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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 1, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. now with breaking news. >> and that breaking news. a fremont police officer has shot and killed a suspected happened in a hotel parking lot. thank you for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10. i'm catherine heenan and i'm ken wayne. the latest word is no officers were injured in this shooting. it happened just before 06:30pm tonight. >> in the hyatt place hotel parking lot. that's near interstate 80 and warren avenue in fremont. police say the person who was shot had several warrants out for their arrest and was under surveillance. >> the canine the suspect presented a firearm. during the confrontation to fremont police detectives fired their
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service weapons at the suspect. phil trauma care was provided to the suspect. the suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene by paramedics at 6.35. >> we first told you about this breaking news with a push alert. you can download the free kron 4 mobile app to get updates like this. cent straight to your smart device so you can always know what's happening in your neighborhood. >> new at 10. while most schools in the bay area are either reopening campuses this year. they're coming up with a plan to do that. one district in the east bay is waiting until fall and a lot of parents are not happy about that. families from the fremont unified district. the district announcing yesterday. it is going to remain in distance learning for the rest of the school year today, families held a rally urging the school leaders to reconsider.
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>> so important for so many families in central workers. you know, we are one community. let's work together to have kids back to education. that's their fundamental right. you know, we really appreciate that. we can all work together, leave all the put into effect in the behind the police let the kids go back to school. >> the superintendent though, says the district could not reach a deal with the teachers union and with only about 40 days left in the school year. the priority now they say is getting children back into the classroom this fall. some students on the milpitas unified school district have returned to the classroom today. students in kindergarten through 6th grade as well as the 9th graders. they were back for in person learning the district is following county safety measures, including, of course, wearing masks and daily health screenings. a south bay school district is expanding access to mental health care providers for students, families and teachers before they resume in person learning later this month. the east side union high school district in san
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jose is offering a 24 7 bilingual online tool to connect students and staff to a database of behavioral and mental health resources, including therapists and programs for substance abuse treatment. in a statement, one school official says quote, this pandemic has been a traumatic experience for all of our students to one degree or another. we need to provide them ways to process what s% they've experienced this past year. you can learn more about the program by visiting home dot care solace, dot com. big milestone in the fight against covid millions more californians are now eligible to get vaccinated. and in 2 weeks, governor newsome says the state will expand eligibility even more and that announcement came as the governor was rolling up his sleeve to get vaccinated today. but he is also warning of the possibility. >> of a 4th search. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >> california is now tracking 7 different strains of covid-19. and while excitement
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grows over the state expanded vaccine eligibility. the governor is urging caution now is not the time. to and now it's mission accomplished with one of the lowest covid-19 positivity rates in the country and more than 80 million vaccine doses distributed california leaders say they see a bright light up ahead. but there is a lingering concern these variants having an impact on transmission. >> in states large and small state leaders say california seeing several cases of 4 concerning variants of covid-19, including 854 cases of the uk variant 35 brazilian 10 south african and about 9,300 cases of the west coast variant. after getting his vaccine in los angeles thursday newsome pointed back to the variance when asked about the possibility of a spring surge. we're very mindful we're very concerned about these mutations. the governor's warning comes as the majority of california for the reopens for business. a move prompted by overall low covid-19 case rates and increase vaccine distribution.
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but if the variance become problematic for the state's progress. newsome noted california's blueprint for reopening includes rules to roll back. you have the capacity not on win. not a political. >> considerations but on the basis of sarah surveillance transmission rates case positivity rates broadly defined with an equity component to be able to. move in whatever direction is necessary. >> california leaders say they're still optimistic with larger shipments of the vaccine coming into the state between this week and next with about 5 million more doses on the way. the governor says the manufacturing issue that halted some shipments of the johnson and johnson vaccine. well, not be affecting california supply for now reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> a promising development from pfizer. the vaccine maker announcing its doses appear to be fully effective against south african strain of the virus. pfizer also says it is highly effective for at least 6 months after the second shot
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researchers followed 4 to 6,000 volunteers for the past 6 months and found they were 91% protected against the virus with even better protection against severe cases. >> there is a growing concern over the emergence of coronavirus variants. this santa clara county health officials, including doctor sara cody say that all known coronavirus variants of concern. they've been discovered in the county leading to worries that another wave of cases could be coming. >> the more opportunity that the virus has to circulate, the more opportunity it has to take on mutations and to change so we've already seen a few variance of concern emerge and we what we want to do is get our here and really globally to get vaccinated as quickly as possible to reduce that opportunity. >> county health officials also announced today they expect the vaccine supply to increase in coming weeks. but
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admit they still do not have enough doses to meet demand and therefore until more people are vaccinated in the community does reach herd immunity health officials are continuing to ask, but everybody keep up the following rules in mind. social distancing wearing your mask. they are also recommending against any kind of indoor activities, including indoor dining more gatherings even though they are allowed under state guidelines. but doctor cody says she has not ruled out imposing stricter restrictions, although nothing is planned at this point. officials in the north bay are also sounding the alarm tonight covid numbers in seminole county are rising. >> and they're inching their way closer to the purple tier again. kron four's, michelle kingston, shares their warning ahead of the holiday weekend. >> but we are starting to see holidays and holidays are one transmission occurs. most just days away from a holiday weekend. solano county health
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officials say covid-19 cases are rising too early to call it a surge now. but that doesn't mean that it isn't the beginning. the search only time will tell over the past week and a half health they're showing some signs of - going in the wrong direction in terms of stopping the spread of covid-19 we are now starting to uncomfortably close to level of disease reported each day that would put us back in purple with the holiday weekend. coming up in spring break on the horizon. health officials say now is not the time to ease up. you need to keep reminding folks that the promise still here. it's not behind us. we still have a ways to go before we can really relax until the majority of residents are vaccinated. health officials here in solano county urge everyone to continue to take precautions seriously continue to wear masks socially distance and avoid crowds and you can go. you can enjoy the experience of said of the what you can do it safely in solano county. michelle kingston kron
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4 news troubling sports teams in marin county are struggling to keep covid from spreading among student athletes. that's according to the county's public health department. >> which says 3 different teams responsible for a number of clusters of the virus in this case. it's a result of athletes traveling sometimes out of state in close proximity to others without masks. >> you know, we're we're so close to the finish line here, you know, to use a sports analogy for our said no. the buzzer has an on off you know, there's still time on the with this pandemic. and if we let down our guard, we run the risk of losing the gains. we have achieved. >> says sports club should not be playing in tournaments involving more than 2 teams teams reporting viral custer's or to provide updated plans to the county health department as to how they'll prevent any future incidents. >> well, an exciting night in oakland fans have been at the coliseum watching the a's on
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opening day and it is the first time fans have been there in person since 2019 safety measures. are in place including mobile ticketing using an app to get your concessions seats are set up and socially distance to pods of 2 or 4. all 12,000 tickets available were sold. so technically that does make this a game, a sellout oakland playing houston. they are in the 9th inning kron 4 sports director jason dumas says there he will join us live later in the broadcast. the san francisco giants. they also played their first game of the season tonight, but they are on the road agai-st the seattle mariners, their home opener at oracle. that happens a week from tomorrow can almost smell the hot dogs. now, if you plan on saying that ice play in person. you have to do more than just buy a ticket. >> fans at oracle must either test negative for covid within the last 72 hours prior to the game or be fully vaccinated meaning at least 14 days out from the last shot giants, ceo
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larry larry baer says his team wants to make the games as safe as possible. >> put the to putting workable. we're not scientists. we're just going bill, we're in compliance and - moving forward. >> about 8900 fans will be allowed per game. for now seated in socially distanced pods. the team says it hopes to ease some of the restrictions later in the season. >> by the way, make sure to join kron 4 this saturday for our spring training report. sports director jason dumas school. give us an in-depth look at the a's and the giants rosters and what you can expect from each team this season. you can check out the giants preview at 10:00pm followed immediately by our case preview. more hopeful news tonight. theme parks across california were given the green light to open their doors for the first time in about a year. >> here in the bay area that
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includes 6 flags discovery kingdom in vallejo as well as the santa cruz beach boardwalk, 6 flags magic mountain in valencia in southern california and legoland in carlsbad. also held soft openings today. but not all parks are back open yet disneyland, for example, is not opening until april 30 us. there are still several restrictions in place. theme parks are limited to 25% capacity. masks will be required at all times. even on roller coasters. still people we talked to at the santa cruz beach boardwalk today. tell us it was all worth the wait. >> it's been we've been at home and just quarantining and doing our got vaccinated it's going have so we only got on to ride. it's been pretty the lines have get we're going right now. the easement park, the boardwalk they planning to hit the beach later on and go. but the wording. >> right now is only operating about a dozen rides daily.
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that's through the 11th followed by a weekend only bases for the rest of april. >> well, warm weather across the bay area today, but a bit of a scare on the peninsula tonight. cal fire says that it has fully contained. a small fire in san mateo county. you're looking at the scene burned about a quarter of an acre forcing some road closures. they have since reopened. >> and this this just in, fire crews in contra, costa county, making progress battling this brush fire. it's called the deer fire is burning near deer valley road and deer hill lane in antioch. so far it's burned for 5 acres flames are about 50% contained. no word yet on how it started. but this is the danger that comes with the warmer weather. lawrence. yeah. and certainly it's a big concern to see some of those fires getting started this early, of course. >> these last 2 years to the driest consecutive years on record since 1849. the driest back in 1975 1977 through that
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period. of course, a lot of people remember those days when really haven't take severe confirmation conservation measures to just get us through. so that's kind of where we sit right now and all along the western half of the u.s. we're currently under drought taking a closer. you can see most of area currently under drought conditions, moderate drought conditions and then you move further to the north and that becomes a severe to even extreme drought conditions. as you make your way in northern slot on parts of napa county. so not only want to see the this early in the season. but you get these temperatures and there's something else today. records coming down around the bay area and those records. yeah. certainly an 85 degrees. that was a record in san jose. san francisco international airport set a record of 84 in richmond. they tied a record of 89 degrees. can you believe that? livermore 85 degrees tying a record redwood city 84 degrees. but all around the bay area certainly very warm temperatures outside even
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along the coastline again today, although we begin to see a little bit of a sea breeze kick in and that was a sign of a change. still. they managed to squeeze and 70's and a half moon bay about 70 degrees in san francisco today 82 in oakland 85 in the bottle, 84 in the napa valley. certainly very warm. so far. so looks like a big change, though, coming our way tonight. we're watching for some clouds, not seen them just yet. but i think that fog is on the way. it's just a matter of hours before it gets here. that's going to push on shore and that's going to change whether drastically, i think as we head in toward tomorrow and especially the weekend. temperatures still warm in the side of a you've some 60's 50 beginning to show up along the 55 degrees in the bottle. 51 in the napa valley and 63 degrees in berkeley. but the atmosphere starting to change. now high pressure is beginning to move further to the east as that moves out of town. well, that's going allow for that sea breeze to return strengthened over the weekend bringing some clouds of really cool down. these temperatures may be a good 15 to 20 degrees cooler, especially out near the coastline by tomorrow
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afternoon. just a gentle sea breeze right now. not much out there, but that will pick up overnight tonight and as that ramps up, that is going to spread low clouds and fog at least on shore along the coastline. and probably just inside the biy for tomorrow, then i think a pretty breezy afternoon around the bay area tomorrow. so if you have some plans, if you're headed out near the coastline. don't expect to be one of those toasty days go hang out the beach in your shorts and and that take top it is going to cold out there along the coastline, you might need a thick jacket out there by tomorrow after that was going to how little bit. and of course of that fog. a little that moisture in your skin. it feels chilly. yeah. it's real. san francisco. some have right yeah, really? yeah. all right. thank still ahead tonight, why the city of san francisco is struggling to move its homeless population out of hotel rooms. >> and into permanent housing. >> also disturbing new details about the suspected gunman who killed 4 people including a 9 year-old boy inside an office complex in southern california and a brazen robbery in broad daylight near one of san francisco's most popular
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tourist spots. what happened after victims tried to chase after victims tried to chase down the thieves. that's next. covid has made clear that having health insurance is more important than ever. at covered california, every plan is comprehensive, covering everything from preventive care to mental health. and it's the only place that offers financial help for health insurance. enrollment is open due to covid-19. if you or someone you know isn't covered, now is the time to sign up. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at
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>> well, this was a rave in england. hundreds of people ran away from police as the officers were trying to shut this event down. this is in
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manchester, england crowds have been dancing and drinking mostly ignoring covid restrictions as they listen to a live dj. see the police. they're moving in some restrictions were eased this week. but officials say this particular crowd that rave really got out of control. there is new video tonight of a brazen robbery in san francisco's inner sunset. the victims. you see them neighborhood surveillance video chasing 2 suspects who had just broken into their car. this happened monday. one of the victims was hurt in the chase and sent to the hospital with minor injuries. >> our forces has more on the investigation that's now underway. it all happened at this popular tourist attraction. the moraga street steps victims had just parked their car gun out. >> and that's when 2 suspects moved in broke into their car is still a backpack full of their personal items. >> terrifying moments caught on surveillance video from the
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street between 16th and 17th avenue. 2 thieves broke into a family's car monday afternoon near the town drugs, street steps in san francisco's inner sunset district. but as the suspects ran towards getaway car. the victims chased after them. >> i've lived in this neighborhood for about 3 years now. it's really quiet and sleepy on action happens on the steps. >> yeah, it's not. it's not the what you want to hear about your neighborhood. neighbors say the family was visiting from out of state. >> san francisco police responded in say the suspects got away with a backpack. this one of the victims was a 52 year-old father who also ran after the suspects in grabbed under their car as they drove off. police say that's when one of the suspects without a gun in the victim. let go out of fear for his life. he was sent to the hospital with non-serious injuries. visitor peter tracy was concerned hearing what happened but says sadly he's not surprised. it's not a 100%. >> safe to park anywhere
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really hear cautionary signs are posted near the popular steps like any other tourist attractions in the city neighbor. kerry hop says she warns visitors whenever she can make sure your car is because nothing that's kind of like city one. oh, one, there's lots of break. ins constantly. >> sfpd says they haven't arrested anyone or identified any suspects in this case so far you have any information you're asked to contact the police department and san francisco to lead the psac ii kron 4 news. >> in the north by police say they need help catching a burglary suspect who broke into a home in petaluma happened march 19th. this was a home on d street. the residents were away at the time. the man was caught on video. there he is apparently in his mid 30's last seen wearing a white painter's pants. the gray shirt that you saw there with a royal trucks logo dark gray hat police say if you have any information, if you recognize this man call petaluma police. next. at 10. the future looks pretty
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bright. san francisco. why city leaders are painting an optimistic picture about the end of the pandemic. >> plus another day of dramatic testimony in the murder trial of derek chauvin. but the former girlfriend of george floyd is revealing about their struggles with addiction and florida congressman matt gaetz. he's facing some new unsettling allegations tonight. what he's accused of doing on the floor of the house of representatives. >> all this gorgeous weather here in the bay area. lots of sunshine and warm temperatures could we soon see some rain. we'll talk about that with your 1010 coming up next.
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>> new at 00:00pm tonight, san francisco city leaders have a sunny outlook on vaccine distribution as eligibility expands today. everyone in california aged 50 and older was given the green light to get the shot. mayor london breed says in 2 weeks, everybody 16 and older will be eligible growing. the vaccination pull even more kron four's dan thorn, he is live in san francisco and he joins us with more updates from city leaders than. >> well, catherine and ken mayor london breed says if the city continues to receive the expected amount of vaccines. 80% of san francisco residents
10:27 pm
16 and older could get at least one vaccine dosage by mid-may and that would be a huge jump from where the city stands right now as we're also seeing a slight increase in new covid-19 cases. >> mayor london breed expressing confidence and pride as the city aims to vaccinate more residents. all of what we've done and everything that we've talked about in the past in terms of. >> where we need to get to. we're finally getting there. >> the city has set a goal of having 80% of san francisco residents over the age of 16 receiving at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine by the middle of next month. this would be a major jump from the more than 45% who received the shot as of thursday. but the goal hinges on having a consistent supply we're moving right along. >> but we also have to remind ourselves this is not over. we are still in a pandemic.
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>> the city has made good on having more than 80% of residents 65 and older getting at least one dose and more than half of san francisco seniors have been fully vaccinated. san francisco health department director doctor grant colfax is encouraging eligible people to be patient in getting an appointment and remaining vigilant by no means are we out of the woods yet. >> and cases in san francisco have slowly started to climb again. now we're still at a low rate. but just in the last week we've seen an increase of 20% in our case rate. the increase in cases was expected by doctor colfax as the city continues to move forward in reopening sharing the mayor's confidence colfax as more vaccinations will help get the area closer to normal. >> we are on the right path. we're making great progress. >> well, there is still some concern about this slight increase. but the mayor says that she is hopeful as more
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vaccinations continue to happen throughout san francisco and that people will continue to follow public health guidelines that will help prevent any further rollbacks reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news, thank you, dan. >> now the san francisco's in the orange tier the city's program to house the homeless in hotel rooms is entering its next phase. that's finding them new permanent housing officials say if the almost 2000 homeless people who spent the pandemic in hotel rooms. only a 181 of them have been rehoused, meaning more than 1700 people still need new homes. city leaders say one of the main challenges is the lack of affordable housing. >> san francisco is the most expensive city in the world to build housing the way that we aren't having this conversation 5 years, 10 years down road is for us to make sure that we are building these multi family supportive housing throughout the city and san francisco.
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>> the city's goal is to have all of these people rehouse by this october and to meet that deadline, the city would have to re house. about 290 people a month. >> there are new details on the mass shooting in orange county that left 4 people dead, including a 9 year-old boy. police say the suspect is 44 year-old amina dob gonzales. they say that he did have a personal and business connection to the victims. we also know that when police arrived, the gates to the building were locked with bicycle type blocks. they tried to fire at the suspect through the gates. they did wound him then forced their way into the building's courtyard. >> officers located 2 victims in the courtyard area. one of which was a 9 year-old boy who was deceased. an adult female who had also been shot was found with the boy appears that a little boy died in his mother's arms as she was trying to save him. >> during this horrific massacre. the names of the
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victims have not been publicly released of the suspect is in stable but critical condition. >> more people want buy guns after last month's deadly mass shootings in atlanta and boulder, colorado. the fbi says it conducted a record number of background checks for firearm purchases in march. >> about 4.7 million americans initiated the checks. mark in an almost 36% increase from february. the boost also coincides with a pair of gun control bills passed by the house and another round of stimulus money sent to millions of americans. now to minneapolis for day 4 of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin's trial today. george floyd's girlfriend took the stand as well as for other witnesses, there were 2 paramedics, a firefighter former shift supervisor for the minneapolis police department reporter brian. and has the latest.
10:32 pm
>> courtney ross broke down, remembering her boyfriend of 3 years george floyd, she said they met when he was a security guard at the salvation army and that he was emotionally distraught after his mom passed away. it >> but i'm mama's boy. i could tell. the men that met him. and when he came back home. houston. i think kind of like this. i that. they keep us. was broken. >> ross also talked about her in floyd's addiction to opioids said it was an ongoing struggle. >> it's i think story of. many people get addicted to opioids. we both separate from chronic pain. mine was in my neck and his with his back.
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>> several paramedics and firefighters took the stand and said from the time they arrived. floyd never had a pulse when his condition appeared to be to you. >> and terms i thought he was dead. >> and what did you do >> look for a i think he's this. >> paramedics tried to revive floyd in the back of the ambulance. but we're not successful. retired minneapolis police sergeant david plead are also testified thursday. he was the first supervisor to arrive. >> bees to a new review of the body-worn camera footage. do you have an opinion as to when the restraint mister flay should have ended in hour. yes. what is. >> when mister floyd was no longer offering up any resistance to the officers. they and very strange. >> that was brian entin
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reporting and again today we learned floyd apparently was dead by the time medical help arrived. meantime, lawyers for his family are arguing jurors should disregard the testimony about floyd's drug addiction. >> new at 00:00pm tonight. more disturbing allegations being leveled against florida congressman matt gaetz sources say gates allegedly showed other lawmakers pictures and videos of women with whom he had relationships. one of the sources told cnn it was a point of pride with gates. they also say even showed images of nude women while on the house floor in congress. there's no indication the pictures are connected to a justice department investigation into gates over trafficking allegations. >> is extending its 0 tolerance policy against unruly passengers. this is based in part on the rising number of covid cases in the u.s. the extension will last as long days, as they say as the cdc and the tsa requires
10:35 pm
masks today. snow survey conducted by state water officials did nothing to change predictions of a low water year and possibly a drought. >> northern california is not as bad officer rest of the state when it comes to spring snowmelt potential. but as reporter lonnie wong shows us the effect of limited rain and snow. it's already being felt. >> still deaths at the state measuring station near echo summit were better than expected. 83% of average the bad news this site is an outlier. the average statewide for hundreds of other sites show snow levels at 59%. >> california's largest reservoirs are only soaring about half of their total capacity. even at this site. the ground underneath the snow is drier than normal. >> that means melting snow but soak into the ground before surface water runs off into state and federal reservoirs where water levels already low. so we might not see a lot of that immediate runoff into the until we start seeing more
10:36 pm
of that water start to percolate into the ground. >> big april storms in the sierra can happen but are rare traditionally the snowpack is at its peak during april measurement. today's numbers will likely lay the foundation for the rest of the water year. one reason water allocations the cities and farms have been cut drastically and there are alerts for drought conditions by state water officials. that wasn't an immediate concern for beachgoers taking advantage of the warm weather at brown's ravine at folsom lake today. water is the obvious attraction for reservoir is like here at folsom lake. there's plenty of water for many recreational activities. not so much for others. nearly 700 slips up the folsom lake marina or landlocked the boat ramp serving. it is high and dry. instead hundreds of boats large and small park high above the water line. water levels here. alright, just 60% of average. the water releases to maintain the integrity of the delta was soon slow meaning water levels at folsom reservoir may wise for short time. but long term.
10:37 pm
>> this year. looks like water levels are pretty low. >> norman is putting into folsom lake for the first time this season you must endure the 5 mile an hour speed limit dictated by the low water levels. there are some of instructions. so many obstacles out there. so they can't market when it gets down their 5 miles an hour is no fun. >> if you're, you know, try to do a board or whatever. for the time being. water lovers will take what they can get. >> at folsom lake. >> lonnie wong. >> and this just and fire crews in contra, costa county say this brush fire is now fully contained. the call it the deer fire its parked near deer valley road and deer hill lane. antioch burning about 5 acres. no word yet on how it started. not good news and it's only april first and that's no joke. take a live picture of san francisco airport where it's nice and calm and kron. 4 s chief meteorologist lawrence karnow
10:38 pm
lauren dry weather speak coming. a concern. it certainly isn't on top the years of drought conditions really last 20 years, much of the west seen unusually dry conditions and that's leading to all these fires and certainly. >> as we head into war months, much more of a concern up there right now. we've got mostly clear skies going to see a change in the weather pattern, though, as we head in toward tomorrow, low clouds and fog are on the way back right now high pressure kind of sliding eastward you begin to see some of these clouds creep in a little bit closer along the coastline. we're going to see the some of the fog form overnight tonight and move on. shore temperature wise still very comfortable in spots around the bay area. 62 in san francisco right now. 61 and oakland 64 very comfortable in san jose 65 and little more 66 in concord. little bit of a sea breeze cooling off in santa rosa at 56 degrees all right. long range forecast mall yesterday looked a lot more impressive. in fact, last few days been watching this brings some rain on shore today. not the case is gone. the other direction, the models start to pour pull the core low. well off the coastline. this easter sunday
10:39 pm
staying dry lot of clouds and then on monday, the models that originally brought some rain on shore now they're pulling way back. so we're going to see if this is a bad model run. things change again for tomorrow looks more impressive right now. this does not look very impressive of want to see any rain rolling in the bay area may be something coming through on this latest model this possibly the next friday after that. really just things staying a little bit unsettled, but certainly not looking as impressive as it did. the will hold. we'll see how things work out for a couple of days here. right now. looks like we're certainly in for a major cool down this weekend. expect those temperatures to drop a good 15 to 20 degrees in spots in by tomorrow along the coastline. you can see huge drop like that and then maybe as we get into monday or tuesday, there's certainly a chance. he's cut off low spit out the coastline. they are traditionally very difficult to forecast this could easily wobble back toward the coastline. and then we start talking about rain again right now. boy, it doesn't look good. okay. the best. yeah, it's all we can do. >> take a look at this. a border patrol dog unuma
10:40 pm
arizona stuff to packages of fentanyl pills. hidden inside burritos breakfast burritos that happened monday at and immigration, not checkpoint. the dog alerted handler about the black back pocket wear black parent that you're looking at in this photo border patrol agents quickly found the drug stuffed inside the the estimated street value of the drugs about $60,000. >> creative. but it didn't work. still ahead, tonight, a violent crash. but this ending in flames how a chain reaction done out of control. fire truck to slam into a gas and next in sports, the a's open their season in front of fans at coliseum. an open. we've got highlights a live report from the ballpark. >> and highlights of the giants season opener. kate rooney has all of that coming up next. and some exciting news to share with you. kron four's expanding our weekend news coverage with the new 06:00pm newscast. join just in love fate. and jonathan mccall for the latest local news
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good news friends, my triple bonus jack combo is back. the triple meat and cheese you need... the secret sauce you love... plus curly fries and a drink. it's...a pretty legit combo. and it's just $5.99. only at jack in the box. >> and now 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> there isn't much greater in sports. baseball's opening day. the spring weather the optimism of new beginnings and finally once again this year, fans in the stands, the a's and the giants both in action
10:44 pm
tonight. let's check in on how things went over in oakland. first the coliseum 26% full. but hey, it's great to see fans. >> back in the bay area. the game. however, didn't go so well for the home team, top of the 6 yordan alvarez goes off the wall in left center. >> 2 runs with score. so it's 3 to one stros a startup assess it gave up those 3 runs over 5 and a 3rd innings. >> we go to still 3 to one. michael brantley. takes adam cole, deep. for solo homer astro's increasing their lead to 4 to one next batter. he's going make it back to back home runs for houston. what a night for him. the astros tacked on 3 more in the 9th as the a's go down on opening day 8 to one our kron 4 sports director jason dumas was there to witness it in person, not the result the a's wanted jason. pretty exciting opening day. nonetheless. what your take away is.
10:45 pm
>> yeah, okay. very exciting. but this always seems to happen against the astros. i'm not going to panic too much obviously there's a 163 more of these games to be played the long baseball season. 8 will likely be ok, just seems they can never muster up offense when they need to in timely times when they're playing this houston team, they were one for 8 with runners in scoring position only mustered up 6 hits. but i have to say the fans here. they were ready to be back. >> in the ballpark. they were chanting and screaming the whole way all the way down to the final pitch of the game. so it was really just great been a really brutal year. as you know, living through a pandemic. so coming back to the ballpark was just another step towards normalcy and it was good to see they were loud. they were your typical oakland crowd. mocking the astro's about that whole
10:46 pm
cheating scandal. >> a couple people have their own trash cans banging on trash cans calling out to they calling brakeman a cheater. so that's what oakland a's fans do. it was all in good fun. everyone had a good time. the a's, i'm sure want to come back out tomorrow. and get a win again. is early in a long season. but this is the houston astro's. this is a team that aides do not like they want to beat them. so we'll have to give it a go tomorrow reporting from the coliseum. k. i'm jason dumas hey, they've got a 161 more . chances to get it done. right. so let's get to the giants. they started their season in seattle tonight taking on the mariners top of the second. >> giants up one. nothing welcome back. buster posey as he drives one to left field carrying a handgun posey's first homer of the season. of course, giants go up 2, nothing. however, bottom of the 8th mariners down by a run bases loaded for jose
10:47 pm
marmalade host and he grounds one to brandon belt over to brandon crawford. and second in crawford can hang on to the ball. all of the ball trickled into the outfield. 2 runs will come into score and the mariners take the lead. but top of the night, mariners leading 76 alex dickerson sends one to right and that one is gone. and just like that, the giants tied up. so this game. still in progress tied at 7 in the bottom of the 10th. we got some free baseball here on opening night. at the right time to some hoops warriors as he stepped curry still trying to shake off that bruised tailbone por step, but he played through the pain to score 36 points tonight, miami. whoever gain control of the game in the 3rd quarter and then with 5 minutes left old friend andre iguodala's shot. yeah. the nail in the coffin there with this 3 to put the heat away at 13 and they win one 16 to one. '09. so better luck to the dubs tomorrow. they're headed up to toronto to take on the raptors quick turnaround for them.
10:48 pm
steph, you got to make sure you ice that tailbone. all
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
>> take a look at this terrifying scene caught on surveillance video is a fire truck plows into a gas station. it happened last night in detroit. witnesses say an suv was crossing the intersection when it collided with a fire truck that was responding to a call. the suv hit a pole. the fire truck smashed into the gas pump and a parked van. the pump as you see burst into flames, 2 men inside the van could be seen
10:51 pm
running way 7 people including 3 firefighters were injured. the good news, none of the injuries are serious. tonight. a pair of washington state pilots are sharing their incredible story of survival after they walked away from a crash that destroyed their plane truman o'brien and craig bells for flying to tacoma when they began to suffer engine trouble after a few didn't have enough engine power to stay in the air and o'brien a flight instructor decided the best course of action was try to put the plane down in the treetops. there it is. after a few heart-stopping moments, the plane came down, nose down on the force for. but both men still in one piece. >> sugar looks me and he goes, you're okay. and i look at treatment ago, you okay. and turns out. miraculously we're okay. >> to the incredible skill of my. in structure, a trend in co owner of the plane. >> search and rescue crews were able to quickly locate
10:52 pm
the downed plane and the 2 men, both of them suffered cuts and bruises. but other than that, they're just fine. >> here at home. cal fire is already bracing for this year's wildfire season. this as officials do expect another hot dry summer. melanie townsend shows us the updated aircraft. cal fire's using. >> it is 11 and a half years with cal fire in nearly 40 years with the u.s. forest service. cal fire's, senior chief of aviation dennis brown knows when the conditions are right for another hectic fire season we're headed into another dry season. so with a month the last 2 to 3 that we've had it. it is reason for concern, which means it's time to ready all battle stations starting with training for existing air tanker and air tactical pilots. they're going through. >> refresher training ground school. and then also flight training today. and for the next several weeks. brown says they are also training pilots to fly several of these new specially 70 i calfire hocks
10:53 pm
from poland which are double the size of their longstanding u h i age or huey helicopters in replace 12 of these vietnam air aircraft by 2022. it's got an extended landing gear that makes it set up higher. >> it has a 1000 gallon tank that's put under its foods or foods that pins in the aircraft itself that fold out. there are also equipped with exterior cables for rescues and a snorkel system that can up 1000 gallons of water in less than a minute in the mechanics. and mcclellan are also making additional adjustments to the rest of their summer fleet will have. >> 23 a grumman f 2 air tankers. those hurt are 1200 gallon air tankers that we have in our 12. i that basis. they have a 60 toby can that aircraft will be going to the paint job that will be going to fresno. calif ayers also looking into acquiring several more lockheed c one 30 air tankers. they can store up to 4,000 gallons of water and fire retardant all to help maintain cal fire's goal to have an aircraft.
10:54 pm
>> on any fire in our state responsibility or in california within 20 minutes ago. they hopefully we'll have to see fulfilled too much this summer. >> airplanes and helicopters. typically don't put fires out. we will down. we can assist the ground folks. but without the ground resources, we won't be successful. >> and mcclellan air field. melanie townsend. >> cal fire is reminding people take basic precautions. things you probably know about. don't use fireworks, for example, or drag chains on trailers. vice president kamala harris and her husband they're back in california tonight. they arrived in los angeles today. they'll stay there through easter sunday. they do not have any public events planned monday. the vice president will travel to her hometown of oakland should spend the day focusing on small business needs we're told and water infrastructure. and take a look at this nice looking house in the berkeley hills the sold for 1 million
10:55 pm
dollars. over asking price. and that's after getting 29 offers the house eventually sold for 2.3 million dollars. it has 3 bedrooms. 2 bassett's only 2 miles from the u c berkeley campus. >> the listing agent says because of those the pandemic, people in general are looking for bigger houses with sinking of the panoramic view right here they don't do that is beautiful sunset. this the home sold for slightly more than the price of other homes in the area. the median price in this neighborhood has 1.7 this so forth. 2.3, the happiest place on earth will be a little bit happier for some guests with disneyland reopens later this month. that's because they will be able to buy alcohol at a second location in the park. lawrence is already chairing the blue bayou restaurant will start serving beer wine and hurricanes. disney says the decision comes after thousands of requests over the years from park visitors, specially international travelers and young adults. lawrence. there you go. the disneyland. can't
10:56 pm
wait to go there mint juleps are we've got some clouds right. moving along the coastline tonight, some patchy fog. >> going to make return. it's going to pick up toward the coast late tonight and maybe even inside the bay. we're going to see some of those clouds as we wake up on a friday morning. that will be a sign that everything is we've got to change. the atmosphere is going to shift gears. those offshore winds, another breaking down now still very mild inside the bay plenty of 60's there. 60's inland feeling cooler temperatures, though, in oakland right now but certainly everything is about to switch gears is that sea breeze kicks in the temperatures really cool off. so plan on that patchy fog moving along the coastline, 61 the sunset about 65 downtown san francisco 59 montara about 65 degrees in half moon bay and over the more sunshine temperatures there comfortably into the 60's to find more 70's. you head for the south 71 redwood city 71 in mount view. the south, a lot of 70's, we found should be a beautiful day and very comfortable over double the 80's looks like for now, warmest temperatures probably
10:57 pm
some mid to upper 70's. well, inland 76 in dublin about 77 walnut creek, 75 degrees in rugged about 65 degrees in castro valley looks like those temperatures stay warm right through the delta and much of the north bay to back along the coastline will keep the temperatures generally in the 50's. but yeah, we're trying drag some rain back in the bay area. we're going to get cooler temperatures go right to the weekend. more fall on the way through easter sunday, slight chance of showers on monday and tuesday of next week. but force of the models of really backed off. we'll see how things work out. thank you, sweet, thanks for joining us. attempt. a good night.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
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>> george floyd's girlfriend in two years. >> what did he call you? and she kind of broke down and said, he called me mama. >> and insight b cup foods store where this all started. then, teens on bicycles on the attack. they even beat an elderly guy. then, covid-19 vaccine rackets. and... >> an opening day unlike any other in american history. >> plus, how clean our hotel


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