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tv   Mornings on Fox 11  FOX  February 3, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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wednesday morning with us. . the security commission approved a rate hike for customers, how it impacts residents right here in nevada. >> former reno mortgage broker will spend five years many prison for embezzlement what victims had to say after sentencing is an issue. and the democrat and republican caucuses are weeks away and state officials want to see you participating this year, why they say it is so important coming up. you're watching mornings on fox 11. connecting northern nevada.
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thank you for joining us here on mornings on fox 11. i hope you have a great start to your day so far. roads not an issue today at all which is so nice. also you know a good day ahead of us we have hump day here headed into that nice swoop into the weekend, behind that camera going, woot woot! finally getting close to the weekend which is very nice, a big weekend ahead. super bowl roads being clear hopefully it stays that way for the past over the weekend so a lot of people can get to reno or from reno. >> the question is what's the weather going to be like? tim studebaker is here with that. things will deteriorate but head into the weekend we have snow showers in the forecast later today into the afternoon hours especially north of i-80 also into the sierra 1 to 3 inches of snow possible that's enough to make for travel concerns out there but not a
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large amount of snow. we'll continue to keep an eye on that, especially north of i- 80 in the sierra south of i-80 south of the sierra. accumulation is less likely as this storm brushes us off to the north. 41 in town for the high later today that chance for snow showers is out there especially into the late morning and afternoon hours as well as into the evening highs in the 40s for most of us in the lower elevations, partly cloudy skies as clouds increase with our approaching system here and the temperatures across the area single digits teens and 20s for most of us, 1 below zero in smith valley. much colder as you head to eastern nevada as well as the wind chills over that eastern side of the state. we'll talk about that as well as break down the timing on this incoming system for later today on future cast for now let's send it back to you. a woman has been
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crash and sparks last night officials say 38-year-old katrina was driving her truck under the i-80 bridge when it hit and went on to the side. alcohol may have been a factor but no arrests at this time. and behind bars today carson deputies say 37-year-old juan pablo left the scene last wednesday, hit on brown street officials say he later died at the hospital. rios was arrested yesterday and faces a felony charge after leaving the scene of a crash. we have more information about a deadly crash that happened on 390 southbound and nhp confirmed john abraham was
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slammed into light poll. after the investigation law enforcement sid that abraham lost control of his car, causing it to cross all lanes of traffic into a light poll and down an enbankment. they say road conditions were dry. abraham was pronounced dead at a local hospital shortly after the crash. well a new phone scam is hitting northern nevada this time scammers are posing a sheriff's office officials and asking for money. authorities say the scammers are able to manipulate technology so the caller id says the sheriff's office number locally and tells the person there is a warrant out for their arrest and you must surrender themselves. they are asking to call 328- 3001. officials at the washoe county sheriff's office say
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they will sometimes call someone to inform them but never ask for a payment over the phone. a former mortgage broker will spend 5 years in prison forembezzlement. multiple investigators will likely say the money never again. marcilin anne benvin was indicted for involvement in a mortgage fraud scheme that took place from 2004 and 2008 and had investments that detailed in 23011 2011 for money laundering and embezzlement yesterday she was sentenced and theft from an employee benefit plan. we tried to speak to benvin as she left the building but didn't stop for our cameras in addition to the 5 years benvin
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is also ordered to pay $230,000 in restitution and complete 150 hours of community service. the victims were not willing to talk on camera after the sentencing but disappointing in the outcome of this case. the original charges against benvin would have put her behind bars for up to 20 years if she had been convicted for more than the 40 counts against her. to learn more about the case and charges head to our website at nevada governor is standing firm some asking why he does not get involved following a controversial decision by nevada's public utility commission. it was appointed by the governor. they approved a rate hike impacting customers existing customers say the new rates punish them and make rooftop solar no longer affordable in the silver state. also it is forcing the rooftop solar industry to leave nevada newly made.
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whether to grandfather in existing customers and say he'll not get in this process. >> for the governor to influence this process would be improper and perhaps unethical. that's something i won't do, i mean they need to be independent and make independent decisions but something that appears before them and they can go to the district court and also the nevada supreme court. the potential reconsideration hering is set for this monday february 8th. turning to decision 2016 dr. rand paul drops out of the race for the white house. the kentucky senator is suspending his campaign for the republican nomination for the presidency, in his statement paul says quote it's an an incredible honor to run a campaign for the white house, today i will end where i begin ready and willing to fight for the cause of liberty. the 52-year-old is expected to turn his full attention to the reelection campaign which he is favored to win.
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also in politics after ted cruz's victory in iowa we heard fox 11 got in touch with his campaign director in the state of nevada. we asked what he thinks about the victory what this means for the cruz campaign. >> yesterday's win was very important and shows organization still counts you can't buy a bench of television ads and put mail in people's mailboxes you need to organize despite donald trump led every poll in iowa's caucuses, organization often beats polling, similar to the nevada. the caucuses will be held on february 20th. ted cruz and hillary clinton came out on top in the iowa caucus earlier this week but the fight for president is far from over. joining us in studio with a look at what republican and democrat voters need to know about what's coming up in nevada soon alex. this election season nevada is playing a key role in
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several days, we're the first in the west to hold a caucus which see which we will run for president. we're going to break it down. for both parties you'll be assigned a location to participate in based upon where you live. you are going to participate in the democrat caucus and aren't already registered democrat, then you can register the day of however republicans must be registered before their caucus date. for democrats, they'll separate into groups and try to convince the other people where they think, why they think the candidate is the best and the republicans they are going to state why they support the candidates and cast their vote on the paper ballot. they differ just a little bit. officials say voters need to get out and caucus because of the roll we are playing in election. >> we are much more diverse in iowa, we have young, old, veterans, we have a lot of
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we have a unique opportunity to sit down look eye to eye with the next united states. >> the democrat caucuses being held on saturday february 20th the republican one is on tuesday february 23rd to learn more where you can go to participate visit our website it is iowa in the rear-view mirror, setting their sites on new hampshire, what they are
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stay w . welcome back your time is 7:14 right now it is 22 degrees in reno. the iowa caucuses are over and now the republican and democrat presidential candidates head to new hampshire ahead of course of next week's primary in the granite state. we have a look what's next hoping to takeover at the white house. after months of campaigning in iowa. it is going to be so important for iowa. god bless the great state of iowa. the candidates have moved onto new hampshire. >> right here in new hampshire. >> i need your vote in new hampshire. >> it is up to new hampshire voters to weigh in. ted cruz may have the fellow candidates donald trump and marco rubio in the caucuses. what a victory last night. in new hampshire trump
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rubio is expected to be a permittable challenger. we need to move the republican party i can do that better than anyone that's running we need to grow it. we need to beat hillary clinton and bernie sanders. hillary clinton won the iowa caucuses over her democrat challenger bernie sanders by a raiser thin margin. >> i am so thrilled that i'm coming to new hampshire after winning iowa. sanders, a senator from near by vermont is well positioned to win the tuesday's contest which could make this a prolonged primary battle. we are going to fight really hard in new hampshire and going to nevada and south carolina doing well around the country. the first contest in thebooks the 2016 hopefuls are waiting no time in the next battleground. if the win could swing the momentum once again.
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make his first visit to american mosque at president. he is expected to hold a round table with community members and deliver remarks the senior administration official says that the president is going to celebrate muslim american contributions to this nation. he is also going to quote reaffirm the importance of religious freedom to our way of life end quote. president obama has visited mosques over seas but never won during his presidency here in the u.s. the new york real estate robert durst is due in federal court in new orleans. expected to plead guilty to a single charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm. stemming from his arrest after arevolver was discovered in the new orleans hotel room. it occurred before the final episode of the jinx which is a true crime documentary. it details the disappearance of
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killing of his writer friend susan berman. they charged him with murder in berman's death. two leaders say women should be required to register for the draft. restrictions that barred women from combat jobs were lifted last year. the marine corps told a senate hering on women in combat on tuesday quote, every american who is physically qualified should register end quote. mark said that he agreed with us acting secretary patrick murphy said the matter should be put to a national debate and also encouraged congress to look into the issue. the current system requires men between 18 and 26 living in the u.s. to register for the selected service and could be sneezed in the event if it is ever established again last time the draft was put into place during vietnam. heavy snow is being blamed
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travelers stranded in china bad weather delayed several trains as people headed from home for lunar new year's celebration people were stuck due to the weather. quiet start to the day but we have scattered snow showers into the afternoon hours late morning and afternoon hours in our northern zones and into the sierra north of i-80 in the sierra we could see 1 to 3 inches of snow as the system brushes us to the north. south of i-80, little to no accumulation we could see scattered snow showers push through down that way as well there will be north of i-80 in the sierra. 22 in town, mostly cloudy skies and they advance ahead of that system 5 miles per hour winds, 50% humidity. 22 is a chilly start here in reno, check out the temperatures on the eastern
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big deal, 15 below, 4 below in elco once you factor in winds. the wind chill is 41 below zero. dangerously cold wind chills and exposed skin as you head out there on that eastern side of the state, don't spend too much time out doors if you can help it as well. 18 below, 5 below and the rest of us not much of a windchill and warmer temperatures as well as less wind contributing to that in the western side of the state. we have a wind chill advisory as well as northeastern county for wind chill 25 to 35, local low 40 below zero that is in place until 9 p.m. today. the other side is that system that's still off the california coast eventually ours later today it will brush us off to the north so mostly north of i- 80 where the best chance is for
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accumulating snow showers 1 to 3 inches of accumulation in those zones as well as in parts of the sierra south of i-80 get brushed by this so a few isolated snow showers to scattered snow showers but not looking for an accumulation south of i-80 so the southern half of the viewing area of that, dryer going forward mostly to partly cloudy skies then mostly sunny skies into the beginning of next week temperatures back to the 50s by saturday in reno sparks. the elevator ride to the top of the empire state building takes less than a minute but how long would it take to run up all 86 floors i can promise you i will never be able to find that out that's where these people are trying to figure it out for themselves this year's building run up will be held today in new york city. the world's oldest and most famous tower race, additional include media celebrities and
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new york city real estate brokers. today's run is the 39th annual empire state building run up. the fastest runner have reached the top of the empire state building surprised by this, in just 10 minutes. the super bowl is coming up on sunday, who better to tell you who is going to win the game than a big 700-pound
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we'll be right back. . welcome back, right now it is 22 degrees in reno. turning on social media, singing the national anthem for the super bowl this sunday, it is lady gaga. this looks beautiful here too the singers performance will be live on cbs before the kickoff she is going to be joined by the actress marley.
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oscars at the end of the month. i'm loving that short air. speaking of super bowl, fans have all sorts of tradition to pick the winners they pick to ozzy to pick the winner, this year they gave ozzy the choice of two different cakes banana cakes with peanut butter frosting, he took his time to walk around, think about it a bit, before making his decision. yep, for him it is the bronx over the panthers this year. by the way the director said it didn't take long for him to make that decision and he did predict it right last year in case you were wondering. let's take a look what's trending on our facebook page this morning the sacramento kings canceledded a t-shirt give away monday night after some in the organization including star demarcus cousins to be racially insensitive. they gave out black shirts with
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a purple monkey as part of its lunar new year celebration now. purple is the team color for the kings and the chinese new year, this is the year of the monkey, it begins in february. february 8th exact. monday also marks the first day of black history month. players and coaches wearing the shirt ins honor of the annual commemoration. some were saying that is incredibly racially incentive. get rid of it. they pulled all of the t-shirts do you think it is an issue? we're talking about a black shirt with a purple monkey on the front of it whether you think it is an issue or not. we'd love to hear about it post your comments on our facebook and our google plus page. coming up next, a popular ride sharing company has taken on a bit of a new look which company we're talking about and why the founders decided to change and also taking a look at your forecast it's wednesday
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of us, what's mother nature got planned?
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. election season is well underway, nevada turned caucus, how you can participate coming up in just a couple minutes. a taco shop opens in reno, day one doesn't go as plans we'll tell you about the odd situation. the price of coffee beans at a two year low. we'll take a look at it coming
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up. you are watching mornings on fox. this is mornings on fox. good wednesday morning everyone, middle of your workweek, we'll be tracking in with tim in just a little bit. interesting story about the taco shop of course a lot of people maybe arizona pretty excited for it to come here. never tried it, we'll have to wait a few weeks probably a good idea if we wait. with the lines an hour long. >> speaking of food is national carrot cake day, if you find some laying around, consume it. be patriotic. be ready for super bowl appetizers we'll be having local restaurant coming in to
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give us some ideas what people like for the big game and how to make it home. so many possibilities just a little tip, the day before the super bowl at costco is a feeding sample frenzy. it is the best. if you didn't know, every year the day before the super bowl, samples are everywhere. they have wings, it is magical. now you know the secret. which year you are not going to be doing? >> hopefully there is a carrot station. >> i'll bet i find you, let's toss it over to tim studebaker with a look at our wednesday forecast. good morning to you that sounds amaze amazing. reno sparks watching for snow showers, north of i-80 as well as the sierra south of i-80 in the northern zones and sierra 1 to 3 inches of snow from the snow showers coming in you have to go pretty far north, the further south you are may see some snow showers probably not
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much of an accumulation if anything, winds out of the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour. our temperatures in reno sparks right now not too terribly cold, it is chilly 22 degrees, as compared to what's going on on the eastern side of the state, this isn't all that bad we'll show you temperatures and wind chills in the next 10 to 15 minutes on the east side of the state that are dangerously cold. cloudily skies temperatures, zero degrees, 7, 22 degrees in incline and 15 and we're watching for this system to make its way off to our north and it will provide for some snow showers with light accumulations in northern zones we'll talk more in future cast coming up back to you. roberto's taco shop closed last night 24 hours after opening in reno. get this, simply ran out of food. the owner says that business was booming. customers were lined up around that corner waiting more than an hour just to place their orders.
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employees were working around the clock to accommodate everyone but there is not a lot they could do about it if you run out of food. the 24 hour restaurant is set by the way to reopen this morning has at 6 a.m. and if you didn't know roberto's shop is located at 801 north virginia street look for the line apparently. the iowa caucus is in the books and now all eyes are on new hampshire as we wait to see who voters pick for the next denver and republican said nevada is playing a key role in this election. we're joined with how this year's caucuses are going to work right here in the silver state. melissa just about two weeks from now nevada will participate in the first caucus can be held on the west coast, how does the process work? i sat down with representatives from both parties to find out. >> there is nothing to be anxious about it is fun not like going in and casting a vote in a primary election.
7:29 am
underway and they are gearing up to take part in the first west coast caucus of decision 2016. going to be a lot of excitement in the air, there is going to be a lot of discussion back and fourth, it turns out that their groups are not what we call viable they don't have enough supporters to be viable. the clinton people and sanders people are going to be lobbying hard to get those folks in their camps. you will gather with your precincts and caucus for the president of your choice and ultimately you show up and convince people if you just want to show up and select the candidate of your choice and the presidential preference poll you are able to do that. while democrats can vote the day of caucus, they must do it in advance because of the key role officials are urging voters to be prepared to participate. >> we are by far the most diverse of the early states, we are much more diverse than iowa
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we have young, old, we have veterans we have a lot of minority communities. we have a unique opportunity to sit down look eye to eye with the next possible president of the united states and vet them. both parties want to make sure they are ready to go by the end of february. there are trainings going on at headquarters every single day. people can sign up and come on in to participate in the caucus if they want to get a feel for how it is going to work. >> we do caucus trainings in all 17 counties so nevadans are aware of the system how it works. the democrat caucuses is being held on saturday february 20th and the republican one is on tuesday february 23rd to learn more about where you can go to participate visit our website good news coffee lovers the price of coffee beans are at a 2 year low but that doesn't really mean they'll be paying less for that cup of joe. i wonder why?
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>> the type of coffee beans starbucks buys and serves to customers is now cheaper. last year a pound of coffee cost $1.65 now $1.11. that's a 33% drop and expected to get cheaper. officials expect coffee farmers to have a big harvest creating an over supply of beans which means more of a drop in prices. but don't expect to save any money when you buy that high end cup of joe. coffee beans only make up 20% of its over all cost other factors influencing the price you pay how much employees you make, take home is going up, especially with more places across the country increasing the minimum wage and starbucks is paying tuition for 4,000 employees. but you can trim your coffee budget without cutting the buzz, the most obvious? brew it home, whole beans tend to be cheaper than pre-ground
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coffee and an inexpensive grinder can pay for itself. and buy for savings look for gift cards and sites you can buy at a discount, and those can come with perks like a free refill every couple of weeks or so. many places offer a small discount if you have your own gear who knews saving a little cash may make that cup of coffee that much better. for consumer watch. i'm mary maloni. and 2,000 complementary snacks cookies and pretzels you'll see them later this month. american airlines is expanding free entertainment options and customers will have access to 40 movies 60 tv shows and up to 300 different albums.
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the companies have been posting record profits recently due to lower oil prices and strong travel demand. well parents listen up. united airlines is going back to the old policy where families with small kids get to board the plane at first. ages two awning younger will be allowed to preboard flights and active duty military personnel and says they were just trying to simplify the boarding process but a spokesman says going back to the old policy is quote simply the right thing to do end quote. the company uber is doing reimaging and instead of a white and black you the design features the images, the co-
7:34 am
the rebranding says it was an attempt to highlight it as a transportation network. the company spokesperson says the new logo will be used worldwide the company now operates it. a little girl in pennsylvania took it upon herself to thank lo praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders --
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building a future to believe in.
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. welcome back everyone your time is 7:43 on this wednesday morning 22 degrees currently here in reno. well an 8-year-old girl does something special for people she considers hero and a toddler has pretty impressive moves on the ski slope maybe better than yours. one man is behind bars accused of carrying out a bizarre robbery. jeremy has it in today's look at this. how are you? >> good. >> an 8-year-old pennsylvania girl found herself face to face with law enforcement but not
7:37 am
what you think. she wrote to the police department thanking them for keeping our them safe from bad people. invited them over to thank her for her nice note. with its world class ski slopes it is no surprised they started snowing or skiing young. but how about 14 months? check out sloan, she says she simply loves it. >> you are cruising! the snack ended up being a trap! pittsburgh police say they man a found asleep inside a marketing firm's office. apparently the company had left over food from a party and the suspected burglar couldn't help himself. >> the fridge was filled with left over pizza and he came in and dumped a whole bunch of stuff out took pizzas out and there is trails of pizza leading to the back room sleeping like a baby.
7:38 am
for take a look at this, i'm jeremy roth. if you find pizza in the fridge can you blame him? that's a tough call to make! >> let's send things over to our meteorologist to look at your forecast. we have scattered snow showers in the forecast, most of the activity will be north of i-80 in the sierra, we could see 1 to 3 inches north of i-80 in the sierra as this system brushes us to the north we'll show you that on future cast in just a moment here. south of i-80 outside of the sierra little to no accumulation however we should still see a little bit of isolated snow shower active in those zones as well. 22 degrees in town with 5 miles per hour winds and partly to mostly cloudy skies right now a chilly start in western nevada teens and 20s but really the big story is the eastern side of the state 15 below zero, that's the 2 below in elco. 5 below.
7:39 am
so miles per hour winds we're at 41 below zero for the wind chills right now in the eastern part of the state in eely a dangerously cold wind chills. make sure you are covering exposed skin don't spend too much time-out doors where the wind chill is that low. and 14 below, 5 below pretty close to the actual air temperature because there is less wind there than the eastern side of the state same goes for western nevada. if you have no wind than the wind chill is equal to the air temperature. we have the wind chill advisory, eureka county as well as white pine county and that wind chill advisory goes until 9 a.m. for those dangerously cold wind chills. the other thing we're watching is that system that i've been talking about that is going to graze us off to the north, still off the coast of california but by this afternoon, it will just kind of graze us to the north that means northern zones better chance for some accumulation of
7:40 am
snow 1 to 3 inches north of i- 80 southern zones from about reno sparks less of an impact from snow showers that come through. perhaps a few impacts in the sierra as a result of that incoming system. as we head through today, there is the snow shower chance heading into thursday and beyond we're going to dry things up. mostly cloudy skies, partly cloudy into the weekend mostly sunny into next week temperatures reaching the low 50s in some of the lower elevations by your saturday and climbing into the mid-and upper 50s by next week over to you. all right let's take a look what's trending this morning the sacramento kings canceled a t-shirt give away monday night after some of the organization including star demarcus cousins found the shirt to be racially insensitive. the kings gave out black t- shirts with a purple monkey as part of their lunar new year's celebration. purple of course is the team color, and the chinese new year is this year of the monkey begins february 8th.
7:41 am
monday also marks the first day of black history month. players and coaches were wearing the shirts in honor of the annual commemoration got three things going on here once some people are saying should not have been put out there in fact the team pulled all of those shirts. we ask google plussers what you think about it? we're talking about the king colors, the year of the monkey which is a new year of lunar new year, also black history month. all three same time, what do you think about it? starting off first with glen, your thoughts racially insensitive or not so much. >> we have a real problem here. you can't put the monkey on there, that will offend some people. can't put a giraffe people with long necks will be offended you can't put a cricket on here, people with hiccups will be offended. last night i was at a chinese restaurant and they had that little paper thing there with all of the different chinese symbols, and i'm year of the dragon, every single one of those symbols is offensive to
7:42 am
somebody so the next thing we need to do is turn to china and say, they need to change their whole astro logical system because they are offending the world. i think we all need to shut up and sit in our cellars in the dark. i'm the year of the rat by the way just to let you know. what do you think about this? do you see an issue with it? if they are trying to get a few different things to put together as to one, was that a good idea or no keep everything separate? well i'm not sure if they are putting everything together like black history month for the mob key for the black history month, i don't think. for chinese new year, like you said, you have monkeys coming out it is a cute monkey on that shirt and i don't think they used that monkey for black history month it is just lunar new year have some. i think people shouldn't be feeling offended.
7:43 am
they have to look behind what those symbols for the monkeys has nothing to do with black history month and join in with the chinese monkey is cute, be cool with it. some of the, maybe some in the chinese culture say why can't we celebrate our new year as well? love to hear what you have to say do you think it is offensive? do you think they should have taken the shirts down go ahead and post your comments on our facebook and our google plus page. well did you know there is a quick way to look slimmer taller and more confident? if you answered no simply stand up we'll tell you why still to
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the . welcome back everyone. your time is 7:54 on this wednesday morning, currently sitting at 22 degrees here in reno. in your health news, a local mother is reaching out for your help after learning that her kidneys were failing. carry's kidneys operated 13% after being diagnosed with autoimmune kidney failure with hypertension. her best chances are to get a kidney transplant from a living donor, now looking for further for an o-plus or negative blood type to be their saving grace. >> many people don't realize that they can be a living donor
7:45 am
gave us two kidneys we only need one to live on. if you think you or someone you know may be able to help match you can find a link on our sister station's website for the davis kidney form. we explain how to be more taller and confident in your health. stand up straight, sit up. it sounds like nagging but it is actually helpful advice. >> good posture is aligning your joints and body in a way that puts the least strain on your muscles. but she says the biggest mistakes slumping the shoulder crossing the legs and leaning to one side especially when driving. >> if you have bad posture over time, have pain, have neck pain, headaches or upper back pain, low back pain and overuse
7:46 am
injuries. you can actively work to improve your posture. >> flat on the floor, hips or back against the chair, back against the chair and your head is neutral right in line not too far forward. to check your standing posture try the wall test stand 2 inches away from the wall if you have good posture your shoulders head and buttocks should touch the wall with enough space to slide one hand behind your lower back sitting or standing here is the tip for good posture. imagine a string pulling from your head to the ceiling. for today's health minute. we still don't know what we'll be calling reno's new soccer team, we'll tell you how long you have to vote for your
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to come on fox 11. . the public utilities commission will reconsider theircontroversial decision regarding solar energy use in the state, how this will impact customers. we'll tell you a roll over and what they are saying. the former mortgage broker set to spend 5 years behind bars we'll tell you the charges against her and how many people were impacted in this case. your watching mornings on
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melissa said be careful if you turn it up your ear is started laughing. this is a big hour, not only will they have ryan with his ear popped out but also a lot of other things going on including great tips when it comes to the super bowl. we have texas road house and the commissioner here to tell us about her goals in 2016. a lot of people looking forward to that. and let us know what events are going on around town. still have a lot to get to in this last hour of the show as well. we're going to squeeze it all in. heading into super bowl weekend a lot of fun stuff going on. what you can do for your party. first we'll send things over to tim studebaker with a first look. the good news is as far as traveling for the weekend for super bowl weekend things look a lot better as far as getting
7:49 am
over the hill around the area as compared to the last couple of weeks where we've had those weekend storms around not so much this coming weekend today a few snow showers are in the forecast north of i-80 in the sierra, less in the way of shower activity not completely zero. north of i-80 in the sierra 1 to 3 inches of snow possible. 41 degrees for the high later today with that snow shower chance even right here in reno sparks 22 degrees for the temperature right now, partly to mostly cloudy skies light winds at 3 miles per hour. a chilly start for western nevada single digits teens and 20s we'll show you a map that includes eastern nevada they have dangerously cold wind chills over the eastern side of the state. western nevada not quite as cold and we are looking for that snow shower activity to pick up later today again mostly north of i-80 and in the sierra we'll look at that on
7:50 am
future cast in a few minutes over to you. the driver suspected in a deadly hit-and-run out of carson city is behind bars. deputies say juan hit and left the scene last wednesday. the intersection of highway 50 east and brown street. he suffered a injury and later died at the hospital according to officials. rios was arrested yesterday and faces a felony charge after leaving the scene of a crash. we now have more information about a deadly crash that happened on 395 southbound nhp confirmed that 30-year-old john abraham was the man who died after his car slid into a light poll monday afternoon south of the over pass, after investigation law enforcement says that abraham lost control of his car causing it the cross all lanes of traffic into a light poll and down an embankment. officials say when they arrived on scene road conditions were
7:51 am
at a local hospital shortly after the crash. and a roll over crash sent a woman to the hospital last night officials say 38-year-old katrina was driving a toyota truck when it hit the concrete railro over pass under the i- 80 bridge and rolled on its side. she was sent to the hospital for nonlife threatening injuries sparks police say alcohol may be a factor but right now, no arrests have been made. a former mortgage broker will spend five years in prison for embezzlement and investors that will likely never see that money. marcy benvin was indicted by the federal grand jury for involvement in a mortgage fraud scheme that took place from 2004 to 2008 and totaled $35 million in investments to defaulted. in 2011 her charges ranged from wire fraud mail fraud to aggravated identity theft money laundering and embezzlement
7:52 am
yesterday sentenced for only one count and theft from an employee benefit plan which she pleaded guilty to last september fox 11 tried to speak with her as she left the courthouse but did not stop for our cameras in addition to the five years she is supposed to serve in prison she'll also be ordered to pay $260,000 in restitution and complete 150 hours of community service. this coming monday nevada's public utilities commission will reconsider a controversial decision. it raises rates for all residential solar customers and the chambers are expected to be packed in carson city on february 8th. fox 11 has more with what's at stake in this report. >> hundreds of pages from all sorts of groups have been filed. >> what's kind of shocking is how quickly people were able to put testimony together the time frame was so short. rick was the project director from the national group vote solar why the decision raising solar rates
7:53 am
sparked, his group was not involved in that effort. says his group is simply watching this nationally as nevada is not the only state where it is under fire. >> and the utilities frankly are concerned about reduced sales because rooftop solar is the first competitor that utilities have had. they are proposing seven options to consider at its upcoming meeting the most modest would pretty much keep in place the new rate structure 1st. the most favorable would let eligible customers keep the old rates for 20 years before switching over. still some advocates say that's not going to benefit existing customers because the minimum return on investment for all systems is 25 years. they are trying but it is
7:54 am
help anybody in the long run and i wonder if the commission will move off from the december 23rd order. that was terry reporting for us this morning moving off that position advocates are hoping but the puc has many options when it meets february 8th. it does not have to go with any of the proposals, the deadline for new evidence in this reconsideration hearing was monday the deadline for rebutels is this friday february 5th. the consumer advocate is involved and has filed a lengthy argument. it appears colin wants out of san francisco, according tothe new york daily news at the rocky 2015 season, the stand out is interested in joining the new york jets going on the other side of the country. 49ers have the ultimate choice, under contract until early april at the very least when the team has to decide whether to pay him his contract or let
7:55 am
in case you missed the voting for the soccer team nail you have an extra week to do so it is a tight race 4500 voters came out to choose between reno, ree you united and 1868. the contest was too close to call so voters can choose their favorite soccer team name until sunday night at midnight. you can catch your vote for your favorite name by visiting the website those three choices are still in play. a new sculpture is on display outside of a restaurant a 10-foot snowflake currently sits outside on compo by the truckee river with help from artwork that took jesse about 2 weeks to design in 35 hours to build it was originally commissioned for the new years eve festival that took place. >> wanted people to be able to
7:56 am
of like really basic separate art but something they can be part of. >> people are invited to come see and even sit on the sculpture while it is on display through february 15th the artist is hoping the snowflake will be sold to an area ski resort as a permanent art piece. coming up next lady gaga plans to honor a music legend in an upcoming awards show
7:57 am
coming up in our hollywood . all right welcome back time is now 22 degrees in downtown reno, and on your wednesday february third morning. and a commissioner since 2007, was recently named chair of the washoe county commission, thanks so much for being here, talk about your accomplishments you are most proud of, been there since 2007. what stands out in the time leading up. >> i would say creating the first regional green team, and the school district and staff regularly to figure out ways to consolidate our green planning one of the most important accomplishments that came out of that was washoe county will no longer use tax dollars to buy bottled water recognizing first of all the carbon footprint that bottled water, and recognizing our water is
7:58 am
locally from tahoe as a way to actually teach employees and citizens to carry around bottle and refill it. as far as going with the green initiative we've seen that happen throughout the country for multiple cities why was that a priority for you did you see that movement coming and the importance of it? i've been an environmentalist most of my life, i thought it was something we were kind of lagging behind by 2007 we hadn't had some of these formal initiatives many of our staff are very sensitiveabout the environment, to do it as a region, i think conveyed a message to our citizens and visitors. all right. 2016 commission chair we've talked about the past what are you looking forward to going forward. >> well certainly economic development and as much as we can we hired a business facilitator to look at the process, to see why the permits take so long could the cost come down for the permits is there ways to fast track projects to help with the economic viability and
7:59 am
stability for washoe county. how exciting is it for you after your time being in this position you'll still get to be part of everything but even more? it is very exciting and also, it is some pressure we have to make sure we manage this growth appropriately in a sustainable way. make sure the locals have an input how this growth does affect them and what they want to see that growth look like but also measure the people moving into here what are they going to demand for services and businesses and child care facilities. >> very quickly what can people do if they want to get connected with you and get more involved with everything that's happening. always my personal cell phone 775-219-5472. and washoecounty.u.s. is a way to get on the mailing list. and thank you so much for joining us i appreciate it. nice having you. toss it over to you. good morning to you, we are quiet out there to start the
8:00 am
day but watching for scattered snow shower activity later on and into the afternoon hours and evening as well. it is going to focus off to our northern zones north of i-80 as well as into the sierra we could see 1 to 3 inches of snow from the snow showers south of i-80 outside of the sierra less of an impact from any isolated snow showers that come through those zones so little to no accumulation in the southern parts of the area. 22 degrees in town partly to mostly cloudy skies 3 miles per hour winds at 72% humidity. it is a chilly start with teens and 20s but check out the eastern side still 11 below zero, 1 when he low in ecco. and a chilly and very cold start dangerously cold out over the eastern side of the state once you factor in 20 miles per hour winds in places like ely you end up with a wind chill 30 degrees below zero dangerously cold wind chill, be prepared for that if you step out the
8:01 am
not quite as cold in western nevada and less wind so the wind chills are not an issue. we do have a wind chill advisory as a result of that cold wind chill out through the eastern part of the state that wind chill advisory goes through 9 a.m. for dangerously cold wind chills between 25 and 35 below locally down to even 40 below which we just saw as not far off for the area this includes austin and as well as northeastern nye county. that's the first part of the story the bone chilling cold in eastern nevada also watching for snow showers mostly north of i-80 and into the sierra later on today you'll see that here on future cast as a weak system brushes us off to the north it will bring snow shower activity north of i-80 as well as in parts of the sierra south of i-80 less of a snow shower chance you may see snow showers but probably little to no accumulation in those areas all that snow shower activity will
8:02 am
transfer to eastern nevada later on tonight after this. after today with the snow shower chances we're done with the snow showers looking very dry for the rest of the seven day forecast mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies turning mostly sunny by the beginning of next week and temperatures will really warm up quite a bit by this weekend we're in the low 50s in reno the upper 50s, back to you. we have exciting news about music, movies theater even video games. a lot going on fans of star wars and lady gaga are both going to be interested in this. david has this in david's hollywood minute. >> after david bowie's death shocked the music world last month it was obvious he'd be saluted at is this year's grammy awards, we know who will salute him. the show producer has tapped lady gaga another performer known for fashion forward
8:03 am
last six or seven minutes and cover several tunes. >> and live theater, the late, late show host who won a tony award in 2012 has been named to emcee the 70th annual awards. he is absolutely thrilled i don't wait to dust off my tap shoes. >> there has been an awakening. forget that star wars movie making billions of dollars the game fans have been waiting for lego star wars the force awakens hit stores june 28th with the big characters from the film over the last decade the star wars game sold 33 million cop byes worldwide. for hollywood minute. i'm david daniel. with that bb8 lego sit, it is going to be gone. that is going to be flying off the shelf. still ahead middle schoolers in san francisco could soon make available for student as young as sixth grade some people not happy about
8:04 am
that, what do you think? talking about it coming up next. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
8:05 am
. welcome back your time is 8:23 right now it is 22 degrees. trending on social media. the hollywood issue is here. the magazine covers including cross generation of the most acclaimed actresses and oscar winners rachael all five of this year's best actress nominees also graced the covered. the photographer hits newsstands nationwide february 9th. because wiser is doing something it hasn't done in a decade.
8:06 am
the star in this year's super bowl spot and this takes on drunk driving features the 70- year-old throwing out unique insults for people driving. last time they did the antidrunk driving super bowl ad was back in 2005. trending on social media, today is the 56th anniversary of the day the musing died rock and roll legend budly holly was killed when his plane slammed into an iowa cornfield. and no one is exactly sure what went wrong, holly was 22 years old. what's trending on our facebook page middle schoolstudents in san francisco
8:07 am
considering the proposal. the school district says it worked at the high school level where it's been a program for the last 25 years. the san francisco school district says a recent survey revealed 5% of middle school students say they've had sex. the director of the youth center in san francisco says the average client parents, 14 years old. >> we believe that with the education it actually lessons the amount of sexual activity. lessons the amount of sexually transmitted infections as well as pregnancies. i think it comes down to the parents, yeah. it is the parents that should be on top of this. >> they are having sex behind their parent's back why not be safe about it? do you think it is a good idea is this going to help out the situation or potentially hurt it? are sixth graders too young to
8:08 am
condom right there at their access, easy access yes or no? we'd love to hear what you have to say post comments, we'd love to have you live on air with us, all you have to do is let us know if you're interested by the way, about an hour and two hours before the show check them out ahead of time and let us know that you'd like to come in, or you can always just go ahead and post your comment on facebook as well we'll go ahead and read it. tossing it over to tim with a look at your forecast. good morning we have very cold temperatures out there so far especially on the eastern side of the state, 11 below in'ly with the wind chill of 36 we also have a wind chill
8:09 am
to talk about that in
8:10 am
hillary clinton won big in iowa earlier this week. a lot of people that's not what they are remembering we'll show you how one young man is getting way too much attention after going to see her. authorities are finding a way to eliminate drone problem, how they have a solution for a high tech problem. you are watching mornings on fox this is mornings on fox. 8:30 last half hour of the snow a lot still to come in our show we'll be talking to tim with our forecast, good news for area ski resorts north star went up there, they had 300 inches for the first time in years.
8:11 am
couldn't get none of the resorts could get to 200 really. they got that on the last day of january thanks to this winter storm. 300 for already some resorts and climbing which is very exciting for a lot of people. if you don't watch football the mountain will be nice for you to check it out head on out there we have fresh powder. are we going to be getting anymore? steve joins us with a look at that. . >> we are barely adding to the totals and today we're looking for snow showers north of i-80 with a few south of i-80 also into the sierra. 1 to 3 inches north of i-80 over 300 is good news for some of those resorts 41 in town later on today, same thing in carson city.
8:12 am
10 miles per hour. right now 22 degrees, that is a chilly start not much wind either. wind chill is not much of an issue in reno it is a problem over the eastern side of the state we're going to talk about that in about 10 or 15 minutes here, 22 in reno, 19 in carson, 18 in silver springs and 9 degrees in truckee so far this morning a chilly start here in western nevada and the sierra much colder over the eastern side of the state where the wind chills are dangerously cold we'll have those numbers in a few minutes and take a look at this system that will be on future cast coming up in a few minutes. thanks. hillary clinton faced an audience in iowa some people were making faces behind her. >> who was that guy with all the stickers all over him? here is jeannie. i'm sure hillary clinton
8:13 am
wanted the audience to chew over her speech. maybe not quite so literally. >> what are the different nicknames. sticker boy, sticker man, idiot. 18-year-old peter throughout her speech he bopped his neck. >> what looks like a sneeze into his arm was actually a dance move called the dab. you have a real contest of ideas. the only idea peter had was to mess around after he and a friend managed to seat themselves right behind the candidate. noticed there were a lot ocameras pointed at me just started goofing around. >> viewers couldn't look away. can we agree #stickerkid is the one to bring our nation together? peter is not a hillary fan though once posed with bernie
8:14 am
any candidate, instead of bothering to caucus he came here to fool around. making fish faces behind hillary clinton on national tv? i'll bet he faced the rath of his parents when he got home at 1:00 in the morning. >> my dad was on the computer laughing at everything happening like you are so stupid. >> tweeted the mvp of hillary's speech is clearly dancing sticker guy who joked about selling his left over hillary stickers for college tuition. it is the move of the moment even hillary attempted it. behind her back, hasn't been had, she's been dabbed. cnn, new york. i want to know what the screening process is for those people and at what point do
8:15 am
>> well he is trending nonetheless. i wonder what will happen in new hampshire next. police want to use eagles to take out downs the dutch national police are testing eagles which some consider a nuisance, has been trained to swoop in and dispose of any unwanted electronic drones flying around the dutch company calls them a low tech solution for a high tech problem. i'm giving you guys a warning i do not like this next story you probably won't either if you don't like spiders, might want to turn your head scientists discovered a new species of arachnids. they are being describened as a monster species, being called the master bohemith.
8:16 am
related to spider like spiders and they found them in the mountainous regions, they say the species is harmless to people but i would run 100 miles per hour in another direction. i'm going try my best to read this i'm going like this the whole time. oliver is here to talk about events going on this week, this weekend and even looking forward thanks for being with us. oliver let's get to it we're talking about the streets is watching. it is the one man show opening february 4th on thursday, prolific muralist and a talented artist and running through the 26th there is a reception on the 18th. a lot of people have seen there is a lot of documentaries not tagging but the art thereof starting in new york a lot
8:17 am
the silver legacy is having a big event. iron mike tyson, he is a fabulous guy. i got to interview him. it ended up talking to him he is a great guy. very interesting hilarious man show based upon some of the colorful moments, it is a no holds bard, pulls no punches and hilarious, go get that ticket. >> does he talk about the tattoo? he does. >> people don't realize he race races pidgeons. yeah. all right we're looking of course at valentines day coming up you've got one for well. >> february is for lovers that want to do romantic coupling and do great techniques for
8:18 am
you through those techniques at the medical clinic coming up the fifth and the sixth. >> very cool. so wanted this to be a great go out to dinner have some wine and go out and check it out this would be an interesting class as well. also just really quickly your birthday coming up. sixth anniversary sorry, seventh anniversary party happening february 6th we want everybody to support us we're going to have food dancing great drinks and also vote on the photo of the year. awesome very nice. reno tahoe magazine if you'd like to check out the magazine in general find it at a lot of locations throughout town thanks for being with us. let's toss it over actually coming up still having figured out what type of food that you want to make for your super bowl party? you know what, we're going to help you out with that it is
8:19 am
right there stay with us. . welcome back your time is 8:42 right now it is 22 degrees in reno. if you are still looking for the perfect appetizers for your super bowl party this weekend, look no further than right here because this smell the look, it takes every fiber of my being not to jump on this table. >> there you go. >> we have talking from our local texas road house, if you have to go there you have to go there early, big wait but it is worth it because you guys have amazing food there. we're talking about something that's a big popular item for super boparties we're talking about a pork butt.
8:20 am
plenty of fat that way it will get all the juices. make sure you have some fat on there. >> a lot of people think i want a lot of meat but you are not going to enjoy that meat unless you have fat to make it nice and juicy for sure. and it is the super bowl so we're splurging. >> we have our seasoning also buy it at the restaurant if you don't want to do your own has garlic salt, onion, you want to generously put it on there get every crevice from coast to coast you don't want to miss a spot. i think people are a little bit nervous about seasoning it. >> a lot of people concerned about the salt or the sugar, the fact most of it is going to be put into the meet and you'll want it there. you guys also have i think a lot of people know your own butcher and baker at texas road house.
8:21 am
butchering stakes that's another big one too. in case you're not going torr a pork butt great ways to cook a stake. one that has even marbling, if you like something more or ribs are a little leaner or less, they are in the room aging them to perfection, cool we have somebody right there in the building and pick out steak in the window they are actually there if you want to take it out which is pretty cool. we have a beautiful bone-in ribbey there, we have a wonderful, if you are ever looking for a nice filet, it is excellent. >> real quickly, anytime of special deals going on you want to let people know about? >> if they come in on super bowl sunday and say they saw the segment here on tv, we will give them a free appetizer of their choice.
8:22 am
people would like the time they don't want to make it themselves, can you take appetizers with you? yes. we are also doing pulled pork sliders so you could come in and buy some of those rolls and pulled pork and make a little slider bar or take it with you, it is pretty awesome. put in their crock pot under warm. >> what temp? >> you'll put it in your oven do you do low and slow in the restaurant i would suggest 225 and covering it with foil for about 5 to 6 hours. then let it cool for about an hour like then after that, break it apart you don't want it all shredded you want pieces. >> let it rest. >> all right go ahead and check them out head on over there, head in early because again that line is long but it is totally worth it a lot of great food. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. we appreciate it. all right over to you. we have a quiet start but
8:23 am
we're looking for scattered snow shower activity to pick up as we head into the afternoon and evening hours today. mostly north of i-80 as well as enter the sierra in those areas we're looking to 1 to 3 inches of snow showers to pile up in the southern parts of the area outside of the sierra south of i-80 not so much on the accumulations could see isolated to scattered snow showers, partly to mostly cloudy skies 3 miles per hour winds and 72% humidity, a chilly start in western nevada in the sierra much colder over on the eastern side 11 below zero right now, 0, 1 below in elco. we have a little bit of wind on the eastern side of the state 22 miles per hour winds making it feel like 36 below zero in eely. that's something you'll want to be prepared before you head out don't spend too much time out
8:24 am
low and 13 below in elco. 16 below, not much of a wind chill in western nevada because we don't have any wind to speak of on the western side of the state. our weather alerts are relate today that wind chill, there is a wind chill advisory in southern eureka, that goes until 9 a.m. for wind chills 25 to 35 below and 40 below zero in a couple spots. heads up for that wind chill. the other thing is this system off the northern coast of california that will continue to swing through today it grazes us off to the north that means most of the snow showers chances are north of reno sparks i-80 in northern zones as well as the sierra. 1 to 3 inches possible. as much as snow shower activity is concerned south of i-80 and outside of the sierra those snow showers will transfer tonight into the eastern side of the state and over night hours seven day forecast, snow
8:25 am
shower chances today in the northern zones as well as the sierra smaller chances in the southern zone heading into thursday and beyond things are dryer mostly cloudy to partly cloudy and mostly sunny skies into the beginning of next week temperatures warming up quite a bit low 50s by your saturday in reno sparks in the upper 50s by the time we get to the beginning and mid-ing of next week. and odd story where a man is under arrest for illegally killing an eagle. the department of wildlife officials say dana is being charged with seven differentcounts including unlawful killing of an eagle officials found a recently killed eagle and hawk, two wings from two separate killed hawks were seized as well as 124 separate feathers other charges are being considered by
8:26 am
other state and authorities. business was booming at a new mexican restaurant until they ran out of food. the owners say customers were lining up around the corner and waiting more than an hour to place their orders at 801 virginia street. they were waiting around the clock to accommodate everyone but when you run out of food there is not much you can do it opened at 6 a.m. this morning. coming up schools in san francisco could make condoms available for students as young as sixth grade. the san francisco school district sid it worked at the high school level where the program has been in place for some 25 years. the school district said that a recent survey revealed 5% of middle school students say yes they have had sex the director of a youth center and clinic says the average client for them is 14 years old.
8:27 am
ask your google plussers what do you think about it? do you think it is a good idea, bad idea we had some sound earlier who are saying listen the truth of the matter is this age group is sexually active but then there are parents who are saying that is my decision whether or not to say you know here have condoms if you need them. what doing about it? starting off, do you think it is a good idea or bad idea? >> i think it is a good idea at the end of the day like we don't really want 14 years old even 13 years old whatever age if you have kids that they cannot handle themselves, they are kids having kids so i think having the ability of condoms has proven by high school students or how students are being treated for years i think it is a good idea go for it. there are some unfortunately some parents who have that relationship with their kids where they can talk about it and others who don't
8:28 am
for whatever the reason may be. maybe this is the group they are going towards, the kids that feel like they can't ask their parents and yet still there is that pressure or that decision to have sex and so they do. glen what do you think about the idea? is it the right of the school to offer it up or should it be left up purely to the parents? >> first of all they tried giving condoms to fifth graders and they made balloon animals so we'll start from sixth grade. the parents should be the ones to try to decide ultimately because it is their kids against government even schools saying we're going to do this if your kids and you don't get a say in the matter so the parents object, go to your school board meeting and have a little talk with them and i mean all the parents at the school board meeting that would be the best way to solve this. by the way a lot of kids in those surveys who is having sex at one age, they exaggerate because they want to sound cool so they say that they are
8:29 am
sexually active even though they are not. >> let's hope right? we'd love to hear what you have to say post your comments on our facebook and google plus page. the zoo has a new baby the welcome into the family how they are getting ideas for the
8:30 am
to come after the break.
8:31 am
welcome back everyone, leaving you on a cute note the greenville zoo has a baby giraffe. this is her third calf the baby will have a physical exam to determine sex height and weight officials are offering a chance to name the baby, the name will be chosen later this week. oh my, look at it! its long legs! so cute. let's take a look at our forecast. we're looking for snow showers by the late morning, north of i-80 in the sierra few are possible south of i-80 about 2, 3 inches of snow there and quieter head into the weekend and saturday definitely warm stuff on the way. let's head over the hill.
8:32 am
to see you back they're going to repo [ bleep ] when you don't pay. >> it's a repossession play by play on a neighbor's car. >> renting those rims? >> the video stopping a lot of people in their tracks. >> they're caught being repo'ed. we've got to do better. a hero saves a man in a burpingburp ing burning truck. >> he literally pulled him out like a sack of potatoes. >> not a minute too soon. he played speed eded spider-man. now the touching journey as jaden's dad climbs kilimanjaro in his honor. plus bonus giveaway day means your chance to win a new ipad mini or a flat-screen tv.
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