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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  March 15, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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little bit further southward showers will remain with us over the next couple of hours here. obviously, our most widespread of rainfall is currently being seen a few light sprinkles after this line showers pushes through and then really by 10:00am to 11:00am. we're done with that. looking at partly cloudy and dry skies for the rest of the day after that point 50's for current temperatures unless you're in brentwood, which is held on to the low 60's all morning long, oakland and concord, each at 56 while the way. how and napa at 55 degrees. each right now later on today, it will be the 60's, a little glisten out there at sfo after the showers. we'll see rainfall along out of the region by noontime in the afternoon. not looking bad, a much easier drive home from work than what you're venturing out on right now, which reyna is some pretty slick yeah, john, it is slick out there as you're heading into the city right now. you can see the metering lights are on. folks are slowing down. >> about a 15 minute drive. once you reach the maze 2 that
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fremont street exit in the city. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. looks like it's still coming down over their slick conditions about a 40 minute drive for you as you're traveling out of richmond heading across towards san rafale about an 11 minute commute is traffic takes up and people are driving much lower this morning, golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes still very slick. leave the house with a little more time 7, 0, one and teachers in san francisco are going to rally this morning to demand they get paid and because of issues with the new payroll system, hundreds teachers have not been paid for months now, some are having trouble paying their surprising. it's gone on this long cover. sarah stinson has the details. san francisco teachers and union members have had enough. they slept at the district office overnight. >> doing a sit in. they said they're not leaving the district office in till every employee is paid in full hundreds of them saying they haven't received a proper
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paycheck since january. there was a rally held at the district office yesterday with the union united educators of san francisco demanding the district pay hundreds of people who haven't received their paychecks. many of them now saying they're unable to pay bills, rent and mortgages. after the rally, union leaders march up to the superintendent's office saying they will not leave until teachers are paid. the superintendent says the district knows this is inexcusable and they're working as quick as they can to get this fixed. the school district says the payroll department transition to a new system replacing the one they used for 17 years, which clearly caused many issues. the district says 10,000 employees have received accurate paychecks, but hundreds have not. the district admitted to kron 4 that they're not moving as fast as they should. but there are some issues they're working through. and these are the actions they're doing to make sure checks are cut as soon as possible. the district is creating a support
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ticketing system to keep track of every employee who has been underpaid or not paid at all. secondly, the scheduling phone appointment, opportunities. the district says they're moving 10 people from other rules to help support payroll staff. lastly, they're opening an onsite payment issue in take clinic at the district offices. there was no time frame given as to when teachers will get paid by the district. teachers say they cannot wait any longer as they're struggling to get by. i don't have much money too. >> pay my bills and already have to take out my savings to pay for their rent from last month. >> i feel so. >> and seen by a district that i committed the last 15 years of my life, too. as teachers wake up this morning at the district offices, they with the union will hold an event this morning at 8 o'clock. and we'll get an update on their plans with the sit in. >> and what they plan to do this evening at the board of
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educators meeting, they do plan to storm it and we'll get an update on that coming up at 8 o'clock. we'll bring you a live report from the district offices in san francisco. i'm sarah stinson reporting from the newsroom. back to you. meantime, the san francisco school board has 3 new members who are just sworn in by mayor london breed. >> the members are and shoe lady modem eddy and lea. so weisman ward. they were appointed to replace the board members who were recently recalled. all 3 are currently parents of students in the san francisco schools, which is something that people who supported the recall wanted to see. >> they've experienced must all the challenges that experience a loss i think the next the school district we have like so many issues to be wet, you know, for us, the unusual and then the high and that is the learning loss and the meant the price of that is still getting is also the budget crisis that we have to solve. >> each new member will serve out the remainder of the
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vacated term of the board, which is only until november. and then all 3 seats will be up for grabs in an open election. happening today, teachers and students at city college of san francisco are going to rally against that school's decision to cut courses and lay off staff. the rally is going to happen in front of colin hall at 11 o'clock this morning. after that, that should be a press conference at noon. and the north bay teachers in the co a park school district will be back on the picket lines today. this is video from quad copter 4 showing yesterday strike today will be the 4th day of the protest. the teachers union says that 9% of families kept their kids home from school on the first 2 days of the strike. the teachers are fighting for more money and they say the school district pays him about 20% less than other districts in the state. the union and the district of been trying to work out a deal for months. in the east bay. 2600 freshman will be allowed admission into uc berkeley for the start of the fall semester. the governor signed a new bill
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into law that removes the enrollment cap that was set by alameda county judge. it was a legal dispute between neighbors and berkeley and the university over building new student housing. well, the state supreme court sided with the judge and the neighbors due to environmental concerns of the housing plan. but now that enrollment cap is lifted. one neighbor still concerned about the increase in enrollment. >> because adding 2000 more students to berkeley is really going to be a challenge, which is that you see is not housing needs that students are often homeless living in their cars. >> under the new law, all california public colleges and universities will have 18 months to complete and environmental review before court can cap college enrollment. >> at certain levels, time now 7, 0, 6. and happening now, nurses at more than a dozen sutter health facilities in northern california are on the picket line. yeah, they're
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trying to bring attention to health and safety concerns. several of these rallies happening right here in the bay area. kron 4 will trend has been live all morning in the bottle with the details. good morning. well, >> right now we're about 25 minutes away from the official start of the informational picket line right behind me. it's going to happen that pretty much all the center hospitals in the bay area. but you can see starting to gather and they have boxes ready to go and bullhorns because they want to give their bosses an earful there 9 months into this. and so far they have not gotten the contract that they are looking for. this is not the first time they've done this. in fact, in the show you some video that we got several months ago, this is at center health in any arc and there were hundreds of them outside as well. now, here's what you need to know. if you have an appointment at center house, you don't have to worry about your appointment. this is not a strike. this is not even a one-day strike. it's just an
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informational picket line to get the public to know what's going on. as far as the nurses are concerned. but you can go in there and you can see your doctor, the nurses there are upset saying that their boss is their hospital, not giving them what they want in terms of a contract pandemic protection protection against violence inside the workplace or at the workplace, presumably with the of the patients who might from time to time get out of hand. so those are some of the things that are on the table. we've reached out to center. but so far we have not heard back from them. what they are ready to go, not just here, but all the other locations. so don't be surprised if you go to sutter, say in castro valley, which should be happening right now. that's taking place throughout the day and all the other places. it's going to be staggered. so you might or hit or miss the picket lines. but the bottom line is your appointment should be good to get. >> all right. thanks a lot. we'll 7, 0, 8, right now. and
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the mother of a missing 8 year-old girl in hayward is going appear in court later this morning for her arraignment. samantha johnson. >> is charged with murder after the body of a child was found in her boyfriend's home. anmer said and it's believed to be her daughter, sophia. the coroner's office is still waiting to confirm the identity. and meantime, police are looking for the boyfriend. dante jackson. he's wanted for murder in connection with that body found in his home and the north bay police are still looking for a man that they say tried to kidnap a 12 year-old girl. this wasn't santa rosa last week. we'll show you the sketch. this is the sketch of that man is in his late 40's or early 50's. >> around 5 foot, 8 fan, balding with a beer. police say he also has a gold hoop earring on the upper part of his left ear. police say the attempted kidnapping happened as the girls walking to school along calistoga road last monday. they say a man driving a bmw, threatened her, tried to pull her into his car. she fought back, then ran home.
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show you that sketch again. it hopes that you'll recognize this man, reward of up to $2500 is being offered leading to an arrest. new this morning, the man was found dead at a park in the cif ago. police arrive at frontier land park on a drive yesterday morning. that's when they found that body. police have not released his name and the cause of death is still being investigated. time now 7.10, and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news with gas prices so high. some california lawmakers are saying that we should drop the state's gas tax. >> but not everybody agrees. >> and showers this morning. so welcome to be seeing it. you are seeing rainfall pushing into the south bay all up into the east bay, too, starting to calm down for the north bay, though i am tracking the forecast through the morning. still ahead.
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>> 7.13 right now and we're talking about rain, which is always fun at sfo. the runways wet, as you can see there and you're pavement does well. i was looking for to your umbrella being brought in today. well, i didn't quite need the umbrella live must admit what is good enough for today? i think it started like getting so john can manage. yeah. i was thinking that too, like, yeah, you could have the umbrella >> it's just some light stuff. so the jacket that's all you
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really need. that rain jacket coming in handy this morning. san jose where we're seeing rainfall picking up now this line of showers, scooting further and further south across the region. we are seeing our most widespread rainfall now from the bay through the central valley and snow up in the sierra nevada. very welcome sight to you. showers pushing further and further south. now that means areas like san jose, at least parts of the santa clara valley getting in the mix with some heavier stuff. san jose, misty to light stuff right now and we are looking at it stretching all the way up the peninsula. san mateo and dumbarton bridges as well as up across the great into the tri valley a little bit further northward and widespread showers still remain across the rest of the bay from san francisco oakland over to walnut creek out, antioch, on up into solano county. still in the midst of it, coming down now for the north bay marine sonoma, napa counties. little bit quieter than we were earlier. still some misty and light rainfall being had cold front pushing its way across the region,
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bringing us this rainfall, bringing us a breezy day ahead of us and a couple days of cool weather despite the fact that along this frontal boundary, that's all we're seeing right here. as far as rain goes, we're already really drying out by 09:00am and between 10 and 11, there's going to be a lot of clearing and drying going on. showers move out to the central valley. snow up in the sierra. some hints of sunshine this afternoon across the bay and into tomorrow. a lot more than a hint of sunshine will actually get a lot of sun on into your wednesday around the corner. thursday, we begin to cloud things up just a little bit again. and you will see some showers to the north of the bay area on thursday. but it doesn't look like that energy is going to quiet, reach us so we should actually remain dry. now, we do have some coastal advisories today. dangerous surf out there, including some sneaker waves as well as a dangerous rip. so keep distance from the ocean today and keep a close eye on those waves. as for temperstures that will be 60's for most of us free. but redwood city in mountain view at 67 san jose. 69 while
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oakland, a nice or other antioch, it's 70 degrees are only spot getting up to 70 tomorrow and thursday, staying in the 60's friday, a brief little venture back into the low 70's before another cold front results and temperatures falling into the weekend. and one last round of showers for the winter season as sunday's are first day of spring on a dry note with some clear skies and highs in the low 60's john, thank you for that. if you live in a house right now, you've got some slick conditions out there. so everybody is taking their time. >> as you're traveling and driving out there, it looks like we do have an accident. 80 westbound at the treasure island road. that's a new one. we start off the morning with an accident there. so still about a 15 minute drive as you're traveling into the city will keep a close eye and see if that changes because of this new accident, san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula. 15 minutes. slow commute for you. there. richmond, sandra fell bridge traveling out of richmond
7:17 am
across towards san rafale about a 12 minute drives. traffic is slowing down because of the wet conditions and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes for you as you're commuting. 7.16, and for your money. this morning, a fresh report on inflation hot off the presses and california has. >> the most expensive gas in the nation. surprise me with something. jane, really i know morning. >> and it's not by a little californias. way ahead, a gallon of gas average of 5.74. some triple a says that's about $2 more per gallon than what you pay kansas, which is the cheapest states so why is it so expensive in california will help free the ship in most of the gas it consumes. so there's costs associated with that. the excise taxes $0.51 a gallon compared to the rest of the country, which averages about $0.28. >> and california also has environmental fees. now some travelers are reevaluating their plans and may cancel spring break trips about 3 in 10. consumers say rising gas
7:18 am
prices will impact their decision to travel over the next 6 months. however, recent surveys show many still plan to hit the road. a recent survey from morning consul fell that of those with travel plans over the next couple of months. 57% plan to travel in their own car. 41% plan travel by plane and california's jobless rate is still higher than most other states of your labor statistics. data says california had the 3rd highest unemployment rate. 5.8%. the national rate is 3.8%. and we think those inflation numbers out today. so this is producer prices. this is what companies pay for raw materials up 10% year over year. so pretty big number. but of there were some signs inside of some moderating inflation. so the markets responding to that positively. the number today we got there did not include anything we went through last week with the rising gas and food prices live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back all right. thanks a lot, jane. >> and because california has such high gas prices, saying
7:19 am
those record high gas prices. and now republican lawmakers. >> try to force a vote to suspend the state's $0.51 tax yesterday. they set that would help california save on gas immediately. they say money from the state's big budget surplus could be used to backfill lost funds. >> now this added burden which is borne by californians is not the result of international political events. it is the result of our state's political choices. >> and one of those choices is to tax gasoline more than any other state. >> democratic leaders say they don't want to touch the gas tax because they don't want to take away critical funds from role repair transit operations, jobs and other resources. the tax provides democrats say they're hoping to provide some sort of tax relief to families and small businesses sue, but they haven't released any details. bart is reporting a post-pandemic surge in ridership is more covid restrictions. relax and gas
7:20 am
prices soar. last thursday, bart saw its highest ridership day since march 2021. shelter-in-place orders were issued at the start of the pandemic. nearly 129,000 people robot that day and the day before on wednesday, march 10th over 125,000 people roll bar that day. that was the second highest ridership day since the pandemic. 2 electric car manufacturers are testing how they can maybe help the electricity grid in california. ford and general motors are going to be part of a pilot program of pg and e looking into how electric cars can be power. sources during blackouts and how they can also store energy and stabilize the power grid. both the ford f one, 50 lightning and the chevy silverado electric cars can use and trucks can power batteries for homes and the battery storage can power a home for several days. so that would be terrific. going to have your own generator in parking lot
7:21 am
or garage or driveway or on the street, which is where i park. >> the kron 4 morning news continues. and when we come back, we're looking at ways to help ukraine as the russian invasion intensifies. we'll have the latest on that and the rain in your neighborhood. how much are we getting? >> when will it stop? and we don't want to stop. how long will it last? we'll be right back. and now most admired alum!
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>> 7.23 right now. and while the ukrainians are trying to escape russian bombs, the prime minister of poland is headed into the war zone to see if you can help. exactly. we've been seeing these images. >> pouring out of their day by day. it's very difficult to see all of this that these european leaders are actually going there from 3 countries actually into the bombing areas in kiev. >> to see what they can do, the united states leaders still watching from afar trying to do what they can do. hannah brandt has more. president biden is expected to sign legislation on tuesday. that includes more than 13 billion dollars of aid money for ukraine. >> and on wednesday, ukrainian president zelensky is set to addrsss members of the united states congress. russian attacks are pounding ukrainian cities including the capital of kiev, even hitting an apartment building on tuesday. look at the damage and the deaths he's causing in places like kiev. >> and kharkiv and mary opal and, you know, people losing their lives and their homes.
7:25 am
u.s. officials say russia has asked china for help and military equipment and in an hour's long meeting on monday, u.s. national security adviser jake sullivan warned chinese advisers there will be consequences if they agree. we will ensure that. >> no is able to get away with such a thing. meanwhile, speaker nancy pelosi says ukrainian president zelensky will address congress virtually on wednesday. that will be a privilege. >> for us to hear from this champion of democracy, he's in publicly calling for the west to impose a no fly pentagon spokesman john kirby has consistently said the u.s. is not planning to do that. things that we don't believe would be helpful because of the escalatory nature of it such as a no fly zone. both white house and lawmakers have said they're exploring more options for how to help ukraine and press secretary jen psaki says what the u.s. has done so far has been effective. we have provided military assistance, humanitarian assistance to the ukrainians, enabling them to fight back for far longer.
7:26 am
>> then the russian leadership anticipated. there've also been some discussions that president biden might travel to europe to meet with allies, to discuss the crisis. but the white house hasn't confirmed any solid plans yet. >> in washington, i'm hannah brandt. >> and you've got to see this. this is a first in a show of defiance and editor for russian state tv. interrupted a live broadcast with an antiwar message and she paid for it. take a look. she's coming up. the trip move of those students to on the city show you fred interceptions not to the deficit is coming up. the trip move out to sea to is this incredible. she comes out during the broadcast. the anger doesn't even turn around as she's giving, you know that the state line. >> and the woman behind are saying this is lies. she says no war. they are telling you lies here. that's what she's saying. she says don't believe the propaganda. that's what the sign said. and then, of course, they switch that tv
7:27 am
program quickly. and they got her off of the set and they arrested her. her lawyer says he doesn't know where she is. they say she's in the police custody right now. >> because you are not allowed. first of all, even call it a war. it's and secondly, to what russian says the government says is spreading lies, which in russia means, you know, telling the truth, you have to stick with what they want to say, which is that they are, you know, a liberating ukraine and keeping peace and security. and you imagine the bravery that it must have taken her to get on air like that. you know, in those with a constable and so is because she knew she was going to be arrested. she released idea that you know, that this is worth it, that we all need to stand up and that they can't arrest assault, right? so we'll see. 7.27. is the time right now. we've got a lot ahead next here on the kron. 4 morning news. we're following the rain. the storm, but a little want, but it's better than nothing. we'll see what is going to hit your neighborhood.
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>> 7 30's. i right now and we are tracking some is here is a wet one out there. it's good to see the clouds and a little glistening on the roadway. just be careful. driving. yeah, definitely slow with down out there. those wet conditions this morning making for some slick spots out there for sure. you're seeing a little bit more your berkeley hills cam, as you saw just a second ago. >> also get a little peek at the golden gate bridge this morning. we're definitely seeing a lot of rain now. it's staying light to moderate, which is good. nothing super heavy. that should interrupt you too. terribly much. but
7:31 am
rainfall has increased for the south bay from san jose down to santa cruz highway 17 1, 0, one to 86. 80. that are all wet. definitely getting wetter as the shower activity. moves its way further southward. still some sprinkles on the peninsula as well as up into the north bay. a little bit of a quieter opposition for you now as this line of showers slowly transitions further and further to the southeast. now this is along a cold frontal boundary that really stretches from out in the pacific towards up into the sierra nevada. as this pushes through this morning, that shower activity is going to shift along with it. and after having moved through pretty quickly, we are actually going to clear and dry out quickly to between 10 and 11:00am. this rainfall is going to be out of here. the rest of the day should remain nice and dry temperatures remained really mild overnight. we're still in the midst of 50's san jose at 57 brett, what you're at 60 degrees right now on the votto valais berkeley, san francisco
7:32 am
among those spots hanging out in the mid 50's glisten there on the tarmac at sfo. and we are looking at those clouds in the distance on this. misty wet morning by noontime. we're already down with the rainfall in towards the afternoon. a partly cloudy one with cool highs in the 60's john, thank you for that. all right. we're tracking your morning commute. traffic has been busy this morning as it's wet out there. >> about a 15 minute drive as you're traveling into the city from the maze. 2 that free must exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. you can see traffic certainly slowing down there with that slick conditions. there. >> it looks like a long one. 0, one, a east know ray avenue in mill rate. we've got an accident there. a vehicle fire as well. so lanes are blocked. this is a long one. a lot. so that's slowing and slowing things down along the san mateo bridge as well about a 20 minute drive heading across towards the peninsula out of richmond heading across towards center fell. there were looking at a 13 minute drive. >> and let's check on the golden gate bridge. 37 to the
7:33 am
tolls. well, no major delays, 20 minutes, but still slick. >> 7.32 in the south bay community is remembering a former football star and san jose police officer who suddenly die so young. 24 year-old packer, he passed away sunday night in milpitas kron four's. dan thorn has that story. >> a tragic loss for the san jose state community. former running back to john packer was found dead at his home in milpitas on sunday prayers for his family and friends have been pouring in and every time anybody saw him, he made you smile. >> always had something fun to say or talk about. he was just a really, really special young man, spartan head football coach brent brennan says packers death has been heartbreaking for the team. packer was known for really drawing people in with his happiness. huge smile big, you
7:34 am
know, big that joy that he brought into the building every day so special. brennan was not surprised to see packer choose a career of service after graduating from san jose state. san jose. police say the death of the rookie officer has been devastating for them. mayor sam liccardo also sharing his condolences saying packer will be remembered for his courageous commitment to the city. packers death is the latest painfdl loss and what has been a sad month at san jose state. >> spartan sports legend lawrence fan passed away on the night of february. 21st, the memory of both men will live on at the school. never miss an opportunity to of somebody or tell you to tell me you love them and how important they are to you. because in both the situations. >> these great men were gone without any notice, right? also done, they weren't here. the circumstances of packers death have not been released. the santa clara county medical examiner in milpitas pd are
7:35 am
handling the investigation reporting in san jose. >> dan thorn kron, 4 news, the owner of a jewelry store in san jose is frustrated dealing now with a second robbery. >> in 6 months, take a look at what was left behind of j jewelers in the smash and grab that happened yesterday morning is in the eastridge mall. the owner says it was 8 or 9 thieves. they came in use hammers. >> and as you can see, broke all the display cases than they got away with about a half a million dollars worth of jewelry. kron 4 is waiting for surveillance video of the robbery. as soon as we get it, we'll share with you hoping that maybe that will help lead to some rest. well, also posted on kron 4 dot com in the east bay. a man is facing charges. police say they caught him red-handed trying to steal an atm in alameda county sunday at the coast guard family housing office on mosley avenue. and you can see the damage done to the building. officers say they interrupted the theft in progress and that they have surveillance video that helped them to make an arrest and look at what they found. the
7:36 am
man was in possession of a lot of cash and what's believed to be methamphetamine. and the north bay, a man turned himself in to police following a triple shooting. that will happen in fairfield. the suspect. 25 year-old try martinez accused of shooting 3 men at 7.11. this happened on sunday morning. one of those mundine witnesses say the suspect was trying to steal from the store when the 3 men tried to stop him. >> shots were fired. martinez did not give a statement to police before he was booked into jail. >> for murder and attempted murder. the man acquitted of kate steinle murdered. 2015 has pleaded guilty to federal gun charges. 51 year old jose garcia so far today entered his plea in federal court yesterday. nearly 7 years after the shooting on a san francisco pier. the case helped fueled a fierce national debate on immigration, sanctuary cities which limit local cooperation with federal immigration authorities. garcia's or faces a maximum of 10 years in prison. he's scheduled to be sentenced in june.
7:37 am
>> 7.36, and today twitter is back. employees returning to the company offices in san francisco. and here's the deal. there are reopening today, but there are police don't have to come to work all the time. it's i'm not a permanent thing. they could work from home and they want. the ceo says that this hybrid work approach is going to be part of the new culture for twitter moving forward and in san francisco, mayor london breed is welcoming everybody back. all of the workers to downtown with a big event. the mayor, city leaders and business owners gathered at sales force tower park to introduce what they're calling bloom sf. it is going to be a a week celebration at the end of the month and part of the recovery plan to welcome back workers. the mayor says the city is safe now to return to the office with 83% of people in san francisco fully vaccinated. >> going home was easy. we all just did it in one day and logged on and the transition
7:38 am
was miraculous and we were able to we were able to thrive and grow actually. but coming back is going to be a little more difficult. >> well, there was a learning curve. let's be honest, like, wait, i can't get don't work. >> anyway, this event is happening at the end of the month and it's called bloom sf march 27 to april 2nd. coming up after the break, oakland police have new drones to help them crack down on crime in this city. >> we'll tell you how they work. and lawyers are regaining their momentum and draymond green is back. and he's making a come back. we'll have the latest in sports after we get back from break. and we are seeing showers shifting further south in the bay area. now we're drying out for the north bay seeing some clearing in the peninsula. >> but the south bay releasing that energy picking up. i'm talking more in your forecast. still to come.
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>> in the east bay at 7.41, open police department is taking a new approach in order to help tackle crime in the city. they announced a new drone program. the drones will be used to cover large areas for search and rescue and high-risk search warrants. video recorder will be kept for 5 days. no facial recognition will be kept or collected. the oakland police chief says the drones will be used to fly over and record oakland street or as a surveillance tool during
7:42 am
protest. >> but i do think that this things that we can, you know, revisit at some point if we feel like it's an appropriate tool, i think it's something we will go back to the privacy commission of that. if we think that it could be effective. and i think, you know, we we do like to have an aerial view when it comes to crowd management situations, but but we won't be using in all situations. >> opd is starting now with 3 drones but hopes to expand it to 8. >> time now 7.42, and coming up next to our coverage of the weather. we've got rain falling throughout the bay area. you can see here on storm tracker, 4 where the rain is hitting right now and it looks like san jose is getting some good stuff. san francisco, a little break. we'll be back. let's find out from john to stay tuned.
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♪ i don't give a med bout' my reputation ♪ allow us to reintroduce ourselves... folgers”. not me! right now and, you know, on a rainy day, what are we talking because it's a big deal. you know, a lot of rain. what's going to happen playfully and hasn't gotten to whether so i don't something's happening to mine and it's because of the weather. trump relative that umbrella. >> i don't like feel like a wimp like it's just a little rain. johnson was like the umbrella. seems like be a little dramatic. yeah, today, although i would not judge a person my judgment for the
7:46 am
t-shirt and the flip-flops. will can handle had but yeah, you know, whatever you got to do to get you through the day and keep that here dry because you kind of keep it looking good. coit tower looks. alright, sitting under a little bit of gray but ever brightening skies at this point. we are seeing showers moving on across the bay as we speak. >> and activity for some spots like the north bay is already starting to wind down on the other side of things. san jose and much of the santa clara valley down to morgan hill and santa cruz. all the spots are really getting in the mix of those lighter to moderate showers right now, starting to see some clearing as you quite hours. still sprinkles. still, misty across both the east bay in peninsula and then looking up at the north bay. you're really starting to see some clearing now from are in sonoma and napa counties after your overnight and early morning showers. all this is occurring along a cold front which is sliding. it's way across the region resulting in showers, some windy conditions and a cooldown. rainfall moves further inland across the
7:47 am
central valley and up into the sierra nevada. some snowfall throughout the rest of the morning by 10:00am to 11:00am. we're pretty consistently done with it. peaks of sunshine this afternoon with partly cloudy conditions and conditions on into tomorrow should be even clear yet with lots of sunshine for your wednesday. thursday, clouding up a little bit again. and we do see a couple of sprinkles drifting into mendocino and lake counties on thursday. but i don't forsee that energy having enough steam to push its way into the bay along with the system. we're also seeing some really high surf along the coastline. so keep some distance from the water, dangerous sneaker waves as well as the potential of some rip currents. as for temperatures today, it 60's for most of us antioch standing out as the exception at 70 degrees. well, fremont redwood city in mountain view at 67 oakland and hayward at 65 looking ahead of next 7 days today. tomorrow, thursday on the cooler side in the 60's, we will see a brief 70 degrees stints on friday
7:48 am
afternoon. and then another cold front pushes in. and this is going to bring us another round of showers for your last day of winter on saturday sunday, the first day of spring. lots of sunshine, staying cool. before we warm back up into monday, rain. thank you for that. john. they were tracking your commute this morning. things are slick and wet out there all along our highways in our bridges. >> hey, while you're traveling into the city, it's going to take you about 16 minutes this morning because it's slow from the maze to that. fremont street exit is also slow along crockett down towards the maze. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge and across towards peninsula. we had a vehicle fire that's still there. one. 0, one southbound east millbrae in mill that's slowing things down all along 1, one 92 as well. so that's why you're seeing that delay about 17 minutes for your drive at this hour. let's get a look at the richmond center fell bridge traveling out of richmond heading across towards san about 10 minutes for your drive and golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls as you bridge. 37 to the tolls as you are traveling at of golden
7:49 am
into the city this morning. it's going to take you about 20 minutes for you. try. >> it is wet out there. but we're still in a drought emergency the drought is getting worse- water officials are using technology to monitor groundwater information. kristi gross takes a look at how. >> tracking ground water from the year we are experiencing a change in our climate. we are having now to think about drop compared nus year after year, california department of water resources is conducting helicopter flyovers to serve a groundwater resources across the state, including here in the central valley. our goal is really to be collecting this data, which helps us better understand what prefer systems look like. dwr engineering geologist, doctor katherine, to lou back manages the airborne electromagnetic or atm surveys. she says low flying helicopters use equipment to send signals to the ground that bounce back up kind of like taking an mri of
7:50 am
the earth's surface. we're in year 3 of a drought and it's very likely that climate change that the impacts of drought are going to continue. and so in drought years will be rely more on ground the surface water. it's important to understand what that groundwater resource looks like. >> what how water gets in, how water flows. how much is there in order to use the ground water in sustainably in those years. for the most part, i'm a huge majority of californians get their water specifically or only from ground water. and so that's why it's important, especially in herb, smart with the turlock irrigation district. one of 12 organizations that make up the west are a lot ground water sustainability agency. >> says information collected will improve their 20 year sustainability plan that was recently submitted to dwr a lot of times. the snowpack is called california's largest reservoir. well, ground water tends to be another huge
7:51 am
storage component for people's hearts as the information collected from the electromagnetic surveys will help improve sustainability plans for local agencies to better control water resources that that is going to prove the model. but more importantly to it's going to help us find areas where we can recharge groundwater in the future. >> and we have some good news for the warriors. draymond green is back. he's missed the last 30 games, but he was at this one against the wishes of the washington wizards and it paid off. i always wanted to be able take this wet stuff like that. i love his basketball sect next. trayvon scored 20 points in this game and the star was steph curry. draymond help. by the way, right away. >> steph scored 47 points and the final one. 26 to one 12. it's the warriors. 4th straight win. and coach kerr is he says time. >> the game changed immediately when he got out. been a lot of different ways to change for staff writer right away soon as trim on. got out there, vicki had an
7:52 am
assist like 5 seconds >> the. >> the chest for change in swat with raymond out, has however, many games and you get right back to it. so it's kind of good energy, good bounce. and from the jump and the obviously knows how to make the right play. >> happy i this was again. so you're saying that smoke or you'll snaps whatever it is, it just us surveil crime off. i like the warriors led the celtics tomorrow at the chase center. hope will be an easy win and that will be number 5 on island. baseball news. the oakland a's traded all-star first baseman matt olson to the reigning world champion atlanta praise. not all son is an atlanta native he spent all 6 of his major league seasons with the a's. the 27 year-old has a 2. 52 batting average. 142 homers. last season he hit. 39 home runs drove in 111 runs and fish. 8 in the american league mvp voting and return. the a's will get 4 of the braves top prospects. 7.52 right now and we have top
7:53 am
prospects. these are remarkable women as difference in the bay area in our series continues today because every tuesday, so at 8 o'clock we're gonna highlight another amazing woman. and you go to our website kron 4 dot com and see past winners and nominees will be right back.
7:54 am
7:55 am
whoever you are. you have a style. and we want to help you own it. with top brands. great value. and inspiration you need. so you can own your style.
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and inspiration you need. now and excitement is building at saint mary's because the gaels are going to be playing this thursday in the big dance as a 5 c that is the highest saint mary's has ever been ranked in the college march madness basketball term at ye. and it is the first time back in the tourney in 3 years. their first game is against the winner of the game between wyoming and indiana. and that's going to be decided tomorrow. so we will see it could lead to a rematch between the dons and usf and maybe the number one seed. gonzaga, saint mary's first game of the tournament is thursday. coming up in the next hour, teachers san francisco say been going without pay for weeks. >> what they're doing now to demand paychecks from the district. and there's in california planning to rally against center health. we're going to tell you why they're joining the picket line in a live report. and it's coming down outside. we're seeing that rain looks like it's
7:57 am
moving through the south bay. it's been affecting the traffic this morning. we'll have a look at that. once we have a look at that. once we get back. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability
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>> all, right. well, we are starting here at 8 o'clock and we have been tracking that storm. we're moving across the bay area affecting traffic in
8:00 am
travel and the skies. john travel has been tracking that for us. we'll have a look at that in just a moment. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> and it's been so long to see the rain. normally i'd be saying isn't done yet is done yet. is not? we needed it. he did it, but he really didn't. let's keep it going and find out for how long i hey, guys, only lasting for a couple more hours by 10:00am. we're solidly cleared out. you can see a little bit of that cloud cover still remaining right above the embarcadero. but already in the process of brightening up a little bit. >> compared to where we were earlier in the north bay as well as on the peninsula. you do see most of that shower activity further south and further east now as it shifts slowly ever so slowly out of the region, rainfall will continue to push through the south bay, but eventually you'll also catch up with the rest of the bay area with some clearing and drying conditions. right now, the santa clara valley i


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