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tv   News 4 Today  FOX  February 22, 2016 6:30am-6:59am PST

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we're going to preview tomorrow's caucus here in the back. february 22nd, 2016. . you're watching "news 4 today," on your side n high definition. welcome to the last half hour of "news 4 today." . here on this 22nd day of february. thank you so much for sticking around. your forecast with tim coming up in just a bit. after a pretty calm week, how does 70 degrees sunday? it's certain certain lay possibility later this week. >> we'll be getting your forecast with him in just a bit. first on your news, between the nevada caucus and south carolina primary, hillary clinton and donald trump were the big winners over the weekend. what does this mean now for nevada? alex knito is live with a preview of tomorrow's
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>> reporter: a big couple of days, as far as politics go, especially over here in nevada. saturday. people turning out to support hillary clinton or bernie sanders. hillary clinton did come out on top with the win, but talking about the republicans, they had their primary over in south carolina also on saturday, and there. this is his second win. he did take the win in new hampshire with ted cruz taking the win in the caucus happening in iowa just earlier this month. so we want to talk about,, cues me -- talking about the gop caucus happening in nevada tomorrow, several presidential hopeful else they wear way to the silver state. let's start with ben carson. he was here yesterday. s a going to be here today. he is speaking up in virginia city. marco rubio also coming to northern nevada. he'll be making several stops throughout the day. starting in elko, making his way to reno, hitting
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tom cruise in town, holding a rally at the elko, at the r,no boys and girls club tonight. he's going to be hitting up carson city. and of course donald trump also here tomorrow. he's going to be speaking in nugget. if you head to our web site,, you can get an extensive list of where they're going to be, times they're speaking if you want to go and hear say. reporting live, i'm alex knito. back to you. the northern nevada community is mourning the loss of debby smith a. representative says her death appears to have come from complications related to brain cancer. officials say smith was a life- long advocate for nevada's public education system. debby smith was 60 years old. she is survived by her husband, three children, and two grandchildren. the a date for a funeral has not yet been announced. the u.s. circuit court is
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for the first time since the sudden death of antonin scalia. arguments get underway. chief justice john roberts is expected to mention scalia's passing from the bench. scalia died last week while visiting a remote texas ranch. he was 79 years old. president obama has vowed to pick a circuit court nominee to fill the vacancy. avalanche deaths are on the rise this year. weir going to take a look at why january saw the highest number of deaths since 2008.
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stay with us. data from the colorado avalanche information center shows 11 deaths across the country in january, that month the deadliest since 2008. experts say it's hard to attribute avalanche-related incidents to the number of incidents alone. sales of recreation equipment indicate a growing population of -- country winter travelers across the u.s.. one lane of highway 50 could be closed tomorrow after a large boulder rolled on to the highway. take a look at this. officials say the rock fell in tahoe, caused a crash, but fortunately nobody was injured. the nevada department of transportation plans to use special equipment and remove the boulder some time today. just give you an idea how big this thing is, about 9 feet wide and 6 feet high. >> wow.
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tumbling down on the roadway. >> yeah. >> that's highway 50 near lake tahoe. a look outside on your monday morning. a beautiful moon we were able to show viewers a little earlier. you still may be able to see it out there. >> yeah. you probably will. when the moon is full -- >> hit your eye. sorry, sorry. >> you're fine. when the moon is full, it actually sets right at sunrise, so once that sun comes up, it will be harder to see that moon. it will be going down, if it hasn't already. still pretty close to full tonight into tomorrow morning as well. it will look full to most of us. going to be beautiful out there. great viewing conditions, too, with clearing skies over the next couple days. >> and a beautiful, calm, warm week. >> yeah. it is going to be another quiet stretch for us. we're getting another extended break from the winter weather, instead looking for warm temperatures. today is about 5 or so degrees above average for reno sparks by the afternoon. later on this week, weir going way above average.
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mostly cloudy skies. 56 in carson city, 38 out into elko. very small snow shower chance for elko. we did have some moisture come through overnight. i'll show you that actually now on satellite and radar. excuse me. a little batch of moisture came through overnight last night. just dropped a couple of isolated light showers across parts of the area, but that is quickly moving out of here. just dropping a couple more snow showers right now on the eastern side. so about a 10% snow shower chance for eastern nevada today. the rest of us, looking dry for the day today. 19 in truckee, 31 in reno, 32 now in carson city, and 28 in gearington. good air quality, green burn code. nothing going on there, too, for the reno sparks. i have a 70-degree reading to talk about. that will be coming up in a bit. back over to you. let's see how your monday morning commute is doing so far. good morning to you, trooper down can. >> reporter: good morning, guys. with everybody out there enjoy the great weather we
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as for traffic, like bill talked about earlier, we're still dealing with that large boulder that's blocking the westbound travel of highway 50. in the area of logan creek. just south of glenn brooke up there. do be careful if you're headed through that area. we have diverted traffic around the boulder using eastbound lanes, and it has caused quite a problem over the weekend. dot is going to try to get -- use caution while traveling through that area this morning. all the areas moving smooth at this time with no incidents or crashes to report to you despite our normal slowdowns. let's enjoy the weekend ahead. for the weekend, guys, keep those belts on. be safe, and take care. back to you. >> all right. thank you so much for that. well residents in figi are recovering after a record-breaking cyclone brought strong wind gusts. coming up, we'll take a look at the plan to fix the
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there we'll be back. the opening bell on wall street to start out the workweek. . >> 1891 points up on the dow. nasdaq is up 58. a good start to your trading day. some of the stories making headlines. top security regular later has stepped down following months of turmoil in the chinese stock markets. yang was appointed to the position in march 2013. last summer, the shanghai stock market has fallen sharply. a china backed consortium -- proposed two plants
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oregon to convert natural gas to methanol, which would be shipped back to china to make plastics. but those plans are facing opposition. some say the projects would create jobs, but opponents have raised concerns about environmental and health impacts. over 1,000 people attended a hearing this month on the proposed tacoma refinery. all right. we had a beautiful full moon overnight. hopefully you had a chance to see it. if not, you're going to be seeing a lot of sun over the week. hi tim. >> that's right. we have mostly cloudy to partly forecast. today is mostly cloudy as well as light winds, and very mild temperatures, too. about 5 or so degrees above average this time of day, even warmer for the second half of this week. wednesday, thursday, friday looking extremely warm for february. 5 miles per hour winds, 76% humidity, and mostly cloudy skies at this hour. we're into the 30s for most of the area, 40s
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20s in winnemuca at 27 degrees a. couple isolated showers come through during the night-time hours. then they moved off to the east, continuing off to our east, leaving us with dry conditions much of the day. any snow shower chances would be in the -- really very low at this point. only at about 10%. the rest of us looking dry with a good amount of sun. some pretty mild temperatures especially for western nevada. upper 0s in elko and eureka as well as'ly for highs. a few degrees above average for this time of year. closer to average tomorrow. then warming up even more for the rest of this week and beyond. 47 in tacoma for your high, 46 tahoe city. western in evidence into the 50s for the day today. very warm for this time of year. 5 or so degrees above average, warmer second half of this week. wait until you see those
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look for 58 in reno sparks. 50 is the average for today's date. watch the 7-day here. tomorrow we'll -- a little on those temperatures. then we skyrocket heading into thursday and friday. mid to upper 60s in carson city by wednesday to friday. our indication chance for a shower comes around on saturday. until then we're staying dry. we're staying warm. check out the 70 for friday for reno sparks. so well above average for this time of year. fiji is struggling to recover from tropical cry clone winston. strong winds and torrential rains tore up homes and cut communications and water service in addition electricity across the nation of about 900,000 people. the government declared a 30- day state of emergency with schools ordered to close there. the cyclone hit late on saturday and packed winds of 143 miles per hour, gusts up to 202.
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we are learning more about saturday's horrific shooting spree in michigan, which left six people dead and two others hospitalized. the suspect is due in court to face murder charges. police do not yet have a motive. reed bineon has were. >> reporter: proper jeff goaling describing the calm manner in which he says uber driver jason ballton carried out saturday night's shooting spree. >> this wasn't hour rid in any way, shape or form. they're on video. we watched the video with law enforcement. >> reporter: rampage played out over the course of nearly 7 hours, starting in an apartment complex late saturday afternoon where police say he gunned down a woman in the parking lot. expected to survive. her neighbors strike the hovering a. more than four hours later, another attack. a father and his teenage son shot and killed at a car dealership. minutes after that, police say dalton opened fire on five people in a restaurant parking lot, killing four, and injuring another.
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a.m. sunday morning. a passenger who rode with dalton before the rampage described his troubling behavior. >> a mile from my house. got a telephone call, and after that telephone call, he started driving really erratically. we were kind of driving through medians, driving through the lawn. once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> reporter: perhaps even more bizarre, a source with knowledge of the investigation says dalton pick up and dropped off passengers between shootings. investigators think he was looking for even more far,s after the final attack. >> ub,r confirms to cnn dalton age 45 was an uber driver, and said he passed a background check. they also issued a statement extending condolences to victims and families, and offering to help with the investigation. a judge is set to decide a lawsuit by families of victims in the sandy hook massacre can go forward. gunman adam lanza shot and killed 20 children and
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nine families and a schoolteacher who was shot and survived are suing the companies who make the ar-15 rifle used in the attack. the lawsuit is the most recent test of a 2005 federal law designed to protect gun makers from liability when their guns are used in crimes. since the passage of the protection of lawful commerce and arms act, nearly every such lawsuit against gun makers have been dismissed. green peace activists blocked the entrance of the center of brussels where trade deal talks were set to be held between the european union and u.s. negotiators today. businesses hope the trade pact called the trance atlanta trade and investment partnership will deliver more than 100 billion in economic gains on both sides of it the atlanta. opponents fear, thetit will erode deno catastrophe say. . of course the round of talks in brussels today
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hoping to reach a final agreement by the end of this year. angry protesters geared in seou today to strongly denounce north korea's latest nuclear test and missile raunch. a hundred people from a civic group -- to take part in the protest, calling for the government to take stern measures against the north. demonstrators slashed and burned a north korea flag. the protest was also criticized in north for their personal attacks on the south korean president and other world leaders. tim over to you. all right. thank you, bill. if you are traveling we have rain across the southeast. check with your airlines if you're headed that way or anywhere else for that matter.
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look at your 7-day kimberly wade is going to be introducing us to an adorable pet who is looking for a forever home. hope you can help out. in this week's lunch-box
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low carb if you will. an awesome way -- bet you never thought of it. >> ryan kern is hitting the slopes this morning with a look at -- skiing for a new series called "explosion our backyard." that and more coming up in less than 5 minutes. guys? . >> looking forward to that. thank you, melissa. let's get a final look at monday morning now. >> it is a quiet forecast, too. we are looking at mostly cloudy skies for the next couple days. temperatures just a little above average for today. closer to average for tomorrow. and then check out wednesday, thursday, friday, even into the weekend when our shower chances pick up on saturday, we're still into the 60s. 70 degrees on your friday in r,no sparks. went the wrong way. i've done that way too many times. 7-day forecast for carson city. also looking at very warm temperatures for the second half of this week, wednesday, thursday, friday, into the mid-and upper 6 0s. even touching the low 60s by thursday and friday. very warm stuff. next shower chance 20 to 30% on your saturday. >> all rightie.
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we're going to have much more on that coming up on "the today show." . the republican caucus in nevada is going on tomorrow, too. part of that. ''today show" is going to have much more on that. much more on local news and weather coming up on mornings on fox 11.
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we'll see you there a crash on rob drive over the weekend has left one man dead. we'll tell you what police think may have happened leading
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state senator debbie smith passed away over the weekend. more on her career in politics and her life. nevada gop caucus is tomorrow. candidates are gearing up for the big day. we'll tell you who is making a few stops in northern nevada coming up. good morning. hope you got a chance to look outside this morning. big, beautiful moon. did you see it when you were driving in. >> i didn't see it driving in but we pulled up the shot on the nbc show. it is gorgeous.


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