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tv   News 4 Today  FOX  February 3, 2016 6:30am-7:00am PST

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election season is under way. it is almost nevada's turn to caucus. how you can participate, coming up in a couple of minutes. with the iowa caucus results in, candidates prepare for next week's primary in new hampshire. we will take a look at how candidates are trying to gain the lead. these stories and more for your wednesday, february 3, 2016. you are watching news 4 today on your side. in high definition. good wednesday morning. welcome to the last half-hour of news 4 today. the first half-hour of news fox
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rand paul suspended his campaign for president. some say he is suspending his campaign and doing better than ever anticipated. the was a time where he was on the tenth place podium during the debates and he got fifth place in iowa, in front of jeb bush, was at one point in the second seat podium next to donald trump. the suspended campaign is in fifth place behind carson, rubio, trump and ted cruz who ended up winning. fifth-place is not bad considering where he was. >> it will be interesting to see if other candidates follow suit. with the primaries in new hampshire, just one week away, we will start with the political views. the iowa caucuses are over another presidential candidate that going to hampshire ahead of next week's primary in the granite state. here's a look at what is next in the race for the white house. >>reporter: after months of campaigning in iowa -- expect this could be important for
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>> god bless the great state of iowa! [cheers and applause] >>reporter: the candidates have moved to new hampshire. >> right in new hampshire. >> it is up to new hampshire voters to weigh in. >>reporter: ted cruz may have bested republican candidate donald trump and marco rubio. >> what a victory last night. [cheers and applause] >>reporter: in new hampshire, trump leads in the latest polls and rubio is expected to be a formidable challenger. >> we need to unify the conservative movent and the republican candidate. i can do that better than anyone. we need to grow it. we need to beat hillary clinton bernie sanders. >>reporter: hillary clinton won the iowa caucuses over bernie sanders by a razor thin margin. >> i am so thrilled that i'm coming to new hampshire! after winning iowa! [cheers and applause] >>reporter: centers, senator from vermont, is well- positioned to win next
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>> we will fight hard in new hampshire and then we will go to nevada and south carolina. we look forward to doing well around the country. >>reporter: the 2016 hopefuls are wasting no time courting voters in the next campaign battleground. a win and the granite state could swing the momentum once again. the iowa caucus is in the books and all eyes are new hampshire. we will see who voters. on the democratic and republican sides. nevada is playing a key role. alex cannito joins us with a look at how this is caucuses will work in the silver state. >>reporter: in two weeks, nevadans participate in the first caucus to be held on the west coast during the election season. how does it work? i sat down with a representative to find out. >> there's nothing to be anxious about.
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it is not like going in to cast a vote in a primary election. >>reporter: election season is well under way and nevadans are gearing up to take part in the first west coast caucus of 2016. >> it will be a lot of excitement in the air. there will be a lot of discussion back and forth. it turns out that the groups are not viable or don't have supporters in order to be viable, the clinton people in sanders people will be working to get folks in their camps. >> you gather with your precinct and caucus for the president of your choice. ultimately, you show up and you convince people that if you just want to show up and select the candidate of your choice in the presidential preference poll, you are able to do that. >>reporter: democrats can register to vote the day of the caucus. republicans must do it in advance. because of the key role nevada plays, officials urge voters to be prepared to participate. >> we are, by far, the most diverse of the early states. we much more diverse than iowa
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we have young and old and we have veterans. we have a lot of minority communities. >> we have we have a unique opportunity to look eye to eye with the next possible president of the united states. >>reporter: both parties want to make sure voters are ready to go by the end of february. >> there are trainings here at headquarters every single day. people can sign up to come in and participate in a mock caucus, if they want to get a feel for how it will work. >> we do caucus trainings in all 17 counties. nevadans are aware of the system and know how it works. >>reporter: the democratic caucuses held saturday, february 20. the republican caucus is tuesday, february 23rd. to learn more, visit our website at this winter has seen no shortage of snow storms and that means take things for local ski resorts. we will take a look at how the recent numbers and snowfall is
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coming up on news 4 today. big snow members -- numbers mean big numbers for the ski industry. over the lester's, they have been struggling to take up even 200 inches. thankfully, martin officials report number spikes in 2016. this is thanks to last weekend's storm. officials at northstar in california have 300 inches and that is through january. water officials say that the last storms count 49% of the snow pack this season. if you talk to anyone who visited the resorts, they tell you it is packed. impossible to find a parking spot and long lines on the ski lifts. good news 4 the ski resorts. >> yes.
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good news, there. the sun is starting to pop up. tim studebaker joins us for this wednesday. the most important at this moment is the windchill factor, out through the eastern side of the state. dangerously cold temperatures and winds around 20 miles per hour make for very cold wind chills. the other things to talk about our in western nevada, in the sierra, is snow shower activity that will pick up later in the day. it will be late morning into the afternoon hours. we will see the snow showers arriving. this system brushes to the north. the better chance for accumulating snow shower activity is north of i-80 and into the sierra, we are 1-3 inches could fall. south of i-80, very little accumulation but we could see snow showers that may make for slick roads in the southern zones.
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accumulation chances. 41 acai and 21 with a chilly start in the western side of the state. nothing compared to the eastern side. temperatures and wind chills are dangerously cold. the western side of the state, near zero and smith valley at 1 degree below zero and teens and 20s for the rest of us. 9 degrees and truckee and south lake and the weak system will brush to the north to bring snow from i-80 northward with snow shower and minor accumulations of 1-3 inches. more on futurecast. back over to you. let's take a look at how the wednesday morning commute is from trooper duncan dauber. >>reporter: good wednesday morning. we are looking smooth as far as crash is go. so far, nothing to report for local areas. we are and where to help a disabled vehicle and 580 northbound at the south virginia exit, number 61.
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top of mount rose that has been posted as chains or four-wheel drive requirements. use caution in that area. other than that, everything is moving at normal speeds. your tip is to use your mirrors. by checking your mirrors every 55 and it action -- seconds you create an area that makes you more aware. knowing what is around you is one of the first things you need to know while driving. not just the highways, but anywhere. it keeps you safe and aware of your surroundings. keep your seat belts on and your cell phones off. take care. the devastating storm swept across the southeast u.s. we
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left behind. [bells ringing] you are looking at the opening bells this morning. wall street was opened a minute
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dow jones is up .42%. good news on the trading day on this wednesday, february 3. some of the stores making financial headlines. yahoo is set to cut 1700 workers. the ceo tries to save her own job. the purge was announced yesterday. an assortment of services are deemed unnecessary by the ceo, marissa mayer and they will be cut. the overall represents her last chance to represent shareholders she figured out how to revive yahoo's growth after 3.5 years of going the opposite direction. to a pole said the previously disclosed investigation -- chipotle sauce has said the scope is now widened. it has been served with another subpoena requiring documents related to the companywide food safety. to pole confirm sales that established stores sink 14.6% for the fourth quarter. it was the first sales drop
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good morning. scattered snow shower activity in the forecast for today. most of the snow showers will be north of i-80 and in the sierra. 1-3 inches as possible and south of i-80 outside the sierra, little to no accumulation but snow showers may make for slippery conditions to the southern zones with the better chance in the northern zones and into the sierra. 20 degrees with calm winds and 70% humidity and mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. it is clear in reno but on the eastern side of the state, it is 15 below in ely with the air temperature in elko being factored in with winds of 20 miles per hour out of the south. the wind chill in ely, it feels like 41 degrees below zero. that is a dangerously cold windchill. other parts of the eastern side, as well.
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nevada are not different from the air temperatures. that is because we barely have any wind but the wind is blowing and eastern nevada. we do the windchill advisory in the eastern side in places like austin and eureka and ely and it goes until 9:00 for dangerously cold wind chills. 25 to 40 degrees below zero and we are seeing dangerous wind chills on the eastern side. no windchill worry in western nevada. what we are watching next is a system that will brush us north and bring snow showers from i- 80 north and also into the sierra. south of i-80, the accumulation will be north of reno-sparks with 1-3 inches of snow possible, well north of reno- sparks. the 7 day forecast, snow shower chances for the day.
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weekend. mostly sunny into next week and temperatures by this saturday in reno-sparks will be low 50s and perhaps mid and upper 50s by tuesday of next week. trees are down and homes damaged after a strong storm swept through the southeastern u.s. and left a trail of destruction on the mississippi alabama border. families a run mid you read -- burden, mississippi, stayed safe during the storms and tornadoes. trees were uprooted and homes and buildings ripped apart. power lines were strewn across streets. despite the damage, officials say no one was seriously injured. and health nudes, -- and health news, the zika virus is spreading rapidly. it poses a threat to much of the u.s. population and is now being spread notches by mosquitoes, but also through
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>>reporter: microcephaly and other neurological complications constitute an extraordinary event. >> margaret chan declared a public health emergency this week in the evolving threat of the zika virus. it is present in the countries through south america and north to the u.s. the virus is spread by mosquitoes. one species in particular. >> this is a nasty mosquito. >>reporter: the primary carrier is known only to exist in certain parts of the u.s. apparently, mosquitoes are not the only concern. >> we will see confirmation of zika cases associated with locally. zika acquired inside the u.s. was transmitted sexually. >> we have confirmation that it is spread through other sexual
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to birth to sort birth disorder in newborns where babies are born with abnormally small heads. those mothers are sometimes left to discover the virus only after damage to their unborn children. military leaders say women should be required to register for the draft. restrictions that barred women from combat jobs in the u.s. department last year. marine corps commandant general, robert miller, told a hearing, quote, every american who is physically qualified should register for the draft. acting secretary of the army, patrick murphy, told the hearing the matter should be put to a national debate work he also encourages congress to look into the issue. the current system requires men between 18 and 26 living in the u.s. to register for the selective service. new york real estate air,
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court in new orleans. is expected to plead guilty to a single charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm. the charge stems from his arrest after a revolver was discovered in his new orleans hotel room. the rest occurred the day before the final episode of a true crime documentary about his life. his wife disappeared in 1982 and the 2000 killing of his friend, susan berman. authorities and los angeles charged him with murder in susan berman's death. his attorney said he will ask the judge to designate a federal prison close to los angeles so durst can be transported for the murder
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we will be right back. good morning. we will go to the "today show" in a minute. here's a preview on "mornings on fox 11". ashok amounted -- washoe county chair will tell her goals for reno in 2016. some great events will some great events will be going on around town this week that you do not want to miss. a few are looking for the perfect appetizers to have it your super bowl party, we have someone coming in that will have some perfect ideas for you. we will do that and a lot more in less than five minutes. it is hard to believe the
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for people traveling over to get closer to the game, it sounds like weather will be better. travel will be a lot easier this weekend as compared to the last several. today, we have snow shower -- snow shower chances. into the we can, things are a lot quieter. we are look at snow shower chances to day north of reno- sparks and north of i-80 and in the sierra. lower chances, but not zero chances if you go south of i- 80. also, this morning, we will talk about this on fox mornings on 11, dangerously cold wind chills in eastern nevada. the winds and the cold temperatures on the eastern side of the state and into the weekend, mild temperatures and quieter conditions that are great for traveling. thank you so much for
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