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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 16, 2016 9:30am-10:00am PST

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stopped in for skate boarding history. plus the buzz word for your chance to win. >> she is going pop the question. >> this is not going to have a positive outcome. >> what she said that had her dhog. this video is at the movie heart stopping. that's a one-year-old and teetering outside of a third story building. >> it's so small and we know that one-year-olds nearly walked. >> mom just reached out and grabbed the kid like no big deal.
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on the window. mom says that it was put there before the baby got out. i don't know how a one-year-old could get past the security screen when you see how it is on the window. >> that's why the baby did not fall because the screen was not there and cannot see it because it's very blurry and maybe from the distance cannot see it. >> i say no. at one spot you can see the baby's leg go out. >> i was just glad that the baby is okay. >> yeah. >> it may in the be clear approximate but one thing is clear to play american style football in russia and they were just leaving and on the second floor. looks like they have had a good night. it's 23-year-old alexander and you're going want to keep your eye on him. remind you this is the second floor. steps right out. some other
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the person in the blue jacket stops and realizes that should not be opened. they saw him and likely called for help and he has a fractured skull and in i cu. carving away at this dirt. >> he is trying to dig up a wasp nest. once he starts to go in there he goes to maybe two wasps. he suddenly is there. >> oh yeah. >> that my friend is eminent domain domain. >> you can hear the buzzing and them crashing into the camera. >> you see that he has the tape and he cannot just slide up
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>> yeah, and he says that he has the equipment and has the right gear and he gets it and do not find this on your own. they move the camera over and get a clear shot of the next. then he reaches in and pulling it out and you get to see exactly what it looks like inside. >> cool. it's on the ground and not harming anybody. why did he have to talk it out? >> well, it's a basic german wasp and having a strong environmental impact in the area is the reason.
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and ripping down in gears. >> it's one of the other cars and oncoming sides of traffic. he turns in and pulls in. he sees the pony there often to the pasture. >> yeah, that's been in the shoes. >> he takes the mega leap and it's calculated and why don't you tuck up the leg and go sideways and then off and now
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this time cost the urban jungle. >> yeah. >> what. >> it's a few kisses and then e emotions to roll down. that's when she realizes. >> you [ bleep ]. >> a tree. >> it's time to get it.
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in a bit. he is here and i am going to pour it here. >> it's a step and caused 2002 film and sorry make this legendary attempt. since this failed the skate boarding world
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>> nick, look at it. it's completely ruptured and six to eight months and this is the kind of accident that has you swearing or skate boarding for ever. >> we're back. >> just let them win. >> he has not come alone. that girl is there and going frout are the 2002 film. >> had is down. oh gosh. >> it's like another round of security coming up in front of him and then a guy pulls the barrier across and then it's a heart break. >> you're not going to leave us there. >> yeah, going down the stairs and then you see the cameras and then we see it and it looks like
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everything is a go. again he is just falling. >> the wheels are whip withed off. >> he goes back for manyore. >> eight months and then incredible video. it's been ruled over. >> it's going crazy viral. the couple in this car got stranded stranded. >> on the way to the the wedding.
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with calcium and vitamin d.
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itch relief. scratch relief. winter relief. closed kapsing provided by. can you do this with the bone? >> that could be the shoulder blade. my back already hurts. >> it's not that he can just poke it out but can break a world record. this is the world record that he wants to break or set. >> this is what he is doing.
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>> this is in the u.s. and he is from nepal and he is 139, and i know what are you thinking does that sound familiar? that's because this is the same kid that put them in. wasn't there something else to do to set the record. >> it's going to be world famous. >> i get paid for this kind of stuff. >> well, hopefully he gets a check. i am sure that will help out. >> i hope that he gets a check enough to pay for school. >> i am so mesmerized. the couple inside of this
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the way, they got stuck. these people saw them and pulled over and helped them. they put the stranded vehicle on the road. >> is this the greatst thing that anyone has seen. it is like 25 people watching. >> it gets better because if i rewind the video and play some sound is, you're going realize like it's anything that you have seen before. >> it was actually a choir. >> that was the voice choir. >> it was f actually. >> driving past the couple that got stranded on the way to their wedding. she is not even wearing the wedding dress as she is stuck in the car. talk about meant to be.
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off and been surprise! . >> guys yeah can you follow us and just join us at the church? you can see one of the guys jumped in to help pull the car back on to the road. they're all record recording and while they're helping out. now this video of the rescue helps this video of them singing to go viral. that's a holy night. it's so beautiful. he is going somewhere and going fast. >> he claims to go 160 miles an hour with no help.
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winter nasal congestion. is it a cold? sinuses? allergies? for all of them... there's allegra-d . a maximum strength decongestant for 24 hour relief. try allegra-d . you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun. . you're in the start and then it's a pint up and ready to go down the hill and that's on the mountain bike in the red bull rampage in utah that's anticipation of starting the race and looking down the mountain. >> yeah, once he is tough.
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>> if you hear the helicopter. >> this was a run for a while. >> oh no. >> what is that? what is that? >> that's a flat tire. >> that's over and practically before it started. all of that anticipation and excitement and done. boom er for darren. he was not really going anywhere, but the next guy is going somewhere
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of years old and gets attention. >> it's on and you deal with what you're capable of dealing with. >> where is he doing this? >> it's naturally and crazy. when i say that, you will think of the cougar national park and this is probably in the backyard. this is the gator that they're referring to. actually not an actual gator. take a look at these. this is not what i was expecting. it's best to deliver gayle. >> yeah, because lou has taken down and not endorsing that. this is a little one. >> you never know what you think
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and barks and looks and barks. >> it's fun to see the dog be so perplexed. what is it? i think a gator wins in this one. watch how it's going up for bedtime. >> we don't play on the stairs. that's dangerous. >> i don't know if they're handing it to her but i am impressed. >> that's amazing. >> that's epic. >> and the coordination does this happen every night. >> this is a night time ritual. >> you guessed it and it's time to go away. >> head over to and click on ipad.
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>> so let's reveal tuesday's buzz word. are you ready? >> i am. >> are you sure? >> i am. >> it's dream. >> get over and click on the win ipad button and enter the buzz word dream. d-r-e-a-m. >> tune in and good luck everybody. >> sounds good to me. they have only been together for six months.
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>> he flashes the box into the . one of you hold on to this. you're going to need it for the next video. if you want to learn how to spin the pin and do it like this guy. >> i did it once in my life. >> it's so hard. >> yeah, you can tell.
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>> wow. >> yeah, this is perry and perry has apparently learned how to do the sunday and i don't know if they're being funny or serious that they created this special spinning. >> it must be nicely balanced. >> yeah and this is proper. >> that's so funny. >> i did not me that was a thing. >> yeah, they can do it. >> well then grow out and do it. valentines day. the day that lovers around the world have love for one another. >> 6 million people get engaged on valentines.
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on the couch. he flashes the box into the dam he drops down to one knee. we have only been together six months. >> what are you doing? >> i don't think this is going to have a positive outcome. >> come here. >> that are you doing? >> he pulls out the box and pops it open and pops the big question. >> i had money on will you go make me a sandwich. >> are you joking? >> i don't think that she looked like she was into it. >> she was really into this proposal and looking forward to it. >> he is cracking up. >> this is the best thing out
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can not say on tv. he pranks his dad and decided to get his girlfriend. >> are they still together? >> yes, he did get the tea and people are amused by it and it mlt has millions of views. thanks for watching with us. go enter the buzz word and good
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next "right this minute." >> judge patricia: you say that the defendant's dog chased your cat. >> announcer: a fight between neighbors' pets. >> she tore the ligaments in her legs. >> judge tanya: there's no bite. that's troubling for me. >> announcer: and the judges are deadlocked. >> judge larry: this is a first for us. three different verdicts. >> announcer: "hot bench." judge tanya acker. judge larry bakman. judge patricia dimango. three judges. three opinions. one verdict. >> judge patricia: we've reached our decision. >> announcer: in a court of law, it's called a "hot bench." bob lindstrom is suing
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richard "rick" rodriguez, for vet bills incurred after rick's dog chased his cat. >> judge patricia: thank you, everyone. please be seated. >> sonia: your honor, this is case number 350, lindstrom vs. rodriguez. >> judge patricia: thank you, sonia. mr. lindstrom, you say that the defendant's dog chased your cat. and as a result, your cat sustained some injuries which really totaled about $4,000 in vet bills. >> that's correct. >> judge patricia: you want them to pay. >> yes. >> judge patricia: you know what you say? "wasn't my dog." >> it is not my dog. >> judge patricia: okay. how do you know it was his dog? >> we know the rodriguezes. >> judge patricia: did you witness it? >> i witnessed part of it. >> judge patricia: ma'am, are you a witness, as well, here? >> yes. >> judge patricia: and did you witness this incident? >> i was there, the first on the scene. >> judge patricia: okay, the first on the scene. why don't you step up? [ laughter ] miss first-on-the-scene, what's your name? >> khafifah. >> judge patricia: khafifah, you are mrs. lindstrom, correct? >> lindstrom. that's right. >> judge patricia: and ma'am, you are? >> i'm nenita. >> judge patricia: are you a


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