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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 20, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 8. >> now a date yet another twist in our nation's covid protocols just 2 days after it was struck down. the justice department is getting involved in an effort to bring back the federal mask mandate for travelers. plus what we are learning about a deadly crash over the weekend involving a former priest who already time for child molestation. and the rain is back. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking this late april storm and what it means for your morning commute. thank you for joining us tonight at a time. pam moore and i'm ken wayne. be prepared to mask up again on public transit. the cdc >> is giving the department of justice the green light to appeal that decision that e on public transportation. it's right on monday. you may remember a federal judge ruled the cdc exceeded its authority
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when it tried to extend the face covering requirement that allowed airlines airports rideshares and transit agencies. the ability to end mask requirements for passengers. but now they may be bracing for those mandates to return. here is the statement. the federal agency put out the guarding the decision. it says, quote, it is the cdc's continuing assessment that at this time an order requiring masking in the indoor transportation corridor remains necessary for public health. the statement goes on to say the cdc believes this is a lawful order. well, within cdc's legal authority to protect public health. and quote, as we just mentioned, a controversial decision ruled that the judge ruled that the cdc's mask mandate went beyond its authority. however. >> critics of the ruling say it was a judge. she was overreaching. our grant lotus is here now to help break it all down. grant so videos the other day from airplanes, people cheering some of them.
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would you be stunned if in a few days you heard another attention, passengers you must now where he be something it at this point. who knows? and the answer is really nobody. >> the judge in florida, her ruling certainly a controversial one. not only because of what it does, but because of how the judge arrived at her decision and we'll get specific here. the tampa-based u.s. district judge catherine kimball mizelle used an interpretive method known as textual to arrive in her decision. the crux of the decision, a dictionary definition of the word sanitation zell wrote in her decision, quote, wearing a mask, cleans nothing it neither sanitizes the person wearing the mask nor sanitizes the conveyance. critics say that definition allowed the trump appointee, the judge to unduly narrow the scope of the public health law. and today, the latest bombshell. the cdc asking the justice department to challenge that florida
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judge's decision and the doj is doing just that, appealing the cdc released a statement about why it came to its conclusion today. it reads, quote, it is the cdc's continuing assessment that at this time an order requiring masking in the indoor transportation corridor. >> remains necessary for public health going on to say the cdc believes this is a lawful order. well, within the cdc's legal authority to protect public health. now, while the appeal is likely to create further confusion and conflict, some legal experts say the appeal is important because of the legal precedent that would be set if the florida judge's ruling goes unchallenged. but the appeal could now come with risk because if the appeal fails, that too would be precedent. setting. >> we're not just talking about what can happen in this particular situation, but the department of justice, i think, is appealing in part because they don't want a
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trial court ruling, a district court that says cdc when it comes to things like mask mandates, your authority is really, really small. and i think it that they're correct to want to appeal that you don't want that type of decision to stand without, frankly, an immediate rebuke saying no, of course, when it comes to the center for again, disease control that you don't have to torture the language of the federal law to make their authority so confined. the case is now expected to be decided by a three-judge federal appeals court. >> with an outside chance that this thing could go all the way to the supreme court will have to wait and see. we'll keep you posted. ken pam, back to you. all right, grant, thank you for that. following the judge's decision, california is also dropping its mandate requiring masks on public transit. the department of public health for california released a statement on that decision saying, quote, going forward, california will strongly recommend all mask on all
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public transportation and in transit hubs, including bus and train stations, ferry terminals and airports. these crowded settings should be considered high risk and they often not have adequate ventilation, an additional layer of protection against the virus. caltrain sf muni valley transportation authority, the vta and barred are making face masks optional. coming up tonight at 8.30, the director of the bart board joins us. >> with more on the decision to drop masks and what future changes could be coming. all right. let's get a first check on our 4 zone forecast tonight on this. >> wednesday night, a live look outside right now. you can barely see the skyline. and that's because there's all right. we're we're no weather expert storms. but that looks like pictures of the just been say. sure. you're both right? we've got the rain to the bay area now and looks like we're going to see more of that to come. nice to see the storms rolled through. this is just been some kind of april after
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really kind of a dry latter half of winter. but out there now looking toward the golden gate bridge, you can barely just see a couple lights there in the distance. that's because all that rain outside be generated by pretty decent storm here really wrapping around. look at that beautiful sight. >> in the gulf of alaska, we may not see another side like this until maybe next october. so enjoy it while we have. and that rain coming through. that is a benefit of seeing these storms roll on by now. we've got the cold front that's moving to the bay area. now behind that started to see the trough begin to move in. and that's we're starting to see a little more yellow, little more or little more action. that's where we'll start to see some of that instability. maybe some thunderstorms. we did have the lightning in reading here and this past hour or the bay area getting some much needed rain. you see some of that moving on shore right now in some heavier bands beginning to push through to. you can see that into parts of the east bay. now some heavier bands beginning to move through there. fact, as you make your way in the oakland area, seeing some of these bands move on through over toward the east bay hill, the oakland hills and some of the heavier amounts of rain near piedmont
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stretching its toward our wind as well. going to see more of that on the way as we've got more rain off the coastline. in fact, some of the has cells are pretty heavy and this is going to be moving on shore as we head into the next few hours. time in all the storm out free and let you know, there's a lot more to come. we'll have more on that in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. house speaker nancy pelosi is slamming the faa for the miscommunication. that prompted evacuations at the u.s. capitol tonight. >> calling it outrageous and inexcusable. just around 06:30pm, eastern time capitol police evacuated the building because of an aircraft that they said posed a probable threat. the plane was actually carrying members of the u.s. army golden knights parachute team, then parachuted into nationals baseball park for a pre-game demonstration. in a statement, speaker pelosi said in part the unnecessary panic caused by this apparent negligence was particularly harmful for members, staff and institutional workers still grappling with the trauma of the attack on their workplace
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on january 6 here at home, a group of people who are homeless is living on airport property right next to where planes land in san jose. the faa >> will no longer allow it from force. justin campbell takes us to that encampment to city works to try to move them farther away from the runway. the skies above are clear, but just below rotten garbage and squatters living on airport property. >> we'll stay back. going 10 by 10 san jose city workers notify people that it's time to go. they keep this area and was not vacated. we will start to dismantle and clear by the week of may 16 olympia williams, a division manager with beautify san jose just cannot live here, says the faa is demanding the area to be cleared for safety reasons. this is a flight coming in right now. i yes. i mean, you just. >> for a variety reasons in
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case they're needed there. any emergency actions that need to happen at the airport. they know this area is clear. the city has already cleared this plot of land from people living on it across the street. they're now working to get people cleared out of this area by june. 30th, a little bit stable. be here, you having to go knowing that this is my home more than 100 families live at the guadalupe gardens encampment, including john walker lindh fincher who has been there 3 years. it's been. >> a roller coaster probably staying here it's been difficult at times in and trying at times and it's just not the best situation. you know, that. anybody want she's for themselves. the city noticed venture and others living here 3 years ago, but waited to take action. >> we wanted to wait until we got through the worst part of the pandemic. >> and then really start looking at solutions in those solutions really focused on housing and moving people from
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an and into some housing in sheltering options. one resident of the encampment says the city has helped him secure housing. you excited to move? >> well, >> but for others. >> frustrated because i still don't have nowhere to go will have 30 days come the end of june to find a new home. >> away from descending planes and airport property reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> also in san jose, some san jose state university students are asking that school to do more to help students soon. don't have a home. the students demonstrated today on the campus. they say the school is not doing enough to make good on a 2020 agreement to provide services for people who need it, including emergency housing and food pantry. information according to a report from last year, more than 11% of the student body. that's about 4,000 students experienced
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homelessness, at least once within the year. >> i would be too much of the 13 students out. this is your chance for assistance. only 12 have been granted the right to housing. this isn't a business person is and we have no idea why. >> student advocates are asking for greater implementation of programs as well as more transparency. they have a meeting with the school's interim president tomorrow. coming up tonight at 8 home prices are up and now soar. mortgage rates latest on the red hot bay area housing market. a deadly crash involving a former priest who had already served time. what we are learning tonight.
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catholic priest who served time for sexually molesting children is now back in jail. this time facing a felony dui case. 75 year-old steven keys. lee is charged with hitting the victim in the community of ross. more in walnut creek. >> kron four's theresa is there with more on this story. theresa. >> ken and pam, we are here in ross more right in front of the intersection. were this terrible tragedy struck and we were talking to residents today who say that they are heartbroken as well as traumatized about the facts of this case. investigators are calling this crash in ross more a felony dui accident. >> they say 75 year-old steven keys, lee's car jumped the
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curb and struck curtis gunn and his wife laura land as they walked on the sidewalk back from a trivia game night at the local rec facility. 64 year-old curtis died at the scene. laura lynn was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. >> my heart was just broken. he's just a tragedy. it's it's very sad. berry said that the man lost his life and feel sorry for his wife. >> and it was totally unnecessary on wednesday, roswell residents talked about the tragedy looking at the markings still visible where investigators knocked out the crime scene. just walk by the spot where there's i think, you know, leftovers from the flares and it just just hit me, you know, because i haven't been out since since the news. yeah, i'm just very, very sad. also on wednesday, the contra costa da's office charged with manslaughter while driving under the influence as well as special allegations for prior
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felonies. heasley shown here is ad frock catholic priest. >> who served time for molesting several children when he was at parishes in fremont and putting ul he moved to ross more back in 2010, i spoke to kathy stonebraker who says keys lee sexually abused her when she was a little girl. they had just been with this. >> this new jobs, all of them and i call him. that the clubhouse where they reside. playing games with them. she had never met him. then harassment are going back to the complex and here comes case driving. intoxicated. what was he doing? >> what a horrible, horrible. >> the situation this is turned out to be. he has broken so many hearts once again. >> he's a remains in custody
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of martinez. he is set for his arraignment on that felony manslaughter charge. on thursday afternoon, reporting live here in ross, more theresa stasi. back to you guys. all right, theresa, thank you. >> police in berkeley are investigating an armed robbery that targeted members of the berkeley high school mountain bike team. investigators say the suspects held 3 coaches into student athlete gunpoint saturday afternoon in the intersection of 8th in virginia streets. the thieves drove off in a coach's van with 4 bikes attached. another bike was left behind, but it was severely damaged. the stolen items cost more than $20,000. fortunately, the community stepped in and helped the team raised more than $23,000 to replace what was lost. the berkeley police department says it is reviewing surveillance video that may have captured that robbery on camera. >> we want to get a check on our weather. we're already hearing about some rainfall around the bay area tonight. this is a live look outside at the conditions looking out over san francisco. you see
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the clouds behind the transamerica tower there. lawrence is pumped up. yeah, i lowest forms. you know, i always enjoy these last ones. i get out there and enjoy we may not see it again until so reined but i'm going to take some video. hey outside, though, we are talking about the showers that we've got some nice downpours beginning to show up outside. >> toward the golden gate bridge, the rain now coming down on the bridge in around a good part of the bay area. starting to see some pop-up showers outside kind of a a 1, 2 punch expected here within the next 24 hours that we've got another one on the way after that. but the showers begin to move through the bay area to see some of those bands are starting to see some yellow orange showing up. that's some heavy rainfall being picked up on the doppler radar right now. in fact, taking for a closer look, can see some of those cells. they're in the north bay start to see some heavier amounts of rain toward believe this in the near beach. also stretching way toward mill valley and continuing southward. you can see that now across the golden gate bridge. look at that ban that is just off the coastline. this is going to be moving to
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the southeast here very shortly. so get in the san francisco into daly city. it's not that far off the richmond district about 8.33. 8.40, as you make your way into san francisco coma. some heavy amounts of rain moving in right shortly thereafter. you can see some of those bands now pushing into parts of the east bay. some heavier rainfall now making its way to really just east of richmond. now moving up in the hills just a bit taking down to street level, though. >> you see right there on the kensington looking at heavier amounts of rain there as well as long as well as grizzly peak boulevard and more of that continuing further the south of that. we've got some heavier bands now that are now pushing through as well as you make your way into san lee andrews. you've got some heavier amounts of rain foothill boulevard. you're talking about some downpours. look at all that boy, yellows and orange is across those areas. so be prepared. that's way it's going to start out for tomorrow morning's commute to will have more on that and all the snow in the sierra nevada coming up soon. all right. thank you for that, lawrence. the real estate website zillow is reporting the bay area. housing prices are up 20%. >> since the start of the
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year, the year-over-year cost of a typical home in the san francisco metro area went up almost 20% to just over 1.4 million dollars. the monthly mortgage average is now $5700 in san jose. it's higher home values went up about 24% year over year. but the average price 1.6 million dollars in the average monthly mortgage $6500. zillow. senior economist tells us what he thinks home prices start will start to cool off. >> that's kind of an early indicator that i like to watch is what if we actually see inventory begin to rise year-over-year? that would be a major indicator that buyers are going to start to get a bit more negotiating power and a bit more of a chance to maybe buy a home at list price. maybe sometime later this year. >> buyers remain ready to pounce on any inventory that hits the market. the typical home times at a home was on the market in march was down to just 9 days. that's today's
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less. then in february. >> the san francisco film festival returns tomorrow. coming up, a look at one of the films that will be featured a documentary on the murder trial of one of the founders of the black panther party.
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>> san francisco film festival returns tomorrow in person
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after going online for the past 2 years this year, more than 130 films will be featured. kron four's novella takes a look at opening weekend films and the documentary highlighting the untold story of the murder trial of huey newton. >> it was a murder case that put racial issues front and center. first time in open policeman has been killed in nearly 20 years. now the documentary film american justice on trial examines the untold story of the 1968 landmark murder trial. >> a black panther party, co-founder huey p newton was a very important trial. why? because it galvanized the transformation of the american jury. the film is based off the 2012 book. the sky's the limit written by author and retired california judge lisa perlman. the film features interviews with legendary bay area journalists velva davis. >> and people who were involved in the trial, including david harper, the first black man to serve as the jury foreman on a major
8:25 pm
murder case. >> and to have this jury have 7 women and for minorities and one of them being african american who became the foreman was groundbreaking perlman says she wrote the book after realizing some major scholars had forgotten about the trials impact on america. we now expect to see diverse a jury. i think we need to diversify every aspect of our justice system. to help repair restore people's faith in it. >> american justice on trial will be featured friday evening alongside 2 short films, all of which examined black legacy, vulnerability and history. my focus has always been on the power of diversity. this year marks the 65th year of the sf film festival of the 130 films slated more than half were created and directed by black and indigenous filmmakers. that's wonderful juxtaposition. it is so timely. and it is so
8:26 pm
important. the film festival runs until may first. and san francisco, noelle bellow kron. 4 news. >> coming up tonight at a mass cain on an optional basis. bart is dropping its mandate now in line with state and federal guidance. but could that change? we're joined by a bart executive with more after the break. plus, several pharmaceutical companies now face a lawsuit making allegations over their role in san francisco's opioid crisis by the city. attorney says that this case is the first of its kind. >> and while some people are celebrating for 20, there are concerns california's cannabis industry could be on the brink of collapse. but the industry says needs to change to save says needs to change to save the legal market meet three moms who each like to bank their own way. luckily they've all got chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> i have no problem with continuing to wear masks on. i prefer to keep my mask so it's my choice. >> the masks are really more of a precaution. the keeping airborne pathogens and giving it to someone else. assistant. feel like if everybody just as this mall, they have their part that we can the what i think or i think it's time to move on and get to the sense of normalcy. >> if their lines left it, i think it's getting up for part 2 left. >> some mixed opinions on masking when it comes to public transportation. today we heard from bart passengers about bart's mandate on wearing mask. while that mandate was still in effect. well, now masks are optional.
8:30 pm
we are joined now by the president of the bart board or baucus health men with more on the decision and what the future may hold for covid precautions on the transit system. thank you for being with us this evening. a lot of confusion surrounding this issue all across the country, actually. so right now, masks are optional on bar. but you are thinking of reconsidering that decision. why? >> so wasn't bart's decision to make them ops nor any other transit agency. there was a court ruling earlier this week >> that made the federal law mandated mask on transit and on airplanes. not enforceable anymore. and so that was a surprise to bart and all other transit agencies. and as of today, the state of california lifted its mask mandate on transit. and so absent a policy decision by the bart board are cannot in force a mask mandate. and that's why i'm bringing in order i'm
8:31 pm
bringing a policy to the bart board next week to vote on to reinstate a mask mandate. >> so you want are you saying you want to mask mandate back on bart trains? >> yes, but why? >> can you hear us? we just want to understand why you why you feel that. bart, nice to bring masks back. >> because there are many riders who need to be protected from covid. so folks who have underlying health conditions who are immunocompromised kids under 5 were still not eligible to get vaccinated, which is i know amazing to some people because vaccines have been around so long. but small children are still not eligible. those people really need to be protected in the best protection is that everybody wearing masks. so we have had many riders reach out to us asking us to do something about this. and to reinstate
8:32 pm
the mask and so we want to do this for the health and safety of our writers. we also know that covid cases recently have started to increase across the country and more recently in the bay area. and we expect them to increase again. i'm going forward in the next few weeks. so this is really not the time to take away the >> how how hard has it been to enforce the mask mandate while it was in effect and how hard really will it be to enforce it again? because, you know, if people get this freedom, it's it's really hard to go back to the way it was. >> so it hasn't been difficult to enforce. you know, bart measures the compliance every month. and it's always been over. 95 1% of people wearing masks when police officers or ambassadors see people without mask. what they do is ask them to put a mask on and if they don't have a mask, our police officers and ambassadors and station agents all have free masks to get out. and there
8:33 pm
have been very few people who have not been willing to then put on a mask. so it is not been challenging to enforce thus far. >> so what would be your metric for making the decision that masks are not needed? >> so we're still in discussions about the details of the language that will be forward next week. but it certainly will not be a permanent mask. mandate be temporary. and we're having discussions right now about what that would look when we would take away the mask mandate to put in effect for certain amount of months or there be some certain indicators that we take it away. said those details will come out this friday. we've been hearing from some health professionals that even though you're right, hate case numbers have been rising. >> across the country recently. hospitalizations have not. they're talking about health professionals tight about maybe having a new metric for determining the risks of not wearing a mask and the risk of covid in general. so what are your
8:34 pm
thoughts on that about maybe looking at a different way of how covid is affecting our our society? >> well, we know, first of all, that hospitalizations lag cases. so the case is just started blocking the bay area last week or maybe the week before. so it's going to take a few weeks until those turn into hospitalizations. hopefully nominee will, because so many people here are vaccinated and list. and so they're less likely to get hospitalized, but they still can get covid. and again, there's still the population like kids under 5. my daughter who's to weren't unable to get vaccinated and so really aren't wrist. and people have these underlying health conditions. so we really need to think about protecting them. and so i think just looking at the hospitalizations can't be the only way to to consider the risks too certain populations. so you said that those who kind of enforce the rules for bart have not had much push-back from
8:35 pm
>> society, although, you know, a lot of other public transit agency workers have had pushed back and even dealt with hostility. have the unions weighed in on this? are you concerned? because now we're going back and forth and it could become an issue for your employees who have to deal with it firsthand. >> so we're in conversations with our unions. i don't think any of them have taken an official position yet. this all happened so quickly. it was just announced earlier this week that the federal mandate was no longer going to be at 4. so we're we're all figuring this out just in a couple days, but we will work very closely with hart workers to ensure they are in save and from the beginning of the mask mandate wasn't our frontline workers who enforced it. and i know that's been buses because that they're the people who are there. it's law enforcement in transit ambassadors who are trained and they are the ones who enforce it. but again, enforcement needs first asking people to voluntarily and
8:36 pm
really only if they will not and this 14 about that rain. but again, we've had very few people that it's come to all right. rebecca saltzman, the president of the bart board of directors who will be again asking for mass to be required on bart coming up soon. we'll see how this all plays out as we >> move along during these very interesting and challenging times. thank you for your your input. we appreciate it. thank you. thank you so much. >> all right. let's get another check on our weather already seeing rainfall around the bay area. look, is this richmond center that the richmond center fell bridge boy. and you can see that the street is wet. and so that's a good time. that's what war. it's nice to see. you could yeah pumped up about this in their snow to. yeah. a lot of snow in the sierra nevada. so this is joe kind of storm. you people think they can sneak up there in the spring storm. that's not like a one or 2 inch storm system headed up there. we're talking about feet of snowfall across the sierra nevada. >> the camera just begin to die up there. this is a look up toward the dollar sum up.
8:37 pm
but we're going to see a whole lot of snow up there. winter storm warnings go into effect tonight, talking maybe 2, maybe 3 feet of snow. so that is a significant storm. something low likely see more in february, then here in april. but there you go. you've got a winter storm warnings extending really across much of the sierra nevada. and that will be in effect until 11 o'clock in the morning on friday. going along with that is we're going to see some very strong gusty winds, some 50, maybe some 80 mile an hour winds even across the mountain peaks there at the top. so a plan of some blustery conditions, especially tomorrow. snow showers occasionally some white out conditions. i think the snow showers going to taper off throughout the day on friday. but as we get toward the weekend, the good news is you've got all kinds of beautiful snow across the mountains on saturday and sunday and dry weather right now. the rain continue to come down across the golden gate bridge and all around the bay area. we're seeing that rainfall outside. nice to see the high country just beginning to get into some of that snow right now. a whole lot more on the way. the bay area, though, look at this next band that is now moving
8:38 pm
across in the san francisco daily city. you've got some heavy amounts of rain little further north temper on richmond start to see that make its way in your neighborhoods, too. and into hercules picking up some rain crockett you've got some downpours coming in your direction. and how about this will just move through danville now, the head of its way toward clayton moving out of concord right now headed toward black hawk. some very heavy rainfall shown up in parts of the bay area. a lot more to come. expect a very wet commute tomorrow morning. >> thank you, still ahead, do not the pups. it is baby seal season in the bay area. why you should not touch a seal pup and how it could cost you if you do. >> east bay residents can now get marijuana delivered right to their door for the new rule takes effect and how much cannabis you can get. >> and rapper asap, rocky a precedent la x what we're learning about his possible role in a shooting that sent somebody to the hospital.
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>> hip-hop superstar asap rocky was taken into police custody this morning in connection to a shooting that happened in hollywood last year. this video from tmz shows police raiding the rapper's home in los angeles this morning. the rapper whose real name is rakim mayers was detained at la x lapd. officials believe mayors is
8:42 pm
behind the november 2021. shooting near selma and argyle avenue. the bullet grazed one person's hand. he is now out on bail tonight. we now know exactly what happened at last year's deadly astroworld festival in houston. according to its final safe to report. >> not halfway through the show. the houston fire department declared it a mass casualty event, but the concert continued on the task force now recommends a centralized command group on the side of all concerts to try to spot problems in the crowd. that group would then be able to cancel a show at any time. 10 people died, including children when the crowd surged toward the stage. 300 other attendees were injured. tickets for outside lands are now on sale. the music festival will kick off on august 5th through the 7th, the golden gate park in the city. a three-day general admission passes $399 before fees. the ip passes are $929.
8:43 pm
if you want to pass, it comes with even more perks. it's going to cost you almost $4700 before fees. that's for the golden gate club. 3 day pass. layaway options are available. starting with $100 down payment on the general admission past, a lineup announced yesterday includes post malone jack harlow, phoebe bridges, bridger's, rather and green day presale tickets went on sale last week and sold out in 30 minutes. >> coming up is force forty-niners star deebo. samuel says he wants to be traded our sports director
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>> a civil trial against groups accused of fueling the opioid epidemic in san francisco starts on monday. the lawsuit takes on manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies that all engaged in what the city and county allege was and unlawful and harmful flooding of san francisco with opioids. walgreens hours in pharmaceutical company teva pharmaceutical incorporated and endo pharmaceutical company are all listed as defendants in the case. city attorney david chiu says this is a first of its kind case because his office is targeting the entire supply chain. >> together, the over supplied opioids that resulted from the defendants false and misleading statements and from the defendant's failure to control against diversion, flooded san francisco with prescription opioids in
8:47 pm
created the crisis that we see playing out on our streets every day. >> according to the city has agreed to a settlement with one of the defendants endo. that company has agreed to pay 10 million dollars to san francisco to combat the crisis and will not stand trial. >> today is for 20 and exciting day for the marijuana industry. but there is concern that california's legal marijuana market could collapse. marijuana growers and sellers say while for 20 is good for business overall, they say they are at a tipping point because of california's taxes and regulations. members of the industry say the state needs to ease up on the amoant it collects and some of those regulations. >> it's really easy. even for a farmer like myself, that's not really highly educated to figure out that it just can't work pretty much taking away. what is 30 to 40% of my business in the last year. >> so when you say your competition, you're saying the illegal market, right? yeah,
8:48 pm
that is the illicit market. and they just they just don't have taxes and regulations. >> experts say statewide anywhere between 30% to nearly half of the price customers pay for legal products is going to state and local taxes. and because of these higher prices, they are losing customers. state leaders say they're working on it. several bills are now circulating through the state capitol design to east texas and make cannabis more accessible across the state. hearings are scheduled for next week. >> meantime, lawmakers in the east bay are making it easier to get marijuana in. the city of walnut creek has voted unanimously to legalize recreational delivery of it in the city. but there are some restrictions as of now, only 3 authorized companies can deliver to a fix residential address. drivers also deliver more than can't deliver more than $5,000 worth of product. that is the state limit and they must deliver directly to the customer without stopping anywhere on the way the city
8:49 pm
council is delaying, making this decision on allowing store-front sales of recreational marijuana until at least next year. after 2 years off for the pandemic, smokers returned to hippie hill in golden gate park to celebrate as right kron four's rob nesbitt checks in with the cannabis enthusiast today at the big 4.20 festival. >> there's live music, vendors and food. but for most people at 4.20, it's all about what you can smoke being able to see friends and family and have a good time to get really high for the first time in the event's history, legal cannabis was sold and consumed in robin williams. meadow happy for 20 guy. deepak just started her own grow operation and says the event is an opportunity to network and learn from others. great thing about this crowd is that there's so many people want to open-minded on trying to strive change the care of this there were police and park rangers inside and outside the fenced off area, making sure no one under the age of 21 was
8:50 pm
allowed in and that other rules were being followed by the most complex. kelly glenn has been coming to golden gate park on april 20th for the last decade. he sees a positive and having the grassroots movement turn into a sanctioned event put on by the city of watched it from, you know, pretty big crowd to like huge crowds. you know, they talked about how much they have to pick up tents chairs, problems that mayor london breed and other city officials want to avoid while allowing for 20 to be what it's always been for the cannabis people 20 in san francisco, rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the deebo samuel san francisco forty-niners marriages be on rocky. we may be at the point of no return. the superstar wide receiver running back hybrid have requested a trade from the organization. the reasons are murky. deebo hasn't come out and said anything. but reports are that this is not about
8:51 pm
money. so it's not about money. what is it about? i guess in time we will find out. after getting more tuesday off. the warriors got to practice in today at chase center before taking off for denver. >> the dubs hold a 2, oh, lead over the nuggets in neither game has been particularly close. golden state looks like a well oiled machine. but they are getting caught up in any of that. this team laser-focused and they want to end this series as soon as possible. >> class a tricky because you know, the emotions run high when you win. and they run low. when you lose. so it's just important to stay even keeled and realized no winning 16. not winning, doing or not doing were supposed take the first 2 at home, protect home court. and respecting your opponent. having appropriate fear, knowing that they're more than capable of. evening out the series. if we don't
8:52 pm
come in and do our jobs. tell these young guys, most importantly, to enjoy this and appreciate the everyday doings of being an nba player because nothing's guaranteed in this business. >> 34 dji's that mets brandon belt celebrating his 34th birthday. look at the birthday boy. >> a 64 bassett deep to right. bell scores. hold one of the young season. he's having a great year for nothing. giants now it's 5, 2, in the 8th. wilmer flores. he was against right. he dives to take a stab at this one in. nice catch. he also saved 2 runs in the process. giants win 5 to 2. they go for the series split tomorrow in new york. great bounce-back win. the a's hosting the orioles game 3 of their 4 game series. top of the 5th. no score. kelvin gutierrez. >> grounds. it. elvis andrus. you can't get hold of it. and
8:53 pm
it trickles into center field. the runner comes into score. baltimore takes a one. nothing lead that error would prove costly. bottom of the 8th oakland threatening with runners on the corners. no outs but the orioles bullpen, they did the job strikeout strikeout and then a ground out right here. oakland waste, a golden opportunity. orioles. blake a's one. does it. the a's will look to win the series tomorrow. so member a dull moment in the bay area. sports scene, right? the both samuel and i know that hurts. the diva wide receiver is, you know, that's that's the most exciting player in the and make sometimes can be the most frustrating. but >> sooner or later, we'll figure it out. john lynch, he speaks on monday. it's his availability. so it's not the cause of this situation, but obviously he's going to be asked so maybe we'll get some more clarity, maybe bowl sent a cryptic tweet this weekend
8:54 pm
like seems to love letter campaign going 100%. really good thank >> we'll be right back. (music throughout) after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. i'm dan o'dowd
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> heading to the beach. watch out for baby seals. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says it is pupping season and as baby seals could suffer permanent harm, if they are moved, no officials say this
8:57 pm
happened several times every year because people see a pup all by itself. they assume it's abandon. usually those pups, the mother is just out getting food only to come back and find the baby gone. seals are federally protected. under the marine mammal protection act. >> anyone interfering with them could receive legal penalties. leave the pups alone. that wraps up kron. 4 news tonight at 8. they're so hard to resist. they're so cute. they are adorable in hawaii. they take that really seriously getting a lot of trouble. approach is trying to touch a seal as well. they should absolutely grant vicki standing by with what's coming up on kron. 4 news at 9 ken pam, thanks very much. coming up next at 9, we're going to get vickie's microphone situated. in the meantime, i will tell you. >> what we're working on in the east bay and look at this fight is that a high school district officials saying the attackers captured here are not students at the school. they were just in the school.
8:58 pm
this is a story only see on kron. 4 will hear from the teenage victim and her mom who say they don't feel safe there anymore. also a mask mandate and just 2 days after the federal judge struck down that federal mandate for travelers, there's a new effort tonight to bring the mandate back. what a new poll says about how americans feel about masking also rain. raining hard out there. yeah, well acted out. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. we'll have the latest details there. the news at
8:59 pm
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