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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 21, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> now at a new information released tonight on an attempted carjacking that led to a deadly police shooting in san jose. what we're learning about the dramatic incident. >> and a new bill in california would allow kids 12 and older to get the covid vaccine. >> without their parents permission. why supporters say it is absolutely necessary. >> and a group of bay area doctors is saying that covid is now an endemic not a pandemic. the reason they are calling on the state to change the language. thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news tonight. at 8 i pale more and i'm catherine heenan in for
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ken wayne. >> some san francisco doctors want state leaders to stop calling the ongoing covid problem a pandemic and instead say endemic, in fact, the doctor started a change dot org petition for some. and a harry talks with one of the doctors involved about what inspired this petition. >> the doctor i spoke to says they're planning for the post omicron phase of covid-19. she says the virus is becoming end. dec, meaning we're going to have to continue to live with it. she said this next phase needs to benefit children. it feels like children have often been an afterthought in terms of our covid policy. children have had to pivot to distance learning where masks throughout the school day. >> and continuously test for covid doctor jeanne noble director of covid response for the ucsf parnassus emergency department says it's not necessary. the threat of covid. he's really
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>> really reduced with this new variant and with the advent of vaccines for kids, doctor, noble and 3 other ucsf doctors posted this change dot org petition directed at california leaders saying they're concerned about the state's restrictive policies on children and teens. >> she says many kids are feeling more negative impacts from asking distance, learning and testing and they are from the actual virus. the number of kids too. >> the committed suicide in twenty-twenty in california was over 130 and the number of kids who die from covid that year was around 10. she says, well, the school shutdowns made sense early on. >> now that we've learned more about the virus, kids need to be in school in person where we are really transitioning to having an endemic disease, meaning it's not going to go away. it's here to stay. the petition asks officials not to force any for their mandates to prevent increased mistrust in the government and health officials. but doctor noble
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does support the vaccine. a covid vaccine is no different than our other childhood vaccines. we we mandate vaccines all the time, but they don't think excluding kids from school based on their vaccination status. >> is a feasible way to go to the kitchen proposes, making masks optional for students in school, the same time masks will be optional for adults. >> that's february 15th or at the latest february 24th. that will be 12 weeks after the last school age students became eligible for the vaccine. amanda hari kron. 4 news, even though some local health agencies say that omicron cases have. pete researchers are considering whether to add another booster shot to the recommended schedule of vaccines. >> people with weakened immune systems are already approved for up to 4 doses of the vaccine. but a 4th shot has not yet been recommended for the general public. an expert
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with uc davis health says it is not feasible for the public to expect to get a booster shot every 6 months and says it is not clear yet whether the current vaccines and boosters well even protect against future variants. >> calling the first 2 as the primary series and then the 3rd doses of booster dose. you know, it's possible that maybe 3 doses initially are the appropriate primary immunization schedule. and then the boosters will then be done on a yearly or every other year basis. we just don't know. we're just learning as we go along. >> israel has approved a 4th shot as a booster, although its research is suggesting it might not be enough for the omicron variant, british researchers and the cdc have reached similar findings. another big story tonight allowing young people to call the shots on their own covid vaccination. that is the new push by state senator scott wiener. his bill would allow
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pre teens to get vaccinated without parental permission. kron four's terisa stasio talk to the senator about that today. >> there are teams now they're almost a million 12 to 17 year-olds in california who are not vaccinated for covid. >> state senator scott wiener of san francisco saying with high numbers of those 12 to 17 still not vaccinated against covid-19 in california. it is causing major disruptions in their lives. >> right now we've been working with a number and then work of teen vaccine. i think it's around cities are kids who are middle school or high school. talk to us about how their parents just don't want to hear vaccinated or are just not motivated to get them vaccinated. and they literally had to quit their job. where they literally can't play sports anymore for the council over any of their friends, homes. that is a huge impact. 92 on these kids growth and
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development that he introduced senate bill 8.66. >> that he says would grant a minor the power to make their own decisions about an fda authorized vaccine. >> he says it is vital for parents or guardians to talk with their miners about health care issues. but he has when it comes to this pandemic, california should follow the lead of other states, especially after hearing from teens. this is really about making sure the teenagers are able to protect their own health even if they have a >> parents who is prohibiting them from getting a vaccine because of their political views where they have parents who disagree are divorced. parents who disagree where their parents are just unable physically from to a vaccine site. the state senator says that he hopes to have a hearing on this. >> by next month, he adds preteens already have authority per california law on other health matters, california. we already allow 12 year-olds. >> to get hpv vaccine or to
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have the vaccine without their parents and it can get birth control. they can get mental health care and so forth and other states already have lower his or consent allowing teams to get vaccines. >> theresa kron, 4 news. meantime, while the approval of vaccines for those aged 5 to 11 was initially greeted with a lot of fanfare, parents just don't seem to be rushing out to get their young ones vaccinated. that's according to a new survey from the kaiser family foundation. kron four's dan kerman has that part of the story. >> it was on november 2nd when the cdc signed off on allowing 28 million children in the u.s. ages 5 to 11 to get pfizer's covid-19 vaccine the shot, which is one-third the dose of the adult vaccine was initially popular. but a new study by the kaiser family foundation finds vaccinations for that age group peaked in mid november and daily administer doses have declined dramatically ever since. there's tremendous amount of >> this information and
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misinformation that's widely available on the internet and other sources that um, tragically misinform parents, uc berkeley, infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg says >> the lack of enthusiasm on the part of parents is likely tied to a series of miss and misinformation. the first being that covid is always mild in young children. >> young children can just get him out cold from but some children get a flu like illness to be pretty miserable. and some children could wind up in the hospital with really serious disease. and tragically, some die. there's also the multisystem inflammatory condition that we see in children in that age group are not very commonly fortunately, but a terrible disease. there's also unfortunately, we see long covid medical experts say another myth is that the another myth is that the vaccine will cause heart well, it's not probable because they're not. you really and truly is a tough sell you know, you're more
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likely to get heart information with covid the patch. it. >> then with it. >> the vaccine to date less than 19%. a 5 to 11 year-olds in the u.s. have been fully vaccinated. and ucsf, infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says going forward that could prove to be a problem. >> that's the best. we are the we're in right now. we need to get as many people in the nicest possible. so we have confidence and along with our lies with the lives that we aspire to. >> in terms of where california stacks up in all of this, according to the study, 23 and a half percent of all eligible 5 to 11 year-olds are fully vaccinated in the state. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> new at 8, the fda has authorized an antiviral drug as an outpatient therapy for people with covid rahm december can be used for non-hospitalized patients 12 and older at high risk of disease. the fda has also expanded emergency authorization for children younger than 12 to get it.
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it's an intravenous treatment. it has been limited to hospital patients, but can now be administered to out patience with mild to moderate illness. it has been a beautiful, a mild friday. a time for a look at the 4 zone forecast as we look live over the bay area. and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with the weekend forecast which he says is going to be a windy one. yeah. at least to start out the weekend today, we've had some very gusty winds out there. >> down below monday, urban areas. yeah, breezy from time to time but really made for some nice temperatures out there. in fact, some of those sneaking up in the 70's. but look at these winds today over the mountain tops mount diablo. 62 mile an hour winds. so noell. 44 ma now with the oakland hills at 41 miles per hour. fairfield downtown. 38 nevado. 36 and even downtown san francisco. 25 mile an hour gusts and it's going to ramp up overnight tonight, a high wind advisory and a wind warning in effect, as you make
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your way into parts of get up toward locking the this what occurs you get up. those areas are going to see some very gusty winds tonight. they continue to ramp up a bit. there shade of brown here down not much below. you get the oakland hills, the diablo range parts of the north bay and county. still some very gusty winds expected there as well. so some of these gusts, maybe 50, maybe even closer to 60 miles an hour. models are picking up on a 2 offshore winds in effect. those winds just kind of ramp up throughout the night 50, maybe some 60 mile an hour gust. the good news is most that comes tomorrow morning by the afternoon. those winds begin to subside. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up, are some parents, teachers and students at the open unified school district are talking about a teacher strike. also new developments regarding an attempted carjacking that led to a deadly police shooting in san jose learning about the dramatic incident and a programming reminder, the bay area's local news leaders bringing you another hour of live local news. you can watch kron 4 news at noon every
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weekday on kron 4 and our free streaming app kron on. >> we'll be right back.
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>> we are following developing news tonight at 8 former governor arnold schwarzenegger was involved in a serious crash today. it injured a woman who was hospitalized. this happened about 4.30, this afternoon at sunset boulevard and alan ford avenue in los
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angeles. police say when they arrived, a black suv, which you can see here was on top of another car which appears to be a red prius. >> police would not confirm that schwarzenegger was involved in the crash. but pictures from the scene appeared to show that the actor politician is at the crash site. the los angeles fire department says a woman was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for, quote and abrasion to her head. police are investigating the exact cause of the accident. they do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved. >> this was a traumatic incident for everyone involved. surviving family. mister carter. for the involved officers who have families to get home to. and for our community. >> san jose police have identified the carjacking suspect killed in a police shootout this week. they now tell us that he'd been carrying a ghost gun and had several warrants out for his arrest. police say robert says carter was shot and killed after he stole a vehicle and
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then attempted to steal another by holding the driver of the second car at gunpoint. and we did learn more about the attempted car jacking today. kron four's rob nesbitt has details. >> taken from a helicopter above san jose. police say this was a scary moment that robert seth carter tried to steal a person's car in santa clara. >> and pointed the gun them. the driver exited the car. and ran away as carter entered the new vehicle. >> according to chief anthony mata, carter was unable to steal the car and continued in the vehicle. he was already driving a stolen toyota camry. carter drove the camera to san jose where he eventually crashed the car and fled on foot. a shootout occurred when several officers were able to catch up with the suspect for officers in total fired their weapons. >> carter continue to hold the handgun and was struck more than once by the officers wrong. >> he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead, according to chief mada. this was the 9 millimeter ghost gun that carter was using during the
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shooting. one of the many illegal firearms that the san jose police department work each year to remove from the streets. carter is >> prohibited from possessing any firearms due to prior felony convictions. carter is a san jose resident. currently have 5 felony warrants for his arrest. and he's on probation for battery. the shootout between carter and police occurred in the area heading street and park ad. >> san jose councilmember dev davis spoke with several residents who live in that area all saying the same thing tonight, any loss of life is tragic and we're glad that there wasn't more >> injury or or harm that happened to this incident. chief model says the for san jose police officers involved in the shooting were not injured and have all been placed on administrative leave. >> rob nesbitt kron, 4 news. >> attorney general rob bonta's office will investigate this week's fatal police shooting at sfo. investigators say a man armed with 2 guns was seen are the
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international terminals, bart entrance. this was yesterday morning. police say they tried to calm him, but he continued to be threatening. he continued to approach them and that's when they shot and killed him. another person thereby was injured by a bullet. the attorney general's office says the weapons were too. they are soft gunh. so not to find technically as firearms. san francisco police say they'll hold a town hall meeting on this incident probably within the next 10 days. >> a funeral service is set for monday for the alameda county sheriff's recruit who was killed in a freeway shooting. the service for david lan is scheduled to begin at 10 o'clock monday morning at cornerstone fellowship church in livermore. we will also stream that service on our kron on app. the 28 year-old sheriff's cadet was driving home from work earlier this month when somebody shot into his car near the bay bridge toll plaza win was just a month away from starting his career as a deputy, investigators are still searching for the
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suspect. and what led up to this shooting. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrests and the prosecution of the killer. the congressional committee investigating the january 6 attack on the capitol now has all the records which former president trump had tried to block and they are expected to reveal more details on what trump and his top aides did during the riot. >> meantime, sources say trump officials led by rudy giuliani tried to put forward illegal electors from 7 states in december of 2020 one fay collector from michigan boasted the trump campaign directed the entire effort claiming it was part of a larger plot to overturn president biden's election victory. time for another look at the 4 zone forecast as we look at the golden gate bridge on what's been a mild day and actually got relatively warm in some places. that's right. catherine in lawrence is going to be windy and warm, which is
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generally not a good combination. yeah. if we get that rain the season, right? we've been talking about fire danger still, but that's not going to be the issue. >> overnight tonight you can see those skies nice and clear and not looking good out there right now was a beautiful day around the bay area. these temperatures, something else well above the average, almost 10 degrees above normal in san francisco. 66 for a high in oakland today. 68 in san jose, 65 live more. 67 degrees in kaka to one of the warm spot. 71 in santa rosa. we did have one record temperature that was in canfield at 69 degrees for today, but all around a very warm temperatures out there numbers right now. not all that bad. look at half moon bay. still, 64 degrees. 62, as you've got those downslope winds in pacifica. 62 in berkeley. 66 still in petaluma and also in santa rosa. very warm temperatures for this time of night. but when you get that offshore wind kicking in, it's a very interesting temperatures all around the bay area tonight. kind of get the sense that ridge of high pressure building over head. the offshore winds are kind of
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blown out there right now, howling in spots. we're just checking on some of the winds now gusts of 50 miles an hour consistently. right now. we're last few hours and you continue to see that offshore wind continues to blow out around the bay the winds not the bay area but around the state to very gusty over the mountain tops the sierra nevada, a very strong gusty winds across the sierra. look at kirkwood. the forecast gusting to 70 miles an hour across the ridge tops there. we could see some 80 maybe some 100 mile an hour a rough night, the crossing some of the mountains, especially in some trucks are high profile vehicles. i think those winds will subside as we head toward tomorrow morning. it will take some time really to calm down. probably sunday before he said to see those winds calm all the way down around the bay area. that's looks like a nice day tomorrow. we'll see those temperatures soaring in the 60's. almost 70 degrees again. >> if you lawrence and still ahead. well, this party may have a past tense fame, but it is causing present day concerns. the new festival this super spreading fear in
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las vegas.
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ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®. >> the just-announced nostalgia. the lineup for though, when we were young music festival is starting a lot of conversations. there are people worried about safety particularly after the deadly astroworld incident in houston. reporter keely be sun talk to event. organizers. >> it's an event generating big buzz on social media. the
8:25 pm
when we were young festival creating mass excitement with 65 acts of mainly emo pop dance. but there are also thousands weighing in. >> questioning the legitimacy and safety of the fast set to hit outdoor stages in october. >> some skeptical that the company behind the event live nation entertainment with the same group behind astroworld. >> a music festival in houston in which 10 people were killed during a massive crowd surge. you know, obviously the people that are harmed, it's going to be a lifelong thing. live nation. >> she would likely take a financial hit and if they are liable, they should take the financial hit. they should also take a reputation hit. i should have to build up trust again. it appears the company is working to do just that. >> releasing a statement that reads in part the safety of
8:26 pm
fans, artists and staff is thoroughly planned for among event organizers and in coordination with local authorities. it takes an army of people to make these things work. i think live nation has the greatest. >> producing record on the face of the earth. every single eye is going to be on security and how many people are there and every single measure. so in my opinion, this concert that's coming up is probably going to be the safest concert ever made. and that was keely be sun reporting. >> coming up, new details revealed about the murder of fog gabby petito. what the fbi is telling us was found in her fiance notebook and vice president kamala harris makes a visit to california promising to help prevent wildfires. what the white house is doing to stop fires in the state.
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>> in the east bay, a teacher strike is looming in the oakland unified school district. the district and the teachers have yet to come to an agreement on safety protocols that schools during the pandemic. and today, parents and teachers and students held a joint news conference kron four's haaziq madyun has details. >> i want parents to be able to send their kids to hchool and not have to worry that that they might come back with covid 7th grader alex ybarra, oakland coliseum, college prep academy is one of the student
8:30 pm
leaders who was joined usd larents and teachers that this virtual press conference. >> urging that the school district meet their 3 demands for improved safety protocols during the pandemic, which include. >> weekly testing high quality mask in addressing the staffing shortages and opened unified school district educators and parents share their experiences of becoming infected with the virus. >> i've >> kind of a surge of covid in my classroom since winter break. i think i've had the first week 3, the second week. >> i have, you know, 3 small children at home. there are teachers that are out sick right now. there are administrators, principals school staff that are out right now. so who is running to school? the oakland unified school district and the union that represents oakland teachers are in the midst of negotiating the union's demands for weekly testing high quality mask and better
8:31 pm
staffing. >> in us decent kron. 4, a statement that reads in part, quote, while the you memorandum of understanding between the parties covers ventilation, ppe safety supplies, covid testing contract tracing and covid safety protocols. the district is always willing to discuss new impacts as they are identified the landscape is ever changing, unquote. but the president of the teachers union says the clock is ticking. if we do get. >> that agreement tonight, i do have the authority to could gain a strike vote. it should be noted that the parents and educators are following the lead usd students who created the list of demands. >> followed by recent walk out of school. we also need the county to and make sure that the district doesn't forces protocols. more school won't be safe for kids. >> has it made kron? 4 news for your health tonight? you no longer need internet access
8:32 pm
to order your free at-home covid tests. the white house has now launched a hotline so you can order your test kits. the phone number is on your screen. the number 1, 800. >> 232-0233, all u.s. residents are allowed to request up to 4 at home test kits per household. you can also still order them online at covid test dot gov. the white house says tests are expected to ship in about 7 to 12 days after they are requested. >> people who are philosophically against getting the vaccine more likely to suffer from depression. at least this is according to a new study from a hospital in massachusetts. researchers observed 15,000 people finding that the anti-vaxers were far more likely to focus on the negative and endorse misinformation. president biden has been dealt another blow in his effort to get as many people vaccinated as possible. a texas federal judge has blocked the
8:33 pm
administration from enforcing a mandate on federal employees. and that will apply to 3.5 million people. >> vice president kamala harris visited san bernardino today. she was there to talk about wildfire prevention and mitigation. she announced that the federal government will provide california 600 million dollars to help the state recover from wildfire season. harris's speech was the first to feature the recently passed infrastructure bills. 5 billion dollar allocation to combat. prevent and prepare for wildfires. last year's wildfire season was among the worst in california's history. the spire scorching nearly 2.6 million acres. >> so some much of what we are doing today is about an announcement that is about a federal, state and local collaboration around preparedness and what we can do. to engage in resilience, meaning what we can do to strengthen communities. so if they are hit that they can bounce back. and before that,
8:34 pm
what can we do to help communities so that not only are we dealing with for us, but we are talking with homeowners and reaching out to communities to figure out how we can support them. >> wildfire prevention projects are expected to begin this year. part of the plan will focus on the sierra nevada mountains. now to our 4 zone forecast. as we look live over the bay area. it's beautiful. it's friday night. we want to know what the weekend looks like. absolutely the weekend. and also are we going to get any rain soon line? yeah. it doesn't look like it to in the near term and the long term starting look a little more impressive. >> as far as rain is concerned, that's about february. we start talking about that. >> outside tonight, though, we've got a nice evening out there out toward sfo. no delays being reported there or oakland or san jose. check out your getaway forecast. hey, head of the monterey bay. what a beautiful thursday. a moderate 69 degrees there about 70 inslee. the 68
8:35 pm
beautiful day in carmel and 68 degrees. also in watsonville, southern california. yep, you're looking at 72. how about that in downtown los angeles? almost spring-like there. 72 in anaheim, head of the high country. watch out. still some gusty winds tonight. that's more gusty winds tomorrow. i think those will slowly decrease throughout the day, but a little blustery at times. still lots of snow up the slopes got 30's for a high in truckee and 40 in south lake tahoe. 47 in reno. if you plan on sticking around, you're going to see mostly sunny skies throughout the weekend. those winds we'll continue to decrease in the sunday-monday looking like a beautiful time up on the slopes around the bay area. we're looking at some nice numbers tomorrow. i think again, we're pushing these well into the 60's would be surprised if we saw a couple of 70's popping up outside with that offshore wind. that wind should begin to decrease, though, as we head toward tomorrow afternoon overnight tonight, going to be very blessed east, blustery specially over the mountain tops next 7 days, looking for some raindrops. can't find any a partly cloudy skies. we get
8:36 pm
to wednesday and friday of the following week. but that first week in february, maybe we get back to some rain. let's hope so. all right. thank you, lawrence. in national news tonight, the fbi revealed today brian laundrie was the only person involved in the death of his fiance. gabby petito. >> the agency reports laundry had written statements in a notebook claiming responsibility for her death. the fbi also says agents found several text messages sent between laundry in petito's phones dated after her death. petito was reported missing last september. laundry was named a person of interest in her disappearance while she was still considered missing. and then later went missing himself. her remains were later found in utah weeks later laundrie's remains were found in florida with that notebook.
8:37 pm
>> rock superstar meat loaf has died. the singer whose real name was marvin today died last night. his operatic very distinctive voice. his hips included paradise by the dashboard light. and you heard a little about just there, i do anything for love. his 1977 album bat out of became one of the top selling albums in history. >> he also worked as an actor. he made appearances in movies and tv over the years. his films include rose and fight club and the rocky horror picture show meat loaf was 74 years old also and the award-winning comedian louie anderson has died at the age of 68. anderson died at a hospital in las vegas from complications from cancer. >> his career spanned more than 4 decades. he had an emmy-winning performance in the 2016 tv series baskets. but before that, he hosted comedy specials and made frequent appearances on late night talk shows up until his
8:38 pm
death, anderson, to regularly as a stand-up comedian. >> still ahead, the hotel company that's looking for tiktok users who like to travel, how they can even make some extra cash. and lawmakers say they're ready to take on big tech. but the bush faces an appeal will explain.
8:39 pm
8:40 pm
>> lawmakers on capitol hill say that they are getting ready to crack down on big
8:41 pm
tech companies. senators are working on legislation aimed at preventing companies like google and amazon from promoting their content over smaller competitors. a missouri senator josh hawley, one of the republicans who is pushing the bill. >> you're playing field is have a some companies on the broken >> the biden administration has not endorsed any specific bills, but it is taking steps of its own. this week, the federal trade commission announced plans for it. new guidelines to stop large companies from merging into potential monopolies for your money. the irs will begin requiring facial recognition scans for people who want to access their tax returns online. beginning this summer users will have to comply. it is a system which is similar to apple's face id. >> and the systems used by the tsa at airports, taxpayers will have to submit a video selfie in order to register.
8:42 pm
>> coming up in sports, good news with the niners as one of their stars was officially cleared to play against the packers tomorrow. kylen mills has the details coming up. and this is really cute. the 3 year-old in alabama. she's a viral hit because the hearse fighter girl photo shoot. a pro
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
at one of the nation's top business schools asked her students what the average american makes in a year. many of them really had no clue.
8:45 pm
the teachers at the wharton school at the university of pennsylvania. 25% of her students thought the average wage was more than $100,000 a year. one student said 800,000. the real numbers about $45,000. the teacher sharing the story on twitter and it's gone viral. marriott is looking for tiktok creators to travel the world. anybody interested can apply up until march 18th. they've got a share of video clip and how travel has affected them and follow the marriott bonvoy tiktok page. 3 winners will get free airfare. uber vouchers. they'll get $15,000 to spend and it sounds like they'll be able to see a lot because this is part of a marriott ad campaign called 30 stays in 300 days. a strong dust storm on mars forced to nasa's ingenuity helicopter to land its flight or delay its flight. >> the storm hit on new year's
8:46 pm
day pushing back the 19th mission which was set for january. the 5th, the des tivoli affected air density in sunlight. absorbed by the solar panels which are used to charge the batteries needed for the flight. ingenuity is the first aircraft ever to have a flight delayed because of bad weather on another planet. the storm has fizzled out and the flight is now set for no sooner than this sunday. >> a 3 year-old girl in alabama getting a lot of online attention. she wears a costume that captures her love for spiderman and this has won over thousands of people on social media. yes, he's pretty adorable. reporter amanda devoe talk to her mother and older sister who share the deeper meaning behind the costume. >> these pictures. showing 3 year-old jamie rose jackson perched up on a building in downtown deal. >> dressed as the one and only spiderman and styling in her
8:47 pm
afro puffs. are going viral on social media at >> for professional photographer, mother diamond >> and had the vision to make danny rose's love for the marvel character come to life, saying her daughter's obsession is fairly new. we've literally ran across may be a spy demand book bag or much, bought car, get one eye she just fell in love. >> and everything's and when we see things, she is crazy about it. talk about to the point where she even had even has a low for spiders in true peter parker fashion. demi rose decided to remain in character and let her family do all the talking. he's how much you like by demand. >> they say the toddler insisted on spiderman actual costume and not some superhero inspired dress. the last of the side. and it was that moment that she turned into spider girl. her eldest daughter, health, told fighter girls training as she shot her
8:48 pm
web and says the 3 year-old can be a bit of a handful at home. she's act. that was he always twittering she's very bad. let's the pictures have been shared on facebook more than 75,000 times. also making its way to instagram actors, viola davis and marvel's own michael b jordan. marveling at what many are calling black girl. magic apples were always like kind of big, like, you know, really let though, wasn't diamond in denver say most of that match you could comes from demi rose is natural hair. i think after the spiderman. it is made like a big, big difference. aspire lot of people. i really want them embrace that never >> is important for to love every part about themselves. when i say to 3 of my daughters. >> it's all natural so i can let them know it. >> hope this moment continues to bring joy and inspire inclusion. to live with everything
8:49 pm
>> that was amanda devoe reporting for tonight. >> well, the fans who are not already in wisconsin were headed out of sfo this morning for saturday's 40 niner packer matchup. a lot of ticket outlets are telling us niners fans are outpacing packers fans. everybody braced for the icy temperatures at green bay's lambeau field expected to be in the teams that kickoff and then there's a wind chill. but fans say they can handle all of it. >> it's lambeau the i mean, like what an experience going to see your team at lambeau. for playoff game, that's a it's kind of a bucket list item. so want to miss all. this you said that you saved up for a special occasion. yeah. i've been sitting on points to the pandemic travel anywhere. so been waiting for something is some good to spend a month. >> the forty-niners are
8:50 pm
probably our best of best competition. i think they've got a really solid team. they match a raid against says, but it's going to be fun game. that's for sure. >> and we'll have more on the niners later on kron 4 sports hand. we'll have a live report from green bay and the our next half hour. >> and now kron 4 sports from to the forty-niners are just 2 wins away from playing in super bowl. 56, however, this divisional round is going to be very difficult. lambeau field is known as one of the toughest places to play in the nfl. check this out conditions right now in green bay is 15 degrees with the feels like temperature of one degree. thanks to the wind chill overnight, lows are negative 9. so tomorrow is going to be very top. forty-niners are in california anymore. we do have some good news to report the forty-niners announced the star defensive end. nick bosa has cleared concussion protocols and will be able to play both to finish the regular season for the nfl in sacks with 15 and a half, you
8:51 pm
will be critical in pressuring aaron rodgers tomorrow. the key for the forty-niners offense will be finding success on the ground. the packers run defense is suspect allowing an average 4.7 yards per carry, which is 3rd worst in the nfl running back elijah mitchell wide receiver turned runningback to boost annual need to have huge games. here's head coach kyle shanahan on the matchup. >> many guys are a little tired at the beginning of the week, but i think we're ready to don't mind the travel and you get a, you sit in a hotel room a lot more. you get a long plane ride. let me rest when you're at home, too. but people do have family and stuff that, you know, it's inside or sit there and zone out when your offense or you're on. your whole said this in a hotel room. so i think our guys get the sleep. we catch up and and we have there's nothing like more than being at home and be in in our our own stadium with their fans and the noise and stuff. but besides that, there's we don't mind on the road either.
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>> a woman in florida says she knows she's pretty lucky to be alive after being attacked by a bear. but outside her home. it happened about a week ago and it was rare attack and it happened in the city of debary with that's north of orlando, adele. it says that she had been taking her dog for a nighttime walk. a black bear came up from behind and began
8:55 pm
to chaser. it tackled her. she does have bite marks, scratches. she had a concussion, but not, you know, all in all, she is ok, she did escape. she's healing and she says she is very fortunate. >> take a look at the i never spear in its. this before. you know, you go through stuff in it that are this is like the worse. >> her dog was not injured. it is believed that there had been protecting 3 cubs in a nearby tree and sadly wildlife workers did euthanize the bear saying it was a public safety hazard, sharing food and giving kisses are 2 ways babies can identify who is going to take care of them. at least that's what a new study is suggesting. the common denominator that appears to be saliva. >> the study by researchers at mit observed babies and toddlers as they watched staged interactions between a puppet and actors. the babies
8:56 pm
were john to the interactions that involves sharing food or sharing a kiss rather than the ones that involve playing with toys or other activities. the findings suggest that saliva sharing helps infants learn about social relationships. people in toronto are dealing with a big blizzard yesterday that did not stop one man who was hungry. so he was heading to a restaurant. >> security video shows him trudging through a deep snow only to discover. look at he sinks to his knees and frustration. the place was closed eventually gets up goes wandering off and looks really disappointed. the owner of the restaurant did see this video and says of the man decides to try again his meal, it will be free in the couple. that was nice. that wraps up kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. but the news continues at the top of the hour. coming up at 9, a community coming together to honor the life of michelle go. she is the bay area native who was pushed to her death in
8:57 pm
front of a new york city subway. we'll hear from those who knew her best remember her doing a candlelight vigil tonight. >> also, a judge blasting pg and e calling other continuing menace to california. what that judge wants the company to do after it's been blamed for state wildfires. the news at night is next. when fun
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
time from the bay area's local
9:00 pm
news station. >> you're watching kron. 4 news at the threat of covid. he's really >> really reduced with this new variant and with the advent of vaccines for kids. >> tonight at 9, a number of local doctors believe that the coronavirus is here to stay. so now they want the government to ease up on the mask mandates. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us this hour of power for news. i'm pam moore and i'm catherine heenan. some san francisco doctors are now calling on state leaders to stop calling the ongoing covid problem. >> a pandemic and to instead use the term endemic. and so we adjust to living with the virus and we have treatments as immunity is going up. the doctors began a change dot org petition kron four's amanda hari talk to one of the doctors. >> the doctor i spoke to says they're planning for the post on the kron phase of


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