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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  April 27, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> good morning. and joining us at 9 o'clock is great because the sun is up and it's already starting to feel nice out. yeah. let's find out what the forecast holds for us today and the commute as well. get john arena standing by. start with you, john. good morning. good morning, guys. it is definitely nice out there this morning. but a little bit on the chilly side as you do. oftentimes, cedar bay area during the spring mornings. >> it's clear skies this morning, though, have really started to help us out with those temperatures. we actually just saw our advisories freeze warning and frost advisory up in lake and mendocino counties expiring at 09:00am so nice to be seeing that out of the way and not surprised because temperatures are climbing into the 50's. now we did fall into the 30's earlier, though, for fairfax petaluma santa rosa and kelsey bill. all these spots are either upper 40's are low 50's at this point. we're still cooler than we were at the
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same point yesterday. but a lot less dramatically so than earlier this morning. so get ready for a comfortably. cool afternoon. let you know what it's looking like today all the way through the weekend. still ahead right now. tom, thank you for that. we do have a hot spot. this is along the venetian martinez bridge. so >> we have a traffic hazard, disabled vehicle. and so you can see 2 lanes are blocked as a crossing. keep that in mind as you're traveling heading into the city this morning. 21 minutes mace that fremont street exit across the bay bridge, the san mateo bridge a little under 17 minutes for you as you're making your way across towards one o one and the south bay. 85 in to menlo park along one. 0 one. 43 minutes for you. as you're traveling crockett down towards the maze, you see some slower pockets to berkeley. there about 25 to 30 minutes started. james, back to you. thank you. rain and 9, 0, one. and we just received the booking photos of the 3 suspects arrested for the kidnapping of a 3 month-old baby in san jose. we're also getting a little better idea of how that kidnapping played out. for more on this, let's get back out. >> to a san jose kron four's
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will tran standing by with this new information will. >> new information this morning. we do have the 3 pictures of the 3 suspects behind bars today, but we don't have still is a motive. but we do know the person who entered the apartment unit. let's get right to the pictures released by the san jose police department. jose part he is described as the man who actually walked into the apartment unit on monday at around 1 o'clock in the afternoon. there is yes, you know, rim heiress, according to investigators, she was the woman who was with the grandmother at the time. they said they talked to her many times and his story kept changing and she also arrested in the 3rd person ball, the male sandoval, a 3rd person arrested in this, but they did not elaborate his role in all of this. but the bottom line is they have not released the motive on why these 3 people allegedly went into at least one of them has a went into
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the home and grab baby brandon at 1 o'clock in the afternoon when his grandmother was actually unloading groceries. we have found out more information that it was. yes, you know, ramirez who was driving them around, they got to the apartment complex about 2 miles from this location located at 1000 block of elm street when all of a sudden, according to investigators, jose had a carrier in his hand, walked into the union unit, walked away with baby brandon. it was all a miscommunication that actually led to the arrest and the recovery of baby brandon and the arrest of jose per t o reason being on monday night, the chp actually tweeted out a picture of a minivan, then 6 or 7 hours later, even during my live report, the san jose police department asked for us not to show that minivan. the chp took that week down so nobody else saw it from that point forward but enough
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people saw it was actually a nursing home employee about 5 miles away from the location actually recognize the van call the san jose police department. they came to the scene, blocked the van from escaping that area went into a home and recover baby brandon baby brandon was taken to the hospital and checked out. everything is fine. he's back with his mother. again, those 3 people, they are behind bars right now. but what we don't know is a motivation behind all of this. but they did tip their hands a little bit saying that they are familiar in some way connected 2 baby brandon's family. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. well. >> we've got news of the oakland police to find they're expected to announce a reward for information in the search for alexis gabe. they're trying to find out where the 24 year-old is. she was last seen on january. 26 in antioch and police say they've been pursuing leads, but now they are turning to the public for help. we should get some more
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information on the case and about the reward as well. coming up tomorrow, when there's a press conference, it supposed to be at 11 o'clock in the morning tomorrow. we'll stream it live on our kron-on app. >> we have some new video this morning showing a fight that broke out inside of a 6th grade classroom at a middle school in antioch. there's a portion of that. their parents said this happened while the students were left unattended. crawford's taylor sacking has more on the story. >> exclusive cell phone video shared with kron. 4 news apparently shows a 6th grade student being tossed around by another student inside a classroom at park middle school in antioch on monday. the fact that there was no teacher there. >> and that's the whole problem with all of this. you know, like that's the most on a capital thing about a concerned parent who didn't want to share their identity out of fear of retaliation against their child says. >> the teacher of that class room didn't show up for school monday morning and no substitute was provided all the time for coming from her school. but this time there's
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there was no one there. >> to break up the fight, there was no adult supervision. there is a staff member running across a they had seen it from a distance. mean, sometimes happens at lunch and they don't have anyone direct the supervising them at >> but you know, it will be seen from a distance of someone somewhere. we'll break it up. but there was nothing. nothing being done at all. >> she says this behavior shouldn't be tolerated at the school yet it happens repeatedly and often times it's the same students allegedly starting the flights. the parents says she's now worried about what is end isn't being taught at the middle school. my concerns are that my child is not getting an education. >> not an academic education may be an education and how to fight until second reporting. kron. 4 news. >> well, another big story that we're following this morning is the fact that the san francisco board of supervisors has voted now to keep jfk drive. that will stretch that goes for golden gate park car free for the foreseeable so you could cycle
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you could walk even stand. miller wrote you want to or sarah says you're still not supposed to pie. is there? >> yeah, you got to stay out of the way because these bikers are no joke heading to work. these barricades are here to stay. they've been here for 2 years and they'll come tin you to be here so that people can walk, run and bike. take a look. they're excited that all day. >> car-free all day. people have been yelling car-free. take a listen. >> i mean, we're just biking up from the beach and, you -% know, we don't have to worry about cars. you know, we are watching and, you know, these people jogging, running, biking, families out, you know, parents having their kids on their bikes, you know, take him to school. it's exciting and get public comment yesterday and i talked about how i had my dad. >> and my niece, my dad's in his late 70's and my niece. and they came up to go biking and we were able to buy care safely and have a wonderful day in the park because of the
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close you be my 8 year-old he can run through. you can bike. >> it just makes the most running here when cars are allowed is very dangerous. >> you have way where you have to face the san francisco board of supervisors voted and approved this after a meeting for 12 hours with hundreds of people voicing their opinions. several organizations have worked tirelessly for months. efforting this getting people signed cards for supervisors, urging them. people against this one. jfk open to cars on weekdays from or disability since people have gone back to work and kids have gone back to school. but others who use this every day say they really want this stay and guess what? it is closing it off to cars between jfk drive on the eastern end of golden gate park from keys or drive to transverse. try 24 hours a day so people could safely exercise with social distancing during the pandemic. people have fallen in love with this. like you
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just heard about 300,000 people use it per month. now let's take a look at what mayor breed said. she tweeted out with excitement this is her in a few supervisors legislation she wrote today is a historic day. the board just voted to make jfk drive permanently car free and essential space for residents and families that is now a long-term benefit to the city. we still have work to do by passing this legislation. andi this is where we begin to make real change. just heard another person say car free. now when she says that the real change, she means that people, she means that people will finally be able to enjoy this. but they have a lot of work to do. there's a lot of plans that are going into place about a dozen to make it more accessible for cars and for disabled to make sure there's more parking more shuttles. one question i did have seeing any skateboarders out here and i'm a skateboarder. if you didn't know. i'm so sorry. this is
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not allowed. but i think i'm just going to take a stroll down here just enjoy because look at this. there's no i love it. haha. >> well. >> here that is fantastic. all know she's alleging do that. and skill. i okay. thank you, all right. let's bring it back here in the studio. here's another thing that shooters, okay. it not in cars, but let's say you're taking the bus or some of them want the mask rule back. yeah. this is in the east bay. we know that, you know that they get away the mask mandate here recently, but a growing number of writers say. >> because covid is still a major public health issue. they want those mask back in camila barco is following that story for us. good morning. camila. >> good morning, guys. mask mandates, truck, federal lease here in the state locally. >> but now far and the east bay transit riders union want
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to bring mask back on public transportation and they say that this will help reduce the spread of covid-19 when people are riding buses. our trains now this union is a group of riders who use public transportation daily and they want the ac transit board of directors to bring back masks on buses that run in the east bay. now, in a letter to the board of directors, the union says that it to the people. >> who ride these buses that are high-risk and vulnerable because by not wearing them, it could lead to serious health problems. they also argue that taking no action is likely to drive people away from taking the bus is now as far as now as far as bart goes, the board president rebecca saltzman wants to see people wearing masks on board trains at all times. she sent a letter to 5 bay area counties where bart operates urging them to make masks requirement on public transportation. now, sussman says she's not trying to make
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mask a permanent lifelong saying she would just like to see people wearing mask, at least until july. now, part board of directors will consider this mask requirement at a meeting tomorrow. but deiah james tonight, the ac transit board of directors will be meeting. they will be discussing whether mask should be a requirement on public transportation. in that meeting is going to be held at 5 this afternoon. back to you guys. all right. camilla. >> 9.12, is the time. we also have some breaking international news to share with you as well. russia has released a u.s. marine veteran from texas is part of a prisoner exchange with the u.s. so russia traded trevor reed for a convicted russian drug trafficker who is serving time here in the states. reid was arrested back in 2019 after russian authorities say he assaulted a police officers. they were driving him to a police station after a night of drinking. he was sentenced to 9 years in russian prison for that. as for the russian drug trafficker, he was serving 20 year prison sentences here in
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the u.s. for conspiracy to smuggle cocaine into the country. this prisoner swap now marks the highest profile release during the biden administration. we'll take a break here on the kron. 4 morning news 9.12, the time and coming up on the on the show here on the drought. >> and the big changes it's bringing to the east bay. we've got some new mandatory measures set to go into place. will tell you about that. and valero youth football league get some good news there. stolen van was found. we'll tell you how police were able to track it down. when you see things differently, you can be the difference. this green space will help the sustainability committee reach our goals years faster than our initial projections. ♪ capella university looks at education differently. our flexpath learning format lets you set deadlines and earn your bachelor's on your terms. ♪ make your difference with capella university.
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>> 9.15, and i knew that sarah cut snowboard. but she demeans skateboarders. yeah. and what a day for it right out there. go get park. it's a good day on what can you do? a kid and you can score not on here's also do those inline skates to that's true. but i painted ever okay. definitely can. skateboard definitely can skate. so. >> not as impressive. the sarah can take a walk. i can talk about the and take a walk in it. and today is the day all of us should be doing that because look at this. it's gorgeous. it is chilly this morning. but temperatures are already rising and are all the sunshine we've had a couple of 30's up in the north bay earlier this morning. those have all been wiped from the picture due to the sunshine. still going to be on the cooler side this afternoon. we're smack dab in the midst of this dip in the jet stream cooled us down yesterday. keeping us cool today. and
9:17 am
tomorrow, too. we will have a few passing clouds today and likely a little bit of fog tomorrow morning. nothing that should interruption too terribly much. and by friday, you're really going to notice temperatures starting to climb under what will be continuously sunny and dry skies. today's highs 60's to 70's at or very warmest antioch at 74 concord, santa rosa, napa in the low 70's while san jose at 68 hayward, oakland fremont san francisco low to mid 60's tomorrow right around the same as today. cool breeze, too. so i'd keep the a long sleeve shirt the light jacket with you have warming into friday warm mist on saturday in just a slight chance of showers next monday right now. john, thank you for that. and we've been pretty slow this morning. a lot of traffic out there, especially if you're in the south bay taking want to one. >> heading from 85 in to menlo park around 40 minutes for you as you're hitting the roads. well, the bay bridge was starting to see some improvement there. 20 minute drive traveling from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge about 13 minutes heading across towards the peninsula at this hour.
9:18 am
well, crockett down towards the maze. we're at about 18 minutes for you. san pablo avenue. always a good alternate, but we're also seeing an uptick in traffic there 20 minute drive ne x one 60 as you're heading in to conquer this morning. and along 8.80, traveling from san leandro into milpitas about 40 to 36 minutes started. james, back to you. >> time to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black. joining us this morning. rob, as we're seeing the markets bounce back nicely after yesterday's plummet. it's been a roller coaster ride. >> yeah, i kind of want john to make the april showers go away on wall street if he would be so kind we're retesting a double volatility yesterday was 30, which is means nothing to you. but he gets to 50 on buying as many stocks. i can get my hands on 30's a high reading. it's where we were back in march a couple months ago when the markets were falling apart. so we're testing we can hold this
9:19 am
inflation, china, federal reserve, russia, all problems that will resolve over time. walmart plus is helping give us 5 to $0.10 a gallon. if we use walmart. plus, which is like amazon prime 5 to $0.10 off per gallon. exxonmobil, i like stories like that. tessa lost 126 billion in value yesterday after twitter was acquired for 43 billion. it's not done deal yet to take about 6 months. the government to look at it closely. great news. robin hood's by 9% are in place was a great news. because that's where the speculation is in the market. young people have been through corrections alphabet's do any 70 billion dollars buyback. more good news. but the pieces are here for a strong year yet. later this year, it might happen. some of the negatives play out positively. okay. and we'll talk more about apple but in in a minute they had their earnings last night. want it. >> pick your brain about that. but before we do that, let's talk about mortgage rates. i know they're going up making loans more expensive. and i guess we have some new numbers
9:20 am
showing americans are spending more and more of their paychecks just trying to cover the mortgage. >> yeah, this is a bad sign. you know, let's talk about some good signs of the stock market for the housing market. it's hot, hot, hot to the point that 31% of our paychecks now are used to cover mortgages, our mortgage payment on a monthly basis. that's the highest number since 2007, which is when there was a last housing crash last year. this time we're spending 24% our paychecks to cover mortgage costs. so 24 to 31%. with summer, 2007, this isn't adding up good where one recession away from people losing jobs, not being able to pay that mortgage. that's up. 31% of your monthly costs arms have doubled in the last 3 months of use. tell me again, people are trying to get financing anyway. they can an adjustable rate mortgage. typically much cheaper, but also at balloons at the end of the term, whether it's 3 years, 5 years, 7 with higher interest rates, people to be foreclosed on pretty easily, ok, that's a negative for real
9:21 am
estate. but it hasn't played out in the prices yet. >> no, yeah, they keep climbing. unfortunately, for people who are looking to buy a house great for people selling. but yeah, it depends on which side of the coin you're on. let's get back to alphabet. you mentioned a moment ago. i know they reported earnings last night. i didn't dig too deeply into it, but i'm seeing some of these top line headlines talking about earnings weaker than expected due to growth. little a little suspect. what what are you seeing? >> so it was a great quarter. but what we're focused in on right now, wall street, my friends, they're seeing that youtube had a slowdown in advertising a year ago at this time. advertising was very hot because we're opening up from the pandemic. we're looking for flights were looking for cars. we look for tells that plays right up. google's ali. now advertisers are pulling back at the thought. there is advertisers. see what the demand is out there. they're thinking people are tired of ukraine and russia are tired of inflation. they're tired of spending their money due to china issues and supply chain. and it's a higher costs. so
9:22 am
there's a thought that the government spent in 2020 2019 2021. 29.19, 2020 2021. that has that straight up. the economy won't be able to stand on its own and the consumers are being killed by inflation. therefore, why advertised the back of mind that's the in between the story on google. alphabet. great quarter. i like the company. i own the company. i would accumulate the company for 10, 2030, years. one quarter does not mess up the business model and buy back a like a lot. not gaining on tiktok to knox gaining on them. but they have a play called double sorts which has 30 billion daily. watchers now that's 4 times bigger than it was a year ago. so they're not sitting there dying your tickets. competitor and facebook's about to find that out later this afternoon. a report from l a okay. so we'll look for and talk more about that tomorrow. rob. >> thank you as always. if there's a company or a topic you want rob to talk about let him know facebook, twitter you
9:23 am
can see is handles there. you can him through that. you can also email directly at rob at rob black dot com. and we're
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9:25 am
back at 9.25. some good news for youth football league in filet o the van that they had which was stolen last month is now back. it was recovered by the solano county sheriff's office just a few weeks after it was stolen. as a matter of fact, it was taken from a car dealership while it was there waiting for its catalytic converter to be replaced and
9:26 am
that was stolen before the van was donated to the league. the coach for the league says that the van was badly damaged when they got back. repairs are going to cost of about $8,000. but the community has already raised about 5,000 of that, which should go a long way in helping cover those costs. >> it's 9.25, and a man was caught on camera, vandalizing allay business. take a look at the surveillance video. you see him riding up on a bicycle and then he didn't bring anything with the money. looks down and go zone picks this up. looks like it's a rock or something and start chucking of the windows. this business is on broadway street and the owners of the he appeared to be intoxicated and harassed them. they did get close drop and they took video. they asked him to leave in any kind of saluted and peace sign and day. then they took a closer pictures. they gave all this to the police and they did file a report. >> we'll take a break here at 9.26. but coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news. teachers in the east bay are set to go on strike this week.
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if you have copd, ask your doctor about breztri. >> 9.29 right now and we're looking at another gorgeous day around the bay. we are. yeah, the forecast looks fantastic. john. good morning. does. and just another time for a just in time for giants versus a's game if you are out at the coastline this morning, probably have your jackets on because it is breezy. it is cool out there but not near as
9:30 am
cold as we were just a few hours ago we were and are frost advisories and freeze warnings up in lake and mendocino county had some 30's up in the north bay. now we're back in those 50's to low 60's. speaking of the game later on, it is going to be brisk. we have a first pitch at 06:45pm, some upper 50's around that time. and once the sun goes down, it's good to get chilly really quickly. so layer up in all your a's and giants gear winds at 10 to 30 miles per hour there at the stadium right now. john, thank you for that. looks like a good day to get out and watch the game. >> hey, if you're traveling this morning, almost 30 minutes for your drive across the golden gate bridge. so that's 37 to the tolls there. the bay bridge pretty busy fluctuating back and forth about 20 minutes for your drive. may's to that fremont street exit in the south bay along one o one. 85 into park around 40 minutes. you are seeing some slight issues there cracking down towards the maze are at about 19 for your drive. and let's go ahead and leave you with a look at highway 4 and from antioch
9:31 am
into conquered a little under 19 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot rate at 9.30 and with the drought. some cities in the bay area are making bigger change. yeah. and you can see why the latest drought monitor map shows. we've got the worst scenario through the. >> a central in sacramento valley, the bay area is still in what's considered to be. >> extreme drought conditions. so east bay mud is going to put out some stiffer requirements for water, use an ice, tougher penalties to if you go crawford's theresa has the ins and outs. >> we're going into a stage 2 drought. that means that customers are going to be required, not asked to conserve water effective immediately. east bay municipal utility district customers must start conserving water or else face penalties. >> the board approved the move tuesday meeting. district s spokesperson andrea polk breaksadown. what happens next? >> we're asking them to conserve water at a level of
9:32 am
temper and that is district-wide not individually. some people can save more. and some people have already taken, you know, significant measures. polk says that the board stopped short of putting in a drought surcharge or rate hike to help pay for extra water supplies due to the drought. tabling that tell a meeting in may. but the board will start an excessive water use. panel. the ordinance that puts a limit of slightly more than 1600 gallons per household. and if you go over that daily rate is $2 per unit. it's definitely time to take that route seriously. so it was tempting back in october and december to think that we were out of the are dry january march. certainly polk says all of this is not to punish households, but face a reality. 3 year statewide drought, i would say the most important thing for is that what they do really matters
9:33 am
what they do counts collectively, we really can make a difference. and we must make a difference in case next year is dry to recess to kron. 4 news. >> well, oakland teachers are preparing now for a major strike this coming friday. in fact, they gathered for a news conference yesterday at the port of oakland to talk about why they're going to be on the picket line. they say starting in june, the oakland unified school district will be merging and closing schools. if you asked the district they say they have to do it because of a budget shortfall and this is the only way to keep the quality of education up the oakland education association, though, says the district in doing this has actually backed out and of the 2019 agreement in which they said they wouldn't close schools until they got a teacher input. and since that didn't happen, the teachers are upset. >> there is they have decision. some 8, we welcome to the community all of the
9:34 am
good life. >> well, the local school district superintendent called the strike a violation of the current collective bargaining agreement between the district and e a friday strike is set to start at 06:30am in the morning. there is a judge is going to be hearing yeas complaint about this unfair labor practice. but that hearing is not going to take place to may 20th. >> dublin, unified teachers, families and community are demanding more support, better resources for students. the dublin teachers association feels the district is that doing all it can to better retain and recruit educators for the dublin schools, according to the association, president, they say right now the school's of a number of special ed teacher vacancies along with math and science vacancies, district-wide. >> that was last in alameda county with 30 years of service credit that come when people join our district. we only take 5 years when districts around our county take anywhere from 9 to all years of service. and that's a huge contention when you're
9:35 am
recruiting educators and then obviously we are also working toward salary enhancements for the retention of our current in place and the recruitment process. >> the teachers association leaders say they're looking forward to the next negotiation with the district slated for mid-may. >> when it comes to college students all across the country, a lot are looking for their first semester. there, you know, new year in college, i just got accepted. they're all excited. >> and then they find there's a massive housing shortage, especially in california, especially in the bay area. one of the culprits, cal berkeley, you get accepted. many say where am i going to live? they don't have enough dorm space. and if you look for off campus housing, the competition is fierce. eunice can go for $1600 a month for a studio to start and most students say they had no idea that there was a housing crunch when they chose to attend uc berkeley. >> feel like most students go into this process blind and i'm not knowing how bad and how difficult it is to >> and frankly, i definitely was not prepared.
9:36 am
>> to be distressed about housing every year and about >> in march, uc berkeley said they were going to have to cap student enrollment numbers because of a lawsuit brought by neighbors who are upset about the school's growth. but state lawmakers fast track to fix which allowed the campus to enroll as many as planned for 2022. for the fall semester problems. they still amount of housing. >> well, the controversial plan to get homeless and severely mentally ill people into court ordered care has passed unanimously at the state level. the plan known as care court was proposed by governor gavin newsome and california's health and human services secretary doctor mark ghaly says that it's expected to help anywhere from 7,000 to 12,000 people. but the measure is facing some opposition from several disability, mental health and civil liberty groups who have concerns about the idea of forced treatment. >> leave that force terror works well for people with
9:37 am
mental health disabilities. and we don't feel that there's a good evidence base to support it. >> and others are raising concerns about lack of housing, the work force that's going to have to be part of this potentially racial disparities getting worse. and of course, the cost of the care court still has to be determined. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, the giants of the a's hitting it off in the battle of the bay. we've got game one in the books. sports director jason dumas. we'll have the highlights coming up. >> and democrats and republicans are at odds over covid funding. why republican say they won't make a decision until a vote on title. 42 is brought up. >> and skies nice and clear after a chilly start. this is already helping us out. temperatures on the rise into the 50's pretty solidly. now some 60's to 70's later today. i've got more on your forecast ahead. >> and we've had a busy thursday morning out there on our roadways. we're getting a look at your drive times. we'll have more on that when we get back.
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>> 9, 40 and in national news, the white house is warning what could happen if congress does not pass another round of covid funding and soon? yeah. well, democrats say that they're ready to move forward. republicans, though, say thcy don't support it for a particular reason. we've got anna wiernicki in washington with the reason. >> good morning. the white house is putting the pressure on congress this week to act. they say that without additional funding the u.s.
9:41 am
will lose out on covid treatments. >> good afternoon, everybody. white house covid-19 response she's just says the u.s. is at an inflection point. deaths are continuing to fall. >> we're down about 300 deaths today. >> still to many, but john says the u.s. needs to ready itself for new mutations and variants congress has not stepped up to provide the funds that are needed for our most urgent needs earlier this month, congress announced they reached a bipartisan deal on a 10 billion dollar covid-19 relief bill. less than half of the 22.5 billion. the white house requested. but lawmakers left for recess without a vote. the holdup republicans need to have. >> title 42 vote. at some point here in all likelihood on the covid package. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says republicans won't support it unless it includes an amendment that targets president biden's plans to
9:42 am
lift the pandemic asylum policy known as title. 42, this is extremely important. >> the border is already entirely to open. it shouldn't be used to hold up important things like covid 8. but democrats say the need for funding is critical. >> the white house says it's already exhausted funds to purchase a 4th round of covid-19. vaccine doses. and they've already started to cut back shipments of anybody, treatments to states to make supplies last longer. it's very risky for the health of the american people for them to be playing political games with it. senate democrats need at least 10 republicans on board in order to pass the bill. >> and schumer says that he'll be meeting with members throughout the week to try to reach some sort of agreement as quickly as possible. for now in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. 9.42. and we'll be right back.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> and >> room, say that rights happened while you were sleeping early this morning. the latest dragons, space x capsule taking a crew for the international space station this morning. and we actually have some skin in the game on this one, right? jessica watkins, doctor from stanford
9:46 am
and and she is on board the first black woman to work on the space station. so she went up there in the early morning hours with the other members of the crew, which, by the way, also made some history as the first that a crew was comprised equally of men and so they've all gone up there. they're gonna spend 5 months in space doing a lot of >> experiments are actually going to arrive thursday morning at about 02:45am in the morning. and actually, nasa's preparing a little ceremony to welcome doctor watkins, online or space station. and that historic moment. why does she have the kind to say, doctor watkins, i presume what i want to say that because doctor ups kuz watson's i was thinking more for 5 months in space. >> what are the tax implications for that? you know, i mean, do they have to pay where filed? how is i don't know. but there should be some kind of a whole will find out. let's take a look at the weather. and as you have a things to worry about, maybe i've been i've got taxes on my brain. just yeah. what a starfleet about
9:47 am
>> of but taxes. i know if you get that extension, it's definitely on the looking outside at some clear skies. that's not something to worry about this week. very smooth sailing. as far as weather goes this afternoon, looking great. we've got sunshine from the coast all the way inland in the midst of this big dip in the jet stream. what this has done is push some cool air our direction and we're going to keep that around tonight into tomorrow, too. so a bit breezy, big cool, long sleeve. light jacket, kind of stuff. a few passing clouds today. we have another passing cold front. that's just going to keep us chill into tomorrow. before we really start to see temperatures climbing back into friday saturday and sunday. that's eventually going to get us back into the 70's, maybe even some 80's by saturday today. nothing close to the 80's. it's 50's and 60's for san francisco 50's right along the coastline and then a range of 60's to barely low 70's for much of the rest of the bay palo alto at 64 santa clara. 67 for milpitas will be at 66 hayward. 63 clinton, i-65 conquered. you
9:48 am
starter 70's which continue out to antioch and up into portions of solano, sonoma and even napa counties. santa rosa at 71 today. tomorrow's temperatures a little cooler than today is for some of us. a cool breeze continues. so another jacket where the day tomorrow make the light jacket, though temperatures on friday will warrant the shorts and t-shirt again as it will into saturday and sunday. just a slight chance of a few sprinkles come monday. rain on. thank you for that. or i get a look at your commute into the city right now about 21 minutes for your drive may get from the maze. >> to that fremont's txa. let's check on the san mateo bridge a little under 14 minutes headed across towards the peninsula and the south bay along one o one. 85 into miller park. 36 minutes for you. there to 18. 82 traffic is also starting to improve along those highways, crockett down towards the maze, right about 17 minutes for your drive highway 4 under 17 as you're traveling from antioch in to conquer. let's get a look at 6, a doubling down to
9:49 am
fremont slight uptick in traffic as you're traveling through. pleasanton about 22 minutes. and if you're looking at 8.80, on the southbound side to fremont, especially you're seeing just some slight delays reaches back to you. thanks a lot night and today is another day of baseball in the bay. yes, the bay bridge was into the bay, by the way, only didn't have that happen, you know, but maybe today to go to the right field wall far enough. >> we also have a warrior's tomb where the warriors tie hope you're showing your team spirit. game 5 tonight. and jason to muster support structure takes a look. >> game one at oracle park and check it out in a fan in enemy territory, enjoying those not shows. >> let's go to the top of the first no score. carlos rudd he was dealing high heat right there. he sits down stephen piscotty to end the ending. bottom of the second, wilmer flores at the plate. looking like it's out of there. but you know, that wind in oracle park. hit the warning track and brandon crawford comes
9:50 am
into score is a one. nothing game. bottom of the 3rd giants up 2 to one to offer. flores now. the winning goal. keep this one down. that is long gone. three-run home run that extends the lead to for his 4th rbi of the game. of the 5th 5, 1, he is still doing it. look at him. just freeze. tony kemp. get out ending right there. he went 6 innings of one-run ball. he struck out 9 and this was the kill shot. austin slater high and deep to right. it goes off the top of the fence. the look at it in. they called it a home run as they should. the giants. they go on to win 8 to set. the tone came out throwing strikes >> even when the a's which they did all the way through the game, put really good high quality about on took good swings, fouled off some
9:51 am
pitches and ran pitch count up. he continued to attack the strike zone. so he set the tone from a crisp standpoint. it was it was chris right out the gates and we had some big bats and played good all around baseball game. we're 4 games into golden state's post season run and steph has not started a game. >> the reason for that was because staff was coming off of that foot injury. >> and was on a minute restrbction. so staff didn't want to come off the bench to ensure that he could and quarters on the floor. i should say he wanted to come off the bench so he can ensure he ended quarters on the floor. but stay steve kerr said that minute restriction. well, it's over. that mean staff will in all likelihood, bree enter the starting 5. so someone is going to be odd man out either jordan poole or combine looney. they'll be relegated to a bench role. not always the easiest thing to do, especially when you have ego of a pro athlete. and i don't say that as a slight, you need somewhat of an ego to make it to the top one percent of your craft, which is every
9:52 am
nba basketball player. but will that be an issue will step have to say something to the guy who ends up booted from that starting lineup. steph does not think so. >> no, but it. it's who we are says sense of how we >> do things and understand every season, every situation you find yourself and you had just made the right call in terms of what's in the spirit of winning and give yourself and your team the best shot at winning. that's should be able to handle whatever decisions or whatever role you have to kind of assume based on what the answer that question, it.
9:53 am
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>> and the kron. 4 morning news is almost over. but we've got you covered. 24 7 on kron-on. stephanie lin is in the newsroom with a preview. good morning. hey, good morning, daria. well, the fight over wearing a face mask just never seems to end. and this morning we're hearing from some east bay transit riders who say >> they want the mask mandate to come back. a reporter is standing by to break it all down for us. and new developments in the invasion of ukraine. nato extending its promise to continue sending weapons to the country. how russia is now firing back to see that story and to get real-time updates on local and national headlines, just grab your phone and scan this qr code. it will take you straight to your app stores. you can download kron-on for
9:56 am
free darya. james, back to you. thanks, stephanie. >> okay, one quick note. if you are planning on heading to hawaii, you're soon going to need a reservation. if you want to visit one of the big draws which you're seeing pictures of right now. it's diamond head. so the diamond head state monument, he's going to be requiring reservations before you visit the who gets on wind. but you're waikiki honolulu. not too far away. one of the state's most visited spots. people like to drive up there and then write the rim dry. but because it's so the crowds are against getting too big. so now you're going have to book an appointment there. opening up the windows. what, 2 weeks in advance. so you can always only book 2 weeks out, right? so we're going to make leno. everybody is turning to that, right, john, you know, 70 has booking everybody of bookings. the redwoods want to go to mirror what you i guess it's good because, you know, you can like manage the crowds. a lot yeah. >> got a just so that's why we be looking at the 7 day forecast extended planning. if you're looking at your forecast, you're a planner
9:57 am
anyway. so good for you tomorrow. staying on the cool side. but look at that weekend, guys that want live near 80 by saturday. chance of sprinkles coming next monday. next tuesday, the possibility in 80 degree. wow. people a little more. you're going to miss the whole have to say goodbye to do on because he's going areas like write a week and a half. have a long time bring souvenirs to bears. ♪ one-two-three uh, alright, uh!♪ ♪got to know how to pony♪ ♪like bony maronie♪ ♪ uh!♪ ♪ hah!♪ ♪ oww!♪ ♪
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