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tv   Mornings on Fox 11  FOX  February 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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thursday morning with us. what the judge says is the real reason as to why she stopped performing weddings altogether. . great dame-day recipes coming up in a few minutes. >> you're watching mornings on fox 111, connecting northern nevada.
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thank you for joining us here on "mornings on fox 1." 7:00. as we started off at the top, alex said big game this weekend. >> yeah. >> a lot of people prepping for the game and the food, of course, a big part as well. they say one of the best ways to buy a tv is not actually before the game. >> during? . >> no. after the game. because all the people who bought the big tv before the game are like, "sorry," return it. then they mark down the prices. if you're looking for an awesome tv, neighbor you should wait until after the game. >> you can go to costco, get your tv, get the samples they didn't sell. >> there you go. going to be a nice ride, too, for anybody headed over the hill this weekend potentially go to see the game. tim study baker joins us with a look at what we can expect on the roadways. >> not too bad. we are looking at a dry trend going forward. so that does mean some easier travel if you are headed
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anywhere else throughout the region for that matter. this time of year, too, we start to see those longer day-light hours, and that's exactly what we're seeing. today's day -- daylight hours, 10 hoursers 19 minutes. by the middle of the month, up to 10 hours, 43 minutes. beginning the next month, 6:31 in the morning, the sun will rise, and 5:52 in the afternoon it cents. over 11 hours of daylight by the time we get to the beginning of march. these times are valid for reno and south. it may be little different if you're farther east or west of us. 40 degrees in reno sparks for the high later today. partly, mostly cloudy skies. 37 the high in carson city. light winds across the area. snow showers from last night in our or the earn zones are gone. they've already moved through eastern nevada as well a. trier trend going forward. watch for patchy morning fog, freezing fog at that
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next few mornings. 7-day forecast is coming up. back to you. a reno man is behind bars this morning after allegedly hitting a reno police officer with his car and driving away. this happened several months ago. officials say 25-year-old russell roberts is now facing felony charges, including attempted murder on a police officer. now, the incident happened last august when the citizen told the officer that roberts had just assaulted someone with a weapon. roberts then used his black mercedes benz to hit the officer and leave the scene. officials say the officer suffered nonlife-threatening injuries, and officials say roberts surrendered to authorities without incident. two burglary suspects were caught on camera at the empire ranch golf course in carson city. here's the surveillance photos of those suspects. carson city sheriff's deputies say they believe there's one male and one fee male suspect in the case. authorities say the suspect stole large quantities of food and alcohol from the golf course. if you can identify these suspects or know anything
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to call secret witness at 322-4900. police are looking for two men in connection with a homicide that took place saturday at the beforely lodge in south lake tahoe. these are two composite sketches of the two male suspects. police say the men in their either late 20s or early 30s attempted to rob a man named dennis wright, junior, and his girlfriend. both of them are from amador county. the couple drove to south lake tahoe to sell 100-pounds of marijuana to potential buyers, according to authorities. after a physical altercation happened, one or both of the robbers shot at wright. he was struck multiple times, and was pronounced dead at a local south lake hospital later the. police say the suspects trove away in a car, but they don't have a confirmed description. however, the suspects may be associated with a 2004 or older tan-colored chrysler concord. it's similar to the car you're seeing there on your screen. if you have any information about this deadly drug
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witness line at the number listed on the bottom of your screen. you will, as always, of course, remain anonymous. interstate 5 northbound is back open after a rollover crash that happened overnight. it happened just after midnight on the interstate near the galena creek bridge. nhp shut down the interstate so care flight could land to take the victim to the hospital. it's caused significant amounts of damage to the roads. we're talking about pot holes. you may have noticed them popping up several different areas past several weeks. the city of r,no is asking citizens to contact reno direct at 334-info, that number on the bottom of your screen, to report any potholes you may see. city officials say repairs will be made within the next week, depending on the weather. and heads up if you're driving in washoe valley. the bellevue road bridge over
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the bridge is being seismically retro fitted to stablize the bridge. other improvements are also planned in this project. officials say the overpass and ramps will be closed for about three months. traffic in the area will be detoured. city officials are joining forces today to make sure residents at a local motel are living in a safe environment. local authorities visited the reno -- casino downtown on north virginia street. they say they found mice, dock roaches, a lack of ongoing maintenance, health inspectors, code enforcement officers, fire officials, and more will be inspecting the 36-unit building this morning. fox 11 will be there during the inspection to see what's being done about those poor living conditions. making news around the silver city, a group is trying to get a patrol on the ballot that aims to bring more electricity providers to nevada. the group is called nevadaens for affordable clean energy choices. they filed a petition yesterday with the nevada secretary of state's office.
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clear, on any court conditions, supporters would node to gather more than 55,000 signatures to put it up for vote in november. the measure would amend the constitution to prohibit illegal liesed monopoly for electric service. it would require the legislature to pass legal cause that clear the way for an open market come mid-2023. there's a big change underway. a viewer tells fox 11 that humbold county justice of the peace lenny northcut was not conducting same-sex weddings, and asked if you tried to schedule one with that judge, you will be told she is quote "unavailable." judge l,ttie northcut served as jop for 30 years. the judge tells fox 11 this is not about same-sex weddings. it's about all weddings. her office is no longer conducting them, period, due to limited resources. so for now, if you want to get married at the courthouse in winnemuka, the
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referral to a person who can officiate. there's big changes in store for burning man ticket this is year. event organizers announced how they will price tickets after state lawmakers enacted a 9% live entertainment tax last year. organizers challenged the nevada department of taxation, saying the event does not fall under the live entertainment category. now, the amounts add up to an additional $34 for a regular $390 ticket. the top-tier category of tickets will cost $1200 in order to keep regular and low- income prices about the same. and about 70,000 burners flocked to the black rock desert in 2014. if you would like to learn more about how this procross will work, there's a detailed article on our sister station's web site. that, of course, is a carson city sausage factory temporarily closed its doors, but they're back open. alex scanito joins us live with a look at the company's history, what changes we can expect to
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>> reporter: right now, we are talking about everything super bowl-food- related. the food is just as important as the game itself. we're in here with the owners of cahini family provisions to talk a little bit about what you can cook up on the big day. . let's start with breakfast. what is going on with this dish? . >> this right here is what we call a kitchen-sink sausage. it's a unique sausage we came up with. it's a pork sausage with potato, onion, pepper, and egg inside the sausage. it's great by itself, great with something like eggs and fruit. it's a great all-in-one sausage that's a fun recipe and delicious. >> reporter: let's talk about this one that's a hot dog. unique type of sausage. >> it's a tri tip beef sausage. we take whole tritips. we use them as the main ingredient. it's great on a bun, by itself,
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>> reporter: we were talking. we're both italian. a staple in most italian homes, bell peppers, onions, sausage. talk about this dish. >> very, very simple the. we take peppers, onions, and saute them up. a little bit of white wine, olive oil. then brown the sausage, put it all together. it's great again by itself. for those that don't want a bun or bread, or we put them on a bun, and makes for an awesome, awesome lunch. >> reporter: and super bowl, you meet a lot of unhealthy foods. tell us about this health year option? . >> a healthy option for a super bowl sunday. it's a southwest chicken, hall pain owe, cheddar brat wurst salad on top of baby kale with corn, black beans, a little bit of tortilla strips, tomatoes, avocados. >> reporter: all of this food is absolutely delicious. if you want to buy the sausage, you can go to
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you have a chance to win a super bowl spread., to learn more about that. reporting live, alex knito. back to you. homeless people living on the bayfront have been relocated.
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is necessary coming up with that self-described socialist ahead in the polls, the stakes are high for hillary clinton. reed bignon reports. >> i have an uphill climb, and i'm going to climb as high and hard as i can, was because i want to make my case for the people of new hampshire. >> reporter: hillary clinton is casting herself as the underdog in new hampshire. but bernie sanders insists he's the one battling tough. he said it's clinton's stomping ground.
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ran here in 2008, and she won. her husband ran here several times before that. so this is her fourth campaign in our family here in new hampshire. >> reporter: wednesday's new hampshire town hall was a clash of the titles, as the political rivals fought for another important credential in the historically liberal state. >> i am a progressive who gets results. >> secretary clinton said, "some people call me a moderate, and i proudly say that i am a moderate. i love moderate. but you can't be a moderate and a progressive. they are different. >> reporter: new hampshire holds a nation's first presidential primary in less than a week, and it remains to be seen if clinton's pitch will win over democrats. a recent poll shows sanders a double-digit lead. i'm reed bineon reporting. julian assange may surrender to police tomorrow. assang, is wanted for questioning about an alleged sexual assault that happened in
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out on the wiki leaks twitter account earlier this morning said he is, quote, -- or he would, quote, "accept arrest by british police if the un plan nell" did not rule in his favor. demonstrators turned out in droves wednesday in san francisco in support of the city's homeless population. san francisco relocated about two dozen homeless people living on the waterfront in anticipation of the super bowl, of course, on sunday. other claims that authorities kicked them out of the area near the city's convention center, where they had been camping. how to address the 7,000 homeless people that live in san francisco has been a thorny issue for the city, especially since the alleged killing of a concertgoer by three transient residents in october, and then, on tuesday, a police officer was stabbed near a homeless camp.
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say they will allow staff members who are pregnant or might become pregnant to opt out of flights heading to areas where the zika virus is a concern. care years say pilot can switch routes with no repper buss, and the world health organization has declared a global health emergency because of the mosquito-borne virus. the u.s. center for disease control and prevention now recommends pregnant women avoid location where is the virus currently exists. zeka has been linked to neurological problems, and babies being born, excoo was me, with small skulls. there's no treatment or vaccine for this virus. after years of negotiations, ministers from a dozen nations signed the trance pacific partnership on thursday. the trade pac creates a free pacific nations that together world's economy. negotiators finally struck a deal in october after years of gap ling with concerns
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their own home countries. some japanese businesses were concerned cheaper american imports would hurt their domestic sales. now, the pac does not include china, which has reached its own trade deals with foreign governments in recent years. switching gears, looking at our forecast for this thursday, hi. >> good morning. we have patchy fog possible in a few spots as a result of that recent snowfall not too long ago. we had a batch of snow come through overnight last night, the evening hours into the overnight hours for northern zones. that is now gone, but patchy fog remains a possibility this morning in spots: truckie, sierra valley locations as well as into north central, north eastern nevada. other than that, a pretty quiet pattern setting up for us with cool temperatures for now, warming up a bit by the weekend. warmer into the middle of next week in a moment. partly, mostly cloudy skies,
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single digits in tonapaw. 20s for some of us. 27 in reno. we do have clouds out there, partly to mostly cloudy skies across most of the viewing area. and the snow from last night came through last night mostly north of i-80, which is where we were expecting most of that activity, and continue to push out to central and eastern nevada overnight last night. now it's out into utah. there was a little bit hanging on into the ruby mountains in elko county. that is gone as well. what we're left with is partly to mostly cloudy skies for the day today. still chilly temperatures, into the 30s for nearby nevada. western nevada into the 30s to near 40 degrees in a couple of spots. light winds in general. not much expected in the way of winds for the next few days. into the 30s to near 40 degrees around the lake as well. with 40 at south lake for the high today. same story for western nevada. most elevations are looking very similar to today, upper 0s, 40 degrees.
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reno. the only thing we're going to watch going forward, morning patchy fog each morning is a possibility, also inversions to set up once again. if they do, air quality and burn code. not too many worries with that moderate air quality. temperatures are going to warm up quite a bit toward the weekend and especially next week. lower 50s in reno sparks by saturday. upper 50s, low 60s at the end of that 7-day forecast. over to you. coming up next, fitbits are now mandatory for students to use at an oklahoma university.
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stay with us. he sent out fake fly years, saying ben carson was dropping out of the race and trump was in favor of obama care. trump has called for a new election, and he wants -- and he wants cruz's results to be nullified. . also trending on twit per morning, donald trump was two hours late to an arkansas campaign event wednesday after his jet was forced to make an emergency landing in tennessee. trump's flight was en route to little rock when -- reported engine problems, and was forced to divert
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the plane landed safely. faa is investigating. turning now to what's trending on our facebook page. fitbits are now mandatory for students at an oklahoma university. they apparently take exercise pretty seriously at orel rob efforts university in tulsa. all students are required to meet strict finance goals, and are graded on how well they do. all freshmen are required to wear the finance monitors. . students required to average 10,000 steps per day, and 150 minutes of intense activity. . the data comprised a portion of their grade in education is based off of this fitbit and what do they do.
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. the super bowl is is a big moneymaker. tell you exactly how much money the nfl is expected to take in this year. that's coming up in our consumer news. >> and after a police officer pulls you over, you generally won't preponderate them to do you any first.
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fallon couple. . 7:30. hopefully your morning is off to a great day. >> and every day is something special here in the u.s. seems like there's a day for everything. well today is national thank a mail carrier day. one day out of the year set ide to appreciate the person who brings mail to your house six days a week. it is on served err year on february 4th. there's been mail delivery service in america since before there even was an america. first organized delivery was letters established by the second continental congress in 1775, and maybe even give them a little special thank you today with all that weather. >> i can promise you my dog will not be celebrating, but certainly something -- >> i wish i would have known. i would have left something on. so if you're still home -- go ahead and take a look at your forecast for this thursday. >> good morning to you. a chilly day on top for us, but
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snow at this point. not looking at any precipitation chances on any of the 7-day forecast going forward. so a dry pattern is setting in for us. partly to mostly cloudy skies today. we did have a few snow showers come through last night mostly well north of reno sparks into northwestern, north central, nearby parts of the state. those are gone at this point. 40 degrees the high later today a. cool one today. right now we're at 27 degrees for the temperature, calm winds, 78% humidity, and partly to mostly cloudy skies in town. starting off on a seasonably cool note out there. teens and 20s for approach everyone in western nevada and the sierra at the moment. we have some areas that are colder than that. other than that, partly to mostly cloudy skies. could be starting with some freezing fog in a few areas. so do take it easy if that is up ahead of you on the roadways. and we're going to watch the air quality over the next several days. otherwise quiet weather going forward on that 7-day forecast. much warmer by part of that 7-
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let you know when and how warm coming up. due to the recent wet weather, the truckie river has been full of water. people are starting to take notice of that. usa free-style kayaking has awarded this year's u.s. national white-water free-style championships to the reno river festival. the event will begin -- excuse me -- will bring the best kayakers in the country to the nation's biggest white-water competition. a stark difference from last year when the white-water events were actually completely canceled because there wasn't enough truckie in the water due to several years of drought. that's happening on may 7th and may 8th. on the job front on this thursday morning, the home depot is hiring 300 associates here in reno, all part of an effort to hire 80,000 new employees nationwide. the positions are for sales, cashiers, operations, and online order fulfill. employees. both permanent, part-time, and seasonal positions are available, and the company
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college students, retirees, and veterans to apply. all interested candidates can apply right online. you can find a link to that web site on our web site at now take a look at what's happening in our consumer new this is morning. identity temperatures super bowl's golden anniversary to celebrate the big 5-0, 50 years of america's biggest game, and it's going to make a whole lot of money. >> oh yes it is. in today's consumer watch, mary ma loany breaks down the super budget of the super bowl. >> reporter: hard to believe the super bowl is almost here. as an event, forbes said the super bowl is the most valuable sports event in the world. for super bowl 50, the nfl is expected to make at least $620 million. if you want to go to the big game, it's going to cost you. seat geek predict this is super bowl to be the most expensive ever on resale ticket sites. the lowest price on seat geek right now runs in the $3,500 range. but a listing on the 50-yard line costs subpoenas a new car, $16,60.
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when look for hotels in the area. that is if you can get a room. some places jacked up the prices six times the normal rate. companies wanting to cash in will also have to pay a pretty penny a. 30-second commercial during the game costs $5 million. cbs, the network carrying the game expects to make $350 million just from ads alone. some of the big spenders, and hisser bush, pepsi, and coke. . one group that won't get paid: coldplay. but don't cry for the super bowl half-time performer. it's still good for business. for last year's performer, katie perry, that gig turned into a 12-minute commercial. as you watch this year's game or just the commercials, try not to think about the green. for consumer watch, i'm mary ma loany. well goggle finer is
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internet to thousands of low- income americans free of charge. the company says it intends to wire select buildings. it started wednesday in kansas city, missouri, turning on service for the west love townhomes community. up to 1,300 households in the city will receive a free -- per second subscription. the average download speed is 12 mega bits per second. goggle fiber will be giving away more than a million dollars of service this year alone. el the irs is having some problems with its web site. internal difficulties hit the revenue service wednesday. the agency said it experienced a hardware failure that brought down some of its tax-processing systems, including the one that allows people to file electronically. a spokesperson said the system was likely to remain down until thursday.
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well toyota has decided to end its scion brand and re-- vehicles simply as toyotas. scion was started in 2003 as a separate car brand targeting younger buyers. while its products were very closely related to toyota vehicles, they have a unique style, design, and are easily economizable. cars were sold at toyota dealerships, but at areas set off from the rest of the showrooms, so away from toyota-brand cars. the youth market has changed since 2003 as the company has learned and analyzeed the way car trader says millennial buyers are less interested in standing out, and would rather buy cars from brands that they know and trust. here's an interesting story for you this morning. . a california man is suing mcdonald's in federal court over what he says is fake cheese in the company's mozzarella streets. chris howe is asking for his $1.27 back and also seeking damages for u.s. customers he says were
7:29 am
the cheese sticks as being made with 100% real mozzarella, but the complaint claims the fast-food chain uses starch additives and other filler ingredients. howe filed court documents alleging tests contained more water and starch than food labeling laws allow. >> i didn't know they had bred sticks. >> mozzarella. a sea lion goes beyond the sea into a store.
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incredible -- it's all it's gone viral. >> love these. jeremy roth has today's take a look at this. . >> we're going to work on getting the audio to that video. a little teaser that was, as far as the sea lion going into the store. . is a lion in a store. toss it over to tim with a look at our forecast. >> good morning to you. we have some potential for patchy fog in a few spots. that would be, of course, freezing fog, because it is very cold out in some spots. heads up for that on your commute. places like truckie, valleys, within the sierra, also north central, nearby
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see that fog more often than others. a quiet pattern setting in for us, high pressure building in, and we're going to stay dry for the rest of the 7-day forecast. cool temperatures in store for us today, but we're going to warm up this weekend. a little more mild, and then even warmer heading into the middle of next week. the 60-degree mark is not out of the question for some of us heading into about wednesday next week, maybe even tuesday. 27 degrees in town now. so it is a chilly start, seasonably so. calm winds, 78% humidity, partly cloudy skies at the moment. the clouds are showing a little bit of signs of breaking once in a while. sea peaks of sun mixed in with the clouds today. 8 degrees in tonapaw, 20 in elco, and 27 here in r,no. so a chilly start, but again seasonably chilly out there. partly cloudy skies across much of the area. there are some breaks of sun, especially the southern half of the viewing area, and a few stops way up toward the board we are oregon as well. the snow showers from last night, if you've watched the beginning of this, the snow showers came through.
7:32 am
they were mostly focused north of 08 with just a few scattered showers south of freeway. they moved off to the east in utah now, and we are drying out across the area. the only thing we're kind of watching -- two things we're watching: the chance for morning fog this morning and for the next few mornings as well. we'll keep yep yon that next few days as the high pressure builds in. we start to watch for the inversion setup. that's something we'll keep an eye on. 0 to near 40 degrees around lake tahoe, into the 30s and 40 degrees for the low el vision as well. mostly cloudy to lightly cloudy skies. milder temperatures as well reaching the low 50s in places like carson city and reno for your saturday into sunday, and even into the mid-and upper 50s by the time we get toward the middle of next week. the 60-degree mark is within reach by about tuesday and especially wednesday of next week. just again, watch out for patchy fog in the mornings.
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let's go ahead and take a look at what's trending on our facebook page. fitbits are mandatory for students at an oklahoma university. here's why. all students are required to meet strict finance goals, and they're basically graded on how they do. all nine hundred freshmen are required to wear finance monitors at this point. all part of a new college requirement that began last fall. orel robert students are required to average about 10,000 steps per day and 150 minutes of intense of intense activity. the data makes up a portion of their grade in health and physical education classes. . what do you think about it? what do you think about part of your grade being
7:34 am
all thanks to those fitbits? . do you like the idea? . >> i don't like the idea. first of all, it's a bunch of university students. they're little kids. but the other fact, things i don't like about it as fitbit, the health data that it transit minutes, recently i learned they -- some of them may not be very secured, so you're broadcasting the data to anyone around you so people with the right technology could read those datas. so i think it's not a good idea to be mandatory. if people want to do it themselves on their own, hey, it's fine. but mandatory meaning everyone, that i have a problem. >> it's not like this is something completely new. , for instance, the military has physical requirements that you have to adhere to? other jobs say, "you can't smoke to work here," whatever it may be. they're younger. does that play a part into it?
7:35 am
>> first don't tell me what to do we will have a problem the moment you tell me what to do. this is a bunch of college kids in the modern era. they're pretty sophisticated. why not we put that thing on your washing machine so when it gets to the spin cycle it starts to jiggle. now we'll attach it to the dog and let it run around the backyard for awhile. these kids are going to look very active while they're sitting around on the couch, watching netflix with their fingers into a bowl of cheetos. they're going to find a way to cheat. it's not going to count. >> finding a way around it is what you're saying. . what would you think about it? go ahead and post your comments on our facebook and goggle plus page. sam? . >> melissa, thank you. one fallon couple says, "it was the last thing we needed: another repair to the car." when they got pulled over, they didn't have a choice. >> that was until church hill county deputy sheriff
7:36 am
lend a helping hand. melissa explains why in today's pay it forward. >> reporter: it was just another normal tuesday for ed gleason. >> i was coming back from walmart, to get my daughter. >> reporter: that is until he noticed something in his rear-view mirror. >> light came on behind me. and i pulled over. i thought he was going after someone else. i didn't realize it was me. >> reporter: behind him was churchill county sheriff's deputy matt timens. deputy timens calls it a routine traffic stop, a taillight wasn't working >> was shocked at his break light was out, because he had just got it fixed. >> reporter: lisa got off with a warning, and they both went on their way. that could have been the end of it, but sometimes duty calls. >> the next day, i saw on
7:37 am
guy's wife needed some help getting it repaired. >> reporter: after the post, he got a few phone numbers, and was about to make a call to a mobile mechanic when -- >> the doorbell rang. i opened the door, and lo and behold, the sheriff is substantial doubting there. ''oh my good, what have i done now." . >> reporter: deputy timens wasn't there to take him in. he was there to help him out. >> i thought he was kidding >> the next day, i picked up a break light, took it to their house, and i fixed it for them. >> reporter: it took deputy tim onlies just 5 minutes and six bucks, but it meant the world to the gleasons. >> it might be a small thing for him, but it was a large thing for us. >> i still can't get over -- the nicest thing that's ever happened to me. >> reporter: deputy timens said his colleagues do things like this all the time, but for him, it was just about paying it forward. >> i just thought it was a
7:38 am
my parents or grandparents were in that same situation, i would hope someone would them out. >> what a difference just a simple the act of kindness makes. if you have someone who needs to be highlighted for their kind act, however small, we would love to hear about it. >> reach out on our facebook page, fox arena, sister
7:39 am
after the break. as mark kobel explains, won on world cancer day, there's something everyone can do to help prevent it. >> one in two men, and one in three men are going to be inaffected by cancer. >> reporter: it's one of the deadliest diseases >> it's going to impact in some way all of us. >> reporter: that's why dr. john sweetham said we need to start fighting cancer now. >> we should all be very invested in trying to
7:40 am
>> reporter: how? through prevention. >> there are three themes that emerge from world cancer day. >> reporter: number one, a healthy lifestyle. studies show changing your diet, and regular exercise can make a big impact. >> this would reduce the number of cases worldwide by about one-third. >> reporter: a key part of a healthy lifestyle is stop smoking, or never stop. >> the earlier you start increasing your chances of not developing cancer lately. >> reporter: number two vaccinations. and number three, early screenings >> there's clear evidence that sometimes the cancer screening reduces death rates. >> reporter: instead of trying to stop cancer when it starts, you can prevent it now. >> there are things you can do that can have a huge impact. >> reporter: in salt lake city, utah, mark kobell reporting. >> dr. sweden said access,
7:41 am
you can make a difference to help others get access to important health care. also on your health news thursday morning, colorado police are investigating whether a formal surgical technician stole pain medication intended for patients, and in doing so, possibly exposed hundreds of people to hiv, hepatitis b, or hepatitis c. the tab was employed at swedish medical center in denver. the hospital itself has not identified the worker in question. the medical licensing records indicate his name is rocky allen, and that he was employed through january 22nd. the hospital says there's no evidence of patient exposure, but they are offering free and confidential testing to anyone who has surgery during the time of that -- all right. stay with us, everyone.
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day 3 of the tie won doe championships. plenty of time to get in on the action. where you can go to watch the event coming up in a couple minutes. . hope you're having a great start to your day.
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that means we have tasty thursday going on. steve shroeder is here with a meal you can make under 11 bucks. we're doing a little utahiano today. this is my type of meal. >> you can tell she's excited about it. she's been waiting for this spaghetti meal, correct? . >> yes. carbonara. we'll let steve do all that. we're not going to mess it up. take a look at how he's doing it. a good meal under 11 bucks. >> were get to all that, meteorologist tim study baker. hi, tim. i'm also excited, spaghetti carbonara, one of my favorite dishes. it is that time of year when we start to gain quite a bit of daylight each and ever day. today's sunrise 7:00 a.m. already happened. today's net this evening, that gives us a length of 10 hours and 19 minutes for daylight hours today.
7:44 am
we're up to 10 hours and 43 minutes of daylight. march 1st, 11 hours and 21 minutes of daylight. so definitely looking positive there on the longer daylight hours if that is your thing. they are coming. we are seeing longer and longer daylight hours. 4 in reno sparks for the high later today. partly to mostly cloudy skies. the snow chances are now gone. we had a few snow showers over into the evening and overnight hours last night. mostly well north of r,no sparks, but they worked out to the eastern side of the state, and now they're out of the picture, and they stay out of the entire 7-day forecast. chilly temperatures later today. right now we're at 28. we're going for about 40 in reno sparks later today. warmer temperatures on the way. when they get here and how warm they're looking on that 7-day forecast. wac over to you. new this morning, northbound interstate 540 is back open after a rollover crash overnight. it happened just after midnight on the freeway near the galena creek bridge.
7:45 am
care flight could land and take one of the victims to the hospital. no word yet on the conditions of those involved. a r,no man is behind bars this morning after allegedly hitting a reno police officer with his car and driving away. officials say 25-year-old russell roberts is now facing felony charges, including attempted murder on a police officer. . the incident happened last august when a citizen told an officer that roberts had just assaulted someone else with a weapon. roberts then used his black mercedes been to hit the officer, and then leave the scene, according to officials. health officials say the officer suffered nonlife-threatening injures. they also say roberts surrendered to authorities without incident after that happened. two burglary suspects were caught on camera at the empire ranch golf course in carson city. here's some of those surveillance photos. sheriff's deputies say they believe there's one male and one female suspect in this case. authorities say the suspect stole large quantities of food and alcohol from the golf course. you can identify these suspects
7:46 am
about this case, you are squad witness at 322-4900. suspects in connection to a homicide that took place on saturday lake tahoe. sketches that have been made of two male suspects. police say the men, either in their late 20s or early 30s, attempted to rob a man named dennis wright, junior, and his girlfriend. both from amodor county. both drove to south lake tahoe, according to officials, to sell 100-pounds of marijuana to potential buyers. after a physical atercation, one or both of the robbers fired shots. wright, junior, was struck multiple tiles, and was pronounced dead at a local -- hospital soon after. police say the suspects drove away in a car, and have yet to confirm a description. the suspects may be associated with a tan-colored chrysler concord, similar to the one you're seeing
7:47 am
if you have any information regarding this deadly drug deal, you're asked to call lake tahoe secret witness -- on your screen. farmers have been without a state station program for almost six months now. this monday that all changed. >> cassie wilson learned more about the organic farming community and why it's important to the silver state. >> reporter: after losing what they called a community this past summer, a coalition of organic producers have formed a nonprofit in order to fill the void left with the nevada department of agriculture elected to end the organic station process. >> . >> we got a letter saying that we had -- certified not just in one area, but four areas. >> reporter: the four areas are crop, biocrop, livestock, and handling operations for guidelines of the national organics program. >> this is important.
7:48 am
area, growing up in this area, to keep station, service in this area as an out reach to the local food, local market community. >> reporter: now that the program is back in the silver state, local food retailers can tackle two conditions at once. >> it really makes it easy for us to get local and organic produce. sometimes we have to choose between one or the other, and ideally we have both. >> reporter: the great basin food coop's purpose is to support local community. >> we can get the farmers to build up their capacity and provide more of the foods when we need them and quantities and qualities we need them, then there's a huge potential to bring that here. >> reporter: the weather and local climate in our area is very conducive to organic farming, which is good news for the industry >> people from all around the united states that are contacting us and asking us to reach out and find ways to allow them to
7:49 am
experience from all around the world coming to reno and looking to invest their time. >> to get involved in our local food shed, stop by the great basin food coop. for more information on the organics station process, you can visit this is exciting news for a lot of you. ben and jerry's is offering a frozen treat that is entirely vegan. get that. it's made with almond milk, no dairy, eggs, or honey. experts have been working on the formula almost three years. four flavors will get the vegan version. . now, the products are certified by the advocacy group vegan action. but don't call it ice cream, since it does not include any actual cream. ben and jerry's is labeling this as non-dairy frozen desserts. another big sports event is
7:50 am
the u.s. tie kwon championships are back. live with a look at what you can expect at this year's event. hey, alex. >> reporter: good morning, sam. quite a bit going on here at the reno sparks convention center to talk more about this exciting event. we're joined by -- >> good morning. welcome to our taekwondo event. >> reporter: what exactly is tie kwon do? . >> tae kwan do is a korean martial art that emphasizes kicking and punching. it is primarily kicking. it's little different than karate, let's say, judo or something else, because it doesn't involve throws, not locks or hold. in the sport aspect it's primarily kicking. so it's i deal for long-legged people. >> reporter: people like us? . >> exactly. >> reporter: definitely a unique sport. why are you so passionate, and why do you love it? . >> this is my 30th year. when i started, i started with
7:51 am
university, and i -- karate guys. the first i did it, i knew -- this was just something that resinated. i think everybody has their thing, and tae kwan do was clearly my thing. now, i want to make sure, if it's somebodiest's thing, we make it such a great sport they fall in love with it, too,. >> reporter: every day is different. been going on since tuesday. what's happening today? . >> today is the first day of our g-2 u.s. open. this is the largest g-2 -- the wt coalition ranks tournaments. the g2 is a pretty important ranking. this is the largest g2 in the world. we're happy to host athletes from all over the world, some of the best athletes. we have olympians here who are trying to gain a few more points to better their seeding at the olympic games. we are having the actual best of the best this week. >> reporter: very exciting, going on over here at the reno parks convention center. you can still buy tickets if
7:52 am
visit our web site for all that information. reporting live, i'm alex knito, back to you. if you're a fan of "fast and furious" series, got some good news for you. praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member,
7:53 am
protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
7:54 am
we are talking about spaghetti carbonara. good morning. >> yes. >> under 11 bucks. >> in a year, we haven't done a pasta dish. haven't done pasta. that's a pretty easy one to go to. a box of 16-ounces, 79 cents, 69 cents. it's easy to make. this dish super simple. >> okay. >> some of it tricks we're going do on this particular dish unlike a
7:55 am
regular car, narrow you get pancetta or pork cheek. we're going to use the bacon. okay? that's 79 cents. 2.99. we only need a couple worth of cheese. we're going to do it twice. start the dish, put the bacon in here, and black pepper. a little oil. we're going to get some greece to come out of it. and then we're going to take the egg and cheese and mix it in a would and hang on to it. pasta going. once you got that boiled, the trick to this is that's staff. y water, and that's going to help you dilute the sauce. the pasta goes back to the pan. we're going to take the water, put it back in the pan, and you get it nice and warm in there. we're going to take that mixture, the egg and the cheese, and slowly mix it into there. do not want to scramble your eggs. >> yes, yes.
7:56 am
temperature a little bit. mix that together. excuse me and you've got a great dish for more than four. >> and the eggs. are you using a whole egg or just milk. >> whole egg on this one. this dish is just easy. if you want to separate your egg, go for it. >> makes it a little more creamy, a little more yellow, and has a nice protein punch to it as well. not just the carbs with the noodles. you have the cheese, protein with the egg, bacon as well. this came out to under 11 bucks. >> under $11. >> amazing >> there are great options. the pass is it is one of those, inexpensive, a lot of people use it. not a bad idea. with appreciate you doing the pasta. this is a great verse of -- how can they do that? . >> look us up on facebook. if you need a food truck for any parties you have going on, give us a ring through facebook. send us a note. we'll help you find a food truck. >> thank you. love the recipe. good morning to you.
7:57 am
patchy fog in just a few spots this morning, sierra valleys included, places like truckie, also north central, nearby nevada. outside of that, a very much quieter pattern is setting in. beginning watch high pressure build in. that means dry conditions all the way through the 7-day. cool temperatures to start warming up by the weekend and essentially into next week. that's when really warm temperatures are going to be back into the forecast. also with high pressure building in, the other thing we start to watch is the air quality. not too many issues with that. keep you updated. 20 degrees in town now. partly, mostly cloudy skies reported from the airport now. 9 degrees in tonopaw, 21 eely. 28 here in reno. not really all that warm today. 40 for the high in reno sparks. as we head into the 7-day, you're going to see 50s, even low 6 0s near tend of that 7-day. that's on the way for later only. now, partly cloudy skies. the snow showers that came
7:58 am
zones mostly have moved out to the east. we are now done with the snow activity, and that's it for the 7-day forecast. nothing left for the precipitation, chances on that 7-day. into the 30s for northern zones, including 39 spanish spring los down into the teens and 20s tonight. eastern part of the state, topping around 30 in elco, same thing eureka. 29 in eely. western nevada into the 30s, 40 degrees. bridgeport checking in at 40 later on today. generally light winds across the area. not much going on. 30s to 40 around the lake. temperatures are pretty similar for most areas today. and again, this is below average for now. but we are going to see a warmup on that 7-day forecast. here it is. coming into your weekend, we're into the 50s for the lower elevations, right around the 50-degree mark on saturday in parts of the i st. climb to the mid-0s into tuesday next week, and reaching near 60 in carson city. on your wednesday, not too bad up at the lake as well. for reno sparks, we could see
7:59 am
freezing fog every once in a while over the next few morning. then we'll watch the air quality as well for the next several days. but a return to sun by the weekend, and temperatures not far from 60 by tuesday and wednesday. so warm stuff is on the way. >> all right, tim. thanks. brace for more "fast and furious." >> david daniel has that and a lot more in today's "hollywood minute." . >> reporter: make that three last rides. ''fast and furious" producer and star vin diesel has confirmed release dates for three more films in the franchise. diesel completed a series of instagram posts by completing the final fast and furious trilogy will hit theaters in april 2017, 2019, 2021 respectively.
8:00 am
hamilton is giving the grammy's a shot. the l.a. awards tell low cast will begin with a live performance via satellite from the show's new york theater. the opening number may not be its only grammy home. the show is up for best musical theater album. once upon a time, there was a little prince who lived on a planet that was --. >> i thought i'd never find anyone who wanted to hear my story. >> "the little prince" has made history. the first animated movie to open the santa barbara international film festival in its 30-year history. as it executive director explained to "the hollywood reporter," the movie's subject and international flavor are perfect for the fest and star jeff bridges is a santa barbara native. >> i love to see when there's new kid movies or animated movies that can go for
8:01 am
students should be allowed to smoke on school grounds. we'll explain the controversy coming up. the ameranic pple eon'cat afgo on odpepar,ut b willne vemar ke it in the alre wldor. the angrdmher oto whhas tooochse betwe penaygin for medici anenday ping rent cat wan'.it a single m womhoespe dteraly needs a israe n't caitwa. a udstenwitht m aouaintn of de cbtan wai'tt. cweanake malre pgrroess righ tw fonoper op alend familsie o newh iedt.
8:02 am
31-year-old was sitting on a fortune worth $50 billion. at close of trading on tuesday. microsoft founder and -- philanthropist, i should say. bill gates is the it world's richest person with a net worth of a measly $78.7 billion. also trending on facebook this morning, your facebook feed macon taken a -- today. it belongs to the social media giant itself. facebook was founded 12 years ago. today the cofounder wants its focus on its users, electing them friends day. this is what they're saying. february 4th should be about them, not facebook in particular. facebook said its mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. turning new to what's trending over on our facebook page this morning, french high schools say students should be allowed to smoke on school
8:03 am
targets for extremists when they gather for cigarette breaks on the street outside. schoolmates first made the requests five days after the february 13th attacks in paris that left 130 people and 350 wounded. . around one-third of french teens between the ages of 15 and 19 smoke, a third of them. the health ministry rejected the request, and reminded people france is trying to cut the number of smokers in the country. should student be allowed to smoke in an area on school grounds? go ahead and post your comments on our facebook
8:04 am
we'll your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive.
8:05 am
all caught on camera. also caught the attention of cnn's janeie pose. you are watching "mornings on fox" with bill brentmore, samantha bog,man, and weather with meteorologist tim study baker. this is "mornings on fox." . good thursday morning. 8:30 on your thursday. hopefully your morning is off to a good start. lot to come in our last half hour. mardi gras is coming to reno. you don't have to travel to new orleans to participate in fat tuesday. a great event going on on february 9th.
8:06 am
sportsbook this morning >> yeah. so many people getting so excited for the super bowl, and the majority of those bets for the super bowl will be made between now and when kickoff is. it all happens kind of within those days leading up, as opposed to the last week that it's been available, so -- >> i love to hear those prop guys. >> so much fun. >> he'll move his foot two times before -- just so interesting. >> we're going to be talking to a local sports expert to see how the bets are going so far. : but before we get to all of that, let's send things to tim study bake we are a look at your forecast. >> good morning to you. could be starting with patchy fog or freezing fog in a few areas, especially valley locations in the sierra, as well as north eastern, north central parts of the state. it's dry forecast going forward. in fact, the entire 7-day forecast is dry with nothing in sight for precip chances. warmer temperatures are on the way. mild by the weekend, much
8:07 am
to middle of next week, too. the 60-degree mark is within reach by about tuesday or wednesday at some of the lower elevations. now so much, 28 degrees going for a high of 40. mostly cloudy reported from the airport as well. we'll see some breaks of sun in between clouds. teens and 20s out there for western nevada and the say year are, 19 in truckie. 28 in carson city, 25 in dayton, 20 myth valley. the snow showers from last night that were mostly north of reno sparks, those are now gone. they moved out toward our east, leaving us with partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies at times. and again, not very warm yet, but a milder weekend and warmer temperatures by next week. how warm and when coming up on that 7-day. back to you. >> thank you. mount blue resort and casino in south lake tahoe has opened their newly remodeled sports book. 105 locations in all through
8:08 am
with its award-winning mobile sports app. this weekend they're offering 834 different ways to bet on the super bowl. they're also offering in-play wagering through the entirety of the game. well the usa tie kwon do championships are kicking their way back here into the biggest little city big event. and there's a lot to look forward to this year. alex knito is live with a behind-the-scenes look at alex? we're here at the reno sports convention center. let me tell you, a lot of talent in this room to talk about the usa tie kwon do championship, we're talking to bruce. >> good morning. >> reporter: this has been going on since tuesday. ever day is a little different. >> yes. this is our international event, and there are 52 participating countries, including cuba, uganda, usa, all over the world. this is the largest open championship in the world.
8:09 am
competitors here, which is less than we had last year, but it's great turn itself. you've got olympians. you've got world championships, national championships from the u.s. so it's instilling competition. very cigarette competitors. >> a lot of energy and excitement in the room. they're just getting started with today's competition. what for you is the most exciting part about watching everyone past couple days? . >> we have the u.s. olympic tam trials two days ago. that was very exciting. we selected the athletes going to theification tournament. at this event, we have current olympians. we have people ranked in the top ten in the world. so seeing them compete is awesome. >> reporter: now, the e. does go until sunday. there's plenty of time to come down, watch the excitement. for more about tickets and types, just visit our web site, back to you. >> all right, alex. thank you. we don't have to travel all the way to new
8:10 am
no. mardi gras is coming right here to reno. to tell us about it, we have the rotary club of reno. thank you, guys, so much for coming on this morning >> i don't ear very welcome. >> for those of us who haven't been to bourbon street or have, tell us what this mardi gras celebration is all about, and how closely it follows -- >> well it's on fat attitude every year. this is the 24th year this event. it's at the event center, because we out grow the ballroom. >> oh my goodness. >> tickets are $75 for the public. the rotarians put this on every year, and all volunteers -- this is my 16th year to produce it. it's very fun, or i wouldn't keep counseling it. we have 21 line this is year being poured. we have a huge silent auction, 20 restaurants, including four big casino booths, and great silent
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:11 am
just really bigger and better this year. >> you said 24 years. how has it grown over the years? . >> well when i got involved, it was at the art museum, and it was small, and everybody wrought food, and it was just a club thing. then we took it public. we opened the event center in 2007. it may have been 2004. but it really got big after that. >> . >> reporter: yes. it's been big for awhile. >> oh a while. >> where do the proceeds go for those folks at home watching now who may not know exactly what rotary is. describe that for us. >> a service gruesome motto is service above self. we have a lot of programs in town. we adopted the -- stem academy. we spent more than 0,000 a year at that school. we have leadership programs for kids between their junior and senior year. we have another leadership program for eighth graders.
8:12 am
call most improved students with incredible life conditions and still are graduating, and we-them from pair for the next level of education. we have a lot of other programs that include helping the kids read. >> okay. >> we do lot of different programs. >> and obviously all the proceeds raised in this went will go to help all the different organizations. well, hey, i'm there. i certainly can be -- >> oh. >> if someone watching at home wants to get tickets, wrack they go? . >> they can go to www.r,nomar >> reporter: fantastic. always a fun event happen right here in our on backyard. guys, over to you. a sneak peek into the control room of "greece live" has the internet in aw,. >> the production called for and epic degree of shot calling.
8:13 am
>> reporter: how can a live performance of an event like "greece" make even a shuttle launch sound lethargic? . >> two laps two hopes three. one laps two laps three should have laps six. >> reporter: when the associate director of "greece" posted this two and a half minute control room clip to facebook. >> two, two, three, four. >> reporter: people said -- >> "tell me more." . >> reporter: all that counting, all that intensity. >> two bars, two beats. >> reporter: one comment tore wrote, "that was awesome. i'm exhausted listening to you." alex riginsky said he's blown away by the response >> i'm thrilled. i'm thrilled to share a little bit of the aw, behind the scenes. >> reporter: alex is the guy who -- each and
8:14 am
1,500 shots. the associate director can call them out when they went live. what you're hearing is a shot number, plus counting the duration of the shot in beats and bars. watch for the shot change, which calls for shots 18 and 19. >> reporter: for three hours of live performance, associate director carey hobble had her head buried in the script. seemed almost like a musical what show? >> she comes -- we come over was the show like." i'm like, "it was great." . >> reporter: let's count our way through shots 27, 28, and 29. >> three, two, four, 29. 2, 3, 8, 29. >> reporter: broadcast director's favorite facebook comment. >> like rubbing your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time. >> reporter: take a bow, then take a nap.
8:15 am
be counting sheep for awhile. cnn, new york. >> so important to recognize for those shows, what they put together, the stage crew respect everyone you don't see behind the scenes. it can not happen without those people. >> that was very impressive. coming up, if you have money to bet on super bowl 50, you may not be alone; that's for sure. find out how the betting action is trending, and what's some of those prop bets
8:16 am
happening on sunday.
8:17 am
super bowl days away. one place that will be jam packed as always -- joining us this morning is the director, terry cox. thank you so much for being here. . >> for the sports bar itself, it's -- interestingly, for the casino, about 4 years ago, super bowl weekend actually took over move as the busiest week -- day -- busiest weekend of the year for the team. >> for pepper mills specifically? that's amazing. >> wow, wow. there's so many different ways you can put money down on this game. a lot of people -- some people just take $5, make 20 with the or something. some people put serious cash down. what is the trending betting we're seeing happening now for the super bowl? . >> so far most of the money has been on the panthers. we opened that at minus 4, and
8:18 am
>> oh wow. >> you can see each half a point of movement is because that much money has come in. kind of like the commode floor of the commodities exchange, trying to find that price -- both sides. >> sure. >> we think that money will come back. >> reporter: sure. it's understandingable, how much the panthers are blowing teams out. even in the playoffs. prop bets have become so fascinating over the last several years. why? why do people gravitate toward these? . >> it keeps your attention throughout the game, only. there's hundreds of these props now. player prop, quarter-by-quarter prop. people made a bunch of money a couple years ago finding the safety in the super bowl. there never had been one. the room went crazy.
8:19 am
>> people go, "o'hey, not only is this fun, make money doing this." . >> kind of like fantasy football. tell us about the big game glitz happening on sunday it's a huge party. >>. >> seventy dollars admission. you can get your ticket, come saturday, sunday to puck them up. a good way -- enjoy the camaraderie, be a whole bunch of other fans. >> i don't ear seeing the screen. the pepper mill. the assigned seating is $70. table -- we'll send it pack over to you. good morning to you. we are looking at patchy fog possible out there for some areas this morning, valley. locations like where truckie is, in toward places in north central, northeastern nevada.
8:20 am
it is cold enough at this point for that. so that may be putting some ice on some area roadways. patchy at best probably at this point, but still something to keep in mind. a quiet pattern sets in for us on the entire 7-day forecast. no snow chances on that 7-day. no rain chances either. and we are looking at cool temperatures to start the 7-day today. by the end of the 7-day, 60 degrees will be reachable for us in reno sparks, other locations. we'll see that in a moment. 28 in town now. mostly cloudy skies, calm winds, 78% humidity. temperatures are cool to start, 9 degrees in tonapaw. 20s for approach everyone else. we'll eventually catch up. there were some snow showers overnight last night into the evening hours yesterday and overnight from west to east across the state. they were focused mostly north of -- there were a couple to the south of the freeway as well. we'll see a drier pattern
8:21 am
30 degrees in elko for the high, 34 in west landover. western nevada into the 30s for today. near the 40-degree mark. 38 in hawthorn, and 35 in winimonka for today. 40-degree mark at south lake. light winds at partly to mostly cloudy skies. western nevada into the 30- degree -- or 40-degree range, not far from it. most spots into it upper 30s today. our northern zones also into the mid-, upper 30s. the same temperature story approach ever, ever where you go. 40 degrees in reno sparks. for your high, partly to mostly cloudy skies. here is that 7-day forecast. it is quiet all the way across. no prec,p chances to speak of. cool temperatures for now, and have challenge lull way warming up. low 0s in some of the low elevations saturday and sunday. upper 50s to low 60s even by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday next week. a return to sun over the weekend. some sun breaking over the
8:22 am
more sun by that weekend. s a watch for patchy freezing fog in the mornings. with high pressure in the wintertime we'll start to see air-quality concerns. over to you take a look what's trending on our facebook page. french high schools say students should be allowed now to smoke on school grounds so they don't become targets for extremists when they gather for cigarette breaks out on the street. the leading union of school administrators first made the request about 5 days ago, 5 days after the november 1th attacks in paris. that, of course, as we know now left 130 people dead, 350 wounded. the main fear is that allowing groups of teens to dear and smoke together is going to leave them vulnerable to future attacks, like the one that recently happened in paris. according to government statistics, about one-third of french teens between the ages of 15 and 19 smoke. health it health administrator rejected the request
8:23 am
currently trying to cut the number of smokers in the country. what are you going for first? trying to cut the number of people who are smoking or potentially put them in a hazardous situation, a target maybe? love to hear what you have to say. starting off first with glenn. glenn, what do you think about the move, saying, "okay. as of right now, it's okay to smoke" back on school grounds? . >> well if they just allow smoking in the boys room like the good old days, they wouldn't be having this problem. we're overcomplicating everything. as far as the cigarette thing, start a campaign like we did in america, and let people know smoking is dangerous. there, that settles that. as far as teenagers gathering, what does that have to do with jets? teenagers gather. that's not your problem. the problem is the country has terrorists. when you deal with the terrorists, it'll be safe for people to gather again. >> kenton, do one agree? .
8:24 am
i think the key problem is the country has terrorists, and i don't think it's a good idea to open up and let the students to smoke on the grounds. what about people working in buildings and restaurants? i don't know if the french allow smoking in those places. how about those people? i think people are worrying too much, and let me put i this way. i hate to think about a terrorist; but if they want to create havoc, won't they want to do it at tend of the school day and kill more kids, stuff like that? but i think the kids are safe. probably trying to find an excuse to smoke inside. >> some people are saying it's condoning smoking as well. it's different in france. we'd love to hear what you have to say. go ahead and postyour comments on our facebook page. coming up next, sam? . >> a pretty large cat was spotted roaming around the mountains in arizona.
8:25 am
rare. welcome back, everyone. there's a chance you may see this guy in person. it wasn't clear as to whether or not dad wires -- at least not until now.
8:26 am
santa ritta mountains outside tucson arizona. jaguar is the only one native to north and south america p. one has been photographed repeatedly over the past few years, and people in -- call it jefe, which means the boss in spanish. >> certainly think he earned the name. >> jaguars in the u.s.? i had no idea. that's crazy. >> goggle it. >> i want one as a pet. it's really chi et going forward. maybe patchy, freezing fog in a few spots, north central, nearby nevada. chilly for now, warmer by the week. really warm. >> want to give you a final look at -- by state of shroed,r. absolutely amazing. we all con assumed it. it's delish.
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