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tv   FOX 11 News at Noon  FOX  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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those low temperatures helping that sierra snowpack to stick around a little, too. not moving much more from where were now. chance for additional snow showers at about 20%. very isolated in nature. we've had a few already come through for the sierra and far western nevada, and we have a chance to see a few more and slightly better chances for your wednesday as well. generally light winds across the area. snow showing up on radar now from fallon out through pyramid lake in some spots. down through y,renton as well. reports of snow just starting to arrive for places like minden and guarderville, down through carson city, even up into the sierra. we have a little bit of snow
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we'll continue to see isolated to scattered snow showers next days. but then things are dry on the 7-day. let you know how warm coming up. as we just talked about, the snowpack off mount rose highway is the best it's been this time of year for 4 years. hydrologists around the region measured the amount of water monday before the big storm this past weekend. usda national resources conservation service used their snowtel site to collect the data. the system provides information about water supply forecasts. hydrologists are excited for the amount of snow we've been seeing, but we're still only 2/3rds of the way to what would be the ideal amount of snowfall. >> we're still in the prime snow-producing months, and we still have -- the month of february is very critical. we need it to keep happening, and this is what it's supposed to be doing this time of year. i think people have forgot. this is what it's supposed to do.
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seen the 7-foot deficit before lake tahoe is full again. that's what we're seeing. it could take a couple of winters with the same snowpack to refill the lake in total. california water officials will decide today whether to keep the state under mandatory water conservation orders or to lift that from last season. new at noon, big snow numbers means big business for the ski industry. over the last several years of drought, ski resort struggled to take -- throughout an entire season. certainly not the case anymore, as pushes are reporting number spikes already for 2015, 2016. the last weekend, storm officials at north star california in truckie say they eclipsed 300 inches, and that's just through january. >> it has been tough for the past few seasons. i think it kind of kept people from coming up here as much as they would have liked to. but now, you know, we are rolling in snow. the prayers and snow dances have come through, and
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it through spring skiing time and april. from this season storm. s it a big one. while the snow is great news for the snowpack and certain industries, it does drivers. icy roads made for treacherous driving conditions. we have seen that the last several days. you're dealing with the after the of a car crash, people are asking, what are our rights? nevada has legal cause designed cases like this. , for example,, after after- nevada law requires your insurance company and the body shop to it will you. what's more the body shop also needs your consent. you also have rights you may not be aware of, particularly if your insurance company is pushing a specific body shop for repairs. >> they may send you to their shop that they have on their program, or typically what the customers don't realize, that they have the choice to go over it in length.
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insurance body shop repairs and your rights regarding car crashes, you can visit our car site, which, of course, is the state of education address took place last night. superintendent tracy davis highlighted the district's achievements this past year, and she didn't hold back when it comes to the biggest conditions they face. fox 11's -- was at the address, and has the details for us. >> reporter: behind every stay practice tuck is a story. a single mother, a mexican immigrant who learned english at ric academy. >> reporter: or the promise of damani ranch high student, who found opportunities early. >> i worked hard, both in performance and academics. >> reporter: these are some stories of the 8,000
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in marshall county. superintendent tracy davis out lined its collective achievements, a 75% graduation rate, up 9% since 2012. and multiple programs serving as national models, such as parent-teacher visits to homes, social, and motional learning programs. in a big announcement, a grant of $1 million per year for 13 years from transforming youth recovery. this will create an eighth through twelve program, which addresses -- that could impede students from academic success. >> this is near and tear to my heart, because i have lost a son to a drug overdose. i would like to provide as much support and help to prevent this from happening to another family. >> reporter: davis also addressed shortcomings in special education. the district restructure
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when it comes to the biggest chance facing the district -- >> we are at a breaking point as a community. >> reporter: she says overcrowding will force schools to go into double session within five if no new schools are built. >> we'll have kids going to a bus stop at five in the morning, getting out of school at 12, then the next shift coming in at 1 and getting out at 5 and 6. >> reporter: to avoid that picture becoming a reality, it's up the communities to vote. the public schools overcrowding and repair needs committee voted unanimously to move forward with a general election ballot question that will address funding for school construction and repairs. fox 11. >> davis also announced a new goal to reach a 90% graduation rate come 2020, 4 years from now. mark your calendars for thursday at 6:00. that's when the committee will listen to community
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they will be hosted at the community chambers. after leaving that nearly a third of four and five-year-olds are overweight, nevada lawmakers are deciding to take action. the new bill they passed requires day cares to provide more active playtime and eliminate unhealthy foods at school. one preschool has been on board with the proposed changes that are being implemented throughout nevada. officials at sunflower preschool set aside 2 and a half hours of recess time a day, and provide healthy snacks for all their students. >> we grow our own things in the backyard as well. we have the children bring in tomato plants and vegetables, and for them to understand how the process of the natural foods help, you know, their bodies be strong. what they're eating as far as -- so, for example, if i put chips in her lunch, she gets those last. >> the school's director said it's important they
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so they can be more successful both meantly and physically in the future. the utility company -- excuse me. the utility company's monday filings suggests seven ways the nevada public utilities commission could do the grandfather. one patrol calls for solar customers to move into higher rates over four years. an update patrol at the other end of the spectrum would let customers keep the old rates for 20 years. mp energy chose december 10th as the cutoff, because that's when nevada hit the proposed limit. the virginia street bridge in downtown reno is one step closer to being complete. last month, crews were able to get the bridge deck road and sidewalks poured. overhead utilities will be the main focus this month. crews are said to reopen west
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sierra to virginia street to drivers on wednesday. now, the project is expected to be complete come may. for an update on the bridge or see a time lapse of the project from the beginning, which is very cool, from the city of reno, you can visit their web site. all right. when we come back, ammon bun day told reporters, excuse me, in oregon, to substantial doubt down, be they're getting an entirely different message this week. plus -- >> easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> the con it is for the 2016 election is in the books. a clear winner emerges from the gop side. results are a little murky for democrats. that's all coming up after the break. ifif y youou'r'rigightht bubut t fifindnd i it t hahardrderer a andnd h harardederr to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, alalmomostst a allll n newew i incncome gogoeses t to o ththe e totop p 1%1%. mymy p plalan n ---- m makake e wawall street banks and the ultrarich
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prprovovidide e lilivivingng w wagages for working people, enensusurere e eququalal p payay f for women. i'i'm m bebernrnieie s sanandedersrs. i i apapprprovove e ththisis m mesessage because together, wewe c can make a political revolution anand d crcreaeatete a an n ececononomy and democracy that works for all
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the presidential candidates
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ground running in new hampshire. some train to build on the momentum of iowa, while others are trying to get back on track. while the republicans have a clear winfrey a the democrats ended the night stuck in a virtual tie. >> reporter: fresh off a victory in the iowa, caucuses, ted cruz has set his sights on the next battle. >> new hampshire going on, south carolina going on to compete and win this primary, turn this country around. >> reporter: the texas senator got 28% of the vote in last night's caucuses, donald trump. trump said he's confident of an overall win. republican nomination, and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie up there. >> reporter: while marco rubio came in third, he's right on the heels of trump. >> for months they told us we had no chance.
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because we didn't have the political connections, we had no chance. >> reporter: the results aren't as clear-cut for the democrats. by tuesday party the democrat party had not declared a winner. bernie sanders said, even if he loses, he still has momentum. >> this campaign started in a forceful way, starting way, way back, coming talk virtual tie. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign is already declaring victory. >> i stand here tonight, bringing a big sigh of relief. thank you, iowa. >> reporter: at least two candidates won't be making the trip to new hampshire. democrat martin malley is calling it quits, as is the gop's mike huckabee. >> and that was diane galling aer reporting. fox 11 got in touch with his campaign director here in nevada. we ask him what he thinks led to this victory and
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cruz campaign going forward. >> yesterday's win was very important to us, and it shows that organization still counts. you can't go buy a bunch of television ads and put a bunch of mail in people's mailboxes. you need to got out and organize, despite the fact donald trump just about every poll going into last night caucuses. organization beats polling. we had a great organization in iowa, similar to the organization we built in nevada. >> the new hampshire primaries are next tuesday. we'll have to wait until february 20th for the first nevada caucus. detained leader ammon bun day's father ordered protesters monday to keep occupying the wild-life refuge, this after ammon bun day urged the remaining protesters to turn themselves in. bun dissent a notice to the hardy county sheriff to remove all federal and state agents out of ernie county. his son and ten others were arrested last week after
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was shot and killed by law enforcement officers. ammin bun day will be back in court today. he hopes to be released with a gpt angle bracelet until trial. aerials you're looking at now show the small plane in a shallow body of water not too far from shore. according to reports, two people were on board, and have been rescued from the wreckage. they're said to be in good condition this afternoon. it's unclear exactly what caused this crash and the plane to go down. detectives in los angeles are looking for an inmate who was reportedly mistakenly released over the weekend. officials say 37-year-old steven lawrence wright had been in custody pending trial for a gang-related killing that happened back in 2011. he was let go from the inmate reception center at about 1:00 on saturday. the sheriff's department didn't find out about the mistake until sunday night. and bill cosby arrived at a pennsylvania
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he's being charged with aggravated indecent assault. the alleged victim, andrea constant, says cosby drugged and raped her in his pennsylvania home back in 2004. cosby's attorney wants the judge to discuss a criminal charge based on an agreement cosby says he made a decade ago with the former district attorney he would never be prosecuted on his deposition testimony. it's not known if the judge will announce a decision at the end of the hearing or not. well martin skrelli, who is quote "the most hated man in america after hikeing the price of a drug used by cancer and hiv patients, has hired a well-known lawyer. shr,kki has obtained -- against conspiracy charges. officials say the man ran the pharmaceutical company retrofin like a upon cy scheme. they believe he cheated the
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this is not the first high- profile case the lawyer has worked. if you believe ground hogs can predict the weather, get ready to grab the flip-flops, t shirts, and shorts. an early spring is on its way. >> there's no shadow to be cast. an early spring is thy forecast. >> punks tawny phil made his forecast after the groundhog emerge from a fake tree stump as always in western pennsylvania. his handlers told the crowd of thousands there will likely be an early spring-like weather this year, greeted with cheers. should phil's prediction have you packing up your maybe not. the national ocean indian i can summation said his accuracy level is actually at about 45%. programs. all right. let's talk about weather locally. toss it over to tim study baker >> good afternoon to you. some great numbers to share with you.
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about the snow and liquid content of that snow up in the sierra. now we're going to talk about reno itself. at the airport in reno so far this season, 22.9 inches of snow recorded right there at the airport. the average from the beginning of the season through the date is 14.1 inches. so we're 8.8 above average so far at the airport in reno. to date last year -- you'll remember last year, only 2.2 inches of snow. pretty sad number from that year. also the water content of that snow, plus rain that has fallen since october 1st, the water year to date, 5.65 inches of water recorded at the airport. the average is 3.24 for that time period. we're up 2.23. we're doing well. not too many major chances to add to those numbers over the next few days, though. better roads out there today, yesterday morning. possible, though.
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however, isolated is kind of the keyword. many of us are not seeing those snow showers at the moment, and many of us won't. they're isolated in nature. 29 degrees in town with cloudy skies, a few snow showers in parts of western nevada now as well as into the sierra. calm winds at the moment, and not expecting much in the way of winds today. almost everyone is in the 20s for western nevada and the sierra nevada. 25 in min den and garnerville. matching that in fernly at 25 degrees. a couple of snow showers have been out there for the far western portion of nevada as well as up into the sierra. they are isolated. there are a lot of dry spots out there. we'll continue that trend into the afternoon today. tomorrow better chances for some more scattered snow shower activity. perhaps even some light accumulations of snow in the mountains again, and again -- coverage in nevada as we go into tomorrow. that's another chance to pick up more moisture. we'll keep an eye out for that.
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things go dry thursday and beyond. around the 30-degree mark in tahoe. mid-30s in the lower elevations of nevada. . again, a better chance for more scattered activity tomorrow, perhaps light accumulations in the mountains. then thursday and beyond, ear dry, partly cloudy skies. temperatures a little milder. even starting tomorrow, back to the low 40s for reno's parks. then the low 0s for the weekend. >> thank you, tim. coming up, police in the netherlands, excuse me, are using new tactics to counter it withdrawals of drones. how birds of prey are playing backup. >> before we go, here's a live look to see how stocks are doing this afternoon on wall street. stick with us.
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before we go, police in the netherlands want to use eagles to take out drones,
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that target the unmanned devices that some consider a nuisance. the bald eagles have been trained to swoop in and neatly dispose of any unwanted electronics. the dutch company that came one the idea calls them a low-tech solution for a high- tech problem. very smart. the eagle there is like a shotgun in america. >> people have been sitting on their front porch, shooting them down. a final look at our forecast. >> so we are looking at those snow showers still isolated in nature today, scattered in nature tomorrow, which means just a few more of them. then quiet heading through the rest of the workweek into the weekend. temperatures reaching the low 50s in reno by the weekend. >> not a bad sight to see that sun on the full weather there. >> . >> thanks for joining us this morning, this afternoon rather. we'll be right back here
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