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tv   Mornings on Fox 11  FOX  February 29, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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minutes wit . tomorrow's forecast high of 70 is average for may 4th. then when we actually do cool down we are still above average on thursday, average, though, closer to april 7th feeling like spring over the next several days even though it is
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town, 65 in carson city, light winds, we have the mix of sun and clouds on satellite, nothing on radar, things are dry across the area today. and very much seasonably cool start to the day we'll be warming up quite a bit later on as i pointed out well above average, temperatures later on this afternoon. coming up on that seven day forecast, we have presip chances in site i'll let you know when on the 7 day. in your top head leans reno police are investigating a shooting that happened before midnight. happened at the casino in the 200 block of northvirginia street. one person was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. one person is currently in custody and all parties involved are reportedly cooperated with the investigation. reno police are searching for any leads on a suspect that they say fired several shots into one reno apartment injurying a man inside.
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block of grove street early saturday morning police found a man with gunshot wounds inside of his apartment and he was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries in you have any information about this shooting police are asking you to call secret witness at 322-4900. and truckee police crews have found the body of the men whose canoe capsized. they found lucas johnson in 60 feet of water saturday afternoon at the northeast corner of the lake near where they believe the canoe capsized. on sunday, a rescue team found the body of 33-year-old joshua paterson from cool california. officials do not believe the men were wearing life vests. thank you very much. family health fair is back in town, this year they are adding more services. alex joins us in the studio with a look what we can expect
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they need some things for 40-year-old guys. family health festival is back offering free services to the community. new is a free teen health clinic, hosted by truckee meadows health communities they are partnering with several local organizations this year catholic charities the food bank, renowned as well as thewashoe health district. the goal of providing the community with access to things such as food, health care as well as employment. the festival is free to all participants include a book drive, free flu vaccinations it lane. if you are interested in the free teen clinic, it is going to start an hour earlier at 2:30 in the afternoon for everyone thatwants to come out
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you'll learn more about the services being offed as well as the organizations participating head to our website thank you. a heads up if you see some smoke in and around lake tahoe, the division of forestry making burns this week, operations may take place near logan shoals, san harbor, may take place near panther road, they'll take place weather permitting. nevada's attorney general is joining the fight against president obama's plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions. filed documents saying that he endorses the legal fight in several states against the clean power plant. he believes states have a right
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for themselves, the advocacy representative said it is choosing the interest of out of state coal corporations over the health of children communities and the climate. he says he believes the epa is exceeding its authority and efforts to implement obama's plan. a team of scientists have successfully used drones in order to boost precipitation during a storm. the test flight was done by a team of dri scientists and engineers from drone america. scientists say that it is going to help eliminate the risk factor of flying through storms including the one on the top of alpine meadow ski resort. dri has a half century with a science of application of weather modification or cloud
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the use of different apparatus to deliver particles, that you would normally get if you didn't modify it. as the water demand continues to increase in northern nevada, the cloud sitting program has added 3.5242 billion-gallons of water. it is the super bowl entertainment industry but thousands didn't get to see nearly two hours of the acad -- awards. they left more than 10,000 people in the dark for more than an hour and a half. they call the cause of the outage o'circuit breaker and the virginia city high land, also affected colo, channel 8's
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oscars, a lot of people weren't happy about that. and a lot of restaurants in and around the outage very packed because the people scurrying to watch the oscars. 2016 is around the corner the rest of the lineup featuring big names is being announced today. ryan kern joins us from bartly ranch in reno, what a setting that is with more what we can expect, hi, ryan. good morning. it is still maybe around the winter months, but reno is our town heading into the 21st year coming right around the corner a lot of the events, bartly ranch we're over looking the amphitheater here, where a couple events are happening before we dive into exactly what we're talking about this morning, i want to recap the last 20 years of art town we're looking back in 2013, more than 300,000 people showing up with the los lonely boys being one
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such an improvement from 1998 when there were 71,000 people showing up still around the 200,000 mark, big boost over the last several years, officials expect the same kind of stuff let's talk about this amphitheater we know at least july 14th we're going to see rosan cash and again on july 29th, ub40, you may recognize these names you may not know exactly what songs, red red wine is the popular ub- 40 song. those are big names and a lot of expectations officials are excited for today. there will be several moreannouncements about headliners people will be performing during the event the 21st year and we're going to broadcast those live coming up in about an hour at 8:00 we'll have an art town official and talk about the rest of the
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join us again in about a half hour we'll send it back to you. thank you for that. super tuesday undoubtedly have a big impact on the presidential election we'll
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many delegates are . welcome back your time is 7:14. right now it is 33 degrees in reno.
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in china is reporting a man stabbed 10 school children before killing himself over night. we know all of the children survived the stabbings and they are in the hospital but there is no word yet on their conditions how serious they are. we'll bring you the latest as more details become available to us. in political news this morning, this time tomorrow voters and caucus goers will make their choices for democrat republican presidential nominees in more than a dozen states than u.s. territory, of course known as super tuesday. super tuesday a huge one. 595 delegates are up for grabs for the gop, 865 for the democrats and judging from the ramped up rhetoric, the candidates are feeling the pressure too. >> donald is not going to make america great, he is going to make america orange. >> reporter: president presidential candidates turning
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in the primary race and donald trump taking fire sunday for deflecting questions about whether he would take support from the kkk leader. >> would you condemn them and don't want their support? i'm just talking about david duke and the ku klux klan. i don't know david duke. david duke endorsed me? all right i disenvow. they pounced trying to slow the momentum going into super tuesday. donald trump refused, refused to criticize the ku klux klan. >> donald trump is the nominee means hillary probably wins and we lose this country. >> rubio throwing in some donald style personal attacks. >> he is like 6' 2" which is why i don't know why his hands
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5' 2". for the democrats, following clinton's big win in the primary. taking direct aim at donald trump's campaign slogan. we don't need to make america great again, america has never stopped being great. in your national news this morning the number of people caught up in the theft of taxpayer data last year, 7 times larger than originally thought last may the internal revenue service side cyber controls used a popular tool to steal the tax forms of 104,000 people. friday the agency said the number is closer to 720,000. starting next week the agency is going to warn tax pays about potential identity theft and offering up free credit protection also get an extra personal identification or pen number to protect filings.
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loaded up an gas friday ahead of a potential price spike. this was the scene of a costco station friday morning, that station was selling regular unledded gas at just $1.95 a gallon. people waisted 9 millions of gas in line. the average price $2.44. consumer watchdogs could say they could jump this weekend as refineries switch to a summer blend. and motorists say 67-cents more per gallon because of the national average because california has the highest gas tax. experts say california fuel one of the world's cleanist, but refining it is expensive. third time was apparently not the charm for space x. after two similar cancellations
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its website the rocket and payload are just fine, but not exactly why that launch was canceled. it was previously canceled because of the propelate that would bring internet and phone access to millions of people in asia. we had a power outage here we had great weather for it. let's take a peek outside if wecan? >> it was me it was the end of the story before you can one you were just reading and now it is over the me, we have high tree pollen out there if you are an allergy sufferer, tree pollen is high and the highest among the group is juniper and cedar. you may have noticed that in the air lately. mold is low, weeds and grass, nothing being counted for those. we'll still be warm, that's why the pollen is high for trees,
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for the next few days with light winds a little more wind, though, for your tuesday. right now it is 33 degrees in town partly cloudy skies calm winds and 66% humidity. 20s and 30s, and 29 so far this morning. we are looking at partly cloudy skies in some spot a mix of sun and clouds for the day today dry conditions, nothing expected to change there may be until the weekend i think that's our next chance to see any shower activity so we'll watch for that until then pretty dry stuff outside of that it is a quiet workweek with well above average temperatures, 60 degrees for the eastern side. western nevada well in the 60s, 66 in falon, matching that in how thorn and love lock. and we're in the 50s with light winds and a mix of sun and clouds today, 53 in incline, same thing in kings beach.
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maybe doing some skiing a lot of melting going on in the mountains, we've been seeing warm temperatures, we'll continue to see that warming trend too. upper 50s into the 60s for the rest of us in our northern zones includes also the truckmeadows at 67 degrees. the average high is 55. so we're well above the averages not too terribly far from records i'm not expecting any records to fall we are still looking at warm temperatures, breezy but the workweek is quiet that's when we'll watch our next chance for a winter storm it is still many days away and lots of details to nail down but the next chance of active weather comes to us to the beginning of next week. coming up, the sports illustrated swim suit issue gets attention but making news for a controversial opinion on this year's cover we'll take a look at it coming up in
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everybody. . welcome back your time is 7:24 right now it is 33 degrees in reno taking a look at what's trending on social media, court resumes today in aaron andrew's civil suit against michael barrot pleaded guilty to stocking after recording through a peephole and posting online. saying someone of the hotel staff told him which room andrews was staying in. also trending, a group of supporters for singer kesha
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headquarters on friday demanding she be released from her contract with producer dr. luke. keziah accuses dr. luke of squallly and abusing her fer years saying kesha is free for work with sony without dr. luke. turning to what's trending former swim suit model is getting criticism for having a full figured model. a lot of people applauded for putting ashley graham on the cover of this year's swim suit issue. but she says she is not on the team promoting a model who is a size 16 is not healthy in the long run. let's just be clear, here, there were 3 separate covers for this year's swim suit edition.
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one was more of your average model and one was of course this picture right here of a full figured model as well. is it promoting something? we're asking you on facebook do you have a problem with the decision by sports illustrated to have a full size model on the cover? and then also do the very athletic look also with rhonda rousey? coming up the stars were out in hollywood did you watch?
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chance to have you seen . and 2016 celebrating 21 years happening in the biggest little city, one of the venues for several major events which we'll be announcing this morning join us in just a little bit. all right thank you. all eyes on hollywood with the
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see what our film critics thought of the top selection. you are watching mornings on fox. this is mornings on fox. good monday morning everybody thanks so much for choosing to start out your day with us, 7:30 on this 29th day of february, leap day. >> only comes around once every -- >> four years. there you go. enjoy the extra day. let's toss it over to tim. that's if we're working weekends as we covered before, that's a saturday. definitely will see you then, 67 the high, that's the forecast high for today not really a record the record high for today's date is 75 set back in 1986. tomorrow i think we have a better chance to meet the record we'll be only a couple
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forecast high for your tuesday 70 degrees, 72 the record high set back in 1934. 71 on wednesday not really a record but i'm pointing it out because we're not terribly far away. by thursday we'll be much further away from the records by then. either way we're well above average, the average is 55 in reno, instead 67, 58, 51. and light winds with a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow a little more in the way of winds, it will be brettty breezy for your tuesday, satellite and radar, radar itself is quiet not much going on as far as presip is concerned, teens, 20s mostly going for the 50s and 60s later i have presips on the seven day forecast. reno police are investigating a shooting that happened just before midnight at the casino on north virginia street.
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the casino and one person was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. one person is currently in police custody and all parties involved are reportedly cooperating with the investigation. more news on this monday morning truckee police crews have found the bodies of the men whose canoe capsized they found 34-year-old lucas johnson's body in 60 feet of water saturday afternoon at the northeast corner of the lake near where they believe the canoe capsized. johnson was from auburn. on saturday a rescue team found the body of 33-year-old joshua paterson from cool californiaofficials do not believe they were wearing life vests, bill over to you. 7:33 on your monday, well, the 2016 calendar already features big names like ub-40 the band and the list isn't complete yet ryan joins us
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expect, hey there, ryan. yeah good morning. ub-40 is obviously the big band if that sounds familiar you're not exactly sure who that is, red red wine is the one everyone seems to be knowing about. so that's happening along with a lot of other different artists a lot of different events happening throughout the 21st year of art town. a year ago we celebrated the 20th anniversary we had the pre- show on our sister station news 4. let's talk about 21. that's the past let's look forward. a lot of this is right here where we're standing. i want to go to the events calendar, and get a preview of events being announced later on today later on this morning actually. everything kind of kicks off march sixth darling side is going to be performing a lot of other events with art town mixing in with the university of nevada also partnering with whitney peek acoustic africa is returning this year, we want to
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happening right here just below us at the amphitheater, we'll show you that right now. that's where a couple of big things are happening on july 14th. rosanne cash, and josh leventhol. but ub-40. last year saw a lot of numbers, 2014 more than 300,000 people, that's up from the 71,000 people we saw back in 1998. coming up in a half hour, we'll reveal other aspects of the 2016 calendar with art town officials they are very excited about some of these announcements we'll make right here on fox 11 in just about 30 minutes until then we'll send it back to you. the sexual abuse and other topics were addressed in hollywood, oh i guess they handed out awards too. a very entertaining evening i hope you were able to see it. we look at some of the key moments and big winners from
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>> i'm here at the academy awards! otherwise known as the white people's choice awards! chris rock wasted no time, delivering one of the most anticipated monologs ever. >> if they nominated hosts i wouldn't even get this job! you'll all be watching neil patrick harris right now. we were watching a parade of winners from mad max furry road which all won oscars in technical categories. >> for thousands of years we've been telling stores in the dark around a flickering right, whether a campfire, a project herb. some were expected like bree carson taking best actress. >> the one thick i love about movie making is how many people it takes to make it. some makes history, became the third man ever to win back to back best director oscars the mexican filmmaker urged us
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>> liberate ourself from all prejudice and thinking and making sure once and forever that the color of the skin back as irrelevant at the length of our hair. some winners were long awaited. revenant star leonardo dicaprio finally took home an oscar and connected the film to his environmental advocacy. needed to move to the southern tip of this planet just to be able to find snow, climate change is real, happening right now. the show also addressed the issue of sexual abuse with a stirring performance by lady gaga. you all know how i feel . and spotlight, the true story of the boston globe reporters who uncovered squall abuse by catholic priests and the cover uptaking best original screenplay and best picture of the year. we made this film for all the journalists who have and continue to hold the powerful
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thesurvivors whose courage and will to over come is inspiration for all. plenty to go around on oscar night. here to give us his take on last night's oscars, the film critic scott birmingham. because of the power outage did you get to see the entire thing? >> they are about to role the little montage and right seconds into it, and black. >> yeah. >> sitting on black. for awhile. after about an hour we're like, we're looking for someone who has table because we have dish and it was out for well over an hour and for a person like me, bummed to say the least. >> you got to recap it, though. got back on about an hour and a half into it, able to watch a little bit. chris rock addressed diversity off the bat including the whole, i loved it.
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theater outside, interviewing those many of them had never heard about some of the films that were even nominated. following the awards a surprise and a shake up. mark didn't seem to be at least many people's radar, everybody really thought that sylvester stalone would get it. the last time he was there was for the very first rocky. spotlight did win for best picture with a few nominees but not too much a surprise there. larson winning the best actress and leonardo dicaprio winning for best actor. mad maxx walking away with six academy awards, there were so many oscars that it didn't win best picture, good for everything else, i think it was a great idea to scroll the names of the winners at the very bottle -- bottom of the
7:39 am
and there were a number of speeches ran long and the music had to signal them off. and it makes hard to do these predictions 100%. the academy seems to have a few of those pictures that no one ever had any of their bets on. and so it becomes kind of odd. i knew two people who got all of them. what can i say. >> with just watching the recaps and watching as much as i could, from what i did say, there was amazing moments too like sometimes you get those, it wasn't like i had those today. >> i agree. there wasn't too many of those, i'm rooting for them, i'm rooting for them and they got it, all the memorable clips, it was okay. i wouldn't call it memorable. it was okay. >> i'd like to see chris rock, though, too. thank you.
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salad in our lunchbox battle. . in today's lunchbox battle, we're talking about asian flavors, chicken, salad, crispness, sesame seed, all of that one great spot. legislate us know -- letting us know a thing or two. >> i'm excited, this is kind of in my flavor wheelhouse. i've been nutty for broccoli slaw, it stays crunchy for a long time, somebody did the work for you. love that. but we'll do a little bit of twists so we've got some napa cabbage in here, is a
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so we'll start with that at the base and add our broccoli slaw into there. and you know, when i buy my chicken usually we're going to costco or sames where you get so much chicken all at once, i cook it all at once, whether i have a plan for it that week, or put it in the freezer, then i know what's in it. i'll just take one of thosechicken breasts, shred it up and add fresh cilantro leaves. our dressing is going to be mayonnaise, fresh ginger and garlic. rice wine vinegar. we have green onions, sesame seed oil. >> make sure to get working on the toasted, we always use the toasts one time a friend came back from the store with the
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make sure you get the toasted one that's really where the flavor is. you can smell how delicious this is. you'll toss this all together, put it in the fridge and enjoy it later. a little bit of sesame on top. >> this is a recipe that really conflicts, because you have the great base with the napa cabbage if it wasn't chicken it could be a protein, other vegetable, frankly you could sneak something in from the night before if you had done a vegetable stir fry. it is kind of a fun way to empty out the fridge rater. >> this is also a great dish. if you have a protein, maybe it is barbecue chicken or barbecue beef, put this slaw right on top. have that good crunch and that sandwich, also. i'm hungry, can we eat right now? >> if you like this recipe find it on our facebook page and our website as well. thank you, laura. all right.
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delicious we'll transition over to your weather now, tree pollen is high out there so if you are a tree pollen allergy sufferer, no doubt you have noticed this, the number one and two in the mix are juniper and cedar, there are other trees in the mix but those are the ones that are the highest right now. heads up for that if you are an allergy sufferer you may need to prepare yourself for that before you step out the door. mold is low, everyone else is absent weeds and grass not being detected. we've been in the warm pattern helping trees to pump out some pollen and still in a warm pattern for the next several days here. light winds for today, a little breezier, though, on your tuesday, watch out for those winds to pick up just a little bit tomorrow. 33 in town, mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies right now, winds are calm and 66% humidity temperatures are in the 30s for a lot of us, 20s, 40 degrees in bishop and 34 in alco to start your day on that eastern side of the state.
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50s and 60s for the day today, very warm temperatures again today for this time of year, we'll stay in a warm pattern for several more days here a mix of sun and clouds out there now we'll continue to see that in place for today, not much in the way of moisture chances during the week, it should be a dry workweek a little breezier tomorrow other than that they thinks are quiet. by the time we get to next weekend that's when we're watching our next shower chance our next winter srm chance in fact on the 7 day forecast into the weekend and early next week. 50s to near 60 degrees for that eastern side of the state today, western nevada well into the 60s even just a few degrees away from 70 in a few spots today. better chance to see more temperatures near 70 tomorrow it is even warmer tomorrow but with a little bit more wind. 50s on the lake today and western nevada topping out in the 60s with 65 in dayton, 65 in carson city. 7 day forecast we're looking at more wind for your tuesday, outside of that, the entire
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the first three days very warm the last two days of the workweek on thursday and friday, just a little bit cooler up above average for this time of year, shower chances hold off until the weekend 20 to 40% for the lower elevations 40 to 80% between saturday and sunday and the upper elevations could include upper elevation snow, lower elevation rain, still 6 and 7 days out. we'll keep an eye on that and nail down the details as we get closer to it over to you. turning to what's trending on our facebook page this morning, a swim suit model cheryl teegs getting criticism after having a full figure model on the cover this year. a lot of people applauded sports illustrated for putting a full figure model ashley graham on the cover of the issue, but cheryl teegs not one of them says promoting a model who is a size 16 is not healthy in the long run.
7:49 am
this year's swim suit edition, we're talking about obviously graham and her full figure we have another model someone say what you normally get on the swim suit edition and a very sporty look with rhonda, three different looks for the cover. and what do you think about it? do you have a problem with a decision by sports illustrated to have a plus size model on the cover? does it promote an unhealthy lifestyle? and then does that mean that the very physically fit person as well is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle too physically fit? is it possible go ahead and post your comments on our facebook page. coming up we'll give away a four pack of tickets to monster jam, this is such a great one this weekend happening at the livestock event center stay with us everybody we'll tell
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that coming up. . 7:54 on your monday morning welcome back in your health
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only beneficial after a work out routine. flexibility into important at any age. one of the best wees to improve your joint range of motion is by stretching. and doing so regularly. experts from the mayo clinic say adults should do flexibility exercises at least 2 to 3 times a week, and can do so at home, the gym, or even at work. some tips to consider while trying to improve your flexibility focus on major muscle groups when you are stretching focus on your calves. thighs, hips, lower back and shoulders make sure you stretch both sides. hold your stretch try to hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds and remember to both normally. don't aim for pain. you should expect to feel some tension but not pain. if the position you're in hurts, ease up until it no longer feels painful. bring movement into your stretching the gentle flow in
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be more flexible in specific movements and use proper technique, stretching incorrectly can do more harm than good. in your health news a team of surgeons at the cleveland clinic performed the first uterus transplant. a woman received the womb in a 9 hour operation, the first of 10 transplants in the clinic. the transplanted uterus was donor. just like any solid organ transplant like kidney transplant we would take from an organ donor and prepare that uterus to place inside the recipient a patient that has a
7:56 am
and in sweden at least 4 babies have been born to mothers who have had that uterus transplant. unr is looking to add a large number of faculty members to their staff we'll tell you how many positions and when
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with us everybody we'll see you . protesters are lining up outside the tesla factory, we'll tole you why they say they are so angry. and police are investigating the shooting at a downtown casino. with tomorrow being super tuesday, the presidential
8:00 am
holding back on one another we'll have a montage of the best insults being thrown around town. 21st year of art town 2016, right around the corner one of the venues right now coming up in just a few minutes we'll reveal a couple more headline performing artists who will be here, we'll make that announcement coming up. . good morning thank you for joining us here on mornings on fox 11. 8:00, normally people are watching the oscars for thejabs, they were tame compared to the political field. we've got rubio taking from donald trump book, if he can get all this momentum by throwing around insults i'm
8:01 am
mainly aimed at trump. >> he had his first fair share of insults, we are still hearing different jabs of things coming out and rebutels as well. very interesting especially into super tuesday. we'll take a look at the jabs coming everybody's way. first tossing it over to tim studebaker with a look at our forecast. good morning to you, hey it is the last day of february let's take a little preview of march and see what the average looks like. the average high is 55 we'll go way beyond that near 70 tomorrow instead, the average low is 31 degrees, just under 11.5 hours with the sunset before 6 p.m. we change the clocks during the months so that really affects this sun rise and sunset times about 12.5 a little more 12 and a half hours of daylight, look at what the sunset time does 7:23 by the
8:02 am
the month averages about 3- quarters of an inch of presip in the airport with reno highest temperatures ever reported in march 83 back in 1966, lowest temperature, 3 below back in 1897 tomorrow is going to be well above average today is above average as well. 67 in town, the average is 55 degrees, we'll go way beyond that. not far from records over the next few days probably not see any records fall. dry conditions a mix of sun and clouds we're in the 60s for carson city, 56 today in south lake tahoe and 51 in alco. there is more to talk about on the seven day coming up back to you. thank you, tim. three minutes after the hour, reno police are investigating a shooting that happened just before midnight it happened at serious casino downtown, police tell fox 11 that the shooting took place inside the casino and that one person was taken with one known
8:03 am
currently in custody and according to investigators all parties involved are cooperating with the investigation. we'll be following this story throughout the day and bring you updates as soon as we get further developments. now to a developing story reno police are searching for any leads on a suspect that they say fired several shots into a reno apartment injuring a man inside. police say it happened in the 100 block of grove street early saturday morning. when they arrived they found a man sitting in his apartment with gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. if you have any information please call secret witness 322- 4900. in an update on a story we've been following all weekend, truckee police crews have found the bodies of the men whose canoe capsized they found 34-year-old lucas johnson's body in about 60 feet of water saturday afternoon at the northeast corner of the lake near where they believe thecanoe capsized johnson was
8:04 am
sunday, rescue team found the body of 33-year-old joshua paterson from cool california, officials do not believe the men were wearing life vests. let's go ahead and take a live look at the tesla giga factory where workers are protesting nevada tax breaks being spent to bring in workers from new mexico to work there. the president of the building and construction trade council of northern nevada said quote nevada's tax dollars should be used to provide jobs for nevada construction workers, not new mexico construction workers, end quote. the workers from new mexico have been brought in by bricon corporation we'll keep you updated on this story. the university of nevada is aiming to add 400 faculty members by the year 2020. officials say their goal is to bring the student faculty ratio down to 18-1. president mark johnson says the university's
8:05 am
21,000 students this year is generating resources that could fund 300 of those new academic faculty positions, they'll discuss asking the legislature to fund 100 faculty jobs in march during the meeting with the nevada system of higher education. the city of reno says they are working to open a new over flow homeless shelter some time this week, vandels at the shelter left more than 100 people without a bed to sleep in. volunteers of america is making changes where people are temporarily staying as of now, people are having to sleep sitting up because there are no beds available to them. nevada public health officials will begin conducting independent inspections of group homes for the mentally ill comes after reports that one home in sparks operated by project uplift was on the verge of deteriorating. state officials allegedly bent the rules to ensure project uplift remained a certified
8:06 am
says she plans to have several agencies inspect homes in northern nevada over the coming week. she says some state employees likely over looked the state of the home because of how difficult it is to find other providers. 2016 just around the corner the rest of the lineup featuring big names being announcedded right now. joining us now is ryan kern here on mornings on fox 11 to talk about some of those big announcements, ryan. >> reporter: good morning. we are standing here inside the theater. on the schedule and calendar, let's talk about the ones that aren't on here for the next 10 seconds or so joining us jennifer joining us, there are exciting, we already know about the events talk to us on the schedule that we already know before we have the big reveal.
8:07 am
the founding members and we know rosanne cash with her husband john levinthol. everybody knows katie lange and they are breaking an album. >> katie lange, hallelujah, and seven nominations. >> first of all we are so excited. this group, these are fenons in the music industry, singer song writers what they've done is this collaboration, come out june 17th and the famous number will be atomic number you will hear it on our website at 10:00, they'll be touring in july 7th. that's amazing this will be one of the venues maybe the smallest venue. on their national tour and art town got it. a total of how many people will be able to be here for this event or the other ones here.
8:08 am
setting 1,000 people but we know they'll sell out looking forward to it. congratulations, katie lange we'll put that on our website. tweet about it that's our big announcement happening this morning we'll send it back to you. well a heads up for you if you see smoke around lake tahoe, don't be alarmed the nevada division may continue prescribed burns starting today on the east shore operations may take place near logan shoals, vista point, camp galilee, spooner summit and harbor. south side, operations on spring creek, panther road near saw mill road. the prescribed burns will take place weather permitting. nevada's attorney general is joining the fight against president obama's plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions. filed documents saying he endorses the legal fight in several states against the clean power plan. he believes states have a right
8:09 am
standards for themselves the climate representative says that they are choosing the interest of out of state coal corporations over the health of children, communities, and the climate. says he believes the epa is exceeding its authority and efforts to implement president obama's plan. the community is far too many people across the state are mourning the loss of senator debby smith. >> she died of course earlier this month after battling brain cancer yesterday the community came together to celebrate her life. fox 11 attended her memorial. >> the sparks high school gym packed hundreds turning out to honor the life of senator debby smith. many in gray, the color that raises awareness of brain tumors and many wiping tears as they remember her legacy. a life cut short too soon. >> in total 8 speakers took to the podium. some were family, others
8:10 am
powerful moments came from lauren dennison the aunt of brianna dennison, and the law requires dna samples for those arrested for felony crimes. >> two of the three children, ian and aaron, shared the legacy of their mother and talked about the people touched so profoundly by her life and her death. >> and my dad was there every moment, and he loved her and he took care of her and she is heroic. throughout the service many
8:11 am
laughter as people shared their stories of time of senator smith, clearly a life that inspired many people in both the political realm and also on a personal level. >> your passion, devotion, laughter, gentleness and service to others will remain etched in our heart and mind forever. thank you for changing the lives of us all. >> and we will inherit her spirit and continue. that was melissa reporting, smith continued her work after her diagnosis and she returned to the senate after having surgery to remove a brain tumor.
8:12 am
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8:15 am
won a seat in the . welcome back everyone, 8:16. 38 degrees here in reno, things are really going to be heating up, it is time to talk spring fashion. we have jennifer here, the
8:16 am
she is here to tell us about the top pieces to have in your spring capsule wardrobe. first of all, what is a spring capsule wardrobe? a capsule wardrobe are essential pieces that everyone needs in their closet. what you can do is 25 to 30 pieces depending upon who you are you can mix and match and make different outfits of these 30 pieces you can go around and put they will in with trendier pieces the off-season. i'm thinking 15 shirts, 15 pairs of pants we're talking pieces when it comes to shoes at purses the whole shabang. >> shoes, bags everything is capsuled. always a fight, especially in my house too.
8:17 am
five items someone should have in your capsule wardrobe? i think definitely the first item that every woman should have in their capsule wardrobe is a little black dress like the one we have from maurice's right here. you can wear this to a wedding, work, shopping during the day, put a little jean jacket. you can dress it up or down, definitely a little black dress. another thing would be a smaller lightweight jacket like the one that we have right here something you can throw over a white t-shirt with jeans also obviously a great pair of denim jeans. and i would say a shirt and a white t-shirt. these are mine obviously you would be barefoot.
8:18 am
i would go with a great pair of wedges something you can dress up, dress down it is great. you can wear those with jean skirts, dresses. i think the big question is how much should a capsule wardrobe cost one? >> that's a big question, with these pieces you don't really want to skip on the money. so if you are only going to have one pair of denim in your capsule wardrobe spend that extra 20, $30, you want the piece to last, want it to look good, go through the wear and tear of the washer and dryer and not fade. you want to spend a little extra on i would say the seasonal pieces the more trendy piece that is will go out of style, that's where you wand to save your money. >> i've never heard of a capsule wardrobe. i think i can fit into my capsule wardrobe. thank you so much. tim over to you. good morning to you, we've got a warm forecast still out ahead of us for the next few days we've been above average
8:19 am
above average for much of the seven day forecast as well. light winds, not much expected in the way of winds by tomorrow breezier conditions will return to the forecast so watch for those winds to pick up tomorrow on your tuesday. right now 38 degrees partly cloudy skies 3 miles per hour winds and 60% humidity temperatures are in the 30s and 40s for many of us across much of northern nevada a little cooler than that of course in the sierra, perhaps 20s and teens, right now it is a cool start nonetheless, it will be a very warm afternoon once again later on today going well into the 50s and 60s depending upon your elevation and where you are today. mix of sun and clouds not to much else going on it is dry for the next few days our next real rain and snow chance doesn't come around until the beginning of next week until then things are looking quiet with the exception of the winds tomorrow. into the 50s to near 60 degrees for northeastern nevada well into the 60s in western nevada at the lower elevations with
8:20 am
upper 50s there at 58 degrees, up and around the lake for highs in the 50s there, again light winds a mix of sun and clouds much of the sim it is really just a copy and paste of the weekend into the beginning of the week here, 66, 65 in minden, and mostly the 60s for our northern zones upper 50s right there on the shores of pyramid lake, and 63 in washoe valley. the average high for reno sparkes 55. we'll be very warm for the next few days rivalling some records probably not meeting or beating the records just a few degrees away for tuesday and wednesday. a slight cool down into thursday and friday still above average for this time of year another cool down in the weekend and beginning of next week our next winter storm chance comes around mostly for sunday but perhaps picking up as early as saturday for well and head into the weekend with that storm chance as well as
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
we'll be back. . welcome back everybody, time is 8:24. 38 degrees on a pretty monday morning we'll have your forecast with tim once again in a bit. tomorrow a huge day in politics it is super tuesday. while the list of candidates has been getting shorter the insults are flying fast and furious here are 20 of the best singers. >> i don't know anything about bankruptcying four cars. who was donald? he was firing dennis rodman on celebrity apprentice. you should be ashamed of yourself. if he built the wall the way he was building trump towers. >> no, no, no. >> this is another area on which donald agrees with hillary clinton.
8:25 am
listen to your radio show. a lot of the positions are knew to him. >> when you say crazy zealous are you talking about new? i know you're embarrassed, swing for the fences. >> i watched him melt down it was one of the saddest things i've ever seen. >> you're a lot of fun up here. >> thank you. >> donald, relax. >> i'm relaxed you're the basket case. now the next republican debate is scheduled for thursday in detroit of course super tuesday happening tomorrow. as we mentioned earlier, they had some appearances marco rubio, especially over the weekend leading up to super tuesday where he was throwing out insult after insult after insult. a big endorsement for trump, chris christy backing donald trump as well. surprising to some. all right let's toss it over to melissa to see what's trending on your monday.
8:26 am
embarrassing mix up at the oscars red carpet, an attempt to pay a complement. the website total beauty tweeted a picture of actress whoopi goldberg with the caption quote, we had no idea oprah was tatted and we love it. end quote. the l.a. based company confused whoopi goldberg with oprah winfrey and they posted an apology as well as everyone else they say that they have offendedthey'll be
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
their ch . we all know abusing animals is wrong but what about robot abuse? more about that coming up. and if if you actually got to see the oscars and you saw chris rock coming out firing what he had to say in our
8:30 am
and it was an exciting game yesterday at the events center we had the highlights. rams versus your wolf pack we'll talk about recent success in the teams already impacting their post season standings big game, highlights coming up in sports. . good monday morning everybody, 8:30, last half hour of the show, a lot to get to including our continuing coverage of last night's academy award. a lot of people excited that leonardo dicaprio walked i a way. that was hard for me to believe he only one, this was his first. he's been in some awesome
8:31 am
let's toss it over to tim we have a warm week. we've got spring like temperatures still in place for the next several days here, feeling more like april and may as opposed to well the end of february and beginning of march. today's high later on today 67 that is the average for april 25th and we're even warmer tuesday and wednesday, 70 and 71 average for early may. it is going to be feeling more like spring as opposed to winter which we still are in for a few more weeks those temperatures will cool down next thursday still feeling very much like april early april still above average for this time of year, the winds also pick up on your tuesday tomorrow but is still pretty warm. today light winds high of 67 and a mix of sun and clouds highs in the 50s and 60s across much of the area today. mix of sun and clouds, nothing going on on radar, temperatures starting off in the 20s and 30s for most of us, 40s already
8:32 am
warm temperatures, breezes tomorrow as well we have rain chances finally to speak of. i'll let you know when those appear on the seven day come up. you had the chance to see the oscars if your power was on you know it was a big night forleonardo dicaprio. >> and we have more on today's hollywood minute. comedian chris rock kicked off his gig big tackling the show lack of diversity. >> if you want black people at the oscars have black categories like best black friend! that's right! and the winner for the 18th year in a row is wanda sykes. a long-awaited win as leonardo dicaprio finally took home a golden statue, for the role in the revenant.
8:33 am
best picture . and the oscar goes to -- spotlight. it is a match made in dancing with the stars heaven. businessman robert of abc's shark tank is engaged to his former star kim johnson. she said she is the luckiest girl in the world. the two met on the series in 2013. the camden kids together again. members of the 90's hit tv show seventh heaven reunited for jessica's restaurant opening in los angeles, beverly mitchell posted this pick on instagram, love these people like family. also in the picture tv siblings barry watson and mackenzy and mom. even though i only got to see the last roughly 45 minutes in general, still a great show i just wish there would have
8:34 am
i think chris rock did a great job too, there was that elephant in the room with everything that's happening with race when it comes to hollywood and i think he handled it well, he made some jokes to kind of lighten up the mood if you will and i think it was over all a good one. let's check in with bill in sports. busy weekend for sure university of nevada men's basketball team looking for pay back against colorado state, it is a black out first 7,000 fans, you've got a free nevada t-shirt, and the freshman, drew for three, nevada leads this one by four early. and the turnover, on the run, and is that pretty or what? then memories at a sweet 16 season, the invisible play with
8:35 am
point and here is a good site to see, coleman walking on his own, back to the ball game we go. drew on the drive lays it off the glass for two giving nevada a 1 point lead and eric cooper yikes he commits a foul at the wrong time can't believe it colorado state knocks down two free throw shots that will send it into overtime muscle man is hot in the extra period we go. starting off strong elijah foster with a straightaway, 87- 80 in ot, victory ties nevada with boise state for third place in the conference and clenches in the mountain west conference tournament. this has been the best season that i've ever had so far. so it's their effort and energy every day, even when we're shorthanded in practice i give them a great deal of credit for
8:36 am
this is my favorite team i've ever coached. in all of basketball. >> good to hear that. up next the wolf pack taking on boise state on the road wednesday before wrapping up the regular season at home against new mexico on saturday night. come here support your pack against the lobos. and a baseball team spent time on the road, alex has this southern cal. and they come to a disappointing finish starting off with a four to one loss, friday and saturday's game a very disappointing one as they walk 11 batters, hit 5, 7-2 lead going into the final twowinnings could not close out a resilient team, and here on sunday nevada's offense managedded only four scattered singles in a 6-0 shutout,
8:37 am
the season here are the guys after the game. >> they learned a lot this weekend, and it is about bouncing back and like i told them they needed to go ahead and check in with themselves, check in as a team and make sure you know the biggest thing is they can control the preparation and how they are going about their work and like i told the team that's our job as a staff also, i do take fault but like i told them we need to check in as a team and individuals and make sure we're going about everything the right way. >> certainly bright spots on this road trip for nevada, split a series with north western they play really well on tuesday an 11-5 beat down on arizona state we'll see if they can regroup and get back on track. and down in southern california, send it back to you. alex covering the wolf back baseball team we appreciate it.
8:38 am
monster jam is happening at the events center we want to give you a four pack of tickets to see it for yourself and hear it of course. 336-6270 be the fourth caller and you're a winner winner, chicken dinner. i love that saying. turning to consumer news the price of a first class stamp will soon go down? it is not a fail or a promotion back in 2014 the u.s. postal service granted permission to temporarily increase stamp prices the price was contingent upon a drop this year, that surcharge slated to end april 10th. the cost of mailing a one ounce letter will drop from 49- 47-cents commercial prices will decrease for a complete listing check out the postal service website at meanwhile macies is changing its coupon policy, the retailer will no longer be
8:39 am
items macy's which is long known for its coupons they'll have full price and sale items but not clearance. a spokesperson said clearance items will still be discounted but now discounts will be replaced in the final sale insed of occurring at the register, it isn't -- is to make the shopping experience easier. groupon sold 1 billion coupons. the sold promotion was for a restaurant in st. louis, the restaurant will receive $10,000 for selling that landmark groupon. a list of america's most hated retailers is out and you may be surprised which company is on the number one abercrombie and fitch scored the lowest in the manufactures index for the retail industry. the company scored a 65 on the index almost 10 points below the entire over all score.
8:40 am
that with a score of 66, ranked the lowest among department and discount scores for nearly 10 years. well hold onto your mouse ears. that's true. as of yesterday disney in california and walt disney world in florida are going to be changing their prices they'll charge three different prices depending upon the time of the year for a single day park ticket the calendar will be divided into value, regular and peek period. a value one day pass at disney land monday through thursday when most schools are in session will drop to $95 a regular pass from weekends and summer week rises to $105 the price will shoot up to $112 on peek days disney hopes its pricing will quote help spread out visitation. coming up, a new robot is getting reviews for its
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
show us after the bre . we are here at the nevada humane society with kimberly wade and yet another dog who needs a loving home and talk about a ball of energy, i'm wishing i could channel some of that here this evening. you are absolutely right here is about six years old about that middle age most dogs kind of calm down and relax he is just getting going. this is the kind of dog you want for a running buddy. he would win. he would help you set a new pr. >> he loves long hikes walks in the park, he can run and run and run loves a good game of fetch. he is crazy energetic. he has that sweet beautiful nature if we get him to look at the camera just right he has
8:45 am
one thing is we do want him to go to an adult family because we're looking for someone who can take on his energy level. like i said, he needs to be able to have some adults that can give him that time and attention he needs of course if you have other dogs in the home bring those dogs down and make sure they are a good fit as well. >> you don't want to get home and realize he doesn't get along with your other dog, when is the best place to come down? >> we are here seven days a week for pet adoptions open 11 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. come on down bring the whole family make sure he is a right fit for everybody. maybe your watching this and saying he is a little too energetic for me but i'm still looking to bring an animal in my house, there are still great available animals for adoption. bring the whole family look at them and see which one you get along with. there is something about
8:46 am
if you say hello to him in person. if you love chi, say you saw him on mornings on fox 11 we'll be back next monday with another pet in need of a loving home. it is not nice to bully a robot, especially one that's getting rave reviews. jeanne moos reports why. >> it is a wow moment for robot fans impressive new version of the atlas robot is unvailed, what is the limelight? robot abuse. >> it is interesting america is building robots that people can bully in 100 years that scene
8:47 am
version of roots it is not just physical, but mental torture. by hockey sticks taunted and teased after doing such a nice job of lifting boxes, take this job and shove it, i'm out of here. no wonder atlas fans realize robot revenge scenarios. and this isn't the first time highly regarded robot design company boston dynamics has mistreated one of its creations. >> it is a robot! actually there is a perfect good reason for this robot abuse. when most robots fall down, they can't get backup, they often have to be carried off for repair but when the new
8:48 am
watch it get back on its feet and though it stumbles through the snow it never looses its balance on the uneven terrain, even one commented looks like me coming home from the bar. looks like the engineers are brutal bullies lacking any sense of humor, this was last year's christmas greeting from boston dynamics even if their robots aren't laughing all the way, jeanne moos, cnn, new york. just kind of creepy. kind of creepy like you'rewaking through the forest you know my favorite name? tobar.
8:49 am
>> back and fourth and back and fourthths let's toss it over to tim with a look at your forecast. you have noticed that the pollen is out there pretty early, here we are at late february talking about tree pollen in the high category but indeed it is the number one and number two pollen count in the tree category juniper and cedar there are other trees mixed in but these are the ones mixes up the majority of that high pollen count for trees mold is low weeds and grass nothing at all detected a heads up if you are a sufferer, starting apparently to enter allergy season in february. still warm out there with light winds today by tomorrow those breezes will be picking up pretty breezy conditions as a weak system passes north of us, 3 miles per hour winds 60% humidity and a mix of sun and clouds once again, 30s and 40s for a lot of us across the area already starting to climb out there we're going for the 50s and 60s later on today and on
8:50 am
of days are close to if not into the 70 degree range, yeah it is going to be pretty warm out there today into the 60s but near 70 in a couple days here satellite and radar quiet for us again we have a mix of sun and clouds and that is about it. no presip expected during the workweek, the only thing we're watching during the workweek is warm temperatures and tomorrow's breezy conditions. 50s to near 60 for the eastern part of the state today, well into the 60s in western nevada, 50s for mammoth lake 70s in bishop today we're looking at the 50s around tahoe today as well. warm for this time of year, light winds a mix of sun and clouds between today and tomorrow the biggest difference will be the winds that pick up a little bit on your tuesday also temperatures will be slightly warmer then today. we're in the 60s for most of our northern zones once again and 67, 12 degrees above average. the average is 55 we're not going to be anywhere near that average for much of the seven
8:51 am
for sunday where we could be below average as we head into the weekend, our presip chances go up with what could be a potent system that's something we'll keep an eye on a quiet week with temperatures over to you. and these dogs in brazil are showing people they can learn new tricks we'll show you the fun and excitement from the brazil open tournament that's
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
break. . welcome back everyone. yes you can teach an old dog newtricks four shelter dogs were trainedded as ball dogs for thebrazil open tournament for retrieving balls that went out of bounce and give them back to the players, the problem is they didn't like giving back as much as getting ballpark. they hope to raise awareness with the ball dog initiative. i'm sure the players just loved it when they got the ball covered in slobber. >> hit the racket, slobber everywhere. >> look how cute they are though. still pretty quiet, warm much like it was over the weekend breezes pick up for
8:56 am
are slightly warmer tuesday and wednesday, not terribly far from records but probably not going to see any records fall. we are quiet through the workweek other than the breezes on tuesday then we're watching for that shower chance over the weekend into the beginning of next week with our next potential storm. we are crossing our fingers. hope you have a great day
8:57 am
8:58 am
tomorrow at 7: your dreams evolve,
8:59 am
they thrive. american family insurance. it's a real-life game of cops and robbers, and thanks to a body cam -- >> we can see it all as if we were there. >> while rounding up spectsus means danger behind every door.
9:00 am
but this time an adult -- >> carry on. >> the scene that had everyone below holding their breath. and a guy on his phone says what would happen -- why this is not smart. plus, the buzz worth, your chance to win a new ipad mini. as for the one that makes sense, fork it over. and -- a guy's prank with his girl. >> it doesn't matter what she's doing, he gets her. >> what she did to deserve the pie. >> if this works for him, kudos to him. but as for me and my house, we will not be playing. until very recently when there was police activity, you heard of the story from the


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