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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 3, 2020 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>>the most important election in the history of our country. it's going to set a course it's going to go one way or it's going to go another and if it goes the other way it's going to be a a terrible thing so get out there and vote it's time for donald trump to pack his bags and go home. >>my message is simple. the power to change this country is in your hands. >>after months of campaigning election day is finally here nearly a 100 million americans have already cast their ballots and millions more are heading to the polls this morning we have live team coverage with reporters across the state and across the country as well. news station you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 9. >>and thanks for waking up
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with us on election day we've got the white house behind us and in front of us. the decision on this election day when millions of americans have already made up their minds. yeah, we've got lots to talk about this morning lot of questions too about what's going to happen as the ballots. our county tonight and into the days that follows and joining us to discuss more about that is washington post political reporter philip above phillip. thank you so much for joining us today. so i read your article counting votes isn't cheating. it was a really nice breakdown of the entire process, what motivated you to write this in the first place. >>one of these were hearing particular from president trump and his allies is this that by allowing both county and go on past today and wednesday, potentially isn't for week or so that they're somehow something nefarious or or or or wrong about that when in fact it simply is the case that votes always take allow council members were able
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predict who's going to win a state earlier than weekend uncounted votes. california for example, we don't feel pretty safe in saying you know for joe biden today we could probably make that prediction even before we talk all the boats but the whole county and self always goes on for days or weeks after an should be considered normal. >>you were acquitted get to a san francisco, 49 ers game like let's say we're watching the super bowl and we were getting the results from different quarters and not in order explain what that's like as we watch the election results come in. >>it's one of the things to think about when you're considering election results is everyone's already voted all of the scoring if you will has already been done right if you compare it to the super bowl we watch super bowl from start to finish and enjoy the drama. what happens in game since the start and really enjoy the drama. this year's game as much stuck with that but you get my point is however we took all the scoring and took it out of work and i just said he was sentenced score touchdowns 4 field goals for another that's another field goal people see
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if this goes winning 20 nothing but of course that's not happening. the simple steps end up losing the super bowl it was only because i presented the results in that order it seemed as though see if this bill was going to win the game so this is the way when we consider how vote counting is done we just get things at random packets we sort of create in our minds this sense of drama line of own luck so much coming back from high that's not really what it is all it is a function of when the votes are actually be then maybe nobody should be counting. it before it's done like wide. >>we see associate press we see different people call the vote. why don't we just wait until it's all counted in which that could take days. >>right well, the reason for that quite frankly is because president trump understands that this year there are a lot of people who voted by mail obviously because of the coronavirus pandemic and he understands that to the extent he can limit the counting of those votes, those are homes that are more likely going to favor former vice president joe biden so if he can introduce and skepticism and
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doubt about those votes suggested maybe they shouldn't be counted and he's essentially tossing a mostly boats which are going to his opponent that's a strategy, it's been obvious for months now the courts have largely sort of rejected that idea the supreme court has rejected most such remains to be seen what happens after election day and obviously it is i was on 2018 in florida for example down from scene claim others from going on in florida we need that you don't call a senate race by the results are happen on election night. but the vote counting went ahead there was no evidence of fraud republican one anyways we just need to let all of voting happened before jumping, you know just jump back to your football >>insisting that the election be called. after the end of election night and not counting those ballots. the department legally cast a short of like calling the game at halftime and then claiming that any points that are scored during the 2nd half is somehow. cheating you wrote it's about something called the red mirage. and the idea that president trump could very well be leading in the
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results on election night but then that could change over time as all the votes tabulated talk a little bit more about that. >>yes all certain for example in the states of wisconsin michigan pennsylvania, the donald trump will have a sizable lead after the in person voting is done today because one thing we've seen pulling an early vote returns is that the people who said they're going to go and vote at the polling place today are much more likely to be trump supports people who voted by mail order to exit here on early much more likely to be biden supporters so in those 3 states, wisconsin michigan pennsylvania. they are starting to count ballots until today. so if you mailed your bow and sylvania they're only an open that today and start counting it today and that's going to lot of times got up there by boat or you got scan results over the next few days and we're going to see more and more results coming from those 3 states so tonight it may look like donald trump as a massive lead pennsylvania but that's just because what's being counted. so far is mostly people who
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are you voting today who tend to be more likely to beat trump supports that's what's been called the red mirage this mirage as this massive tree in hand. and that's really the message he wants promote that that any further for the most of the county after that point person out trying to steal away which frankly film how long have you been covering elections. i'd say it's you know the real question is what happens in florida and georgia right mean if donald trump loses florida if he loses georgia elections joe biden going to win if he also stated obviously one in 2016 is a whole different path for it comes down to figuring out you know how canceling a vote of the week announced it's going to be a long intense. well, i mean how long have you been doing politics, i'm assuming you've been doing this for years. >>i wanted to know your perspective on. >>is this the most bizarre or most historic or most something election you've ever seen in your life as a rough or as a reporter. >>yeah, it's the most it is it
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is totally in fitting with 2020 that this election plays out the way that it s. >>let me ask you quickly uh a lot has been made about the mail in vote and how it's rife with fraud and everything else and for people that are may be new to voting or maybe have been confused by some of the mixed messaging that's out there. the idea of mail in voting is not a new one and it's one that's been exercised. fairly efficiently in a number of states over the years i should there be problems particularly with this year. we're has a proven to work. >>yeah there's been no sign that there's been any sort of effort to do some sort of rampant systemic fraud using mail in ballots again donald trump's goal here is to try and introduce doubt up those ballots. so that he has an easier time, jack and i you know i lived in california for years i said at asked about it and that in turn every questions about the referee allegations of fraud it was complicated process. i'm sure most of your viewers are aware there simply isn't evidence that there is rampant voter fraud. yes, there are random scatter occasions a voter
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fraud thicker their stamped out a part of the thing is that with me on out we have very robust systems to try and detect that sort of fraud that's why a lot about it you get thrown out now about different enough out of an abundance of caution that fraud might see them there just is no evidence of fraud happens of any significance whatsoever and that's really important thing for people might still as we look at crazy prop that since you seem to like the sports analogies one of them is that something like he's going to happen in florida is going to be in the balance and there's going to be some kind of. >>mystery to or some kind of snafu what do you think the odds are of well i think that anyone who bets on that is absolutely someone who's around in the year that's exactly what happened. >>you know it's something we're going say yes his do you things happen every election cycle. i think what know and most americans are hoping for is a fairly quick resolution here i think what most americans should be prepared for is that we may not be so lucky. >>okay well we'll be here through the night into the morning, i'm sure you will too
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pulling an all-nighter to give you the results and we appreciate joining us. >>of course it was philip bump of the washington post will take a quick break and be right back. as a nurse, i've faced the fear
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of being stretched too thin to do my job right. and it's not just health care workers. our teachers and school staff are going the extra mile for our kids. our firefighters are taking on unthinkable missions to keep us safe. how can we keep giving billions in tax breaks to rich corporations when our communities need that money? prop 15 closes corporate loopholes and invests in our schools, health care, and public safety. help us do our jobs. vote yes on 15. >>hours into the polls being open and we've been monitoring your voting this here in the bay area and around the
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country at kron four's will tran has been out at the locations there in contra costa county since the polls first opened up for voters, how's it going. well. >>a steady stream of people coming in despite covid-19 a lot of people are still deciding i wanted to go to the booth it feels personal. it feels right to them that they are standing here just them and their conscience and they are voting in. they actually started a few minutes before it opened up at 7 o'clock in the morning. there was a line so if people are still doing it old school way. the matter how you do it whether you drop it off in a drop box or you do it here. scott kind of pastic the assistant registrar of voters in contra costa county. he is sure is everybody. it will be counted and it will be 100% accurate it will be 100% accurate and every qualified dollar we receive is going to be counted. >>that's going to take us a few days to do we commit every voter that if you cast your
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ballot in are notable voter who were counting your votes how long will it take for the results to come back we'll so tonight we're going to issue a report at 8 o'clock that's going to have a probably more than half of the votes that are going that will be counted this election in that very first report that will be before we even get any returns from the polling places so those are all the vote by mail ballots that we received through halloween. he said this is her 6th presidential election and what's the turnout. this is the first one obviously with covid-19 more or less or the same amount of people. well there's really multiple questions and their overall that are not here is is huge. >>rivals 2008 and from my experience, but the type of voting is the what's different. we probably we're going to probably end up with a 90% vote by mail from a turnip or the percentage of the vote counted. 90% of it will be vote by mail and the
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other 10% will be people voting. person like they are today which is not what it's normally it's cool higher than it normally is about 6040 60% of vote by mail and 40% at the polls, but that's been changing over the last 2 years as more and more people chose and a vote by mail or i'd be remiss if i didn't ask you you said 100% accurate. there are those out there who think it's raid it's not accurate it's flawed i got to ask you does that offend you. it does we take it pretty personally we spend a lot of time. testing and programming improving and making sure everything's right. we make sure there are no obstacles are impediments for any voters to vote. and we're very conscientious at what we do in the voters for 4 years and years of trusted the process. is kind of knew that all of a sudden even though we've been voting by mail for 20 years in california. voters are for getting that
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experience and that trust that they have in the system and are questioning questioning it thank you so much scott for taking the time to talk to us so there you have it he says 100% not 99.9 100% accurate. he's confident. >>by the way if you don't want to come here and you still have your mail in ballot. there are people outside ready to pick it up for you from your car back to you. >>all right, thank you very much well one of the closest races in the country could end up being nevada and emerson college poll from over the weekend shows a joe biden has a very slim two-point lead 49 to 47 over trump and joining us now to look at how the voting is going so far in nevada, we have live in las vegas for us this morning, hey actor. >>hey there good morning are already off to a bumpy start here in nevada voting started at 7 o'clock this morning but some voting centers were not able to open on time due to technical issues. one woman
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reached out to me on facebook saying that not a single voting machine was on and that they were there are problems with the check in system that was down in henderson the state's second largest city after las vegas and here in southwest, las vegas. take a look at this line easily more than a 1000 people waiting here this is just a portion of the long line. you know people say they just wanted to wait for election day to cast their ballot near some interesting numbers, we have 14 days of in person early voting here dove and so far more than one 0.1 million in the state have already cast their ballot and for some perspective. officially passed more early votes in 2020 then votes cast in 2016 and everyone here is talking about how monumental this election is that it has been hit hard really hard with unemployment. well, one of highest unemployment rates in the country and there is concern regardless of the outcome here about any possible unrest just like we sign in san francisco in many cities across the u.s. some
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business owners here in town decided to board up their store fronts in anticipation of any unrest and so as the police department here in town metro police has an additional 600 officers on standby. they also have deployment center that has been activated that they activate during big events such as new year's eve. that operation center is open today as they watch the election results throughout the day and in the coming days, but that is the latest out here from las vegas. i'm hector me here. james darya back to you ok looks pretty warm out yeah. it sure is weather is great out here we have some people who brought out some folding chairs. others with some for some shade but the weather is nice it's not too warm. it's actually just right right now ok just regulate absolutely they rely weather. >>on our side there and of course here too in the bay area john trouble in the
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weather center and and in washington yeah, i think it's a little hard to be our bay area weather today though i mean 70's guys pretty perfect this afternoon consider yesterday were in the 80's and there are a couple spots in the 90's on sunday we've worked our way into a really nice way to spend a little bit of time in line if you're heading out to polls, especially one of our busier once it will actually be pretty enjoyable to wait in the line outside today looking outside at our timber on cam we have lots of sunshine overhead golden gate bridge. if you look really closely there you can see it in due back in our shot and we are looking at increasingly clear skies already across the region as i mentioned this past weekend. it was war this next weekend. it's going to be cool we're right that sweet spot right in the middle where we are going to see sunshine and highs in the 70's today and we are going to be holding on to the 70's today tomorrow on into thursday before the bottom falls out to friday and we look at some cooler air pushing into the bay along with this cooler air maybe a sprinkle or 2 on friday and then again on sunday overall
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the biggest change you'll notice is just how much cooler it's going to feel with brisk conditions starting on friday. here's friday at 01:00pm right here notice maybe a sprinkle or 2 in the bay more so than not though it's snow in the sierra nevada with multiple inches expected. both on friday into saturday and then again into sunday as another wave pushes through the weekend will be cool from start to finish all 3 days friday saturday and sunday bringing us highs only in the 50's and 60's that means today with the highs that will have in the 70's is a day to be appreciated hopefully. outline a getting to those polls oakland 70 degrees for your high today hayward and mill valley also in the low 70's with our only 80 not on this map up in vacaville antioch livermore and san jose all in the upper 70's. here's a look ahead at your next 7 days. i mention today tomorrow thursday all looking pretty similar and all very comfortable. the big changes come friday onward into next week best chances of a sprinkle or 2 looking likely friday and then sunday.
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>>robin all right, thank you john we're checking in on a major hot spot in oakland, it's on the nimitz freeway we actually have 2 separate accidents active right here with as many as 5 cars all piled up on the nimitz freeway, so 80 south at high street in oakland, 2 separate accidents injuries reported 2 lanes shut down and your backup is already spilling into downtown oakland back from 9.80 the northbound side that's the commute direction they can see the southbound activity so northbound is stacking up from hagan burger if you want to avoid it just go ahead and take 5.80 instead the northbound commute 23 minutes here for from san leandro to downtown oakland once again that's because of the southbound crash, a traffic alert remains in place from chp so i'll be watching that for you meanwhile, we're looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays or issues into san francisco. 8 minutes for the drive and then leaving san francisco south one oh one and heading to the peninsula. there's an accident here at oyster point and it has traffic crawling out of brisbane approaching south san
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francisco saw be tracking this one for you as well back to you. >>businesses across the bay area are boarding up their windows to prepare for any civil unrest that may ensue on
9:22 am
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>>and we're back tonight, 23 as people head to the polls this morning this year's election comes with a a bit of concern that there might be some unrest after the returns
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come out yeah from across the bay area to across the country there are businesses that are boarding up their windows ahead of any potential unrest. kron 4 sarah stinson is live in walnut creek. where we can see the boards behind you sarah. >>darya james have been showing you all over walnut creek there's either windows that are boarded up or other businesses scrambling to get their windows boarded before any civil unrest occurs of course it's early election day and we could get the result either tomorrow in the coming days, we just don't know so that's why businesses like the one behind me neiman marcus at broadway plaza preparing for this and making sure that they don't have to go through what they went through a couple months ago and we saw looting here take a look at this video they've gone as far as putting barricades up here to make sure people can easily drive into the outdoor walking shopping area and then pull up breaking the windows still things and drive off without
9:25 am
getting any ramifications that getting caught walnut creek residents are waking up to the sound of basically construction, but this is all preparation that these businesses are having to go through to make sure that they don't have to pay for these broken windows which can add up and be very expensive. >>i talked with a couple people. and there are calling the looting that happened a couple months ago a broadway plaza businesses in this shopping area. they had broken windows they had a lot of damage and items stolen and so not only are stores boarded up they have their kids are all ready to go police are on high alert people here though say they're disappointed that it's come to this. >>it's it's sad for me. i mean voting is a good thing it's a great part of our country and should bring us together not divide and that makes me sad it was we have to do help nothing happens. >>now it's believed that there's going to be civil unrest. no matter who wins
9:26 am
selection and that's why businesses all across the bay area with a video from a witness being boarded up in san francisco they've been preparing for weeks this is being done all across the country these businesses are preparing for the aftermath residents here saying hopefully. >>that just doesn't happen at all. for now reporting live in walnut creek sarah stinson kron 4 news all right, thanks. a lot sarah. >>9.26 on the clock. we'll take a quick break coming up voting well under way across the country and is a moment, we'll have a live report from both biden and trump campaigns as they await the results of today's elections. as a nurse, i've faced the fear
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of being stretched too thin to do my job right. and it's not just health care workers. our teachers and school staff are going the extra mile for our kids. our firefighters are taking on unthinkable missions to keep us safe. how can we keep giving billions in tax breaks to rich corporations when our communities need that money? prop 15 closes corporate loopholes and invests in our schools, health care, and public safety. help us do our jobs. vote yes on 15.
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>>9.29 right now and we're looking at the weather around the country on this election day you can see a little bit of a shadow over the white house here. but basically sunny in washington dc and it looks like pretty nice for most of the country there are few spots, i know that have been. >>on the chillier side we started out chilly too but obviously things have shaped up nicely for us, how's it looking for the rest of the day jon yeah sunshine ride definitely comes out more and between those low clouds that have been hanging out across the bay area this morning. >>temperatures are starting to rise now for early voters. yeah conditions maybe were jacket where the this morning but we're going to see more and more of the 70's this afternoon that just means
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beautiful weather to be standing out in any sort of wine that you may encounter at a polling place you're berkeley cam right here shows beautiful skies, definitely evidence of marine they're out there in the distance that's not keeping temperatures down too much. we're already at 60 degrees in san mateo 61 in fairfield oakland berkeley in conquered as well as dublin in hayward all on the cusp of the 60's saint helene a right at 60 degrees. wake-up planner shows you temperatures in the 60's and 70's today and we will be looking at conditions out there later today. nice and comfortable, let's get a look at traffic with robin over here she is tracking the bay bridge and actually a hot spot right what is the hospital we're dealing with that so 2 crashes actually john on the nimitz freeway, so it's a hot spot because it's blocking chp has issued a traffic alert. >>and it is stacking up traffic on both sides of the nimitz so once again it's a southbound crash at high street. 2 lanes are closed but northbound traffic has a view of the southbound activity there knows even cholera burn occurs looking lose and so
9:31 am
it's stocked up so if you take 80 south going to be crawling in traffic up from downtown oakland and the northbound at slow from hagan burger so northbound is the commute side. it's about 20 minutes from san leandro to downtown oakland so take 5.80 instead that's how you get around it one more southbound 1 one we stir point we still have this injury crash working crews are on scene so little heavy leaving brisbane into south san francisco james darya. >>thanks a lot rob and so 9.31 our top story of course is election day happening right now we have millions of americans all across the country heading to the polls. >>and washington correspondent morgan wright is following the trump campaign as we're waiting for the results to come in. tonight. morgan tell us about what president trump is doing. we understand that he's spending the day at the white house and that he may have a very large gathering. yeah, that's correct what you saw from president trump in the campaign was that in the final hours he was crisscrossing. >>these key battleground states such as pennsylvania michigan, wisconsin and then
9:32 am
getting back to the white house late yesterday he woke up this morning. he was on fox and friends tv during an interview where he said he likes his chances at winning the re election for the we are anticipating him to have a large event at the white house with 400 people expected to be in attendance that event is slated to kick off at 07:30pm but up until that point president trump is expected to be hunkering down and watching the results come in with his family and friends and vice president mike pence meanwhile, former vice president joe biden was in scranton pennsylvania today and philadelphia pennsylvania. both candidates just trying to sure up some undecided and nontraditional voters on this big election day guys you know today kind of brings to an end for the president anyway. >>what has been a real sprint of campaign stops over the past few days it really has been a remarkable to think that what just 2 weeks. >>well, half a month ago. he was at walter reed and here he is you know the final stretch
9:33 am
really pulling out all the stops. >>yeah that's right as i mentioned at the top there, he's just been crisscrossing these key battleground states. >>and what we've seen from the record number of early voters is that a lot of people's minds are already made up so these last-ditch campaign efforts that we saw the president engaged upon we're really about just getting voters enthusiastic and excited and getting those undecided voters, those nontraditional voters engaged as voters that didn't vote and the 2016 presidential election, but now feel compelled to get off the sidelines and have their voices heard this time around guys and we've been watching a voters go to the polls around the country what about. >>people who had plans to demonstrate at the white house and the fences in the walls that they had put up. >>have you seen any activity around there yet. >>yeah the press, the white house is in preparation mode right now for any sort of unrest that may a rise out of the election results of course we may not know the election
9:34 am
results. tonight we have to stress that but nonetheless the white house and businesses and institutions around washington dc are boarded up and getting ready for any sort of unrest that may arise the election results later this evening but again it's just a preparation mode at this point in time. i was just on twitter and i did see that there are some crowd starting to gather outse e of the white ho there are some people there so we'll keep an eye on that okay, thanks a lot. >>and don't forget to we've got cameras bringing us video feeds from all over in fact, here's a look at the latest out of milwaukee, wisconsin where we had people hitting the pole lines early this morning. the lines at last check weren't terribly long which is good news for the folks that are voting today, the students spent hours and hours in line. but this is one of the areas joe biden needs to run up the score if he has any hope of flipping wisconsin blue again after president trump won there in 2016 if you believe the polls he is in a commanding lead there, but again you never know until all
9:35 am
the votes are and where do we see we saw some big in well let's take you to houston. >>we seen houston, we can see what that looks like in and it looked pretty calm and it's calm at the moment. it was not vegas data was busy. we also saw out areas of pennsylvania 2 in virginia where lines into retreat, absolutely so. >>it's going to be turning see how all the how well all of that is processed today we've already heard some reports out of las vegas where they had some voting machine issues already so they started a little late in some spots areas so we've covered the trump side let's go to joe biden camps now. he is in delaware this morning and that's another part of the results that we will be following yeah we've got kelli meyer standing by live in wilmington with more from that side good morning kelly. >>good morning guys that's right. i am here in wilmington, delaware is where the former vice president started his day and where he will end the day but in the middle he's heading back to his home state of pennsylvania
9:36 am
and to his hometown of scranton he just stopped by his childhood home run out on the living room wall there something you did during his 2008 race and then from there it is going to head to philadelphia us had a city that they hope they can bring out a big turnout in that area to bring home those 20 electoral votes in the keystone state. >>that's going to be sure see how the biden harris ticket handles the election results coming in i they setting up this huge facility this huge stage in detroit where kamala harris is expected to talk today so even on election day they're still out there something. >>yeah, it's interesting in a contrast, you said you're catching up with the trump campaign it seems as though the president had went to his headquarters in arlington virginia and then right back to the white house where he's expected to spend the rest the day according to the white house daily schedule. but the fighting campaign is hitting the trail hard in final hours, you know we thought that that they're going to finish up that campaigning yesterday but
9:37 am
they are going on 3rd today hitting pennsylvania kamala harris is in detroit as you mentioned her husband is in columbus ohio and doctor jill biden is going to be in florida and i believe north carolina today so they're hitting all of those states and definitely keep an eye on all of those states tonight know joe biden's florida we also saw melania trump is in florida casting her right now as well so and what for the biden campaign tonight. >>after the polls close when are we going to see. so we're going to switch gears and head over to the site where the rally is set to be it's going to be a drive in raleigh, they're still paying attention to the social and safety rules. >>but he's going to be there with his running mate kamala harris. her husband, doug emhoff and doctor jill biden is expected to give a speech later on this evening so a busy day for the former vice president hitting both of those home states of his delaware and pennsylvania. >>and it's kind of interesting to you know juxtapose the big rallies. the big potential victory speeches in 2016
9:38 am
versus how things are being set up this year with the pandemic you see is going to be a drive in raleigh so however it plays out his supporters will be parking their car loans like we've seen them do it is rallies or recently. >>yeah. honk if you support you know this issue but they they're going to set up their their cars it will be an interesting sight of hole to send you some video that later on we'll definitely check in with you later all right, thanks. a lot. we will we will check in with our correspondents all around the nation and around the bay area so stay with kron 4 we've got special on coming on at 3 o'clock this afternoon and will that beloved delivering the latest those election results for as long as it takes all evening. >>and don't forget to we're going to have more coverage here on the morning so stay stick around because still ahead we've got more analysis with political experts as well and if you're one of the 4 million eligible california voters that still hasn't registered just yet we'll tell you how you can still cast your vote today. who's supporting prop 15?
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>>he won and this just in breaking news, this election you didn't know. >>you're not alone more than 4 million eligible, california voters have still not registered for the election and so if you're one of them don't feel bad you could get to there in person to register and at the polls vote today it's a pretty simple process. once you go you go in person you fill a basic information, your name, your mailing
9:42 am
address. you do need 2 documents that show who you are and i d and proof of address. >>you have california driver's license or state id or permanent bring that with you if you don't have a california id that's ok just bring any government issued id that you have you can bring driver's license from another state you could bring a pass or even bring your student id with you and then bring some official piece of paper that shows your and your current california address you can bring a utility bill you can bring a bank statement you could bring a you could bring your lease with you. >>election day registration has been a thing in california since it became a law back in 2012. >>election day forecast looking really nice across the bay area we started the morning off on a cool note in the 40's and 50's temperatures are already climbing. this sets us up for some 60's and 70's later on today. your forecast is ahead.
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>>25 right now and we're looking at pretty nice weather. in the nation's capital and here in the bay area, good morning. john yeah, good morning guys a whole lot of nation is under some sunshine. the exception being the northeast a little chilly in a little cloudy up that direction but i think in the bay area we've got some of the best weather in the country right now will be in the 70's today, lots of sunshine already across the region.
9:46 am
sfo, one of our areas that did see some low cloud cover sitting right above san bruno mountain earlier that has since cleared out and what you've got is blue skies up above we were warm this weekend. we so weak system pushing through late yesterday that's resulted in temperatures gradually getting a little cooler today that's bringing us the 70's instead of 80's and 90's where we had been the upcoming weekend is bringing 50's and 60's so we really are right in the middle of what was hot and what's about to be cool weather or just perfect today. so there's no excuses weather wise to not get out there and cast your ballot today tomorrow and thursday just keep the good stuff going after that though friday the bottom falls out and we see cooler air pushing into the bay area and along with this an opportunity for maybe a couple sprinkles in the bay area more likely rain across northern california and snowfall pushing into the sierra nevada. a few inches of it expected from friday into saturday, even though saturday clears back out for the day. it remains very cool another wave pushes through the bay on
9:47 am
sunday that resulting in the opportunity of maybe a couple of sprinkles yet again a lot of the system going to be losing its steam before it reaches us so we're not really expecting any sort of widespread rainfall but what we will be seeing is some helpful rain across the northern tier, the state that desperately needs it as we've seen drought, returning and that snow in the sierra which is also very needed as for today election day 60's for san francisco cooler than yesterday 70's were 60's as well for most of our coastal spots, 70's for our bayside cities as well as for inland areas, we've only got one 80 on the map today and i'll point that out once we get to have mid to upper 70's in the south bay today with low 70's and fremont union city and hayward upper 70's over in the tri valley as well as on up through walnut creek and concord berkeley and richmond in the upper 60's while oakland right at 70 degrees. there's your ad over in vacaville right at 80 degrees for the high today. well upper 70's in youngsville antioch pittsburgh and fairfield as well as santa rosa at 76
9:48 am
degrees today. so here's a look ahead at your next 7 days, we have plenty of changes but we're saving them for friday today tomorrow thursday all looking great today, most notably for election day some beautiful sunshine and highs, mostly in the 70's. thursday a little last surge into the low 80's before we dipped down into the 60's for your highs inland and by the day come friday into next week with some 50's returning to our coastal areas, robin. thank you for the update john we're updating traffic heading back to or trouble spot which was oakland. >>to south at high street. this is our hot spot 2 separate accidents was blocking a southbound 8.80 at high street we have 2 lanes closed they finally cleared the crash of the traffic is already getting better so a huge improvement here for the nimitz freeway, some pockets of crowding leaving downtown for the southbound trip from 9.80, northbound maybe a little sluggish from the coliseum so a little bit of a residual delay, but all lanes are open. if you don't want to be bothered with the you can
9:49 am
still take 5.80 east and west which looks great right now northbound nimitz freeway drive time only 12 minutes so once again it is getting better all right we're checking in on the golden gate. we watch the zipper truck a few minutes ago roll through and switch around your lane configuration so now we're back to 3 lanes north and 3 lanes south when they do that the commutes over nothing to worry about here 20 minutes novato to san francisco and one more bridge, the bay bridge one of our more popular bridges turning the morning drive. we are delay free at actually thinned out about an hour ago so looks fantastic coming in and easy 8 minutes from the bottom of the maze to fremont street back to you. in the buzz is not just the last day to cast your ballot for president is also d day for the nfl. >>the trade deadline is at 01:00pm our time with garoppolo in kendall out for the count and so many other injuries will the forty-niners be playing let's make a deal today, the niners cleared some cap space by moving linebacker
9:50 am
kwon alexander to the new orleans saints. that doesn't give them a ton of room mode engineer a blockbuster but they could pull off some low and deals before the deadline. oakland fans are complaining about getting the raw end of the deal again they say these new warrior jerseys are real slap in the face steph looks adorable and it but that doesn't make it look any better that oakland fans have waited 35 years to see their town's name spelled out and you show them the love a year after yet dump them for the city. james to call the new branding the oakland forever campaign after they've left that's like me going to paris and then you get this crappy euro disney like the that does seem a little ill timed it right for one of like the raiders right now yeah in vegas came out with like throwback. >>jersey is greater than said oakland, you know as as just
9:51 am
an odd because we still care we still love you oakland, even though we said siya to think it's a mess i are a lot you should see what fans are not fit to print okay. a lot of people are going to be betting on the election like it says sports game. now there no ads on gator aid colors but there are some notable prop bets should we take a look okay, i guess he's okay so the over under on the number of days it will take to finally settle on winner. ok that's you know got differently could could be a while the number of celebrities who will actually move to canada. you think somebody is going to move if trump wins to canada or i don't know where will threaten taking chance that trump accept exit gracefully. that's that's a bet that people are placing their money on gasoline 99.5 how about the odds of the losing party trying to impeach the winner. >>and then there's the whole florida thing right there are they going to be in the middle of some election-related foul
9:52 am
out waiting you know like saying i don't know the idea that and then how scania going do what are the what's the percentage one of the overt even running that's right. yeah, couple states i actually that somebody wrote me in today now will will tran because of the somebody would have voted for me, but i got on the ballot now let's think about them okay, i want to throw the election james there we go that's the
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>and we're back at 9.55 following the very latest for you this morning, so let's take a quick look now at a local musician and this was somebody who is bringing some smiles and hope that people will come out and vote take a listen. yeah, michael martinez says that he was inspired to write the song. after what's been a well a turbulent year. the song asks what matters and martinez reached out to his community to submit their answers and you can see some of them here in the video like civility and equality. >>optimism which you know that that that like getting the word optimism kind of almost done me out that i didn't think of it. but that's again
9:56 am
why i think it's so important because the community matters you might not realize that like you need to have optimism. optimism in dark times what feel like dark times. >>martinez says that he's been moved by activism seen across the bay area. what better way to express these feelings. he said that through art and you can hear the full song if you dot in just a note to if you need a ride to the polls in transit is offering free rides on all of their buses that's what they approve. >>county wide so you can get a ride to any polling place that you want all through election day and while reminding people will remind you to that we have complete election coverage. throughout the day today and then especially starting 3 o'clock this afternoon. >>we're going to go wall-to-wall live reports as we track the results to the national races and also to the propositions we've got political analysts that are going to be giving us some expert breakdowns of what we're seeing as the numbers commands will be a lot to cover and we're here for you
9:57 am
to help you make sense of it all all right this we will know soon it will tell you as soon as the results are in probably tomorrow morning we'll be waking up early with the gang will be back here at 04:00am tomorrow until then. >>have a good one and if you haven't already get out and vote. as a nurse, i've faced the fear of being stretched too thin to do my job right. and it's not just health care workers. our teachers and school staff are going the extra mile for our kids.
9:58 am
our firefighters are taking on unthinkable missions to keep us safe. how can we keep giving billions in tax breaks to rich corporations when our communities need that money? prop 15 closes corporate loopholes and invests in our schools, health care, and public safety. help us do our jobs. vote yes on 15.
9:59 am
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