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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 8, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> when time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon on san francisco is hitting the brakes and will not move into the yellow tier next week as originally expected health officials say. >> it is because case rates and hospitalizations have crept up too high to safely advance into this next year which would go from moderate
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to minimal. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus ml simone and vicki liviakis has the night off. kron 4 service ackie is joining us live from the city right now. taylor will san francisco still allowed live in person events next week to go on. >> yeah. the expansion will continue. you know, these are things that are already allowed in the state's orange tier reopening status as we know, san francisco's been more conservative when it comes to reopening and now they're just finally adding on these orange tier activities. >> san francisco will not move forward into the least restrictive yellow tier next week as originally expected clear delayed by at least a week. >> and our progression will depend on how we do next week. usually we'll find out on late monday night or tuesday where we fall for the week and whether we will meet the yellow tier criteria at that time san francisco, public health officer doctor susan phillips says the pause and progression is due to higher
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case rates and hospitalizations. we have been averaging between 3040 cases and that is that low stable number, especially compared to the 370. all right. so that we were having in january of this item or service. so we're glad that it's reduced by 90%. >> but we also know that we've seen it creeping up a little bit and more concerning earlier hospitalizations have have come up a little bit. they they were they were quite low. they were very close to 20 total in the how have since death for businesses venues and event centers moving into the yellow tier would have meant that outdoor gatherings. >> could expand to 200 people without a negative test or proof of vaccination. >> if all guests are tested or vaccinated capacity. then expands outdoors to 400 people in the yellow tier indoor gatherings will also be permitted for up to 200 people. if all guests are tested and show proof of vaccination. laurie thomas with the golden gate restaurant association says
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moving into the yellow tier will be important for upcoming spring plant. >> the timing is so critical right now. and i reiterated that yesterday in a call. hey, everybody is looking to graduations. they're looking to weddings and that thinks that they may have postponed for for 15 months, right. that they may have canceled. and so there's various kinds up demand and what that demand means is the ability to hire more workers and bring caters and do things like that. >> again, this just reiterate the point that we need to continue to follow safety protocols moving forward. and you know, this is something when we last saw the huge surge. we've been following these protocols ever since. we'll have to continue to continue to excel and move forward in this reopening process. grant l a. >> yeah. i know so many people are anxious to get back in. a lot of people have been vaccinated. what does this mean? do we think for live music. a lot of people hoping to really certainly do that outside and inside.
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>> well, this actually will not impact those live in person events as we heard of that, they'll be able to open april 15th that will still go on at 35% capacity and also the chase recently said that they will open their doors to fans on april 23rd. that's the latest here live in san francisco. taylor reporting. back to you. >> taylor taylor and speaking of crowds and people tomorrow baseball will officially be back in san francisco fans will be allowed at oracle park to see the rockies take on the giants in their home things are obviously different, though. giants will be requiring a recent negative covid test result or proof of full vaccination for everybody. 12 and older concessions must be ordered from your seats using your phone, you won't be able to just walk up lineup and order food or drink as you normally would. what you have ordered
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from your phone pick up locations will be available in designated seating zones. and of course, kron 4 will be there live at the ballpark tomorrow to see how this goes for fans and we'll certainly have highlights from the field as well. attorney repres a man accused of an anti asian attack in san francisco says there is more to the story. new video here shows the suspect identified as steven jenkins striking a grandmother in the face. she then fights back the story of the attack went viral last month as there has been a dramatic rise as we've been reporting in these anti asian hate crimes. there are more than a million dollars in donations. also flooded in for the 75 year-old victim. >> but the attorney says jenkins actions were not racially motivated kron on's dan thorn is live in san francisco tonight. he joins us with what exactly we have just learned. dan. >> a full grant the public
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defender says this situation is a little more complex than it appears. the initial outrage was that this was another racially motivated anti asian attack. but this suspect may have been confused when he hit this woman because he too, was being attacked. new surveillance video shows the moment a man punches a 75 year-old asian woman in the face in san francisco. the story exploded last month after the victim responded by grabbing a wooden board and hitting her attacker while he was thrown to the ground by a security guard. the suspect, 39 year-old stephen jenkins was arrested shortly thereafter. remember what thought when you first heard this story that this is not a crime. this is not racially motivated. >> deputy public defender. eric mcburnie says this video tells more of the story. it shows on the morning of march. 17th multiple attacks on jenkins near un plaza. he's seen being punched and kicked nearly 50 times on provoked by
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unknown assailants. mcburney says as jenkins was beaten and bloodied. he became disoriented and tried getting away this video puts mall cop that. >> in 2. what could that they then the simple but you know this because this is a person who doesn't have a history of they get snow convictions were hurting people. >> just minutes before striking challenge angie on the corner of market in 7th jenkins is accused of also hitting an 83 year-old asian man. that attack has not been seen on video which is seen as this unknown man in a yellow vest following jenkins down the street before he swings and she mcburney says the whole situation is a tragedy because jenkins is a homeless man who was being attacked and no one came to his aid and his confusion may have led him to strike. the other 2 victims. we are continuing to investigate. >> we you know, everyone remember my wife to process
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him play why we have this kind of presumptions that apply small. >> well, jenkins is not facing hate crime charges, but he is facing charges for assault and elder abuse. he is scheduled for a preliminary hearing tomorrow reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news, thank you, dan. the recent spike in violence against the asian community has sparked several rallies and. >> messages of support. and now some groups are taking things a step further today. the san francisco police officers association oakland's chinatown chamber of commerce and local prominent restaurant chain burma superstar announced a new funds to help fight racial injustice across the bay area. >> every bay area resident. needs to be able to feel safe when they go out in the community. population. they're considered easy targets, especially the elderly have been a lot of ways. and then for whatever reason the aps
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community is. >> known for not speaking up, not fighting back. not saying anything. >> we want to change that. >> the crimes against asians reward fund is designed to provide a financial incentive for reporting potential hate crimes sharing information that will go towards closing investigations while also protecting both victims and witnesses. >> and national news in less than 24 hours to mass shootings left a total of 6 people dead. the first happened late last night in broad kill south carolina. 5 people were killed there, including 2 children. and just today another mass shooting at a cabinet making business where one person was killed and 5 others hurt in bryan, texas has about 100 miles northwest of houston witnesses. describe what happened when the chaos erupted. >> i was running. everybody was running outside. but don't know how the guy was so sio ready. so one of one of the
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ladies like he's us. i use a freaking now. so we came up inside again. we light 6 people inside and the rest of the people by the fans are ready. >> state. trooper was also shot during a manhunt that resulted in a suspect being taken into custody. the trooper is in serious but stable condition. another victim was taken to the hospital after suffering an asthma attack. the bryan police chief believes that the suspect is an employee at the business where that shooting took place and no motive has been released. now to south carolina where authorities say a former san francisco forty-niners shot and killed 5 people, including a well-known doctor and his family. he then turned the gun on himself. well, tonight the search for a motive and there and questions about whether the impact of concussions during his time with the nfl may have played a role reporter tom negovan has the details. >> think there's been a bad
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shooting. >> mowbray for people. think for people that shot it wound up being 5. the 911, caller reported hearing about 20 shots seeing the gunman walking away pronounced dead at the scene. 70 year-old doctor robert leslie, his 69 year-old wife barbara and 2 of their grandchildren. 9 year-old ada and 5 year-old noah. we have. >> probably more questions than what you do about this case right now. we are working hard to provide. >> some answers. and h vacc technician who have been working at the home 38 year-old james lewis also shot and killed his co-worker. robert shook shot multiple times but able to call for help. and my 2 technicians or they are. >> one just call me. you can't call him scream and i've been shot. i've been shot tonight show. is said to be in critical condition after multiple surgeries lewis a single father of 3 children. his parents speaking to news nation affiliate wjz why about
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the loss of their only son. >> i keep on thinking i'm gonna wake up of all, just faded away as a bad dream. >> former nfl player phil about hims was found dead early this morning of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his parents home. they live near the leslie's and sources tell the associated press the doctor had been treating the 33 year-old former defensive back who'd suffered injuries during his playing career, including 2 concussions, social media users noting this is the second time in days that a former nfl players been linked to a shooting x giants and dolphins wide receiver travis rudolph was charged this week with first degree murder and there are questions about the role of repeated head trauma, chronic brain injuries in unexplainable. acts of violence. we have a lot more information together as as to the why ralph norman
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who represents the rock hill area in congress says robert and barbara leslie, we're close friends. he just was was special and so in 2 different ways. doctor leslie friends say it would have been remarkable for his medical achievements alone. but he was also an author, a weekly columnist for the charlotte observer and a person, a very strong faith. a statement tonight from his family. while we know there are no answers that will satisfy the question why we're sure of one thing we do not grieve as those without hope. our hope is found in the promise of jesus christ. and we are envelop by piece that surpasses all understanding. >> tom negovan reporting. gun violence in this country is an epidemic. and it's an international buyers. president biden says he also wants to close background check loopholes and crack down on the rapid increase of. >> so-called ghost guns which are guns assembled from kits,
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but with no serial number see, can't track them. president biden had urged the u.s. senate to take a bills that have already been passed by the house that would tighten the regulations of gun sales. but with no action taken in the senate. the president instead has gone with executive orders. he called just the beginning. president biden's executive actions are getting local support as well. the white house invited a local police chief who says he's hopeful his community will benefit from the president's plan. crown force. so nice to her knee has the story. >> when police chief butler on armstrong was at the white house thursday morning. president joe biden announced his administration's efforts to curb gun violence in the country. chief armstrong with the only law enforcement leader was invited crime rates across the bay area have been steadily rising since the start of the pandemic. but oakland is on track to have the deadliest year in decades since the start of 20 21 homicides in oakland are up
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more than 300% assault with a firearm up over 100% and those numbers keep rising a huge area of concern or ghost guns, ghost guns or self-assembled firearms. the don't have serial numbers making them untraceable purchasing a ghost gun kit doesn't require a background check, meaning anyone can get one. we have seen. >> a huge increase in the use of goes goods. we've seen crimes committed with these guns, including homicides. he's got a very difficult to we have to do something about these guns. and i think the legislative action at the scene taken today will that process. chief armstrong believes we do have enough laws on the books here in the states. but the problem arises when people buy guns out of state and bring them over. and that's why he feels it's important. the federal government intervene we've seen straw purchases from other states where people are going to gun shows him purchasing weapons in bringing those weapons back into our
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community. we want to limit that and today was a strong message you know, the president is taking a stance in wants to curb this activity in. we hope to see less farm in the city of oakland and chief armstrong thinks this move by the white house will bolster its already strong partnership with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. >> he's hopeful the city will receive some funding as well. the city of oakland has struggled with the budget deficit it's limited the department's resources is also limit the resources of our department of violence prevention. so is our hope that oakland back in by being invited today and being in the you know, hopefully it. it ineases our jeanne and says to receive some of the funding that may be available to help fill that gap and potentially even give us more resources and chief armstrong says ultimately he hopes to see more violence interrupters and community led violence intervention in oakland. >> in the newsroom. sanaz tahernia kron 4 news.
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>> there have now been 4 dead gray whales washed up in the bay area just within the past week or so. the carcasses have been taken to angel island where they do necropsies kron four's. gayle ong reports from near beach where the 4th well was just found. >> this great will is the latest to wash up in the bay area. it was found that near beach thursday morning. a team with the marine mammal center just completed cropsey and have been busy investigating 3 other dead whales in 8 days that really a red flag for us. >> we're doing everything we can to investigate the causes of these for doctor jeff foam ceo at the marine mammal center says there are 3 common cause is we are likely to see it either amount rishon state. and instead like the ship strike. or an entanglement. erik jones came across one of the dead whales this weekend reported to the coast guard is now sailing. and i saw. >> we'll look to be a well and it wasn't things that was
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moving slowly. >> his nonprofit c valor the whale to angel island. drone video shows jones and his crew moving the 33 foot whale in the bay area waters jones is an experienced boater and says there needs to be more awareness about whales getting killed by ships. i've seen it firsthand. we've almost hit wells. >> and our boats. but our boats or going for 5 knots, which is pretty slow and these container ships. i mean, they're going 15. may be 20 knots. and the wells just don't have time to get out of the way in the first whale washed up at crissy field last wednesday. the second at the fitzgerald marine reserve in san mateo county on saturday. >> and the 3rd was found floating near the berkeley marina. this week. one of these has shown evidence of it being a ship strike. >> but what is what is really remarkable to us is that this is. the 4th incident in just a little over a week put that in perspective 2019. we saw 13
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animals in the entire year. and that was a large number to us. this situation is being watched by the federal government and the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. the marine mammal center says the public can play an important role in the conservation of gray whales and other whale species by reporting sightings to the center. >> we're here on near beachy gayle ong kron 4 news. all right. for the forecast time as we take a live look here over. >> downtown san francisco, always a beautiful shot. >> it definitely not a cloud in sight as far as we can see, it is so beautiful out there and something to look forward to later into the week sunshine anywhere, you might be chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with your almost weekend forecast. yeah, we have some more sunshine today. effects and all the way to the coastline. yesterday. we're socked with low clouds and fog. there. the sun showed up. temperatures warmed up a little bit and. >> yeah, it looked like all around the bay area. some nice numbers will show that more in a moment. that beautiful shot outside right now. couple patches of fog likely to form
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overnight tonight as we'll see some changes again for tomorrow. but the numbers boy, it has been up and down all week long. today we're on the upside. 9 to 10 degrees. warmer than just 24 hours ago and some of the interior valleys. 2 degrees warmer in half moon bay at 3 degrees. warmer san francisco. so these numbers, yeah, it wasn't a heat wave. but we've got to 59 degrees in san francisco today. 62 in oakland 68 degrees in san jose. and how about the valleys. 72 degrees live more 74 in concord and 71 in santa rosa. so high pressure moves kind of fluctuating all week long. we've got these systems that roll over the top of that ridge, they kick to the east of us unfortunately not bring us any rain. but then once a bounce-back, the ridge strengthens and they warm things up like today, that ridge is going to start to flatten out. you can already see another system going to be working on that ridge overnight tonight coming out of the gulf of alaska. so we're going to cool down the temperatures a little bit again tomorrow. and we'll see a little more wind by the afternoon and it was breezy in spots out there today and it continues this evening 0 mile an hour winds right now in san
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francisco, 15 in fairfield, byron and 16 at sfo expect these winds to really ramp up overnight tonight by tomorrow afternoon it will be a gusty afternoon, especially approaching the coastline. she some of the colors begin to fill in your red begin to see some of the purple showed up those are winds gusting 3040 miles per hour. not sustain but gusts that will be popping up around the bay area, especially in latter part of the day. temperatures outside. right now it is 48 degrees in pacifica 53 in oakland right now, 50 degrees in the bottle. 57 in i think by tomorrow afternoon these numbers come back down just a little bit with that kind of playing this out throughout the week here. one day up one day down in tomorrow's going to be that down day again. still some 60's and 70's inland. you see some 50's along the coastline. and for the weekend. hey, here's the good news. high pressure kind of settles in. we've got temperatures moving up in the 70's. maybe some mid to upper 70's by sunday and next week it looks like a nice week, but no rain right now in the next 7 days. that's the no rain. that has been the theme for too long. the season fact the last 2 years and it just
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continues right now. well, we can do is at least enjoy the sunshine for now and you're going to have plenty of it. so there's that. yeah. thanks, lawrence. still to come tonight efforts to curb the spread of covid include possibly using known as vaccine passports that would prove you got your shot. that debate, though. >> continues here in california and controversy in wine country where mayor is facing accusations of assault plus a little girl from san francisco is still missing 5 years later, we're revisiting the details around her disappearance and what she might look like today.
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>> welcome back. as some states considered to adopt or reject the use of vaccine passports. the debate here in california is heating up. ashley zavala explains where the state stands on requiring them as large venues like convention centers and stadiums reopen to the public. >> as california prepares to allow large gatherings live performances and receptions next week. state leaders say for now there are no plans for a vaccine verification. system in california watching closely. what? >> the federal partners making sure that around vaccine verification private the equity and fairness. currently. plans by the impose
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or have a vaccine passport system. you're in california. >> meanwhile, here at the state capitol, republican assemblyman kevin kiley says he's drafting legislation to make sure vaccine passport systems do not materialize here in california at any level of government. you shouldn't have to provide personal health information. >> in order to just go about your daily activities and that i think that that would be a very dangerous thing. it's something that goes sort of fundamental notions of privacy and liberty. and it's not a road we want to go down state health officials say they expect private businesses to verify full vaccinations are testing with their own systems. kylie says it's something he's considering as he puts together the proposal. if you're receiving funding from the state or from government. and i think you ought to be you extension. >> of the government for that purpose is so the prohibition that the bill put use a vaccine passport up either as
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well. >> kylie says his bill is expected to be out in print in about a week or so and is aiming for a hearing by the end of the month in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> a lot to consider well, up next, a doctor takes the stand of the derek shop in trial. testifying to the difficulty to brief the george floyd experienced in his last moments and san francisco will not give up on the search for this missing girl who would be 7 years old today. plus north bay mayor faces
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>> the town of windsor's police department. they're investigating assault allegations against the mayor of windsor dominick for poli. >> this comes after the san francisco chronicle published an article with claims of 4 separate accounts of alleged abuse bombshell allegations here. amanda hari spoke with other elected officials about what comes next. >> both elected officials that i spoke with said they respect the fact that mayor for poli is innocent until proven guilty. but they believe that he step down while the investigation is underway. >> it's shocking and disgusting and revolting and. >> my heart broke for the survivors sonoma county elected officials are speaking out after a san francisco chronicle article alleged town of windsor. mayor dominic for pulley sexually assaulted. 4 women every mayor as far as i know, has has publicly called don't employ to resign as
9:31 pm
every single member of our supervisors and all local elected officials logan harvey is the mayor of the city of sonoma. he says he knows for pulling. i've had dinner with him. i i'm sure glasses of wine with waking up to this news was gut wrenching. you don't really know. percent. mayor harvey believes resignation is necessary for the community. when you're in that interim period between accusations and innocence or guilt. >> it's a major distraction for your city. sonoma county's 5th district supervisor lynda hopkins agrees with mayor harvey. >> he lost all moral credibility. all trust and faith in his community. he is in no position to serve as a leader of this community at the end of the day, everyone has a right to a trial. you don't have a right to hold elected office. i reached out to the windsor town manager. he says they're aware of the allegations. >> quote, the conduct described in the article by the san francisco chronicle is not acceptable nor does it reflect the values or
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standards. we hold ourselves to as a community. the town has referred the allegations to the windsor police department for further investigation and is in the process of evaluating its duties and options under the circumstances. i also tried to reach out to mayor for poli has stopped by his family property right outside of windsor. the property was gated and the call button had been removed. i also tried calling him. i left a voicemail. but he hasn't returned my call yet the town manager says they're asking for the community's trust that these allegations are being taken seriously. >> in the town of windsor. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> earlier this week for polly was appointed to the board of directors of the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district district supervisor lynda hopkins says that steps are being taken to rescind that appointment. 5 years after the
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remains of 32 year-old nicole fitts were found in san francisco's mclaren park. police are continuing. >> to look for her. 2 year-old daughter, arianna fits who remains missing today. police released this rendering its to buy a forensic sketch artist showing what arianna may look like now at 7 years old, nicole fitts, the child's mother was found dead at the park by recreation and park department workers back on 4/8/2016, she was found buried in a small shallow grave. she was last seen on april, first of 2016 when according to police she was, quote, summoned to meet a person known to her. no suspects or persons of interest have ever been named in the case. meanwhile, arianna was last seen in mid february of that year. 2016 and investigators believe she had been staying with friends or babysitters. police have offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the murder of nicole fitts and
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ariana's disappearance. >> now to the latest on the derek chauvin trial on day 9 jurors heard from compelling testimony from medical experts. and one said that george floyd had no chance to breathe wrile being held on the ground, a warning some of the video you're about to see is difficult to watch now. 40 has the latest. >> today. the prosecution called 3 medical experts to the stand a concentrated effort to debunk the defense's claims that floyd died from drug use and other health issues and not the direct result of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin's actions where for the first pulmonologist doctor martin for more than 2 hours. the prosecution questioned the veteran lynn doctor, what happened in the case of mister floyd that relates to the shallow breathing that resulted in his low oxygen. >> so there are a number of forces forces. the doctor said had nothing to do with fentanyl. tobin said based on his analysis of floyd's
9:35 pm
breathing rate leading up to him losing consciousness. >> and ultimately dying fentanyl in his system was not having any effect on his breathing. do you have an opinion to a reasonable degree of medical certainty. >> as to whether a person who had none of those preexisting health conditions. a healthy person. and the same circumstances as mister floyd. yes, a healthy person subjected to what mister floyd was subjected to would have died as a result of what he was subject to the tobin back in his point of calculations from what floyd's likely aaron take wasn't actually counting floyd's press in the scene videos even pointing out what he says. the exact moment floyd took his last press in remains and the neck for another 3 minutes and 27 seconds after. >> he takes his last breath during cross examination. the defense poking holes where they could, but they're also looking at. now other. >> may contribute to the death
9:36 pm
of an individual right to me. they're basically center it's a yes, sir. no, sir. some object. >> the second witness today doctor daniel i since the frantic talks olliges reform. the talks all times during floyd's autopsy, he said the drugs in floyd's system were very low levels cross examination. the defense arguing his data was not sufficient enough to conclude that the amount of drugs floyd had in his system was in significant the day ended with doctor bill smock an emergency physician with specialized training and forensic medicine testifying on drug tolerance. if a person is suffering from a fentanyl overdose. would you describe that person and has alert. >> no, sir, they are not going to be alert. they're going to be sleeping. would you describe them as oriented. i know they're going to be their brain is going to be in sleep mode of the world. read the mud and was george floyd oriented. >> he was. >> those 2 now 40 reporting for us tonight. the man who
9:37 pm
served 44 years in prison for a crime. he did not commit has now been compensated. ronnie long received $740,000 from north carolina for wrongful incarceration. he was convicted of a woman in 1976 by an all-white jury in concord. potentially exculpatory evidence was either intentionally withheld from his defense team or it that somehow a federal court overturned long's conviction. he was pardoned by the governor of north carolina roy cooper. >> up next. firefighters in san francisco will now be housed out on the water. we're going to show you a first of its kind floating fire station. what will become of the historic building that they were using. >> plus we get some rain. we will look at your long range forecast. so we've got raindrops on the rise. and coming up next. and the warriors losing one of the architects of that franchise
9:38 pm
is ascension to the upper echelon of pro sports. rick welts stepping down sports director jason dumas has more on that and a little is astros action. that's next.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> huge news day out of the warriors organization and we
9:41 pm
got you covered on all of it. first and foremost a pillar in the organization announced his retirement at the end of the season. this man right here warriors, president and rick welts his last season with the warriors will be this one. well, it has been the mastermind behind the business side of the organization over the last decade and has guided the franchise through one of the best 10 year stretches in nba history in total. well spent 46 years in the nba with 3 different franchises and became a member of the naismith hall of fame. of course he worked with steve kerr back in his phoenix suns days and i asked steve kerr today. what has rick wells done for his career personally. >> he's just a breath of fresh air. lights up the room. it's full of ideas and laughter and 10 need knows how to delegate and empower people. he always made me feel great. every time that i saw him and what a
9:42 pm
powerful trade in a leader and that's what i love most about rick. he just the way he lights up a room and makes everybody feel good about themselves and about the collective effort. >> the other monster news of the day is that fans will finally be allowed back at chase center starting on april 23rd. it's been a year since they've been in the building i miss john has been quiet over there at chase now after back and forth discussions with the cities, chase will be allowed to be filled to 35% capacity draymond green, someone who thrives off the fans energy is ready to see some familiar faces. >> it's tough playing in front of the. arena. you know, so. you know how fast coming back. you know, a on the tory leader stream. the excited excited for fans as well. you know, it is coming to games. is a huge part of some people lives, you know, so. you know, excited for them as well.
9:43 pm
>> all astro's minute maid park is about half full in houston. masks optional apparently in houston. all righty. 6 ending yordan alvarez takes call their van deep to right and into the second deck. that's a solo shot made it 3. nothing astros that would be the eventual game winning hit. houston goes on to win 62 the a's have now dropped to one in 7 on the season. 5 of those losses have come to houston. the masters round one lee elder join jack nicklaus gary player for the traditional first tee shot the day belonged to justin rose. he just dominated with the eagle 7 birdies over a 10 hole stretch. he shot 7 under 65 and had a 4 stroke lead column in current pga champ pj tournament, champ and he's number 4, ranked guy in the world column or cal. he was
9:44 pm
won over 8 strokes back of rose.
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>> they say it's the first in the world. a floating fire station is being built right on san francisco's embarcadero. >> fascinating. will you can find a just behind station number 35 and you might be wondering why. so we have kron four's, michelle kingston on the story first to let you know. the reason sarah officials say any one of
9:47 pm
these. >> so this is really an exciting project. it's one of a kind, not just in san francisco but in the world, a floating fire station located off the embarcadero. it's the first one in the world and it's being built right now it's i'm excited to see like during the pandemic. great construction continued. this is one kind of project that we could could go forward is essential work that needs to be done and we've been seeing it's not only about keeping san francisco at the forefront of resiliency which were which is needed, but also to make sure that people are working when a lot of the country was shut down while the floating fire station is still being built to the work began quite a while ago overseas construction started with the steel base started in china. it was floated over the pacific ocean. then it went to treasure island in the middle of the san francisco bay where the fire house itself was constructed. a tooth to story firehouse. now it's at its permanent site appeared 22 and a half in san francisco on the
9:48 pm
waterfront, on the embarcadero. the floating fire station is located behind engine. 35 a century old building that firefighters say they've outgrown. >> the building. you see here, the white building is or is over a 100 years old having got serve san francisco in the needs of san francisco in the growing needs of san francisco. definitely outgrown its ability to do so. >> the new station can move with the tide sustain an earthquake hold more state of the art equipment. you know, we love to be trendsetters in san francisco. >> with proactive and positive items. this is definitely an example of proactive miss. it's a positive for not only our community but for the entire bay area and potentially the state of california. we are in the middle of earthquake country. >> we have to be prepared. this makes the city even more resilient. now. the old original building. it's not going anywhere. it will still house the fire truck just the pelsonnel and boats will be
9:49 pm
moving new loading station. hopefully by this summer. in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 governor gavin newsome is already putting millions of dollars into wildfire mitigation before the worst of this fire season strikes later this year. >> the state plans to authorize 536 million dollars in forest management projects. officials say crews are rushing to thin forests, build fuel breaks around the former abul communities and allow for planned burns before a dry winter turns into a tinder dry summer and fall last year's record setting wildfire season burned more than 4% of the state. >> well, speaking of trying now to our 4 zone forecast and live look outside of the san francisco embarcadero. it might be beautiful. but if you are looking for any rain out there this week. you're not going to find it anywhere. we have been saying this for all week long. most of california in the bay area is now in a
9:50 pm
drought. >> yeah. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here large. it's it's kind of depressing. i mean, this should be the end of the rainy season and it has raining quite some time yet hasn't for wild fact these last 2 years to the driest consecutive years on record. the leaving that back to 75 to 77 in that period. but since 1849, these are the 2 drives we've seen in quite some time. so. that that lead us to feel very good headed into fire season right now with nothing really looking very promising in the these fronts that continue to move by. but they're kicking that top ridge of high pressure, the behind maybe a cloud or 2 and then they kick up the winds and they're done this low pressure center off the coastline has been spinning around for the better part of the week with nowhere to go finally, things going to change a little bit as we get into next week, you see weak system again slide through near the bay area's we get in toward the beginning of next week. and then look like that's going to generate any rain for us. just some wind. then we get a slight chance. maybe late next week in private. you can see that storm system just kind of falls apart. so there we said
9:51 pm
with baby a hope in the long range forecast to get a couple raindrops, but they're certainly not much left rain in the season. temperatures sitting around the bay area for then is going to be windy along the coastline, 50's 60's in the san francisco. a chilly right out along the immediate coast. that's one thing. we're seen the waters along the coastline. the upper 40's in the 50's right now. that is keeping those temperatures go side on the chilly side, 50's inside the bay. you'll see 63 degrees. redwood city should be mild there. south bay should be very comfortable day 0's and some low 70's east bay. yeah. you're up in the 60's in the pleasant and also in dublin, 63 in union city about 6 to 7 in danville. maybe 71 degrees in concord. that will be one of the warmer spots about 68 in pittsburgh. just 9 and breezy of late of those winds are going to whip by the afternoon. so get ready for that. things are going to kick up outside so overnight tonight we're going to see a couple patches of fog return tomorrow. going to be cooler day. then we warm up for the weekend, saturday and sunday. looking very nice. it looks like we'll keep things. unfortunately dry for at least the next 7 days. guys, back to you. all right. thank you
9:52 pm
coming up next, we're following up with the consequences of beauty queen faces after. >> vacations turned ugly when she. yanks the crown off the winner.
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> update now to the pageant
9:55 pm
crown controversy we told you about last night, former mrs world carolyn jury is now facing assault charges after she was seen yanking the crowd off the winners head into 2021 misses sri lanka, beauty pageant. well, the 28 year-old claimed that she did it because the real winner, she says was disqualified. >> yeah. q are there misses sri lankan, right. because. >> go back and you go back. i'm sorry. i can't read that. yeah. jerry says 31 year-old push pika d'silva is divorce, but it turns out she is just separated. still eligible to silver, says she ended up in the hospital with head injuries because of this on stage fiasco. but thankfully. and something to be happy about. the silva remains the official winner. >> after all the well singer and actor lady gaga was spotted wearing a white wedding dress today as
9:56 pm
shooting continues in rome on bradley scott's latest film house of gucci. the movie tells the story of put treats reggiani who is played by lady gaga and the 1995 murder of her former husband fashion had married to good cheap played by adam driver. the film has been shooting in that italian capital for around 2 months now. also starring al pacino's gucci's uncle oh, my gosh. >> i on a williams. the woman who holds the world record for longest fingernails has officially parted. with after you saw her getting her. the herd fingernails cut a doctor used an electric rotary tool like you do to cut the record holders. lengthy nails after measuring them the final time at a cool 24 feet.
9:57 pm
>> always be the queen that i am with all of that money is don't make me i make my >> look at that. >> says she faced. as you might imagine day today. difficulties dealing with those things. he was unable to do some normal activities like washing the dishes putting sheets on beds. but now with her short and snails, she'll be able to do those things a lot more easily she says i can only imagine. so weird and that's of ground for news at 9. >> the grant and i'll be back at the top of the hour. >> we're going to be talking about much more serious stuff. surveillance video showing a 75 year-old asian grandmother getting in the face. but the alleged attackers attorney says this only tells part of the story. why he says the rest of the video proves that the attack was not racially motivated. plus, san francisco will not be advancing into the
9:58 pm
yellow tier next week. >> as previously expected. the concerning numbers that as san francisco hitting pause on its reopening. it. what that means for live events. keep it here. those stories and much more comi
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> what you think this


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