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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 28, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when prime time from the bay area's local news stations. you're watching kron. 4 news >> no one ate a child shall lead them a 12 year-old girl in the east bay leads a rally calling for an end to hate and against the asian american community. that is where we start this sunday night here on kron. 4 news at a thanks so much for spending time with us. i'm jonathan mccall. justine enjoying the night off. kron four's. gayle ong spent the day in berkeley learning how this girl's actions now inspiring change.
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>> the violence and hate incidents against asian americans since the start of the pandemic inspired this event and it drew hundreds of people. >> these demonstrators had enough violence enough with the hate. they are saying no war. we isn't new. >> and we know what happens here in the bay area. >> if you look 6 what is happening in the world. little by little and most importantly, together hundreds gathered at aquatic park in berkeley sunday afternoon to support the asian-american community. >> the movement against violence park since the pandemic in high end after fatal attacks in the bay area. and nationwide i think that the atlanta shooting really brought this more into the spotlight smaller things have been happening that you don't hear as much. but then suddenly it's being broadcast
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everywhere and everyone everybody understands how big of an issue that i think that really might be a lot of the event put together by local 7th graders. 12 year-old mina is one of the organizers. she says her mother who is asian was purposely coughed on last year. it was like, yeah. like we're we feel like we're in a bubble here in and we're really not in happens all the time. their message society has to change and the focus has to change they keep getting worse and and i care about kids to cell. who are afraid leave their this is nothing, though. >> think a lot of our communities of experience, white supremacy, systemic racism. generation that the so you can kind excluding to the creation of times how things like a law after each speaker took the stage, everyone carried signs and posters and march down to help make their voices heard. this is nice to come with the community that will support us.
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>> i think it's awesome that we're all here trying to stop the hate and stand up against it. well, the organizers certainly got the attention of city council members and groups. the hope is to raise more youth voices. >> in berkeley. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> thank you. meanwhile, one of the founders of the group. stop a p. i hate now calling on folks to continue fighting for justice of the victims of violence during the rise in crime against asian americans. sophia choi says that community investor programs have been a great way to help those most vulnerable. but she says that there are other ways to help as well. >> we need to really focus on intervention and prevention support community based organizations that are working with their use. across communities. most importantly or equally important that we support organizations that are trying to build. racial unity that we have so much to work
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together around to address the drivers of violence and crime and racial bias and that's to hearing that's your educational programs and rent to efforts that bring our communities together around racial and economic equality in this country. >> choi says it is also important that these conversations and efforts our continued beyond the recent increase in violence that we're seeing right now. meanwhile, students in a number of bay area. schools are set to return back to campus tomorrow morning for in person learning sandra fell city schools will move to in-class learning 5 days a week for all students. students will be in the classroom for about 4 and a half hours every day. the district has been on a hybrid model since november. meanwhile, 3rd through 12th graders in mount diablo unified schools will also have the option of returning back to campus tomorrow. pre-k through second graders were welcome back. on thursday. the district is implementing a hybrid model of learning castro unified schools will
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entered the 3rd phase of its reopening plan. 3rd through 5th graders will be allowed back on campus tomorrow. the district says it is looking to bring back all grade levels under a hybrid model by april 12th full-time in person instruction could happen in the fall. meanwhile, berkeley unified schools in students in preschool transition kindergarten and k through 12 k 2 grade levels, i should say, can also return back to campus starting tomorrow. we have all the details on district reopenings right now at our website, kron 4 dot com dozens of folks in danville getting together for a march and vigil to honor the life of terrell wilson. he was the 32 year-old shot and killed by denville police officer earlier this month back on march 11th kron four's. amanda hari was at the event. she's live tonight in danville with a look and what happened today. amanda. >> i watched as people walked up the street behind me. they were peaceful and they were carrying signs of wilson's
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name on it. many people got emotional on the he had people that cared about humid love not allow their board to just 2 and a half weeks after tyrell wilson's death. his father set up to remember his son with a march and vigil as long as there's their of this snow is not going with on march. 11th wilson was shot by danville police officer andrew hall. officer hall responded to an intersection after multiple reports of a man throwing rocks at traffic. >> that's when police say wilson took out a knife. but john burris says it happened differently. the witnesses that i have interview. >> clearly have indicated and said not indicated have said. entire route did not have a knife in his at the time. police say wilson was told to drop the knife several times. >> then was shot one time by hall. it was a kill shot to make matters worse and directly to his face. i
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haven't seen many shots like that wilson had mental health issues and his family believes that led to this situation. wilson's father served in law enforcement for 30 years. he believes this situation should have been handled differently. gold. first thing takes 15 minutes that it takes hour. >> de escalate. >> the shooting is still being investigated officer hall is on administrative leave. he was also involved in another shooting back in 20 18 live in danville. amanda hari kron 4 news amanda, thanks. a man wanted in a hit and run crash in san francisco is now in custody tonight. >> officers say when they got to the crash near bernal heights. the man involved was holding a knife that he initially refused to put down re able to get that man to put that knife down. that's when they took him into custody. medics did taken to the hospital just to get checked
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out. take a look at this video provided to us by the citizen app. it shows a saturday night sideshow here in the city that ended with a hit and run crash in the victim suffering several injuries. the scene unfolding around 9.30 last night near mission and 24th streets officers say a car performing a stunt hit for people who are standing by watching the good news, though, all 4 hittexpected to be ok tonight. police still looking for that driver. anyone with information now urge to give sfpd a call now to the south bay and a busy night for san jose police first officers called to a shooting on cadillac avenue that we first brought you as breaking news last night here on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock. detectives say the victim suffering life threatening injuries so far no arrests have been made. then just hours later, officers called to a stabbing. this scene near union and all modern street avenue. detectives say the victim also suffering life threatening injuries. no arrest made in this incident
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either. san jose officers a short time after that responding to a large car sideshow near capitol expressway and kelly road. 15 people receiving tickets for a number of violations. one car. you see there on your screen had to be towed. it will be locked up for about 30 days. officers say they also arrested someone who they say struck their laser or helicopter with a laser. this week. the berkeley city council is set to take a look at permanently banning some less lethal weapons often used by officers under the proposed ordinance. officers would be banned from using pepper spray and tear gas water cannons and other disorientation devices officers use those devices on protesters during several protests after the death of george floyd last year. the council temporarily banned those devices back in june that meeting set for tuesday night at 6 o'clock tonight. freeman fire crews trying to figure out what sparked this massive fire that could be seen for miles this afternoon. this scene unfolding just after 2.30 at a vacant church
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along roberts and adams avenues crews quickly getting it under control within about 30 minutes. but we're told the building did sustain some heavy damage. crews say there were homeless people inside the building shortly before the blaze. no injuries reported. meanwhile, it was moving day for a historic san jose apartment building after 110 years at the corner of south first and east reid crews loaded up the 2 story police apartment building and move to just a few blocks down the road today. the building will be located at south 4th and really just 3 blocks away. citi says it plans to renovate the units and then sell them as affordable housing. a switch gears tonight. let's talk weather this sunday night. a live look outside along the san francisco embarcadero. you couldn't ask for a more picture perfect day across the bay area. but we do need some rain. hopefully some is coming soon. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez, though, here tonight with a look at a warm
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up. that is on the way for this workweek. yeah, it is. and not only that, but jonathan, did you check out that full moon out the e in that shot. it's the worm moon that's out there right now. >> the brightest full moon so far this year for 2021 and we're in for a treat for those of you, especially in our inland valleys, you're going to notice mostly clear skies, but those of you along the coast and east bay shoreline going to be a little bit tricky out there tonight. so make sure to take advantage of it. we are noticing the return of karl the fog. so it's looking and feeling a lot more like may gray out there than early spring in the bay area pretty fake and dangerous fog. big out there right now up to 2 miles visibility for downtown san francisco at or near 0 for those of you what happened. they so please drive safely. don't forget to turn on your low beams because we're also noticing some poor visibility right along san anselmo near the north bay coastline as well. we're going to continue to see poured as low clouds and fog. but better clearing after midnight. so we
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are expected to see some lifting as you start your monday morning commute. but check out this temperature swing 46 degrees right now at half moon bay. but as you make your way inland 68 degrees. for those of you in conquered in the low 70's for parts of the inland valleys in the east bay, including pittsburg. you're 25 degree difference thanks to that cool sea breeze in addition to the dense low clouds and fog san jose, 62 degrees low to mid 50's for downtown san francisco and oakland and also seeing some upper 40's. for those of you in petaluma also seeing that low fog bank out there right now. so make sure to drive safely. very dangerous driving conditions for your sunday night and also near double digit cooling on account of that stronger sea breeze and the return of that fog bank downtown san francisco and oakland near double digit cooling winds not going to be an issue so much tonight. but monday night into tuesday could see wind gusts upwards of 35 miles per hour. less. fortunately below advisory
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level cooling down to start your work week monday. and then another round of summer like temperatures arriving tuesday peaking on wednesday. but we do have a shot of some rain. more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes. jonathon, back to you. risa, thank you so much. still to come here tonight on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. >> up spray could soon be banned in all juvenile detention centers across california. let you know why one local youth facility will explain how the pepper spray is being used. plus in one block to businesses getting robbed. the owner losing more than thousands of dollars and items and let you know how they say they got inside.
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>> welcome back, everyone. take a look at this scene caught on camera. some bold burglars breaking into a restaurant in the city sunset district. the owner of who she raman says the crooks made off with thousands of dollars in items. but as kron 4 s taylor bisacky learned the same way these crooks got in very similar to another business break in that happened just a few blocks away. >> becoming the normal. you know, if if he happens to so places that i know and also so many times i mean, i might just be the moment can juice as. >> thieves broke into his san francisco restaurant who she tara raman on 9th avenue in the inner sunset district for a 3rd time within just over a year. this latest hit happen on friday. some crawling into
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the window and looking around. you know, open a castle level electronics and then looking for any valuables. >> you know, is that to seen it. and you know, last time because of the first time we saw the campus. and then the really didn't stop juice as they got away with for ipads money from the cash register. >> and checks used for the business you believe several criminals were working together in the surveillance video you'll eventually see this suspect him items to a second person through a window they broke to get inside. >> the exact same thing happened just a couple of blocks away. >> dependable king bakery and irving street last week in both instances. the thieves avoid breaking the front entrance doors instead used a top window to get inside weaving already you know, since the pandemic. it's just said like many other business owners do says he's barely
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hanging on doing half the sales he did before the pandemic started. well, he's made it this far. he says it may be time to permanently close as burglars continue to hit these vulnerable small businesses very surviving. you know, going to just one employee my wife and i are here to to to work so that, you know, we cannot kind for more manpower. >> and then on top ow that, then this happens and i don't know if i, you know, can continue. >> in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news. >> opening statements are set to get underway first thing in the morning in the murder trial of former minneapolis officer derek chauvin. chauvin was seen with his knee in the neck f george floyd for nearly 9 minutes last may. prosecutors say they plan to use that video in the case against shopping medical examiners ruled floyd's death a homicide. sean has pleaded not guilty to murder and manslaughter charges. a number of cities across america, including minneapolis and los angeles are already making
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plans. now when verdict is reached. a new bill being proposed in sacramento may in the use of pepper spray in all juvenile detention centers across the golden state officials at some facilities say that pepper spray is being used by each and every one of their system probation officers jimmy wind brings us the latest. >> it's something you'll see on every single assistant probation officer here at the sacramento county youth detention facility. >> pepper spray. that'e of the tools that we. uses a strategy to avoid further alter occasions, whether that be, you know, youth on youth or youth on staff. marlon yarber, the assistant chief probation officer juvenile operations says on average his staff uses the pepper spray about 3 times a month that utilize when necessary. but that might all change with assembly. bill 1165 introduced by assembly member mike gibson bans. >> the use of pepper spray, tear gas, 4, oc in this entire
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state of california gibson, a democrat who represents a portion of los angeles county. >> says he is proposing this bill after hearing from juveniles who have had negative experiences with pepper spray while incarcerated. this is absolutely necessary. >> because a number of our juvenile facilities and juveniles coming from traumatize backgrounds who's also for the being traumatized. and humanized by this parade. but for yarber removing metal makes him not only concerned about his staff's safety. >> but also the youths well-being claiming the alternative would be physical force without that tool. you know, my my fears that it would create opportunities for increased for injury to occur. >> and i don't anyone wants to see that. gibson says 7 counties, many of them in northern california have already banned pepper spray and challenges sacramento county to do the same. why can't we utilize their techniques in order to. >> to control the situation.
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why can't we. and i'm saying we can't. >> take a look at this devastating scene from nashville overnight music city hit hard by flash floods. severe storms. 4 people are dead, dozens more having to be rescued from their cars. their homes and businesses because of fast moving water. first responders say that folks were clinging to trees and even taking refuge in their attics to avoid the high water parts of nashville recording up to 9 inches of rain from that severe storm that rolled through the mid south and east texas and parts of the south yesterday as well. back here at home, a much different scene. we are bracing for some warm weather this week. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at what we can expect, including tracking. when we could see temperatures reach the mid 80's. yeah, that won't happen until midweek. but we actually saw some low 80's out there today. jonathan. >> easily 5 to 15 degrees
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above average for your sunday afternoon highs. remember, it's spring not summer. we should be in the low to mid 60's this time of year. instead tracking 70's 80's for most bay area cities. those of you in livermore, you should be in the mid 60's 80 degrees today instead. so 15 degrees above average there downtown san francisco, though, about 5 degrees above normal should be in the low 60's warming up into the mid 60's, though, at 67 degrees thanks to that fog bank out there. pretty stubborn along the immediate coastline today and also cool sea breeze as well. but still above average temperatures there. temperatures out there right now cooling down in the 40's for the san francisco peninsula coastline on account of that low fog bank and sea breeze. but check out those upper 60's for conquered as you make your way inland 20 degree difference out there right now between the coast in our inland valleys and overnight lows tonight. very similar to last night widespread 40's with the exception of santa rosa 39
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degrees. temperatures, though, near average along the coast. but away from the coastline. even with the cooldown still going to be about 5 degrees above average, low 70's for livermore and conquered oakland and hayward 69 degrees at 71 degrees for san jose santa rosa nevado in the mid 70's in downtown san francisco near average at 63 degrees and t0king a look ahead at your seven-day outlook warming up tuesday, peaking on wednesday with a chance of some showers jonathan, for our easter sunday. so tracking some changes out there. but once again dealing with another summer like warm up. all right. a little preview of what's to come definitely for the rest of the month. all right. >> thank you. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at a bullet. you know what could happen if you miss. >> your second dose of your covid-19 vaccine. doctors answer the question after the break. tonight, the cdc says
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that if you receive the first dose of the pfizer vaccine. >> should wait around 3 weeks to get your second dose if you receive the moderna vaccine, it's about a one-month way between the first and second shot. but what happens if you miss your second vaccine appointment. jonathan jackson talked to a doctor to get some answers. >> as well. a lot of the covid-19 vaccine continues across ohio. more people are getting their second shot cover. what happens if you skip out on getting that second dose. if you only get one dose that really a
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suboptimal protection, especially when you're thinking about the variants that's infectious disease expert doctor joseph castaldo with ohio health. he says after the first dose here only somewhat protected from covid as well as its various trains, which is why the cdc recommends people get their second dose as close to the recommended intervals possible. however, they say there's a small grace period, meaning if you miss your second vaccine dose, you can receive up to 6 weeks after the first dose for both the pfizer and moderna vaccines. so what the cdc recommends is as best as possible. stick to the recommended dosing regimen. however. >> if you do get the second dose later you can get it within a 42 day period. and beyond that, if you're late or just get your second dose when you can. there is no recommendation all to ever restart the series. doctor. dust also says, you know, some people have concerns over getting the second dose due to side effects, but he explains that's actually a good sign of your body responding to the vaccine. the most common immune responses actually paid to scupper at the injection site followed by muscle pain
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followed by headache fatigue. people do have great temperature elevations and really when you get these reactions all you got to do is really take care of yourself. don't skip any meals. >> still much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news today with more and more folks getting vaccinated. people cannot wait to get back to normal activities. but is it safe for vaccinating kids to take part in summer camps. we'll let you know what america's top infectious disease expert us a plus president joe biden once again aiming to push gun legislation that in lead to an increase in gun sales what one gun store owner is now saying plus how college football playoff committee to learn more from march madness. we'll explain after the break.
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>> as we move closer to the final 4. likely that your bracket has been busted during march madness. but the one good thing about the event is you never know what is going to happen and who's going to pull off an upset. the same can't always be said for the college football playoff. so exactly what can march madness teach the college football playoff committee, pj ziegler explains from indianapolis. >> college football has a dynasty problem. it seems we have the same 6 or 8 teams always in the college football playoff landscape. but let's imagine for a minute. if we took a tif or maybe a lesser known conference and gave them a shot at national championship. could we see the
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same kind of menace we've seen here in indianapolis. >> in january, shocking electric chaos. that's one way to describe the 2021 nc double a men's basketball tournament over a dozen upsets in the opening weekend have led to the madness. we've seen this march. i think it's like the brackets that you're able to do that. and also number of upsets alike. the opportunity for a team that was under ranks to really go far in the tournament is imagine if we took a tournament similar to march madness and we added that to the college football playoffs. >> is set of 4 teams making it more teams are added. what would the college football national championship game look like. i think that college football eliminating only 4 teams. i think is what holding back to not upset enough. and that possible could really have last year out of the getting was going to be alabama they had 16 to 2432. >> there was a league of its own. a 6018 tournament may be hard to pull off but expanding it beyond 4 teams.
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>> could make the college football playoff even more fun and unpredictable probably for football, maybe 16 teams out say obviously cans as many games as a basketball seeing 8 or 16 teams and just seeing how it looks at first would be kind of cool if division 2, 3, can make it work with a bracket style playoff. >> why can't division want since the college football playoffs began in 2014, only 4 different teams have won a national championship. alabama has won it 3 times clemson has won it twice in indianapolis. i'm pj zegler. >> so far more than 91 million americans or about of all about a 3rd of all americans have received at least one covid-19 vaccine. it's raising the hope of more relaxed summers that could lead some kids actually attend in person camps. >> we get into the summer and you have a considerable percentage of the of the population vaccinated and the level in the community gets
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below that plateau. that's worry me and my colleagues in public health. it is conceivable that you have a good degree of flexibility during the summit. even with the children. >> doctor anthony fauci says we need to make sure that cases do go down and vaccinations continue to rise before sending kids back to kim's he says it is important that unvaccinated kids continue safety measures went out and about in the community. even if the adults in their lives are vaccinated. doctor fauci has previously said that young children likely won't be vaccinated until next year. if you're thinking of taking a cruise soon. the cdc urging you to hold off at least for a little bit. the agency says its no sail order will remain in place until november. 1st for cruise ships. the cruise line industry asked for the order to be lifted several months before then the industry says the cdc not taking into account the changes that cruise lines have made to make folks safe until more comfortable. some cruise lines will sell outside of the u.s. for vaccinated travelers today
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sunday and christians in jerusalem gathering to mark the holy day wearing mask carrying palms roman catholic clergy and the faithful gathered in gathering in the church of the holy sup separate car palm sunday marks the beginning of the holy week ahead of easter clergy and pilgrims waving palm and all branches throughout the service after mass hundreds of folks took part in a procession from the mount of olives to the holy city retracing jesus traditional route from 2000 years ago. typically this event brings thousands of folks from across the globe to israel. but the country is still closed to tourists because of the pandemic. let's get you ready to head out the door for the start of your monday with our 4 zone forecast kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at just how warm things will get. during the week. you'll need the jacket. when you head out the door. but you will need to for a whole lot law. yeah. that's right. definitely checking a temperature swing out there in
8:36 pm
the bay area that's going to continue. >> downswing tomorrow followed by an upswing midweek. and let's take a live look outside. >> those of you in the east bay over berkeley you're noticing yes, the return of karla the fog. so we're noticing that low fog bank out there reducing visibility up to 3 miles for your sunday night. so make sure to drive safely. most of you along the east bay shoreline not able to catch the worm moon. but hopefully you'll notice some better clearing in lifting after midnight tonight, maybe even some pockets of some of that sky cover out there later tonight. if those clouds dissipate enough to just stay tuned for that. but let's take a look, though, for your microclimate monday outlook because we're tracking widespread cooling along the coast. even reaching our inland valleys downtown san francisco, 63 degrees near average temperatures there with upper 50's for daly city and half moon bay also at 58 degrees wind speeds throughout most of the day going to be on the breezy side. but we could see gusts upwards of 30 miles
8:37 pm
per hour. by monday night with slightly gustier winds on tuesday. but fortunately below advisory level mid 60's from millbrae and burlingame at 65 degrees and san jose. and even those of you in san mateo 68 degrees with redwood city in the low 70's low 70's as well for the south bay cupertino 70 degrees in santa clear at 71 degrees. and for the east bay. those of you in hayward flirting with 70's. but cooling down into the upper 60's. so some relief there. more pleasant temperatures to start out your work week monday. 71 degrees of peace or concord and walnut creek orinda get 67 degrees whites for low to mid 70's. for those of you in the north bay napa, 71 degrees and santa rosa 74 degrees for your afternoon highs. so tracking the next 7 day forecast peaking on wednesday. that's when temperatures will be easily 10 to 20 degrees above average for most of our inland cities. but along the coast, 5 to 10
8:38 pm
degrees above normal until we gradually start to cool down and a week from today. we do have a shot of some rain. so fingers crossed that the models still tracking that storm that it remains steady and does it fizzle out because a lot can happen from now through week from today. jonathan, back to you. >> but recent thank you. still to come tonight next in sports, the same for women's basketball team makes another bid for the elite 8. a spokesman today loss of next with highlights and reaction.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the stanford women looking to advance to the program's 21st alleviate standing in their way. the state bears. let's head on out to san antonio and there she is, the all time winds leader in women's college basketball. 1st quarter, missouri state must not have read the scouting report do not leave anna wilson open beyond the arc or if you'll do that, stanford jumped out to a 11. 3 start wilson also gets it done on the other end of the court. she picks the pocket and sports on the other end, big bro. russell wilson is love and that you love to see it wilson had 13 points, 10 in the 1st half. what's the stamford highlight without kiana williams the senior is the heart and soul of this team. she nails the corner 3. she had for them. bad boys. let's go to the 3rd quarter.
8:42 pm
san jose's own haley jones she had 11 points 8 boards, 5 assists just another night in the office for her and here's a little cherry on top 10 to jump should this is from palo alto. nice shot there. 5 triples for her. she let stanford with 17 points off the bench. they win 89 to 62 after the game. caro who gave her team a c grade after beating oklahoma state was asked the same question after today's game. there are some things that we really, you know, we're able to get out and get transition. >> you know, if you know our overall team out be. but, you know, i thought we had an absolute a game from anna wilson. for hannah for playing really you know, clicking and and a lot of different ways than >> but but i think each player has a lot more to get to the team in. i have more to get to the team. and i think that with the trajectory that we're going in. i think will be good
8:43 pm
timing you know, we don't peak too early on an apd right at the right time. >> they'll play louisville on tuesday. all right. dalton jeffries made his case for a spot in a starting rotation. he pitched 5 innings only gave up a run and he struck out 4 kylen mills will have a great story on him tonight. here's a guy who's been having a great at all. sinned a's need him to play. well, this season, this one give the 3 nothing lead oakland broke the game open in the 90's for 5 runs, including that rbi single from tony kemp and they go on to win 9 to 3. they will open up the season on thursday night in oakland against rival houston. the giants also open on thursday in seattle against the mariners. now. jonathan, we're talking before my sports cast your houston guy. you're cougars beat my orange. last night. you said it was a great game that i those good game. i would ask her, but she's not here justine are. yeah, our
8:44 pm
colleague. she's another cues. read, but congrats to houston is going to be good season. i thought they had a good chance. and now that all the top seeds are out in their in their bracket. they're playing bail him out another another texas school to go to the final 4. so should be fun. it'll be interesting to see what happens. all right. justin thanks, jason. we're talking about just a game. that's when and why did i get it. >> jay says they still to come. >> of pushing gun reforms. what one gun store owner now saying about his business next.
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>> gun stores across america say they are anticipating seeing a big jump in sales after president joe biden called for new gun control measures after monday's mass shooting in colorado. luke jones brings us the latest. >> it's not black friday just a typical tuesday, a bull for a corner up on guns in south haven. it's been this way every day a surge in sales owner danny metcalf says the game with the start of the pandemic. it continued to soar after last year's election. it we've got a democrat that's got a lot to do with i think scared of what's going on. we've got a bunch of first time buyers coming out now metcalf is banking on more sales following monday's mass shooting in colorado that left 10 dead. >> president biden already taking aim at assault-style weapons and high capacity
8:48 pm
magazines calling for both to be bad. and he's also urging the senate to pass to house approved measures closing loopholes in gun background checks. that's one of the best tools we have right now. >> to prevent gun violence. all these proposals have the support of memphis gun reform advocate cat mugridge e but she worries about state-level measures like the bill that would allow tennesseeans to carry guns without a permit. you can responsibly own a gun. >> and practice common sense and how you carry a public places. federal law already requires background checks on gun sold through licensed firearm dealers, which account for 78% of all gun sales. >> wants the additional restrictions and believes they have a good shot of passing. this is the best chance in 25 years of common sense gun control and perhaps the best chance for gun stores to rack up some extra sales in the family mansion. banning guns banned in it sales goals. >> luke jones reporting for us
8:49 pm
tonight. a series of deadly mass shootings have now sparked a long time to beat in washington on gun reform measures. >> 2 senators believe there is a way to get a significant legislation passed in the senate kron four's, washington correspondent kellie meyer has the very latest on a push for compromise on capitol hill. >> there's some substantive support. pennsylvania republican senator pat toomey believes his bill to expand background checks on commercial gun sales is something senators on both sides of the aisle can get behind a place where there's some common ground on nbc meet the press to me said to recently passed house bills go too far. they expand background checks to almost every private gun sale and give the fbi more time to complete that the bill that passed the house. that doesn't even have 50 votes in the senate has supported expanded background check legislation for nearly a decade here on capitol hill. but each effort has proved unsuccessful. senator chris murphy of
8:50 pm
connecticut is leading democratic efforts to get a gun bill through the senate. i think the politics have shifted dramatically since 2000, 13, even since 2016. the last time that we had a vote on background checks. murphy says one reason is disarray at the pro gun national rifle association. i've got a lot of calls from republicans in the senate who don't want to fight this fight any longer because the nra's authorities meeting this time is going to be fpdifferent and senate democratic leader chuck schumer is not interested in compromise, at least not yet. he's promising the senate will take up that upper house bills and may even consider restrictions on so-called assault weapons. but president biden told reporters sunday he's willing to do what it takes to get republicans on board. everybody keeps one wrote, heard about. >> gun control. only drank and drove legislation ever passed mine. >> happen again reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> for your money. the sunday night starting on april 6 small businesses and nonprofits can apply for up to
8:51 pm
24 months of relief from the small business administration. businesses can receive loans up to $500,000. the previous limit for such businesses was 6 months, but the maximum loan of $150,000. the expansion is due to the long lasting pandemic which has especially hurt small businesses. now to our 4 zone forecast this sunday night. let's get you ready to head out the door for the start of your monday kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight. a look at what we can expect. >> yeah. we're tracking dense, low clouds and fog. if you are heading out for your sunday night. make sure to turn on those low beams drive safely out there because we're noticing some pretty thick fog out there along the immediate coastline. downtown san francisco in half moon bay, even some coastal areas of the northeast seeing visibility at or near 0. so make sure to drive safely. it's something that we don't typically see until a grey june gloom. but hey, this weekend it's felt more like spring summer than
8:52 pm
spri g. so i guess it's warranted, right. let's take a look at temperatures as you head out the door right now. take a look at the temperature trend, a mix of 40's 50's. and yes, even 60's as you head outside 20 degree difference right now between downtown san francisco in concord, 48 degrees in downtown san francisco because of that blanket of low cloud cover, better clearing, though, for those of you in conquered. you warmed up into the low 80's today. well above average and overnight lows tonight going to stay in the low to mid 40's. but for those of you in santa rosa, little bit cooler both holding steady from last night's overnight lows at 39 degrees and daytime highs for the start of your workweek. monday. we're going to notice anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees of cooling biggest drop in temperatures will be for those of you in the inland valleys conquered in livermore, cooling down into the low 70's. when you were in the low 80's today. so no didn't break any records for inland valleys oakland and hayward about 5 degrees above average they're cooling down into the upper
8:53 pm
60's mid 60's for downtown san francisco. but half moon bay 58 degrees with a low 70's for napa and san jose both at 71 degrees and then we're going to notice a big warm-up starting tuesday peaking on wednesday with little change on thursday. so most of this upcoming workweek forecast going to remain above average. but one thing we have to watch out for. jonathan will be the gusty winds monday night through tuesday. no fire danger threat and below advisory level. but we are going to see gusts upwards of 35 miles per hour less so. >> hold on to your hats. the winds are coming. all right. and the sun is not going anywhere anytime soon. yeah. and thank you so much for matching with my day year yeah. >> happy tv wife. happy tv life. i love it. both of you, the little things know she's the wife the mistress. >> still visible tonight last time you saw a live tv. i'm us was it in the subway. we'll
8:54 pm
show you why some cup? you're
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
lost. >> start something you see every day of trying to take a subway. little guys spotted wandering in a subway station in toronto animal services rescuing him and taking him back to where he belonged.
8:57 pm
according to officials, seeing animals, both wild and domesticated that the subway is pretty common sight. meanwhile, here's something we've not seen in a long time. thousands of folks attending a concert in barcelona that was sold out video showing some 5,000 fans cheering and singing along before entering the venue each person attending had to pass a rapid covid test attendees were not required to socially distance, but they were required to keep their mask on for the duration. all the concert. that does it for us here tonight on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock to go anywhere, though there's more news still ahead on for news and not just moments away.
8:58 pm
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9:00 pm
>> when time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon on i love their bored to death. >> 900's of folks packing the streets to remember a man shot and killed by danville police early this month. the family and friends of terrell wilson say they will not let his memory fade. that is where we start this sunday night here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. thanks much for spending time with us. i'm jonathan mccall. justine is off danville. police shot and killed wilson back on march 11th tonight. his family and friends say they continuing to push police for answers into


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