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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  May 9, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we are back for 30 is the time. let's get another check of the forecast here at the half hour with john shrable on this monday morning morning, john. hey there, james, monday morning back to it. and back to some cooler stuff today after what was a nice cool down yesterday. some mountain snow, some light showers in the bay. >> the cool weather does continue bill today and tomorrow. so if you're a fan of it, savor it because it's not going to stick around bay bridge. looking clear this morning. if you head north of the bay area. well, that's where you're starting to look at some rain and snow mostly along the north coast of the state. as for the bay, things will be fairly quiet for most of us. we're going to see a breezy and cool one. plus the opportunity. have some isolated sprinkles. now most
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of us are going to be looking at those sprinkles, but don't be at all surprised if used to do see a brief light shower moving overhead later on today or even into tomorrow. temperatures are mostly in the 40's. currently. fairfax in petaluma, though you're down into the 30's. so it is a chilly start to what is going to remain a pretty cool day from start to finish. you factor in those winds as well. and it is going to have a cool feel to it. so do make sure to keep the jackets on hand even into the afternoon that are very warm us today will only be in the low 60's now because of those same winds. we do have some wind advisories on our bridges. the bay bridge this morning is nice and empty. let's get a look 7 minutes to get you from the maze to fremont street. we do have that wind advisory there on the bay bridge. we also have a closure on westbound 80. that's on ashby avenue in berkeley. the overpass there, all lanes are closed only until 05:00am for construction. that means you're going to have to get off of 80 there very briefly before heading right back onto it out. a couple of minutes to your commute. it's nothing
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that's holding up traffic too bad right now. but do expect that san mateo bridge, 13 minute stood here. get you across the bay. there. a richmond center fell a seven-minute drive, not a lot of traffic just yet pretty empty. also at the golden gate bridge, james. all right, john, thank you very much. back to the news now and richmond, look at what happened to a >> police officer's motorcycle after a drunk driver slammed into him. the officer was parked on the side of the road sunday night when the driver chest crashed into that bike. luckily both survived. no word yet on the extent of the injuries that the driver sustained. but the officer apparently was fine. police say they've arrested 27 year-old brad james adams in brisbane on an attempted homicide charge saturday. that shooting happened thursday at the taco bell on minnesota avenue right near santa rosa junior college. police say adams was in front of the victim in the drive-thru line when apparently they started arguing then threatened with a gun. police say after that adams shot the victim and
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drove away the victim was seriously hurt but is expected to survive. the director of an oakland nonprofit says that he's heartbroken after the organizations to goats were stolen. they held an event with the hours before someone cut through the fence and lured them outcrop was amanda harry talk to the director about why these goats are so special to him. >> the director of the beautification council says the goats have become part of the oakland community. many people love them. he hasn't slept well since they were taken friday night and he believes whoever took them, thought it out. >> and i knew something happen because when pull up and i say it, they come hop it. and they didn't come to goats. loved by the community were taken overnight. >> director of the beautification council and owner of the goats ken houston. since friday, the goats run an event in oakland connecting with and bringing joy to children. >> it was their first event in more than 2 years because of
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covid saturday morning they were gone. it was almost unreal. was almost like coming out to your parking cars this him from being stolen. the goats were in the same yard near international boulevard and 91st avenue. >> where they had been living for years on bother it. >> houston says he believes the crime was thought out. cut the gate. >> and they somebody stole the to go. he also says there was food on the ground that may have been used color. the goats. >> nearby was this hat addition, it was this more than an animal. this is a part of our community. this is a part of >> children's lives. he's asking whoever took the goats to give them back for the children. you know, give them back, you know, just let him because the animal control knows who goats they are. the director says they're not going to let this stop them and they're going to continue to put on events for children in the community. but they hope that the goats will be returned in the newsroom. amanda hari kron, 4 news.
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>> also in oakland, police have released pictures of 60 vehicles that they towed during sideshows last week. police say they also issued 17 citations made 2 arrests and recovered one gun. opd says the sideshows happened thursday night and friday morning along 5.80, hundreds of vehicles were involved in this sideshow. police say this is just an example of their increased enforcement and a message to people taking part in sideshows, but it will not be tolerated. happening today. it's national a day without childcare day. there's going to be a rally in oakland where childcare providers, parents and the allies were going to they're going and equitable rights. they also hope for affordable access to stable childcare programs. it will be outside of the children's fairyland theme park in oakland. it's set to begin at 10 o'clock this morning. gas prices on the rise yet again. in fact, they've hit another milestone with the average price for a gallon of regular gas. now, topping $6 kron four's camila barco takes a
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closer look now at several spots across the bay area that are seeing these high prices. >> these are the gas prices in sandra fell sunday morning according to triple a for the first time ever. gas prices in san francisco and sandra averaging more than $6 per gallon. >> drivers like jack chalfonte can't seem to catch a break at the aloft. >> probably. 25 ares more of that. >> almost everywhere you look, gas prices continue to go up. and on sunday they hit record highs in the bay area. starting to use it. fortunately, i don't have to drive every day. >> $67 for half painful. holly wallace filled her tank in sandra fell where it's on average. >> $6 per gallon and the same is true for san francisco and santa rosa. >> a gallon will cost you $5. and $0.98. it's $5.90 in san
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jose and a penny less in oakland. >> i thought it was high a year ago. it was, you know, for something. so. this is this is wallace says she's cut back on driving. >> and he's anxiously waiting to get her hands on an electric car for decades. but i want it right now because of the gas prices. those prices are not getting in the way a shelf on stays out on the golf course. he says we'll find a way. >> carpool, the gulf. >> according to triple a increasing gas demand and rising oil prices push pump prices higher and it's put the average price at the pump in california about a $1.72. higher. and it was one year ago in sandra fell camila barco kron. 4 news >> well, for your money this morning, some hospitals are
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looking at a hike treatment prices as a response to rising nurses, salaries, hca, healthcare in can universal health care services are leading the charge now to push prices higher. experts believe the hike to be between 7 and a half to maybe even 15% more. and that's more than a 5%. boost hospitals typically seek health. insurers and employer groups are rejecting that request. the groups say the most expensive hospitals can take on labor costs without raising premiums. this week, well, we looked at if tipping really improve service and it turns out not really. instead, researchers say it's largely a way for customers to just feel better about themselves and to help the people serving us to make ends meet. we've got david lazarus speaking to servers and customers and the tipping is preferred to and increased flat wage. >> keith patterson is a server at morris in atwater village.
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he figures about 3 quarters of his compensation comes from tips and sees no need to change. i like the versus just an overall flat wage. i think there it gives me a little more incentive, you know, >> you know, dot the i's and cross the t's in terms of the service part of it, i heard the same from every server i spoke with when asked if they prefer a living wage instead of relying heavily on tips. >> each said tips or best it would be hard to switch. i think from tipping because it's just been here so long. if the plumber came to your house and called your toilet, would you tip them? >> that's a good question. i wouldn't i guess it wouldn't tip a plumber, but i. i just i just moved recently and i took the movers. >> the economics of tipping are murky. we tip some service providers but not others. we expect tips to improve service but will leave the same size 2 pretty much no matter what, because there are many countries in the world where there is no tipping in. they seem to get.
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>> acceptable levels of service right? mike lee and is the country's foremost tipping researcher. and while he supports the practice, he'll be the first to acknowledge that it doesn't always work the way most americans believe my guess is we get a little bit better service because of tipping, but i don't know that it's an essential. system. >> for service. >> if you get the sense that restaurants are outsourcing their employee compensation to customers and also keeping menu prices deceptively low. you're right. but here's the thing. virtually all restaurants that have tried to do away with tipping by imposing service charges. >> have drawn the ire of patrons in the restaurant any priced here. there were places tipping with service charges. their online ratings go down. >> people view. >> service charges, mandatory tips. and we don't like to be told that we have to do something. >> online rating similarly plunge when restaurants raise menu prices by 15 or 20% to
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give workers a living wage. and it turns out that when customers evaluate restaurants expensive, mister, pretty much looking at the new prices. and that's it. we. >> just yes or are discount somehow the fact that you're expected to tip polls show most americans like the tipping system for personal reasons if know of >> people it's they haven't already set in their mind. so it's already something that's like constitution on their head. so for people to try to change, kind of maybe just shift things around. but at the end of the day, a tip is always optional. and it always comes out of people's hearts. actually know research clearly shows that most of us are given as a matter of social obligation. >> can't because we're supposed to. and because we like ourselves for doing so. i gave a good >> to a server in the other day. i just feel good about myself that i was in a position to be able to, you know, generously compensated someone make their david lazarus. >> is that i'm coming up next
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on the kron. 4 morning news. we'll talk sports head coach of the grizzlies calling out the dubs for what he thinks is an out a line play in game 3 over the weekend and why he thinks job or at might be to her to continue. sports director jason dumas still have the highlights and don't forget, coming up on monday, san francisco district today, santa school district attorney jason dean is going to be sitting down right here. kron 4 to answer questions about crime in the city and the recall effort against him. again, that live interview is going to air in prime time this evening at 9.30. make sure you tune in. we'll be right back.
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>> 4.55 is the time the largest wildfire in the continues to b new mexico burning more than 175,000 acres and things aren't getting any easier as they expect. extremely strong winds to keep blowing and pushing fire to spread even more. we've got alex capariello reporting now in the ongoing efforts to try to get things under control. red flag warnings are in effect across northeast new mexico. the hermits peak calf canyon wildfire has already burned more than 176,000 acres and strong. gusty winds will enable it to grow. the wind is a incredible. it's a
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>> president them on when we're going to have and the duration. we're going to have it some 1500 firefighters are already on the ground working to contain the blaze that's reportedly threatened 16,000 homes in affecting more than 30,000 >> overhead planes dropped fire retardant in create containment lines protecting nearby towns. we need to pack up and we need to get ready. just in case something happens. virginia motto whole shot the striking images from her own property. you can see large plumes of smoke billow up over the horizon. only a few miles away that we have seeing those flames and just seeing it right there in our our bridge. you know, that he did just come into the community or be at those lines in other communities. >> it's very, very scary situation model, like so many others spent the weekend monitoring nearby conditions. thousands have been forced to evacuate seeking refuge at the homes of friends, family and red cross shelters. thank truckloads of supplies like toilet paper, diapers and dog
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food are unloaded for these people. says it's encouraging to see her neighbors helping each other in any way they can. she hopes her fellow americans take notice. there's npno words for what is happenin right now. everyone. all of the high road just praying. >> and hope we can get this under control and save some more of these communities. >> well, luckily, we aren't seeing too many of fires like that here in california was alex caprariello reporting for us. john, though, keeping an eye on the weather forecast. likely temperatures been somewhat mild here. john. we did get some moisture of the weekend. so that helps stave off at least the the hardest of the wildfire season ahead. i know because we as we know, wildfire season can come any point in the bay area and up into the sierra. >> which did just see some snowfall, james. so while parts of the american midsection are looking at temperatures climbing well into the triple digits, that very dry weather that they're also seeing that we've been in the midst of ourselves this winter, something that's
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already resulting in those wildfires. so that just stress is how nice it is. it it is to have seen the snowfall that we saw yesterday and will continue to see in the sierra on into the afternoon today and even into tomorrow morning, too. unsettled pattern. cooler weather for us continues. and that is a nice little change of pace here. you can see the rain and snow up to the north across the trinity alps up in along the north coast and little break from the snowfall up there in this year, although to kick back into gear. sonoma county, napa county's little too far south to be seeing any activity this morning. although you head up into lake and mendocino counties, that's where you start to see a couple of light sprinkles. even some mountain snowfall. as of right now. now because of this dip in the jet stream, we will be seeing the opportunity of a couple of sprinkles both today and tomorrow here across the bay. by that, i mean, most of us will stay dry. only just a few of us will see those little drops popping up indicating a light shower here. their cross, the bay now into tomorrow. we really see that snowfall picking up in the sierra overnight tonight into
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tomorrow. that's going to offer up a few more inches up there, make for some slick conditions on roadways. so if you have plans on traveling up 80 highway 50 on up towards lake tahoe, either today or tomorrow, anticipate those slick conditions as you're moving up there. now, if you do like the cooldown saver today, tomorrow, the coolest days of your forecast. after that, we're going to start seeing t,mperatures rising pretty quickly. that's eventually going to take us into the low 90's by the weekend. ahead for many spots. that's about to be a full 30 degrees. warmer. then today's daytime highs, san jose, you'll be at 62 today. pleasanton livermore, dublin, only at 59 oakland, right at 60 for your high conquered 62. and even our warmest spots like pittsburgh, vacaville only at 63 degrees today. tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today. so not a lot of change from today into your tuesday. wednesday will rise back into the low 70's for will stay on thursday. low 80's inland by friday and by saturday, there's those low 90's back to the heat and the sunshine. now
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our roads this morning looking really good. we do have some wind advisories on our bridges, though, to know. so if you're crossing those bridges, you may be feeling the tug of those stronger winds. 7 minute drive from the maze to fremont street. one really the only issues we're looking at is some road work on 80 westbound as you're heading through berkeley, the ashby avenue overpass. while it's all closed until 05:00am. so only for a few more minutes because of road work there. so you have to hop off 80 then right back on it. they've got that coned off. it's pretty easy to do. just me. a minute or 2 here come you. san mateo bridge, 12 minute drive and looking at the richmond center fell bridge a 6 minute drive across it golden gate bridge easy and rolling at the limit, james. all right, john, thank you very much. turning our attention to sports, things got a bit heated as the warriors took on the grizzlies in game 3 and an exciting day at oracle park as the giants win game 4 against the cardinals. we've got. >> sports director jason dumas with all the highlights. >> a nightmare scenario could
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become reality for the memphis grizzlies on monday night. by now, we've all seen the play right here. jordan poole, kind of yanks on john murray. it's need memphis head coach and john moran insinuated that that play was out of line is he's just saw again, slight contact with the knee. i was a little confused, but get this. all i know is this. yeah. tricks of the series has for sure gotten out of line. i just wanted to be about basketball again. unfortunately, john morant, he's been listed as doubtful. this is what says, medical teams said after reviewing the play mean joe was playing great feeling real you know, the rather than the is what the potential why we took job the game. so nothing changed from there on terms of that was the play that triggered this. and, you know, he's got further evaluation going on. that's job on talking with his knee. but from what i've been told around, probably really good chance he doesn't play tomorrow. >> interesting. anyway. it was
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bound to happen sooner or later. but warriors assistant coach mike brown will be leaving the golden state bench at the end of the season. >> the sacramento kings have agreed with brown on a four-year contract to become the franchise's next coach. brown will be looking to and the longest playoff drought in get this nba history. the kings haven't been to the postseason in 6 teen years will finish the warriors playoff run before moving on to his full-time duties with the kings before coming to golden state. brown was really a cop. brown was really accomplished. he won in eastern conference championship and he was the coach of the year with lebron james and the caps. the giants wplooking to split the series with the cardinals father's day at oracle. bottom of the second giants down to one on and guess what? late night lamont way. they say he comes alive in the night-time. well, he also hit bombs during the daylight. welcome back. lamonte wade junior. this is his first series of the season
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and his first home run of the season. bottom of the 6. mike, you're stressed. you. that's a splash shot right there into cove. the go ahead, home run. that gives the giants the lead. they were going to win 4 to 3. the a's they took on the twins. looking to avoid the sweep. bottom of the 3rd inning twins down a run to offer jorge polanco and he flares one into left that i run scores. so go ahead. run scores, minnesota. take a 43 lead. and they lose by that score as well. well, as jason dumas reporting, tipoff for the warriors is tonight at 7. >> pm we'll take a break. we'll be right back.
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>> all right. we'll take a break. it is 4.56 coming up in the next hour. the kron 4 morning news. metta is opening its first physical retail store in burlingame. we're going to take you there live in a report coming up. and bay area moms and right to choose advocates were out demonstrating against the supreme court's decision on roe v wade will take you there as well. and an update on the plane crash that killed 2 people in marin county kron. 4 morning news continues in just a minute.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> and here we are all again on monday. i missed you guys. ha d. it's nice to be here. i'm darya and i'm james. we haven't seen each other in a couple days. we haven't seen john, though, about week and a it's nice to have >> yeah. just a little john's over the you know, you're up for a there is 0 jet lag going out lunch time over a statement this morning. yes, beautiful morning. you do have the transamerica building sitting under some pretty inviting looking sky so far to the north of us. we have some showers in the form of rain and snow up there the oregon border and even up into been the lake county is a little bit of sprinkle activity. we're doing good across the bay. do not be surprised if you see a couple of raindrops, most of us won't, but some of us will see a few of those light sprinkles today.


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