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tv   FOX 11 News at Noon  FOX  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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donald trump not holding anything back after a huge win in nevada's gop caucus just yesterday. how the other candidates fared against the front-runner. that's coming up right now. you're watching noon news on fox 11. good afternoon, everybody. hope you're having a great middle of your day on this wednesday. if you're looking for a place to go out and have lunch, head outside.
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it is so nice right now as we're heading into march. open for a miracle march for skiing and snowboarding. not bad weather. our meteorologist joins us with more on that. hey, tim. >> you're not alone wishing for a miracle march. a lot of us want to see more snow before all is said and done. things are not looking good as far as that is concerned. they are looking good for outdoor activities when you went to get out there and enjoy it. 65 the high in reno-sparks today. well above average. winds are light across the area for the day today. the temperature trend over the next few days, nothing but warm. average high is 54. we're going well above that average, even to the upper 60s for thursday and friday. when we come back, by saturday, down to 61. that is still well above that
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we have partly sunny across the area. 54 in town so far. that incidentally happens to be the average high for today's date. we're going to keep warming up for the next few hours. 57 in carson city. 57 in fernley. 7-day forecast has warm temperatures and pretty small precipitation chances. we'll talk about that in a bit. nevada has long been considered the wild west of politics, if you will, ahead of the state's caucuses a lot of people were betting on donald trump. it paid off. >> winning. winning, winning the country. reporter: donald trump road to right ye in the nevada caucuses tuesday. >> we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly he had kate indicated. reporter: with him favored before the results started coming in, the fight was between ted cruz and marco rubio for second place. cruz spinning his showing as
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>> we are one step closer to turning the pages on the failures of the obama, clinton disaster. reporter: rubio thoughting -- touting his identity as critical for an election win. >> i can unite this party. reporter: as the republicans watched the nevada returns come in, democrats hit them on the issue of race at the south carolina town hall. >> this issue which we heard from donald trump and others, a racist effort to try to delegit mize the president of the united states. reporter: bernie sanders courting the minority vote ahead of the state's saturday pry marrow and hitting hillary clinton over her paid speeches to wall street. >> sure, if everybody does it and that includes the republicans. >> why there one stand order for me and not for everybody else? well, across the state,
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lets break that down number wise. trump dominated the caucus with 46%. marco rubio came in second at 27%. ted cruz came in third with about 18% of people showing support. more than 75,000 people caucused yesterday. donald trump and the other candidates weren't the only ones in the national spot spotlight. nevada's gop caucus process itself was also being watched. >> news 4 spent the evening at reno high school where there were 23 precinct under one roof. we have the story. reporter: the site open to a crowd and a long line. folks like john came early saying they were excited to vote. >> mr. trump is going to be the man. he's a new yorker. i'm a new yorker. we understand each other. he's right in. reporter: the line moved quickly with some saying during the peak, it took just 15 to 20 minutes to get checked in and get their bam out to vote. the only hiccup, if you could call it that, happened to a
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he moved here from california and says he registered to vote with the dmv but his name wasn't on the list. >> did i register already. there's a lot of glitches in the system. a lot of people are going through this trying to find out whether they're on the list. if it's a dmv error or something. reporter: there were no provisional ballots on site. he's been waiting for someone to brings them here. in addition to voting, they were also press sink the meetings where neighbors could talk candidates, issues, and party platform. >> we had a small business owner so she was really concerned about paying her employees insurance and keeping her people employed at her company. >> everyone came with a pretty strong opinion. they were very, very interested in what's going on. reporter: the counting happened right after the caucus closed at 8:30. >> trump, trump, cruz. reporter: for the most part, despite a brief moment at this
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didn't match, an en or -- error that was quickly resolved, the voting count went smoothly. fox 11 news. the process was a lot different than the last election back in 2012 when it took 3 days to verify the votes across the entire state of nevada. the republican national committee is concerned about reports of double volting and other problems in southern nevada. a spokesman concerns there were reports of double voting and not enough ballots at a high school site in las vegas. they're also reports of people being turned away or directed to other locations. the double voting problem appears to be limited to one part of a caucus site where different precinct were combined. the party plans to compare the number of paper ballots to the sign-in sheet at that location. last night we took a call from a concerned citizen. he says he showed up to vote at around 6:20 last night.
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workers were turning people away. >> when i went in, there was 2, 3, 4 people that were walking away saying they didn't get to vote. then there was people standing outside saying the voting is closed. i asked them how come? he says i don't know. there was a handful, but regardless if it's 1, 2, or 3 people. they have a right to go and vote. >> fox 11 reached out to them. we are yet to hear back. we'll keep you updated. senate minority leader harry reed he announced that he is endorsing hillary clinton for president. in an interview, the nevada democrat issued a plea for his party to consolidate behind clinton. >> i think the middle class would be better served by hillary. i think that my work with her over the years has been something that i've looked upon with awe.
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she started the trend toward doing something about health care. she understood the issue well. she was the front on the health care during that administration. >> senator reed said that she is the person who's meant tonight first female president of the united states. the ashington post reports nevada governor is being vetted to fill the supreme court vacancy by ant ton inscalia's death. we don't know many details, only that the article sites two people as sources. meanwhile, president obama is giving hints on what he's looking for in a nominee. he says the person might have the following. first, a sterling record, a deep respect for the role and also an understanding of the way the world really works. that's a quote from president obama. the reap cons are -- republicans are vowing not to hold a hearing. the house speaker made the case that senate republicans have
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to hold confirmation hearings. >> everything is up for grabs. congress, president see, supreme court, and we owe this country a choice. them. to nominate someone. lets not forget the fact that congress is a separate but equal branch of government and the senate has every right not to act on anemonism both sides have rights here, and there is a precedence not acting on it in the middle of a presidential election. >> today, obama said it would be difficult for senate majority leader to explain his decision not to consider a nominee without looking like he's motivated by politics. on our crime watch, carson city sheriffs officials are asking for your help in identifying some burglary suspects. the crime happened at the carson treasure thrift shop and deputies say money was taken. although they didn't dis close
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it's an oldsmobile with a rear spoiler and they say the car is a model between the years 1999 and 2004. anyone with information on this case is asked to call carson city sheriff's office at either of the numbers there on the bottom of your screen. health officials have declared acephalous outbreak in the las vegas area. clark county has had a 128% increase in cases since 2012. officials say 615 of the 694 cases involved men being diagnosed. in 2015, last year, this marks nevada as having the highest rate of shiv husband in the western united states. officials are now urging people to get tested. the cases across the country have raise phren 6,000 cases back in 2000 to nearly 20,000 in 2014. overflow shelter in the reno area has been closed after
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volunteers of america said they discovered the missing copper after the building began to flood. the building does not have water or power for the 120 people who are staying there. shelter officials say they are doing everything pop to find a new location. the location of the current shelter is being kept a secret. the manager of a bowling alley is investigating reports that a child fell eight feet from a piece of play equipment. the boy's mother said he was knocked unconscious saturday after falling from a claiming maze. leslie says her son is recovering from cuts and bruises. the boy slid through a mesh panel after a zip tie broke. the general manager says the play equipment is maintained according to manufacture instructions and zip ties are commonly used at attractions just like this one. a massive bolder that was blocking traffic on us50 for
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here. crews took the massive rock with -- to the massive rock to break apart piece by piece. it was 9 feet wide, 6 feet tall when it first rolled on to the roadway it did cause a crash. no injuries have been reported. i was so scared. the how's would noting should not shake -- stop shaking. it was terrible. >> severe storms in the southern united states. the destruction they're leaving in their wake still ahead. we're going to look at a
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how long texas court of criminal appeals has dismissed the
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texas governor and one time presidential candidate rick perry. he was indicted on charges of abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public servant. the case began from a threat to veto money from the travis county's public integrity unit unless the district attorney resigned for her dwi conviction. he cut the money when the da refused to resign and the court said the governor acted and has the support to -- power to do so. thick fog is making it difficult for searchers at the site of a plane crash in northern nepal. 19 bodies have been found. it's believed all 23 were killed when the plane went down. it last contact after it was supposed to be a 19-minute flight. there's no word yet on what would have caused the crash. mountains of trash are clogging beirut's streets, the result of a garbage crisis that has gone on for months. a reported agreement to send
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back to russia fell through last week. the government shut down a landfill last year and has been searching for ways to dispose of it ever since. a dozen twisters carved a path of destruction across parts of louisiana, mississippi, and florida. three people now are reported killed. chad has more. reporter: oh, my gosh overnight three people killed and dozens injured. severe storms and tornadoes ripping through the deep south and florida. >> i just knew that it was a tornado. i was crying and i was so scared. the house would not stop shaking. it was just terrible. >> in some parts of louisiana, entire communities reduced to rubble. 160 motor homes blown apart after a storm ravaged an rv park in new orleans. >> the noise was so loud that you couldn't hear much of the
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reporter: and a? reporter: in neighboring prairieville, dodging debris. the roof of this jim peeling up as glass walls came crashing down. >> when the weather gets so bad, the roof of your gym and the ball blows off. reporter: in florida, apartment completions demolished. wind touseses cars like toys. texas not spared. hail the size of golf balls. thousands without power, hundreds reports of broken windows and damaged rooftops. >> that was chad reported. the storms will continue through florida today and move to georgia, the carolinas and eastern virginia. the damaging winds will be the greatest threat with tornadoes still possible though not as likely. taking a look at our forecast for today on your wednesday, beautiful outside. i was saying i wish i could go outside and -- outside and enjoy the sun. >> show is over in 11 minutes. our followings joins us with
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it is going to be a good one to soak up that sunshine. it is beautiful outside. warm temperatures and by the way, if the warm weather has you wanting to get away, weekend get away to vegas, perhaps, upper 70s to near 80 for the highs there. from the 70s and 80s down in the sash part of the day -- be warm around here. today. not much in the way of winds and warm temperatures, too. well into the 60s later on this afternoon for most of the lower elevation locations. 54 in town. partly cloudy skies reported from the airport. winds are calm with 31% humidity. temperatures are now in the 40s and 50s for much of the viewing area going for the 50s and 60s for many of us though the eastern side of the state stuck in the 40s and 50s, too. we are looking at a lot of sunshine. satellite and radar -- things
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future cast, boring today and tomorrow to be honest with you. by the time we get to friday, it tries to get closer to us. by noontime it's over the california coast. it's not going to do much for us, but it may provide for a little unsettled weather heading in through friday, saturday, sunday and into monday as well. 10 to 20% chance of showers for those four days. the 7 day is quiet and dry. in the 40s and 50s northeastern nevada today. 50s and 60s in western -- on the western side of the state at the lower elevations. upper elevations into the 50s today around tahoe. 53 in kings beach. 57 at south lake and light winds, partly cloudy skies. lower elevations into the 60s for many of us including 64 in dayton and matching that in -- northern zones in the 50s and 60s. mostly 60s. the exception is up above though. down toward the truckee
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keep in mind the average high for this time of year is 54. we're going well above that at the moment. we're going to stay above those ages for the next few days here into the 60s for carson city for almost the entire 7-day forecast next monday the exception. 10 to 20% shower chances pick up for us. not really all that great a chance. just a few isolate the showers are possible. otherwise things are dry. warmest two days, thursday and especially friday where we could be in the upper 60s. back over to you. when we come back, facebook is tapping into your emotions.
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all the reactions coming up.
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has a announced his support of brian sandoval as a supreme court nominee. this is coming on his heels of endorsement for hillary clinton today as well. >> i think the middle class would be better served by hillary. i think that my work with her over the years has been something that i have looked upon with awe. when she was the first lady, she started the trend toward doing something about health care. she understood the issue well. >> that was harry reed talking about clinton. again, he is endorsing sandoval for this position. move forward like button. you have competition on facebook. they announced they are expanding the ability to react to something on their news feeds. the social networking -- used to only have a thumbs up button. now if you move your mouse over
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choices pop up, like like, love, ha ha, wow, sad, and angry. facebook says they tested the reactions in a few markets last year and received good reviews. the new options are already available worldwide whether you're at a desktop or using your mobile devices. still if you don't know you have to float that mouse over the top and that's how you're going to -- all of them are going to pop up. we didn't know. >> we figured it out. we've five more options. >> there's a lot of opings you can use to talk about the weather. a lot of them are dry and require heet.
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[lively music] >> hi, and welcome to los angeles, california. welcome to celebrity name game. i am your host, tv's craig ferguson. welcome here. welcome. our teams today are caroline and carolyn versus michael and courtney. we'll get to you guys in a minute. okay, you two, step on up, would you? all right, let me guess. you guys are super adorable, so i'm guessing you're married, but you haven't been married that long. and i'm thinking you're sign language interpreters. >> i'm thinking he's psychic. >> wow. >> yes, that's pretty much it. >> oh. [laughs] yeah, no, i googled you before i came out, yeah. >> wow. >> yeah, so you're married, and you are-- >> yes. >> now, listen, here's the deal. you can't do sign language here.


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