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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  June 9, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. well, it's nice to start with some good breaking news because that problem with far it seems he's been result. yes, service back up and running. so the major delays that were an issue for us in the last hour apparently are beginning to dissolve. don't know if they're all done yet, but >> it was a systemwide issue. so if you're trying to hide bart it perhaps a bit. in the last hour. kron 4 sarah stinson actually is live for us in milpitas to explain. sarah, what's the latest on all this? >> well, that's right. about 10 minutes ago we saw the gates, the milpitas bart station open back up. it was completely closed and people were standing out here and they all left thinking, you know what? we don't. we can't ride bart because they were told you need to find
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alternate transportation speed up to right now barred is saying that they have resolved this computer issue. but keep in mind, there is going to be delays as a repercussion of this. so if you're riding birth this morning, you can do so but expect some delays with the trains. okay. that is the biggest tip for but at least the trains are running because they were completely halted about an hour ago around 5.10, when they released a statement saying, ok, everyone find alternative transportation or having a computer issue and they were able to resolve it systemwide. in the meantime, they're getting the buses out along all of the bar right across the entire bay area to try and help people get to work, get to where they need to go. but thankfully the result the issue can see out here. it's very calm. there's actually not a person in sight. i can't tell us it's normally calm here at this time or if people, you know, heard the news quickly and decided to find an alternative
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situation into alternative commute. so we'll have to see if, you know, picks up a bit, it good news is that you can ride bart just may pack. the patience can take a minute to kind of get all these trains back up to speed and get that schedule back on time. darya james, good news, you would have been a complete single bart station for the entire morning will shut one person one person is getting on bart. sarah, go >> then another they're trickling in and ok word getting out that bart's back. thank you, sarah. well, that is some amazing that, yes, averting what could have been a disaster is morning commute. rain actually following that part of it all from. >> the traffic is actually is good. she let those people catch the bar because they're already late. you need to get to work a little them up anymore. so because of that major delay and we're still seeing the residual effects of that. you can certainly take muni ac transit or contra
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costa connection or sam trans. remember, you also have the option to take taxi uber, lyft or even maybe take the ferry this morning if you're not trying to wait while bart is recovering, but the great news is that major delay was at a complete standstill because a computer failure. now we're up and running. checking on our highways and bridges. 15 minutes may so that fremont street exit picking up early. there's a lot of people decided to drive this morning. san mateo heading across towards the peninsula. 30 minute drive richmond center fell about 7 minutes tolls to one o one. let's check on the south bay where everything still in the green. 29 minute. 85 to menlo park 2.37. to 18. 82. no major issues or delays. that's the great news. it's so early clocking out towards so long 5, 80, 70 minutes are starting to slow down a bit. the richmond, san pablo and then the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 18 minutes now. we talked about the traffic supposed to also be a really warm one today, john. that's right. it is raining. thanks for all the
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updates on that. key fen is going on camera thursday and so far, at least for bart commuters. >> looking out there this morning, skies are nice and clear. it's an easy start to our thursday. as far as weather goes, it's not going to be set smooth sailing towards the finish of the day as daytime highs today, bump upwards into the 80's and 90's for inland areas, not near as much of a sea breeze today. any sort of marine layer that's present today is going to burn off really, really quickly. current temperatures there mostly in the 50's with double in hayward at 55 degrees. oakland sitting at a cool 54. get the windows open. enjoy the cool morning. but for the heat builds later on. daria, thanks. a lot of 6 '04 and the big story that we're following this morning. the warriors lost the game. >> which is fine. we just can't, lou. steph curry. yes, apparently and up the bottom of the pile in the 4th quarter tweaked the ankle a little bit, which any time we talk about steps ankle, just a little nervous. we do. let's go to conference kylen mills this morning saw the whole
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thing unfold and everybody is holding a we're just holding our breath right now. >> holding my breath to you. guys are at least i was for a minute there in td garden. when i saw him just lying on the floor, wincing in pain, it was definitely scary for all of nation in those few moments. the good news, tell you, curry said after the game that his foot feel similar to how it did when he sprained earlier in the season. just not as bad. he said he doesn't have to miss game 4. so hopefully that is the case. this injury happened during the 4th quarter with about 4 minutes ago when there was a scrum, a bunch of players dashing after a loose ball and big al horford landed on curry's left foot. it was not pretty. kerr yelled in pain and then laid on the floor for several minutes before getting up with a little limp in trying to shake it off. well, all that was going on. the crowd at td garden was just roaring on the same play warriors forward. draymond green was called for 6th foul meeting. he fouled out of the game. celtics fans were fired
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up because they just hate draymond green, even chanting expletives at him several times during the game. here's reaction from some of the worst players on that hostile crowd. >> what were your impressions of the crowd in the environment tonight? and how much was the fact was that a factor in the game? >> so was not a factor. we played in front of route people before. trump and have caused children in the crowd. real job. austin. i'm sorry. your thoughts on the crowd's response to a moment. on the clock on the crowd's response to draymond. very classy. >> just what was your reaction to the crowd's chants that were directed to you throughout the game? >> you know, they just not really my job to react they do what i expected.
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>> green seeming unfazed by some of those ever. his teammates not exactly thrilled, clearly annoyed by just how rowdy the crowd was getting. that game had to be the loudest basketball game. i think i've ever been to you guys. also, by the way, tipoff was 9 o'clock local time, meaning fans it some extra time to indulge before they got there. as far as curry goes, the team practices this afternoon around 3 o'clock local time meeting noon back on the west coast. we'll let you know what the update is on. steph curry will see how he's feeling. hopefully he's back out there with that. he meant, you know, he's looking good for game 4. i'm live in boston will send it back to you johnson. he seemed a little bored. >> what would his sleepy? because it was still yes. yeah. that was trayvon green son. dj green. he's 5 years old. he's adorable. he actually travels with the team everywhere. they up and joking all season that he's like a de
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facto general when it goes up there during the press conferences and just look sport, happens all the areas. >> yeah, it's >> kids that age parents are just boring is it doesn't know his dad is in political legend to get your data. superman. and thank you very much, kyra. huge. that's 61. it is the time. let's go to the south bay right more news to get to making headlines there. we have police arresting and charging a homeless man with arson. >> accused of setting a church on fire in. this is video of that incident. firefighters say the fire started yesterday afternoon at a church on south 10th street. thankfully, nobody was hurt. in the east bay. gun owners in walnut creek are now required to lock up their guns when they're at home. city council members unanimously passed this new requirement. it was an ordinance on tuesday, which means that unless they're being carried legally, all guns will have to be stored in
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a locked container or secured with a gun lock. however, the new rule does allow owners to store their guns fully loaded if they wish. >> the u.s. house of representatives voted to pass a sweeping gun safety package in a largely party line vote. the protecting our kids act is a series of bills that would raise the minimum age for buying a semiautomatic weapon from 18 as it is now to 21. it would also prohibit civilian use of magazines that hold more 15 rounds and put into place new federal criminal offenses for gun trafficking and straw purchases of firearms. that's when a person who can't pass a background check because somebody else to buy a gun for them. the measure, however, is not expected to pass in the senate. >> well, oakland school officials are asking students and parents now to get out of one of the schools that are set to close this year after almost 2 weeks of a sit in protest. yeah. intending to protests, that should district's decision to shut down about a dozen schools. and let's go live now and get more information on this from
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kron four's camila barco camilla. >> gala daria. this. the protesters are not packing up and leaving. they are taking over parker k through 8 school in oakland and it's one of the schools that the district official, the district decided to shut down. but these parents, the students, they aren't letting that happen. and instead they are living inside parker. and they've been doing so since may 25th. that was the last day of classes that school. since then parents started running a community school at parker with some summer activities for kids. and they're also offering meals and they're doing this because the students are at risk of losing the only public elementary and middle school in their neighborhood earlier this year. if you guys remember, the district decided to shut down about a dozen schools due to a declining enrollment. but protesters say that this affects black and latino communities. >> in district, however, says that operating this community school is a safety hazard trespassing and they want the protesters to leave.
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>> the school, they say there's a lack of background checks and protective equipment. especially when the children are using skateboarders are roller skates. they also say that the children aren't being properly supervised and the buildings contain fire hazards, but james, the protesters, they want their demands met. they say that they want school to reverse its decision on closing parker and they also want the superintendent to create a plan. it offers some sort of learning program at the community day school at parker. now we reached out to the parents protesting at parker and we're waiting to hear back to see where they stand in this deal with the school district. once we know more, we'll be sure to update you. but for now, back to you. thank you very much. camilla. >> it's 6.11, and today in oakland, fast, food, cooks and cashiers plan to go on strike at oscar grant plaza there protesting unsafe conditions with a calling. and amanda, a voice on a landmark bill to protect and empower fast food
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workers statewide. the protest starts at noon. >> and food service employees at sfo are going to protest at the airport today. they'll be demonstrating asking for better wages and health care benefits. they say their pay and the current benefits just aren't enough for them to live on. as summer travel ramps up, the protest is going to be a terminal 3. it will start at 2.30 this afternoon. >> 6.12. and still ahead, san francisco mayor london breed has to fit cities. new interim district attorney will take a look at who might be a candidate. >> and the nation's set to see new evidence collected from the january 6 capitol attack fro. we're going to hear what the committee discover they're going to present at all during a prime time special. >> and the great news is bar is now recovering from a major delay. well, we still are seeing some delays out there. we'll
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without talking to your doctor.
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on the breaking news was the problem on bart, which they quickly resolved. yeah. >> but it's interesting. they told everybody r. and then they walked away and then the and then a little confusing. but at least services back up and running. we have rain following that. the traffic center here good morning. at least they got it fixed. but they're saying still expect some major delays because now the bard is running again. it's going take time train to catch up. so you still have other options. muni ac transit contra costa connection or sam
6:16 am
trans or you could take bar. you could hop on a car. maybe car pulled somebody this morning. but again, the update is bart is now running. there just are still going to be some delays until it can be fully back up and running and everybody can be back on time. 15 minute drive miss that fremont street exit as you're traveling this morning, the san mateo bridge, 13 minute drive a 80 to one o one as you're heading across towards the peninsula. well, out of richmond heading across towards sandra fell just under 8 minutes. certainly not picking up there and the south bay will. maybe you're taken want to one from 85 into middle park about 28 minutes, all to sonny bill. and as you're traveling along to 18, 82, i don't see any major issues. so that's also great news. traffic is really backed up on our highways. a lot 5, 18, 80, about 19 minutes to make that drive. and the golden gate bridge just under 20 minutes, we've been talking about those bar delays, but also it's going to be a hot one today, john. that's right. yeah. the heat really builds in today. it's been warm so far this week. but kind of in
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a nice way. only in the 80's later on starting today and tomorrow into saturday, we're going to be looking at comfortably hot conditions and tomorrow, some dangerously hot stuff. >> today, nice and sunny to start now that the sun's up get out there. enjoy this. nice cool morning at the windows opened up, walk the dog, do the jog. anything you want to get out of the way outside, especially before the heat builds in later on high pressure. ridge repositioning itself across the region that was nudged out by that low pressure area yesterday. but the high winds out in the end. and that's certainly what's happening today. it's going to also cut off that cool marine air. that's been at least moderating temperatures the past several days allowing daytime highs to skyrocket upwards on up into the 90's inland. it's a northerly flow into the bay today. so instead of that westerly cool sea breeze tomorrow is the very hottest one hot enough that we have excessive heat warnings in pink for inland areas, including solano county. and
6:18 am
then in that light or tan hugh heat advisories. and that's for whole lot of the bay area. this is from tomorrow morning through tomorrow night tomorrow being the very hottest of days. let's focus on today. first of all, 60's and 70's for san francisco as well as at the coast are nicest of spots. if you want to get out and about a little bit today, 70's on the peninsula, not so bad either. then we get to the 80's and the 90's elsewhere. south bay temperatures sharing a range of upper 80's to low 90's. fremont hayward through oakland and berkeley all in the 80's. well, livermore and danville at 91 concord at 94 degrees. temperatures in the north bay, some of our hottest vacaville up to 99 degrees. we'll save the triple digits for tomorrow, which is the hottest one triple digits inland. upper 80's to low 90's right along the bay saturday. still hot, but not quite as much and sunday, the coolest easily of the weekend. if you want to spend some time outdoors, especially inland, that's the day to choose right there. sunshine and dry skies all the way through the
6:19 am
forecast starting. and james, thanks a lot, john. 06:18pm, tonight, the house select committee investigating the january 6 attack on the capitol host its first >> public hearing. yes. so the committee is expected to unveil what they've discovered during their 11th month investigation. the interview thousands of people have tens of thousands of documents. >> anna wiernicki has very latest from dc on what we can expect. >> good morning. the committee is hinted at what we can expect to see as they make their case to the american public, including unseen video footage from january 6 and testimony from a list of witnesses. after an 11 month investigation. the 7 democrats and 2 republicans on the house committee investigating the january 6th u.s. capitol attack. >> say it's time to show the public what they found. we owe it to the officers who lost their lives in the officers who were injured. >> to tell that story and to ensure that this never happens again, california democrat p ag, your is one of the democrats on the committee. he says the panel has spent
6:20 am
nearly a year interviewing over 1000 people reviewing 140,000 documents and 472 tips to their tip line. we're ready to tell the story. on thursday. the committee will walk through the days leading up to january 6th and then 2 witnesses will walk through where they were when the capitol was attacked, including a police officer on duty and a documentarian who filmed the moment of the attack, the goals and the electoral college and the goal to stop president trump from running in 2024. plain and simple. but republicans including ohio congressman jim jordan have criticized the panel for shutting republicans out. there is no cross examination. the 2 republicans on the committee, liz cheney and adam kinzinger voted to impeach former president trump on a charge of inciting the insurrection at the capitol. this committee is not about seeking the truth. it is a smear campaign against president donald trump against republican members of congress and against trump voters across this country. senior
6:21 am
trump white house officials and members of the trump family are scheduled to testify before the committee. >> in the coming weeks, the hearing tonight is scheduled to start at 08:00pm eastern time for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> and kron 4 will bring you the hearing alive. both streaming and on kron. this channeling on kron 4 so you can go to kron on app or you can watch channel 4 and then we're going to have our political analysts breaking down exactly what happened afterwards. all right. is the time this morning. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news. >> baby formulas on the way. there's loads of it arriving today and we're going to tell you when abbott is going to ramp up its production to.
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6:25 am
a booster this fall. the biden administration, by the way, is forced to divert funding for covid-19 tests and protective equipment in order to buy new vaccines that it believes will be needed to come this fall. congress rejected a white house request for more covid funding after house members wanted more transparency regarding how the existing money is being spent. so now more than 10 billion dollars from that fund will be shifted. the money will enable us to start contract negotiations with pharmaceuticals. i'm buying next. are the new next generation vaccines that are being created as we speak? >> the baby formula is on the way the nationwide shortage is continuing. but federal regulators are on it. the abbott facility in michigan, which was shut down by an infant formula recall. it's back up and running now. but officials say it is going take some time for that facility to ramp up full production. abbott says ella care and other specialty formulas will be first. those released to consumers by june. 20th and
6:26 am
then similac and the other stuff will follow. abbott says that the tight availability is likely to last through the end of the summer. but 110,000 pounds of nestle formula arrives today in the u.s. for distribution. and that's equivalent to about 1.6 million bottles of formula 6.26. still ahead, a home invasion in san jose. we have more information. >> on this situation we told you about where a woman got home and saw these thieves in her garage holding her husband at gunpoint. >> has resumed after a systemwide shutdown, but it's causing some major delays and live with the details coming up. ♪ age before beauty? why not both?
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>> 6.29, let's get back to the breaking news, which was the problem on bart, which has been resolved. but, you happens the residual it's kind of like, you know, these things take time to get a normalized back up and running. it seems like everything stops so quickly and it takes for ever to a melt away and things for to be running smoothly once more. we've got these delays systemwide. reyna harvey has been following it for us. and so is kron 4. sarah stinson actually live out at a bart station in milpitas. good morning, sara.
6:30 am
>> that's right. i'm live here at the milpitas bart station where the trains are back up and running with that wasn't the case. about an hour and a half ago. let's take a look at video we got here as the gates were coming up again, they're starting to reopen the bart station of people outside here. you know, wondering what they were going to do because bart said you need to find another source of transportation will try and get the buses out there soon as possible. get you to your destination and then about maybe 15 minutes. maybe an hour later they were able to get the system back up and running there. some kind of computer issue systemwide. that means every single bart station in the bay area was shut down and here in milpitas, at least they had the gates down like people came in and it was shut down and that was causing for not only confusion. it was causing for concern. how my going to get to where you need to go. but they were able to get it up and running and get it back on. but what's happening now?
6:31 am
our delays so keep that in mind. if you're riding bart this morning, there's going to be some delays as a result of this system wide shut down. and that's going to definitely be an impact. but the good news is that they got back up and running and very quickly. so now when people are heading in, they probably won't even know that there was a problem at all. but it is extremely slow here at the milpitas bart station. so i'm wondering if, you know, we're did get out enough to where people have maybe heard update dense back open. so if you're watching this, you that you have a friend who rides bart, maybe text them, say hails. watch a news. it's back open. there are some delays spread the word because it could cause a ripple effect throughout the day. we'll send it back to you in studio for now. all right. yeah, the 6. we're going rain. right. thank you. sarah is helping spread the word for sure traffic center. so these residual delays going to be a little while before they're all ironed out to rein in all we're going to see those delays for a while. barr doesn't know for how long.
6:32 am
>> but they are saying they're still going to have that mutual aid. that's going to be happening to early 07:00am. so that means muti ac transit contra costa connection. sam trans vta are helping out trying to carry that burden this morning. so bars back open again. still running a little slow mutual aid is being provided at this hour. traffic is picking up the across the bay area. a 2 minute drive heading into the city right now. so that's the maze to that fremont street exit, at least because more people are driving 30 minute drive ahead across towards the peninsula this morning and out of richmond heading across or sandra. phil still under 10 minutes. so things are looking nice there. still seeing green across the map means traffic is moving at the limit. 29 minute drive down from 85 in to menlo park 2. 37 82 in 2.80, moving along nicely. and if you happened on 17, no hazards or delays there. well, 5, 18, 80 is picking up this morning. so through richmond, as you're traveling through san pablo, a 22 minute drive from crockett down to force
6:33 am
the maze, the golden gate bridge just at 19 minutes. 37 to that whole. so we're looking at clear skies. also an indicator of some hot ones on the way is not right, john. yeah, a few hot days ahead of us. rain it today tomorrow and saturday. really hot. i know we've been warm already this week, but compared to where we're heading, it's going to have felt pretty good looking out there at the east bay skies are pretty bright already. i would enjoy this morning as much as possible. >> walk the dog open up those windows. let that cool air in while we've got it. sea breeze, a whole lot less noticeable today. winds will mostly be out of the north and that's going to cut off that cool coastal air and allow temperatures to warm as much as we're about to see them right now. temperatures are mostly in the 50's. really nice mild. start to the morning right now. it feels a lot like yesterday later on today. not so much. i'll get to that. still to come, james. all right, john, thank you very much. 6.33. is the time outs that san francisco district attorney chase a blood dean is defending his record. >> he spoke at a packed house at the ramp in the city's
6:34 am
stock patch neighborhood. 60% of voters, though, voted in support of the recall effort. and now mayor london breed will have to find his interim replacement kron four's. dan kerman spoke to experts about what her options are. >> voters were not asked to choose between criminal justice reform, done something they were given an opportunity to voice their frustration and their outrage and they took that opportunity with the recall successful in district attorney chase of the deans days in office numbered. what happens next wave? here's a likely timeline on june 23rd. the director of elections will certify the results then at their meeting on june 28th, the board of supervisors will declare those certified results. >> once that happens, it starts the clock. and 10 days later, brings us to july 8th. at that time, the da's position will officially become vacant. and the mayor's appointee can take office. when you make these decisions, you have to be comfortable with the fact that some people are going to agree with you and some people are going to
6:35 am
disagree at a news conference wednesday, the mayor said she's made no decision yet, but numerous indicated they're interested. part of what i'm doing and going through this process is trying to give all the people who have expressed interest an opportunity to talk about. >> the possibility of this role because i think it's important to be open minded about, you know, people who may express interest doing over. >> she going to be loyal. can she win the for political analyst michael yaki says those are some of the questions the mayor will have to consider when making her decision it off. among those being talked about district 2 supervisor catherine stefani, former prosecutor brooke jenkins, who was part of the recall campaign and former prosecutor nancy tung. >> who battled the dean in the 2019 election. jackie think stephanie will rise to the top of the mayor's list point. so we now live. >> knows how to run and win elections. when you do you have a good working relationship with in terms of where the future the da's
6:36 am
office may be. and then you get the ability to appoint another person to be. someone who would be an ally. but ever, the mayor decides one can forget her controversial decision back in 2019. >> one with just 32 days before election day, she appointed suzy loftus to the da position only to see loftus lose the election to chase city. whoever the mayor appoints this time, we'll have to run for reelection this november. in san francisco, dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> following up on election results for statewide office. most races in november are shaping up to be democrat versus republican. the primary election shows governor newsom and his democratic allies have a stronghold in most of the state races except for one. ashley zavala takes a look at that. >> governor gavin newsom and his appointees for attorney general, u.s. senator and secretary of state swept the p% races tuesday night. the results showing each will face a republican opponent in
6:37 am
november and that californians realize that they need change for newsom. his opponent for governor is state senator brian dolly, i just asked voters one thing in california. >> are you can be better off in 4 more years than you are right now with gavin newsom. are are you ready for some change? but the governor continues to capitalize on the state's democratic majority by verbally attacking the republican party in a campaign email wednesday, newsom warned his supporters about dolly's republican record on abortion and guns. >> saying, quote, we must take this election seriously. the last thing we can afford is to get caught sleeping during a difficult year for democrats. one race in california that could be difficult for democrats. state controller. i feel very, very good about our performance last night, republican lynn each and leads the primary field full of democrats vying for the office. his likely opponent, malia cohen, trailed him by 16% as of wednesday. i think the reality is that people recognize the controller needs to be a fiscal watchdog. >> it needs to be a state official who has the taxpayers interests at heart. and it's
6:38 am
very difficult to do that when you come from the same party and have the same partisan affiliation has every single other person. chen says he expects governor newsom to double down on supporting whichever democrat opposes him in november. they can try the painting a broad brush. they can try to play the politics of cynicism, which i know governor newsom has done very well in the past. but listen, at the end of the day, we're going to be focused again on talking about the issues talking about the way i can bring independence and transparency and accountability to sacramento. it's been 16 years since california voters last elected a republican to statewide office. republican candidates this year say they're determined to change that in november. in sacramento, ashley zavala kron, 4 news. and you can follow the latest election results on kron 4 dot com. just scan this qr code. >> and you'll go right to the spot where we've got every race on the ballot. it's 6.38. right now we're getting more details from san jose police about what unfolded in this neighborhood where a woman
6:39 am
came home and she stayed in her car and meantime saw robbers holding her husband gunpoint, taking off with the other car. let's take a look at exactly what happened. >> there these coming. but the has been a gun. >> killed her husband at gunpoint. >> these folks were home their home was invaded burglarized. in fact, it was one of 2 home invasions that took place back on may 31st in san jose. the first happened at around 02:00pm at a home of the 600 block of north capitol avenue. san jose police investigators say as many as 6 home invaders stole personal property, including a baby. then from the garage of that residence. >> and used it 2 hours later during this second home invasion summerdale drive deer penn-dot nca creek in this dash cam video as the victim's wife is driving to their home. the garage open and she sees or has been being robbed by
6:40 am
bid wearing face mask a dark hoodies. she started talking low hoard. >> and immediately called 9 would was a bit. my husband is fun. long time. >> sounds a police sergeant christian camarillo can hear in her voice is very chilling. i've i've watched it several times as you know what she's seeing. you can almost hyperventilating there. but number one things don't confront them know she didn't. instead she stayed in her car us lee watched as the people what they did or hold held. her husband at got into that stolen minivan and drove away. >> unbelievably shocked shaken. my shaken scared. we're scared. we're scared. it could happen. just right. the incident has rattled nerves of at least 2 people who live in this quiet neighborhood who asked not to reveal their identities. very quiet, very safe, a snake to school. it's one of the safest place you know, you can live in. >> people walk around at night. no problem with this. i
6:41 am
don't know. they'll do that in mark. definitely every moment we got in touch with each other more than ever before. we have to stay texting each other. whenever you seeing any suspicious activity, any suspicious person or car standing in the neighborhood for a long time. san jose police investigators say no one was hurt during the 2 home invasions. and although police have limited descriptions of the suspects other than what you see here. >> i'm sure soon we will have either an update or maybe even some arrests in this case has met. kron 4 >> still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, a car crashes into a home in martinez. we're going hear how it happened from a woman who lives in that house. and we're also continuing our coverage of pride month. we're going to hear about the local display you'll see on the hill and the history behind it. >> been actually following that major bart delay. we're still seeing major but far delays because of that earlier issue, we had a bar, but now trains are back up and running. so that's
6:42 am
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>> it's 6.44. to a scary morning for a resident of martinez. a car drove into the side of their home. yeah, happened on alhambra avenue just after 9 o'clock wednesday morning. police say the driver ran off. so they're still looking for that person. for rob nesbitt, talk with a woman who lives there. it's pretty shaken up. the car has been removed in the hole. it left behind, boarded up a security camera next door captured the moments before impact. you
6:45 am
first hear it coming and then you see the car speed across this front lawn before crashing into the side of zoe tokens. home next door heard the crash. >> i thought it was just outside. so i came out and saw that there was a car in the building. she's able to laugh about the crash now says the moments right after were scary. it hit the gas meters. so the gas was yeah, i called the thought the car going explode because the car was still running. the gas was running. the gas line of the home was shut off just after police arrived on scene to open was able to catch a glimpse of the driver fled on foot. kid was like getting out of the car and ran down the street. so it really a good look martin as police searched the area but were unable to find the suspect. streets were closed off while the car was pulled from the wall with the base. but on the other side, the debris flew all the way across the room to open rents the property. she says the area that was damaged is used for storage and that no one was hurt. she says vehicles often speed hammer ave where the speed limit is 30 miles
6:46 am
per hour. there needs to be like a traffic light or something on the street to help prevent people from going that fast. because it's families around here. there's you know, it's a residential area. people are pulling out onto the street all the time. she says crashes like this have happened before in her neighborhood. and where is that? there will be more if something isn't done. martinez police tell me that they have not been able to id a suspect. they say there are no public safety concerns in martinez. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> now it's pretty scary. okay. 6.46. is the time. and let's take a peek before you head out what are getting better with barr starting to use it. we hope morning run a good morning and we still have those jabar delays from that earlier computer failure issue and so need is being provided until 07:00am at least by muni ac transit or contra costa connection. sam trans as well. and the t a you might remember, bart was shut down this morning and now trains are back up and running. it's
6:47 am
just going to take them a little time to get everything on time. so factor that into your morning commute. if you're traveling by car over lift. heading into this morning, an 18 minute drive bays to that fremont street exit might want to take ferry. that's another great option. a the peninsula to make it from a 80 across towards one o want well written center fell bridge picking up now 13 minute drive as you're traveling from the tolls to one o one in the south bay. if down there into miller park around. 31 minutes 2.37, to 18. 82. i don't see any major hazards or delays. that's the good news. it's so early in traffic is moving. there are some delays along 5, 18, 80. so about 20 minutes crockett down towards the maze. 24 no major issues. you're traveling from wannacry down to 5.80, a little under 30 minutes for that right? 20 minutes. 37 to the tolls across the golden gate bridge. really nice day. a little deceiving. john kuz is going to be a hot one right? >> this morning we got to take advantage of it. it feels the
6:48 am
same as yesterday right now. but it's not going to later on today. temperatures are going to bump up around 10 degrees warmer than yesterday for some of our inland spots. a few clouds hanging out across the bay. just a nice bright morning. so far, temperatures are still pretty comfortable winds, not all that much of a problem. yeah, a little deceiving. you think we're in for a beautiful day today. but the high pressure ridge that's building back in pushing in a northerly wind. what that means is instead of the westerly sea breeze. we're cutting that off today. little access to ocean cool there means temperatures along the bay as well as inland are about to climb today, hotter one than yesterday and tomorrow are very hottest one tomorrow. so hot, in fact, could be breaking some records. we do have an excessive heat warning in solano county as well as the central valley. that takes effect tomorrow morning. and then the lighter p choose those. our heat advisories for many of our inland areas across the bay itself as temperatures in these spots will climb well into the nineties today. 60's and 70's
6:49 am
for san francisco, the coast and along the bayshore the peninsula from brisbane to burlingame. these are most comfortable spots elsewhere in the bay. it's either 80's or 90's for you today, south bay, upper 80's to low 90's, east bay shoreline in the 80's. while you head inland livermore and danville at 91 conquered at 94 and vacaville inching close to the triple digits at 99 for your high today. tomorrow we'll have an average in wind in the triple digits will back off the heat just to touch on saturday. still a hot one, though. the real relief come sunday back down into the 70's and 80's darien. james, thank you. johnny, as you might know, and that means a lot of celebrations all around the bay. what about the history, though? >> behind some of the symbols like the pink triangle. that's what we're going to take a look at this week. its history and what it means to the lgbtq+. community kron four's camila barco has the story. >> every on top of san francisco's twin peaks 6, a
6:50 am
piece of history. the iconic pink triangle. this message helps people realize that we're just one more in the minority that have been discriminated against. patrick carney, the founder of the project, says nowadays the brightly colored symbol is worn with pride, but about 80 years ago, the downward pink triangle was used as a symbol of hate against men that has this horrible, tragic history that we have to remember during the holocaust. the nazis used colored triangles to categorize selected groups of people. >> blue for immigrants, yellow for jews, etcetera, and pink store. >> for the 9 were singled out and received treatment from not the prison guards the nazis used what was known as paragraph one 75 to persecute men. it's a german statutes that ban acts between men when the counts were finally liberated. >> those who wear the pink triangle were put back in prison under perry under
6:51 am
germany's paragraph. one 75 and the nightmare continued. scholars estimate about 100,000 men were arrested for violating the statute. okay during the nazis era, according to the united states holocaust memorial museum. >> between 5 to 15,000 men were sent to concentration camps as a result. >> imagine spending all that time in a holy cause camp and starving down to 75 pounds and then locked up again. but years later, the meaning behind the pink triangle started to change. >> in the 80's activists used the symbol to call attention to the hiv aids crisis, killing thousands of men by the 90's. it was used more than just a protest symbol and took on a more representative, meaning for the day in 1996 party and many supporters wanted to bring the message of the pink triangle to the bay
6:52 am
area. it started out as a wild arts and craft project. we snuck up here at 04:00am there were 10 or 12 of us. it turns into a vibrant work of art that has grown in size over the years and is now almost acre. why it's here to commemorate the who were forced to wear pink triangle in the holocaust. this display features dozens of streamers. >> and 2700 lights illuminating the pink triangle during the day. and at night. >> and so be very drag. alicia carney says the triangle serves as an educational tool, but it is also a warning symbol. and without that warning. you know, who's going to remind people of what can happen because while the lgbtq community has made major strides in acceptance, there's still work to be done. so we're trying to remember that kind of hatred to help prevent it from happening again. so when people look at the pink triangles pride month, it's to remember the long difficult
6:53 am
history that it encompasses. >> in san francisco, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> and don't forget kron four's also celebrating pride month with our special that we're putting together for you. it's entitled love will keep us together. it's hosted by very own john shrable and kron four's taylor it's going thursday, june 23rd at 06:30pm, right here on kron 4. so make sure you tune in for that. we'll be right back. ♪ sure, feels good when you get it right.
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>> how cute is that? i thought it was like a chorus like it was. i think that's a real duck. these are 7 baby ducklings. yeah. back with their mama after the peninsula, humane society rescued them from a storm drain in san mateo number that i know i did. they were so little fuzzy. they're all grown up. yeah. well, qaeda in kind of in this case, somebody called humane society saying that they saw this mama duck pacing back and forth near storm drain. >> on saratoga drive. and so when staff got there, they saw what was going on. they went down, rescued the baby ducklings and officials say the mom was attentive the whole time. so obviously is a nervous model would be. and once we were all reunited, let them to nearby water and they are. they're all fine this morning 6.56. right now. coming up in the next hour. >> a church goes up in flames
6:57 am
in san jose and they think somebody said it will have the latest. >> the oakland school district is ordering protesters to end their sit-in at an elementary school. we're going to tell you what they plan to do about it. >> and one of the worries going to do about steph curry, how izzy after last night's how izzy after last night's lost. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability.
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7:00 am
station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning. and thanks for waking up with us. i'm and i'm james. we're waking up today. >> suffering a loss. >> in game 3, again, our warriors and the celtics. yeah. and steph curry's a question mark. he hurt his ankle. if you haven't heard. we'll have more coming up in a look at his wound to as well. they hope that clears up. >> we'll have more on that and we're hoping that the bird problem clears up to so system shut down earlier following the residual backup. good morning. ran a good morning. it was so we still have residual delays like you mentioned from that earlier shut down from bart. so barr is providing at least until 07:00am. so that may not consist after the 07:00am hour. but right now you can catch immunity. ac transit or contra costa connection. sam trans vta as another form of option and transportation for you this morning. that major delay, they don't know how long that's going to be happening. they're working to get that up and running. they say


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