms of for you guys in the counting process it's very helpful because we get all of them ahead of time we have an earlier time period where we could start opening in flooding of and preparing them. >>for the vote count. so the earlier the better. >>you can mail and again i want to stress that you can mail it in, but is it is it faster think for the drop-off because it comes right here well i mean the drop boxes get picked up by our staff every single day. so i mean it's not going through the mail or anything it's in a temper. >>seal dropbox that only our staff touches we have to go in groups of 2 to even go to any of them in the county and they're starting to pick them up soon as the ballots go out which is today and so that's going make people feel secure in a time where there's a lot of doubt being cast a dip on voting so tell me one last time what do you suggest for people to come on down and show people that sticker good we suggest for people to vote early they could start today
9:33 am
and the bells will start getting today so if they get their mail ballot in the mail they can but they could drop it off they can come by vote in person and they can get there i voted sticker which is what everybody wants it comes with vote by mail ballots, everybody will get one on. thanks so much of a london really appreciated. >>it's a big day early voting in a time where we're dealing with the pandemic are trying to navigate through that. during election season. but you heard it very safe to do so you have a ton of options. i'm live in san jose sarah stinson kron 4 news all right, thanks. a lot sarah. >>again just what 3 3 weeks away from the election coming up in november and we've got lots of news to digest that could impact how people are thinking as we're starting to head to the polls for some as early as today here in california. let's talk to republican political analyst tom del beccaro. >>good morning tom. >>or you wow all i'm fine i'm not sure how the president is
9:34 am
because i'm getting all kinds of mixed messages is doctors finally admitted that they weren't forthright about how he is and if you needed oxygen if he didn't etcetera. >>so i want to ask you because you're smart guy. >>and know you less and you know what's good for the republican party. >>is this working out. why should they be doing what they're doing happen in the. >>cars and leaving the hospital and mingling. >>we need to remember a couple a couple 6. so you know the white house doesn't get to shut down this you kron has been very good keeps limited people. and we do a lot of zoom's i haven't even been in since march that's the simple things. white house says is a different animal. the national securities and different animal. no it's not certain how this occurred it we just spoke to someone you know i mean okay to block season.
9:35 am
fox. the doctors never figured out how she got in husband never got my business partner got it. but. wife got it and he never got that's we need to remember that harris is encourage these mass protests molly hundreds of thousands of people. was sacked risky for her to do not. how do much this being a front and center is she right now. and and a bunch of people getting does not play the president's does look didn't take enough precautions. >>you know we talked to you last week and you said it was still to be seen whether or not of the president coming through this would help or hurt him. whether there was a certain sympathy vote that he you know get from this. we'll have a couple polls done over the weekend and some of those results start to come out, we've got one here from reuters, it was a reuters ipsos poll. and it asked americans you know based on the debate and based on the
9:36 am
president's diagnosis who do you think you're gonna vote for 51% compared to 41% said they were going to go joe biden's way and then we had the rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll out this morning. also found 53% of people disapprove right now of the job performance of president trump compared to 46% who approve. obviously not a good position to be in going into the homestretch i'm sure the president would like to have kept the message on law order and on the economy but you know this is taking center stage and i is there a way for him to turn this around at this point. >>well yes, keep in mind that for most of october and septa concern dogs in september president trump's a full reading was higher than obama's that a similar period. i don't believe the poll with to 10 points because it goes back says polling. republicans sent 27% turnout. that's never happened. in 2016 2018 they were at 33%. and you know what else was at 2016 2018 the
9:37 am
democrats and 33%. so when you actually cole similar to prior to announce the race is a dead heat so this is we still only long way to go. remember. 4 years ago. new york times everyone else 98% chance that hillary's going to win and of course that didn't bear out net and now look this presents a problem this covid people getting now we have to any getting it. this does present a problem. but a month in politics is long long time. >>i know you took issue with the reuters poll, but that rasmussen poll which you know traditionally is more favorable to the president. >>i think i think it's the most accurate poll, ok and the fact that he's down at 46% yeah is concerning okay, but talking about concerning politically let's go let's
9:38 am
back up a second. >>i know it's a problem politically have a problem like health and safety wise because you just referred to kayleigh mcenany who just came out this morning and said i tested positive. but by the way you know we know that she'd been in close contact with everybody in the white house. and when you're in close contact with somebody who has covid you're supposed to isolate you're not supposed to be out yesterday. giving you know reporters. you know information or not information and you know she said she couldn't tell. >>who had covid or even how many because it was they're very concerned about privacy i understand that. the nfl is concerned about privacy but they still give the numbers and the nfl is concerned about privacy but they still make the players where the trackers because they want to do contact tracing so i let's talk about health and safety stuff much all he can mine. >>and keep in mind that she tested negative all the way through till this morning. >>and and that's you should not rely on test they say that
9:39 am
as soon as you're with somebody who is positive. you should isolate because those that test could come back negative for good for days. >>yeah look at the end of the day what's gonna happen out of this white house is they've got to say we've recently understanding in the president has started to say that you heard saw yesterday talking about how much he has learned from this process and so they want to be successful going forward they need to emphasize that they have reached a new understanding and that they're going to help the country with that understanding and there's gonna be additional protocols in place, there's just no way around london was really good to hear him say that he understood and he got it and it was like so personal but then. >>he got in that vehicle. you know with just a regular old mask on. >>what you need to something about the presidency, it's not like he's never alone there are people around him and you
9:40 am
cannot as president of the united states you need to remember what fdr did fdr was wheelchair bound and they never released a photograph ever of him they protect the presidency and how it projects power like nothing else on so this is not not something that is significantly different than what has gone wrong in american history. so the show is important that the projection is it's not to show just how well have got to remember this is an international issue when you think of national security it's not just whether he's in an election fight with with joe biden writes a is the white house functioning and projecting that functioning and he is functioning he is working he probably is going to get out today melania is has not. gotten any worse,
9:41 am
she's she's making your way through getting cold not necessarily a death sentence have absolutely and i think that's what they they projected that when they showed the president in isolation. >>at the desk and signing stuff into house, he said insider yeah like safely and then i guess if you think it's service you don't trust you don't refuse a job so you got to drive you got to drive. >>a super secret service by the ways around the president all the time right they these people including the president including joe biden now risk their lives every day getting it in this calls in which we call running for office the presidency and being in the presidency. >>and they accept that and join the military want a new high risk right so i i i think we're being a little too hyper. it's not really elected for the president elect issue whether he can do this meeting
9:42 am
yes, a choice or not you know it's a choice going to these protests and hang out with the hundreds of thousands of people's those are required or of the white house is you're right. no and james, you're right. i mean rallies anything you're right we're going to rally status a personal choice which carries risks and some people see it that way yeah. >>tom thank you so much for joining us. we are out of time always a spirited conversation we enjoy having you here. i know we've got the vice presidential debate later this week perhaps we'll get a chance to chat with oscar the grouch here to tell you, yeah, you,
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to wear a mask out in public around other people. sure it'll keep you healthy. but more importantly, i won't have to see your happy smiling face. ugh. and if you don't want to wear a mask, i've just got one thing to tell you. scram, go away. ugh. caring for each other because we are all in this together. so wear a mask and have a rotten day, will ya?
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>>and >>the buzz the honeymoon with nick mullens is over that was fast things look so promising in his second start when he connected with rookie brandon aiyuk who then soared over eagles defender. >>wow niners fans were like.
9:48 am
>>did you see that. >>yeah and then they had to look away as mullins proceeded to get. >>picked off fumbled strip sacked before shandy finally pulled him and the niners went on to lose. >>25 to 20. >>seen good in pregame warmups and stuff but happens units started playing 2 it's bold of them. though even the chance to get going get a little bit of or of them seem like whenever we did something else came up just was able to get him into much more of them so. i know you had a tough challenger going against a front and everything but i know nick knows he can play better. him an opportunity for cj to come in and see 2 a good job with the rough cnn. >>notice that he didn't feel any more questions about you know what mullins replacing jimmy g when he's better now the only competition in question is will it be mullins or cj to see who gets to play until pillow gets back from his ankle sprain. >>and the niners are the only one saying losing sucks.
9:49 am
>>so is raiders quarterback derek carr who saw his career record as a starter fall to 41 in 57 with the raiders lost to the bills. >>i'm sick losing we've i i'm sick of. working as hard as it is as i do and as we do. and going out there and and losing i mean it's it's it's sox enough is enough you know i think that's my message we've got to get turnovers from our defense that's that's a big story here also. >>we're not getting any turnovers. i think we've got one all season may be too. i made a great play. waller our plan shorthanded upfront obvious pass a situation there got stripped. credit buffalo, they got a good defense. >>and it looks like gruden learned his lesson he did a much better job yesterday so. first to see his nose keeney that little tiny kerch if that was over his that was supposed to be his face mask. >>then yesterday in the middle that's what he wore a nice big
9:50 am
team issued face mask, although he did pull it down it looks like to complain at least once that we saw during the game and i'm sure a few more times he said it's hard to yell through that mask. monday night football is double header tonight since the patriots and the chiefs. >>couldn't play sunday because quarterbacks on both teams tested positive for covid cam newton is by far the biggest star on the nfl covid list now so far kansas city only lost their backup jordan to the virus even though he does share a room with patrick mahomes i guess nobody is worried about playing today, i'm not a doctor, but they say if you've been in close contact with somebody who test positive then you are also supposed to isolate immediately. our team is doing the right thing the nfl is trying to figure that out right now with the tennessee titans look at the timeline of their infections. september 24 a 4th greg maybin test positive that's the first one
9:51 am
that we hear of 2 days later, defensive coach sean bowen test positive but the word didn't get out about that until after they played as the vikings and then 3 days after that game. that's when 8 more players tested positive. then 6 more players over the next week along with multiple other nfl teams reporting a covid and then on october 4th 2 more posit that increases their total team 20 members of that organization. this season on the covid list so far but it's all good in the bubble. well, at least the lakers thought it was until they lost. they were up to but they couldn't take heat in game 3 of the nba finals, jimmy butler said nobody puts baby in a corner. he had what might be the best game of his career. he win one 15 one '04. the lakers lead the series 2 to one now game 4 is tomorrow night. since when
9:52 am
is la neutral territory since now now that baseball has decided dodger stadium is the safest and fairest place for the a's and the astros to face off in the american league championship. the a's are feeling pretty confident going into today's game since they won 7 out of 10 against the astros in the regular season. >>they are a very difficult team to play which you know obviously minnesota found out in a hurry to and a very experienced playoff team. so i think more anything it just gave us a little bit more conference during the season that we finally took a series from season series from i'm not trying to be like area high pressure doesn't really get to when it comes to the game in atmosphere and all that stuff i mean i just i love my teammates my teammates are confident in me and i'm confident myself and i know. how good our defense is behind me how good our hitters are so it's it's it's kind of easy to relax. >>today starting pitcher with nerves of steel playing at one
9:53 am
'07. and then the rest of the games through friday
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>here on a monday morning on the kron 00:04am morning news, but they never stop on kronon noelle bellow is standing by in the newsroom with a preview. well. >>daria all eyes are on walter reed medical center today we're going to be closely watching to see if the president is released his doctor say that could happen as early as today plus the fleet week we know and love
9:56 am
it's a little different this year we're going to take you live to the virtual kickoff as the city safely continues that well loved tradition we've got that and much more all day long right here on kron on back to you, thanks a for gas john. >>well daria i think you're going to like because we've got some better weather ahead of us as far as getting outside and enjoying from the 90's today and tomorrow for inland areas which cooler than we have been to only the 80's and eventually the 70's by thursday for the same inland spots now we also have a chance of showers in this forecast will be looking at that best chance from friday night into saturday all depends on the development of that system and how far south makes it. but hey great to be seeing cooler weather better air quality overall and even a chance of rain will take all of that definitely. >>sounds good we will i see you back here tomorrow morning. then yeah we're going to see. >>well we'll see what tomorrow brings every day seems to bring something new in the meantime have a great day. on
9:57 am
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